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REVIEWS OF Menemsha Fish Market IN Massachusetts

Blonka Winkfield

Great seafood and amazing sunsets. Get there early for parking and dining space.

Taylor Sandusky

Great experience! Small, smells like fresh fish and food was delicious. Don't expect anything fancy - it's a fish market. Grab to-go lunch and sit outside and watch the fishing boats. Look up old clips from the movie Jaws and you'll recognize the area.

Erin Feeney

This place is rustic, authentic and just really great. The owner is an amazing guy who makes you feel right at home and is happy to talk to you all about his amazing fresh seafood. The chowder, lobster rolls, oysters and scallops that I had were all the best food I have had. This place is fresh and to the point. This is the definition of eat like a local. Also Stanley is the best! Huge passion for what he does and he does it so well. You would be missing out if you didn’t stop in.

Michelle Lunt

Tiny & understated. I almost felt like I had stepped back in time (which can be a good thing!). I enjoyed the food more than anywhere else on The Vineyard. The lobster bisque was amazing & so was the shrimp & the lobster. The service was great too. Only wish I could have gone back for more. Serious seafood lovers should skip the fancy places & enjoy this oh-so-fresh food! MMMMM!

Luis Dominguez

Lobster bisque and fish sandwich were excellent. Very fresh seafood.

Sage Naka

One of the best lobster roll I've had!

Wilson Cruz

Fantastic fresh seafood

Anika Hinson

You cannot get fresher seafood on the island... it’s worth the trip. Beautiful beach as well - 50 yards away. The prices a bit high, but all the markets are high on Martha’s Vineyard and you definitely get what you pay for.

Tatiana Cruz

Wouter Vanderpluijm

Thomas Wilson

Fresh seafood market featuring local catch. Free samples of delicious clam chowder and lobster bisque only lead to the dilemma of which to choose. Stuffed quahogs were big and tasty. Hot or cold lobster rolls too. Counter with a few stools inside, benches with cable spool tables out on the dock.

Rob Driskill

Cool seafood shop on our MV tour. Had the Lobster Bisque and it was delicious.

ab7dasker .

I was on a trip to Martha's Vineyard with some friends for Spring Break. After a long day hiking we came here. I ordered a lobster roll and a lobster bisque. The food didn't come immediately, but we were enjoying the sea breeze and the docks. And when it did arrive. . . The lobster roll was excellent. And as for the bisque? I can only describe it as one of the best things I have ever eaten. Seriously, don't miss this place. Someday I'll come back.

Eric Gardner

Best fresh seafood and great prices!

Kathy Landers

The best hot lobster roll ever!

Rob Myrick

Great food, VERY EXPENSIVE, scenic drive to very remote location

Carrie Beyer

Best lobster we had ever had. Recommend the half chowder half bisque soup. Simple counter, small outdoor dining, great view, and of course amazing lobster.

Krissi Lyne

Service was pretty fast considering how busy it was. My food was good but everything seem lukewarm especially the soup. The steamed lobster was great. The parking is horrible unless you are lucky.

Elizabeth Bradey

pritam mondal

Best 0lace for sunset view along with the option of best seafood.

Gary Brown

Lobster and Scallops were SUPER fresh! Loved the old fishermen's feel! Definitely coming back!!

Jon Schulman

Excellent seafood and a nearly inexhaustible supply of fresh lobster!

James Howard

Fresh fish served right on the docks. I got a crab cake and some clam chowder. Worth the visit.

Rizwan Malik

Great seafood. If you're looking for lunch the lobster bisque is superb.

Bruce Stewart

Best fresh seafood on the island. The lobster bisque is the best I've ever had.

Carlos Medeiros

Oysters and little necks. Get ready for the long line


Enjoyed the fresh lobster!

Joshua Smith

Great food...worth the wait

Robert Starkman

We tasted the whitefish spread which was great and then ordered lobster rolls and lobster bisque which were both as good as it gets. The lobster rolls were simple with no mayo, just a lot of lobster and a bit of butter. As fresh as you can get.

Mary Pierce

Always the best chowder and bisque

Melissa Dyas

It's off season so supplies were limited. However, we did have delicious buttered lobster rolls.

Murat Gungor

Probably the best chowder and lobster rolls on the island. The chowder is not typical in that it's not too creamy. Delightful!!!

Klaiton Vilaca

Great food, great staff. Best fish market on the Vineyard.

o0Hotiron0o .

One of two in this little fishing village of Menemsha

Patrick Field

My wife and I spent a weekend on Martha's Vineyard for our 25th wedding anniversary. We booked a van tour and our tour guide took us here for lunch. It is located right next to Larsen's FIsh market, which is a big draw on the island. We however went to Menemsha. Our tour guide said it was just as good, just as fresh, but more reasonable in price. My wife and I got some of the lobster bisque and one of the hot lobster rolls. I am not exaggerating when I tell you it was some of the best food I have EVER HAD! The soup was delicious and the lobster roll had the best lobster I have ever had. PLEASE do not miss this place. If you are looking for wonderful seafood, this is the joint!

Ray Houghton

One of my very favorite places on the east coast to get a lobster roll (get the hot lobster roll! Or if butter is not your thing get it cold and you still won't be disappointed)... for one it's excellent, for two you can make a picnic of it in menemsha or on the beach close by. their lobster bisque is also pretty fantastic. Folks there are friendly and they have a ton of fresh stuff as well (we pretty much go exclusively for the bisque and lobster rolls)

Steven Schulman

Always perfect. The best lobster, cherrystones & chowder

Paul Siegel

This is a top place for seafood deductibles on the Island. Far from the maddening crowd and a rustic seaport. If you visit, enjoy great quahogs but keep it under your belt. Too many visitors spoil a great quiet and wonderful town.


Jack Xavier

Courtney Faas

Great lobster roll and bisque!

Wi Jo

Vanessa McGreevy

Llama Llama

Great service, great food

Rick Pyatt

No place to sit. Over priced. Over hyped.

Dawn Miller

Had the best lobster bisque there!

Kevin Syler

Hot lobster roll is great!! Chowder and Lobster Bisque is excellent. Sitting on the dock eating the above, indescribable!!!

John Midyette

Best seafood nachos

Mary Kukla

Fantastic lobsta roll. Fantastic.

Alicia Smith

Their crabcakes are the best I have ever had and the soups are absolutely phenomenal I definitely suggest getting your lobster dinner here.

Mehdi S

Place is fish stinky but they have the best clam chowder! I wish I had the larger cup! Oh well!


Best fish sandwich on the Vineyard.

David L

Joan Martin

Samples were delicious. Freshest products!!!

James Cooper

Slow and overwhelmed

Paul Raymond And Keane

Great rustic views and seafood!

Nelson Quintero

Very fishy.

simon futcher

Feels authentic, lovely on a beautiful day.

Brett Dunn


chris ellis

the best freshed fish, lobster, reasonabley priced. i always stop in when i'm in town.

Гарник Балеян

Michael Stone

Every thing is fresh off the boat. Had some clam chowder and shrimp was excellent. Customer service was very nice and friendly.

Hassan Elminyawi

Feasting before fishing.. Classic spot for a quick nibble before or after the beach too.

Karen Gradie

Simply thr best

Nap Nap

Outstanding. The catch theirseafood. The lobster rolls are the cheapest and lobster is one of the fresh catch of the day. It's a fishing wharf. The MV island is a fantastic vacation/living experience.

Martin Bailey

Tim McClure

Amazing hot lobster roll, great clam chowder & lobster bisque... its not really a restaurant; it's a seafood market, but they have a few seats at a bar to eat.

Toni Campbell

Wonderful customer service as we picked our fresh lobster for lunch. Very patient at getting right size for us. Cooked there and absolutely delicious! Enjoyed sitting in sun out back great seafood great staff great location

David Morrison

Exceptional service and fresh, delicious food. I had the pleasure of meeting owner Stanley and his lovely wife and I have to say, nowhere on the island have I received more genuine and unpretentious hospitality than I have here. I will always be returning here and sending people here.

Kerri Katz

Worth the pricey bill for the fresh seafood in a pretty, rustic setting! We took ours to go but you could eat out back. Shrimp cocktail was tasty and my husband enjoyed his bluefish burger with coleslaw on top! The place next door was much busier but the food looked better here and the staff was really nice and quick!

D. K.

We have been going to Stan & Lynette Larsen's Mensmsha Fish Market for quite sometime. Their Lobster Bisque, Clam Chowder, Lobster Rolls (both hot & cold), fresh oysters and clams and live & cooked lobsters are the best! We have always been pleased with everything we have ordered! The staff is welcoming and always very helpful. Note: they are open year round, so a cup of Bisque or chowder in the fall or winter months is very welcome. Also, they will ship to you, your family or friends!

Ryan Silberquit

Awesome little fish market. Great staff. Great food.

mark dr. wolter

Bill Porter

Great Seafood! Great People! I bought my oyster knife and glove here and the gentleman gave me a free oyster shucking lesson which I still depend on every summer. Lobster, Oysters, Fish, this is the place!

Stephen H

Lewuan Harris

Food and presentation were awesome. Great fish sandwich simple and tasty. Prices are a little steep but overall happy.


WE were happy you were open , thank you,the clams and the Cod were delicious.

Logan blaze

Best prices for live lobsters

Les Rosehill

Seafood delight. Osters are fresh, camcorder is out of this world.

Randal Williams

Wonderful place. Cannot imagine a visit to MV without a stop or two here...

Sebastian Di Luzio

Chris Conley

Sue Hoffmann

Get the lobster!!!

Ashley Bautista


Geoffrey Green

Love it. Great people. Great seafood.

Jason Horne

Fresh seafood right from the fishing and lobster boats. Priceless

Tom Christopoulos

Great food

Roger Shepard

It does not get anymore fresh than this. From the boat to the dock to the backdoor. Lobster was insanely good. Seafood nachos were undercooked, got cold and soggy quickly. Reminder - mostly dry area, BYOB.

Guenther Heiss

Google needs to update services available here in the off-season. Yes, you can buy clam chowder or buy fish to cook elsewhere, but there is no where to eat in Menemsha after the Derby...a real bummer if you were hoping for a fresh lobster or clam dinner in the harbor

Peter Magner

Small local seafood shop with lots of lobster. They have tanks in the shop with live lobsters in them. It's a really cool store. Lots of seafood available: both fish and shellfish. They catch the lobsters outside their harbor. Can't get fresher than that! Friendly and welcoming staff as well.

flex dasilveira

Preetha Annamalai

They are open late- walk by and check them out as larsens always has a longlong line but this place is sooo good and fresh. Great service too!!! They are usually open till 8-9pm. Dont trust the google timings, just go!!

D Gordon

The best smoked salmon I have ever tasted!!!

Lorraine Lashway

It was quaint and excellent chowder and bisque.

James Donahue

bill d

Absolutely fresh seafood. Eat on the dock.

Jaaa Jaa

My wife, 1 year old daughter, and I love this place! Freshest Atlantic seafood on the coast. You see them catch it and bring it in dockside. We will definitely be ordering to ship to us!

Dominic Oliveira

Great deals in a prime location.

Stacia Markowitz

Absolutely the best. Clean and great food.

Ray Mihulka

Lobster roll, Lobster Bisque in a scenic location. Captain Mike super nice guy.

Andrew C. Pelzer

Do not miss the seafood nachos. They are incredible!!

Mary Smith

Delicious lobster rolls and bisque!!! ...and lobster!!!

Alexander Skaburskis

Danielle Rudenauer

Dana Thornton

Love the Lobster Bisque!!!

Andy Warrier

Oh man the clam chowdah and the lobster bisque is to die for. Amaziing place. It's beautiful.

O Swiga

Food was great but the helpers were inexperienced so there was long waits and great confusion

Juanita Jones

Best lobster I've ever had in my life. I will definitely return when I go to Martha's Vineyard... Been dreaming about this place since we left

Jim Boylan

Authentic New England! Incredibly fresh seafood made to order and take out. You want be disappointed. Try the chowder and stuffed cohaugs.

Donnet Swaby


Karen Vatral

Absolutely wonderful seafood!!!

Jim Fitzgibbons

Best Chowder and Bisque!

Crystal Bearden

One of my most favorite stops on my vacation! Great people great food .....real life ....authentic........peaceful little visit in this small quaint town!

MrPhill B

We just stayed in Menamsha Harbor for two nights and you are In a quintessential Vineyard Harbor and steps from some great fishmongers. Strongly recommend folks goto the Menemsha Fish Market for Some of the best chowder and lobster bisque along with a lobster salad roll ... Amazing! We also had 2 pounds of Cape Cod steamer clams they were sweet, tender , yet a little sandy ... but they’re clams. The Nantucket Sole is also great. Line caught by the guy in the yellow cap. Bottom line ... just go get some seafood at Menemsha fish market and enjoy it down by the beach watching the sunset.

Paul-Etienne Roy

One of the nicest place on the island

Stephen Meadow

You HAVE to get the lobster chowder. It's a muy.

Anita Jackson

Ryan Aulenbach

The lobster roll is the best I ever had! So fresh and delicious!

Island general

Top notch service! Fresh,Fresh seafood. Island own and operated. From their catch to there market. Thank you...

Kirton Madison

The food here is amazing and the service is great. They're much friendlier than their neighbor next door. We had lobster, little necks, lobster quesadillas, and shrimp. I was upset that we waited until our trip was half-way over to give them a try. You definitely want to call-in your order ahead of time. They were packed with customers but our order was ready on-time. In my opinion, no one else on the island comes close (and there's a lot of great seafood on the island).

Carrington C

The lobster rolls were good but oh man the chowder and the bisque were amazing!

F Superbravedude

Great little spot, amazing clam chowder/lobster bisque, highly recommended, in my opinion, better than Larsen's(seafood shop right next to it. The lobster rolls are the best on this planet.

Michael Stark

Lots of options. Ser ice was decent. Lobster was cracked and ready to eat! Great option to bring back to the boat.

Carolyn Townsend

It was just ok.

Tina Dudley

Food was good but the fish market right next door was much cheaper. Our bus driver took us to this one because he probably got free lunch.

Brett Smith

Absolutely amazing chowders and lobster rolls!

Kaylee Kavanaugh

Jim Cresser

You will find the seafood and the staff to be the best you can get!!! Wether it be on Martha's Vineyard or anywhere else. Enjoy the food and the most amazing sunset and you will have a memory of a lifetime!

Linda Mitchell

Donna Reich

Best Lobstah Bisque and always greeted with a big smile from Lanette & Stan. Thank you for always being open.

Angela Choi

Very fresh seafood, cooked right there for a really awesome, quick lunch deal! Super friendly staffs there, and everything was delicious. They have an outdoor area with round wooden tables and benches, as well as very limited indoor counter seatings if you are feeling chilly. Super busy all the time - I can feel the local 'hotspot' quality in there! A must-visit if you are visiting MV and are a seafood fan!

Ilene Skeen

Seven people in the group. Lobster, two thumbs up x 7. Chowder great. 3 Bean salad excellent. Friendly service. Food prepared, we brought it back to the boat and had a nice party. Smoked tuna spread enjoyed.

P MacK

quiet, true local feel, FRESH seafood!!!

Philip Tucker

Best lobster bisque EVER. Butter poached lobster roll is incredible. Fresh and delicious!

Sarah Carter

Good quality good prices

John S

So simple yet so good. Order at the counter and walk down the street to catch the best sunset on the island.

kathy chou

Delicious lobster and steamer clambake. Larsen next door gets all the business but this place is equally good with probably faster service. They don't serve corn on the cob with the clambake is a downer. The seatings in the back are more dangerous..Better to eat at the beach. Overall, I was very happy with my choice this time.

Google User

Shamica Tucker

Best hot lobster roll and lobster bisque anywhere!

Laura Garfinkel

Super busy but worth it - oysters were huge and delicious!

Syndi McIver

Amazing eFoid, best lobster roll and crab cake so far in New England. Must stop!

Jeremy Lawhorn

Lobster bisque is great

Marilyn Scheerbaum

The very best clan chowder on this island.

No Name

The clams and oysters where fresh and delicious the atmosphere is great the employees are friendly and helpful and pleasant

Yago Martinez

Incredible hot lobster roll, one of the best I have tried. The losbter cake sandwich was really good also. There is a small bar with 3 or 4 stools, other than that, there is no seating area inside. Worth the "trip"

Janelle Fogg

Lyn Yanez

Lobstah rolls are DIVINE!!!!

Kara Yakel

Stopped here on our bus tour and they recommend going here for clam chowder and the lobster rolls. AMAZING

Ken Whitmire

Unbelievably fresh.

Jon M

Great little hidden gem, chowder is actually better here (and a better deal) vs the chowder house. Hot lobster roll was worth the trip and the beach at the point is nice as well.

Paul Lalicata

If you like lobster you are in heaven.

James Hirsch

Nice people, cooked lobster was delicious.

Obamao Zedong

Really rude staff. Place was dirty. Fish made me sick. Never going back.

Wha soon Jee

Priced great for very good seafood. Nice view of the beach.

Emmett Carroll

Great worms

ed grazda

open year round and friendly

Raffaella Michieli

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