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REVIEWS OF Tropic Isle Aquarium IN Massachusetts

Pete Orfanos

The only place for aquarists in MA. Great selection, seems awesome staff. I drive an hour to visit and it's already worth it.

Gabby Lopez

One of the best places I’ve been too! Staff is knowledgeable, everyone who is in the aquarium/fish hobby must visit this place!

Patrick Scott

I went in to get things to start a small tank that I was given. They were very knowledgeable and helpful, their prices are fair, the selection is expansive, and they didn't over sell me.

beatle sean

This place is a local Institution. A true gem to the fish keeping community and a definite must visit if you never have. After all these years we are lucky to still have this great place Thanks Tropical Isle for all you have done and are still providing to this community

Joseph McLauchlan

This place is great! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Their prices are reasonable and they tend to have good sales. Every time I visit the store I leave a happy customer, and with some more knowledge about my saltwater tank.

Deanna fish and shrimp

Best place for all your aquarium needs!

Ryan V

Good fishes at a good price. Great service. Location is a bit hidden from route 9.

Arman Yalcin

Fantastic store with literally anything you could want for an aquarium, salt or freshwater. Knowledgeable staff too, which is super nice. A little pricey, but the quality and carpet if their products makes it worth it.

Nikolaos Gonynor

Can’t rave about this place more, I’ve been there multiple times and will continue going back, had a woman help me for over half an hour just trying to find a berried female shrimp and she was more than happy to spend the time very close to them closing at 9pm to make sure I got what I wanted, they also have a great selection of plants which I absolutly love, this being said I’ve been to most tropical fish stores within 100 miles of this one and I always end up coming back to

Dave Ekrem

The folks here are super knowledgeable and they're nice to novices who are setting up their first aquarium too.

Griffon .

Absolutely stunning, I worked in an aquarium store 5 years and good local fish stores are few and far between. This place is a gem and if you're looking for a good place to start or a place for experienced hobbyists this is the place for both!


Been around forever, and hope it always is.

Scott Sawyer

I've never seen such a large selection of tropical and saltwater fish any where else. What ever you want they have it. At a very fair price also. Don't go to the pet stores on RT. 9 go to the fish store just off RT. 9!

Yulia Tymoshenko

Customer service is top notch

Sandy Rentel

This is a new place for tropic isle. Nice place and the woman there seems to know alot about fish. You got to see their new place.

Mike Pizza

Just checked it out today great store very organized loved plants an fish especially the blue rams

Matthew Blomquist

Very informed staff.

Christa Wilkin

Everything you expect in a local fish store. Gallons and gallons of tanks everywhere, with beautiful fish. Excellent choice of supplies. The manager at the front was helpful but not intrusive.

Eric Campbell

So many great fish and the staff wus very pleasant and helpful

carol Rodriguez

Very good costumer service, friendly employees, good variety of fish and plants.. I'm a customer for more the 15 years.. visit new location

Jeffrey Churwin

All encompassing fish/aquarium store

Susan Geary

Had a lot to choose from

Nancy Plasse

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Alex K

Great place

Alexandre Viana

Good choice and variety to purchase aquarium fish, ornaments and food for the little ones. It has its own parking lot, very close to the shop. The price is affordable. I like the service, the attendant knows well what he sells and explains everything you need to know. You can go, all right!

Bob B

Fish selection and knowledge are great. Some of the staff are rude and impatient. If you can get past that you can benefit from the staff the care and are definitely trying to improve your aquarium.


Great giant fish selection. More salt water then fresh. Biggest slection I've seen in New England. Nice staff besides the older women, kind of rude, the man and younger lady were well educated and kind.


Knowledgeable, friendly staff, well stocked dry goods, large selection of salt & freshwater livestock, live plants. Fish are well cared for & healthy. Beautiful display tanks. Excellent small family store that more than beats the large chain stores for selection & quality.

James Rivs

Best fish store I've been to selection wise

Raúl Peña

Great experience visiting tropic isle aquarium , great advise and attention from the staff will definitely come back when decided to go to a bigger tank and multiple species of fish

Daniel Araya

One of the best fish stores in MA, especially when it comes to plants. Their plant selection is the best I've seen in the state, with the highest quality. Katie is knowledgeable on plants. The owner Mr. Lundin is an absolute expert on fish (literally a Harvard/MIT expert).

fishlikey oio

I don't know how to exactly rate this store.It depends what time of day you visit the store. The girl is really nice for customer service but the old guy in the counter is too slow to do anything. It took one hour wait to buy fishy stuff.Ok the positive is great fish stuff with all high end tank and lights.Also good selection of plant and food that you om can only buy online but somehow it is for sale here .

Paul Maguire

Super Knowledgeable staff! Great store!

Lawrence Falls

So sick of the managers yelling at the staff. Such a toxic environment. Selection and quality is worse than its ever been. I will not be returning

Chris Cave

Kyle was a big help and answered our many questions

Chris Weir

Great store. Live stock is always healthy, and pricing is right. They are expensive when buying equipment such as pumps and skimmers.

Tim Bedet

This is a great place for true fish people or newbies.

Adam P

Huge selection. Friendly knowledgeable staff. I'll definitely be back.

Eric Rawlings

They always have what I need and the staff is great.

Samuel Thompson

They have one of every kind of fish.

Nicholas Pheonix

Great selection of equipment, very helpful and knowledgeable. Even tho the little old lady doesn't smile much she is super sweet and helpful. I drive past numerous other fish stores to come here. It's over an hour away from my house and definitely worth the drive.

Brett Jensen

Best store in a hundred miles for any kind of fish, rock, coral or gear. Been a happy customer since 2011.

Joe LeBlanc

A hidden gem! The selection on plantlife is unparalleled not to mention fish both fresh & salt. Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Largest selection of shrimp from cherry to blue, yellow & my favorite Amanos.

Bonnie Lynn

This remains our goto LFS for it's vast selection of fish and aquarium products. Staff is okay, the only one who really seemed to stand out on our visits is the younger woman who is both extremely knowledgeableand friendly and patient enough to sit through our questions. Plus there's a super awesome senior dog who hangs around the front who is very sweet and doesn't mind being pet.... soooo... yeaa... we'll always come back.

Howard Kogan

Place is disorganized.

Shirley Tetreault

Very knowledgeable and helpful!

Nate Roman

No place like tropic isle, I was able to get an odd size aquarium that was in stock, no need to order it or mess around. Amazing selection of fish and all that goes with them.

Derek Valentine

Very helpfull staff. Great place!

Kellie Hoagland

Rude staff but they sell literally everything you could ever want. Great store !

Pablo Schencke

A great place. Find a fish. Smell the ocean. Live a little.

Steve Starsiak

Very good selection of salwater fish. Prices seemed good (compared to online fish store). Woman that worked there was friendly and helpful. Fish in tanks with proper id and pricing were up to date which seems to be uncommon and was nice to see.

bayside prod.

Nothing has changed with customer service. Same people are working there. I went in tonight to inquire about getting a stingray. I asked the long haired blonde kid if he could give me any info on them. He quickly replied, "Sorry, I don't know anything about stingrays. All I know is they are hard to transport." Rude employees that obviously don't know very much about what their business stocks, fish. If its not saltwater, they don't give a care about you. I gave you another chance, now you lost my business forever.

Daniela Camarada

this store is the best! any time I need a product they always have it, I never have a reason to go to any of the big box stores because tropical isle always has it. they also have beautiful fish as well, check out their cardinal tetra tank, great plants and the staff are highly knowledgeable which is not something you see everyday. this store is a highly valuable resource for anyone who is keeping fish in this area.

Shannon Vyff

Very knowledgeable compared to the large chain pet stores. I received information I hadn’t been told from a close by large chain pet store that helped me keep my fish alive.

Jook Sanz

New location is smaller however for the local fish store spot they have everything you need & if they don't, can order it. Pricing on fish (saltwater) seem fair market value when compared elsewhere depending on the popularity of said fish. Definitely a great and vast selection of products that most chain stores do not carry.

Tom Jennette

This place is great! Prices are good, friendly staff and they know what they're talking about!

Dawn Szesnat

Very friendly and knowledge staff. Katie was great. A little pricey but at least you know what your getting. Definitely will return.

Sean Bilodeau

The go to place for all home aquarium needs.


Very knowlagedable owner he has a PhD in marine biology

Christian Giordano

I am a very frequent customer. I spent thousands of dollars here and bring many people to the store as well, who spend just as much as I do. Today, i Went to buy coral and the man wrote $29.99 on the bag for the price and the glass in front of it also said $29. When we went to the register to check out they told us it was mispriced and wouldnt honor the price that was corroborated by 2 different employees. I understand mistakes are made, but they were totally rude and combative about it and acted like we were trying to steal. Very dissatisfied with the customer service. Lady with red hair at the counter could use some customer service skills for sure.

Linn Clark

Knowledgeable staff. Many varieties of fish to choose from.

Alicia Fraser

Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Huge selection, fish and plants seem well cared-for.

Louise Chouinard

Very helpful

alexis corneille

I love these guys - they truly know their stuff. With an amazing fresh and salt water selection of fish - I don't go to anyone else!

Omaira Perez

They have a great variety

jpicazio .

Good selection

Christopher McGrady

Staff knew thier products and were nice to the old people shopping!

Jacqueline Balaga

Number 1 go to destination for all things aquarium!!

Lucky Stone

Nice place Nice fishes.

Bruinsfan 7

New location, feels a little smaller than their old location. But the staff is very friendly and they look like they are set up to carry a good mix of fresh and salt water fish.

Phil McKool

We saw a Youtube video of this store and thought it looked amazing so we drove up to Massachusetts from Connecticut to go see it in person. When we got there, we found that most of the tanks were quite dirty. The store didn't really look like it did in the video on Youtube. The video must be old. The store is quite large. Many of the tanks were empty. They did have some tanks that had nice stock in them. I was looking for YoYo Loaches and found that they had a nice assortment of them. I also was looking for Celestial Pearl Danios and they had those too. Most of the stores closer to us are always out of them, or they only have a few so that was nice to see. The prices seemed a little higher than most places. We had to wait a really long time to be helped. The staff weren't very friendly, they seemed annoyed that we wanted help. It seemed like we were bothering them. We only saw 3 people working in the whole store. One lady was running the register, another woman and a young man were helping customers. It took several requests to get someone to help us get some fish. The woman working at the register barely said 2 words to us, never said hello or goodbye. No one asked if we found everything we were looking for, or tried to engage us in any sort of customer-service type of banter. We were waiting so long to be helped at one point, I whispered to my wife that if no one helped us in the next 3 minutes I would walk out of the store and never come back. Someone eventually did help us. I'm not sure if we caught them on a bad day or what, this business looks like it was once an amazing place but based on what we saw today it looked like they might be in a slump? I'm not sure if we will ever go back, maybe....time will tell I guess.

Big MoOse

Many different fish and supplies. This store is professional level.

E Lieblich

Great place. Healthy, happy animals and helpful service.

Rianna Mayers

A great place and great staff

Ryan Musgrove

The staff was much nicer than last time. The owner even went out of her way to answer a question of mine.

Heather Kirkconnell

Great aquarium store. My baby was fascinated. Why pay for an aquarium? We got a great deal on a used tank and stand. Very excited.

bee Cee

Good selection of live fish, plants, and coral. Way over priced dry goods. Sales people are semi-knowledgeable Owner will not honor coupons that are posted on his website.

Joe Merkel

Very knowledgeable staff. Large selection of freshwater and marine

Amber Smith

Good selection of fish, but the store could definitely be cleaner and it can also be a bit pricey.

Daniel Ruiz

Went to Tropic Isle Aquarium (Framingham,Ma) today

Mary Alice Kropp

New store is great. Lots of stock. Good selection of aquarium plants.

rebecca mealey

We were looking for a 48" hood to use with our turtle tank. Even though they specialize in fish, they took the time to help us go through used and new hoods, lights, and multiple options. Customer service is amazing and their knowledge is superior.

Craig Barnes

Fantastic Fish store. Plenty of fish stock and from the stores I have visited so far in the area it has the largest range of dry goods. The lady I believe her name was Katie (I apologise if I'm incorrect) was more than helpful to every request and hugely knowledgeable. A definite asset to the company. While I was there they tested 3 people's water and gave great advice on combating certain issues they were having with their water/Tanks. If I lived local (live in the UK) I would visit more often. And I will definitely be back when I'm back in the area again. Cheers Craig

Arnold Bairos

Just about everything you need for an aquarium and amazing fish

Tom Bergendahl

One of the best places around. The "bad reviews" must have been there on the wrong day. All of the staff have been very helpful and VERY Knowledgeable on almost any problem I bring to them. I have been to chain pet stores as well as other independent stores. Tropic Isle is the best! As far as I can tell, they set the bar for all of Eastern Mass. It is truly wonderful to see such knowledgeable and helpful people working in a place they love.

Paul Kiley

Tropic Isle has been an anchor of the aquuarium hobby in Massachusetts for decades. They've recently moved from their longtime location on a cul de sac near the malls on RT 9 to a new facility directly on RT 9 farther west The new store is still a work in progress as they're clearly still settling in (as of 3/19) but their enormous selection of livestock and goods is intact and available. The only criticism I can think of is that prices tend to be a bit on the high side, but a large location in the heart of Metrowest along with a good sized knowledgeable staff isn't free, so no doubt this effects pricing out of necessity. There are often coupons available on the Tropic Isle website, which can be useful. Overall I'm grateful they're still around. I had a chilling moment pulling up to the clearly empty former location. The "moved" sign on the door was a huge relief. Hopefully they can be successful in the new locale for decades to come.

case cooper

I have had a few experiences here so far and must admit, it is the best place in MA. I have had Horrible experiences with all of other stores around *cough* Lovely Pets *cough*.. Customer service here basically keeps me coming back.. Never mind the fact their coral and fish selection is unbelievable.. Check their website for coupons too.. I am huge on customer service.. This place hands down earns my business based upon that first and all other things afterwards.. I just called and the guy stayed on the phone with me for 45 minutes.. I also live 40 miles away.. Worth the drive in my eyes.. Be aware who you give your money to based upon who is closest..

Hampton Wagner

Great selection of tropical fish and supplies for aquariums. They have been around for a long time.

Claire Ramsbottom

I’m writing this review for my husband, who has a 90 gallon planted aquarium: excellent plant selection since move, knowledgeable staff, fish are healthy, staff willing to spend time with customers.

Heather Mrzyglod

The staff here are all incredibly nice and very knowledgeable. They have a huge selection of fresh and salt water fish and plants. I have tried numerous aquarium stores and none even come close to this place. They are not over priced, either.

Uncharted Stroll

Horrible business practices. Horrible customer service. Shady manager. Rude. Expensive. Not worth the drive or your time.

Joe Desiata

this place is awesome and very knowledgeable. helping with problems of my salt syste.

jason Chaves

Best place to get anything for fish, plus more knowledge than Google could even give you on anything aquatic. I've been going to them for over 20 years and have never had a problem they are the nicest, greatest, most knowledgeable people and it's family-owned business. I highly recommend going there their prices are highly reasonable and they have great sales and unbelievable fish and new things coming in every day if you love your fish then go to Tropic Isle

Nick Lang

I love this place always clean and always willing to take the time to give the right information

Patrick Hoffman

Went for the first time and expected a lot more based on reviews. Tanks looked dirty, I could see pests on the windows, The fish looked underfed, and I wouldnt dream of picking up any coral. Couldn’t risk bringing anything home to my reef tank. OSA has less fish stocked but the quality and quarantine is by far better then this place. I left saying petco would have been better and that’s scary. On a plus the people seemed nice enough.


Pretty good collection n service. Price is little on the higher side though.

kiara santiago

I was very disappointed coming into this store. The tanks were very dirty and bare. The employees did not once acknowledge me or ask if I needed help, they were too busy talking with each other. The betta fish were in terrible condition, one betta had fin rot so bad it barely had any tail left. This betta was in a tank with eels and I saw another betta fish sharing a tank with goldfish. Everyone knows that betta fish are tropical fish, so warm water. Goldfish live in cold water. Overall this store was upsetting to say the least.

Tennille barboza

I want a fish tank

Jordan Crouser

Love this place. Fair trade-in values for coral (call first, and everything must be on frag plugs / rock - nothing loose). Knowledgeable staff, and a very sweet dog.


Most of the staff is very helpful and I think her name is Kate is very very helpful and always answers questions with confidence

Kim Hogan

Awesome selection of fish and accessories. The staff there is amazing and always helping to answer questions. Prices are great.

Tom Olszowy

Excellent staff. TO.

Richard C

I wanted to be able to give a more favorable review, but the bottom line is that I didn't feel good when I left there. They DO have quite a great selection of fish, they DO have quite a wide selection of supplies, but hopefully they also have a great selection of "ambassadors." I'll cut to the chase: the person I spoke with left me feeling very inept; I was frequently cut off mid-question or explanation so that this person could share their "knowledge" with me. Not that it wasn't appreciated, but I would very much prefer a person who will at least let me finish a question before interrupting to expound on his/her experience...that is, if that person wants me to return as a customer. I had spent several weeks researching what I needed to get back into the hobby, and had made (what I believe to be) wise investments in equipment. Yet, after nearly $1,000 of purchases from various sources, this individual subtly dismissed everything I had bought ("you'll need TWO of those", "you'll need to go to this eventually", "you should have bought this instead" kind of comments). NOT what I wanted to hear on my first visit. I'll certainly seriously consider going back because of the wide variety of stock items and the relatively good prices, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that I get someone else the next time.

Ulises Tejeda

Great variety of aquatic plants, freshwater and saltwater fish.

Ivy Scott

Wide variety of fish

Sarah Maddox

As one of the only local fish stores in the Boston area this place leaves a lot to be desired. It's a large store and they have a decent collection but whatever wholesale they get their fish from is pretty bad. Which to be fair, is probably the case for most of the wholesalers. But this fish store doesn't do a great job of acclimating new arrivals, pretty common to see dead/dying fish floating in some of the tanks. The coral selection is better than the fish options, probably because they're able to frag some of the corals in their display tanks. The anemones are always in terrible shape, most are bleached out and dying but they'll sell them to you anyway at full price. The owners aren't particularly knowledgeable and get overwhelmed often, if they help you pay close attention to what they pull out of the tank because they'll just grab what they can out of the tank whether or not that's what you asked for. Example, I picked up a brittle sea star at one point and the owner originally grabbled a serpent sea star instead. If I hadn't said anything he wouldn't have noticed. Not sure if he can't tell the difference or doesn't care. If you have any advanced questions they either won't know the answer or what they're telling you is probably incorrect so I'd just suggest doing your research beforehand and going to the store knowing what you want to get and selecting carefully. Their return policy is a joke considering the state of a lot of their fish and invertebrates. Really wish this store was better and/or that some of the more knowledgeable people that work there had more say in running the store.

Sergei Delov

Not cheap. Highest quality fishes. Amazing variety of species - from freshwater plants to live corals. From time to time I bring friends there just to show diversity of freshwater and marine fishes. And, btw, they have all possible hardware and fish food.

Aaron Silverman

Staff is knowledgeable and selection is great. This is where the good ends. Store is run down and dirty. Prices are high. I presented the coupon on my phone for the store, they would not honor it. They said it had to be printed out. It does not say that in the email or on the coupon. I drove 40 minutes for them to tell me that at the check out.

tom moser

Extremely knowledgeable. Great selection.

Ethan Johnson

The old woman sitting at the front of the store is incredibly unpleasant and will actively berate employees in front of customers which is hilariously unprofessional. I have zero interest in returning in the future anytime she's present. Replace her yesterday. The other staff that were there appeared to be knowledgeable and kind though and they have a good selection of plants and fish.


Great place I go there every time they help me, answer my questions and, recommend fish

corey oler

Excellent company. Great service. Knowledgeable staff. If you are going just remember they are in the middle of a move so it is still hectic around other than that great new store location

Ryan Leary

Went here with cash expecting to get most of my items so I could start building my tank. I found the pump i was looking for, $92 on amazon, $162 in store. I walked around and found everything else to be almost double the price on amazon. I asked what looked lie the owner if they did any price matching and it was a flat NO. Other than that they seem helpful and have a big selection of fish and corals, which will be the only thing i buy from there.

Will Jantzen

Good local fish store. If they don't have it they'll usually get it for you. A little pricier than chain stores but fish tend to be healthier also. Excellent marine fish selection.

David Driscoll

Good selection, knowledgeable staff. Some items looked better and others not so great.

Julio Viana

Awesome store with polite staff

John Szesnat

Awesome place. Very knowledgeable staff. Seems always busy but there are plenty of fish and other aquatic things to amuse you if you need to wait. Really a great place

Brian Doughty

Great selection of fresh and saltwater fish. Talk to Chuck or Katie, they will take good care of you.

Beth Brackett

Great place, friendly knowledgeable staff

Brandy Bisbee

I was a complete dummy when I went to this store looking for medicine for a sick fish. I have learned more from the people in this store in the past month than I have my whole life. All the employees all day long ask if they can help you. Others have said that they can't get help when they want it but they must have been there on a very busy day. Except for the witch of a woman that runs the register. So unpleasant. They should get rid of her. Love the dog that roams the store. It's honestly like a free mini aquarium to browse through for hours. Everyone says the prices are high but they honestly are about the same everywhere else other than online. Except the tanks. Super expensive here. Definitely check this store out. Love Tropic Isle. :)

Jeff Costa

Amazing place very helpful

Winfield Hill

An awesome inventory, head and shoulders above the rest. We make a 40-minute trip to get there.

Nicholas Mcdonoough

Hit or miss on the angel fish looking for some bigger ones

Morganne Ray

We get all our fish and new coral here.

Peter Baldwin

Large store helpful staff and a good livestock selection. They are a bit pricey on dry goods

matt pell

The only good thing about that shop is Katy. She is very helpful and knowledgeable. The prices are absolutely absurd to the point that ordering online will not only get you more colorful and rare pieces online but even with shipping its still cheaper. About 90% of the staff wont give you the time of day. And there "call list" for out of stock items is laughable. I wanted a Rusty Angel for my FOWLR, I asked one of the employees that was busy smashing a conch shell in order to get the fish that was hiding inside out (YEAH REALLY...) He told me that they currently didn't have any in stock and to go the the register and put my name down so that when one came in they could call me. I did that and much to the dismay of the woman at the register (that i was clearly bothering in doing so) paid for my coral purchases and left. About 2-3 weeks go by and a few friends and i decide to the more local shop and see their stock. No Rusty Angel for me, I tell the kid working there that i was on a waiting list at Tropical Isle. He laughed and said good luck with that. We leave the local shop and head 45 minutes out of the way to take a look at Tropical Isle, evidently the Rusty Angels they had in stock didn't even warrant a call to me. Overall terrible service, rude, overpriced (understatement), old and dirty

Benjamin Papandrea

Bottom’s dirty. Very dirty. Many of the tanks were infested with plant snail and other “stuff.” It’s also quite unfortunate that they can’t take some windex and a vacuum to the place too. I was hoping that the recent move would motivate them to make the place nice. I like the idea of supporting local businesses and I’d love nothing more than to go to a reliable, clean, fresh smelling, well stocked family owned aquarium store. Some of the staff are super knowledgeable and nice. This place “could” be awesome.

Lance Thebodeau

Reasonable selection, prices were pretty average for a small specialty shop. Could have been cleaner in some of the tanks. But overall not bad.

Dabbin Wyman710

Great selection of fish, Best fish store around no doubt

Michelle S

This shop is bigger than it looks and is very well stocked. Reasonable prices on fish and has a ton of variety for fish, food, equipment, and tools that most brick and mortar stores don't have anymore. Knowledgeable staff. Definitely worth visiting

garrett armstrong

These people are AWESOME, the fish selection is broad and exotic, plenty of live plants and corals, the owner and employees know thier stuff. Definitely will be returning, all the way from CT too!

justin baker

Too expensive a 30$ frag is too much... I visit other reef store and got 5 frags for 60$ Don't recommend to anyone.

David Bookston

Great fish, plant and supplies selection and friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Lawrence Sowers

Very nice staff, excellent variety of fish. Great store.

Matthew Tibets

Tons of unique fish as well as plants. They have a wide variety of aquarium supplies so whether you're starting a new tank or just looking for something to make your current one better they can help you. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and can help with any questions you have.

Heidi McKeever

Great place. Employees are very knowable.

Tim Kane

The people that work there are really nice and a great great new store

mark chamberlain

Excellent establishment. Great people with tons of knowledge, extremely helpful, we found our new Aquarium shop.

Deanna Lambert

Amazing place huge selection of fresh and salt water fish and all fish needs for either or .great prices. Very knowledgeable and love the woman Kate who works there she knows her stuff and has such an awesome personality has perfect suggestions and the owner is just as great. My little picca loves going here.i have no complaints at all.

David Sarracino

Beyond knowledgable. How many salt water enthusiasts can raise seahorses? Good prices and a great product selection. The store doesn't stock junk products. Hidden gem product line? Their freshwater shrimp in extremely elegantly planted tanks.

keith anyon

Good employees that are willing to make sure you have the right stuff. Katie is always pleasant and helped me out last time I was there.

Brian Walker

Wide assortment and their staff is very knowledgeable

Craig Woodmansee

The ONLY aquarium store you should go to. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and they genuinely care about your tank / helping you

Dan A

Awesome selection of saltwater fish and corals, frags, and freshwater fish as well.

David Rothman

Great place stocked with everything you need to keep your fish happy

Marie Francis

Huge selection of freshwater plants, great variety of fish and shrimp too, all well cared for.

Yo Ron

good selection of fish, friendly staff, very helpful. the place needs a face lift though.

Nick Miller

The staff is knowlegible, the selection is excellent whether you are looking for freshwater or saltwater. They also have a wide variety of tanks, stands and equipment.

Cherie Lundberg

Have so many types of fish to choose from and great prices.

Bill Walker

The staff here is by far the most knowledgeable and helpful of any like store I have ever been too. You won't find a better experience in the eastern part of Massachusetts for a tropical aquarium store.

Brad Morawski

2015 I dropped my 4 star review to 3 stars after what seemed like a ridiculous price increase for dry goods and fish. The online coupon expired in Sept so I asked if they would honor them and the lady up front disgustingly said "sure." After trying to use the coupon, I realized that I should have never looked since the wording is very confusing and not really a deal at all. The selection of fish and dry goods was still outstanding and service was still great, but since there are no longer bargains or deals at this store, at these prices I doubt I will return. 2014 Loved the selection. One of the best I have found. Only issue I had was the way the guy split corals. For the prices they charge smashing them on the floor with a screwdriver and hammer was not a great idea. So far they seem alive. I would have bought 2 more but the feet ripped during the smashing. Customer service was spot on. I had a long drive so they offered a cooler. They carry a lot of supplies....very nice store.

Michele Serrao

As everyone says Sharon up front is horrible! She is mean, unfriendly and makes the experience as awful as possible. They are overpriced and God forbid you forget to bring the coupon from the website and instead mention it at the cash register. Katy is great. She is very friend, nice and knows a ton about fish. The other guys who work there seem to think it would be the perfect place to work except for the customers. If Katy isn't free it takes 15-20 minutes to get help. Going there is a last resort. Please fire Sharon!!!

Syed Fraz Ali

They got wide range of fresh ann salt water fishes .

Matt Dell'Erba

4 stars only because it's a little pricey. Excellent selection of healthy fresh and salt water fish

Andrew Pye

Recommended to come here by a big chain store. Loved the staff and they have an immense selection. Will be coming here from now on to keep supporting them and because they have knowledgeable staff and great stock.

Matthew Daly

Amazing selection of fresh and saltwater fish. Coral selection is very good, but doesn't carry many of the "designer" pieces that a lot of the online shops carry. Equipment, food, supplements, etc. are reasonable priced, but still more expensive than online retailers. The staff are very friendly and helpful, but definitely cater more towards the "fish nerds" and people who have done their homework prior to entering the hobby.

Kathy Crossley

Have been shopping at this tropical fish store for years and still love the experience. Great selection and great staff

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