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REVIEWS OF Angler Fish Market & Chowder IN Massachusetts

J Scheeler

Food all tasted the same. Number one ingredient...pepper. Good drinks but so does everyone else in the area. Not sure what happen, it used to be good. Wait staff is nice but food has no flavor.

Karen Parmenter

Great dinner. Love it here. The owner is a super person. Thank you for helping us out tonight!

Alberto Rodriguez

The best seafood chowder in town, period. Great service and outstanding food. Can't wait to go back,

Matthew StThomas

Quality food. You pay for it. But spoon worth it. Best seafood chowder I've ever had and we're from Maine...

Cy League

A bit pricey, but excellent food. I recommend the chowder (of course) and the fish and chips. An out of the way local joint.

Alicia Merritt

On the recommendation of friends, I went here for what I thought would be just a dozen $1 oysters and a glass of wine.... well those 1$ oysters turned into 2dozen oysters, seafood chowdah, crab cakes, swordfish w/linguine, wine & Lemon Italian Creme Cake.... the oysters where fresh, briney and sweet, the seafood chowdah was excellent (I am no stranger to chowdahs either) filled with seafood, creamy and a real good balance of flavors. The crab cakes had a real good amount of crab and not loaded with fillers. It was served with chipotle aioli, that was ok, it was just to much on the plate, less aioli next time. The swordfish, to die for... cooked to perfection and melted in my mouth! The linguine was cooked just right. The wine came in 2 sizes, 6oz & 9oz, go for the larger size, more wine for your $. The dessert, very good! It is a good stocked small bar area with a TV overhead. The space is interesting, long as opposed to wide. Beth, our server, was great! Friendly, engaging, helpful with the menu and I notice her great attitude toward everyone in the restaurant. This restaurant has a kids menu and is handicap accessible. There was a wait, a busy Wednesday! You can see the chefs cooking as it is an open concept. This is also a fish market, although I did not buy any for take away, it all looked quite fresh. I believe they also have GF items on Sundays. Every Wednesday & Sundays.. $1 oysters.... Yes Please! Highly recommend.

Debbie Palizzolo

Love this place so much. Ask about fish skin treats for your dog

Timothy Kirwan

We love this small seafood cafe and have had great food and service in the past. Last evening, it was very busy and only one server doing everything but the bar. She did a great job but it was uneven. Food was mixed. Famous seafood chowder was too salty, for the first time. Swordfish au pouive was overcooked and strange. Suggest sauce on the side. Haddock entrees were awesome. Onion strings perfect.

Chris Bedard

Great food every time I've been here.

Johanna Lopez

1$ oysters nice n fresh on wed, n sund

Leslie W

Always fresh, prepared well and nice size portions. Friendly staff!

Douglas Tremblay

This is a great place to get fresh seafood

Kristen Poirier

We stopped into The Angler for Friday night date night. Everything was perfect and delicious! I tried the blueberry cosmo which was amazing while my husband stuck with his tried and true beer which did not disappoint. Our food was super yummy, I had the sweet and sour swordfish and my husband had the classic fish and chips. We will most definitely be back soon!

David Vallone

Pricey we ordered haddock lunch plate for 14.00 a piece you get your choice of one side. Not use of that most places give you a potato and slaw. We asked instead for a side salad which coated us an additional 2.00. I cannot believe the high rating likely because not many places in this part offer fish. This place would never survive in the eastern part of the state where I am from. Never go back to this place again unless i want to be taken advantage of.

Josh Harless

Great place

Matt Hanks

Burger was awesome.

Michael Grubb

Outstanding! Best meal out in a while.

Kemona Palmer

Great food and great service!

thomas nevins

lunch recently, deep room with the bar at rear and kitchen to side, pretty busy and noisy, drinks were good as was the food.

Terry Bennett


Randee Collins

I picked up a Fisherman's Platter here just yesterday. I paid $30.00 for a pile of limp french fries under a plate of seafood of which the clams were full of grit and sand, so disappointed

Armin Keidel

Can't miss the $1 Oysters on Wednesdays.

Julie Cepeda

Nice atmosphere, staff great and friendly

Holly Fisher

Wanted to like it....atmosphere was pleasant as was the waitress. However, my husband's fish was undercooked... gelatinous! Ewww! She offered to take it back...husband declined in favor of cooking it to completion himself at home. I asked for my salad (my meal) to have dressing on the came mixed in....waitress offered to get me MORE dressing instead of taking it back. It was too soaked in bleu cheese to be fresh or even pleasant tasting. The nail in the coffin (the reason we won't return) was that there was no apology or adjustment on the bill. Nope. Don't ever need to visit here again. Oh...and one more thing...would it be that hard to give forks AND knives? Not one knife on the table to cut food!

Paul Lanciani

Excellent food and friendly staff.

Donna Severance

Great seafood and service!!!

Thomas Marrone

Fresh tastey seafood in a casual setting. Never fails to please.

Michelle Fletcher

Such great food and good portions. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful.

Andres Leon

This place has a great selection on sea food. The chowder is a must! Definitely a place to visit anytime!

preap savage

Really good fish and chips reasonably priced

Carmen Ebert

Fantastic food and friendly service. Only one person running the front and one in the back, so expect a wait, but it's worth it!


Excellent food and staff.

A Google User

Delicious food! Super friendly staff. The seafood chowder was thick and rich filled with lots of seafood!!!!

Todd Miller

I really enjoyed the fish sandwich. The waitress during the day on Friday's is great!

jay kay

Omg, I'm so happy this place exists!!

John Johanson

What a wonderful discovery! A menu with so many great options, and a very hospitable staff. Seating so close you can talk to the chef and really enjoy the whole experience. One note, the chef cooks with lots of love!!

David Bugner

Really good fresh seafood.

David Rubin

Hearty food. Pleasant service. Chowder very full of seafood but could have been hotter in temp. Pretzel crusted halibut was nice but not seasoned well. Good but not great.



Sandra Robinson

Loved the amazing food and drinks. Gorgeously created tables. Friendly and good location

Jeff Scorse

As always, good food and wonderful staff.

nadine nichols

Fresh, shrimp appetizer outstanding!

Jody Nichelson

This place was a great hole in the wall. I had fabulous salmon, dill soup and grilled shrimp. Delish! Great service too!

Ayser Elamim

Fresh seafood an excellent drinks

Thomas Anton

Great food and prices and staff


I did not have a great experience for our first visit. We got the half tower it looked nice and tasted ok. All of our oysters had quite a bit on shell in each bite unfortunately. The I ordered the swordfish Au poivre I did not get that. I got swordfish with garlic butter the first time and the second time I got the dijon sauce that come on the pretzel crusted halibut. There was a little bit of pepper sprinkled on top. I was not sending my food back a 3rd time so I just lived with it. We were offered 10% off. Just not my cup of tea.

Matthew Valeri

Went for lunch and my wife and I both got the Fish and Chips. The lunch portion was adequate. The fish was cooked well. I had regular fries and they were nothing special (restaurant supply), my wife had sweet potato fries and felt they needed seasoning. Prices were high for a small restaurant. The food is good, but there is no atmosphere, basically a small bar, a fishmonger counter, and a few tables. You're paying premium restaurant prices (and eating decent food) but sitting in a hole in the wall restaurant. I'd go back with friends, but wouldn't go back on my own.

Cynthia Dargin

The fish is fresh and perfectly prepared. Nice sized portions. A great drink menu. Clean and friendly atmosphere. Eat in or take home, you can't go wrong.

Bruce David

A angler was one of the best places I've had fish and chips and a long time to fish and chips would be fantastic the shrimp was great and the service was fast

Margaret Maranian

We have visited The Angler twice this summer. We were hoping the second time would be better, the answer is no. We brought family there for a nice meal and atmosphere. We waited over an hour for our food, when it came our vegetables were cold and my sister’s fish was not completely cooked. Our waitress was either stretched thin or didn’t care, she forgot our drink refills, avoided our table as the time ticked by and was a bit sarcastic by the end. Lastly, the noise level of banging from the kitchen was crazy...dishes, pots, etc. Very disappointed as we frequently ate there in the past. Not happy to write such a review, being retired and living in the area, we are looking for positive memorable experiences and good places to share with friends and family.

John Pappas

Small but friendly place food can compete with any in New England. Seafood that's fresh, you can see it before it's cooked, and no greasy after taste. Also serves adult beverages.

Jess Brooks

So. Good. Really some of the best seafood I've had in a while - my friends and I spent the whole meal spontaneously commenting on how good it was.

Do Dp

Best sea food

John Lastname

I used to love this place, i dont know what happened but the food is no good anymore

Mike Cooley

Always a great meal, lunch or dinner you will enjoy the freshest seafood available.

Heather Holloway

The fish here is always fresh and staff is friendly. Highly recommended for dine in, takeout and their retail fish which is excellent. Try the pretzel crusted Haddock!

Jay Johnston

Little bit of wait but worth it. Chowder was excellent

Ken Normandin

Favorite place

Chris Gatautis

Delicious....great people, and food

Nicholas Turalski

Excellent food with a great seafood selection. Fresh and delicious, service was also very good!

linda nicholopoulos

On Tuesdays, The Angler has gluten free nite. They r one of the few seafood restaurants that offer GF fish & chips. Very good, & fresh. The food is good, but they r rather pricey. They also have a fish market, w a good selection of seafood.

Diana Hart

I went in to pick dinner and stayed for lunch. The day time gals were a great crew. Victoria was helpful with fish . I had wellfleet and est Dennis oysters that were briney fresh, sweet and succulent.delighted with the mignonette sauce which they didnt need. My lobster roll was a mound of delicious, lightly dressed tender meat chunks. Slaw was the perfect tang to balance . They have a small well stocked bar. I highly recommend the Angler.

Seth Avakian

Delicious fast and friendly service

Kenneth Schuh

Really glad a friend local to this area recommended this place. Excellent food and reasonable prices.

John Chernoch

The best clam chowder around

Tamara Price

My husband and I were looking forward to a nice dinner on Friday night (5/3/19) after a long week of work. We had a gift certificate from The Angler that was given to my husband for Christmas by one of his students. He's a respected teacher in the area and often receives them annually from many of his students. It's no wonder as The Angler (under former ownership) was once well-loved in the community and we enjoyed eating there or taking fresh fish home to cook ourselves. When I presented the gift certificate I was greeted rudely by the owner and told that they wouldn't honor it because they expected fraud. For fish? By whom? I had been in a few weeks earlier to use one and they accepted it very reluctantly and accusingly telling me that they would only honor them until summer. This is only May 3rd so we were trying to use them before this odd summer "deadline". Nope, turned away. When I got home and informed my husband he contacted them immediately to kindly get an explanation. I should mention that he is an honorable man, a decorated/disabled veteran, and has a very gentle demeanor. The response he got from Diane Girard was that they didn't legally have to honor the gift certificate, vaguely implying fraud by the previous owners (who we've never even met). Sure enough, there was already a thread going on their FB page about this as we hadn't been the only folks turned away. My husband tried to join the thread to relate his story to the others and Diane Girard hastily deleted his truthful comment and banned us. These people are supposed to be "earning" the community's business. Unfortunately for them I guess they assume that they're "entitled" to it. I wish I could comment on the food under the new ownership (since 2018) but they wouldn't accept our 100% legitimate gift certificate. My apologies for being so negative but I feel like we were treated very poorly. I don't believe their story of "fraud" and I feel that maybe they're just using it as a way out of paying the cost of doing business. The Angler used to be great so there are probably a lot of other gift certificates out there and I am sorry for the other folks who will lose out as well. These new owners don't seem to realize that for every gift certificate recipient they turn away that there is also someone who paid good money for the certificate in the first place. Not sure if my review will mean anything to anyone but if they continue to treat people like this then the problem will probably take care of itself.

Kremdal TheOrc

After the ownership changed.. tried twice but I'm done. The seafood chowder that was so creamy filled with real chunks of lobster, shrimp, fish and scallops is now, at best, Lemon Potato Soup with one piece of fish and two shrimp. And the bulk of it was left uneaten (was take out). But luckily what was amazing for $19.99 is now disgusting at $27.00... 40% increase in price ish and what was 5 stars is now one... because that's the lowest. Buffalo shrimp weren't as good. Overcooked and a little rubbery. Buffalo sauce was ok. Blue cheese used to be thick with huge chunks of actual blue cheese. Now it's not even quality jar blue cheese. This is a place we brought people to, gave gift certificates out, bragged about and recommended online and with friends and family. And one bottle of Heineken ... $5.20.. I gave $7 total and proceeded to be so disappointed with what was our favorite restaurant for seafood.

Jon Land

Fresh. Perfectly cooked. Great service. Be ready for big portions!!! Been there twice and will go again when out that way!

Stephen Cormier

Good sized portions, everything prepared well and delicious.

Pamela Alexander

We come from Northern California (just 2 hours from San Francisco) to the New England area every other year and stopping at The Angler on our way from Boston to Bennington (and then on to North Adams) was a happy surprise. Our favorite oyster on the half shell is the Kyoto but we were really impressed with the New Brunswick oyster that The Angler served. Not only were they fresh and delicious, but they were impeccably cleaned. The fried calamari was delicious too but we thought if it was served with an Aioli it would have been just a bit yummier. Side note... the woman’s bathroom was spotless and that speaks volumes in the restaurant industry.

Hollie Philbrick

Great service and fresh seafood! All you can eat clams!!

Ginette Harris

Very expensive! $21.00 for two bowls of clam chowder, no drinks! It was good but not at that price.

Harriet Hutchins

Delicious. Quaint and cozy with excellent service.

Matthew Ziemke

I love the atmosphere of this place and the staff is always very pleasant. A few things I would criticize are the lack of tap beer and the size of the lunch portion of fish and chips. It was a bit of a shock when my fish came out and I sat there wondering if the rest was coming. It may be perfect for some, but for the money there are plenty of other places to get a lot more for your dollar. I will absolutely go back there, the chowder is delicious, the maple glazed salmon is killer, and the fresh market is a nice touch. All around a good place to get your surf and turf fix.

Hans Krijnen

Great experience. Prijs I picked up my sister from Boston and was looking for a bite to eat on our way back home. Great, and fast service with a smile. Drinks where served quickly, ordered the food and that came fast, hot and well presented. Nice ambiance. Looking forward to go there again.

Ronald Maxfield

The restaurant is extremely loud with pots and pans being banged around all the time you are trying to eat. Prices are very high, what you might expect in a high class restaurant not a jeans and tee shirt type of place.

Art Campbell

Ate there for dinner on a business trip and everything was so good I went back the next night. Great food from a talented kitchen. Worth a special trip.

Robert Ziegenfus

Great food. Fresh seafood. Wonderful staff.

Robert Bates

Fantastic seafood chowder.

Dane Wetmore

Honestly this place a is a joke, the prices are insane and their quality is sub-par. If anyone enjoys the freshness of this food they know absolutely nothing about fresh seafood. I have known several of the employees over the years and they agree with me and have informed me of the shady practices. That being said forget about what you want and ask for whats come in most recently and you might get something decent. The chowder is gross and tastes like whipping cream. I live in town have known both owners since it opened and I never go there anymore.

Itzik Gelbar

We have came to the Angler completely randomly , after a Hike on Wachusett , the food was wonderful, the price was reasonable and the stuff friendly efficient and pleasant.

Zane Sigafoos

On a business trip I stopped in after a long day. Owner was an arrogant pompous jerk. Serving staff was very nice, but the owner treated guests extremely disrespectfully. The food was outrageously over priced for an average seafood experience. Overall, I would steer clear of this lack luster seafood joint unless you are dying of starvation.


Enjoyed the environment and service was great.

Gabe Rossi

I'm from Gloucester and this was the best lobster roll I've had all summer. Incredible coleslaw. Fries were perfect. But most of all, the portions of fresh Lobster meat, lightly dressed a scrumptious aioli, was to die for.

Rebecca Menzone

We found this gem on a Tuesday night, we scored the last empty table. They have an 'early bird special' Tues & Thurs 4-6pm 25% off entree, we were an hour plus after so no win there but the food was totally worth full price! Pretzel encrusted dijon halibut was A+, the sauce was light and full of flavor! Linguine and clams was also great. The kids fish nuggets was a good portion and delicious! Most everything is made fresh in house including the onion rings! Our waitress was very kind, helpful and attentive. It was evident the chef cared about her food, even bringing it to our table when it was done and the waitress was tending to another table. The place is on the smaller side (not a bad thing) with a counter for selling fresh fish and a small bar. The kitchen is open.

Ryan Simpson

First time there soups were great got fish and chips have had better for a lot less

Ray Faucher

With Emily cooking it is fabulous. However,tonight is her last night. Without her I can't recommend this resturaunt.

Cory Maclauchlan

Great haddock sandwich, great chowder, fast and friendly service, good atmosphere, good prices!

Lisa L

They Used to have the best seafood chowder. Now, no cream or nice seafood chunks!

None Yah

Feel's like your on the coast of Maine, the cozy restaurant feel. Perfect place for a first date, seating is close together if you know what I mean hahahhaha... No but really great place for seafood and tasty dishes..... Check it out

Duncan Harrington

I love the fried clams

Diane Girard-Simone

We have the freshest seafood in the area and a newly expanded menu with additional non-seafood items for the landlubbers amongst us.I am biased but it still true!!!

Daniel Schwartz

Awesome! Great lobster Roll. Good vibe. You can eat in for some perfectly prepared fish or take out some freshness to cook at home. Great place. Nice bar too.

Peter Mangini

Fantastic seafood. We'll worth the price. Sweet wait staff, always friendly. Our regular go to place.

Walter McCall

Outstanding Seafood experience with my family. Friendly staff that know their menu. inWell known for their Chowder and it lived up to all other reviews. I ate off the specials menu and had the coconut crusted curry cod and it was very good. Before I leave the area I will eat here again.

Gene Quackenbush

We found this place by luck best seafood ever great food great service I live 400 miles away but whenever I'm in the area you'll be sure I'll go there to eat

Patrice Martin

Not much seating, but the food is awesome. Servers are friendly and knowledgeable. Too many croutons in the Caesar salad. It's great to have a high-quality seafood restaurant here, without having to go to Worcester.

Eileen Boss

Exceptional food and service! Highly recommend. Best lobster roll and French fries I've ever had!

lori leblanc

This place was phenomenal!!! Food excellent,service excellent, just a bit pricey but worth it..we will be going back !!!


For a small business, there enviroment is relaxing and oceanic. Soups are wonderful and for the tuna burger sandwich with fries and horseradish dip i ordered, I would most def. Recommend a friend to take 30 min out there day and grab a bite.

Troy Price

These Google reviews tell an interesting story. The vast majority of negative experiences were posted within the past year under the new ownership. This used to be a great place to get seafood and my students would annually present me with a gift certificate every Christmas. I'm sure there are a bunch of them out there. Now they won't honor them and claim that they are fraudulent. After conversing with Diane Girard of The Angler along with the way they disrespected my wife when she presented our COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE gift certificate that one of my students paid $50 for, I have my doubts as to whether there really has been any fraudulent activity at all. For fish? C'mon. In this small tight-knit community? I walk away feeling that they just don't want to honor them and face up to one of the costs of doing business. That lack of integrity probably isn't going to fly around here. Do they have a legal obligation to honor them? No. Do they have a moral obligation? Absolutely! When I shared my honest experience on their Facebook page Diane Girard hastily deleted my comment and banned me. That speaks volumes.

Dawn Harpster

One of the best seafood places we have ever been to. Amazing!

Sage Mason

Fresh, and good. Homemade coldslaw, and sweet potato fries

Joe G

Great food and service

Sam Feinsilver

Food was tasty, service prompt, but room was quite noisy

Yewona Chun

An absolute surprise! I have had many excellent grilled seafood in my life, all over the world. Angel and chefs cook up the best grilled shrimps you will taste in the east coast— perfectly charred on the outside, so soft and tender on the inside. Considering how many chefs lean on the side of overcooking shrimps, this was a pleasant surprise. The marinade was excellent, as well as the side of grilled seasonal vegetables. The server was impeccable as well, and took such a good care of us. My partner’s lobster roll looked borderline obscene, in all the good ways. PS. Try their cookies!

Chrissy Knapp

Took my Mother there for Mother's Day, all excited, yes, they sure looked busy, But, NO ONE came up to us and suggested a wait, looked like it would've been very tasty as well, But, whatever, took my business up the road, that was attentive to their customers, .... MAYBE NEXT YR.!!!

Craig Arel

Just always consistently good. Very polite and helpful staff. Great appetizers and great fresh product.

Stephen Bourque

Good food and service.

Karen Taylor

Love this place. New ownership. Seems to be carrying on the tradition of the freshest seafood. Had fried clams. Feel like I'm on the cape, not in Westminster. Waitress seemed to be also bartending, which caused some minor delays. Excellent place though overall. Real treasure.

Daniel Donald Dubrule

Food was good, staff were nice.

Lori Duffy

My wife & I had an excellent meal with superb service. Things were a little busy on our visit (as happens with a good spot) so it took a little bit to get our entrée but the chowder was one of the best I've ever had (I lived on Cape Cod for 4 years and tried most of them). The staff was cordial and quick with those things in their control (drinks & chowder). The restaurant is cozy and the seating fills up fast due to all tables being rectangular and for 4 (no matter your party size) so if you're not bashful, perhaps pull up a stool at the end of a table with a friendly looking party of 2? Eat on the curb (it's worth it)? Or don't go during dinner rush? Either way, our food was well worth the wait and price. If it were just a bit roomier I'd give them all 5 stars.

Jane Goodband

Delicious sword fish and crab cakes. Lovely waitresses. Can't wait to come back!!!

Angela Cucchiara Quinty

Great food worth the wait.

J Nelson

The Food is Amazing, the service is OK.

Jason Collins

Great food. Get there early if you can, because it's generally busy at dinner time. The only thing I would change would be to add 20ft of width to the dining room so that more people could enjoy!

ted brisbois

lobster roll #1 great flavor drinks were fab what a gem cute open atmosphere just total enjoyment

Sherri Rayworth

First visit and it was awesome! Will definitely return

Joanne Kay

Delicious! We love their dishes!

michael hanks

A very pleasant surprise to find an old fashioned watering hole with great seafood hidden away in little Westminster. The haddock fish and chips they serve is succulent and fresh, marinated, herbed pan seared tuna burger right on. A must try! Oh yeah I'll be back for some chowder.

kyle williams

New owner, same strait up bomb seafood!! The new owner is very down to earth, as well being a fantastic chef. Being a chef myself, her love of her work really shows!! She loves diving into the cooking fray, as well being friendly. This has been my favorite seafood place for the last 6 years. If you can find better in Central Ma...let me know. But please, please, please, try the Seafood Chowder !! They should name it Elliot Ness Chowder....because it is "Untouchable".

Jerry Albertini

Worth the drive as the seafood chowder, entrees, home made desserts and the service make it well worth the trip. If you like seafood and great desserts, this place is for you.

Tammie Lewis

Fresh and delicious! Onion rings were great and a lot of them. Blackened salmon sandwich was fab, waitress super nice and the food was worth every penny! reasonably priced meal and generous portions. We'll most definitely be back

Thomas Sheppard

Great staff. Excellent place to have great Seafood

Tracy Cote

Miss the great shrimp and cocktail sauce they used to serve on Mondays. Cocktail sauce tastes like tomato sauce and the shrimp are now half the size....Disappointing, we used to always try to be there for 50 cent shrimp nights, not anymore

king mopar

Nice little gem..had the canjun mahai salad..also for dinner try the pretzel coated halibut..

greg gorham

Always the best seafood. Update: Food is still the best seafood I've had prepared for me at a restaurant.

Art Gagne

Awsome food great prices

Bill Dodenhoff

Chowder was very salty to the point that I wasn't going to eat it but at $9 for a cup ( not even a bowl). I ate it.

Leo Croteau

They have the Best clam chowder !

Sue Cooper

Really good food, and huge portions. Nice staff, a bit loud.

Deb Roberge

Absolutely amazing. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, the wine and beer selection was fantastic and seasonally appropriate. The servers were friendly, patient and knowledgeable. The shrimp cocktail was perfection (and at .50 a piece as an appetizer special was extra fantastic). With an open kitchen design you can practically see your food as it is prepared. The entrees did not miss a single detail and were expertly crafted to allow the beautiful flavors of the fresh seafood shine. It IS on the pricey side, but worth every penny. Can't wait to visit again.

Dot Brewer

Great food, casual and friendly.

Mandy Vartanian

Clean place. Friendly staff. Great food and drinks. You can't ask for anything else!

Jon M

I have been here many times over the years, and it has been absolutely excellent every time. They know their seafood, and they know how to serve it. I stopped in again today and was blown away.

Jeremy Lessard

Ordered the all you can eat steamers, seafood chowder, and shrimp cocktail. Asked to have everything brought out at the same time, cocktail came first, then the chowder and then the steamers. Not a huge deal for us, but for a party larger than 2 that might pose a problem for some. Steamers are served as a 2lb. start then 1lb. after that. Our first plate seemed to be about 1lb. at most, we commented about there being only about 10 clams on the plate and the waitress said she was sorry about that and proceeded to bring us a second plate which was almost overflowing! Food overall is superb, seafood chowder is small in appearance but chuck fuuullllllll of large seafood chunks. Flavor was great but could use some fresh black pepper. Desert menu is great as well! Highly highly recommend if you're looking for the best seafood in North Central Massachusetts.

Rich Morin

Thought it was a larger place.

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