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690 American Legion Hwy, Roslindale, MA 02131, United States Located in: American Legion Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Pisces Fish Market IN Massachusetts

Craig Henderson

Fresh !!!!

catty cox

I have raised my family off of Pisces, would recommend and so sad I dont live in the area, but do make trips in town around going to Pisces, sometimes I call my order in and they know who I am!!! Cheers

Dee Brimage

Been going to Pisces fish market since I was a kid they always been good


Tyrone Black

Sepia Miller

Beverly Childress

Didn't go here

Tamika Law

I drive all the way across down for their fish platters. I can never make it out of the parking lot before finishing my food... Yes there's eat in options but I always say I'm gonna take it and eat it at home but end up not being able to wait

Gwendolyn Williams

Their fried fish is the next best thing to Southern Fried Fish

Genny Barrientos

Resilient Goddess Love Gunning for Success

Ezra Shepard


Good fresh fish

K Wilson

Both women are rude. Also they dont ask how you want your fish clean .the captain platter does not have enough seafood for the price $24 more shrimp and fish .clams was gritty.

Tab Alford

Rosa Hicks

Shavik Harindra Gunarathne

I went there to buy a pair of snappers. They seemed to be fresh. Since my first time buying snappers for grilling I have no idea to tell the freshness. The place is bit slow. I believe due to the volume. This place serves cooked sea food too. I saw calamari, shrimp, haddock, scallops. I didn't bought any food items. But seems to be locals enjoy the food. They clean the fish with request. And you can choose. A lady who wanted to buy sword fish ended up buying another saying it was not fresh. I have no clue to check. I believe it's an okay place to buy seafood around the area.

Angela McAllister

Fresh fish and excellent fried seafood

Izzy Diaz

haddy bonilla

DeeDee S

Love Pisces, been going there for years. Usually crowded but the fresh fish and good selections are worth the wait. Friendly staff.

Ms. C


Paula Robles

Good fisher mans plater

Malika Jefferson

Beverley Rose

Deidre B

Jenny Charles

Gd prices

wanda walker

Good Seafood, lots on your plate with a reasonable price.

Tracey Miller

Fishy ,fishy love the way they degut the crab but the fish is to pricey and fishy !!

Robert A

Another great seafood place most bossonians know of. It's one of the best kept secrets

Jasmine Love

Herb Govan

I think the food is very good not too expensive very attentive, and you can get fresh sea food.

Geraldine Metogho

Rosemary Minnehan

karen brooks

I love the place.. my family has been going there for years,,a little on the expensive side..but fish is fresh place is clean

Anthony G

Good seafood, a bit expensive, service is slow

Richard Davis

S Remy Marquez

Always get my fish here. Prices are reasonable and products are fresh. Restaurant orders are also pretty good. Fresh fish and fries awesome!

Shakilia Cousin

Ordered two haddock platters and the fish was socked in grease. No flavor and the grease was dark. Called to complain and was told to comeback for a refund.

Lisa Markland

Food is good. Staff attitude isn't right towards black and browns, which is aggravating. Don't come into our communities, and treat us like third class citizens

Sheilah Jones

Treena Hogan

High prices but worth it. Corn nuggets are the best.

L Boogies' Dad's, Inspiration and Openion

Upon entry to the Fish Market / Restaurant about five or six customers where waiting for Sea Food that they ordered freshly cut and prepared or ordered from the kitchen. I approached the female taking orders. It is safe to assume that many Korean /Asian Business owners that server African-American communities are short on Patience and lack Customer Service Skills / Training. None the less, I really wanted some Flownder and Shrimp, but that was an impossibility and she let me know that if I wanted Cat Fish, it would be extra in addition to a High Price. So the logical and most economical choice was the Haddock with Shrimp and fries. I paid for what I ordered, sat down and waited. Approximately five minutes later she called my number and I came to the counter to remove the container from the bag to inventory and season my food. When I opened the container, there were two small pieces of Fish with an ample amount of Shrimp carefully placed over French Fries. Presentation looked nice. I drizzled some Hot Sauce over the Fish and Shrimp and Ketsup on the Fries. I came back to my Car, sat down, opened up the bag, and removed the container with the food inside. Of course there was not any Cocktail Sause for the Shrimp. I began to dig in by tasting a little bit of everything. The Fish, Shrimp and Fries where over cooked and not very flavorful. When I put my fork into the Haddock Fish, it fell apart. Usually when fish is continuously frozen and unthawed, once cooked, it falls apart. The Shrimp was the best thing on the plate though they were fried a bit too hard. The French Fries were over cooked short of being burned and when I bit into them, they tasted like hot air with a faint taste of salt and ketsup that wouldn't stay on and kept rolling off when applied. It is Safe to say that if you are not from the Boston Area as I am from the South, do not waste your time and hard earned money on such bland food and more bland Customer Service. A Gentleman and Paying Customer was stranding at the counter while his food was being prepared. A female working on his order got up set and asked the paying Customer to sit down. Apparently, she felt uncomfortable with him watching her prepare his food. What was she afraid of? Like I said, there Customer Service Sucks Big Time.

kaelton santos

I like no comment excellent thanks

zena hooper

Teresa Christie

Antonio M


Ronnie Hamm

delicia turner

Food was great

al griff

Cheryl Ricketts

Leonard Mitchell

janell lawal

Love their fish sandwiches!!! There seafood is always fresh

William Newsom

Mucho Gusto


Meagan Anderson

Fish is fresh

Kevin Neal

Halima Akhtar

gappy gurl

The closest place to me personally where I can get good fresh fish for a price best affordable or I can have them cook it up

Stephanie Domingue

Good pricing and products like the customer service

Lysa Barbosa

bomb fish

Lois Patton Haynes

Loved it shrimp and clams

angela meade

Donald Carr

A good place for a fish dinner and or sandwich!

Johnny Kennerly

Store is always clean, staff is courteous and polite, seafood is always fresh when I go and they have a great variety.

John Garrison

Lenell Weaks

Reasonable price

Anita Roscoe

Receiving rotten products more than once, makes you go hmmm.

Drewndrew Dubois

Prices are exceptional good customer satisfaction

Timothy Edwards

Julio Guerrero

barney clean up song

Kimberlee Wilson

gwen henry

Delicate Flo

Barbara Barrows

Enjoy food prepared or you can have them fir it the way you want and cook yourself

kelvin idjnr05

Best place to get food items at a good price

Nigel Hensley

Kirk A. Perrier

The wait can be long, but is made up with good food

Christene Knight

Good fish sandwiches

Daiquan Freeman

Carrin K

Chef Latricia Stokes Taste Creator

Some of their seafood is overpriced, however I do love their Lobster tails and snowcrab here. They are a nice size and the price on them are reasonable

Lewanda Elliott

Great Fried Cornballs

Doogie RN

This place is so busy today, both sides buying raw fish and the cooked fish/seafood to order side. They are good about it though as I know some ppl/customers can be impatient.

leonard dukes

Fish nice and fresh

Derek Whitehead

I decided to try this place once and have gone back every so often since. Good food and a must try!

Luther Pinckney

Jetta Thompson

Cassandra Walker

Excellent Fish Market and great prices

Edgar Diaz

May not always understand but also got foods sea food.

cecilia cordova


Andréa C

Monique Richardson

michele stafford

Shadin Thomas

Cedric Perkins

Charlene George

tanya godfrey

Cheri Bowles

Cindy Butler

rogenzo cruickshank


Isaac Dave

Arealus Pough

shawanna goffigan

Fresh fish, cooked seafood and decent prices.

Cedric Petty

Jaseyris Pena

Fast ...good fish lol

Samantha Rose

yacquelin weir

Eula McNeil

DJjr Johnson

Ronald Butler

Prices are too high

pat copeland

tgt switch

Best fish ever . Lite batter , fresh seafood . My favorite is the "Captain platter"

Christopher Mables

Extremely great place to go I especially recommend the fried but clams with the bellies

Ruby Wyatt

Me and my daughter went this Sat just pass we go every chance we get Pisces Fish Market has every kind fish you want

Leslie M.

All kind of cooked to order, seafood plates, platters,and sandwiches,!!..dine in or carry out!...The best fried fish sandwich I have had in quite some time!!!...They also have fresh uncooked fish ..all diffrent kinds,,,a wide variety..and they prepare it for you,to your likeing..really nice fish market.5☆!!!!

Bettie Feruzi

Fried fish is delicious. Why take it home to cook when they will cook it for you.


Changing my rating about this place. Second time now that the fish taste rotten. I actually threw up a few hours after consuming a fish and chips. No thanks. The fish has no seasoning and taste steal

Troy Epps

Great selection

Rhode Island

Best fried porgy

Sharon Johnson

Ramon Feliz

Pescado limpio y fresco ,también puedas cosinarlo en el mismo lugar

Sylvia Jones

Excellent food I buy my fish there always nice and fresh

Angela Mcallister

Fresh fish is always a plus.

christine wilson

chris Winston

Full good the weights too long the people are very rude

Victoria Ashby

Gerald Young

Roger White

Lyne Clement

Good place to buy raw and cook fish, and its not fast food

Chris Phillips

Good fresh food... Only con is the wait but the quality is great

N Vega

Lisa T

They do a great job cleaning the fish

Larry White


Calvin Walker

A place to get seafood when you feel like it, when there is no other place around.

oneman onelife

Lori Adamson

Kathleen Lewis


Kenneth Hall


Ok fish shop. Need to work on pricing.

christian jackson

Gerroll Bennett

Good fish high prices

Luis Claudio

Encarnacion Guity

Nadine Garrett

The fried seafood sucks

Lauren Hatfield

I always eat there once a month for years now and I mean years. Yummmm

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