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REVIEWS OF Uncle Ned's Fish Factory IN Massachusetts

Brown Water

Walked in with fish to be traded in and was informed that "I don't have time for this today." and "You should have called first." I was unaware thats how you run a business open to the public now, call ahead. Every time I have went to the store there where mislabeled fish, or fish that were sold 4 months ago but the employees are too lazy to scrape the label off the tank. Prices where always way too high. Will never go back and never refer this place to anyone.

JEV Boston

Cory Thompson

Nestor Pabon

James Lefebvre

Great selection of fish with knowledgeable staff!

James Michaud

Paul Flannery

Great place. Very knowledgeable staff.

Sean Crowley

beatle sean

Neelima Anne

Very helpful and they have lots of fish

Jorge Marcano

Sandy Calocci

There were some items that I was looking for that they didn't have in stock, but they did offer to order them for me.

Samantha Corbo

Sirdavid Spotts

They are very helpful and Pretty Fair on prices willing to work with you.

Matt Bullock

Very nice people. They love their fish and take good care of them.

Norm Kayserman

Great selection. Very knowledgeable.

Sarah Gagnon

Monica Gagnon

This place is stellar! The staff is absolutely wonderful and they will remember you and treat you with respect and help you with every aspect of fish keeping. The collective knowledge that is in this store these guys know everything from lighting to obscure fish species. Not only that but they actively will tell you if something is just not worth the money and that there is an alternative. Another thing I really like is they sell fish food in bulk super cheap and you can bring your own reusable container. I fully support local businesses and this is one you've got to visit!

Nikolai Wojciechowski

Very wide selection of freshwater fish! They also had a lot of plants, driftwood, supplies, equipment, etc. I had some very specific fish in mind for my new aquarium that I could not find anywhere. I went to Uncle Ned's, and they had everything I could think of! They are very knowledgeable and helpful. They know where their fish come from, unlike the big pet stores (Petco, Pet's Mart, Pet Supplies Plus, etc.). Before taking the trip out there, it is important to know that they do not sell saltwater fish. I would highly recommend buying from Uncle Ned's if you are looking for quality freshwater fish, especially if you are looking for something rare.

Gronk anater

Lots of interesting fish to choose from, awesome customer service and prices

Jeremy Krantz

Forget Petco, and Petsmart - if you want to get serious about anything relating to having a fish tank, or pond, whether an amateur or hobbyist, this place is where you go. With ample, free parking and an unparalleled selection of tanks, fish, plants and everything else one might need - there is literally no need to go anywhere else. But where does this place shine best? It's the support and knowledge that they share. I spent nearly 45 minutes with one of their staff members going over every single option, size, question and pricing options and they fielded everything incredibly well and gave me a ton of options which was also great. Even though I live nearly 40 minutes away, this is now my go-to place. Best of all, their fish selection is awesome and they look really, really healthy. Much more so than at the large pet stores that I've been to.

Richmond White

Went there for the first time today. It may not be as flashy as Pet-co but you would be hard pressed to find the variety of fish, or excellent customer service there. The sheer number of plants and fish was almost overwhelming, I will definitely be going back even though I live an hour away.

Matt Finley

Uncle Ned's is a truly enthusiasts establishment. Biggest selection of African cichlids I've ever seen. Staff is very good at fish compatibility with the cichlids. You will be in good hands if you are looking for African cichlids.

Robert McCune

Amazing assortment of Koi! Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Looking forward to my next visit!

Jean Marie Geysen

Always love going to Uncle Beds Been going for over 20 yrs

Amanda Lepelstat

Christopher Toole

Amazing, large selection of tropical fish ,& koi


They sure have fish!

Geoff Zub

We were new to tropical fish and Dan spent as much time as we needed helping us and our seven year old girls outfit our first fish tank. We definitely did not feel that they were just trying to make a buck at our expense and they cared about finding something that worked for us... They even encouraged us to come back a week later to make sure our tanks water was healthy for our fish. Definitely check out Uncle Neds!

Jason S

nathan richard

Alexandre Onishi Assanuma

Very fishy in there.

Jeffrey Williams

I've been shopping here for over a decade. You won't find higher quality fish anywhere. Any fish I've bought from Ned and Dan that died were my own damn fault. You'll see fish here that other stores either don't have the guts, the knowhow, or the sources to get and keep.


Great service.

Rob Ouzounian

I've never seen such an incredible variety of fish under one roof! This shop is a celebration of all things fish. I know very little about fish but i can tell this place is run by true fish experts. Seems to be mostly fresh water fish. Also fantastic to visit during the winter because it feels like a tropical Paradise inside, nice and balmy.

Driftwood aquariums

Best choice of fish period

Hasan Fadhil

Very nice and helpful people and great fish

Mike Stone

I've been going to Ned's for about 2 years now. They have an amazing selection! Everything from the common community fish to extremely rare and hard to find fish that you wont see anywhere else. I love the fact that they have a forum that they update with fish they are getting in, and will even post a list of fish they can order for you when they make an order. Everyone that works there is very knowledgeable with all the fish they sell, and will answer any question you have. I find their prices extremely reasonable, and a lot of times a lot less than other aquarium stores. Yeah they aren't petco or petsmart pricing wise, but you get what you pay for and I've never had a bad experience with fish I've gotten from them.

Eric Tarrant

Great people, great selection, very informative

Frederick Haibach

Friendly, knowledgeable staff and happy tropical fish. Wide variety of stock.

Rachel Ansell

Super knowledgeable and friendly staff! They set me up with my first tank, I keep coming back to them for more advice. They never let me down! Perfect place for beginners and experts alike.

Jon Eldridge

Ethan Pike

An excellent fish store. Very friendly. Even if you aren't planning on buying a fish or getting anything, it's still a great place to go!

vu tram

Friendly service

Ekaterina Mikhalev

Very cool place, the tropical fish selection definitely beats that of Tropic Isle; when I visited they had large containers outside the store with koi fish, which was cool. Great email communication also, I needed to find some true Siamese Algae Eaters, emailed Ned in the afternoon, got a response and had my new SAE's happily munching on algae in my tank by the end of the day. The staff is nice and knowledgeable, will definitely visit again if I need any more fish.

Robert Lough

No live fish store in the Boston area compares to Ned's

DAn Hunsberger

It's a cool place but nothing over the top

Mark McAulay

Great inventory of Cichlids with extremely knowledgable and professional staff. Don't shop here expecting bargains, but staff are experienced hobbiests who will answer all questions or concerns directly. ONLY DRAWBACK, no guarantee on fish once they leave building, ended up buying discus elsewhere because of this. (I did buy a ton of other fish though!)

Skye Cahoon

All the critters are wonderfully taken care of, and the staff is friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. Prices are a little on the higher side, but very fair for the high quality fish and attentive care given to them.

stampalesia amber

Friendly, helpful staff that helped me get everything I needed at a low price!

Donald Bernier

Kerry Hallas

Great place, worth the trip to get experience knowledgeable answers and products.


Kurt Knepshield

Michael Mckay

Socheath Ly

My favorite aquarium store in Massachusetts. A bit of a hike for me but well worth the travel.

Jake Chandler

Michael Peach

Great fish store. Always interesting.

Shawn King

Nathan Bell

I have been going here for several years. I always lose a few fish but nothing crazy. Lately I have been going more often. Every time I go I drive over an hour each way. I have spent atleast $250 in the last month or 2. I have 0 of the 6 fish I purchased as they are all dead. My other fish from other places are great. When I spend $55 for a Red empress and it’s dead a few weeks later I have an issue with that. I called to see what they can do and they offered a discount on new fish. I appreciate it but it’s too far to drive to get more fish that will die. I get it Cichlids are aggressive but I have never had this many issues with them. Sad to say but I have to find a new place that backs up what they sell.

MaryAnn Corliss

Very knowledgeable staff. They were really great about spending time with us to pick out the right type of fish. We really enjoy working with them.

Jason Davis

Get looking shop...

ryan baryluk

Robert Duffley

Always pleased with exotic & large fish i cannot find elsewhere!

Stacey Laliberte

The fish store I've been going to forever is going out if business so I've been looking for a new place. After disappointing visits elsewhere I gave these people a call. It was obvious they knew their stuff and had what I was looking for so I took a drive out. Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. The store is clean and the fish and plants are healthy. So much to look at! The staff let me be when I told them I was going to just look for a long time, but were right there to help the second I needed it. Definitely a gem and I'll be returning. I found my new lfs.

Shannon Murphy

Staff is always friendly and helpful, with a quality selection of fish/inverts, dry goods, and plants. Everything you need to stock your home aquarium and keep it running smoothly.

Marcelo Sauerbrunn Portugal

Lost of wonderful fish and helpful staff

Adriana C.

Stuart Whitney

Wow! Great selection and friendly helpful staff. Tank after tank of beautiful fish and healthy plants. Wish they were closer - I'd visit everyday!

Jonathan Schaab

Phil McKool

We drove up from Connecticut to visit the store. We were instantly greeted by friendly & helpful staff. The store had a very large and wonderful selection of freshwater fish. They had an extremely large assortment of cichlids. They had a very nice selection of koi and goldfish as well. The tanks were very clean and the stock appeared to be very healthy. The prices were decent. I would definitely go there again, it was worth the drive. My wife fell in love with the axolotls and ended up purchasing one to bring home. I would highly recommend this store to any freshwater aquarium (and/or koi pond) enthusiast.

Cole Herman

Best lfs in the state for freshwater

Matthew Barnes

Amazing fish and great coloring. Tanks seems to be clean and a good environment. The tank walls needs a little scrub but massive selection of high quality fish.

Edward Thompson

Nishigoi are top quality and worth every penny. Excellent sourcing of rare fish and aquatic plants.

Nick Lapin

Stefan Pappas

Great fish the best I’ve seen anywhere !

Kate Noblett

Fantastic place for all your freshwater needs. So many unique fish available and very knowledgeable staff. Lately (this spring) their plant selection has been amazing! I managed to find a plant ive been searching for for 2 years.

Marc Ciriello

Stacie Johnson

So many things that would be good for a fish tank I can't describe It

ToneShoppe Music

P- Ro

People here definitely know what they are doing

Manuel Caba

exelent store

Richard Diamond

Fabulous freshwater fish & plant selections, custom orders available, amazing equipment assortment, super knowledgeable & friendly staff. They want you to succeed.

Jack O'Leary

I have been a customer here since Ned opened the store. Ned, Dan, and the crew are among the most knowledgeable people in the business, and get lots of high-quality fish, plants, and equipment. Neds was the first American store to correctly identify and stock the Siamese algae eater. Famous for cichlids, they also stock cool things like shrimp and killifish. Many of the killifish are locally-raised by my fellow Southern New England Killifish Association members! Ned's is centrally located and always worth the visit! Photo of a tank just planted with Anubias and subwassertang from Ned's.

Cam Dudley

It's always fun to go in and see some fish enthusiast! They offer a great selection of fish, for every level of hobbyist. I especially like the selection of rare cichlids and rainbow fish!!

Mary Alice Kropp

Not the prettiest store but they have a huge selection and the staff knows their stuff. Very helpful. If you are looking for something specific, they probably have it or can get it. A fish hobbyist's dream store!

Patrick Vaughn

Great shop!

Mike Vasconcellos

Carlos Jones

Eric Memishian

An awesome variety of fish that are hard to find elsewhere. The fish are a little pricier than some other places at times but the quality of fish is much higher. Don’t miss out on this little gem.

Mike Donohue

I've been driving by this unassuming bunker on 109 for 10 years and always wondering one, what was going on inside, and two, how they stayed in business. Holy cow! This place is great. Filled with all kinds of fish. Small guppies and bettas to big outside koi. All the accessories you need, plus a very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Skip the big box pet stores and go to Uncle Ned's. You won't regret it.


Michael Rundlett

Great selection of tropical fresh water fish.staffwere friendly and knowledgeable.

Carter Buff

Douglas Kramer

Unique variety of healthy fish and super knowledgable and helpful staff found us just the right addition to fit our aquarium and bring more life and joy.

Marjorie Malone

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Kelley Cooksey

Love the variety of fish & plants

kaila beriau

William Ellinwood

Reasonable prices, service is amazing

John Reid

Going there for years. .knowledgeable, helpful. .

Howard Gray

wyllker pinto

amazing place for all the african cichlid fans in New England, they have great selection and the owner is very nice and knows what he's talking about. i got some amazing peacocks here and they are doing incredibly well. can't wait to get more.

Rachel T

Great place to get unique and exotic fresh water fish. No longer carries salt water fish :-(

Eric Greenberg

Freindly knowledgeable staff.

Brendan Reilly

Uncle Neds is a destination!

Doug M

deepu hc

Amanda Fratus

Great help. Great selection.

Michele Toppan

Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Will Leary

Excellent fish store. Friendly knowledgeable staff.

Joyce Flaherty

Stellar is a good word. Can't wait for my husband leprechaun to drag me there to meet jaydee and aureum. Wonder what kinda real piece a douche bag gives you all 1 star?

Jon Shea

Lissamasters .

Great lfs!

Oren Bornstein

Ned is the fish Guru. Why go anywhere else? have years of experience and knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

Melissa Kramer

Tom D

Best selection of fish I have ever seen. Tanks were clean no dead fish. The fish I bought were great healthy and strong. Will definitely be back

Ronald Buck

Paula K

Son loves to stop and see the fish

Amanda Shepard


Knowledgeable owner, great service.

David Driscoll

Great experience here. Friendly, knowledgeable and well stocked. Will definitely be going back.

Martin Chesbat

Nice selection of fish, from the usual to the unusual. All appeared healthy and well-cared for. Ned knows his stuff and isn't trying to sell you anything you don't need. Prices were reasonable too. Be prepared: the store isn't about the ambience (I was used to the beautiful Old Town Aquarium in Chicago). It's gotta be 80+ degrees inside and humid to boot, but that's a fish store, and this one is for the serious hobbyist (great selection of bettas, e.g., plus some beautiful rays), but if you're just starting out, they will set you up very nicely too. I like the store much more than Tropic Isle, which has filthy tanks and haggard looking fish.

Doloris Perkins

Rain Hageman

This place is amazing! So many beautiful fish-

John Hod

By far the best source for anything that is Pond related! I get all my koi, goldfish, and Aquatics at Uncle Ned's. Extremely knowledgeable and always answer my questions. Highly recommend!

xSampleX .

Great quality livestock. The guys who run it are like the computer guys in the X-Files. Very interesting store that harkens back to earlier, non-monolithic-store America. Visit and buy, help keep these guys viable! (; o)

Urvi Patel

Brandy Bisbee

I love this store just to browse around and look at all the fish. Massive fresh water supply. The staff here are great, except the older gentleman with the sun hat, he gave me some very misleading information but everyone else there is fantastic. Friendly and very knowledgeable. I rarely see dead fish when I go and never see any sick. All the plants are in good shape too and they a very fairly priced. Watch out though!! All of their tanks are loaded with little surprise stowaways. I have brought home fish fry, snails and shrimp in different plants from here just from one trip. Still, if you own an aquarium, you need to check out Neds.

Ray Kuhl

In the past couple visits, they didn't have what I wanted, but then I wanted very specific items. They have a great selection for more exotic fish and best Koi in the northeast.

The Fisher Woman

Weard place lol

amanda sanocki

It was a wonderful experience. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I went looking for a betta. I left with the most amazing betta fish I have ever gotten. Will definitely go back.

Alfred Bouchard

These guys know fish, the water they need, tanks, care, problem solving. They're the real deal.

Soleivy Silverio

The staff is great and was stratified with my purchase

Sharon Carloni


I recently stopped in on my way home from visiting my family and I was not disappointed. Uncle Ned's may not be the prettiest place, but the fish are BEAUTIFUL and very healthy. I will highly recommend Uncle Ned's to anyone. If you are looking for a common fish, or one a little more rare, uncle Ned's probably has it. Wear your comfy shoes because you'll be doing quite a bit of walking!! I can't wait to go back and pick up some new fish.

Dylan McCullough

Scott Woolf

I like this place nice owner

Paul Sims

Great staff. Very knowledgeable. Nice selection of animals and plants.


I am so sad. I am building a Nano Tank of 2.6g and the last plant that I had to buy was a moss kind to create a "bonsai" inside my nano. I went to Uncles Ned fish factory on friday and bought java moss. Arrived home, washed the moss very well but even doing it.. 2 days later the amount of tiny trumped snails in my aquarium are growing like crazy. I had the tank running for 4 weeks without any problem, now I have a snail infestation.. **UPDATE** Today things got worse.. Aquarium that never had a fish or food for 4 weeks while cycling. Have a planaria infestation .. Everything started 2 days ago when I got the Java Moss from Uncles Ned.. I will have to rebuild my aquarium from scratch because of it.. I am really gutted.. ** UPDATE 2 ** 55$ buying new plants and gravel, 3 1/2 hous to rebuild the tank and at least another 4 weeks cycling without fish. Thanks Uncles Ned

James Randall

Great selection

Matthew Tibets

They have some very cool fish. Much more unique and colorful than the fish at similar stores. One thing to note is that they do not have feeder fish. All in all a very cool place.

Bill C


Mark Bragger

Very knowledgeable staff with an excellent variety of fish.

Mark Chase

great place, owner very friendly. lots to choose from, one of the few places with large Koi to choose from at a decent price.

Veronica Mattson

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! My boyfriend has been going for about 10 years now and is an avid fish keeper with tanks from 16 gal to 125. I recently decided to try the hobby for myself and will never go anywhere else but here! I’ve gone to Tropical Isle in Framingham and various other tropical fish stores in the MA and RI area and none of them even come close to the wide selection of fish and the helpfulness and friendliness of staff. They sold me my 5 male Endlers and my female Apisto Panduro, as well as some plants who are all doing spectacularly in my 10 gallon right now. Will be going back for a small school of Corys in a few weeks and I’m counting down the days until I get to go back!

Peter Goeller

I always love Uncle ned's whenever you walk inside you are always asked if you need help with anything and everyone that works there is full of great advice

Alexandra MoonShadow

laura dickey

Robin Hartwell

Best aquarium store in the Greater Boston area, hands down. Worth the drive.

Clyfton Bourne

Great Selection, helpful staff. They had what I was looking for.

Benjamin P.

Today was my first time in here and it certainly won't be my last. Amazing and healthy selection of fish and dry goods as well as friendly and informative staff. Ask any question and you'll get a real answer, you can tell these guys are here 'cause they truly love the hobby and they're not just looking to sell you something. As a freshwater guy I can safely say this place is my new go to LFS.

Brad Morawski

Drove an hour and a half out of our way to go check out the salt water tanks I read about on their website. Turns out, uncle Ned has zero salt water tanks. On the other hand, if I still had fresh water tanks this place would have been a home run. Update your website please so the next reefer doesn't waste their time.

3D Sock

Great prices, reliable products and fish

Beth Macdonald

Great tropical fish store. Healthy fish, knowledgable staff, lots of equipment for setting up your tank.

Nick's Email

Got my little oranda Otis here. Recommended.

Lisa Myers

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