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REVIEWS OF Fish Lads IN Michigan

John Hodge

Great food

Donna Beauvais

Perfect Salmon Salad & Blackened Stealhead w/ fries

Alyssa Lock

Delicious po' boys.


The halibut is absolutely amazing. Best fish and chips I've ever had.

Mark DeLano

Previous positive experience with Alaskan fish sandwich and mussels, but yesterday the fish chowder/soup and the Autumn Mussels was disappointingly room temp. Would not eat it again, but the fried fish was good. (3 + 1)/2 = 2 stars

Kyleigh Elisa

Excellent food, excellent service! I can't wait to go back

Dercio Mendonca

christopher mcdonald

Rating only on experience of eating at fish lads. I got half dozen oysters and a mussel and clam plate. My bill was $34. I have no problem with prices as long as the food is worth it. The clams and mussels plate looked more like an appetizer portion... and then when I looked at their size I knew I had been had. I'm hopeful other things on the menu are worth it but dont go in there hungry.

Glen Miller

Everything thing that we have tried here has been very good. They get the five stars for quality BUT they are expensive. Very expensive.

Jeffrey Dyk

Great seafood and fine menu to eat from

Matthew Batten

Natalie Ghannam

My husband and I went here for the first time. Was VERY satisfied! The whitefish sandwich was awesome and the fish is so fresh. They are generous with the portions as well. Will go back next week!

John Hensley

Love their seafood selections

Ian Parker

Kathleen Annel Cooper

They offer wide options for seafood. We usually get salmon jerky from them if we want to splurge (it's about $30/lb. They also have delicious fish and chips and super delicious soup. It's a joy to stop over at Fish Lads whenever we go to Downtown Market.

Alfredo Mulrain

Giniw Swamp

Fresh seafood.

Jessica Richardson

Lesley Morey


Rob Evory

I wish I had a market like this in Kalamazoo. To make at home I got fresh halibut cheeks, striped bass, and some small smelt-like fish from Lake Superior. Everything they get is high quality and fresh, never frozen. The staff is great and are happy to tell you what’s fresh in that day, where it came from, or whatever you would like to know. I also loved sitting down at their counter and eating some fresh oysters and a delicious bowl of their clam chowder. I am going to try to come here every time I visit Grand Rapids.

Shayne Neff

Richard Meyette

Great seafood selection for purchase in the Downtown Market

Brad Gebben

(Translated by Google) Yummmmm (Original) Yummmm

Kevin Ramm

One of my favorite lobster rolls and always delicious new oysters to try.

Patricia Mahoney

Great looking seafood products but very pricey. Left with no purchase. Rate it a 5 star on selections and quality but a 2 on affordability. Many things at the Market are too pricy overall.

Chandler McBride

Fried cod was great. Was not greasey and some of the best I’ve had.

Abi Grala

I've been told that Fish Lads has excellent fish tacos... So I got the Hawaiian Fish Taco Special with coconut and pineapple & cabbage slaw. Unfortunately, the fish was so dry that it was hard to chew and swallow. And the only thing that really had any flavor was the pineapple. So because there was no flavor and the fish was overcooked, I asked or more pineapple... they charged me. :( Service was friendly but I'll never go back for the bland food.

Carlos Julian


Great Fish n Chips and Salmon BLT is incredible. Always gave a sample of smoked fish before buying. AAA++++

Jen Thurow

Best lobster I've had!


After coming here for years our last visit was horrendous. We came for a lobster sandwich special and what was advertised versus what we received were two entirely different things. Also, when I try to let the restaurant know they just keep deleting my comments and photo and shutting off comments on Facebook. Too expensive for what you get.


Love Fish Lads!! Stop in every time we are in Grand Rapids. Heard one may open in Detroit. That would be awesome!!! Hope they make that happen.

Rachael Burnosky

They are the best around to provide excellent quality fish, I will never go anywhere else! People that are gonna complain about price are ridiculous, you are purchasing quality fish that is barely frozen. Compared to you going to your local grocery store and buying it cheaper from the freezer section or going to the counter and the place smelling cause its not fresh. The staff is so nice and always willing to help you with anything you need. I had no idea what to do with shrimp and didn't want to buy frozen from Meijer, so I called them up and asked a few questions and within 30 mins I was there and Andy was teaching me all about how to properly prepare shrimp such as how to devein, take off the legs, and shell. Then I had Devin give me a little tour of their products I wasn't aware of such as their pickled food and I ended up walking away with the best experience, great shrimp, and fantastic pickled carrots that are amazing!! Love them and will continue to support such a great business. Thanks guys!

Thomas Dickson

Best seafood in Michigan!!

Gabrielle Brown

Absolutely delicious and the guys working here are always friendly and informative. So far my favorite has been the crispy snapper sandwich and the battered cod. But really everything on the menus is worth trying. Also the tarter sauce is something like I've never had...all tarter sauces should taste like this (usually not a fan of tarter).

Robert Sircher

Awesome food, awesome fresh seafood. Don't pass up this opportunity!!!!!

Raleigh Mumford

Him& Me

The food is amazing like mouth watering good, salmon jerky, there lobster rolls some of the best food in Grand rapids and Michigan.

Yvette Dolweck

Marc Steensma

Bryan Flietstra

We had a two complicated orders at the Ada location during the holiday season chaos. Drew went above and beyond ensuring we were totally satisfied. Happy to see he’s now at the downtown location. Kudos drew

Peggy Wood

As a first time customer I’m disappointed with the service (very dismissive and rude) and quality of the cocktail sauce. While the shrimp and oysters were fresh the cocktail sauce was inedible and ruined the seafood. Because the sauce is a staple for me I asked for horse radish to accompany my shrimp and they said they were out. Weirdly, they said I could buy a jar! Horrible service. The bad (really bad) cocktail sauce ruined $72.00 worth of seafood. Lost my appetite. Won’t be returning.

Kimneique Pointer

Keenan Thomson

Lobster rolls here are great!

Thomas Wyntjes


chris kopecky

Best selection of fresh seafood in town. Always a good selection of oysters, as well as ahi tuna, swordfish, walleye filets, king crab etc. Dine at the counter and get fresher better seafood at half the price of a steakhouse. Delicious cioppino, clam chowder to warm you up on a cold day. Half price oysters on Monday.

maria viau

Lobster roll was Amazingly delicious!

Debra Berry

We bought half dozen shrimp-lovely pink color but absolutely NO FLAVOR(?)! We'll buy from the Fishmonger's Wife Always FRESH.

Ann X

Awesome grill fish! Clean, fast and nice service. The food is definitely so great , just loved the place. We went for lunchtime. Will repeat next time go back to Grand Rapids.

Andy Horodecki

Alison Moore

Jeremy Warner

They have it all.

Sonia Russell

The cod was very good

Bryan Salesky

Stone Greysoil

Do yourself a favor and get the best fish and chips in Michigan! Outstanding fish and meats! Do not miss!

Luke Smithems

Fish and chips were okay.

Dean Bartholomew

Where can a Englishman get fish and chips in Dutch Village? Consider substituting coleslaw for chips as a healthy alternative. Fish was excellent and in London style. Cheers

T Sievers

Tries the 2017 Grandwich - Fresh walleye with some awesome slaw and hot sauce. Pickles too. The crunch and chew was spectacular. Very tasty! Service was oddly slow since I was the only person in the place.

n. ellen ersted

Oh my gosh! Such wonderful smoked fish! Haven't tasted it yet, but it looks and smells PERFECT!!!!

James Leid

Stephanie Smedley

Great quality & very fresh!

Steve McCoy

Liz Visniski

MD Kimbrough

The clam chowder is excellent. The cioppino is okay. Love the open area and numerous options.

Hussein Saab

Omg best seafood I've ever had in Michigan. The fresh market catch feel and taste of all their items are amazing. We had literally the best Maine Lobster roll ever! Blackened Salmon and Panko white fish sandwiches. Fries were great and even sauces were scratch made and delicious.

Secret Shopper

Great staff & selection

Dan Mikita

Best selection of sushi grade seafood in all of Grand Rapids. They are a bit pricey, but you will definitely receive the best quality cuts for the cost. If you are planning to make your own home made Sushi, definitely check out Fish Lads!

Dave Russell


I went for lunch. Price was higher than what I saw on FB. I brought the issue up to them and the server brushed it off. No place to hang my winter coat. Table was sticky when I sat down. I had to wipe it off myself. The fish display is beautiful: but, I asked is in a future visit I could pick out my own fish from the case and have it cooked, they said no. Then, I rcvd a story about how high the cost was and that specialty cooking could not be done. Then, I was told about how high the cost of what I was eating was. The experience did not make me feel like a valued customer. I would more likely go buy fish in the future at a different gourmet counter and take it home in order to cook it myself. Staff needs better training. I hope they improve. It is a good concept.

Brian Potter

Nice fresh fish, have to pay to park and little on pricey side

Bruce Perchikoff

Fish and chips and a shrimp poboy. Served hot and fast. Very tasty and fresh.

Brent Stinson

Freeeeesssssh!!!! Awesome building. Lad's has a wide variety of product, knowledgeable staff, and fresh oysters, $1.00 on Mondays, need I say more? I go every time when I'm in GR.

Marsha Quakenbush

Christy Nixon

Lindsay Pringle

Haven't had a meal here yet, but the smoked salmon filets and jerky are well worth the price. I probably visit at least once a month to pick some up.


Wild caught fish is the best.

Javier Elias

Great Lobster roll and must is the Crispy Cod sandwich!!! Awesome service!!

Tristan Wagner

The food was awesome! I went there expecting overpriced and average food, but was super excited to be wrong!! It was great. I will be returning.

Josh Olund

Cassie Gilmer

Kyle V

So delicious, a little pricy but good for a treat every now and then. Great job guys!

Rick Verhage

I love everything about this place! Fresh cracked oysters are the bomb.

Dennis Kross

Excellent quality and a great selection. Very clean and a helpful staff!

C.J. Golobish

If putting fish in your mouth while handsome bearded dudes watch you is your thing, you found your place.

Rob Andrews

Expensive but very tasty.

Megan Bitner

Robert Toscano


Robert Webb

Ordered 1 lbs King Crab, 1/2 lbs shrimp And a crab cake we also ordered a grilled cheese sandwich from Aperotivo across the walk way from Fish Lads everything was great .

Mike Wright

While looking at the fish case to see selection to and price was told by an employee to back away from the fish. Great customer service, I backed away aanytime soon ay to my car. Won't be back anytime soon

Bernie Blauwkamp

Incredible Seafood Gumbo

Mazi Sharper

Unbelievable smoked meats and crab cakes. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. My new favorite place to go.

patrick fielding

So here is my review, i live up north, 42 miles from the fish lad. We went there to get some smoked fish heard it was the best. well before i buy $20's a lb i want to taste it before i buy it. so i asked for a sample and they told me no. if they had a no star i would push that.

Travis Shaw

Jacob Gould

No better place to get fresh seafood in GR. Little pricier than the local grocery store, but selection and quality are top notch.

Calvin Jones

Its what i do!


Love the salmon BLT sandwich!

Nathan Byle

Stuart Ray

My most favorite Salmon Burger, staff very friendly and helpful

Natashka Goolsby

Fish Lads is amazing! Everything is out of this world! Literally the best fish and seafood you can get!

Donovan Smith

Extremely overpriced, and rude staff. Wouldn't reccomend.

Jessica Morgan

Great service, wonderful quality-perfect for special meals with friends and family. A little pricey, but I'm sure that's the cost for being in the Downtown Market.

Courtney Thomas

The halibut fish is highly recommended. The fries could have been cooked a couple minutes longer but they were still good. The staff was friendly and very informative. We also brought home smoked salmon and salmon jerky! Can't wait to head back for more.

M Walls

Fresh shucked oysters and fresh fish!!! Awesome shop!

Heather Klaver

Kevin Kross

Easily the freshest and best selection of seafood in the area, probably the state. Beyond the exceptional service and seafood, the menu offers some of the best food in grand rapids, no question. We're lucky to have a place like this nearby!

Troy Keene

Matthew Phinney

The Fish Lads service and quality is always top notch! Highly recommend!!

Andrew Philpott

Emily Schneider

Good but a bit pricey. Love the downtown market but you have to pay for parking.

Joey Stephenson

The salmon jerky is a must try. Very well done, open air market vibe.


Located in the downtown market. Fresh fish and now offers prepared foods. Good selection, pricey, but quality.

Karen Wood

Fish Lads never fails to produce an excellent meal. The halibut is always a 5/5.

Darcy Blosser

Food is excellent and the Downtown Market has a great atmosphere. I got the clams and mussels and my husband got the perch. They were both excellent meal. Friendly, engaged staff. We will be going again.

JP Grusling

Dave LaBomascus

heir seafood is fresh...beautiful...but so over-priced ... $30.00 per pound for yellow perch ?!?!?!?! Not all the marine species they sell are sustainable ... some are currently listed as over exploited. Example: do a Google search on Chilean sea bass (patagonian toothfish) or monkfish and you'll see what I mean. Fish Lads frown on farmed seafood like everyone seems to do these days due to ignorance, false information, and bad press. This is too bad, since many farmed species have a cleaner "bill of health" and less contaminants than wild caught species.

Katie D

Always the key ingredients for a show stopping entree.

Evgeny Gorobtsov

Great place but very pricey!

Becca Perrin

Excellent food, pretty good service.


Very wonderful experience and the fish and chips were on point

Matthew Kraynak

If like dead oysters and overpriced fish, this is the place for you. Watch out too, the owners will attack any negative opinion you have of them.

Caitlin Brooks

I have gone here with my parents. As an Anglophile Yank who enjoys fried fish, I must say that Fish Lads is among the best in GR. I find it hard to remember which type of fish I ordered, but it was both crispy and tender. I want to revisit Fish Lads next time I go into the GR Downtown Market.

Tim Creighton

The food is unreal. Even so, just a bit pricey. Yet, I keep coming back.

Rhonda Rogers

Always good, yummy!

Nathan Rinzema


Benjamin Cousino

Great fish! Perfect for sushi :)

Heather Potter

1/2 off on Tuesday's!

Talal Khan

Best place to have halibut. I crave this stuff every few weeks, for my fish fix.

Susan Hollemans

Yummy fish and chips!!

Dave Wrightsman

Product is really fresh.

Tory Welsh

Best oysters I've ever had in my life

Matt Bertelsen

Frank Barthel

Halibut and fries are awesome! The burger from the Carvers side is the best deal in town.

Benjamin Whitaker

Best seafood in Grand Rapids! They have an excellent selection of fresh seafood as well as the best seafood dishes in town. The crab cakes are unreal!

Nick Culver

I look forward to indulging here on occasion but today was just ok. I'm still not a fan of the curried cocktail sauce with my shooters and wish that some things, people would just not tamper with. When India starts becoming known for oysters, maybe I'll be more open-minded about adding overpowering spices to my coastal food items. Just give me Sriracha, Tabasco, and some saltines. The service was just ok and I think that my server was either lacking knowledge about the oysters or disinterested in explaining the origins and taste profiles of each selection. He was a super nice guy but I think that most of the people working at the Downtown Market are more concerned about how well their hipster beanie cap sits on their heads, rather than the quality of service. We had to request silverware, didn't receive water refills on time, and weren't checked on while dining. I'm not saying that I want to be read crustacean poetry but a little more info would have been appreciated. I felt that the steamed shrimp were sub-par this time but were prepared well, aside from having to settle for more curried cocktail sauce. The oysters were in fact excellent but I wish we had been able to take in a better experience with regards to gaining knowledge about taste profile info, other than "this one is more briney."

Chris Courtright

Claudia Couch

OMG! This place is fantastic!

Gabe Araujo

Ron VanAelst

Monica Sparks

Delicious French fries and FRESH fish plus other seafood items. Highly recommend!

Katherine Elizabeth

Best fresh fish selections in Grand Rapids

Nathan Franklin

Great food pricey


Omg! The fish was excellent! We had perch and halibut (I believe). It was so clean and delicious tasting and so fresh. I really appreciated the helpful and kind staff. They didn't make me feel weird at all. I love that I felt 100% comfortable asking questions.

Tim Wise Jr


Very helpful staff. Great seafood options. The lobster roll was phenomenal.

Kim Fenbert

Excellent clam chowder! Yummy!!

Renee Goodwin

I ordered the perch fish & chips. The fish was over cooked & dry & not seasoned at all. The fries had too much salt & pepper. The lemon wedges were so small I could barely squeeze & the cup of tartar sauce was half full. All for $16. Never again!

Kyler K

Definitely one of the best spots for seafood in Grand rapids. Last time I was there I had the lobster roll, and I was on par with lobster rolls I had in Massachusetts. Their fries were awesome too. Its also a fish market for all sorts of seafood, but it's a great spot for a dinner. Limited seating, but there's spots all over the Market if their seats are full.

Diane Eovaldi

Best place to take yourself on a date or share the experience with another seafood junkie. Explore a variety of oysters, I prefer blue point or fanny bay. Keep your experience light by ordering a few oysters and shrimp if you don’t want a full meal. The lobster roll is massively awesome. If you don’t know what to get, you can’t go wrong with fish’n’chips, totally shareable. Take it all in and watch the bustle of the market. Don’t forget to take some fresh fish home too. If you’re not up for all that work then try some of their dips and spreadables as a take away.

Laurie H

Omar Flores

The selection and the expertise is worth the cost. I know I could find cheaper, but I don't feel like I could find better. I live shopping local when I buy here.

Jamie Gibson

Loved Tuesday half off Lobster Roll & friendly service.

Michael Dawe

Best quality seafood I have found in the city.

Nick Adams

Pablo Cruz

I love it! Amazing service and delicious food!

brandon rush

Sushi grade tuna! And good counter service dining.

Sarah Fielding

will never go there again. went there for the 1st time to get smoked fish. $20 a lb. would not let us sample it. i want to sample what i get before buying it. i live 40 miles away and would hate to get home and it would of been nasty. so no stars for me.

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