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REVIEWS OF Blue Fish Aquarium IN Michigan

J Payne

Great place for any aquarium hobbyist. They also have a lil reptile section if you're into that. Blue fish will order in stuff for you, fish, sand, aquarium, meds, the works. Every time they've done it for me it's always been a quick process. I was searching for a 33 long aquarium for what seemed like forever, I finally just asked the people of Blue Fish about it and had one in my living room within two weeks. Its always hard to choose driftwood or rock pieces here; not because the selection is lacking anything, but because there are so many quality pieces available. I was told that all of the driftwood and rock decor pieces are hand picked by some of the staff and I think they're doing a wonderful job. Have a fish you can no longer care for? You can surrender live fish for store credit! I had a couple of medium Angel's and a rubber lip pleco and they gave me I think $20 store credit to use on any livestock. Got a flame gourami and plants. ;) I think trade in days are mon-thursday before 7pm.

Ian Joachim

Clean, lots of options. Workers are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Margaret Hawley-Lowry

This place is awesome! While they do have some supplies available for reptilian and mammalian friends, the focus is definitely on our fishy friends. They have a huge variety of fish to choose from, and all the supplies you might need to care for them. They have a fair refund policy if a fish dies within the first week after purchase, and they have limitations on what they will sell in order to insure the healthiness of their fishies. And, for what it is worth, their fish all honestly seemed happy.

mike quigg

This place is great! They have answered all my questions and if they did not know, they went and found the answer for me. Friendly staff and tons of products for a reasonable price.

Hanna Raynak

They have a large selection but it is unorganized and the tanks aren't well maintained. Several saltwater fish had eye infections and at least 10 freshwater tanks had multiple fish with ich. Only reason to go is the selection

Holly Lopez

Largest selection I've seen in West Michigan. Hundreds of fish species and excellent customer service. I'm amazed at how knowledgeable the staff is about each fish, plant, product, and the many elements which go into a healthy tank. A great place to learn and be inspired. If I'm looking for something they don't have, they can order it for me or offer to help find it.

Johnathon Simot

Awesome fish and other sea life. Fun just to visit even when I'm not buying stuff

Mr Jinx

The staff was very helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Prices were on par for a local specialty shop, and I have no issue supporting just that. This is my new go to for all things aquatic! Of course they also have exotic reptiles and spiders, and was the only store that had turtle stone substrate. Their product selection is the most eclectic I've seen. Thanks Blue Fish Aquarium!

Derek Symington

Best fish store on Grand Rapids. Always new stock on top of whatever people trade in.

Mathew Veltman

Love this place! Staff are knowledgeable and kind to us even when we are just looking around.

Denise Crapse

The best fish store in the Grand Rapids area! Staff is very friendly...

Kristy Katcha

Neat place, so many fish and aquatic plants and reptiles

Bob Dittmer

Always friendly & knowledgeable. Awesome selection and competitive prices. My go to fish store!

Tyler king

Great selection of fish, knowledgeable staff, great layout. Every time I go in blue fish I find something I didn’t know I needed. Easily one of the best local fish stores around anywhere.

Catherine Hemmer

Great place to visit! Friendly staff!

Joe Ferski

They have a nice variety of fish with out the warehouse feel

Landry Boyce

Very pretty! Fish and other animals were curious and lively. I'm not a professional nor a hobbyist, so I can't vouch for the condition of the tanks - but nothing seemed wrong from a first glance. Everything is carefully labelled and the staff is usually around to answer questions or provide conversation about the animals. Got to see a chameleon feeding by absolute chance. Wonderful place!

Zen Bender

Staff were incredibly helpful and knowledgable. Will be coming here for all of my future snake needs.

Tara Blurton

Test aquarium water free and tell you how to make it right for fish and what fish will be good for your tank and how they react together. Large variety and many fish have 7 day guarantee.

Todd Stines-vancourt

Awesome place. Traveled an hour to see it.

Tawny Last

I’ve had mixed experiences with Blue Fish. The employees have, for the most part, been friendly and helpful. They have decent prices for most products and a great selection of reptile supplies. They have a small selection of dog stuff, but what they do have is high quality. I’m surprised and impressed at their selection especially since they specialize in aquariums. I was a bit disappointed to see lettuce (not one of the many recommended dark greens) being fed to their juvenile bearded dragons, as well as sand in the enclosure, as these are both inapporpriate care for these lizards (especially as babies, because it puts them at risk of impaction which is deadly).

Blake Chappell

Best selection of fresh water fish ive ever seen

Spencer Ballard

Best in West Michigan. Love the new shrimp display, I'll be back. Wish there was more hardscape supplies of aquascaping stones. Selection of plants and shrimps has improved recently.

Jamie Lynn

Best fish store on the west side of the state! In my opinion their fish can be a little bit pricey, but overall excellent store and knowledgeable staff.

Todd Morgrette

I waited for help for fifteen minutes. Then nobody was at the counter to check me out. Another fifteen minutes. Recommend a bell

Cassidy Goss

I love coming here for all my fish and reptile needs! Great prices, and friendly, knowledgeable staff make this place my favorite. I drive over 45 minutes to come here because it's my favorite!

Lee Obermeyer

As always it's a great place to find almost everything you need!

Matt Secord

Very friendly and helpful staff!

Jena Bartholomy

Love this place, recently moved to Illinois but would come back home just to shop here, and they give you store credit if you bring in plants or fish to trade in!


Good store, friendly people. I recommend not going during the day on weekends though. They don't have enough people working the freshwater area so it can take a while to get fish or plants.

Christie Berry

My mother wrote a bad review on this company’s Facebook and they posted security images of my minor child and myself (as well as other customers with their children) without my permission. Personally have never done business with them but be careful of writing a bad review they don’t seem to take them too lightly!

Melissa DeHaan

Great selection of both freshwater and saltwater livestock, plants, and equipment. Between the aquariums and amphibians the kids are educated and entertained all at the same time. Very friendly staff.

Amanda kulinich

Love their staff! They know their fish and are very helpful

Matthew Glenn

The best selection and quality of fish I have ever seen. Other than feeders I only get my fish from there. I even drive an hour just to get there.

C Stew

Loved it, very helpful and knowledged workers.

lucia nguyen

Managers and some cashiers will follow you around the store and harass you. Is that a way to treat customers ? Maybe you should watch all people, instead of assuming someone going to steal because they do not look like you. Very poor customer service. I will let friends, family and others know about this experience. I came from Vietnam when I was 15. I did not know it was so much prejudice in America.

Cody C

Huge selection for setting up your aquarium

Gretchan Fenske

Lots of selection. I have been in several times and not had an employee speak to me or offer help.

Ethan Ketelaar

Knowledgeable staff and great selection of fresh and saltwater fish. Also reptiles and other pets/supplies

Steven & Shawn Sudduth

Super friendly and fun to visit for experienced and novice aquarium enthusiasts. We loved the freedom to look around and get ideas. Staff very helpful and willing to help us learn.

Grey Chaos

Fantastic prices, very enthusiastic and amazing customer service skills and everyone there was extremely knowledgeable. Jax was amazing with listening to what I had to say and was quick to answers and other recommendations due to my problems with my fish tank.

Tad Smedes

Awesome aquarium store, very helpful staff, great selection of freshwater and saltwater fish and plants. A pretty great selection of reptiles and reptile supplies.


Employees are knowledgeable and if they are busy then you'll have to wait a little bit to be assisted but they are very good at getting to you when it's your turn. The prices here are more fair than other places in town but still more expensive than online. They have a large variety of livestock and they have saltwater equipment/livestock for sale here unlike other stores. 9/10 will continue giving them my business.

A. F.

Excellent service, great help, amaxing and well taken care of fish

Curt landgraff

Best aquarium store in West Michigan.

Cody Giefer

Awesome place. Great variety and excellent informative staff.

[ImRe] Tricks037

Not a whole lot of other pet store choices in the area. Sometimes hard to find someone to help you.

Christopher McAllister

The only fish store I will go to, much better selection over the big box stores.

Kristin Kleyn

So fun; Large variety of pets to look at in a nice atmosphere, like going to a zoo!

Karin Nelson

Staff is always extremely helpful. They always have a great selection of fish as well! This is our go to store.

Vanessa Marsiglia

Blue Fish is the BEST place in Western Michigan for fish of all kinds. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, the fish are very well cared for and your satisfaction with them is of utmost importance. One of the most beneficial policies that they have is putting new and/or potentially ill (or stressed) fish under quarantine. That might sound like a big downfall but as a fish lover with several tanks I can tell you from personal experience that there is NOTHING worse than bringing home an infected fish and not realizing it until all the fish start getting sick and you are in "Emergency Mode" trying to save them all. Blue Fish gets this and does everything they can to prevent this from happening to you, that is awesome. Seriously, whether you are a total fish newb or a long time salt water vet, Blue Fish is where you want to be. It's also a really awesome place to just look at fish, even better than the zoo

Gayle Monroe

My favorite place for tropical fish needs. Very knowledgeable staff and great selection.

TJ Cannon

One of the best pet stores in Michigan. Always well staffed with knowledgeable and friendly workers. They have a great selection of aquarium supplies and fish.

Sean Clark

Great store. Lots of knowledge, good dry stock selection. If they dont have what you are looking for, they will order it for you.

the rainbow crew

This place is a hidden gem. My daughter is considering a bearded dragon and their in house "lizard guy" has been wonderful with her.

Scott Purcey

Really like this place there is really no where else to go for fish or aquarium related items that compares. My only problem is that every time I go in they have yellow post it notes all over the aquariums that says the fish are spoken for. What about the people that drive 25 miles to buy fish and all I see is those annoying yellow notes all over that says the fish are spoken for. I even put my name on a list and have never gotten a call back. Not sure how this will keep me going back. The staff does know there stuff, I will give them that.

Ceci Garcia

My favorite place to buy my fish and aquarium supplies. Great service!

Matt Jablonski

Great local pet store! Huge selection of fish and other critters.

Robert Cranford

I've been shopping at Blue Fish since they moved to their Wilson location, so that's quit a few years now. I will say that they are a great store overall. I'm giving them one star because of my experience there last Saturday. I went in just after 5pm to get drift wood and a plant I picked out my drift wood then started looking for help for a fish tank plant. I looked for about ten minutes and couldn't find any one free to help me so I walked up to the register and waited in line for another ten minutes. They were busy so I wasn't too offended by the wait. When it was my turn I asked for help getting a plant to rubber band to the drift wood (so it would attach itself to the wood over time). The woman at the register said that she didn't know how to do that, but I was in luck because the guy in charge (the manager or owner or something) was standing there. I asked him for help and he told me that they were to busy to help me and that I would have to come back another day. I waited twenty minutes for help just to be denied service. I'm not sure why its so much work to put a rubber band around a small piece of wood and not around a bag of fish but I am sure that I will not be returning to that store.

John democker

Great fish variety as well as tank companions (snails, frogs, shrimp etc) both fresh/salt water varieties as well as plants. In the back they have reptiles and amphibians, definitely recommend checking the place out! Also has dog/cat toys.

Use code Tfue

The staff is amazingly helpful for ALL of your freshwater, saltwater, and reptile needs!! They will walk you through every detail of getting your tank set up and cycled. They will test your water for free. They have a great selection of livestock, aquarium plants, tank decor, and a section for your furry baby. Patty and Taylor are A+++

Jeffrey Carter

We at Apogee Therapy Center love Blue Fish Aquarium! we have a 45 gallon and a 75 gallon fish tank at our facility and they are a huge part of the atmosphere. Blue Fish has been extremely helpful in providing us with excellent fish and with information on how to maintain our tanks. We Highly recommend Blue Fish Aquarium!!!

Lee Caldwell

I love this place! You have got to check this place out if you are into fish, omg.

Jamie Wagenaar

Massive amount of fish to choose from, awesome people skills

Andrew Scholten

Animals are well cared for there. Unlike many other stores I've been too. (VIPets). They have a really unique selection

Hannah Schwartz

The only pet store close to me that sells Dubia roaches, which can be hard to find. I always enjoy visiting and looking at all the fish, and they have a great selection. Their employees are very helpful.

Jerri Peterson

They are great ppl that all work there. They are very helpful

Faith Nash

Huge selection, very nice set ups, decent prices!

Kurt Wachtor

Honestly I feel it's the best aquarium store in the Grand Rapids area. Brackish, fresh, or salt water they got it. Need a more specific fish, they can aquire it. You can also find reptiles, amphibians, spiders, and scorpions. There is a newer section in the front devoted to dogs.

Steve Fuhst

This place is amazing. The staff are very knowledgable and helped us to select the right fish for our new 29 gallon tank.

Melissa Pingel

Great customer service!! Needed help selecting some fish and the young man who helped us was awesome! Very patient and informative. We drove an hour to check this place out for fish and it did not disappoint. Will go back again!

Chelsea Marzean

What a cool place! My boyfriend and I drove down from up north a little ways to come visit this place. Super clean, so much to look at, and lots of very helpful employees that really know what they're talking about.

Kyle S

Great selection of healthy fish, amphibians, and reptiles

Tanner Senti

Great place, healthy fish and good variety

Geo Nich

This is our go to place for anything related to fish or reptiles. They really seem to know their stuff. Our last two visits we were helped by a very surly young man that made us feel like we were idiots for asking questions and taking up his precious time. Sorry pal - you may know you some stuff but that doesn't make you automatically better than us. Otherwise - I would highly recommend the place.

Kyle Nelson

Love the staff here. Always extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

Kevin Danger Powers

They killed over half my fish! I bought 1 fish and 2 assassin snails and the next day my fish started dying. After the 3rd day half of my fish had died! All they had to say was "well the fish you bought from us is still alive so it wasn't our fault..." Seriously?! My tank hasn't moved in 6 years and one of my fish is 8 years old (many others are several years old). I've never even had 2 fish die close together, let alone half of my tank in 3 days... 3 of them were angel fish, which are my favorite. I will NOT be going back. Not to mention that their prices are too high...

Sharea J. Smallegan

we always have a wonderful exp. here!

RatMan N LibertyHound

Always helpful, beautiful fish. Im envious of the display tanks. I only wish they had more pond related stuff. I love this store and its crew. Go today check it out!

Kyle Korman

Absolutely love this place, come here for all my aquarium needs. Great, wide selection at great prices. Everything you need. Amazingly helpful staff. I try to go as much as possible! Edit: made my first post about them almost 3 years ago, still upheld. Extremely knowledgable and personable staff. Very lucky to have such a great store near by.

Brian Wilcox

Excellent quality and service. Hand down the best place around for the hobby.

Robert LaFlure

Unbelievable customer service. I was having a major issue with my 120 gallon tank and I contacted them. They promptly got back to me and within days I had a replacement tank. They put the customer first. In today’s modern corporate culture of policies and procedures this is a breath of fresh air! The owner is great and personable. I am a life long loyal customer!

Angela Mayberry

Very professional and incredibly attentive to my needs.

Beth Briggs

They should of gotten a 5 star but customer service is everything. The girls Monday through Friday, open until about 4pm get the 10 star! They are so helpful and awesome! But I bought a 26 gallon Fluval setup from them (on the weekend) and tried to add on to the lights (which come with the setup) and they know NOTHING about them. Which is fine but when you go talk to them for an hour and they take your phone and name so they can have a few days to research what you need and never call you back that's not right! In fact they have some of the nicest looking tanks, fish, corals, plants ect... They should of got a 5 star but when the top dog won't call you back or even come out of the back to help you... Again, customer service is everything. Especially when you buy your setup from them. I would of been happy if they called and said they didn't have a clue but no call isn't right. I'd buy a different light considering I can't find bulbs anywhere for this light but I thought since they sold it they could at least order me another bulb.

Joseph R

To much good to say.

Melissa Morgan

Love this place. Great service. Clean store. Clean tanks for reptiles and fish. Store product is always in stock.

Lisa Kessner

What a great place!!! It’s well stocked and the employees are super nice, friendly and knowledgeable in everything... the girl that helped us, unfortunately i forgot her name, said she’s been there 5 years and could not have been more helpful... i will be back often for my fish and aquarium needs.

Patrick Tisdale

What are the best fish places you can go to get aquarium fish nice place friendly people nice service

Carol Dekker

Have many fresh and salt water fish. Knowledgeable about them all.

Kay M.

Wonderful store, very nice people. They have quite the variety of fun fish stuff. Staff was very nice and helpful. Will definitely go back for my next tank project.

Luis Qian

Great place to buy fishes and stuff for your pet. Professional workers and very kind persons. Water test is free at Blue Fish Aquarium!!

Grace Ghent

This place is AMAZING! The selection of tank decor is excellent and the fish are thriving and well taken care of. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this store.

Doctor Oldsmobile

Great selection of pet supplies

Brad Vincent

Have a sick beta and the staff were amazing giving me advice as this is the first fish we have had. Awesome customer service. This will be where we go for all our needs in the future.

Constance Moerland

Good selection for your fishy needs. Pricy

Brian Buskirk

I've been coming here for years and it's always been a good place but lately the quality of the African chiclids hasn't been so good with many of then appearing to have internal parasites and not all that healthy looking.

Doreen Smidt

The staff is helpful and kind and the products look beautiful the animals are wonderful well kept well taken care of really appreciate the staff and how I was taken care of.

Adam Bastow

Have always enjoyed their store and selection. I have a 135 gallon tank with around 20 cichlids. I have had a large fish tank for 11 years.I bought 4 fish a week ago from them and one died within 24 hours. I called about their 7 day return policy and they said to bring the fish, receipt and water to be tested. The fish wasnt beaten up by other fish and the 3 other fish I bought are still alive and well. I drive an hour each way to come to this store. I have a filter meant for a much larger tank. I made all of this known and they tested my water and said it was off and that they couldn’t replace my fish. It seems to me that this water test is a scapegoat to ever replacing a fish or giving a refund. I just wanted another fish. Needless to say I will not be returning to Blue Fish Aquarium, ever. And I will make sure my fellow friends that enjoy fish aquariums will also know my experience.

josh stygstra

Awesome store! Huge fish selection, lots of fresswafre plants too. I feel like I could spend a whole day looking at things. I was very impressed.


Wonderful staff!

Lauren Uttermohlen

More expensive than Amazon, but that's antcipated when it comes to brick and mortar stores. They take good care of their fish and I can trust most their advice.

Kristin Jenkins

Very helpful knowledgeable staff

Michelle Boonstra

This place is great! We have no prior fish experience and Tyler was very helpful when we went to buy fish for our new freshwater tank. He and the rest of the staff go above and beyond to make sure customers know how best to care for their fish. We will definitely be going back!

Miki Lasavath

Was awesome, lots of employees ready to help. Nothing like the aquarium shops in my town. I've never seen anything like it.

Noelle LaVasseur

They had a big variety of reptiles and both salt and fresh water fish. Employees were friendly and attentive, would definitely come here again.

Michelle Carbaugh

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, a great selection, and healthy fish. What more could you ask for? As cheesy as it sounds, I mean it.

Fred Ritz

Great selection and service!

Brittney Johnson

Knowledgeable, friendly staff! Great place with large product selection!

Reefer Madness

Love the place and the people. Good place to buy salf fish ick free so far for me. Check out my you tube page!

Ashleigh Justin

Every type of fish you could want! They even have reptiles and tortoises.

starlight 82

I love this store! The staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. They have a huge variety of fish!

Sam Peterson

First class establishment . Very, very, knowledgeable staff, and an awesome selection of fresh, and salt water fish, as well as reptiles. Really anything you could possibly ever need for your aquarium needs. Drop by when you can, it is very well worth the visit!

Shalee Miedema

Staff is pretty knowledgeable and the store itself is awesome to just walk through. Its like a free trip to an aquarium!

Doug Klann

Best selection around. The staff might not have the knowledge of other shops but they are helpful.

Kevin Krotz

Nice place

Jim Kinney

Very best place in Grand Rapids area to get Fish and all aquarium needs. All the staff are knowledgable and friendly. They are always willing to answer questions.

Catherine Reidsma

A very large assortment of fish. Both fresh and saltwater available. Reptiles and invertebrates are available also.

Aslyn Lapham

This store is so awesome. So many different species of fish, it was awesome. Great pricing, and we love their trade in program! The only reason I knocked one star off is because we were told Endler Livebearers were friendly with Guppies, which they are, but not advised that they will breed and create very weak and sickly offspring. We found that out through Google. We'll be back for sure!

Brian Warn

Clean, Prices on dry goods are WAY less expensive than competitors. Great selection of livestock.

Deania Lynette

Knowledge able staff. Day I went they were not well stocked. Very enjoyable store if your hobbies include fish or aquascaping

Tony Stevens

They always have quality fish and reptiles. Love the atmosphere. Definitely worth stopping by if you're in the area.

gabe Rousseau

Looks small from the outside, but is VERY large inside. Great assortment , decent prices. Nice aquarium setups.

Evert Vanderheide

I have been out of the aquarium hobby for 10 years but stopped in at Blue Fish Aquarium to look around. It renewed my interest in fish They are well-stacked with supplies but are especially impressive with plants and the number and variety of fish for sale. They have a lot of good staff on hand too. Very helpful for me. I recommend.Blue Fish Aquarium highly.


Lots of fun to see such a variety of fish.

Madison Nichols

We love this place! They have any kind of reptile or fish you could think of. Very friendly and knowledgeable!

Jacie Nicolay

Good variety. The staff Ive been in contact with either don't know or don't care but their betta display is awful and stresses the fish. Betta prices are outrageous and the set up they reccomended was about 2 gallons smaller than the minimum amount required. Do your own research and know what you need before you go in.

David Garner

Great environment. Great selection of aquatic, reptiles, and other exotic pets.

Shelly Speet

Nice fish store, friendly staff...but hard to get help sometimes when they're busy (understandable)

Jessica Simon

Good selection. Great service!

Dorothy Popma

Very kind informed staff.

Go Kid

Clean store, very friendly helpful staff

Peter Ackerman

Great store for fish owners. Staff always take time to answer questions. Very friendly.

Allison Fogle

The staff is very helpful and has the animals in mind. The only thing that rubs me the wrong way about the place is the owner. Bit of a jerk.

Jeremy Berens

Always amazing service and the best selection. Every tank there is clean and beautiful.

Janet Melcher

They've got everything you'd need or want for your aquarium...very knowledgeable staff, as well

Heather Kleinjans

This is by far my go to aquarium store. They have the best selection as far as I know. Most of the employees know the bare bones of aquarium set up info and there are a few that I go to if I need specialty info because they are quite knowledgeable. They also let me bring my Dane there and he absolutely swoons over all of the attention he gets from not only staff but customers! I have spent so much money in this place!

Lady Lorikeet

Spent over 60$ here for my goldfish. Hopefully it will be well worth it

Linda Monroe

Bought a snake the year they opened he's doing well

Eric LaCross

Absolutely fantastic place to buy freshwater or saltwater fish. Staff is extremely kind and very knowledgeable.

Bailey Phegley

Staff is super helpful and its really just a great place to go look around!

Megan Sova

Amazing variety of fish and fish home furnishings.

Aj Kraus

Could use some cleaning but has a very knowledgeable staff.

Kevin Miller

Wow, this has got to be the best all around Pet store in the state of Michigan. Saltwater and freshwater fish and supplies, freshwater shrimp ( many varieties), reptiles and supplies. Prices are great and staff is very, very knowledgeable, friendly, and caring about your experience in their store. Put this one on your " bucket list".

Rick Griggs

Lots of choices and beautiful fish (and a lot more). Besides aquariums, supplies, and fish, they also have pet food, reptiles, and amphibians. Knowledgeable staff.

Phillip Brown

Great selection! Helpful staff. They were busy, but took time to assist.

Marlene Russell

The girls were very knowledgeable and there were a lot of different fish to choose from a little pricier but all look very healthy

Spencer T

I frequent just about every fish shop I can find in my travels around the state. This shop is easily in the top tier of the shops I've visited. Highly recommended.

Hannah Geisler

So many fish and such a huge selection! Reptiles and actual pets too but I mainly came for the fish. They have so many accessories for every mind of pet. Definitely have to come back when I have more money to spend on my salt water babies lol

Danny Ramirez

Great customer service. Wish i could of stayed longer.

Sarah VanEck

If you need fish or anything else fishy related you must go here! Knowledgeable staff and very friendly! Cool store to simply visit with young kids.

Sam Ros

So much to see! And I'm so happy they take such good care of all their fish and reptiles

Kim Strayer

Great place for fish and tanks and all things that goes with them. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Dan Shepherd

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Fish selection is great and they keep them healthy.

Susan Wikstrom

Great price for dubia roaches for my lizard!

Zachary Oberlin

So many great fish

Matthew Gort

The setup is nice and there is a massive selection. The staff is knowledgable about the shear amount of tanks is a bit overwhelming. Unless you know what you are doing I recommend talking to the staff as fish are expensive and there is a lot of information to take in to take care of the fish, reptiles, or insects properly.

Ashley Browe

Perfect place to get a new Betta fish. My daughter had a blast looking at all the different types they had. In addition, the fish has been healthy and prosperous!

kim olenzuk

Nice place. Animals are kept clean. Not always good with keeping frozen rodents stocked. The bearded dragons I saw definitely needed more space to move around. Most staff is very knowledgeable but some are not.

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