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REVIEWS OF The Black Olive IN Maryland

Robin White

Lovely atmosphere, fantastic staff, and simply wonderful food. Best Greek meal I have had in a long time.

Masoomeh Khamesian

Horrible service, used to be a favorite, not anymore, my husband and I went there to treat ourselves for our birthdays and had to wait over one hour just for our appetizer which ended up horrible, had to leave!!

lucia ward alexander

Romantic , warm atmosphere with the freshest fish cooked to perfection. Other Greek dishes like lamb and moussaka were ordered by others in my party who raved about them. Save room for dessert and the baklava ice cream.

Di Zhao

ruth karanja

Great fresh fish, great crab cakes.

Dave Winogron

Great food. Friendly staff. We'll be back.

Michael Steinman

The food was fresh and tasteful and the service was excellent. We live in DC and eat here most times we come to Baltimore.

P dunkin

Me and my wife loved it 1st time there they treated us like family food was great definitely looking forward to returning

Shirley Bigley LaMotte

Disappointed in Restaurant week fare

Verlillian Githara

Nice vegan option

Larry Kleinman

Comfortable nice service fine dining fresh fish great lamb greek oriented small

Geoff Prall

One of Baltimores secret gems.

Lawson Revan

Great fresh scallops!

Judie Winogron

Everything about this place is beyond fantastic. The food, the service, the drinks. Our new favorite place!

Carlos Mancera

Great simple dining, good friendly service, the location is awesome. Really takes you back to another time. Will defiantly be back.

Stuart Mitchell

Fantastic (but expensive!) food and good atmosphere. We have never had a meal here that we didn't enjoy. They have a seafood bar where you can choose your exact fish (or other seafood). Another reviewer stated that the "outdoor seating sign available was false," but in fact, he was false. They have a lovely outdoor patio area that is surrounded with grape vines (see photo). We will definitely continue going back to Black Olive for our special dinners.

Jonathan Brief

I came here with my girlfriend. She ordered the Greek Village Pie, and I had some fish. Her pie was average; not bad, but certainly not worth $29. The fish, however, whilst tasting very nice, gave me food poisoning. I was awake during the night, often feeling like I should vomit. I haven't had food poisoning in years, so something must have been quite bad with the fish. The restaurant's kitchen is open, so you can see into it (which I like), and it certainly looked very clean. Maybe the fish wasn't cleaned well or prepared properly; either way I am not going back.

J Lucas Argueso

Horrendously slow service! Food was good.

Candida Sese

Fresh and delicious seafood, the reason I give 4 stars it because the server was a little slow and keep forgetting what we ask for, like I ask for a glass of wine and she totally forgot about it and 30 minutes went by, and it was not because there were busy, besides that really good place

Tracy Arena

$$$$. Went here for a special birthday dinner with a group of 14. I am not a vegetarian but I have dietary issues and they had 1 thing on the menu that I could order, the vegetarian dish. They were out of that. I stated that that was the only thing I could eat. Waiter didn't offer any other options or suggest anything. I ate crackers that I had in my purse.

Barb Fawcett

We went here for restaurant week and it was a treat. The atmosphere is quiet, staff was friendly and knowledgeable. A few menu items were unavailable but multiple options were offered in place. They offer quite an extensive wine list. Did I mention the food was delicious. I had a flavorful and fresh Greek salad, rockfish filet was nicely cooked and the carrot cake was out of this world. I hope we have a chance to return soon.

Caleb Sinclair

Fantastic food with a selection of small plates and mains. The service is also top notch. Seafood is a specialty here. It's a little pricey but you get what you pay for

La Tonya Brown

Great Atmosphere ,Delicious Food Yes I recommend that you visit The Black Olive. Everything was 5stars

Perminder Singh -DHS- SSC

Excellent Greek food

Brad Pumphrey


Matthias Hess

Black Olive has the relaxed feel of an established neighborhood spot, a nice departure from the trendier places, even if service is a bit slow. The grilled vegetables and polenta were good but not exciting. The grilled fish is amazing (and what they are known for), although I had hoped for some locally-caught varieties. It was a nice place to relax on a Saturday night.

Catherine Fleming

Jess Leopold

Tali Spiliadis

I have been eating at The Black Olive for over 15 years and have never once been disappointed. The food is beyond incredible, the best greek food in the city, and the service is absolutely up to my standards. This restaurant is absolutely worth the trip from out of town and for locals, it is an absolute treasure.

Eric Casteleijn

Get a whole fish if you can, because they know how to cook a fish. The menu is a bit old fashioned, and somewhat overpriced though.

Toxic Hyper

I loved the food and service was fantastic

Tanja Booth

Whole fish is Amazing! Service is on spot!

Phillip Marko

Great fish / octopus salad.

Miguel Oreyana

Paul Sage

I guess Restaurant Week didn't really help this place. My fiancee decided to take me here for my birthday. We live in York, PA and the drive is pretty substantial. She called to make reservations a week or more in advance. We looked at the menu online and when she called to make the reservation, made it clear she could not have gluten or dairy. The restaurant was in a terrible location as far as parking, and we had to pay for a garage. No worries, normally, but it was pretty bitter cold that night.The valet was $10, which I gladly would have paid for, but was nowhere around. I only knew there was valet because the sign was in the restaurant. This was a Friday night, and not an off-night. When we arrived, they had an incredibly reduced menu because of restaurant week. What they failed to do was mention this fact before when we called. This meant the choices were further limited for GF /.DF to a salad or something equally lame. All it would have taken is for them to mention this fact on the phone when we asked if they could accommodate someone who was GF / DF. We left right after we talked to them about the reduced menu, and they confirmed there was very little they could do for GF / DF. This was pretty disappointing given that the ratings here are high. But it looks like our experience isn't singular. Needless to say after $15 or more wasted on gas and $6 on parking, we won't be coming back here.

John Philip Morgan

Great service and very friendly people. The food was amazing. The crowd was definitely an older crowd. Not many younger people eating dinner

Jorge Balat

Geoffrey Hart

Gustavo A. Santana Torrellas without pretentions!!! Good greek food

Alex Huffman

Calvin Alexander

First time visitor. I had a good meal and the service was really good. they give you a tour of the fish, which is really cool. The aiter knew his stuff and was welcoming to our questions. The menu that you may find online is accurate, so you can make some decisions in advance. However they do have selections of fish that may not be listed on the day you arrive. Tghe food looked great and it was very fresh (nothing frozen here!). The only downside is you have to know about this restaurant and it's style. So if you are looking for ultra modern, jazzy and loud music and a crazy bussing of customres and amazing cocktails, this may not be for you. The Black Olive is low key, elegant and mature. The noise level is minimal and for a Saturday night after 7pm, it was not at all packed or crowded. This is a place for wine drinkers, I don't believe I even saw beer on the menu. So if you know your wine, you may be in luck. My wife and I are more urban, loud, bustling and busy restaurant goers, so we were in a change of pace. Nothing at all wrong with it and we had a lovely evening. Just wanted to express this to those who, like myself, are out for dinner and expecting a dazzling bar like vibe. I have several friends who I know would love Black Olive. The food was right from someone's kitchen and that's a great thing. It was so clean and crisp, without a lot of fluff to cover up blandness. I rate the food 5 stars and like I said, it's a quiet charming place to relax, have a conversation, and be treated to whole foods, not the out the box stuff some places sneak in on you. For about $50+ per person, you can enjoy yourself.

Richard Taverna

Walter Hill

carserlo doyle

Lauren E

Went for lunch to celebrate a birthday. Pleasant enough atmosphere and location, but the food left much to be desired. The shrimp dish I ordered at $15 was mediocre at best, something I could have easily made at home for half the price. Three shrimp, orzo, tomato, feta cheese. I was hoping the baklava, one of my favorites, would redeem the meal, but I almost had to hold back a laugh at what was served to me. $7 for a bite-size sliver and a few raspberries. While the morsel was delicious, it wasn't worth $7. I glanced at a crabcake dish on the adjacent table, which was also quite pathetic in size. I understand that sometimes the quality of the food compensates for the portion, but that was not the case here. There are far better restaurants in fells for your money.

Reuben Lindsay

Awesome cozy dining area. Food is fresh and well prepared..I'll definitely go again

Mea Lee

My experience at Black Olive was very disappointing. Their service, food presentation, quality of food, and even the drink (sangria) were bad to mediocre at the most. First about the service, the server never asked how our food was until to the end, and the busboy didn't even clear up our table; I had to ask the server to clear the dishes up, but instead of clearing the table, the server told me that she was getting a busboy whom didn't show up. About the quality of food, my fish soup which seems to be on their regular menu, was fishy, and the flavor was like something you'd get from your work cafeteria. I could not taste any freshness that they are boasting about. The lamb dish, one of the specials, was just ok. It was kind of quality that I would expect to have from any ordinary Greek restaurants. To be fair, the appetizer combination was pretty good. I ordered four traditional spreads: tarama, tzatziki, melitzanasalata and hummus, with olives and feta cheese. Their tarama, especially tzatziki, melitzanasalata were good but hummus was ordinary. At last, we ordered sangria to go with our dinner. I was surprised how bland and watered down their sangria was. It definitely wasn't worth $12 for sure. I honestly do not understand how this restaurant was rated so high. Perhaps my experience was just a fluke? However, how can it be bad in this extend? If there was one or two things gone bad, I would give another try but at this length, I would not be going back; especially with that price.

Dara Hicks

Service was the worst I have ever had. Had a reservation for 7:30p and we were seated right away. Received our menus and ordered our wine - flawless. Ordered our food - fish - got our dinner at 9:20p after asking about our food three different times. Had to ask for manager before we got our meals. And a large party and a two top that came In after us were served and left BEFORE we got our entrees. It was very disappointing because the food was terrific. Probably will not going back.

Jim Tierney


Sylvia Hart

Fresh seafood. Expensive wines.

Chris Peck

So we showed up and there were 3 females and 3 males. So if youre an American that equals 3 couples just about. Instead of asking us in the beginning like a good server should they just pretended that a table of 3 couples were all gonna pitch the amount of a mortage payment in cash....because that makes sense. First off the appetizer took an eternity, howevwe it was delicious (even the calamari). Then it took a bit for the dinners. But the biggest issue was two couples ordered a bottle of Malbec and the third couple ordered a glass each...well their glass was poured out of the other couples bottle because the server didnt wanna do basic math. So in the end the two couples got stuck with a bottle charge while the other couple got charged for two glasses ...when really those glasses came out of the other charged bottles. All of this was due to server laziness.

Brian Ippolito

Loved it! Food was great..staff was outstanding!

Zan R

Mercedes Lopez


cannot say enough GOOD about this restaurant! Its our favorite and we always bring friends/in-town guests. The owners and staff are amazing and we are always pleased when we leave. Highly recommend

Kim Murray

Delicious food

Taylor E.

Tina Jordan

OMG! During restaurant week , I decided to patronize a Baltimore City Knight’s establishment. Demetrius @The BlackOlive!!!! My taste buds are delicate.....5 STAR!!!!!! Like Arnold ...’ I’ll be back ‘. Dr. Tina L. Jordan City Forever ‘85

Nick Chester

An old Baltimore classic. Had a $20 three course lunch including greek salad, grilled Bronzino (for $5 more) - a great deal. sat in the sunny breezy patio. What's not to love about this place. Go. Support Local and enjoy.

Jeanne Kimani

Food was great. A little cold though- because of the A.C.

Ronny brannon

Don't waste your time better food at McDonald's

Robert Schwarcz

My experience yesterday was very disappointing. I used to be a relatively regular customer of the Black Olive for many years. Not so much recently. I had a so-so dinner last year (mediocre food) but tried it again. This time with out-of-town guests. Party of six. We had reservations for 7 pm. Everybody was there at 7:10. No waiter showed up at our table until 7:50 (!!). I finally complained to the supervisor. No apologies or any comment once the waiter finally came (another 7 minutes). No smile - nothing. He seemed annoyed that I had complained. He took the orders for appetizers - they were out of one of our 3 choices. This can happen. No "sorry", though... It took another 25 minutes for the appetizers to arrive. Very small portions (smaller than I remembered from earlier dinners there). The main course came after another lengthy delay. My shrimp and scallop pasta was almost inedible. A did not ask my guest about their food experience (it was a professional dinner) but nobody praised their food. They add 20% service for parties of 6 or more. I did not contest this, although I thought of it. It would have been embarrassing in front of my guests. The maitre d' certainly never suggested that we skip the service charge in light of the evening's events. She never even came to the table to apologize for the repeated delays. Total bill (incl. two 35 Dollar bottles of wine): 412 Dollars. Never again!! Go there at your own peril.

joe joe

Alejandro Flores

Es un lugar muy bueno me encantó lo recomiendo

Aidab John

The food and service were both 5 stars and I’ll be returning soon for the fish

Frank Clarkson

Fresh fish, filleted table side. Decent bar, octopus salad was amazing.

P Allan Leitner

Pj Hers

Ate here twice during my stay in Baltimore. Food and atmosphere great. Lamb and appetizers very tasty so I repeated. Rest of my party very satisfied.

Daniel Reed

The Good: Grilled octopus salad, tender and flavorful. The service, knowledgeable and attentive. The beer selection, organic German hefferveisen. Ambiance. Squash medley was good, but then, I can do this in my kitchen for $2.99. The Bad: Wait between appetizer and entree. Lamb chops, great flavor, defn not med rare as ordered. Shrimp, average flavor, somewhat overcooked. The fish selection (they had one). The fish execution, somewhat mushy (overcooked?), no defining flavor... and nothing all that intriguing in the subtlety. The price, if you're going to do a simple dish and charge $30 a shot for it... it better be perfect. This meal had far too many flaws. For the same money at say a Woodberry Kitchen, we could have been overwhelmed with executions and flavors we can't really achieve in our own kitchen. Nothing here was impressive, aside from the grilled octopus.

danny sin

Mike Weiss

Came for restaurant week. Beautifully seared and seasoned seafood dishes.

Cynthia Paschal

Delicious food, exceptional quality, beautiful ambiance, and good prices. Loved the seafood options with healthy Mediterranean accents.

John Caruso

Excellent Mediterranean food. Everyone at the restaurant was very knowledgeable and warm.

Daniel Rightnour

I love this place great staff, delicious food, you can't go wrong.

Jessica Branham

The food that we ordered was prepared properly, however the lamb dish varied from table to table, and ours was very salty. The cuisine ended up being less creative and more of a standard older restaurant than I expected for such high ratings. The ambiance was nice, the neighborhood is great if you have time to take a stroll, but overall I probably wouldn't return by my own choice.

Ethan Stone

Oily food with slow service and people trying to take our dishes too early. Outdoor seating sign available was false.

John Cox

Excellent food and service

Cheryl Quinn

This was my first visit at the Black Olive. My girlfriends and I decided to try it for lunch because of Restaurant Week. We were very dissapointed because when we got there the price for lunch was supposed to be $15.12, but the menu said $20.12. When we notifed the waitress and showed her the Restaurant Week Web site, she said that this is the price and it was printed on the menu. The restaurant wasn't budging. We decided to eat there anyway. I ordered the shrimp and orzo which consisted of 2 dried up shrimp and it had a fishey taste. My friend ordered the crab cake which was the size of a golf ball. Needless to say, I was very dissapointed and embarrassed that I chose this place. Also, when we left the restaurant there was a sticker in the window advertising Restaurant Week and the price of $15.12 was posted there also. I will never go back.

Alan Deresh

I had the fortunate to celebrate my birthday in Fells Point this past weekend, and further grateful for having chosen black Olive for dinner Friday evening., , having enjoyed excellent Greek Food all other the country as well as Greece. I found this restaurant in an old townhouse incredible as to service, as well as the best Greek food, I can remember.

Baris Sevinc

One of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore.

Marguerite Chipp

Excellent food in a marvelous atmosphere. Everything I tasted was wonderful including ceviche, fish soup, broiled bronzini trimmed at the table, and lamb shank in a marvelous brown gravy. Well I suppose not everything was great. The deserts leave much to be desired. Baklava ice cream seems like a cheap shot. And cobbler was some odd combination of fruit and dough and ice cream.

Keith kitts

Still the BEST Greek food in Baltimore! Hands Down

Henry Jeffress

Jim Orrell

Terrible experience. Service was extremely slow. Tables that arrived after us, had their food served well before us. Portions were meager. I would have had more meat on a fish sandwich from McDonalds than on the miniature sea bass I ordered. Food was mediocre at best. Unless you are sadistic and like feeling ripped off, spend your time and money elsewhere.

Ann Marie Gamble

This restaurant boasts valet parking, but customers need to be aware of what is really happening to their cars while in the hands of the Valet. Customers are led to believe that their cars will be safely tucked away in a parking garage, but really the valet is taking their money and parking cars on S Bond street. Not only is he pocketing the money it would cost to enter the garage, customers cars are subject to ticketing in this residential permit zone. Beware. Baltimore Parking is aware of this behavior and customers cars may be ticketed while dining at the Black Olive. Manager is also aware of this activity yet it continues.

William Foster

Excellent food, very fresh fish, great wine list. Very knowledgeable, friendly service. Clean restaurant. Lovely atmosphere. Will return.

Kenneth Richey

lori mulligan

Horrilbe and have been there often. Will never return. Out of everything. No ice cream gelatos most fish no vodkas no grey goose Titos kettle one most important of all. No AAC

Joshua Harris

Amazing food and wine. Great atmosphere and better service.

Krystal Bailey

The baklava icecream has mixed reviews but my fiance and I loved it. It was our 1st time trying it. Everything else was good except the cold asparagus, which they told us was "supposed to be cold".

Amoy Boucher

This is my third time visiting this restaurant. What draws me to this place is the ambience and the fresh seafood. A friend of mine came into town and wanted a quiet dinner. We arrived at the restaurant around 8pm the hostess asked if we had a reservation and we said no. She seated us at a table with no over head light/ ceiling bulb was out. Hostess said she could not move us because someone had a reservation for the table with the proper lighting. A few minutes later we mentioned to the waiter that we were not comfortable with our seating. He moved us to the table we asked to be seated. I ejoyed my meal and dessert. My friend on the other hand was disappointed with her entire dining experience.

Chris Scalchunes

Such a shame. I used to LOVE the Black Olive. I have not been in a few years and things have changed. Went there Tuesday night with a friend. I have raved about the Black Olive to him for months. Appetizers: Melitzanosalata- it was good. Not great, good. Sardines in grapeleaves- Meh. "Jumbo" grilled shrimp. First NOT jumbo and there were only three of them. I took a bite of one. It had that off amonia taste to it. My friend bit into one, the same. Sent the third one back and asked that they remove it from our bill. They did. Mains: I had the Bronzini. It was good. Again, not great, but good. My friend ordered the seafood pasta. It was supposed to contain lobster, scallops and shrimp. Given the issue with the shrimp the server suggested doubling up on the scallops. My friend was not impressed with his dish. Wine and beer was good. The service was good if not a little slow. We were not in a rush so no big deal. Overall the quality is down, the portions are smaller and it is more expensive. I hope this was just a bad night, but I do not see myself making a special trip into Baltimore to go to the Black Olive like I did last Tuesday. If not an off night, I hope they can turn thrings around soon.

Nancy Vaughn

If you go try the lamb&crab entree,DELICIOUS! The fish was tasty as well. Very intimate and a little $$$ but worth checking out!

Deandre Landrum

Excellent service and great food! Phenomenal experience.

Kenneth Best

I've never had salmon so delicious! Don't drink wine but loved the house lemonade and iced Greek tea. Thoughtful attentive service!

Bill Ferster

Got to re-try the real menu. Hit it on a prix fix weekend. Not my favorite.

J Ross

From beginning to start ....a delicious and most extra-ordinary, excellent dinner/restaurant experience!! Highly recommend!! :)) Such care went into our meal! Service was outstanding and the atmosphere of the Black Olive restaurant ...was a breath of fresh air in which to both eat and socialize. Thank you!

Pino Carciofo

Sophia Czumak

Food and service was delightful, very welcoming atmosphere. Definitely will have to come back soon!

Ryan Nicholas

Good food good expierence came in during new lunch hours schedule will be returning

Stacey Ann

My husband and I dined at The Black Olive on Friday night. Unfortunately, there was an extremely rude and disruptive group in the restaurant. Their treatment of the staff and lack of consideration for those dining around them was appalling. The staff remained professional and polite while understandably upset. Our server was outstanding! Our food was mediocre and their liquor and beer choices were lacking. Food 3 Stars, service 5 stars!

James Mathis

Terrific food, warm and friendly staff, great service. We were greeted by the owner and proprietor Mr. Stelios Spiliadis. Our foursome included my wife, my son, and my son's fiancee. We felt like we were dining as the personal guests of the Spiliadis family. My wife and I shared a St. Peter's fish entree, my son had Turbot and his fiancee had Mediterranian Sea Bass All were impeccably prepared. Our waitress filleted each to perfection right at our table. Afterwards, we were glad to have spared some room for the family's patented baklava ice cream. Don't miss this treat as a topper for the evening. We hope to visit the great restaurant again soon.

Hannah Navarrete

The Black Olive has a quiet, lovely atmosphere. The wait staff was fantastic, and I'm sure I'll be dreaming of the scallops I had there. I would definitely recommend this spot!

River Soltis

The black olive is wonderful place the food is great and the service is more then exceptional , they are under new management and service has really improved everyone is polite and pleasant to be around, while food was still in good timing.

John Butz

Food was prepared well, but definitely over priced.

Kel Millionie

The Black Olive is an exceptionally classy gem in Fell's point. The food is top-notch impeccably prepared and always with astounding service. This is a great date night or special occasion restaurant.

Arun Das

Decent place - the side salad was a little strange. Not really worth the $35 for restaurant week.

Alma Dayekh

The variety of the menu wasn't a lot and the food wasn't that good

Kathy Alexander

An old favorite that NEVER let's you down. Love this place. Great food, wonderful atmosphere and well trained staff.

v Deniels

Loved every bit of it!

Sarah Teal

I think this is the best Greek food in the area. Their seafood is superb. I also love their tzatziki. I believe they are owned by a Greek family and the atmosphere is really cozy and authentic l.

Sofianiotis1968 .

Martin L

one of the best restaurants in baltimore! you get to see and pick the day's catch and it will come to you simply grilled. a selection of awesome mezzes - inclusing the tasty mussels!

Brenda Harris

You can't find a better authentic Greek dining experience! The seafood is fresh and expertly prepared. The staff is amazing and they make you feel at home.

Michael Lurie

I went in with my girlfriend last night. Our server was fantastic. My lamb was nothing special. Her village pie was phenominal. The portion sizes are very good. The only thing that surprised me was that the restaurant was dead during the majority of our time there. I would return and probably try the fish they are famous for next time.

Morgan Vincenzi

Amazing food, awesome service staff

Brian Walsh

Great for seafood.Nice wine selection.Great service. Expensive but worth it.

Max Altmark

I would not recommend this place. A lot of my friends raved about how great it is; however something must have changed. For the price that I paid, the entree of rack of lamb was the worst I have ever had. It was difficult to chew, more fat than meat; nor did I feel well the next day after I ate it. Fish is good, so stick to seafood when/if you are there.

Alina Martin

Love the fresh food and kind service

Becky Ryan

Horrible service!

Sheena Cochran Marzo

Overhyped and overpriced. Stuffed calamari and lobster pasta was very disappointing. We paid $15 for the stuffed calamari appetizer and they only gave us two. Two stars for decent drinks but I would not return.

Goriola Olomo

Michelle Sanchez

Great food with fast services. The staff are very accommodating and friendly. Highly recommend.

Paul Ballard

we went as large party with six children, expecting very good very fresh seafood. the fish was the high point - wonderfully good. but the acompaniments were not to the same standard - slightly soggy vegetables. nothing prepared us for the "tsunami" of a bill - at $92 a head - including for each of six children most under 12 - it came in at almost double the zagat average. unless you want to take out a second and third mortgage, we'd seriously reconsider visiting this place. beware of greeks bearing gifts, as the saying goes.

Gary Nijak

Waitress was great, owner was a pain. He wouldn't let us enjoy the meal. He kept interrupting.

Iván Ortega Blake

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Meredith Stein

The owners lovely. Went for restaurant week and it was delicious.

D Rigg

Love, love, love the Black Olives. Fresh, delicious, whole grilled fish prepared(de-boned) tableside. Nothing better!

Martha Castro

Very nice place and really really good food.

Richard Goggin

Black Olive used to be my favorite and "go-to" restaurant in Baltimore. This last visit, however, was most disappointing. The fish selection was limited - and the service was very, very slow. Almost inattentive. My friend's salmon was not seasoned properly. Nor was my lamb. My glass of wine was from a bottle that had been opened at least two days earlier, as it was "musty". I never thought I would submit a bad review about the Black Olive.

Adam .

Pricy but amazing

Rich Aquino

Love this place

Michele Brinsfield

Ate there last Friday with my husband. Absolutely delicious and the service was excellent. I love branzino when cooked correctly and it was perfection. Will definitely return with friends and highly recommend to others. My husband had the lobster pasta and also found it to be delicious. For dessert we enjoyed chocolate mousse and he had the tirimsu. Outstanding

Joe Genovese

Came here 10 years ago so happy to go back and find it just as delicious and charming! A hidden gem in the heart of fells point.

Alphonse MacDonald


erin Conroy

Sam Lister

Jeffery Plummer

Jessa N.

The food is very fresh, and the wait staff is always polite and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Hikmet Demiryol

One of the best Mediterranean restaurants I have been. Amazing food with good selection of fresh fish.

Ben Schwantes

Went for lunch on a Friday. They were still offering the Restaurant Week menu. Interesting selection of food. Particularly enjoyed the grilled branzino. Good service and nice setting.

C.J. W


Mohammed Al shaikh

Alberto Conti

Go there for their branzino!

Juan F. Rincón Casado

(Translated by Google) The fish very good and the price very suitable for being USA (Original) El peix molt bo i el preu molt adequat per ser USA

Rhoshina S

Nice and drinks on point...Loved it...Will be back.

Paul Tuscano

Very good Greek seafood

Michele Knudsen

Sraff not trained. Poor service.

Eve Kessler

We have been to The Black Olive many times over the years and have always had memorable experiences. Tonight, however, was disappointing. We ordered lamb chops medium rare for our main course. First, they came well done; we sent them back. Next, they came raw; we sent those back, as well. The third time, they got it right. The server was accommodating, but there didn’t appear to be a manager in the restaurant to oversee the situation. To compensate us, they didn’t charge us for a glass of wine and after-dinner drink.

Doug Miller

Went there for Restaurant Week and had an excellent meal. Staff was attentive and friendly. We will be going back.

Johnnie Simpson

Black Olive is one of the best restaurants I've been to in the city. If you like seafood, this is the place for you. They have fresh fish that you can personally select from a display. The Dover Sole was incredible -- cooked perfectly, succulent and delicate. It was amazing. The tuna and salmon tartares were a standout as well. Even the quality of the complimentary olives and bread was impressive. Service was attentive but not overbearing. The wine selection is literally a book. The atmosphere is understated and tasteful. I really have nothing but praise for Black Olive. Hope to visit again soon.

Sandeep Bedi

the only good desert is the baklava, i tried them all. I didn't go for and entree but the fried fish item someone next to me looked amazing. the ambiance is great for a date but don't go when its too warm out, it get warm fast

Amy Vogel

I had a brunch with the mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake here and it was amazing food! The view is to die for and the staff is lovely! There is a deck on the higher level where you can see a beautiful view of the water! Making this one of the more romantic places in Baltimore if you have a little extra cash for lunch or dinner.

Andy Friese

Awesome everything. Seriously. And met the owner Dimitri outside after dinner. Amazing human being. Will def be back

Hussam Shamoosi

Excellent service and food. Very friendly staff.

Lynette Mattke

Beautiful setting, but service was stuffy and fussy. I've had much better greek food and mezzas at other restaurants (Nelya in DC is great for mezzas - even Lebanese Taverna is better). The people in our party who ordered fish were happy with the taste, but felt it was way overpriced. While simple is good, the side dish of a couple of beet slices was pretty non-descript. I tried the Greek Village chard pie at the recommendation of the waiter. The dish was so salty that it burned my throat. It was inedible. Very disappointed!!

Courtney Zgraggen

We came for restraunt week and I was underwhelmed. There are much better places in baltimore for the price.

D Little

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