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REVIEWS OF Larsen's Fish Market IN Massachusetts

Cindy Gibson

Great steamers and oysters!

Enzo D

I've had oysters and steamers from all over. I normally always get littlenecks because I think they're more tender than oysters and I usually get small sweet oysters for the same reason. Here I had the largest oysters of my life on their recommendation and I didn't regret it. They were by far the most tender oysters I ever had, same with the steamers we had. Just amazing seafood, I only wish they were opened later in the day for dinner because you have to go for lunch or get off the beach early in order to get here before they close on weekdays (close at 6). If you're on the vineyard this fish market needs to be worked into your plans for the trip.

Nae Nay

Wicked good clam chowder, my boyfriend is in love with the lobster bisque, and the lobster rolls are amazing and while you wait for your order you can look at all the giant lobsters and crabs in the tank! Overall fun experience

Victoria Ramoutar

This place always brings me back to my childhood the fresh seafood is the best way to go when you're on the island there are tons of fish markets and plenty of places that prepare the seafood but I love the freshness of this location

James Zale

Awesome clam chowder, steamers, oysters, lobster and lobster roll.

Preciosa Suthiqul

They have everything ready for you

sandy nosworthy

Good eatery. Not really a cafe. Fish market.good eating. Lobster bisque. Salmon cakes yum

Andrew Schneider

Best lobster roll on the island. They come prepacked during busy days so you can breeze on through to the beach. Their oysters are fresh daily and the best on the island. Clam chowder is good, but lobster bisque is better

gordon larrivee

Their chowder is much like my mom made, thin very flavorful white broth.

fred corcoran

Awesome place to buy fish. Owner is a great guy

Doug Harris

Chowduh' so good that when the bird pooped on me, I kept eating. Now that i think about it, I may have also consumed poo, but the chowder was great, so I doubt it had poo in it. If it did, it was not served that way, but with a smile. A+

Reidar Evensen

Nice "Norwegian" family shop selling fresh seafood

TechCarsAnd EverythingElse

Some of the best seafood you will ever eat. Because Larsen''s is so close to the ocean the seafood comes direct form the fishing boats which you can look at on the docks. This means you are getting world-class new England style seafood for about the same price as a cheap restaurant. (you obviously have to make the journey to the island to experience the food) (not cheap).

Stephen Trahan

Four and half stars. Larson's does a great job. My only disappointment was that I used to be able to find a marinated snail salad in their refrigerated case to go, but no one knew what I was even asking about. Sad about that. It's a Portuguese specialty salad usually found in Rhode island/New Bedford areas.

marx alot

Incredible fresh fish and seafood.

Clark Kugler

Wish we had this in Cincinnati. Stopped 3 times in one week

Ryan Murray

DO NOT EAT HERE! YOUR MICROWAVE WILL WORK JUST FINE AT HOME. Service is great and friendly, and Im sure they have freshest seafood from market. Ordering food from here is a big mistake.

Charles Lamb

Great shell fish. Fresh. Right by the beach. The place to be on MV.

Robert Grismer

Nice little fishing port

Kym Nelson

Great but wait was very long.

Julian Tempelsman

Best fish on the island. Amazing people. A must do!

Ron Greenberg

It's what you imagined and want a Vineyard fishmonger to be: a veritable shack on the dock with fishing boats right out the back door. Besides the friendly service and excellent selections, what could be better than eating a dozen fresh-shucked oysters right outside, sitting on a wooden box with a lobster pot as a table? Decor? This is perfect.

David Marr

The Best! 4 pound lobster and they cooked it up! Delicious!

Lisa Peltier

Fabulous seafood, wonderful people. Congrats on 50 years!!!

Avi Smith-Rapaport

Yummy friendly fresh. I wish they'd learn to make their fish cakes with gluten free flour so everyone can enjoy. A proper chef can easily integrate flour without changing the taste whatsoever.

Gary 3100

Food is great in a fun area of Martha's vineyard.

Kate Rushing

No atmosphere (or drinks) but amazing simple food

Jon Schulman

You've never had fresher fish from a feistier fish monger. Admittedly, the service can be a little slow, but it's well worth the wait. if you really want to be slick, call ahead with your order. And remember that they have both fresh and cooked shellfish and seafood available.

Riel Peerbooms

Fantastic every time.

John Derek Guynn

A Vineyard institution. Always the best.


Excellent sea food.

Omni A.

Buttery lobster rolls. Very fresh

James Leary

Awesome fresh seafood. Dockside, very fresh

Melissa Dyas

The hot buttered lobster rolls are to die for! Larsen's are the best on the island.

Brian Burton

Great place

Marc Corliss

Great fresh seafood with a lot of different options. Can get either take out or seafood to cook at home. A little touristy but that's exactly what I was looking for.


Best Oyters ever

Tim McCann

Legit. Best fish market on island. Staffed by owners, family and trusted friends. All are knowledgeable and generally awesome. Littlenecks are my go to, but cherrystones, oysters, lobster are all outstanding from the take out window. The smoked bluefish spread... get some. Sole.... yum. Grabbing fish for dinner that is just a few hours out of the sea is just impossible to beat.

Georgia Levy

Freshest seafood on the island!

o0Hotiron0o .

Nice little family owned fish market in a beautiful little fishing village named Menemsha

Benjamin Wehrer

Great fish selection, locally owned, and its always fresh. Very friendly staff.

Alexis Student

A perfect place to stop for a delicious lunch with a beautiful view. Fresh steamers and a mile high lobster roll. You can watch them bring in fresh fish into the back door

John Bunker

Fresh fish, great people.!!

Paul Siegel

Love the down to earth simplicity of this real fish store. Have a quahog, and if this doesn't change your life, I'm sorry. Nothing will. :-)

Oliver Ames

This place has the freshest fish on the island. The pre-made food is good and the lobster tanks are right at eye level so kids can look in at all the different lobsters. Pick up dinner here to cook at home while you are staying on the island!

Loren Mathis

There's room for all of about 5 people inside, but a MUST DO if you're near the area. If you're a fan of really fresh seafood in a harbor setting this is the place to be. Get the muscles!

Evan Thorne

Amazing staff and great quality. A true neighborhood gem!

Eugenia Dante

The real deal. This place knows fish and what a view while you eat. I never miss Larsen’s if I’m on island. Can’t wait to get back.

Joy Norgard

We were vacationing and stumbled upon this place. It is very good.

Vinny Salvati

Nice place to buy VV gear, kinda pricey but hey when in Rome!

Massimo Piamonti

Great fish!!!

Tommy Drummy

Shrimp is amazing!

Reggie Chambers

The best fish market on island and great owner and staffs

Erika Graves

Great family owned place

Sheep Dog

Excellent lobster. 4 stats for seating situation (Benches are in direct sunlight without any tables),. Trying to eat oysters and a lobster roll in direct wind and sun without a table with your paper plate blowing out of your hands is difficult.

James Tetreault

Such a cool spot.


Good quality seafood at an average price

Electra Jones

Doesn't get any fresher! This is a great grab and go style place for chowder, bisque, oysters etc. They have some benches and picnic tables out back. If your looking for great clam chowder on MV, this was where I was told to go! And they were right! The lobster bisque was also incredible!

Noelle Bouvier

Delicious lobster and crab cakes

Wyatt Moore

A great place worth checking out right off of the beach, fantastic food for a good price and a really good experience. Worth making a trip to the far side of the vineyard for

Courtney Rhone

Delicious fresh seafood! Loved the view at sunset!! Stunning!

Bennett Goldberg

Rich 50 year history. Fresh, literally off the boat varieties of fish. Small kitchen can prepare foods to eat outside in a comfortable community atmosphere of like minded adventurers who enjoy a rustic experience by the harbor. They are to Lobster Rolls in MVY, what Dublin Pubs are to Pint Guinness!

Deborah Bove

Always great!

Nelson Quintero

If ever in Menemsha, a must.

Susan Sadler

Been going there for a decade. The best!

Mary Wilder

Great Lobster Rolls and Chowder...Stuffed Scallop + Crab cakes..Very fresh

Matt Coolen

It's a really cool experience but the chowder is meh and I paid for 3 lobsters and only got two. Didn't notice till I got to the beach. Won't do it again.

Vera Battiste

Lobster and a Menemsha sunset...this is why I return!

Adriana C.

Good food, great location with wonderful views. Small menu, but seafood was very fresh. I was disappointed to see that the lobster mac and cheese was microwaved before serving to guests. Seating is very limited and only outside, so there would be no place to sit if the weather is foul. The only beverage option was bottled water.

Sally Desrosiers

Seafood does not get any fresher. Fantastic! Having to sit outside by the dock only makes it that much more New England!

Michael Kitchens

Clams on the half shell fresh cold and very filling. Mr and Mrs Larsen are so enjoyable to speak with.

Antonio Foglia

The oysters and hot lobster roll is are a must!

Alex Alapatt

This is the type of fish market I expect to visit by the sea: fish slime running in the main room while people, just coming from the beach, wear no shoes and make their order.

Yvette Gallardo D'Elia

The closest you’ll get to fresh seafood without jumping into the water.

Christopher Barrett

Fresh fish, friendly staff.

Leonard Beaudin

Order your cooked lobsters ahead of time,and exspect a crowd at pickup! Go in the morning to buy dinner,and avoid the chaos in Menemsha! In the evening! EVERYONE NEEDS TO EXPERIENCE IT IN AUGUST! {Once}

James G.

In the fishing village of Menemsha, Mass., the knowledgeable staff at Larsen's Fish Market sells locally caught seafood and fresh food from the kitchen. Giada went for the chowder and precracked "Lazy Man Lobsters." Bring your takeout loot to the beach for a sunset picnic.

Jeanette Higgins

Lobster rolls by the fish shack

Jack Skammels

Best and freshest seafood on the plannet.

Paul Kukla

Great selection, good value, good service, good beer selection

Michael Webber

Great seafood, fresh and cooked. Love the smoked bluefish.

Mariel Gilbert

Best lobster roll - get the hot buttered. Also best chowder - lots of clams!!!

Bert Noey

Hot buttered lobster roll is all you need to know!!

Dr. Dianna Bolen

Carry out. Family owned. A favorite among tourists and islanders alike. Fresh fish and shellfish daily.

Tom Connelly

License is the best the best The Vineyard has to offer been going there for 40 years

noah jackson

Nice market to buy fresh locally caught fish

Ed Fischer

Best scallops and lobster ever!!!

Sara Locko

I have wonder memories coming here frequently as a child w/ my family, as summer residents. The seafood was fresh & wonderful. The Larson staff were wonderful at welcoming & caring at serving the customers who entered Larsen's Fish Market. Fond memories! Thank you.

J. B

This place was recommended to us for some reason. It looks quaint and like it should be a good spot to eat, but when our $10 Lobster Bisque wasn’t very good, and our $14 (?). lobster Mac & Cheese was pulled out of a microwave. We had crab cakes too which were mushy and gross. Service was apathetic too. Try harder!

Kristin McIntire

Eat in the rough off the pier or take out, either way, a unique dining experience. The lobster is amazing, and the fish

Alex Salkin

Three crabs and two pounds of mussels for $17. Great prices!

Dana Lehmer

Really loved their fresh fish!

Allison Croot

Amazing Lobster! Cooked, packaged and ready to take to eat down at the beach!


An amazing place for eating superfresh seafood and watching incredible sunsets. Service was exceptional, entire staff was super friendly and very welcoming!

Ian Woodley

Larsen's Fish Market was a highlight of my trip to Marthas Vineyard. It really doesn't get any fresher than this. Their boats are out back and bring in fresh goodness twice daily. They have some cold stuff you can grab and go from the fridge like Lobster Rolls or you can get warm stuff like Stuffed Quahogs or freshly shucked oysters. For seafood freshness and quality trump everything and Larsen's has that in spades. Seating is picnic tables beside the shop and you'll have to bring your own beer/wine. The people are especially friendly and you can tell that they are there because they love what they do. A must visit on the island.

Donna K Williams

Great Service!!! The freshest and tastiest seafood ever!!!

Karen Wells

Best fresh seafood on the Island

marlon miller

Always can expect fresh fisheries.

Jibrail Nor

Great lobster rolls, long lines. Very popular

Aisha Samad

The seafood is so fresh! Never disappointed

Mike Fletcher

Great selection of fresh fish as well as prepared items for take out that are also available frozen/chilled. Including lobster rolls, lump crab cakes, lobster bisque, shrimp cocktail, gluten free clam chowder, etc. Small place overall so on busy days expect a line out the door but service is prompt.

J Grills

We go for the pre-ordered lobster which is the highlight. Raw bar and shrimp cocktail are also great. Only weak food item is the crabcake. Too much breading. Go to Larsens, eat on the docks and then watch the sunset into the ocean on the beach. A great experience. Oh, parking is a challenge but just be patient. Eventually someone leaves but you have to "camp out" for a spot.

Caleb B

Bought hot stuffies from them first night then cold fish second night, then today saw them delivered frozen boxed lobster bisque. Not cool. So much for expecting fresh, home made. Forget that

m. LeonardTyson

Lobster bisque 2 die 4...

Edward Prokop

Fantastic. Fresh, tasty, one of a kind. Go to watch the sunset but get there early, especially during high season. Grab a spot on the beach and then get in line. Try EVERYthing. It's all good....just down to your taste.

Ben Noam

Best lobstah

Laura Soul Brown

Try it.

Jim Boylan

The food is as fresh as can be. The surroundings are quintessential New England.

Crawford Del Prete

Great fresh

jam/es turner

Nice and predictable. Always chaotic, however, fresh and tasty lobsters and seafood at a good price.

Alice Foreman

Delicious scallops and Vineyard Sole Fresh caught

Dennis Derstine

Little fish market/seafood spot. Chowder and bisque was amazing. It ain't fancy, but man was it good. A must stop when you go to Marthas Vineyard.

Ryan Aulenbach

Really good lobster roll. Not my favorite but still excellent!

Toirleac OBrien

Bright and buzzy. Tasty food cheerful staff.

TJ Hegarty

Just the best fish market on earth Betsy, Christeen and crew are monsters in the kitchen and on the fillet knife

Rob Anderson

Oysters at the beach? I'm sold. Call in your lobster order before 2pm!

F Superbravedude

Amazing spot, and fantastic clam chowder

Melanie Dwyer

Owners are great, seafood is always fresh!

Tom Bruning

What a great lunch. We stopped by Larsen's for lunch and shared delicious steamers (clams), an absolutely scrumptious lobster roll and stuffed scallops, quahogs, and a fish cake. It seems that the lunch idea is sort of an afterthought to a great fishmonger. For all practical purposes there is no dining room, just a collection of giant spools, discarded lobster pots and makeshift driftwood for al fresco dining on the dock. You have to get drinks at the gas station down the street, but if you want fresh seafood, expertly prepared, this is the place to go on Martha's Vineyard.


Fresh fish right off the boat. Must try for seafood lovers.

Rich Krueger

Great selection

LaMia Chapman

Awful we got sick from their lobster roll

Wayne Church

The freshest lobster oysters and clams. Limited menu to lobster rolls stuffed scallops and clams steamers and chowders

Kerri Hay

Great little place down by the water. Fresh local fish. The only thing we didnt really enjoy what the clam chowder. Pretty watery. But the lobster and oysters were great, and you can eat it out back while watching the fishing boats come in and out!

stephen dufresne

Islands best fish market.

Edward Prus, DDS

Larsen's fish market. Do you like fish? You can get fish at Larson's. That's a Captain Obvious kind of statement. They will cook it for you as well and all you have to do is sit down grab a knife and fork and enjoy it wherever you're staying.. The lobster bisque the clam chowder are delicious they take the fresh fish caught of the day and will cook it for you to take home to wherever you are staying a good deal. Prices aren't necessarily cheap but it is a good deal done the less

Phil Lutz

Best lobster and scallops ever. Betsy knows her business!

Ryan Eakin

This is a can't miss stop every time we go to MV. The seafood here is fresh and much cheaper than at the island's restaurants and other stands. The stuffed clams and lobster rolls are almost half the price we've paid at other places, much larger, and fresher. The service is great too. This is also the location of the original 'Jaws' movies, or so I've been told.

Brent Parish

I don't like making places low because there's always a chance it was an off-day for them or something. But the lobster roll was small and the bisque thin. I shouldn't have expected much because it was a lunch special for $18 so of course it's not going to be packed with mega-lobster! But beyond the size it was only what we'd call ok for taste/quality.

Stephen Place

Excellent fish. Couldn't be fresher! Very nice people.

Paul Smith

Get steamed lobster straight off the boat...yum!

Patrick J Goar

The food and service here is great! 10/10 would recommend.

Tracy Struebig

Stopped by to visit while on vacation. The place was very nice. The people were very friendly and polite. I don't remember if we ate here or not. We went to so many places. But I do remember that the place was very nice & clean.

Taylor Vandenboogaard

Delicious lobster roll.

Ladarrius Rozier

Always a pleasure! Lobster and the sunset is a winning combination

Mike DiFranco

Great fresh seafood, right off the boat. Get fresh fish to cook at home or take out from the kitchen.

mike belsky

Friendly people, great food.

Nichét Miller

Never disappoints; excellent, fresh seafood.

Kirk Foster

Simple establishment with good flavours. Anything with "cake" in the title should probably be ordered to go, as they will charge a dollar extra to microwave, and it will end up... well, microwaved, partially burnt and partially uncooked. We were there twice in the off season and both times the servers seemed bored and short, but they were the only game in town. No complaints, but not exactly high value.

Sam Sullivan

Best and freshest seafood on the island.

Deborah Davis

Superb smoked oysters and bluefish patte!!

Brad Chaffee

Larsen's has a full fish store as well as a takeout operation with some of the best lobsters and seafood I have had.

Andrew Caven

The location and setting are perfect, but the food at the restaurant is pretty sub par, especially considering it's location. The lobster roll we ordered for $16 was a hot dog bun, smothered in butter with 3 pieces of lobster meat placed inside and the microwaved until the meat was spongy and almost tasteless. The clam chowder and steamed mussels were only slightly better. Overall, this tasted like seafood you would get way inland somewhere... The fresh fish counter did look amazing. That's what keeps this rating at 3 stars because if I were cooking my own fish I would absolutely come back.

Lisa L

Have been eating fresh and cooked seafoods from here for many years, always perfect

Cecilia Garcia

Delicious hot or cold lobster rolls! The place to go to when you need a fresh lobster roll fix in the off-season. An added bonus — the views are stunning!


Great fish food. A must if in the locality. Had the lobster rolls. Delicious.

Sylvie Gerardo

Incredible oysters and lobster rolls! The shop is a bit snug, but the service is speedy and friendly so not a problem. Outdoor seating has a great view, just walk a minute to the beach and catch a lovely MV sunset. Proud to represent with my Larsen's hat wherever I go!

Joseph Sackman

Best lobster rolls ever! Not the only reason to go, but if you want the freshest and tastiest you have to go to Larsen's.

Chandler Smith

Can't get seafood any fresher than this awesome market right on the docks they also prepare and cook some of the best lobster I've ever had yum!

Michael GKL

Awesome seafoods Seamen's real seafood stuffed scolops was best i ever ate. Good jobs guys thanks

Dorene Davis

Very pleasant and accommodating. New and old tastes to try. Good lobster roll!

sathiskumar periyasamy

it was nice experience to have food at the back side of the market.

James Stovall

Fresh oysters on the half shell, stuffed quahogs, and sumptuous lobster bisque.

Lucia Re

This is a classic place to buy fresh or prepared local seafood. You can also bring your own drinks and enjoy oysters or anything else they sell, sitting on the benches outside facing the beautiful marina. Well worth waiting in line.

Petra Jovanović

Fish is always fresh and all the food from the kitchen is delicious!

steve holtz

Visit for raw oysters and cooked lobsters that came out of the water the same day. It doesn't get any fresher than this. Bring a beach chair, a bottle of wine, and enjoy it all outside while watching fishing boats dock to unload their catch at Larsen's back door.

Jess Rayner

Of the lobster rolls we had over the weekend, this was my least favorite. The "fresh" lobster rolls were heated up in the microwave and butter was ladled on top. Hoped for something a little fresher than that. The lobster meat was good, but not as good as I had hoped for.

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