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REVIEWS OF Wild Seafood IN Maryland

King Lopez

They are very curious there.. product is always fresh and well prepared.

Eddie Tolliver

Always great service and seafood!

Allen Glover

You want your fish market to look less seedy

Dottie Cordwell

Great place! I felt like a lid in a candy store. Really fresh seafood and great customer service .

Anthony Stewart

If you want the freshest of the freshest and don't mind paying for it, then this place is for you!

Yang hee Kim

The best steamed crabs!!! The best customer service!! You guys made one more fan!

Ry P

I expected alot more from a seafood warehouse

cassandra height

I love the freshness of the seafoods purveyed here! One can simply put on a glove and choose the

Jim Bryant

Always awesome. Polite, customer-oriented and friendly. Best of the best.

David Bush

The freshest seafood!! Wide selection of fish and shellfish with helpful and friendly staff. Recommend this place to everyone!!


Love this place!!!


The best as always

Steve G

This retail seafood establishment has a large selection of fresh caught whole and filleted fish for your seafood cravings. They have lobster, crabs, shrimp, halibut, salmon, grouper among a host of fish some of which I have never heard of. It is located in a wholesale warehouse which could use some updating. But the quality of the fish is top notch.

Danielle McKnight

Great fish options. They clean the fish for you, no up charge. They have great selection on king, snow and blue crabs. They even cooked the blue crabs and have them on ice. We have gone here two times and each time the employees were pleasant.

Kim Reading

Just happened to be delivering 2 doors down and stopped by and thank god that I did. My husband bought the crab dip and crab cakes and they were to die for! Mind you also that they were cooked in a microwave, since we are in a big truck, and we all know usually what nuked food taste like. Not these though. I highly recommend the freshness and quality of the food! We will be back again, hopefully sooner than later!

Justin Tolbert

Great space and service

Sang Nahm

If you want to get fresh seafood like a wholesaler, this is the place.

Kim Thomas

Great selection!this is the only place I have been able to find butter fish. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Jo Mills

$1 a crab is a gr3at deal for quality and size of crabs. Their seafood is very fresh and great customer service!


Top quality seafood. Well worth the trip.

Bryli Garrard

So, I'm sure your reading this review because you enjoy seafood at least in part. I will cut right to the chase. This place is a diamond in the rough. A seafood "pursuers" paradise! The blue lagoon of gastrointestinal desire! Nufsaid get here get here right meow and get your seafood!

Phenry Patricia Henry

Best bone in fresh fish in the entire Baltimore area. They have any type of fresh seafood you might crave

Josh Pinck

Best prices on whole crab, hands down.


very fresh seafood

Deborah Teagle

I get wild caught everything there...they clean it and prep it any way you want it! Red snapper is always beautiful!

Rob Pully

really good selection of

tech creation

Nice place , friendly staff

Clifton Skeen

Dave is the best. Good prices and better seafood

ceneatha griffin

Love them


Seafood is outstanding, super fresh and the variety is spot on. Price wise, it runs a bit high, but I take comfort in knowing you're getting the freshest and highest quality product. The staff are friendly, helpful and to my surprise gave me a 5.00 discount on the return visit! Bonus!

Danny Tharpe

Best crabs for your buck!

Greg Brown

Always a good selection of fresh catch fish -- go to place if you want steamed crabs. Seasonal lobster, crayfish, oysters, etc as well.

Martest Sheffield

The sea food is extremely fresh. Brought in daily. Whole fish that they will prep for cooking. Small out of the way, but great selection.

Sibal Cricket

Good service and quality seafood

the level up news 2

Great experience awesome customer service

Marcia Dickerson

Best place for fresh seafood and to order hot, spicy steam crabs

Fair Reviews

Great place to buy the freshest seafood at the best prices. Friendly service. They will prepare - filet however you need.


The best steamed crabs! I always order the #1 males and am never disappointed. The staff and owners are very welcoming. They have a wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood. I pick up a bag of the frozen shrimp and keep it on hand for quick last minute meals. They know exactly the source of their seafood so don't hesitate to ask.

Garvis Walker

In and out fast. Quality fish.

Kelly Butler

Your usual seafood market, except for the fact that it's on a state property, so when you drive up there's a gate and security guard and u have to sign your name on a clip board! But the $1.00 crabs was a good buy today.. Nice size

Ałyssä’s Wørld

I recently used Wild's Seafood for a Crab Feast event. The staff and management were very friendly and patient with me. While I LOVE crabs, this was my first time planning a feast for 50 people. My guests were more than satisfied with the quality and quantity of product. Thank you Wild's for making this experience one to remember... I'll be back soon :)

David Bang

Best crab in Maryland hands down!!

Tony Harris

Sold me crabs and salmon that should have been discounted or trashed.

Alexis Portillo

Great selection of seafood! I usually go here for steamed crabs. Large/XL males bushel is around $269, 2 dozen large/XL males was $118. The crabs are very meaty and you can call around 11 am to order.

Dedrick Thomas

1 Dollar Crabs were a really good deal, customer service was extremely lousy, other seafood selections weren't bad either

Claudia Claudia

Their seafood is overpriced. 9.99/lb for a red snapper. I've gotten it way cheaper at another place. It's also feel like going to the NSA when you drive there. You must show your ID. Your passenger has to also give out his/her name in order to get in. I think this is too much just for some fish.

Keith Bowles

Fresh and good selection.

Steve Madden

Freshest fish and and seafood anywhere near here! Friendly help when you need it as well!

Cerese Beckles

Best $1 crabs

michelle Singleton

This was our first time at this market, but from the time we walked up to the door we were treated like family!! They answered all questions and did it with a smile!! I didn’t get anyone’s name but they all were great! Thank you for helping to make my seafood New Years a success!! You have just made a life long customer in one visit. Keep up the great work!!

Charles Dyson

Best place to get seafood in the area.

Dee L

Great love it

Eric Lewis

This is an awesome seafood market inside of the Jessup MD fish market. Lots of seafood items to choose from. Open to the public.

Cindy Hammett

Great selection of quality seafood, the owner and staff are top notch! Excellent Chincoteague Oysters!

Duane Middleton

Nice selection but a tad bit more than I wanted to pay.

natasha brown

Went there to check out prices. Every day they have cook crabs for $1 each. Wanted the soft shell crabs. Told me 1 dozen for small soft shell crabs. That's it was expensive so didnt get any.

Mattie Lucas

Great seafood

Jolanta K

They forgot to put my crab meat in my bag, promised to give me upon my return.Told them I come there only twice a year, since I live 2 hrs away. They said no problem. Upon my return 5 months later, they refused with my receipt and order that I was buying for $ 150.00, egual to last purchase. Very bad customer service. Who taught them about valuable customer.

John Phelps

Friendly staff, great selection, amd most importantly, excellent crabs that won't break the bank. Suggest calling to reserve a bushel, especially on busy weekends. If using Waze to find the entrance, make sure you hang the first left off of Oceano Ave onto Chesapeake Bay Ct to get to the entrance. Waze should be fixed soon.

Kevin Pendleton

Average seafood choices . Dollar crabs are ok

Gina Bunger

The shrimp was labeled where it was came from, which is what I wanted to know. I bought a wide variety of fresh seafood. I'm pleased.

Bradley Garrett

Not the easiest place to get into (you have to give them your ID and $2 if it's between the hours of 4:30am - 10:30am, but the selection is great and it's the freshest seafood you're going to find.

Robb Bogoslowski

Got local jumbo lump crab meat from here. Price was competitive with other places for this area. Also, the seafood was fresh. Will definitely be going back again. Especially from the service I recieved. On a side note, I don't usually leave a 5 star rating for most places.

Nadine Patterson

Prices are too high not enough enough selection

Cedric Spriggs

Best place for fresh fish and seafood! You get it fresh, not previously frozen! The fish is fresh, but whom ever is filleting the fish needs to be retrained or fired. I brought whiting's and seatrout's and they had so many bones in them that I was not able to enjoy them. Of course you do not know this until you get home and get ready to cook them. This was not the case the last time I brought fish there. I am not sure if I will return there or not. The last experience left me very bitter!

Shawn Andrews

Excellent experience. Great selection of fresh seafood. Staff was unbelievably friendly and helpful, and even offered a discount at the register

David Wockenfuss

All kinds of fresh seafood. Great prices

Dan Lauderbaugh

Great customer service and very good crabs.

Kimberly Jones

Definitely recommend! Great selection and staff was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Darrick Estes Sr

They have an abundance of different seafood. Their hard shell crabs are excellent.

Jamille Herrod

This is my favorite place to get fresh seafood. I have gotten Seafood here since I was a little girl. This used to be called Frank's Seafood but has new owners now. I am so glad that the new owners kept the old management because the selection is great but the people make this place! Dave is absolutely amazing

Ebony Ellington

Everything was fresh.. $1 steamed crabs... wide selection of fish

Mrs. Ellis-Armstrong

I absolutely love going here to purchase my seafood because the seafood is so fresh! I always purchase the organic Scottish Salmon. It’s so fresh and never has a fishy smell like seafood from the grocery store. I’ve purchased the catfish and scallops before and it was very fresh too. Sometimes they have Groupons available. I never knew this was near me until I purchased the Groupon. It’s like a hidden gem. They also have the $1 crabs and benches outside to eat. The staff is very friendly. They will clean and cut the fish to your liking. I highly recommend going here.

Aaron Simmons

Great crabs and fresh fish

Koffee Maryland

Excellent customer service. Great selection. Clean and fresh. Fish was cleaned and scaled exceptionally well.

Will Kane

We have been buying crabs here for years and Mr Dave is simply the best at what he does for Wild Seafood. Now the crabs...the freshness and seasoning is what's key...The seasoning is generous, never too salty like many other competitors. They will tell you if the crabs are running small, light, or less than ideal. This is a real treat for crab lovers and no-one does it better...Not inexpensive, but worth it. Highly recommended.

Sue Babers

Good place to buy seafood if you don't want to drive far and don't care for fish out of the grocery store.

Eden B

Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Super fresh seafood and decent prices.

Devandra Dee Brower

Great selection of fresh seafood having just about everything!

Jen Guadarrama

Great European style seafood market .

Steffany White

If I could give them zero stars I would. My shrimp and lobster tails were bad and they would not let me return it. Will never go back there ever again. Please save your time and money going here. It’s over priced and not fresh !

Sang Nguyen

It is pretty overpriced. I still don't get why is there guard post when I just want to buy seafood.

Brenda Pinkney

Purchased Norwegian Salmon and it was excellent!

The Carpenters


Leonard Raucher

Real deal Seafood, fantastic crabs

Krystle Jones

They're seafood is great but they dont never have female crabs when i order my crabs only males

Fatoumata Ben Aya

Fun, wonderful people there positive vibes!

Rick Frantz

Nice and fresh

Jeffrey Peterson Sr

It's great seafood

Monique Brissett

I have been shopping at this place since it opened but sadly, I will not be returning after today. While in the store I overheard the owner disrespecting one of his minority employees. All of this happened in the presence of customers and while some the customers laughed. It hurt me to my core that anyone could treat someone else like that. I confronted the owner about it and his response was that the worker he disrespected is his friend. I am really left to wonder if this is how he treats all his friends. Message to the owner: Treat EVERYONE the way you want be treated regardless of race or social status. Remember that most of your customers are minorities.

Gene Godsey

Super guys lots of food prices are a little high but the people are awesome and I will continue shopping there probably from now on.

Don Moore

Beautiful seafood, kinda pricey. Halibut $26 lb. Have to look for the deals.

Brian Bordley

Stopped in to see quality and price point, very expensive, as a Chef I'll source from other vendors, Quality of seafood looked fresh, and they will clean and dress your fish.

Eddie Tolliver Sr

Fresh seafood and great customer service!

Charles Gavigan

Great sea food

Zack Sheffield

The old local favorite Frank's Seafood has reopened under new ownership, but kept a lot of the same management and is essentially the same store. They're still trying to spread the word that they're back after having been closed for a few months, but the seafood is there with the same great quality and service we'd all come to expect. For anyone unfamiliar, this is the one retail stand attached to the Wholesale Seafood Market - by far the best place in the area to get fresh seafood to cook yourself (they do also sell already steamed crabs when in season). But be sure to note that this is a seafood *Market*, not to be confused with a seafood Restaurant. Highly recommended, and I'm thrilled to see them back open for business!

Moe Davis

They are the best ever no more wharf for me and my family.

Lisa B

Great place. Who in the world can beat $1 crabs that's full of meat. Also, the scallops are great as well as the shrimp and oysters.

Dave Motta

Awesome fresh fish selection. Crabs were delicious.

Susan Curtis

Best place to buy seafood of any kind always fresh, amazing steamed crabs all summer and fall as well as steamed shrimp all year round, Maryland jumbo lump crab meat Wind Mill Brand is the best in the world . The manager Dave, his wife and all the staff treat their customers like family, Love Love this place

Bonita Canty

Bought $1 crabs great price good crabs.

theodore ervin

Great! Fresh and clean!

Kourtney Jeffers

Was not impressed by the prices but the freshness and variety of fish was great

Larro Kimbreil

Good variety of sea food.

Grampa Mac

I was a regular customer of Frank's seafood in Jessup and was excited to learn the store was reopening with the same store manager but under different ownership. I have been back twice since the reopening. The quality of fish offered for sale in the display is MUCH lower than when the store was Franks. It is difficult to find white fish filets that are not too thin for my liking. The only salmon was farm raised. I could not find any fish I wanted to buy at my last visit. I left the store and went to Whole Foods where I found good quality salmon. This is unfortunate. I was hoping to not have to look for a new quality source of seafood. I will be surprised if the store stays in business. Frank's customers went out of their way to shop at Frank's because they could obtain the highest quality fish. Wild Seafood has wasted their money opening this type of store in Frank's old location.

Malinda Burroughs

Fresh food and friendly staff

Najad Tuffaha

Very good seafood!

Bruce Rogers

small business area but good selection. i'm not an expert on fish prices, but they seemed a little high, but the fish was great.

Suzanne Hurge-Moore

First time here. This is my kind of candy store

Eddie Welker

Always the best. The only great seafood restaurant in the area.

Cyrus Family

The FRESHEST seafood...and very well cooked snow crablegs!

DonShark52 GR00V3R

Great place fresh very fresh seafood good quality for your money

Latoyia Riley

Great Customer service


They were nice and had a nice selection of fresh caught fish. I was craving Croker and they had it and cleaned it and it was DELICIOUS!!! Definitely recommend this place!

Nicoline Smits

Probably the freshest fish you can find in Central MD!

Chenelle Turner

The fish are huge and fresh. The customer service was awesome! Its my1st time there, but definitely not my last.

Larry Silverstein

Great selection

Thomas Ellwood

Crabs are so delicious and they have so much to offer. Their staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Sam Marks

Love this place...Picked up free crab cakes,and some blue point oysters. Yumm

Audrey Winer

Have been shopping here for years. Although there are seafood places closer to our home we prefer to go the distance for the best!!!!! First crabs of the Seay for us. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!! So excited!!!!!!!

Dana Sanders

Great staff super friendly and lots of choices of fresh seafood


The food was fresh fresh

Tony Bailey


Fete Masters

Finally fresh fish...Wow


I haven’t even eaten the crabs yet but the customer service from Dave & Lisa is IMPECCABLE!!! Especially, Ms. Lisa I’ll update once we eat the crabs but I’m sure they will reflect the same quality of excellence

Victoria Cluff


Chris Gross

very helpful staff ... and great fresh selection

Rob Bercaw

Seafood is always high quality as is the staff. I won't go anywhere else for seafood.

Tony Pellot

On the higher end of the price spectrum

Pamela Owens

Biggest Seafood warehouse ever

Ann Smolinski

What a great place! A little off the beaten path, but worth it. Get all your Seafood needs met. We got a beautiful piece of Scottish s0almon and shrimp that were very fresh!

Tom Crockett

Great people great selection, and the crabs....

big briza

XL steamed crabs were great! Thank you!!

Jemila Duncanson

They have crawfish and so much more. Fresh. Very fresh. It's weird that you have to go through a security gate and sign in but it's worth it.

V Ladyv

Wonderful selection, great prices and easy access and free parking

Jane L

Best seafood market in our area. Decent selection, fresh shellfish and fish, good service.

Antoine Davis

Probably the nastiest crabs you will ever get. You better off going to the wharf in DC . Or going to Annapolis then they are mean people if you hate your job quit . God bless very univiting people.

Madeline Beal

The best fish market anywhere around. They have everything and everything is fresh.

John B.

Always went to Franks and was so sad when they closed but with Dave running any seafood place,he's got my business any day! I have never been disappointed in the seafood and Dave has always treated me with the greatest of respect. I always get my oysters and clams there for Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas and if they don't have what i need Dave will go out of his way to get it. He is what customer service should be everywhere,but you don't find people like him in just any place. Try them out and you will be so happy you did. Thanks Dave for always treating me like family when I walk in. Be blessed John B

richard majewski

Dont like fish out in open for flies to land on in 90 plus heat

Andy Finkel

Freshest fish. Great selection of whole fish, with free cleaning.

Terry Diggs

This is a real seafood market, large selection, friendly staff. Staff is really helpful on selecting the proper seafood for occasions

trina mccaskill

Food taste great

Jeremy Smith

Great service, excellent selection of fresh seafood and large quantities!

Angel Anderson

Wide variety of seafood and great customer service. I love getting their crab claws ❤ clean establishment as well


Loved visiting this place! Very friendly staffs and wide selection of fresh seafood. Likely come back sooner than later! So yummy!! You have to go through a fenced gate to get to the store. The gate staff will ask you for an ID. No parking fee for store customers.

Gustav Anderson

Fresh Dry Jumbo Scallops that melt in your mouth it what I was able to get this time. Last time $1 crabs(for my tourist friends). My favorite is the fresh steam boiled shrimp, takes 5 mins on any size you want. A great item for lunch or bring home to your family.

Louise Marsh

Best fresh seafood

Wesley Norman

XL and Jumbo blue crab have to be pre-ordered the day before. Wasn't told that over the phone when I called to check availability. So had to leave with #1's which seemed more like a 1/2 mix. The value seems to have dropped since the change in ownership.

Florence Eangleheart

Prices were a little higher than usual.

Brian Greene

Service reefer unit

Steve Thackston

Great selection of seafood; I especially like the selection of fresh fish. The service is great. The people are friendly and courteous. The prices are good and the store is clean. If you like seafood, check out this place.

Ty R

Overpriced for most of the seafood , ran out of crabs and didn't have the fish I was looking for. It usually a hit or miss. Not the best in customer service.

Jazmin P

Excellent!!!! I recommend! Fresh !!! . the people who attended great, do not waist your time in other places, this is the best!!


Steam shrimp were good.

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