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810 N State St, St Ignace, MI 49781

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REVIEWS OF Manley's Fish Market IN Michigan

Kathy Redden

Great smoked fish and THE best smoked fish dip!

Raf Viniard

If you loved smoked fish done right this is the place. This old Montana boy got some to go. Perfectly smoked and the conversation was most enjoyable. You boys ever need to make a run for, come see us in Montana!


Great fish!

Trevor Simpson

Best whitefish spread around

Ken Vincent

Very good I stop every time I come to the up

Kevin Hershberger

Alyssa Ebaugh

brenda m greenhoe

Faria Islam

Amy Santana

Delish smoked white fish.

Radar /Eagleeye

Appetizing Smells & Friendly Servicr!

Marvin Hollars

The old man in the fish house was so rude today. I have been going there for years as well but will never go back there again after the way I was treated today. Monica

phil miko

Smells great, tastes great

Neel Patel

Small shop full of different kinds of smoked fish. Staff was very helpful in helping us decide on the type of fish to try (ultimately white fish), and it was delicious! Had a whole fish between my uncle, sister, and I along with a pack of beer. Strongly suggest giving it a try.

Eric Arnold

cool little meat place that's been around for decades.

Debra Unser

Been coming here for over 40 years, when Mr. Manley was still alive! Sweet, sweet man! AND the best fish hands down!

Pam Tarr

Wonderful smoked fish & great conversation!!!

Justen Scott

Julie Laske

Chris Spitnale

The best smoke jerky and white fish and cheese curds

Robert Gallo

Bea Jones

They have the best smoked whitefish. Wish they would ship some to our home.

Madison Ball


I had the pleasure of meeting the owner on our first visit. Down to earth, great person. He regaled us with stories of his grandfather Manley as I was mesmerised by the place. This is a must stop on your trip to Mackinac Island or City, or the U.P., next to the Mackinac Bridge in St. Ignace. We sailed from Chicago to Mackinac and back and stopped at two fish smoke houses on our trip. We really like both. Manley's Fish Market is a wonderful strong smoke flavor. I opted for Salmon and White Fish tail, and a must, the cheese with your smoked Salmon. I eat the fish straight, I make it into a pâté or with eggs for Brian (He prefers less strong flavors or spices in his food, I prefer interesting taste, more spice). The cheese was mild tasting, but the smoked fish that lingered with it made it delicious. If you don't want strong fish, but a hint of smoked fish with something, go for the cheese. I'm hooked on these smoked fish markets up north. We really miss out down here for food this authentic and good.

Terri Carigon

Robin Fry

Best white fish dip..

Tim Nielsen

Great whitefish dip!

Tab Wright

David Freitas

Great smoke fish

Thomas Stolz

evonfish Zeng


Chuck Hoehn

If they let me give Manley's 10 stars I would!! This is the epitome of the phrase if it isn't broken don't fix it. They have been doing it perfectly for 65 years. This is pure, simple, fresh smoked fish. No gimmicks. No fancy seasonings. Nothing artificial. Just real quality. I guarantee you this is the best smoked fish you will ever have in the Upper Peninsula or anywhere else. I know of a numbet of places selling smoked fish near my house. I want to take a Manley's smoked trout fillet into their store and say "This is how you are supposed to do it!!" If you are in St. Ignace, Manley's is the place to go. We stop here before we even check into our hotel. This is smoked fish heaven.

Tony Brown

Great service and smoked fish!

Great place for smoked fish

Joe Trevino

Smoked fish is awesome

Tim Monzo

Great smoke fish

Derek Jordan

My favorite food in town. Wonderful on site smoked fish, smoked jerky, and smoked Gouda cheese. 100% fantastic, highly recommended.

David McMahon

Fantastic smoked fish at great prices! Doesn't get any fresher!

Karyn Curro

Best smoked fish you will EVER eat. Run by a great local family. A must stop every time we are in the U.P.

Matthew Reed

The fish dip is delicious!

Jennifer Schlabach

Even though it's still early in the season, they still had some DELICIOUS products! I never in 1 million years thought white fish smoked sausage would be tasty, hurt this guy's was phenomenal!

Ron Lauzon

Excellent smoked fish.

Jerry Goulet

Karen Koch

A vacation destination!!!

Kevin Green

Best smoked fish you'll ever have

Connie Viesselman

The Fish Dip is BRILLIANT!!!!! If you are a visitor looking for excellent food- stop here and pick up the fish dip for your happy hour. It is delicious and I could have eaten the whole container at one setting.( Don’t forget to add the crackers) I WANT THE RECIPE but even though that isn’t going to happen I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this delicious treat as we might have if the couple before us hadn’t bought it.

Ken Bobicz

Great jerkey Hunter sticks and smoked fish.

Anita Knapp

Nice place,great smoked fish

Pamela Pennington

Fish was delicious!!

Daddygirl Woods/brown

Great smoked fish love their dip too

Charles Wickersheim

Punn dowd

Susan Swan Tagg

Dave Chingwa

Went for some whitefish filets, fried them up for dinner, was the best freshest fish I've ever had!

Kasey Huskey

Laura Caddarette

Best smoked fish around!!

Michael Conlon

Whitefish was great!

Joshua Nelson

Great fish!

Mathew Nordyke

Not only the best deal for smoked fish but the best smoked fish! Great variety, but you should always go for the smoked white fish.

Cathy Fries

Robbie Power


Jodie Stauffer

We have been coming here for at least the last 20 years. We love everything from here. Especially the fish dip! Yum!

Jacob VanDusen

Great cheese curds and smoked white fish. Not to mention a Packers paradise

Sherrie Franks

Larry Hargrave

J. Monc

Benjamin Myers

Brent Robinson

The best smoked fish ever!

Jon Saurman

Jenny Jacobusse

Love it !!

Travis Weisenburger

Only place I'll get smoked fish in the U.P

Ted Koski

The smoked fish and other food is awesome. The 3 th generation young man who served me was a pleasure to talk to. He knows his stuff about smoking meats and fish. Good job.

Joe Bolsega

Best smoked whitefish!

Charles Rost

Justin Kerstetter

Don runs a great shop and is an even better guy...don't let the Packers stuff fool you. Recommended! - Purdue Guy


Best fish ever.

Raine Carol

Absolutely LOVE the smoked white fish here.. Service is friendly and products are amazing!!

Zach Maida

jeanette w

ive ate alot of smoked salmon in my time and i was honestly blown away by their smoked salmon!!!! i couldnt stop eating it! wish they shipped:( id spend my whole paycheck there lol... all tho personally i think they under charge.but that is also why they are so amazing! they are not "out to get you". i went to a few other stores on the other side of the bridge and they charge top dollar for not so good(mostly super dry with a tiny hint of smoke flavor) smoked fish... PLEASE CONSIDER SHIPPING!!!!;)!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Hanson

Easy to find and the smoked fish is great.

Paula Vincent

Very good fish come here every time we come up

Chris Wojcik

if you like smoked fish this is the place

Mike Hofert


Kaylee Gibbs

Best smoked fish I've ever had in my life!!! I highly recommend to anyone that visits or lives near here to go buy some!

denise martin

Some of the best smoked fish I have had. Will definitely be back.

Jennifer Krone

Interesting little place for smoked fish and fish dip.

christopher williams

David Leatherman

Yonk Time

GriffWings United

Manley's Whitefish Dip is the best whitefish dip I've ever had in my life. It has the perfect blend of everything. With some whitefish dips, you go, "Where's the fish?" With some you say, "I think they found every spice in the spice rack!" With some you say, "Well, they figured out the cream cheese and sour cream part, but what happened after that?" Not Manley's. They've got it down to a fine science and a whole lotta art. If you buy just one container of Manley's Whitefish Dip, you're just going to be teasing yourself. The question shouldn't be if you're going to stop to get some. The question should be how many :) It's that good. Don't cheat yourself from deliciousness. Go ahead and splurge a little - you're worth it. Your taste buds will thank you.

Jordan Fundaro

Horatiu Zglimbea

Brittney Martin

My family has been coming here to buy smoked fish for 10+ years. Manley's fish is the best in the area hands down. It's quality you can rely on.


Even though this place looks kinda creepy (No offense), they have great smoked fish and cheese!

Chris Pluska

Tu Huynh

Cute little shop by the lake with delicious fish. Open 8am to 6pm very. Love their fish jerky. Will definitely come back if I have a chance to visit or pass by St Ignace.

Ryan Moeggenberg

Great smoked fish!

Karl Stuber

I love the ambience of it's fish camp setting, very stress relieving. I had cheese curds for the first time there. I liked how they looked and the price. I was not Dissapointed. The 5 dollars of smoked Whitefish I got lasted me several days. I enjoyed it each day.

Emily Douglas

Paul Bedell

Great smoked fish and jerky!

Dragon Fruit

This is probably the best smoked trout that I've ever had

Samuel Chew

Best smoked fish on earth...!

Joe bedy

Gary Nance


Charming little store, a terrific option for anyone in the market for delicious smoked fish or jerky.

Bruce Geffen

Some of the BEST smoked whitefish you will ever get!

Carly Barlow

Shane Cole

Larry Mcquiston

Excellent smoked fish

Craig Emery

Excellent smoked fish

LeeAnn Golembiewski

Best whitefish dip ever!!

Alex V

Smoked fish was good, wasn't greasy, but pretty salty (even for smoked fish)

James Moutoux

Tyra Childs

I loved his smoked fish an other yummy treats. It's a very friendly atmosphere and locally caught fish.

Aimee LaVette

Yum! I got some smoked whitefish and it is delicious. Moderately smokey and very flavorful. Friendly service.

Jennifer Brown

Really enjoyed the banter with the shop keeper. Nice and friendly. Got home and tried some of the smoked fish, DELICIOUS!

The Crow's

Local Find! This was a great treat. We will stop here every time we cross the bridge. Absolutely best whitefish, cheese curds & smoked fish!

Chad Ottinger

Great place I'm from lower Michigan and when we go up north I make Sher to stop here

Michael Belligan

Great fish - stopped by in October to get some based on the recommendation of a friend. I was not disappointed and I'll definitely be back!

Laura Soule

Terri Bradtmueller

Great smoked fish and fish dip. We stop every year!

Gerald Gorski

Pat Deniston

Vanessa Kaiser

Eric Herbers

Had smoked Trout & some type beef or?? sticks wife couldn't remember what kind but both were TASTY & unbelievable low prices that we were not expecting!! Definitely a MUST stop on ou travels up there!

Katlyn Hippensteel

If you want the original smoked fish in the St. Ignace area then you have to stop at Manley's. The fish is the best in the area and the beef sticks and fish dip are a must try! And if you want to earn bonus points all you have to do is talk Green Bay Packers and Michigan Football with Don.

Rob Shafer

Best ever meat sticks!

Mulan Dai

Strong fish smell and doesn't look clean.smokwd fish tasted good.

John Oldani

Jessica Covington

I've been going here since i was a kid. My grandpa took my dad and my dad took us and now monday i will be taking my kids. So many memories coming here as a kid so i can hardly wait! The fish is the best that I've ever had. This is more than just a stop for me. Making memories that is now passed down 4 generation.

Mark M

Very friendly, even for a GB Packer's fan ;). Great place for a small town feel for some great tasting (like, delicious!) smoked fish at a great price. It is now on my list for every trip I make to St Ignes.

Adam Gugin

Mike C

Great smoked fish

Melissa Slagor

Owner was helpful and he cut a butterflied smoked fillet in half for me!

Karla Tripp

Smoked whitefish....yes!

Micah Prout

Best around EVER . This man has his smoking fish to a perfection!

Sean Huberty


Tashina Doran

Kayla Steeby

The jerky was very dry.

Myrna Brown

Ehawk h

Went there based on review. Just a hype. Rude owner seems disinterested. Next time will take my business down the road to Massey on Nelson st.

David Barncard


John Reimer

Great smoked fish, jerky and fish dip. We always stop when we are in town.

Leigh Smith

Fantastic and friendly

Jeff Dees

Stopped in on a quick stop for some smoked fish. Proprietor friendly and offered a good suggestion of fish.

Randy K

Tammy Lee

Deborah R

Jeffery DiRosa

Best beef jerky!

tyler keeton

yooooooo this place is small town legit af. If you're not into hole in the walls or authentic fish joints, don't bother. If you even need clean floors or walls without nicotine stains, don't even park in the parking lot. This place is awesome.

Jessica Keener

Donrie Yale

Got some good smoked fish spead and some fish.

jeff zachow

Everything was so good and always good to find a fellow Packer fan #GoPackGo

william hogarth

Very good fish great prices


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