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REVIEWS OF Atlantic Fish Market IN Michigan

Tyler Ingalls

Great food, batter has a little kick that really brings the food together!

Cocoa Brown

The wait is sometimes terrible but the chicken and fish is worth the wait. I probably won't get the catfish nuggets anymore since the mark up is insane. No way they should be 9.99 a lb. when you could buy them for less than 2.00 lb. and fry them yourself.

Ashley House

Most of my catfish nuggets had bones and my gizzards were not chewable. Had to give the place a try but won't be going back.

Latrice Powell

Best fish and chicken in town ❤❤❤

Jeffrey Miller

Good food

Shonta Heard

Good food

Robin Robinson

Order is cook after pleasing it, the dinning area is clean and there is a TV for you to watch, another plus is people who uses a bridge card you pay usenitbto purchase everything on menu then pay extra to have it cooked for you.

Dennis Smith

Food decent but parking lot has need for serious repairs potholes everywear

Daniel Hazen

Purchase cooked fish at this market every two weeks. Cooked to perfection.

Taysha Coleman

Taste so good great place great food

Schaen Johnson

Food is really good but the service is bad


The food was good and I’ll definitely return. I would of gave 5 stars if the tarter sauce was kept cold.

Shub Rout

Very expensive

Dawn Williams

Just out chillin' with my beautiful BabyDoll! I Love their food!

Cory Robinson

Fantastic food great place Pete and Eldeal would always make sure your leaving happy. Fish is fantastic and fries are superb this is my fish joint highly recomended!

Gail Smith

Greasy, Smokey, stanky fish. There side food is the gutter. Potatoe salad they dont want to sell it too you because they know its nasty. The food is just awful. They Need Chef Ramsey to give this place a reality check. Nasty fish!!!!

Robin Thompson

I hear the food is good, unfortunately after waiting 25min they neglect to tell me they could not fill my order, i got my money back and went home.

Curt Pugh

Had their chicken wings and I can honestly say they were pretty good. I liked the light crispy coating. I will return soon

Mario MD

Loved it! Drove all the way from Detroit

Nancy Covell

I had the deep fried cauliflower and was not impressed. Tasted like they used old grease.

Chris B

Me and my fiancee love this place best in grand rapids hands down!!

Jamena George

IF I COULD GIVE THIS PLACE NO STAIRS I WOULD. Please don't eat here!! Take your money to flying bridge on Plainfield/ Leonard

Richard Battle

Was great food

Chris Henry

My fish was fresh and hot! Cooked juicy and melt in your mouth good. But the tarter sauce tasted more like mayo, than tarter sauce. Otherwise, I will definitely be going back.

Shawntae johnson rosser

I absolutely love Atlantic. They have everything. Fish, chicken, frog legs, I think I even seen gator. You can choose your fresh seafood and wait for it to be cooked. It's always seasoned perfectly. I do recommend that you call ahead if you're in a hurry. I don't live in Grand rapids but when I go Atlantic is always one of the places I have to visit for Good eats.

Brandy Barrone

Their fried chicken wings are amazing

Jason Paige

Great Food. Especially the catfish and seasoned fries.

Samika Pickens

Customer service is ok needs a little more professionalism...but food is good.

Willie Taylor

Fast and friendly

Papo illestbreed

Good fish.... order ahead to make it more enjoyable..

Juliana Lasky

Delicious fresh seafood fry.

LeighThaGreat 1

The food was good overall just had some minor gripes. The shrimp didn’t have enough batter seem like was rushed and the hush puppies weren’t so fresh. Other than that the chicken wings and fish were fresh and crunchy. My first experience was good I’ll give em another chance.


I am addicted to the seasoning and fresh fish. The people are friendly and always have a smile.

Robert J. Woldhuis

First time here, had a coupon off of the entertainment book. Great value, Good quality fish, and fast service. Will definitely return!

ed alex

Good selection of seafood

David Ferrell II

Love it great chicken And at a fair price

Fresh Gibson

The best chicken... Hands down... From Grand Rapids to Detroit, no one comes close.. Period...

Gloria Armstrong

Very courteous

Cheryl L Tutson

Fish is good but the restaurant was hot. Either they don't have air or it wasn't working. Lack of air is my reason for an average rating.

Benjamin Todd

Fish was fresh and fried exactly the way I asked!

Jeff Mayhue

Best chicken in the city in my opinion. Decent priced. BUT you should Always order ahead. If you try to walk in and order, jesus will have come back, and the ocean will have dried up, before you get your food.

Lilly J

Long wait, unsavory people hanging around and the order was all put in one box and it was three seperate orders. They wouldnt seperate even after asking. My first and last time going there.

Phil Gaines

Good fish!

Frank Clark

Fair price and friendly people

John Larsen

The blue gill is perfect!

Ron Dickerson

I love the fried catfish here!

Tyree Evans

Friendly people like I've known them a long time,clean I'm not sure but I don't think it's a dine in? But the food is good

Richard Fortenberry

I am a customer who is very much alright with the personal commitment IThank.You.

Andrew Echo

Ordered clam strips. They were like chewing tires. Horrible.

Davi Hill

Way to expensive food is good but they r high

Raven Wilson


Arnell Labarre

Very good plc loved the chicken from kalamazoo☺

Edward Gonzalez

Love this place lived in Michigan all my life and decided why not get some gator nuggets with that smelt fried mushrooms catfish shrimp

Tish Whitley

Best smelt ever! Don't forget to ask for seasoning

Kourtney Hodges

Amazing options, always fresh

Benjamin Robinson

I finished my labor for the day and I rewarded myself with some fresh Whiting.. this is the place for me

Adrain Boy

The food was great

Sneha Motadoo

These guys take the "Fresh" in the "Fresh Fish" sign seriously. We bought some large shrimp the other day and boy was it mmmmmm mmmmmm. One could instantly spot the difference between the regular store bought and this. Worth the price too!

Duane Sunnquist

Small place, but pretty nice selection of fish. The seasoning is great. Would be five stars, but they fried my bluegill order to a crisp. Everything else was nicely cooked.

Marco Galvan

Good fresh food really good mushrooms good selection

Jessica Deruiter

Very good foot

E Bowen

The clerk behind the counter with the gap in his teeth was very disrespectful and rude. I would like to speak to someone in charge about this.

Oliver Dannah

Delicious food

Nancy Gilbert

Bestest chkn ever

Rory goodwin

Food is good but there service could use a litter work . on hold for 10 minutes before


I really didnt like any of the food in which ee ordered. It was too greasey, but great service

Mr. Lowe

Great place nice people, my meal was fabulous. Drove 40 minutes to get it and I will do it again.

Bryan Hes

Good COD. Very friendly service.

Stephen Szpila


Joe Burns

Fish tasted like bleach.

Sabrina Williams

Love it

James Catanach

Good fish but no AC in the building so was extremely hot.

Donald Thomas


traci hollis

Love their whitey.

Zakiyah Davis

We came in and they were very polite and the workers were very energetic and happy it was an awesome visit

Aaron Chatmon

My first choice for fried chicken, catfish nuggets, or cauliflower

Shantoria Hall

Best fish I had...since I've moved up here....and those fried shrimp OMG.....I most definitely will be back...

willette wilson

Love the fish and chicken

Theresa Humphrey

Staff was very nice, onion rings were great, fish had an off flavor.

Mark Cabrera

Excellent frying. A firm, dark batter, very rich. Great service. Great selection of drinks.

Diminick Riley

Your food can be cooked to order. And always nice and hot and fresh on time when you pick up your order. And cool staff.

Ms Bond

Great food great customer service had an issue with GrubHub they ironed it out and no time recommend it to all!!!!!!

llaritza quiles

Love this place !!!

Alnisa Brooks

The cooked fresh food is awesome.i dont mind making that long drive from holland its worth it.please open one in holland.

David Runyon

This place keeps improving. They have a better selection and lower prices. Service has gotten faster and with more people working at a time you won't wait long to put your order in. Vast drink selection and high quality desserts fill out the menu. Still a long way to go as far as the building its self, but at least everything was clean.

Ak Ak

Food was great and customers service. Its good too !!!

Manuel Arizola

Called in a order it was ready on time very clean establishment.

james holiday


Sheila Kyles

Best fresh fish

Rachell Mahone

Didnt have anything I ordered and they where unwilling to offer any discount or substitute.... And it smells bad really didn't want to order but heard that the food was good... Then some guy came and asked did the cashier tell me wht they had and basically told me we don't have enough so you can have what we got.. Had to settle for less food on top of having to change my order 3 times because they didnt have what I wanted or didn't have enough... Over all not impressed hope the food is better...

James Luke

Love the Smelt!


So food here was just as good as their customer service. Horrible.

K. Christian

The customer service is really very friendly here I was introduced to this place by my sister-in-law who told me that I should give it a try because I love my ocean perch. They took really good care of us they were polite the staff was friendly and light hearted the food was excellent! I like the fact that I could see my food before was fixed because I'm very much a stickler about cleanliness especially before you prepare the food I could tell that everything had been clean and was well maintained. I make this a weekly stop

Denisha Parker



Great breading on the wings

Elpidia Gonzalez

It was terrible. It is not clean.they are not friendly and on top of that the food taste like nothing. I will not go there never again.

Sarah Dorris

Lady on the phone can not multitask she keep hanging up the phone and the fish was cooked a little to long

Tae Rich

Accept ebt

Alexis Young

I love this place! I try to make it here once a week. The chicken tenders are so MF good and the banana pudding

J.R. Templeton

Fresh! Some things may be a little pricey and the interior is small but worth it nonetheless.

Sasha P

Eh. This place is kinda odd. They will haggle with you over every coupon you present. Even though it's a coupon they sponsored. Not really worth it over the type of place this is and the type of food they serve.


Great fish batter

mark randle

Great food. I went back the next day to get more of the Jumbo Shrimps.

Xavier Friend

Love there food it's amazing

Rodney Davis

Good food.

Kunta Hendricks

Too Good, Excellent Food

crystal nelson

They catfish nuggets is the bomb!

Kim Martin

Great food

Andrew Zobel

First time and I'd definitely come back! Wide selection of fish wish plenty of side options. The fries are nothing special, so I'd encourage you to try something less traditional. I have a 4 star rating only due to the atmosphere. Limited seating and the atmosphere is lacking. 5 stars for carry out!

Kaitlyn Smith

Amazing food the shrimp is awesome. Staff is friendly and helpful!

R How

The fish is always crispy and fresh

Bernadette L. Hartfield

They are soooooo sloooow..... Like the Sloth on the State Farm Commercial...but it's not funny. Should have went to Fat Man's on 44th & Division. Same owners (Father and Son), but service and food much better...

Dorothe Rhodes

Good fish

Goldish Barbie

Everytime I visit back home, I HAVE TO COME HERE FOR MY SMELT! I love this place!!! This is surely my GO TO! Literally when I make it into town, I buy food from here! It's the THE BOMB! I recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good fish spot!

Bonnie Strayer

This place is fantastic!!! I haven't tasted fresher seafood sinces I worked on shrimp boats in Corpus Christi, Texas! The House Spices are absolutely scrumptious on EVERYTHING THEY MAKE!!! My new favorite restaurant!!! I'll be back often! Kudos to the staff and owner of The Atlantic Fish Market!!!


Food Needs improvement

Michael Shoultes

Excellent food and service! I would recommend this place to anyone that loves fresh fish. Cooked to perfection!

*Porcelain Doll*

Lovvee...Great Food!!!

JK Kuips

Fresh fish deep fried with very tasty seasonings. Same with the wings! All kinds of fresh sides to go with. Check it out!

vikki weems

I love their whitting and their shrimp. They have excellent customer service too. You must stop in and check them out!!

Liza Murillo

Great delicious food

Barbara Jones

Eat here every time I come home to visit!

Felice Gilmore

I like the food here, especially that lemon pepper seasoning. I'd recommend others to give it a try.

Joe Wyman

...Very long wait, but fish was cooked perfectly.

Gregory Terry

Had some fish, was good. Broke into a car. It was fun.

Karry Coffer

The food was good and yes I will be there soon


Looove this place... Great food great service

James Robinson

Very expensive, but fresh.

Shyan riley Riley

Their manager is rude to customers

lizzme rodriguez

Good food Attention is good

Jayshri Plaxico

Ok this is hard because I really wanted to leave a better review. Ok so my husband and I bought raw fish to cook later and ordered a cooked meal to try them out. That had a large selection of raw seafood which was a plus. But the cooked meal I ordered catfish filet with fries and it was bland in taste. I'm the type of person that I shouldn't have to drown it in hot sauce to give it flavor. But I tried to be understanding even in that area that they don't want to over season their food and its up for personal preference. The place could have been a bit cleaner, especially where they keep the food in those refrigerated display cases. The desserts that I received was very good. Our chocolate cake and lemon cake was very moist. Overall I would go back..and it seemed like it was black was definately black ran and I want to support.

Chris Gary

EVERYTHING was over-cooked. They made fish jerky out of the ocean perch, lake perch and smelt. The smelt were like chips. Actually threw them away. Fish was so dry, the ends were inedible. Shrimp wasnt terrible. I'll give them that. The homeless guy hanging out inside wanted me to buy him wings. I declined. Overall, odd environment, terrible fish preperation. Will not return.

The Clay Way

A customer came in and gave us a ton of there wings and they were awesome since then we were hooked, there prices are great!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love them!!!!! highly recommend

Andrea Tyler

OMGoodness I don't know what the special seasoning is but I will be a customer here for as long as I'm in the Grand Rapids area.

Flora Lucas

Love their fried chicken and hush puppies

Tiffany Houston

Really got food

jeniffer ricardo


Olivetta Wright

Best chicken in town and the fish is always fresh. Try the mushrooms or gizzards just delicious.

Ka Saundra

I enjoy anything I order from this restaurant. Always check your order.....They have a seasoning I like and this particular day they didn't season my food the way I ordered it so I was disappointed.

tiashika taylor


Dre H

Food is amazing and prepared fresh. The selection of food is quite good and varied from alligator to cod. The only downside is the service. I advise calling your order in ahead of time as you will be waiting 15 to 20 minutes for your order.

P Fair

Good service, Good eats!

mzmontana williams

Love they food!! Great service

Surely Charmed

The place is very low key, but the food was excellent! THE FRESHEST fried seafood.

Renee Vinson

Fish wasn't done, nasty

Yellow School Bus's

Very friendly service as well as fast and the taste and quality of the food makes this place one of a kind for sure.

malik rashad

Excellent fish and chicken seasoned very well and always fresh!

Calvin Cotton II

Always fresh and friendly. Best fried chicken around

Ken Duke

Slow service got my order wrong 3times back to back on the Sam order and I was standing there,smh

Lonnie Fields

Slow but the food is good

Lashawnda Mcclendon

My food was rock hard can't even eat my first and last time come here

Style Gray

Food was great and the reasonable price

Briana Martinez

AMAZING!! My boyfriend and I stopped by here on a whim, and it was the best food decision I've made in a long time. Their fish is killer; we got the Lake Perch and fries and they def didnt disappoint, and the chicken tenders were literally the best ive ever had. Do NOT sleep on this place. P.S. Get the lemon pepper seasoning. Trust me. (I dont like lemon seasoning on most foods but it was SO good.)

Chris Velasquez

Very good service and the food was excellent.

Jazlynn Tucker

It wss great food

Juana Hernandez

Great food!!

Ray Cole

I recommend their fish baskets. This place is the bomb! I had catfish and smelts. Seating was not comfy but there are a few booths and tables. They also take ebt, so bring your cards!

Marla Menken

Good food. A little bit if a wait...but only because people know how good it is. But the staff keeps up well.

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