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REVIEWS OF Fish Doctors IN Michigan

Dori Zaidel

Excellent place. They did a water test for me and answered several questions about proper plants for angelfish tanks and what some compatible tankmates would be. When I am ready to upgrade to a larger tank I will be going back there for help in choosing the best one.

Andrea Acosta

The staff here is always so helpful and we learn so much every time we go in! Definitely going back for all my fishy needs

Chris Bailey

The people there really know thier stuff and are super helpful.

Paul Gruber

Expert and friendly advice

Chad Cattell

Small store but the selection of fish and aquarium paraphernalia was impressive as well as the staffs knowledge.

Elizabeth Sevilla

Always friendly " great prices " staff always helpful an polite" Absolutely love this place

james sweet

Service bad. Talked me out of buying. I went to petco and got great service and bought fish.

Porsche' Burke

Great fish shop, has feeders and much, much more .

Laurel Hemphill

Very knowledgeable staff and great selection of fish.

Tabatha Obuch-Stanley

They have a lot of different fish in there it's really nice to go in there and it's family-owned

Dylan Cannon

Favorite place to go for all my fish and fish supplies

Adrianna Bell

Great service


Very good advise. Knowledgeable.

Brent Coe

As always, the kids wanted to see every tank, and had a million questions. Their price on feeder fish is unbeatable, has me driving from Manchester to Ypsi every other week at least. The staff is awesome, with solid recommendations and sound advice every step of the way. Best place for feeders, great coral and tropical fish selection, awesome fresh water supply, and great staff.

Timohty Ruck

Have a very knowledgeable staff and saltwater and freshwater fish and also Pond equipment in Pond supplies and pond fish

Gary Quann

Great for the fish hobbyist/Aquarist!

david wood

Very informative

Angela Mayo

Love that place

Bryan Crowell

Great selection and engaging staff

moon player

Best time to take the kids

Logan Stubbings

An awesome store with very knowledgeable staff always a good shopping experience

Cottage Cheese

Everyone here is SO helpful! An employee even brought out the brine shrimp & fed the betas so we could watch them eat ♡

Bradley Recon Vaughn

Tom the owner is Amazing he has been in the fish Business for over 25 years. I live in Toledo and the fish doctors is my only fish store u go to .they are awesome

Alison Root

Went with some friends to look for some new fish. Really friendly staff who are all super knowledgeable and ready to help with any questions. They have a lot of neat species who all looked very healthy and happy. Place is a little small and when we went it was pretty packed which was great to see, but can be a bit difficult to walk around with all the tanks.

J Crawford

Very helpful.and knowledgeable staff. We drive 45 minutes, and they are very accommodating. Friendly and polite on the phone too. Haven't been to a better fish store!

Sarah Timmins

I've gone here a number of times over the years to find fish and they always have a great selection. The staff is very knowledgeable. And if they don't have what you're looking for, they'll give you a call the next time they get it in.

Jessica Thomas

Awesome selection of fish, we drive over an hour to visit!

Jake Moote

Knowledgable and friendly staff. Great selection of products.

Aimee Zadina

Sooooo many fish and fries, knowledgeable staff

Jeremy Freeman

GREAT fish store! I drive 45 minutes to this store whenever I want to get a new fish or tank set up! I highly recommend going here if you're looking to get into fishkeeping

John Freese

Staff has been very helpful.

Jonathon Knickelbein

A very quirky place with a huge variety of Fish and supplies. A great place to go for well kept fresh and salt water fish

Nicholas Braatz

This place is amazing! I visit 6 different fish stores in the Detroit area depending on what I am looking for. I can say this place is great. Tanks are clean and the fish are well taken care of. Staff are great and knowledgeable. I overheard a staff member explaining the nitrate cycle to a customer and I was impressed with their knowledge. Also, great store for the expert aquarist and the beginner. I will always swing in on my travels. Thank you.

Russ Stark

Friendly, helpful staff.

Jesse Smith

Nice little store. The staff was super friendly and helpful. I purchased 2 mocha clown fish. They have just been acclimated but they are doing great. If I'm near ann arbor again I will definatly be visiting again!

Vault Tec

Awsome selections,very helpful staff

Katie Jarrett

Super friendly knowledgeable staff. They really take care of their fish

Dillon F

Lots of cool beautiful fish, freshwater and saltwater. Great place to go if you have any questions about anything. These guys know what they're doing and will help you out with anything you need.

Tim Jo

Awesome place, great selection, amazing staff.

Joshua Horton

Very nice place. Everyone was friendly and very helpful

Joe Ferullo

Been going here for 20+ years. Great store. Very knowledgeable, and great service. Animals are well kept, and fair prices. Great variety of quality products as well. Best store in the area by far.

james grapp

Fish (fresh and saltwater), and everything you could ever need for them, can be found here. Staff are knowledgable and courteous. You can't go wrong here.

Samuel Barczy

Beautiful store, nice staff!

Amilie Fawn

I'm a regular here, I love this place. The staff is very caring and resourceful. Very knowledgeable, I feel like I'm always learning when I come in.

Clete Mclaughlin

Greatest place ever!

Erich Friebel

The staff/owners are super friendly and helpful. The store is tiny but packed with top notch products and fish selection. You can tell the store is run by people who really know their stuff and care about the animals.

carey mcbee

The wife and i stopped in for our first time. Was very impressed with their fish and prices. The staff was also great! We would recommend them to anyone and we will be back for sure to grab more fish as soon as we can!

Nick Schlo

For all your aquatic needs. They have fresh and salt water covered. They can even order in an octopus if you want one!

Matthew Jakubas

Very good place for fish large selection of fresh and saltwater.

Adrienne Haywood

I love this store. The staff are super knowledgeable and helpful. They have answered many of my questions and helped solve many fish issues for me. Great selection of fish and products. If they don't have something, they'll order it for you. I would always give these guys my business, rather than a Petco or PetSmart.

Jennifer Bush

Amazing team there. I have had two fish die in my tank and panicked. I took some water into them and within 5 minutes they were able to tell me the exact problem and how to fix it. In my opinion, EVERYTHING there is fairly priced. I was actually very shocked at how fairly everything is priced.

Daniel Kesterson

Without a doubt the best store in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area for any and all aquarium needs. Their stock of freshwater and saltwater fish, coral, and shellfish is outstanding, as is their supply of all other aquarium equipment. The staff is also extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.

slayer 7660

Cool fishes and family friendly service

Ralf The Medic

Extremely helpful staff. They are very knowledgeable and will help you out, no matter little or how large the problem is. I highly recommend them to any who owns fish or plan to own fish.

Bruce Kopitz

Marine aquarists tend to return to shops they like. We are fussy, and our fidelity can only be earned with good stock and good business practices. Fish Doctors qualifies as such an establishment. Fish Doctors, within limits, even guarantees your live purchases - a rare protection afforded by few marine pet stores. Fish Doctors has never sold me a diseased fish or coral (though they "gifted" me with a few aptasia once). Their stock of lights, pumps, filters, medium, other dry goods and frozen/live foods is large, diverse and fairly priced. Tom's joint is the best!

Spencer Knight

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Good selection of fish.

Trisha E

Good customer service and selection. They should give more warnings about fish they don't guarantee and that their plants have snails. A sign somewhere on a wall isn't the same and doesn't count as a notification.

Robert Nelson

Outstanding business/great people too !!!

Zachariah Sperry

Everything you need and more, mostly we just walk around and see all the amazing salt and fresh water fish available! Staff are really knowledgeable and happy to give advice, no matter how weird your question.

Nadeem Zafer

So much variety of fish with expert staff that understand and cater to your needs. Fish our their love and the enthusiasm shows.

David Thompson

Very knowledgeable, healthy fish, very nice Discus/Amazon selection as well as a Marine and African!

Tim Lang

Fun spot! Lots of exotic fish and knowledgeable, friendly staff. Kind of like going to an aquarium.

James Schoen

Best aquarium shop in the Ann Arbor area. Huge selection of fresh and salt water fish, plants, coral, etc. The staff is extremely knowledgeable.


The employees are so friendly & very knowledgeable.

Ted Mihalca

Awesome place with a very friendly and helpful staff! Definitely check them out before Petco and other big box stores

Chris Savage

Always a friendly staff willing to help with whatever questions you may need. Their freshwater fish selection has greatly grown over the last couple years. They carry live food which is always a fun treat for fish tanks. They sell their freshwater fish much younger than most chains and I've always thought it was fun to watch a fish get big. Whether you already have an established coral reef or are thinking about setting up a simple freshwater tank this really is a great store to check out.

John Miller

Staff very helpful

Amanda Major

Very kind people helped me push my big truck out of the icy driveway today. If I had fish needs I would exclusively go here.

Zak Beaty

These guys and gals know their stuff.

David Haight

Best aquarium shop you will ever find! Staff is helpful, fish are healthy. This is how you do it right!

Dewona Slaven

Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Refuse to buy any fish elsewhere.

R Psurny

Wonderful staff, Ren was excellent. She answered all of our questions and they had the supplies we needed.


Very knowledgeable staff. High quality fish and products lines. Free water testing. Fun place to look around.

Milton Rice

Got what I needed!

Donna Bridge

Great place to get saltwater fish and coral. Staff very knowledgeable

Reva E

Love coming here for all of my fishy needs. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable!

Josey Wales

Love this place. Been going for 10 years now, and I always get treated fairly. TFD usually has what I want and if they don't they will get it for me.

Jerry Roscoe

One of my favorite local fish stores to visit, a little bit of everything from fresh water planted to saltwater reef tanks.

John Holbrook

This is the only place I go to. They have always been really good to me. They really are Doctors of fish! They have taught me so much about the fish I have always bought from them through the years!

Alex Bush

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Fish prices that are competitive with online. Great place!

Jerry Kozak

Going to this store once a year for my summer mosquito fish is a little thing that I really look forward to. It's an awesome shop outright, and everyone is really friendly and helpful. We're lucky to have this store in the area!

Dan Lor

They have stuff other pet stores doesn't. Fishes that other stores doesn't. And experts. Although they were busy when I visited, long wait but definitely worth it because they're attentive and nice.

Lon C

The place to go when you really want answers to why your fish is swimming upside down

Ellen Altecore

I take leaving reviews very seriously. I don't take pleasure in giving poor reviews but I have been coming here since I got into saltwater which is just about over one year and I have bought all but one fish from fish doctors. I will no longer buy any fish from them. I just bought a Blue Tang one week ago exactly from them. I qted it and it did not do well in it. Ate right away.. fat little guy but two days ago I saw marks on his skin which I thought was his slime coat shedding. IIcalled fish do tors and talked to an employee and he said keep an eye on it. As long as he is eating don't worry too much. Well that fish loved food. Last night something told me to dip him. I did and more than 30 flukes fell off his skin. He was a two inch fish. He suffered needlessly. I do not medicate unless I know I need to and I tried to save him but he stopped eating only hours before he died. He tried to fight it and I feel awful I didn't medicate with prazipro but he was just a baby. I screwed up by not adding prazi as a precaution but I also think it is the responsibility of the seller to insure on selling a healthy fish . This wasn't the first fish that I've bought from them that has died needlessly. I have perfect water conditions, a healthy reef. I don't feel it is worth buying from them. I don't think I want to return the dead fish for credit because I really feel traumatised watching a baby blue Tang fight for his life and die within hours of it showing signs of I'llness. That being said, some of the employees are really wonderful and I do like the owner. I know they are good people but that was just too much for me to ever return as a customer. Not to mention while I shopped , a yellow Tang died and I'm wondering if it was from flukes as well as copper meds do not kill flukes. So who knows. I hope they do better for their other customers.

Paul Girard

Great selection and helpful staff. Tom is great!

Danielle Brown

My betta is super healthy and doing great, thanks! Awesome store and nice staff

David Lutes

Good staff, reasonable prices


I went to this store regularly for about two years and have only had positive experiences with them. Very friendly, very willing to help, and passionate about fish! They always had a nice variety of nano freshwater fish like hatchet fish, pea puffers, sparkling gouramis, stone catfish, galaxy rasboras, and dwarf shrimp. They have a decent-sized selection of saltwater fish, too, probably 3-4 times more selection than the usual Petco has. I'm not sure how knowledgeable the employees are on average about fishkeeping since instead of asking questions about fish at the store, I tended to read about a certain species of fish for at least 2-3 hours online (usually more...just for fun) before deciding to buy one. But rather than relying on store employees to be knowledgeable, I'd highly recommend doing your own research and gathering information from several different websites online before buying any fish.

Jim Duff

This place is awesome very fish knowledgeable and will help you with anything no matter how small the problem is

Chris Knott

Great staff, products, and service. Tom and I go way back, and my tanks/fish have never looked better.

Brandon Gray

My favorite mom and pop fish store. The owner is very friendly. As well as most of the staff. If your looking for a place that can get just about any legal fish you want this is your place. They are happy to order you fish if they don't carry them in stock. Or just about any supplies you may want as well.

Cole Nelson

Always have very smart and kind workers who will help you find what you are looking for. Never ever had any problem they couldn't help.

Eric kopy

Awesome customer service very friendly, lots and lots of fish fresh water and salt water lots of aquarium set ups for sale, highly recommend in my book

Yandere Shark

Helpful and knowledgeable staff, all sorts of fish kept in clean and healthy environments. You'll get the best advice for your tank, not just a sale.

Sandra Lovejoy

Great fish store all you need and cheap.

Local Fish Guy

Great service for a mom and pop.

Adam Walters

The people there are always so helpful and know everything you need to keep a healthy aquarium

CaNcEr4 CuRe

Fairly good food but a little pricey because of the location.

Elizabeth Gray

Wonderful new find for all of our fish needs. Staff extremely helpful.

Sean Roisen

Great selection of fish and friendly staff.

Michael Johnson

As always friendly and helpful.

Grady Rorie

My favorite fish store in Southeastern Michigan! Great prices, great selection but most of all great knowledge, friendly staff!

Maranda Luckhardt

I had my goldfish I got from the fair for 10 years, and many times I had to come in and use their expertise to troubleshoot. The whole staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and Luke always goes above and beyond anytime I ask for help. I will forever be a loyal customer because it is obvious how compassionate they are.

Alec Carpenter

Great selection of fresh water aquarium supplies. Friendly staff that are always willing and able to help.

Robert Daronco

I just moved to the area been in the hobby for about a year all of their staff is very knowledgeable and helping out quite a bit with the process of moving my tanks

randy schaufele

Alexis and Tom are a team that no other business can match. Their experience in the aquarium trade makes them superior. I feel confident in their live stock. I will always support local.

Virginia Field

The best fish store around

Brandy Wilson

Everything you need for fish

Kevin Sabol

Loved it very nice people there.

Josalyn Puckett

Love our little fish store!! Staff is so helpful and very knowledgeable

Jana Boone

Very overpriced


These guys are awesome. Good healthy stock and super friendly staff while most of them are quite knowledgable. The manager who looks like Jesus pretty much saved my entire tank at the early stages of an ich outbreak days before I set off for a vacation. Will continue buying from them. Support your LFS

Adrian Reed

I have Clown fish (Nemo and Neolani) given to me 3 years ago. Fish doctor is where i go for everything they need. Ive never owned fish before. My

Philip Blackman

I enjoyed visiting from NC. Very reasonably priced products with a great selection.

Curtis Jones

Great place great staff wonderful site

Bryon Kelley

Been a customer for years. Very knowledgeable staff. They are always willing to spend the time helping with questions and picking the right addition for your tank.

Metalfreak 2000

Great store. Good selection of fish and corals. Decent prices and willing to give discounts on multiple purchase. Also has a punch card to accumulate points towards discount.

chad armintrout

Love love love this store. Very helpful and knowledgable staff

Dustin Castro

Here's what makes an outstanding business: Staff who are enthusiastic about the product and want to be good ambassadors, and a great selection. Stop going to those other places, because they simply do not compare. There's a huge selection of marine animals, many freshwater including a vast cichlid collection, and EVERYTHING you need for your tanks. And they're good people!

Jinx Sistine

Beautiful place. The staff are very friendly and knowledgable. Come here all the time and love it :)

Barb M

Knowledgeable, individual, reliable help. I love this place.

Anjili Veach

Amazing selection, and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Jeremy is my go-to guy for any aquarium questions, and Barbie is also awesome. I definitely recommend shopping here over a big box store.

Madame Superior

For all my fishies needs! Very helpful and they know so much!

Tiffinni Thornsberry

Great place with straight answers and normal people to people attitude! Love them! Will definitely, go back. :)

amiyah Johnson

Most knowledgeable fish store n area great supplies same location last 30 yrs oor more

Deaunna Dresch

Great price, knowledgeable staff, great selection of both salt and fresch water fish

John Herr

The staff is very helpful and friendly and knowledgeable the store has a great selection of fish and aquarium products

Amber Deneau

Great staff and offer salt and fresh water fish. Their coral are beautiful and living a lot of other places have dead or dying fish or coral but not here! I've always enjoyed seeing what new things have been brought in.

Phil Quinlan

Absolutely love this place. I started going here in 2002 and they taught me how to start and maintain saltwater aquariums. I moved away and stopped in the other day, 17 years later, and it was exactly the same. Great variety of tropical fish, and very reasonable prices.


Awesome! Best customer service. Their team is friendly & extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend The Fish Doctors

Cayla Bloss

These people love what they do. They're very knowledgeable about what it takes to set up any kind of aquarium. I love the variety of fish, and the good prices.

Valarie Green

Best fish store in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area. The staff are always friendly and very knowledgeable. They'll answer all the questions you have about caring for your aquatic babies! Highly recommended for all of your aquarium needs.

Jadwiga R

such a great variety of fish, supplies,etc. great staff who are always helpful and supportive not critical.


Nice atmosphere, wish they had a section or at least in area that was dedicated just to buying or ordering takes other than that the staff is nice and the store has a cozy homelike den feeling if that makes sense .

Brandy Robinson

Love this store. Wonderful staff. I drive almost 2 hours away to see the woderful sea life that is a blessing to see and if you can afford to have saltwater and freshwater in your home they would be happy to help set up and have your fresh and saltwater needs.

Kyle Rodriguez

Great place. Nice people. Cool fish. This place has almost any fish you could want.

Kitty Crutchfield

I purchased some beautiful Koi. They are healthy and happy. The staff can truly answer most of your questions. Fun place to look around.

D. S.

Very helpful staff and great selection of fish and plants both saltwater and freshwater. The owner is really nice and will accommodate certain special orders within reason.

Rickorius Maximus

Friendly, super knowledgeable staff. They know their fish

Spencer T

Lots of variety, fresh and salt. Very friendly staff. Prices on fish are good but prices on equipment are on the high side. I'll definitely be back.

Matthew Hildner

Very helpful. Gave me great advice on how to take care of my Betta thats been having problems. The staff was super helpful and their aquarium decor selections were great.

Phil Clark

New to the hobby, came here first and had a FANTASTIC experience. Zak gave us top notch customer service, great advice and got us up and running, walking us newbies through the whole process patiently. So happy with our new 32 gal saltwater aquarium! Will return here for all future fish needs. By the way - their price on the CoraLife 32 gal LED BioCube was the same as Amazon's except no shipping damage and no waiting because they had it in stock! Thanks Zak!

Amy Wells

Best aquarium store around! Knowledgeable staff and healthy plants and animals! Carries all the fish foods that are hard to find at regular pet stores.

Joi Donnellon

The staff is friendly, helpful, and know their stuff! Even if you aren't in the market for a pet fishy, well worth a walk through to see some unique fish and corals!

Ken Scalise

The owner was extremely helpful and hooked me up with everything I needed. I definitely will be back!

Gunnar Hegg

Wonderful small business with knowledgable staff and a great selection. Always nice to come in and see the new rotation of fish, get what you need, and be in a true hobbyist environment.

Elena Guindi-Bright

Really nice people their is always someone to help you out and they really know their stuff and take great care of their fish. This is the only place I trust to get my fish

Macey Compau

About 2 days ago we came in and had a pleasant experience with very informative staff. we've been there a few times before to buy food and filters. the last time we went , we decided to get two fish. Today we had two fish die, both we have had for almost a year. neither of them had any issues before we brought the new ones home. and our friends fish now have ick from the fish he bought from there. we followed instructions on NOT putting the stores tank water into our tank. will NOT be coming back for fish or any other supplies. very devistated in loosing our fish.

Michal Ostrowski

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Kathy Dawley

I took my daughter here to gather supplies for a biology project. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable and guided her to the best fit for what the project called for. We were concerned about making sure everything would stay alive, in a sealed environment, and Marissa was amazing with all her knowledge and advice! She made sure we had everything to maintain the best environment for the duration of the project and beyond! The store was especially busy and they still took the time to help my daughter and didn’t rush her along. Thank you all!!!

Julie Wallace

They always have a good selection of marine fish and corals. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Good prices too. I just wish they were not 45 mins. away from me.

Ashwin P.P

Very helpful and friendly staff. Great selection of fish and Coral

BettaBeGood Jr

If you got questions they got answers!

Nicole Harrison

Ren helped us today, we are trying to start our tank! She seemed very knowledgable and was a huge help. She was Very patient with us and answered ALL of our questions! This will be the only place we go from now on for our aquarium wants and needs!

Trent Stephens

Great selection of fish! And very knowledgeable staff

Art Girard

Very knowledgeable team they let me ask several questions, they were very polite. I felt welcome and that cared about my questions and just a great reefing experience.

Cedric Cirunay

Very Knowledgeable Staff!

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