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Here we offer you the reviews of people who are using the products of Lovely Pets Aquarium Store (Fish Shop) in Massachusetts.

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REVIEWS OF Lovely Pets Aquarium Store IN Massachusetts

Bill B

1st quality, it's sad Quincy pushed them out. They are moving to Kingston

Creature Comforts

Great place to get harder to find supplies for aquariums.

Mary Kate

Cool place, seems they sure have follower their passion!!

Paula Boggs

Buy local and shop small. Very friendly staff

Sean Crowley

Great pricing and very knowledgeable employees. One stop shop. Only place around i have found to have larger freshwater fish and the hard to find fish

Michael Marzeotti

Awesome fish and other critters with plenty of aquarium supplies and knowledgeable staff! It's a shame they'll be moving locations soon, but I'll be sure to visit them in Kingston too!

Michelle Verrochi

I go here with my niece who has an axolotl amphibian! She gets feeder fish and things for the tank. I don't know if this is the place we get the frozen mice as well. That could be the one in Weymouth but they are a great couple who run this place!


Always worth a trip, and the staff are usual faces each time, and are knowledgeable about not only the hobby on the hobbyist level, but the industry as well. LFS are becoming harder, and harder to come by. Lovely Pets is worth everyones time to keep supporting.

Paulo Pacheco

I love this place, they help you with all you need. I had my dream first saltwater aquarium and I'm very happy with their customer service.

Caleb Brier

They have an awesome selection of fish, nice and healthy. Great prices and friendly people

Rob Adams

Superb Service

Bob Melone

These guys are THE BEST! After buying sick fish and getting bad information from a couple of the big pet stores, I was recommended to these guys right in Quincy Center. They have gone above and beyond with their level of service, knowledge and professionalism. Plus the kids love going to the store and seeing all the fish! I won't go anywhere else.

Evan Kamien

The premiere aquarium store in greater Boston. Deep extensive knowledge, family owned and operated. Love Steve his wife and son. Excellent selection of livestock, competitive prices. Can't be beat.

Chris Jankins

Top five in the state for over 20 years

Jillian DeMilio

One of the best fish stores ive been to, fish quality is amazing! Owners truly care about their fish! I drive up from Cape Cod, well worth the drive!

Jeffrey Williams

I've been shopping at Steve and Marleigh's so for over a decade. Great fish, great service, great selection. Tough to find the first time you visit, but worth the effort.

Samantha Soto

Great shop great people.

Artien Nadal

Best place for any of your fishie needs! Period.

john olson jr

Love this place, gonna be sad to see it go...

Sonya Fernandes

I brought a sample of water from my salt water tank and the owner was so helpful and informative to what the imbalances were and how to fix them. She even took her time to explain to me and write things down for me. Won't be going to any other aquarium store!

Bryan Margaca

Has everything for any pet in NYC. Big help for me and my cockateils

Alan Lin

Wide selection of fishes and equipment. Great place to visit if you plan on starting your own aquarium or add to your existing one.

Skogs Soggy Socks Shrimpry and More

Wow! What a great store! Huge selection of fresh and salt water. Really friendly staff. All the fish looked super healthy and they have the largest section of dry goods (from tanks and rocks to good and water chemicals) I've seen in a store. If you have Aquarium or aquatic needs (ponds included) this is the place to be!!

Nhat Huynh

Very nice owner

Christopher crosby

These are some of the best and most knowledgeable people I have had the pleasure to meet. We set-up a tank for my special needs daughter and they have been so helpful in creating a sustainable tank. If you really want to do it write go to Lovely Pets and find knowledge, care and class not find in any other place.

Amaury Castro De La Rosa

The best place for buy fish.

Darren Tull

Great ownership, family is very respectful of customers, knowledgeable about all products and won't sell you something to make a sale. Prices are fair enough where it competes with Amazon.

Brian Verrochi

Lovely Pets has been a local fixture in pet supply. They have been in Quincy literally my whole life. The staff is top notch, knowledgeable and friendly. They are moving to Kingston (I believe) and I will most likely continue to shop there.

Stormi Smith

Oddball place. Lots of variety. Nice fish, decent prices

Carrie Mclean


Jay Casey

Great fish & tank store. Under new ownership

Allison Wood

A fellow salt water hobbyist told me to go to Lovely Pets because in his experience they have the healthiest fish. I went and he was correct. From the time I walked in until checkout, I was treated like a guest who wanted to learn more about fish and corals. Steve and his wife have a wealth of knowledge and my tank is doing great because of their great advise. I bought two fish so far and 4 different corals. They are all doing great. I highly recommend this fish business to anyone, from the beginner to expert.

Steve Starsiak

Love this place! Best fish store around! Very knowledgeable people with good selection.

Maria YouTube

I didn’t even want to vote 1 star but it’s the only way it works ok let’s get to my point , imagine all the animals in the wild compared to animal in captivity which one do you think is having a better life Obviously The animals in the wild the aquarium animals like orcas only live until age 13 which is very little and for the animals to give birth they give them drugs because remember they only live until age 13 so they are too young Ok so now you guys understand??

Patrick McGuinness

Best aquarium store around. Hate to see it go

Allan Varrs

I am not sure yet because I didn't go. But I am planning to go soon when I setup my fish tank

Steveg Golden

Amazing little shop the clerks and owners are incredibly helpful especially for beginners highly recommend over the mass Market pet stores

Bill Fabrizio

Our favorite local fish store. The owners are amazing and give great advice, selling you only what you need. Large selection and well cared for fish.


This place is awesome. The real deal with knowledgeable and friendly staff that genuinely care their clients and the fish/aquatic life. The shop just has a great vibe.

Nandini Rajan

Great variety, well informed staff, fish look healthy.

Philip Yazbak

Great selection, knowledgeable staff, clean and healthy aquariums and they carry everything you need from livestock to supplies and equipment. I highly advise this store- my only issue is they are far from my home!

Christian Kiley

There isn't a better selection of fresh/saltwater/pond fish, koi, live plants, aquariums and decor in Boston. This place is a hidden gem. You're not going to see a 750 dollar rare carnivorous fish for sale just anywhere... awesome spot for the aquarium enthusiast!

Kevin Kast

This is what an aquarium store should be. A wide and constantly updated selection of fresh and saltwater fish, plants and supporting accessories, combined with a friendly and knowledgeable staff (plus unofficial cat and dog mascots) make this an example for the community. This is a business that deserves your patronage.

Tyler Sclodnick

Staff are very knowledgeable and caring. Variety of products is great. Also, their cat, Stanley, is the best.

Rocky Crowe

They know all about fish, take the time to help you and have a lot to choose from

Jamieson Nightingale

The best aquarium shop there is!

Matthew Barnes

Great selection of fresh water and salt. Lots of equipment and the best of all...staff is awesome!

Maria Ann Villani

Steve is Absolutely Amazing !!! This man knows his stuff. His prices are Very reasonable. The selection of corals , salt water fish and freshwater fish are Awesome !!! Steve and his employees are very knowledgeable and he has everyone you need to get your aquarium, salt or freshwater started. Thank you Steve

Charity Covilli

This was my first time here.. I'm new to the fish world, but this stor had amazing selection for my needs

Jeff Lee

Knowledgeable, caring, trustworthy. Healthy fish, plants and coral.

Max Roberts-Zirker

Very helpful staff. Looks unassuming, but downstairs is a great fish store. The staff is helpful and doesn't pressure you to buy anything you don't need. I have a sick goldfish and came in for their free water testing. Talked through it for a while with Steve who suggested suggested salt (among other things) and reminded me I could use the epsom salt I already had at home. It's not the most convenient coming from Roslindale but I like and trust this place so I'll be coming back.

Chris Mcauliffe

Great place, all types of healthy fish and many great products that'll you need to setup or maintain. They can and will help you on any questions or problems. You must go if you haven't already you'll be happy you did. These fish came from lovely pets. All my fish

Edward Worbis

Always welcoming and warm. Great advice and very willing to take the time to help you learn. I love this place

Demitria Buccieri

I have had the most wonderful experience every time I have gone to this store, i will never go anywhere else for anything especially live fish, I had bought over 16 African cichlids from them over a year ago and they are all doing amazing. There is such a difference in their care for their fish compared to other fish stores. They really do care about their customers and are always willing to help, such amazing staff and so professional. My favorite place to go. I wish I could give it 10 stars.!

vagdevi suryadevara

Very good place for buying Aquarium and decorating stuff.. variety of fishes available and people who work in store are knowledgable.. lovely place to get fishes..

Dez Mauldin

I moved from Florida and as an avid aquarium enthusiasts I was very disappointed in New Englands selection of tropical fish stores until I walked into here. A light felt like it shown down the staircase as I heard the bubble of tanks and could see driftwood peering out from the corner. The selection is amazing and they have everything you could possible want for an aquarium saltwater or fresh water! You can start from the bottom up here and they were super nice about everything I had to ask about. Thanks yall :)

islamoradagoo .

The absolute best place to go for all your a Tropical Fish needs. Very informative and helpful staff, as well as it is a locally owned and operated store.

Luke Lambert

Great fish selection prices are pretty fair. Everyone that works there are cool. Very limited coral selection though.

Michael Rundlett

Very knowledgeable staff, friendly and helpful. Can help with problems related to aquariums. Good selection of fish and accessories.

Kaypee777 .

Amazing variety of healthy tropical & salt water fish! Fantastic shop.

Randy Tam

Great selection of fish and tanks. Yes, the prices are a bit higher than some brand name pet stores but not everything is centered around price. The owners and employees are top notch. Attentative, knowledgeable and most importantly they truly value your business.

Dusty Miner

Over priced in everything the cherry shrimps are just about $7 ea for crying out loud and their juveniles... the live rock and driftwood is extremely pricey and don’t even get me started with their bettas. Buying online from breeders and sellers you can get better deals then here don’t waste your money in this store it’s straight robbery.

Pat Lind

I have been there twice now and think they are running a great shop. The staff has good knowledge on corals. I also think that a shop that keeps the tanks clean does care about the reef customers. /Pat

Dale Solander

Always get better quality fish than at the chain's. Your tank environment is important for fish health but I have had minimal problems with fish from here and I have purchased fish from multiple chain stores over my hobby history.

Brendan Travers

I came in here not knowing exactly where to start, but the staff walked me through everything I needed and have been outstanding in helping me through the process of starting my first reef tank. All their fish look very healthy, and I love supporting a local small business. Could not recommend enough.

Richard McCreedy

Great store to get fish and supplies. Like that they have real growing water plants. Not the small ones sold at large pet chains that come in a plastic tube rooted in jelly.....they never last and usually 1 or 2 are dead already. These are healthy and thriving before they even leave the store.

Sheri Costa

New to the fish keeping hobby I have been doing a lot of research for about 6 months now. Traveling within a 50 mile radius North and South of my home visiting every Tropical Fish Store I could find. By far Lovely Pets is my favorite. Their tanks are absolutely spotless, they have a great selection of fish, supplies, decorations and my favorite freshwater plants! The staff is extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. I am beyond grateful to Cory for spending so much time with me in answering all of my many questions and I’m so very excited to know that I have finally found a Tropical Fish Store for all my aquatic needs. Be sure to check this place out, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!!

Daniel Mitchell

I wouldn't consider buying fish anywhere else. The store is amazing with a wide selection of fish and great products. The owners are super helpful. I could spend hours in there just looking at all the fish.

Vtec Banger

Love this place. I've coming from years. If you like salt water or fresh water fish this place is the best.

My 2 pence

They have such a wide selection, and carry live food- bloodworms, brine shrimp etc. They sell nearly any of their underwater plants, and carry a different variety of betta fish. I always love to see what they have!!

Anastasia Li

I had a bad experience previously with another store because I didn't know about pH, temperature, chemicals, etc. I'd spent about $100 buying fish and all the fish died. I wanted to give it another try so I went online and found this store. I explained my problem to one of the attendants and they gave me some "good bacteria" for free and showed me some strong fish so they'd survive our tank. We brought the fish home and wanted to get more a day later. We went back, with our water, and they gave it a FREE test. They explained the problem and strongly recommended us not to get anymore fish just in case the fish didn't survive. We're told to come back in a week and I can't wait!! Their prices are noticeably cheaper, I remember seeing some of the same exact types of fish that were half the prices of the other store. The attendants are friendly even though I know I can be a bit too much for some people and they weren't annoyed when I came back the second time. This is a 11/10!!!!! I hope you will come to this store because they're truly amazing and have great service.

Myia Battle

Store needs upgrade. Very dark and very unattractive.

Braulio Gonzalez

Great place! Visited for the first time the other day, and was amazed of selection of fish, corals, decorations and equipment. I got help right when I walked in and everybody was kind and very helpful. They helped get everything I need to start my reef tank. I will be a regular customer at lovely pets.


Despite the not so attractive front entrance and construction in the area; date of this review, as of June 2019. The store needs a little tidy up, but overall I would recommend the Lovely Pets aquarium pet store for all your tropical saltwater and freshwater aquarium needs, as they feature a large variety of live fish for beginners, intermediate, and even serious, fish keepers alike who know a thing or two about the hobby of the aquarium keeping. They have a modest selection of crustaceans, kois and large live fish. Unfortunately I did not found the Ghostnife fish I was looking for on my quick visit to the store, the attending woman told me that they have limited stock from time to time, so definitely I will be back soon.

Greg Gregory

Best local fish store in the Boston area

Lisa Stevenson

Friendly knowledgeable staff that can help keep your salt water tank beautiful. Lots of tropical fish and corals to choose from.

Mary Lang

Steve and his crew is the best

Brian Robinson

Great, knowledgeable staff, fish kept in excellent condition. I'm not an expert by any means but the difference between a place like this and a bigger, more well known pet store is immediately apparent as soon as I walked in. We've been back twice and will continue to go.

Aaron Montague

Amazing, old school LFS. Friendly staff with a wide variety of knowledge that aims for the best for your fish.

Victor Morse

One of the few solid aquarium shops in town. They are very fish focused. So, while it may not be the best place for equipment, it is the best place for actual fish. Great selection. Well cared for. Fresh, salt, and pond; they stock it all. All sizes, leviathan to minnow. You will find a fish to match your tank.

Yeuris Castillo

Great pet store..they have plenty of knowledge and very helpful!!!

Zulma Gonzalez

Great advice and aupport...

Nicholas Mcdonoough

Place has been here forever too bad it seems like that whole area is under construction. What will happen when this building goes under construction? Will you guys stick around? Very good place to get stuff that other places do not have! Great location to get in and out! Parking is not too bad. Like all places it does get hot inside! I have been to trying to check out all aquarium pet stores and this is a top pick for location and accessibility! Framingham is twice the distance uncle Ned’s is in the middle of no where but very knowledgeable! Taunton and Fall River are very good as well! DOES ANYTHING LIKE THIS HAPPEN AROUND HERE? October 12-13, 2019 | Saturday 10 am - 6 pm | Sunday 10 am - 4 pm Secaucus, NJ | Meadowlands Exposition Center

Robert Woods

Awesome pet shop

Sara C

I am SO impressed with the level of customer service at this store! I came in as a "fish novice" and both of the owners were so helpful in getting me set up with a tank that was both low-maintenance and filled with beautiful fish! They are so knowledgeable, friendly, and set you up to succeed! If you are looking for a place to get beautiful healthy fish, and great customer service, look no further!

Matt Dill

Fantastic inventory of hardscape, aquascape and fish. Way more than any other store in the Boston area. It's clean and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.

James Radziewicz

After trying various large chain stores that were local to me I tried Lovely Pets. The outside really wasn't anything to look at but I went inside anyway. I was amazed by how many different types of fish they had. Everyone that worked there seemed to know everything, at least what I needed help with as far as making my water quality better. I began to start a new fish tank and they helped me get the water quality to the right levels so I could introduce some African Cichlids. I live I the north shore and for me to go to the store is probably like a 20 minute drive. The trip is definitely worth it and I suggest this store to anyone looking for a fish store that won't let you down.

Brad stearns

You're in for a treat and fabulous service. I used to own a tropical fish store many years ago. Have the eye for healthy fish. And especially the salts, you'll be mesurmised at the healthy environments - especially the invertabrates. Just wish it was a bit less cluttered and a bit cleaner. I'd add, I was there for the fish, and I know from experience that it's tough keeping things clean in a fish store.


Very nice family store

Michael Parry

Great LFS. Very helpful and knowledge

Marie Francis

Great store, well maintained selection of fish, plants, and rock.

Andrew Coots

Great selection and excellent service. The staff was very willing to help me out getting started with discus. Needless to say this is now my primary local fish store!

Mar Klo

Very knowlegable people. A lot of live stock fresh and salt. A lot of hardware.

Brett Coleman

This establishment had a very large selection of fresh and salt water fish plus corals. And the prices on all of them were more than reasonable. The store was over an hour from where I live, and i will not go anywere else from this point on.The customer service and prices were outstanding, and knowledge was beyond perfect. I asked trick questions to try and stump them involving live stock, fish behavior, and acclimatization, and every question was answered perfectly. I highly recommend going to this store to get an aquarium started, or add fish to an existing aquarium . Because they go above and beyond to help experienced and new beginner's make their tanks thrive!!!

Jason Parks

Great service, one of the last places you can truly find aquarium enthusiast

Stephen Nelson

These guys are great. Very knowledgeable and happy to help with anything you need. I don't go anywhere else!

Josh Cretinon

Pretty awesome store good selection of fish both fresh and salt prices are reasonable for the health of the fish.

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