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REVIEWS OF Manoa Poke Shop IN Massachusetts

Falcon Dai

Friendly staff. Good portion

O Mahn

Best place for poke in Boston

Joel Dapello

Delicious poke bowls!

soyako harima

The taste was okay. Especially the rice was hard and far from good... kimchi cucumber was good though. As for service, when I wanted to order, none of the staff paid attention to me for a long time even though they were right in front me and they for sure recognized that I was there to order...(there was no other customer in the line besides me, so they were not busy at all) I felt almost neglected if not they were intended to. I was eager for poke, so this was all the more a disappointing experience.

Ken Moraff

Very casual -and comfortable - food is fresh and delicious.

Travis Begin

This is a restaurant you're going to fall in love with. It has the small joint feel seeing as they opened not too long ago... Very good food in a genre that is not popular (or well done) in Boston area. Painted mural on the wall best representation of the vibe here. I've gone to Hawaii on vacation and the pace here at Manoa is very identical there. Try their black and blue lemonade at dinner. Highly suggest adding chili pineapple to any dinner option you choose. Large offering of poke (seafood) but also serves land-lover options. Seating is limited so don't bank off of having your choice to sit at. You can walk the line of food options to chose your sides, however if you are new they will give you recommendations. The chef and crew were very humble when I visited. I will be going back soon!

jeff carlson

Best poke in boston

Applicant Inquiry

The quality and flavor of poke at Manoa is closest you will get outta Hawaii. Be adventurous, try every seasonal poke they have available, from grilled fish collars to blue fin tuna. You won't be disappointed! The staff is extremely hospitable and will provide above and beyond customer service. They even threw in an order of fried chicken on the house!

Nicole Cho

consistently great service and quality poke. one of my weekly go-to spots

Andrew Sherman

Awesome poke place. Generous portions, friendly staff, will keep coming back.

Joy Huang

The poke was pretty good, although the selection of toppings and sauces is smaller than what I'm used to in California. The salt and vinegar rice crispies were a nice touch. I was blown away by the fried chicken though. I despise dark meat, but I *loved* their chicken even though it was made with thigh meat.

Shi-Min Chin

This is my favorite poke place. It's always a surprise what fish they have available and all the ones I've tried, raw or cooked, have been delicious. They don't over sauce your food unlike some other poke chains. I just wish they could always have spam musubi available but they literally sell out immediately whenever they have it.

Christopher Rhodes

A Place Worth Ubering To!! A friend & i stopped here for lunch and were blown away. Big portions, big flavors. She did the fried chicken & i had the pork. Great staff too!

Peony Yiu

Tasty food but a bit heavy on the wallet. Got the paniolo plate with fried chicken and shoyu salmon. Service is great and they will explain everything if it's your first time. My husband got the reg poke bowl, he liked his ahi tuna and calamari. Definitely glad we have this option of delicious poke (and Hawaiian food) in Somerville, planning to go back to try the Kahlua pig and get more poke.

Alaric Hartmann


Sam Parkker

Amazing food

Miho Sjoquist -Nakanishi-

I'm always happy with their poke selections. It is a small place. If possible, you should order take out.

J Cope

Linda Song

Manoa Poke Shop is an establishment I’ve been frequenting since about when they opened. It has consistently been the best poke shop in the area and definitely one of the best poke shops I’ve been to on the mainland USA (meaning one of the few that actually stack up to poke back in Hawaii). The folks here are laid back and very nice to work with. They have a huge variety of options not only when it comes to their poke, but also in their cooked fish options and cooked food (yaaaass that pork). Don’t sleep on their oddly addicting Mac salad either. Parking around here is street only by the way, as it often is in Cambridge.

Erin Camp

Delicious and fresh. Love their sauces and attention to allergies!

Jorge R. Gergoff

Great food, good advice from staff

Jeremy Waits

Very impressed. Everything was freshly made. Excellent flavors, friendly folks.

Ziad Reslan

Amazing poke!! Great food and service. Definitely will be going again (and again).

Sam Neubardt

Food was super fresh and delicious, staff was helpful and kind. A little salty but excellent overall

Shawn Herron

Delicious poke, definitely try it if you haven’t already.

Vincent Lee

best poke place in boston. outstanding staff, amazing selection of poke, terrific rice, and just an all around great place.

Steve Vickers

Super fresh delicious food! That BBQ salmon was to die for!

Jon Steer

Great food. Nice people. Hard to find.

Andrew French

I was absolutely pining for Hawaiian food when I stumbled across this hidden gem. The food is simple and delicious, offering fresh poke, fried chicken, kalua pork, and the like. The only reason there aren't 5 stars here is because there isn't much seating, but it makes for a fabulous take-away experience.

Veronika Gudova

Very poor select, actually, it was just 1 topping, another one was out of stock and price is too high ($17). And taste wasn't so good. We just tried one at a different place and it was much much better and even chipper.

Tim Russell

The food was good, but they ran out of tofu, dressing, and loyalty cards around 7pm.It was a bit chaotic behind the counter.

Bidiak Amana

Great poké!

Will Scott


Cynthia Pratt

A little pricey but I just love oyster and lobster here.

Patrick McGee

The Hawaiian style poke is amazing here!

Derick Samuale

Best poke in the area, and I've tried them all . These guys make it freshest and are happy to do it . Always smiling and enjoying their work .

Sean Ikeda

I'm from Hawaii and this is straight up legit. Love it

Andy Lee

These people are the mf bomb. Cried when I found out they were coming back. Forget pokeworks at Harvard square, these people are the real deal.

Soyeon Choi

Poke bowl was made of fresh fish and all sorts of healthy vegetables in colorful and bold harmony. It was a fun and happy experience to eat this food. Also, the small spam+rice sandwich wrapped in plastic wrap by the register--so yummy and made with love--so glad I tried one. Highly recommend it!

Aster Treitman

Excellent flavors and a surprising range of ingredients to choose from

Angelina Gomez

So tasty!!

Drew Jackson

Delicious food and very helpful staff willing to make recommendations. We go out of our way regularly to come here!

George Banis

Robert Fleischer

Delicious take on a cuisine that is rarely available in the area.

Jonathan Mazumdar

Awesome poke, good value

CO Ngooi

Reminds me of Hawaii. Enjoy the food here.

Tancredi Botto



Oh so yum! For the protein, there's tutu for vegetarians or garlic shrimp if you'd prefer something cooked. Otherwise, try the salmon or the catch of the day (sea bream!!!). So much variety in the sides. And the customer service is so friendly and attentive. If you're a first timer, let them know and they'll walk you through the ordering process. In a nutshell: Select the bowl size, base, protein, sides and then the toppings. Some are extra, look at the chalk board carefully (not the easiest to read). And then sit back and savor it!!!

Christopher Chin

Good food!


Yum! Yum! Yum! The food is delicious. The staff is friendly, polite, helpful and enthusiastic. I was in the shop when another customer completed his stamp /reward card and all the workers cheered

William Shinevar

Delicious food and well worth the price. Way better than Legal Bowl(same price, triple the fish, faster food, and way tastier) and the poke places in Davis (more comparable, but around the same price and better fish).

Benjamin Bolte

Loved it - friendly folks and real tasty bowls - definitely will be back

roger selsov

My new favorite. Sometimes run out of options, but when they're there, oh boy

Steve Poleskey

Best poke I've eaten since leaving Hawaii!

Strongwater Studios

Delightful, delicious, warm and friendly! I've never had a negative, or even a neutral experience - that's how fantastic Manoa is. The ordering system is confusing at first, but their friendly staff is always patient and willing to explain. They are so genuinely nice and awesome, that you often leave Manoa with a strange, hopeful feeling that perhaps the world isn't doomed after all. More things to love.... their website is manoa.FISH, online ordering is easy peasy, and they have an awesome stamp card reward system.

Ozgur Amac

Excellent fried chicken

Michael Loturco

Awesome poke bowls. The tofu is great, the chorizo slaw is on point and each of the fish options I have tried are good too.

claire taylor

Awesome! Can't wait to go back.

Harrison Mejia

Great people. Great tasting food. Everything always so fresh

Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen


Aleczandr Wayne

best Poke on the east coast.

Michael Brindley

Poke is okay... that fried chicken though. I'm from ATL. I know fried chicken, this is some of the best I've ever had... it's smack ya grandmama good.

Dimitrios D

This review is for take out. Manoa Poke Shop is a tasty place for poke. I placed an order for pickup at lunchtime (around 1pm) and it was ready within 15-20 minutes. When I arrived, right away the guy at the counter asked if I was Dimitri and then handed me my bag and I was out the door. Excellent take out service. And, the poke was tasty. I had a large bowl combo with two types of fish done two different ways (tuna in soy, spicy tuna, and salmon in soy) with a side of kimchi cucumber salad in the bowl over white sushi rice. I'll be back!

Brian Watson

Manoa is easily my favorite Poke location in Greater Boston. Great value for the price, and the seafood is ALWAYS fresh. Very friendly staff!

Dan DiPaolo

Andrew Horowitz

Ordered a salmon and tuna bowl with quinoa and pineapple - got a chicken and tuna bowl with lettuce no quinoa and chickpeas. Good food but we got basically nothing that we ordered, what type of restaurant does that??

Jay Rivera

Loved it! A little pricey, but very much worth it.

B Arseno

Delicious healthy food in generous portions

Paul Giudice

Good fish

Tom Lau

Amazingly fresh fish. Well seasoned, good toppings, great staff. Lovely gem

Roman Schwartz

Amazing food. Little long to get it during busy hours, but worth it.

Molly Taylor-Poleskey

So tasty!

Peter Salem

Amazing fresh poke with rotating mains to keep it interesting and new

Dalton Colen

Really great poké bowls at pretty reasonable prices. Super friendly service. Definitely spend the extra $1 for the chili pineapple!

Victor Lambert

It was great. Excellent staff and food!

Eugene Hazanov

Amazing food (not $$$) and super friendly staff. What else to desire?

ian commissiong

Very nice restaurant.

Shivani Sheopory

Delicious fresh fish, and their pork and chicken were so so good. Portions are sized pretty well! And the staff is pretty friendly and engaging. They also gave us some free condiments which should have been $1. I found their watermelon punch too sweet, but I usually avoid punch and it came free with the double poke bowl. Also they don't have sushirittos if that's a deal breaker for you (it shouldn't be). They have stamp cards for regular customers and I got mine!

Giovanny Velasquez

Love this place!!!!!

Brandon Nguyen

Always fresh and delicious poke

Elba Alvarez

The poke in here is delicious, always is good to hear the suggestions from the employees since they have the best ideas to match the pokes.

Brian Elliott

Truly amazing experience! The staff was passionate about the food they were serving and it showed in the taste. We loved the kalua pig and spicy tuna poke. Extremely friendly staff, fair pricing, good portions, and great quality food. Definitely going back.

Brandon G

Always a good stop for some delicious poke and fried chicken

Nathan Kefeyan

Staff are super nice and the food is also SUPER NICE. Very very good.

Jacob Schlather

Great poke, great people.

Case Prince

Friendly staff, very fresh fish. There is always someone expertly slicing up a beautiful piece of fish behind the counter. Seems like the most authentic poke around as the owners are Hawaiian. Their fried chicken is also the bomb.

Henry Ca

Nicky Hernández

yum yum yum

Benjamin Allen

Suzanne Schaffer

I love this place! Their food is so fresh and delicious and the service is very friendly.

ca city

Real Hawaiian vibe and food. Customer service is beyond great and the food has different varieties and fresh.

Euro Leon

Authentic Hawaiian food, delicious dishes and good service.

Shane Bushey

Super tasty food with a menu that changes slightly frequently. Not a lot of table space if you want to eat there, but usually enough to fit you and a friend. Staff is friendly and welcoming.

Joshua Gerber

Delicious food, generous portions, and extremely friendly staff. What else could you ask for?

Matthew Aronson

This place is a cut above all of the other poke shops in town. Talk for a few moments with the staff and you'll know why - run by locals who are passion about what they do. I mixed tuna and salmon. They have other fish, raw and cooked, as well as pork, chicken, and veggie options. Make sure to add the pickled beets. And definitely go hungry! The portions are generous.

Vivian Ojeda

It's just so good!

Eric Chodkowski

rere bangz

Its about time Somerville got something different

Rob M

Probably the most authentic poke I’ve ever had

Wayne Goldstein-Chroma360

Great food very clean and good

Catherine Han

Super friendly and really creative options!

Zev Fisher

Manoa is the real deal. Love this place.

Zach Pidgeon

Try the salmon.

Zid Mancenido

Best poke in Boston. By far. Particularly recommend just going with the flow and asks them to recommend what you should have. So friendly and helpful — really know their stuff. I know it’s not like but I love their fried chicken and think that it’s the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. Huge props for their support of sustainable fishing and local school sports initiatives!

Nina Duong

I've had poke from Hawaii; with that in mind, Monoa's poke definitely tastes like poke adjusted to attract the tastes of people from MA. It's a great place to go for when I'm homesick, but I would need to adjust my expectation that it's not exactly like poke in Hawaii. The fried chicken, advertised as mochiko chicken, tastes more like chicken katsu than mochiko chicken.

Aviva Musicus

Best poke shop in the Boston area, hands down. The owner, chef, and many of the staff members are from Hawaii and other Pacific Islands, and they clearly know what they're doing with this cuisine. Manoa's fish is beautifully seasoned, and the chef is extremely creative. In addition to the traditional tuna and salmon bowls, they also offer tofu poke for vegetarians (and an awesome kale and quinoa base in addition to brown and white rice), and kelaguen poke, which is deliciously reminiscent of ceviche. They also have a rotating "mainland" dish, which has included chili snowcrab and shrimp when I've been there. Their sides are also delicious--I recommend the papaya salad, pickled veggies, and chili pineapple. They also offer pulled pork, fried chicken, and chili, and they're all extremely tasty. In addition to the food, the staff deserves a special shout out--they're extremely friendly and welcoming, greeting everyone that walks in and giving great recommendations on the food. I've been here three times and absolutely plan on coming back!

John Hylton

It's the best poke place I've been to, it has a wide variety of sides and fish. It's specials, especially the broccoli and the bluefin are fantastic.

David Lee

We hadn't been back since they first opened, but we had the day off and made the trek and it was worth it. So fresh, light and delicious! Love it!

kerrylthompson29 .

Great place, thanks Jacob!

Greg Edelston

This place is amazing and delicious! The staff exudes mindfulness and care as you watch them prepare your bowl, which makes it taste all the better. Everything on the menu is delicious, albeit a bit pricy. Love this place.

Jennifer Tran

Good sized pieces of fish, really friendly staff. Could use more flavor in the marinade though.

Max Xu

Great even for non fish lovers. Pork is a little dry. Fried chicken is amazing. Air conditioning are a little too close to the seats...

Stephen Edwards

Poke was delicious. The fried chicken was also great!

Jon Kelley

My girlfriend took me to her home in Maui and let me try poke for the first time. I was hooked. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find good poke in the mainland until now. The food here is the real deal. It tasted just like it did on our trip to Maui. The pog and cake were delicious as well. Keep up the good work Manoa!

Peter Schantz

Oh man! This place is great. Small and very casual, this quick- service build your own poke bowl spot has become top of my list to revisit asap. A regular sized bowl was filling but disappeared quickly. Fried chicken was super well done and the fish was very fresh tasting. All the crunchy bits on top really up the enjoyment of the whole bowl. Great vibe, very comfortable spot.

Brian M

Best poke I've ever had and best staff. Go here!

Gary Yu

Was in Hawaii a few years ago. This had a very similar feel to the poke shops there. Excellent.

Andrew Wylde

Awesome service, amazing food, really quick, too.

Janette Cotton

Excellent food, as a newbie to poke I went along with the ingredient combinations recommended by the server. A healthy alternative to the usual fast food fayre, one star deducted as I feel it's a little on the pricey side for a bowl and a drink, plus any extras, but you get what you pay for, the quality is excellent, fresh, authentic and tasty.

Fernando J Bustos


Daniel Lin

Brian Beauvais

Fresh seafood and meats with lot's of tasty options for sides. The staff is friendly and will help answer your questions. Definitely try this Hawaiian inspired poke shop. Dining is quick/casual. You can eat in or take to go. Table space is limited but it wasn't so crowded that we didn't find a place to sit.

Carmen Tyler

Good food, good service. They were out of several things at 7 PM.

Raffi Mardirosian

A refreshing, light yet filling, well balanced, and wonderfully tasty meal!

Alex Bell

Very fresh and tasty fish and sauces. The side dishes are also particularly good. I recommend the pickled cucubmber. The staff is also extraordinarily pleasant!

Blake Willmarth

Really good and fresh poke with great toppings. Only knock is it's a bit slow and disorganized

Yuji Koga

Great service and great food

Sheraz Choudhary

A little pricey but the quality is worth it!

Rea-Ting Lin

Seki'a le poki!!!

Lucia Lee

Hobin Yang

many fishes and friendly humans

Wesley Gross

The pork is absolutely amazing! And the staff are super friendly and helpful!

Stephen Kayiwa

Olga Shestopalova

Decent poke, but the wait is excruciating. There must've been two staff members there and about 25 people in line. The tuna was a bit bland, but the salmon was good. However, everything costs extra so it feels like you're getting nickle and dimed at every turn. The venue itself is small and cramped and not ideal for hanging out or for groups larger than 4.

Jessica Silverman

The service is ultra friendly and the food is delicious. Information about the fish's catch origin is available and as local as they can. The amount of food provided was perfect, and they were easily able to accommodate our range of dietary needs. They only have a few tables inside, so don't come with a group bigger than six or so unless you plan to eat elsewhere. Absolutely will be coming back.

Alice Kaanta

Delicious fresh fish, fabulous sides and sauces. Highly recommend the fried chicken and poke combo plate!

Molly Clark

Seriously the friendliest service ever, and the food was delicious!

Steph Nel

Stopped in and tried the chili on recommendation, and it was really good.

Rebecca Hammond

I had an ahi + spicy tuna poke bowl. Delicious. The fish is fresh, the pickles and sauces are bomb, and you can get brown rice or kale/quinoa if you're on the health conscious end. At other restaurants this can mean sacrificing taste, but in this case there's SO MUCH decadent flavor that you won't notice you didn't get the white rice.

Josh Yankell

The attitude and atmosphere of the place instantly draws you in. You need to walk to the back to order and the you say the size bowl and brown or white rice. From there you can choose your poke. The spicy tuna is delicious and so is the sea bream! You can also get their kalua pork which is tender and delicious or their mochi battered fried chicken that is moist and sweet! All their juices are fresh and vibrant, a wonderful addition to the meal. It was so good for lunch I went back same day for dinner!

Amanda Grennell

YUM! Delicious, well-priced, fast meal.

Josh Martin

Best poke place in the area. Very friendly staff and amazing authentic food.

Dominique Woods

Great food!

Rachel Matos

Fresh and amazing food (&staff!!)

Anna DeSousa

Friendly staff and amazing food!

Jack Rizutko

Delicious poke. Very friendly helpful staff.

Close Look

Service was great , very friendly. I love the poke bowl, fried chicken was absolutely delicious !

Adam Wong

Really great poke cooked by 100% real Hawaiians! Crazy good pork cooked in duck fat, and awesome variety of fish. Generous portions!

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