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REVIEWS OF Slapfish IN Maryland

Jennifer Lara

I live for seafood and this place was great. Fish was delicious. I cant wait to try more things on their menu. I definitely recommend the fish taco. So good. I've also tried the fish and chips and by far my favorite place to get this dish especially in Utah. It's hard to find a good sea food place here.

Holli Tharp

So good. I absolutely loved the clam chowder. Can’t wait to try something different next time

Kelsey Blaser

Yummy food great atmosphere and clean

Kali Nonya

The shrimp roll was delish

Mark McCleary

4 people 80$ for lunch at a strip mall. Fish burrito was all cabbage. 25$ tiny lobster roll. My fish and chips was a peice of grilled fish on some fries. The men left hungry. The food was decent but for the price you might as well go to a real restaurant. Also please teach the staff to know what species of fish is going to be in various menu items.

Shayana I

I went to them for the first time a few weeks ago and absolutely loveddd their fish taco... went again yesterday and ordered the same thing, but it was made differently (they both were the fried hoki)... just a little inconsistent.. might not be able to tell by the pictures. Love this place but I wish I had the same experience as the first time.

Nicole VanBibber

This was our first visit to slapfish in Rockville. The customer service was awesome and the food was prepared quickly! We got the fried fish tacos and they were so delicious!! We will return!

Sharice M

Pretty decent fish tacos. Staff were super friendly and helpful.

J.D. Ma

This restaurant is definitely one of a kind for seafood. Its seafood entries are fabulously delicious. I ordered a $15 lobster sandwich and a $11 seafood burrito. The lobster sandwich is so delicious that I cannot even describe. The seafood burrito is big, has a lot of seafood in it, and is also very delicious. The prices are absolutely reasonable, as far as I am concerned. Also, the wait time is not excessive, and the staffers are very friendly. So the customer service is great! The great part is that I don't have to spend 45 minutes in a regular seafood restaurant like Red Lobster just to have delicious seafood. It is a relatively fast food for delicious seafood that is rarely seen anywhere. This restaurant is indeed one of a kind. I would definitely revisit this restaurant all the time in the future.

Me'Chelle Carter

When they say the food is sustainably fresh they mean it! It’s cheap and plentiful. The shrimp roll was full of shrimp and the roll was so soft it taste like butter. Everything is so fresh, you can tell it hasn’t been sitting in a walk in. I can’t wait till they open up more locations. Will definitely be going back soon!!!

Aaron Burrell

I had a wonderful experience. The fish and chips were excellent and a good portion. I am planning on making this a regular location that I visit in the future.

Christelle Ndome - Yandun

Food is amazing. Went there two days in a row and the food tastes fresh. The first time I had the fish and chips (substituted with fries). Second time around we had fish tacos, the clam chowder and a shrimp burrito. Would definitely recommend! The space is kids friendly on the inside and the outside. The staff was very friendly!

Meta Minder

I tried it once. The service was slow. It seems that the man in front was on his own as the line grew longer. After placing my order, I sat awhile to wait for it's delivery. At one point, I could see him the man go down the hall and knock on a door telling whoever was inside that his break was over. The fish and chips were okay, but nothing to write home about. The prices seemed somewhat high for this kind of food as well. While I wanted to like it because I love seafood, I have to say that it seem disorganized, slow and overpriced. Perhaps it's just growing pains. I may give it a choice some other time.

Jennifer Lloyd

Fish and chips were greasy and delicious. Tried the lobster grilled cheese and it was ok. Next time I want the tacos.

Tamara Pitts

The food is amazing! I highly enjoyed my surf n turf meal! I just wish they had more drink options! #NoLeftovers #FoodWasFantastic

Buddha Buddha

Great experience at this location. Enjoyed everything very much. Cashier Justin went out of his way to make my experience even better. Will definitely go back and recommend.

Mitishi Dixon

Had this place twice. First visit was unremarkable and second time I was served a very fishy smelling taco. You could smell that smell through the plastic and the bag! It tasted ok.. But it was not a good fishy smell... I won't be going back. I really wanted to like this place. 3 stars for a great restaraunt idea and meaning well.

Olga A

I love this place a lot! Everything is very tasty and everyone is so frendly!

Christopher White

Nice, unique restaurant that stands out from the Cafe Rios and zupas of the fast-casual restaurant world. Good quality seafood with some unique flavors. A little on the pricey side but that's not uncommon with seafood.

Ana Delgado

The food is amazing, especially if you like fish and seafood, and they have a variety of sodas and teas (their own creation) that are oh my God good!!

Amy Engh

Fun seafood place in our landlocked state! A little pricey, but great for a splurge! The kids meals are great! Lobster taquitos and fried pickles are to die for!!

richard guenther

Had the shrimp burrito, which had lots of shrimp and was a good size.

Rashida Thomas

It was awesome, power bowl, fish taco delicious but lobster grinder was just ok.

Jared Rezendes

Great food, wonderful atmosphere. At first, prices seem a bit expensive, but then you remember it’s seafood and it’s actually not as expensive as you originally thought.

Charlese Smith

I have to go back again and taste something different to give an accurate rating, the dish I purchased was just ok. Flavorful and the aroma filled my nostrils as if the taste would hit my pallet and fill my stomach to want more but that wasn't the case. I was disappointed, but I'll give one more try to taste a few different dishes at that time.

Sandra R Yare

Very good food!! nice concept and good vibe!!

BobbY Butler III


Jay B

Definitely quality over quantity. I ordered a lobster roll which came with a side of your choice I chose a salad. I also bought a jumbo chocolate chip cookie. Food was very tasty but for the price( lobster roll price varies unlike other entrees that prices are listed) it's one of those places you go here and there (2 or 3 times a year) unless you're just craving it.. Great location because there's plenty of parking.

Jared Drake

A-MA-ZING. Simply amazing.

Heidi N

Love the Clobster, the pink sauce was pretty spicy! Yummy crispy fries!

Zulma Weeks

I had the mixed grill bowl with fish, shrimp, grilled veggies and brown rice. Delicious; wish we had one in northern Virginia!

NickandVictoria Palmer

Food was good, not great. I would not recommend it if you like fish that is not fishy. Everything we tried looked AMAZING but had a powerful fish taste (crazy I know). Great quality. Very slow to serve.

Steve Estes

Good food. Over priced.

Reena Beer

Surprisingly amazing. Don't judge a book by it's cover! This place was great!! The fish taco was outstanding!

Anastasiia Armey

Highly recommend this place!

Camille Harper

We love Slapfish. The food is original and always delicious. The portions are kinda big but I’m not complaining- it’s a great value!

Robert Yeh

Sea food salad is a Must to try!

Alan Casper

It was pricey but delicious

Roxanne Arcia

Oh man, the food was so good! And the fries were deliciously seasoned!

Raynesha Brown

I enjoyed the food. The service was great and the people were polite. Not my type of food but I enjoyed the new taste.

Mia Mirka

Pleasantly surprised. Food was delicious even for my hubby who isn't a seafood fan. Just the ocean view is missing :-)

Heather Isaacson

Usually fish and chips is so-so and gives me stomachache later, but these were SO GOOD and I like the option of grilled or fried (I tried both and they were both good). Lehi location was clean and service was friendly and fast.

Augusto Cangahuala

Very tasty! I ordered the power bowl and it had three different kind of seafood as well as other ingredients like guacamole that complimented each other very well. The portion was perfect and the price fair considering it was good quality seafood.

Heather Lyman

The service here is great, and the food is excellent! The Clobster Grilled Cheese is a must try!

Fran Nolen

I was very impressed with Slapfish. I got the house made pickles (chilled) as an appetizer. It was a dish with about 8 dill spears, nicely tart with pickled onions on top and a bed of chopped cabbage. I ordered the lobster roll; it had a generous portion of lobster and was delicious. I substituted a house salad for fries, also a good choice. The citrus viniagrette dressing was a good match with the slight lemon taste on the lobster. I'll be back.

Jeremy Silverstein

This place is great! Not enough good fast casual Seafood places around here. I had the Clobster grilled cheese, Fish and Chips, Poke Bowl, and Salmon salad- everything was delicious (There was a few of us sharing). We washed it down with a nice glass of Rose (beer and wine menu is also great). Looking forward to my next visit at Slapfish!

Steve Grenier

Been several times and have only had the fish taco. Why get anything else when it is so good! And a good value at $7. Tells you a lot when the owner responds to reviews...Fantastic place!!

The Fine Lime

Consistently yummy and fresh! We love the Clobster and the fish and chips best. Be sure to get the black cherry soda!

Charles Donohue

Really good food, tastes fresh and wonderful

Christopher Hamilton

Great place with great food. A couple caveats though. First, the lunch rush can be insane. Wait times for food can be around 15 or so minutes. So if you have a same window for your lunch break, this might not be the place for a quick pick-up and/or come through during an off-peak time frame. Secondly, there are some items on the online menu that are not available at this location. So, have a back-up item just in case. That said, the food is fresh and amazingly delicious. It's prepared with precision and attention to detail. If you are in the mood for good seafood; check this place out.

John Howard

Two words... shrimp burrito!! Oh my goodness, so delicious.

Celeste .

Fried shrimp on the shrimp roll tasted like grease, breading had no flavor and the bun was so small it wasn't possible to eat it without being deconstructed. Barely any sauce on it, which was the only source of flavor. Price was way too high for the poor quality food.

Crystal S. Lewis

Delicious food served quickly. Very clean restaurant. Friendly staff. The lobster roll was loaded with meat. I'll eat there again.

Berkley Gryder

Busy for a good reason! Super fast, super delicious fish. The lobster burger is remarkable; the flaky fried fish (from the "fish and chips") is top notch. Might take a while for me to get sick of this place!!!

Jaime Pedersen

Food tastes decent but both times I've eaten here my fish taco and fish burrito have been more like a rice taco and a rice burrito. The fish and other ingredients are more like a garnish.

Thomas Gabrielle

Decent chouder and decent shrimp ceviche.

Firstm Lastj

I purchased the double fish n chips and they were both greasy. The fish was not well seasoned and had parts that were fishy. In fact I threw away the second fish because I felt myself getting nauseous, not sure if it was the fishy taste or the excess grease. Also, there was a lot of batter on the fish. The fries were acceptable. This was my first and probably last time at this restaurant.

Kayden Lamb

Super great fish tacos! The place is super nice well kept. The service is great. When I went they were out of shrimp sadly so hopefully they have shrimp in next time I go eat here. I will definitely be back though such good food! Highly recommend you come here!

Leo C

Fish and chips was amazing!

Catherine Forrest

AMAZING, I eat here at least twice a week. It’s a must!

Erik Fullmer

Friendly staff and the chowder fries are awesome!!

Sara S

Stopped in to get a quick meal in the pike while remaining healthy, and was very happy with my choice! I am very excited to go back to try some of the other items on the menu. I went with the Poke Bowl and the appetizer pickles - both were incredibly tasty! The poke bowl has a generous amount of fish, well seasoned rice, chips and greens. The fish was delicious and tasted crazy fresh! The pickles were also very tasty, I opted for the normal spears (not fried) and really liked the brine, it wasn’t too sour and had a nice crunch to the pickle. I am super happy I found this restaurant and will be back sooner than later to try the different types of fish that were on the board. It is hard to find healthy options that don’t require a full sit down restaurant - so I am over the moon to see this type of restaurant on the pike!

Adam Claycamp

Place is great. The staff is super friendly. It was my first time going in and they helped me pick out a great meal. Cool vibe too.

Chia-Chen Buck

It was okay. First time I got the sandwich and got chowder fries this time. It was delicious but be prepared for greasy fried food. Flavors were great though.

Victoria Rae Grant Powell

This is the best seafood restaurant ever! The outside of the resturant as well as the inside os so inviting. They have a cozy, comforting and rustic atmosphere. This a great family friendly resturant in a very great area. The staff is pleasant and they make you feel so comfortable. The plates are so beautiful. The food is perfection! This has become my favorite restaurant in the Rockville Area.

Susannah Gardner

Slapfish is so delicious. We like everything we’ve tried so far! Especially the clobster grilled cheese

chanpen teeranon

Service is always good here. Fish taco is delicious.

Julie Jenkins

I love Slapfish. Best fish taco around, but be ready for a delicious mess in your hands. I also love their deep fried pickles with the best sauces around.

Beatriz Ortiz

Delicious food.

Craig Casper

When I first went in, I was a little shocked at the prices on the menu... In fact I ended up getting a fish taco because the lobster grilled cheese was too expensive. My choice was excellent. The fish taco was huge and the flavor was perfect. Two of us split the chowder fries and between those and the fish taco, I was stuffed. Next time, I will splurge and get the $15 sandwich and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. I recommend this place to anyone looking.

Sydney Gouani

I love Slapfish! Their lobster rolls are sooooo good! I will be returning very soon. They also have great customer service.

Travis Cook

Really tasty food, was a bit spicy for my kids taste, but they didnt get the kids food options. Its a bit on the more pricy end of things, but I guess thats normal for eating quality fish.

Reda Jbara

What a cute place in the middle of Rockville Pike . I'm a huge fan of fish and see food ,so when this place opened in my neighborhood I was sceptical first time to give it a try but when I went for the first time I tried their famous burger topped with lobster and a side of their was deliciouuuus.! The people there are friendly . A big Thumbs up !

Jasmine Neider

I have dreams about this place ever since I had it! The clobster grilled cheese and the chowder fries are to die for! Ahhhh so yummy! My toddler even loved it, even though the sauce was a little “to spicy.” I freaking loved every bite!

Carlos menendez

Yummy great food!!!

Cindy Freeman

Good food, nice affordable prices

Brian Fromm

Holy delicious, Batman! I love to get the “clobster grilled cheese” which is a melty masterpiece of lobster, crab, and creamy herb sauce. The fries are also good, especially if you get some of their yummy sauces to dip them in. My wife also likes the fact that she can get gluten-free options there, like the fish taco you can see in this picture.

Paul Bloxham

Good lobster roll. Super expensive. Fries needed warmed up.

Frantz Pinthiere

Visited this place about 1 week ago. The exterior is more inviting than the inside-from outside it appears as if you’re walking into a posh joint where you’d feel out-of-place wearing sweats, but you walk in and it’s your run-of-the-mill diner feel. I ate both a fish taco and the clam roll. The fish taco was decent-fish was a but dry, but good flavor to the sandwich as a whole. The clam roll let me down. From the description I thought I was about to get something great (I LOVE clams), but the sandwich was literally fried clams between a toasted sub roll (bread was slightly burnt). That’s it-no dressing of any kind, no sauce, although you get a choice of tartar or marinara on the side. I took the tartar, which was less flavorful than a run-of-the-mill store brand. Finally, the price didn’t match the quality of the food-you guess if it was high or low... I gave the rating two stars only because of the nice exterior and the cool assortment of drinks available. Add one more star because I haven’t tried everything on the menu.

Jacob Migdall

Well-made food but slow service

Chuck L

This is my favorite fish restaurant. The fish is mostly wild, sustainable and always very fresh, like you would get when eating at a restaurant on the Coast. Their Hoki bowl is my favorite with fresh and tasty coleslaw and fries. The staff are great. I eat here often.

Kevin Canha

It wasnt very good to be honest... the shrimp roll I had fell apart really easily, one of the shrimp rolled halfway across the resteraunt. They gave me tap water, whitch is fine but cmon, cant even get a water filter? Just go to cava...

Faust Belarmino

OH MY GOSH. Slapfish is GLORIOUS. Their clobster.cheese sandwich was to DIE for. Perfect amount of cheese and cream. The lobster and crab mixture was DELISH and at a great portion. The fries were great.and they have a plethora of condiments to choose from that's perfect for seafood. It's a little pricey... But what do you expect from getting seafood in a land locked state haha. #StruggleIsReal Go to Slapfish NOW!

Dan Forero

The fish and chips were ok. I would like to come back and try other things on the menu. I wonder though, why can’t I find nutritional information on the website? Maybe the answer is not good. Downgraded to two stars because I can’t find nutritional facts. Call me petty.

Nicole Johnson

OMG, the clobster is SOOOOOOO good! A must have when you visit!

Aubrey Hill

Great food. Different from what you usually eat everyday

Jason Norton

Amazing food! You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu! The fish and chips are great! The surf and turf burger is fantastic and is my go to meal there. Plus this place has Old Bay for your fries!!

Jared Rich

Fast causal seafood in Utah seems like a sketchy proposition but Slapfish delivers above and beyond expectations. Having tried it in Laguna Beach, I’m very pleased to have one right down the street.

Joshua Marx

The fish and chips are the best I have had outside the Oregon coast, and even better than some there. The servings are well proportioned for the cost. We've been here twice and loved it both times.

Kevin Mendes

The staff was rude. When I made my initial order, the cashier and the employee standing next to her condescendingly looked at me telling me to, “slow down bruh.” I understand if the cashier needs time to take the order correctly, but there are more professional ways to address that. When accidentally charged for fries (which was my mistake) I went back to the register and asked for a refund, to which a manager/shift supervisor rudely questioned my request and proceeded to do it with the worst attitude possible. I understand restaurant work can be stressful at times, but there are guidelines when it comes to the way you talk to your customers. As for the food, it was great, I highly recommend, however the staff really did ruin the experience for me.


Quick seafood with a twist.

Richard Goodson

I ate at Slapfish for the 1st time today. I got my to go and ended up spending 40 dollars only because the menu was so awesome. I got home and ate some of the best fish I've had in years. Awesome.

Ainoa Garcia

Staff are really friendly. Jose always makes my friend and I feel like home and the food is always a 5star. I don’t get tired of coming here. Highly recommend to seafood lovers :)

Brianna Larson

I love the consistency of the food here! Definitely my go to for clam chowder and fish & chips!

David Knight

Fish & Chips, Yummy

Jeramy Reber

Chowder fries were amazing. We got several things off the menu and it was all delicious. We will be back

Lee Mejia

So excited about their new location at Dupont Circle DC, Best place ever super healthy meals and delicious ❤❤❤❤

Allen Anderson

I'm relatively certain that portion sizes have gone down since they opened. However, you still get a decent amount of food for the price. Expect to spend as much as you would at a low end restaurant such as Chilli's or Applebee's.

Kevin Li

There was no wait since I came during a weekday and the service was fast. The food however felt like it was made and then sat out for a while since it was warm not hot and the fries were soggy. The taste however, was pretty good and maybe would’ve been better if it was hot but some parts had more seasoning than the others.

Wilson Johnson

I love a good fish and chips. If you're looking for massive sized fish look no further. My only complaint is that they don't let the oil drain off of their food before putting it on the plate. You often end up with soggy french fries, and sometimes soggy breading on the bottom of the filet. Even with that issue it's still delicious and still amazing food!

Samantha Woodward

Best fish and chips I’ve had in a long time!! I really like the root beer ❤️

Eowyn Gibson

Good seafood for great prices, you can't go wrong here!!

Kylie Kemp

Um...who knew fish could be so good?! Like melt in my mouth, get in my bell-ay, kinda good! Yall need to eat @slapfish! #lfthx #slapfish

Suzie McCorristin

We started off with their Lobster Taquitos. Their "Awesome Sauce" is a Spicy Sauce; so if you can't handle spice, ask for it without the sauce. I totally wiped off the sauce so I could still enjoy just the taquito. I thought the taquito was pretty good. The Hubby and I shared the Clobster Grilled Cheese and sadly we both weren't very impressed. The bread was ok and the sandwich just didn't have much flavor. It's surprising because that's what the guy behind the register suggested as his favorite. We also shared the Surf N Turf Lobster Burger and I enjoyed that more than my husband did. I thought it had a great overall taste and was pretty filling! I liked the way they cooked the cheese with the lobster; it made the cheese a little crispy and it enhanced the flavors! A little thing that was annoying was how small their trash cans were. I get that you don't want your small metal trays thrown away, but they are like ridiculously small, just a little bigger than the size of your that made it hard to throw away your trash when it would spill all around the tiny trash opening. See pictures below and see for yourself how small they were. Note: For all the other wimps out there that can't handle spice...their "Jersey Sauce" has a kick to it and seems to be on most of the things we had. It's got a good flavor; just a little too spicy for me.

Steven Pelham

Delicious and fresh food. I appreciate how prompt they were. The fries were especially tasty.

Terry Morris

Excellent fish. One of our party said hers tasted too fishy. Fries were better this time

Malinda Q

My 10 year old son loves fish so I brought him here for a special mom/son lunch date! He loved it so much and is already requesting to have his birthday dinner here in February! He got the fish and chips and i got tacos. We were both pleasantly surprised with the generous serving size and both thought it was delicious!

Jean Cottle

Nice fish not overly battered. Lil pricey . Shrimp taco was big. Not a fan of their pickles but then I am picky with pickles

Tyler Brown

Every time I come here I enjoy the quality and consistency of the food. The fish and chips are excellent, and the clobster is a favorite. Who knew you could get good seafood at a fast casual restaurant in Utah?

Bruno Amores

Very nice food, and prompt service. The only dissapointment was that I asked for a meal with no onion and I was given onions. I had to purge them out. No big deal.

Paolo Astorga

Staff is super friendly, although that could be from it being opening weekend. I wouldn't mind if they lost the doorman - servers tending to customers eating outdoors can always hold the door for others as they go in and out. The setup and decorations inside look great - haven't been to other locations, but the interior matches how I'd imagine it would after checking out their website. Plenty of seating available, I'm sure they could accommodate larger groups. In terms of food, I've tried the shrimp burrito, fish & chips, and clobster grilled cheese. All were amazing! Expect to pay more for seafood in general, but the portions for some of their items are massive! The burrito is well-wrapped and has got some girth to it, the one fish completely covered my basket of fries, and the grilled cheese was fully loaded. I've seen some reviews regarding a lack of taste, but those have been pretty flavorful to me, with or without any sauces. -1 for wait time on food (10-20 minutes), which I think is a small kink that can be worked out for a new restaurant. Looking forward to living here.

Holly Bassett

Tried the fish and chips and the ultimate fish taco. Both were excellent! Lots of flavor! Can't wait to try other dishes.

Kari Summers

Excellent food! Even better service! are doing it right! Thanks for a yummy dinner and your kind staff!

M Rosenberg

We came to Slapfish in hopes of trying a good, new restaurant in our area. Following our experience, I can now say we are disappointed and frustrated. First of all, following our 15 minute wait to order, half our food arrived within 20 minutes, then the other half arrived 25 minutes later, cold. Secondly, the servers and manager were rude and uncaring. While we were ordering our food, the man taking our order argued with us about whether or not an item that was listed as included with the dish, was a part of the dish. Also, following our food being delivered, one of our fish dishes tasted off. We went to complain to the manager, but she told us that because we had eaten a small bit of the dish, we could only get a small fish taco. Later, we asked for tar-tar sauce from one of the servers, but it never arrived. Lastly, some of the food we received was either cold or not good. Following our complaints about the food, the servers were very uncaring and didn’t address the problem at all. I would give a half a star if possible. Do not dine here unless you enjoy cold, bad food, rude manager/staff, and long wait times.

Meheret Girma

The food was really good and tasteful! Highly recommend!

Christopher Douglas

Wonderful food and fast service

Erika Thomas

First time there... Got the lobster roll, and it literally is lobster in a roll with nothing else. Cashier didn't tell me the lobster roll comes with fries. I would've liked the opportunity to substitute the fries for some vegetables since the lobster roll came with no vegetables. Perhaps I'll try something else, but no time soon.

Barbara Alldredge

The service was quick and the staff was friendly but the food was disappointing and the dining area was dirty. I ordered the lobster roll ($25) and substituted coleslaw for the fries. The coleslaw tasted like pickle juice and horseradish-- way too spicy for my preference but not bad if you like this type of coleslaw. The portion size of the lobster roll was adequate but the lobster was very dry and the roll appeared to simply be a thick piece of Texas toast sliced in half. From the raving reviews of other patrons, I expected the food to be of a higher quality. The dining area was also extremely dirty. As one of the employees was taking out the trash, he dripped wet garbage across the dining room floor. It was never cleaned up. Every table was dirty and sticky. The garbage cans have a small hole (to prevent customers from throwing away the trays) but the result is that most of the food spills around the can, which at this visit was also covered in sauces. I prefer to be generous in my reviews and I would have considered returning to try a different menu item even though I didn't care for the lobster roll. However, because of the lack of cleanliness, I will not return to this location.

Kai Meyer

What a fun place to eat. We're always happy with the food. They have a great balance between quick service and high quality. The food is always hot and delicious.

Jill Witt

The food was amazing! The tables were all sticky but we didn’t even care after we got our food. We’ll be back. Probably tomorrow.

Charlene Ruben

Great atmosphere and service was great. The food was good but for the price, I probably wouldn't be coming back. But, definitely great to try out if you're craving a seafood sandwich.

joseph vaupel

Pretty good but also pricey

Robin Saville

Yummy fish and great fries.

Josiah Baskfield

Quick seafood good flavors as well.

Dani Delgado

I'm dairy sensitive and I love seafood. Let me rephrase, I'm HIGHLY sensitive to all dairy including butter, and I don't like tilapia or nondescript battered fish, I love seafood - trout, shellfish, catfish, cod... Slapfish had such a wide variety of fish options and even shellfish options including lobster, and wide dish options including sandwiches, tacos, soups, salads, and rice/poke bowls. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable which made it easy for us to choose a dish and avoid/substitute ingredients we may react badly to. I had the grilled fish bowl with catfish and it was amazing, the rice was well cooked, the herb sauce was amazing, the fish itself was fresh and delicious. My mom had the poke bowl, which was also great. The salad dressing is rarely tasty and light. The price point is pretty remarkable for what you're getting, especially when compared to any other seafood dish at most restaurants. I recommend getting their fountain drinks, very original and really good!

Lindsay Dunham

Can't say enough good things about their food!! Always tastes amazing and fresh! Every time I go here, the staff is super helpful at helping me figure out what's gluten free and I'm never disappointed. Portions are super generous and the fish & chips is my favorite!! Will definitely be back many times!

Rachel Sybrowsky

The food and atmosphere were decent but they had some weird little quirks that detracted from the meal. For example, Th sauces were only in the middle section of the burrito and globster grilled cheese so only a small portion of the food had flavor. Would return but not seek it out.

Corynn Hosey

best food ever! so fresh and tasty!

Crystina Baum

I've been to SlapFish quite a few times because it's close to work and I love most everything on their menu. Recently I had to change my diet and when I asked for a couple modifications that were a bit inconvenient, without hesitation, they accommodate my request and were super nice about it. Great people and great food! A little on the expensive side but the quality of ingredients is obviously excellent.

Susie Mathews

Fantastic food. Every type of fish I've had is always delicious and prepared perfectly.

Christina Beebe

It was good. The first time we came, it was better. Today's dish was a bowl with Hoki mixed with brown rice and veggies. My husband had a lobster grinder and fries, which was delicious. The fries here are great! I'll rate again next time we come

Chris Hartung

Had a mini lunch date today and tried for the first time their Lobster

Adam Rusniak

Was there for lunch on 1/29/2019 and ordered my food when another customer asked to speak to the manager. He said they saw cockroaches on the soda machine. I refunded my purchase and immediately left and won't be back. Very sad. Edit-2/02/2019 I contacted Dahn Burke via email but did not receive any reply. Disappointed in this restaurant as it was one of our regular rotation but now will not return.

Katie Shell

Like the option for Brown rice and multiple types of seafood. Although the deep fried fish was good you will miss out by not getting the delicious healthier options. Great slaw too.

Olivia Richardson


Lewis Burgwald

Great food as always.

Nathan Gordon

The best sea food in Utah Valley hands down. It’s clean, it’s fun, the staff is friendly, and the food is amazing. The wait can be long though. The fish and chips, clam chowder, and lobsters rolls are fantastic!! Parking sucks.

Robyn Madsen

best clam chowder I've had in a long time! Poor old lamb lockridge Utah has now found a good fishmonger they always have daily fish at market price. Good standards like the clam chowder french fries. The taco was more than enough.

Beverly Goodwin

Great! First time visiit.

elijah turner

Loved the Epic Shrimp Burrito...Mind Blowing....

Victoria Logan

Really great food!

Rich Martin

First time eating here. Food was fresh and came out quickly. I had the lobster grinder and upgraded to the chowder fries. Delicious! Go eat here. You'll see.

Hartley Lojik

I got the taco. You only need one! It's a piece of huge fish in a taco. It was A game for Utah seafood.

Colin Parker

Good fish and chips. Large was unnecessary, lots of food.

Chris Lucas

How can you not love Slapfish?! They fly in their fish fresh, and have such a wide variety of menu options. Cloberster Grilled Cheese, Lobster Grinder, Shrimp Rolls, just to name a few. I'm glad to see they have expanded beyond Lehi to Sandy, Park City and Farmington. Highly, highly recommend!

Ashley Garcia

I don’t know how anyone could rate this lower than a 5. This place is awesome! Great and fresh food. I came in at around 8:30 and the lady at the register was so nice and welcoming. The food was absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to come back!

CJ Manalo

I like the fish taco and would recommend getting it fried!

Olivia Dial

The grilled shrimp roll was delicious. I selected the Jersey sauce which went with it perfectly. A bit messy to eat, but the roll was toasted to perfection.

nathan munt

Love the fish and chips here. I have not found another place that offers such good fish and chips. Also like the idea of having a couple of different fishes to pick from. The fries are also really good.

Brandon Herzog

Always good. Everyone we go there. Pricey but worth it

Carla Hutchinson

Fish and chips were pretty good. Will try lobster roll next time.

Tim Pracher

The shrimp burrito is huge! Sauce is a little spicy but the flavor is good. Fries are also good. Nice area to eat outside.

Mary Iguana

A very different and not necessarily good approach to seafood. Portions are large. Some ingredients used for purely decorative purposes. What's up with the boxed water instead of bottled?!?! It tastes like the carton it's in. Some items look like they're just dumped on a plate and smothered in stuff. Grilled fish is only worthwhile thing we had. Will not be returning!

Susannah Roylance

We love everything we’ve tried so far from Slapfish! Our favorites are the lobster taquitos, chowder fries, and clobster grilled cheese. We’ll be back again and again!

Asia Blake

Great food for a great price!! A hidden gem with great staff and chefs!!!! Everyone is so nice and helpful!!! I will be back!

chae clark

OMG! Absolutely delicious! This place gets 10 stars from me!! The Lobster Taquitos and Clobster Grilled Cheese were so good. The service was super fast too. Highly recommend!

jane rwegayura

Saturday night, right before they closed. Ran out of clam chowder fries. Sad. But great food. Lobster roll was spicy which was not expecting, but overall delicious.

Johnny Truong

I understand that business can be hard to run sometimes. Reviews can really hurt a place and I don't want to do harm to you. I wish you well.

Thomas Eddy

Very tasty. Was not a sushi place as we expected but will be going back

Casey Harding

Their clobster (crab and lobster grilled cheese) is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I've also been told by many friends I've brought here that the fish n chips are the best they've ever had. Great seafood for a great price.

Geri VaughAn

Great food & excellent service! Will definitely be going back.

Mark Jardina

The food is decent... But the service is unbelievably bad. I watched food sit in the window for 10+ minutes and waited for my simple to-go order for over 20 minutes... And there were only 10 people in the whole place. Looking back in the kitchen... They seemed to be having a good time, not doing much. There goes my 30 min for lunch.

Corinne Collins

So so good! Loved it so much. The lobster taquitos and homemade pickles were my favorite!

Dreadhead Twist

Been wanting to come here for months and I finally got the chance!! I must say I wasn't disappointed

Kelly Wilburn

High end fast food with Red Lobster prices. LOTS of chives in everything. I spent $35 and really didn't eat much because it wasn't to my taste buds. Not to say I'm sure others wouldn't like it but the shrimp cocktail for $9 wasn't what I expected. It came in a bowl with radishes and lettuce and a side of ketchup. $16 surf and turf burger was fine. Chowder was just a little too oniony (lots of chives). Fast service and they were nice.

Brian R.

Nice change from your typical quick serve restaurants.

Ed Rockville

Put order in, 15 minutes later no food. Went to ask where it was and my ticket wasn't even up. Bunch of clueless clowns working there. Do not recommend this place!

Danny Kim

Had to check this place out since it kept getting advertised on my Instagram, and the food does look amazing! Ordered the Traditional Lobster Roll, and the presentation is excellent. They definitely give you quite a bit of lobster, which makes it worth the cost. The taste is fresh, the texture is soft, and would come back to order again! If you're craving for a lobster roll, and don't want to travel too far away from Rockville, this is definitely one of the better lobster rolls.

Makenzie Jamias

Slapfish always delivers delicious food! I love their fish and chips and my husband usually gets their lobster roll.

Roger Timmerman

I keep coming back for more. This place is great. I think the only disappointment has been their lobster roll. It wasn't bad, but just wasn't anything special, especially for the price. If you're looking for a lobster roll, hit up Freshies. However, the other dishes at Slapfish are great!

Stacey Jones

This place is amazing! It is a little overpriced but the food is very good. We love for the lobster taquetios, and the fish and chips.

Karmei Law

Clobster cheese sandwich was good.

Joseph Marsh

Very knowledgeable and helpful employees. I have never been here before and was searching for something that would be delicious to bring home to the wife. Nathan has more than one suggestion that hit different tastes. Ended up going with the epic shrimp burrito with a side of sautéed veggies. Both of which my wife thoroughly enjoyed.

Carl Holscher

It was fine. The fish taco was a well cooked piece of fish. But the veggies on top added crunch but little flavor. The clobster grilled cheese was not very cheesy and the clobster was warm. There was far too much bread and not enough meat or cheese for a satisfying sandwich. If you want a lobster roll, go see Luke's Lobster in Bethesda.

Janette Smith

The fish taco and the chowder are wonderful. Our first visit on a very busy Friday night was great. Good eat in experience. However, service, especially if you are waiting for a carry out order, can be bad. My husband and son waited for 30 minutes while other people who came after them were getting food served. It was resolved, but at another time, when we ate in, we saw other diners awaiting their carry-out order and looking at their watches as well. I think that there needs to be a better coordination. No one wants old, cold and soggy carry out! Not acceptable

Kayla Lunt

I have been wanting to try their lobster roll and finally got around to it. It was fine but definitely not fresh lobster. It was a little chewy. Lobster should melt in your mouth. The flavor was good, I would definitely go back and try other dishes.


Sorry I don't think its worth the money. The clam chowder was thin and had barely any clams or potatoes in it, and the lobster grilled cheese had no flavor , that tasted like the lobster was that fake kind. I wouldn't go back. My meal was $22

LouAnn Karns

Enjoyed a great lunch yesterday. Totally recommend the fosh and chips. Crispy fish fillet on the outside and nice, thick flaky fish on the inside. Tarter sauce has a taste of dill. Chowder was good also. Will definitely vo there again.

Heather Norton

We really liked the fish and chips here! I also liked all the options they had on their menu and for the kids menu! I especially love fry sauce!!

Sam Nguyen

Food is good but a bit on the pricey side but understandable since most of the items are seafood dishes. Lobster taquitos are phenomenal. I like to get the chowder fries every time I go. They add chopped bacon to it! I didn't really like their selection of soft drinks.

Ken Uggie

Food is tasty. I had the fish (Hoki) and chips

John Smith

This was a great experience. I got the fish and chips. My wife got the lobster roll. One of the best options for quick seafood in Utah. Nice new take on seafood classics

Alejandro Ramos

Excellent food fresh fish. Tasty.

peter peter

Not bad for a landlocked state.

Sherri Wood-Powe

Food was delicious.

Eric Erickson

Good, fast seafood. We got their big taco and the fish and chips and they were both delicious. One of our new favorite places in the area. And they claim to get most of their fish from sustainable farming which is a huge win!

l wilkins

The food was good. A good variety of seafood entrees.

James Morris

Awesome fish tacos.

Deb Korth

Absolutely worth the wait in this opening month of our very first, local Slapfish! Almost all food is made in-house and that fresh flavor really shines through. I tried the shrimp cerviche ($7 and decent portion), succulent and just spicy enough, served with excellent, crispy, fresh tortilla chips and the street taco ($4.50), which was as authentic California cuisine as I have ever had back east. I chose crispy fish for mine but you can go with grilled also. Fresh cabbage, "awesome sauce", (nice heat to it), "Jersey sauce" (mayonnaise based) and fresh radish, wrapped in a fresh, warm, corn tortilla. The iced tea selection and natural flavored soda water fountain is unique and a lot of fun to mix! Two other pluses are unisex bathrooms and water in a box instead of sea life killing plastic, water bottles. Daily specials looked awesome and the staff was friendly and professional. It won't be too long until they work out the bumps and the food gets to the customer in less than 20 minutes. The line is out the door if you arrive after 11:45a. They open at 11 and I would choose either earlier or mid afternoon next time I go. Welcome to Rockville, Slapfish!

Tiffany Brevard

Cant wait to go back! Large portions, fresh seafood, quick service. The lettuce wrapped shrimp and surf and turf burger are highly recommended. Next time I'm trying the shrimp burrito which also looks awesome!

Niloofar Baghai

Friendly staff and great customer service. They take pride in use of fresh ingredients. The food does take some time to get ready. Recommend them for a quite bite. My favorite entree is the surf and turf burger which is huge. So huge that the lobster inside spills out with every bite. The food here is so fresh and delicious. While it's on the pricier side for fast food at about $16 for the burger alone, I highly recommend them!

Laurie Miller

Overpriced, small portions for the mediocre, bland lobster roll and clobster sandwiches with one chowder for the high price of $50. I really wanted to love this place, meh.

Jarrod Cain

I really like Slapfish. It's a good mix-up from most quicker food places and not as unhealthy or breaded as a Long johns. If they only had a cold crab option it'd be gold! Haha, but really, Clobster... Yum!

Landon Dyer

I've only had the fish tacos twice, but it's super good and cool environment. Wish I had one and a half to fill me up, but it's also the cheapest menu item so the other ones might fill you up more.

Michael T.

We had the Ultimate Fish Taco and the Mediterranean Sea Salad with Tilapia. The taco was large and tasty. The salad was fresh with feta, pumpkin seeds, and lime vinaigrette. Tilapia was cooked perfectly and seasoned well. We recommend this restaurant here on Rockville...clean, fast service. Would be improved if nutritional information was posted on the menu.

Mathew Alexander

The food was pretty good. The prices were just a bit high. Welcoming environment with a slightly wider beverage selection than normal

lubomir firko

Good healthy option for a fast food. Wild tuna with vegetable bowl.

Jeff Jewell

Great food, every dish has fish. Especially love the chowder fries, fish taco, and burrito.

hanailka risley

Tried this place for the first time with my boyfriend. I must say we thought the food was amazing and the customer service was exceptional. We ordered the street tacos, side salad and the shrimp roll. The manager personally brought out our food in a timely manner. Great outdoor seating. Highly recommend this place!

Billy Mills

Slapfish is awesome. The food is amazing and the portions huge. Prices are a little on the high side but it's worth it. Will definitely be back to try out other items on the menu.

Hyde Pablo

Slapfish. Super satisfying seafood sandwiches. Downright delicious and delectable. Tasty.

Andi Poulson

Slapfish is one of my favorite places for fries and fast/casual seafood - can't get much better than the toasted buttery shrimp roll bread! I love everything I've tried here and I like their fresh fish options (not likely to find barramundi other places around here). I do have to say that even though it tends to be busier, I prefer the Sandy location to the Lehi one. They are both good, but the most recent time I went to Lehi there was only one other table and it was kind of slow to get my food. They also ran out of fry sauce and after several minutes of waiting for more, I decided to just go with ketchup. I saw them bring out lots of sauce to another table but never followed up with me once the fry sauce was finally refilled thus the 4 stars. Otherwise, very close to being 5!

Michelle Baker

The people were very friendly and the Grinder was amazing.

Jinger Aleman

So delicious!! I will definitely be going back often. The front counter girl was so sweet in explaining everything to me. I wanted brown rice in my Power Bowl and it was given to me!! So nice!

Kim w.w.

Good fish!


One of my faves! The ultimate fish tacos are amazing! I like both the grilled and fried versions. Fries are delightful. They have lots of unique soda options.

Stephanie Hogge

Good food! Super fast- wished the portion sizes were bigger! Overall a good experience

Jackie Jones

Grabbed lunch with 2 friends. I got the Dagwood and small New England Clam Chowder. They got Fish & Chips. Dagwood was messy but good. Chowder had a twist - bacon! Delicious! A lot of good food!

Chris Dale

Love this place, staff is super friendly and eager to see you happy! Great atmosphere, menu is fun and great change of pace! Little pricey so good for once a in while visit!

caio dacruz

Best fish and chips that I ever had.

Marvin Fell

A nice family casual type restaurant you can buy beer and watch wine

selvialfar .

Food is great for the price. But the process is not efficient. Even if you order ahead you still wait I. The line . If you are in a rush not a good plan

S Moore

*Rating the Lehi, Utah location* Objective: To find a quick, filling, tasty, unique, and satisfying seafood-style early Friday evening meal for me and my Friday mate before heading off to the throws of our weekend adventuring. Experience: Have been here a couple of times in the past (even on their Grand Opening day) and fortunate enough to have experienced their Traditional Lobster Roll, Fish & Chips, and the Organic Salad with grilled Salmon. Expectations: This time I was feeling like I needed something a bit spicy yet filling as I still had a bit of the post work-week exhaustion and desperately needed a good spike in my glucose to get me revved up for the rest of my evening. Choices and Consequences: After much contemplation and debate with my better half (the left side of my brain), I ultimately decided on the Epic Fish Burrito. My Friday mate was still torn between the Lobster Roll or the Fish & Chips. "Can't go wrong with either" the attendant told her, grinning from ear to ear. Somehow she found her sea legs and went for the no-fail, always mouth watering, Fish & Chips...solid choice, but where's her sense of adventure? After filling up at the beverage station, it was only a matter of minutes before another friendly attendant brought over what was indeed an EPIC sized burrito and two very large, almost Megalodon sized fillets of batter fried fish and chips (fries). Just half a portion size of these massive dishes could have filled us up and sent us on our way, but Slapfish is not known for being chincy on their serving sizes and they certainly didn't want us to leave hungry! This is a place where you honestly get what you pay for unlike some other nameless seafood establishments who shall not be named. End of the Scenario: So as advertised, the epic burrito was indeed epic in addition to being tasty, a little picante for those that like a bit of heat, and very filling. Served with a small side of homemade tortilla chips and salsa, I was more than satisfied with this land lubbin' seafood excursion. My Friday mate could only finish half her Fish and Chips (served with a couple sides of homemade tartar sauces), but a quick go of a takeout box left her feeling happy and satisfied that tomorrow for lunch she would get to make another round of it. In Summary: Still the best quick-serve seafood-style restaurant around the Utah Valley area. Tasty and uniquely combined ingredients will leave you realizing that your more adventurous choices CAN lead to positive consequences. Ahoy and Enjoy!

Juan Benitez

Hate to give it one star but, it was truly disappointing, we spent $50 on two Lobster Rolls and I had one bite and had to throw it away.


Terrific! Def. Worth a try!!

Leandro Villanueva

I've only ever had fish n chips from here. The food is great. If anything the fried fish feels super rich/oily which I don't necessarily mind because it's delicious but it can definitely feel super filling because of it

Jonathan Reid

Unique seafood offerings. Decent prices. Fun atmosphere. Shrimp, lobster sandwiches and fish and chips seem to be a fave.

Darryl Shrock

Awful experience. Ordered 2 street tacos & fries.Cashier never put in the fries part. I couldn't even find the fish in the tacos, that's how little they give you. It was essentially a cabbage taco. Tried calling to give feedback twice - they never answered the phone. First and last time I go here.

Tomáš Kroupa

Good choice of fish. Very good food.

Katie Warner

Excellent seafood...which is hard to come by when you’re landlocked!

Carrie D

Great food but too much $$$$

A Yancey

Fast friendly service at Slapfish! We enjoyed our meal and had fun trying some new eats. Great beverage selection too. Thanks!

Nicholas Stephens

New spot, busy location on the Pike. Prices aren't bad and the seafood is great. I'd stop in again in a heartbeat

Bao Ngo

Great food and that sauce with the poke bowl is awesome!

Michael Koval

Updated 9/22/2018 After my first bad experience with failure to deliver, the manager offered me a replacement meal. I went back a second time and it was a completely different experience. Much better. Food was hot and delicious. My absolute favorite are the fried pickles and the fish and Chips. I would now feel comfortable recommending this place to friends and family.

Cory Youngs

The food was really tasty, but make sure you check the menu available in Google maps and not the one at their website as the website menu is for their California locations.

Zac Summers

I love Slapfish. I always get their two fish and chips which are huge portions. I like it crispy! I went today after work and the store was nice and clean (one team member was wiping down the bar so I know it was clean). They weren’t super busy at 5:30 unlike at noon when they are packed. The fish is amazing and I love their black cherry soda. Aiden was my cashier and was super helpful.

jason stucki

Great place, awesome menu, fun food!

Jeanette Wallentine

I was not impressed with this slap fish this time. The crab hamburger just didn’t taste good and neither did the burrito. Its sad to say but the fries and fish nuggets my child to got where the best part of the meal.

Jessica Ornsby

Waited 30 mins for cold food. But the food was good.

David Marci

Love the pickles and dipping sauce. Fish tacos are much better than I had expected. Shrimp burrito enormous and tasty. Fries are addictive and sinful. Thumbs up on the slaw. Need to return to try the chowder and fish n chips. This place is for real!

Skyler Baird

I was impressed. Quality and food tasting food. Felt a little overpriced for what you get but couldn't argue with the taste. Atmosphere was good too.

Andrew Angus

This place was fantastic. I had the epic fish burrito, which while it sounds iffy I have to say it was one of the best things to enter my mouth in a long time. The fish was great, and they provide you with the option of choosing whatever market fish they purchased for that day. But the seasonings were fantastic. It was a very tasty dish, albeit large and a bit messy to eat with your hands. My friends ordered the fish and chips and the two handed fish taco. The taco looked amazing, likely seasoned the same ad the burrito. I am not a huge fish and chips fan but my friends said it was good. If you're hungry, like fish, and looking for something new, slapfish will definitely not dissappoint.

Luke Alvarez

12/10 perfect in every way. The server needs to follow me to other restaurants good. Food was text book. Enough so that I can’t wait for more. Please come eat here so we can get more in Utah!

kelsea Knecht

It was good. I especially like their fries. But they forgot my pickle...

Neville Emmanuel

Slapfish, a nice little place that serves what I think are amazing pieces of fish. My favorite is the Fish and Chips (Natural-cut fries). It has a great batter coating and it always tastes fresh. The pieces are big and remind of British style fish & chips. I think of that line from the movie Formula 51 when Samuel Jackson says “the fish is battered to death!” well in this case that is a good thing. They also have grilled versions of the dishes. I also have had the pleasure of tasting the Surf and Turf burger. That is a big burger with flavor and nice chunks of lobster I would like for it to have a little less of the awesome sauce. If you like the sauce then get it. And lastly I also got the Fish Tacos, surprisingly I really did enjoy them. I did not know what to expect because I have eaten bad fish tacos before. Slapfish got them right in my book. SO, next is the New England Clam Chowder and the Ceviche. So, remember come hungry, try a little bit of everything if you can and remember it is a small place so get there early they do get a crowd.

Shannon Nelson Cuthbert

Went with the fish tacos since they were more reasonably priced and they were delicious! Even though we had fried fish. It didn’t seem oily or over-breaded. The chowder was also delicious!

Jeff Rehberg

Enjoyed tasty food the first time visiting. I say food cause I get several items for enjoying many different taste at one time, saving the left overs for future meal. I trust anything they prepare is tasty.

Lisa Washington

Food is fresh and tasty

Scott Mullins

I would eat here once a week for that burrito. That thing is amazing very delicious. pretty much any and everything I have ordered here has been amazing with loads of flavor. The only complaint I have is the lobster roll being at MP, which means $22-23 bucks. it's small and really should only be in my opinion about $18. I have eaten twice, it is really good taste wise just not very big. All in all I really love this place. I have been to the 3 different locations and the staff are all friends and nice, the restaurant is usually busy, but clean. This is a favorite of ours

Michael Unknown

It was the best fish taco I've had in I don't know how long. And they were able to make it gluten free.

Jennifer Kirchner

Love seafood with a casual atmosphere. Try the lobster taquitos.

Briana Marshall

For my birthday, I wanted to try something new. I searched online and found the menu to be intriguing. I opted for the lobster roll along with 2 others in my group, even though we all thought that the $25 was overpriced. The plate of food did not look appetizing at all. The lobster looked like it was all claw meat. The lobster roll was tiny. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and took a bite. I was disappointed by the rubbery lobster and soggy roll. The lobster was warm not hot and lacked flavor. I suffered through hoping the next bite would be better. It wasn't. Definitely not a place I'll return to

Rachel Nichols

Fish burrito was bad fish. Chowder fries were good, but soggy. We couldn't eat the food we brought home and threw away $30.

Sandra Stout-Caldwell

My husband and I really enjoyed my lunch here; the fish was cooked perfectly and the vegetables were surprisingly good! They’re good enough I would have a double order of it for my 2 side choice next time. I took a star off only because the chairs were kind of small and it was pretty loud inside. I’ll get it to go next time; problem solved!

Dane Larsen

Honestly the food is good - it’s too far away from the ocean to be great. I suggest eating in the restaurant as getting it to-go is not a great experience. The burger with lobster is awesome


Seriously?? Waited one hour for nothing. Lots of people didn't get their food and just decided to get a refund. Turns out the waiter gave my food/ order to someone else. Very poorly trained staff and would not recommend if you do not like waiting! The waiter in the front didn't have a sense of urgency and continued to talk with kitchen staff despite a long line of people waiting for food. Definitely not coming back. 0/10

Lanae C

Our family of 4 ate dinner here. Perhaps it’s because we just got home from Tahiti where we ate fresh caught fish daily, but we weren’t overly impressed. My kids said the salmon and fish tacos we make at home are far more flavorful.

Brandy Dominguez

Their Fish and Chips and Surf burger are amazing!

Jesse Foster

Good fresh seafood at reasonable prices. Casual place. Ingot the power bowl and would recommend.

Kory Dopp

Good food. Fast service.

Ashlee Hoppes

Great fish and chips! Even our kids loved it.

Timothy Jackson

I think this is a great fish and chips style restaurant with a little flare for fancy and creative dishes. This is a chain and I've been to 3 locations. Each time I've tried something different and have enjoyed every meal I've ordered.

Jean Choma

Loved it. It's hard to fine a decent fish restaurant where you can get fish done many ways and quickly. And lots of healthy selections. Wish there was a closer one near Baltimore, MD.

Reuben Christianson

This is an average establishment. The food is fine. I ordered the surf n turf burger. It is 15 dollars and comes with fries. It tastes fine but is not life changing in any way. The fish in general seems a bit expensive for what you get. I would not go back but am glad to have tried it once.

Preston Thayne

The Surf N Turf burger is absolutely amazing. It is a little on the expensive side, but well worth the cost. The seasoned fries are delicious. Also some of the best fish tacos I've had. Definitely two thumbs up!

Zach Heng

After hearing about this place from various sources, I finally decided to check it out one snowy day in January. Upon arrival, there wasn’t a single patron and, apparently, it was so slow that they were mopping/cleaning the entire restaurant. I had to ask if they were still open. After they confirmed that they were open, I chalked it up to it being snowy and people just didn’t want to battle the weather just to eat here. Despite that, I still had this weird feeling in my gut, so I decided to manage my own expectations and set the bar low. I’ll save you the suspense… it was a letdown and I left feeling pretty unsatisfied. They’re known for the “Clobster” (Crab and Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich). So I got that along with an order of Fried Pickles. I had three issues: 1. The menu isn’t descriptive enough. The sandwiches come with fries; Maybe I should have asked if it comes with any sides or maybe they should state it clearly on the menu. 2. The Fried Pickles [ordered not knowing that the sandwich comes with fries] were giant, greasy pickle spears. It seemed like the oil wasn’t hot enough and the breading absorbed a lot of the oil. Simply put, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone order these. 3. As for the sandwich, to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Though the lobster was apparent, it was barely distinguishable, and the crab tasted like the fake crab stick you would normally find in a California roll. My biggest gripe was that the bread was incredibly greasy and dense. Overall, the food was subpar, but the service was pleasant. The service was probably the only redeeming factor. As an Arlington resident, I definitely would not go out of my way just to eat here as I would for other restaurants in this area. I may have to give it another shot, but low odds on that bet.

chelsea mcginty

Yummy seafood shack. A little overpriced and underdelivered. We tried the surf n turf burger, taquitos, shrimp roll, and fried fish taco. All subpar.

Note Utamavibul

Yummy seafood place and helpful staff. Love it.

Julie Hahn

This was us Saturday night: When you want to go eat out and then one of the kiddos falls asleep on the short ten minute drive to the restaurant...and the child desperately needs a nap. You get it to go and eat in your car in the parking lot! At least it was still hot and good! Haha. First time there. I got the fish and chips as did the kids, in the kids size. Super great deal for kiddos $3.50!!!! My husband got the grilled cheese sandwich which was good. Short line. Came out relatively good speed. As other reviewers have said, yes the tables are sticky! Maybe it’s the laquer on it. It reheated well in the air fryer the next day for our leftovers. The fries weren’t my fav flavor but my husband loved it. It’s a little pricey but not many fish places around and fish does cost more.

Bryce Rhodes

First place I have found in 30 years that actually doesn't buy a frozen premade fish fillet! Finally a really REALLY good fish and chips!

Kyle Ott

Delicious, good food for kids

D.Gramse Family

Absolutely delicious! Got fish and chips and a salmon bowl! We loved it!

Levi Brickey

Flavorful food, very attentive staff, nice setting. Food is pricier than my liking, but I'm cheap and also realize that it is seafood in the middle of Utah.

Wayne HarRell

A little pricey, but great flavor and quality!

Josh Hamilton

Great food. Solid portions for the money.

Christian Martinez

i came on a sunday around lunchtime and there wasnt such a big lunchtime rush hour. i ordered the shrimp burrito, not expecting it to be so big. however, the burrito was quite large and i couldnt finish it all. i wish i couldve because it was quite delicious. the cashier was nice to offer up some choices for my friend, who didnt know which fish would be better for her salad. the staff was very friendly and helpful. im definitely coming again and hopeful to try the other meals.

Mason Shlash

Ill start this review off by saying in terms of the taste of the food as well as wait time, this restaurant excels, but I do have some issues with a couple things. When I first entered sanitation was an issue, there was food and napkins under my table, but I know this a problem they can fix. The other problem was pricing but I don’t have as much as an issue with this that I do the previous issue. Would I come back? Yes.

Miss DivaDoll

Good food. I came here late afternoon so it wasnt a long wait. I had the claim chowder soup which was pretty good. I also had the Lobster Grilled Cheese sandwich. The sandwich was also good. The edges of the toasted bread was a little harder then I'd prefer but otherwise, everything was delicious!

Celia Phittayasri

Over priced poorly cooked seafood. Lobster was rubbery and flavorless.

D Heidler

Portions were good but the fried fish was too oily.

Ash Point Relief Society

Nice place to eat some fish and it wasn't busy when we went this time so the food came out fast a fresh. Try the fried pickles they are surprisingly amazing.

Denise Haynes-Butler

After looking forward to treating myself to their lobster roll, I was extremely disappointed. Upon arriving home after placing an online pick up order, I discovered that my lobster was severely overcooked yielding very chewy meat. For the $25.00 price, one would expect that the franchise would ensure a near perfection experience. I want to give them a second chance, as the chowder fries were delicious. But I'm not sure about letting another $25 go only to have the same unfortunate experience.

mark bauer

Place made a decent lobster roll, kinda pricey but still worth it.

Joshua Jones

For people that like seafood, it is good. The others I ate with, enjoyed the food they got. I not liking seafood ate elsewhere. The only thing I would have been able to get here without seafood was a kids menu item (grilled cheese or quesadilla).

Heather Livengood

So yummy! This time I ordered the fish and chips. I'm used to small pieces of fish, so I went with the double. Let me tell you, the proportions are huge! I would definitely have been satisfied with one piece. They are very friendly, and keep items well stocked, and the tables clean. Great place to stop in for some yummy seafood. Their fish tacos, and clam chowder are delicious as well. They won't disappoint!

Kapree Budd

Definitely not worth the money spent. The menu looks good. The staff had some tension that day and you could awkwardly feel it. When asking about items in the menu, the girl at the register was incorrect. The clam chowder with bacon was more of a bacon chowder without clams. It was very salty and not very good. The burrito and surf and turf weren't much better. Both gave my family instant upset stomachs. The fries oddly came with a lemon. Not sure who eats fries with lemons. Lastly, the shrimp roll with fried shrimp wasn't great either. There was more breading on the shrimp than shrimp. Overall, I won't be back. Good luck.

Carrie Hansen

I lived in England for a time and had delicious fish and chips there. I have yet to find the same delicious fish and chips since then until now! Slapfish was delicious! We loved it and will definitely go again!

Cary Petterborg

Really tasty fish taco, but too much cabbage. It was kind of unwieldy with that much cabbage. It was plenty of food, but if I get one again, I'm going to ask for them to go light on the cabbage and heavy on the sauce, which was really good BTW.

Danna Probst

Food was good, but super expensive & not a lot of food for your money.

Aubri Goodfellow

Great service, great fish, unique drink selection! #lfthx

Steven Hess

Been here twice, both Saturday lunches. Portions are big so don't go overboard, prices are more than typical for lunch but honestly it's two meals worth. We have had the burrito, fish taco, grinder and fish sandwich. All really good and service has been spot on. We waited maybe 5-10 first time and less than 5 minutes on second visit to get food. The folks clean the tables and pick up your trays, keeping tables moving but also clean for next people. Joe is one who i remember as he services the seating area and he made friendly small chat on both our visits. You always wonder about seafood joints, but this one is gold!

Seth Johnson

I haven’t even finished eating the my Epic Shrimp Burrito and I have to give five stars. The wait was a little longer than I expect for fast-casual (around 15-20 mins on a Saturday for a to-go order), but overall, the food and menu are amazing!

Sharetta King

Great concierge service. The food is fresh and seasoned in just the right amount. The portions were the right size and not too much to be wasteful not greedy. All the greeters were helpful and recommendations spot on. Very friendly and will return.

Nirvana Dove

Was excited to check out this place with a friend and our kids. We were essentially turned away at the door by a very stern doorman telling us that it would be at least an hour wait in the middle of the day on a Sunday. With two hungry kids, we went to Cava instead, where they understand how to run a fast casual restaurant.

Rachel Durazzani

Delicious delicious delicious. Fast food that is so yummy makes me happy. And the Lehi location is always so clean and quick. Definitely recommend!

Joshua Ault

Ultimate Fish Taco, Salmon Bowl, Lobster Roll w/ salad in a box!!! Worth the $!!! I'm still salivating writing this. I love this joint. Late nights at work I order takeout online ordering and I have healthy fresh fish meals for my family hot on the plate. #Dadlifewinning

Thomas Douglas

Shrimp ceviche is horrible. Doesn't tase anything like ceviche, they need to call it shrimp salsa.

Monique Alston

The food looked amazing that was coming out of the kitchen. The service was a little slow and to be honest I got a fish and chips and sent it was to go it seemed like it was quite greasy it just needed to be drained better. Other than that I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.

Yorkway Da Kid

Food was freshly made to order and very tasty. They have healthy drink options as well

Kirsten Brown

There are no words in the dictionary sufficient to describe how tasty the Clobster grilled cheese sandwich is. Trust me, I looked. Don't believe me? Here are some other words I found while I was looking: chutzpah, hubris, immutable, modicum, pithy, uncanny, zygodactyl... Still not convinced? Here are some other words: melted cheese, lobster, butter, melted cheese (did I mention melted cheese?) P.S. the fries were tasty too.

Francisco Tam

Great healthy food excellent service

Kristy Steele

My husband and I ate here for the first time last night. The food was very good! We shared the clam chowder and bacon covered fries and we each had a fish taco. I would highly recommend the fries! The service was also very friendly and the food came out fast. The restaurant was clean and modern.

Megan Gryder

My husband and I are here on a Thursday night around 8:30pm. We had street tacos, clam chowder, and a red snapper salad. Everything was fabulous, and they said they fly the Red Snapper in fresh daily. The customer service was awesome, and everything was out at the table faster than we could have gotten and McDonalds! We were super impressed by the quality and service at this new quick eats place.

Michael Jenkins

There's nothing inherently wrong about ordering seafood so far above sea level. There is something intrinsically wrong about the tastes of a Utah'n. You may not have noticed, people in Utah like their food over cooked. Just on the brown side of burnt. I don't escape that scrutiny, I like my bacon and hashbrowns crispy. In state, I order my burgers medium. Out of state, I order them medium-well. It may have to do with growing up land locked. Anyone that grew up near the sea knows, you can't burn seafood. It's either raw or cooked just enough. Cooked a little too much and it's inedible. There's lines that shouldn't be crossed. Here, they've done the unforgivable. They've found new levels of burning seafood. It's really a shame. On the couple of times I've eaten here, I've seen the potential of the food they could have served and cried for the crimes they've committed. Have you've tried calamari? If you have, you know there's a delicate line between perfectly tender and bands of rubber. If they served calamari here I'm sure you would know what line comes after rubber bands. Trying the lobster here has expanded my imagination to what horrors are possible with squid. Fish and chips are near impossible to get wrong. I now know it how possible it is to blur the line between batter and fish. If it wasn't for the hard, translucent material in the center, you would doubt there was any fish. I never needed to know you could deep fry a fish to where it holds more oil than an orchard of olive trees. Unless you're curious in just how far someone will go to find the brown side of burnt in a piece of seafood, stay away. Fish doesn't burn. Damned if they don't try.

Dylan Peters

Clean, modern, fast fare seafood with a good amount of clean and comfortable seating. The food was really good. Fairly good quality shrimp and lobster. The only thing I can say is that I really did not care for the French fries. They were big, soft, bland and ketchup did not really help them. Honestly just worth to get a different side. Overall great experience

Luke Estes

The lobster roles are quite good for Utah, and not much more expensive than the tourist places in Maine. Friendly service helps make it a great place to eat.

Gayle Rankine

Good concept to get fresh fish from daily fresh selections. The clam chowder was very bland. Only tasted the bacon. Had shrimp Po-boy sandwich, good about of shrimp. Roll was not lackluster. Doubt I'll go back. #Slapfishdidnotmeetexpectations

daniel ramos

Food was good. my hoki was perfect! The salads were very good but just a little pricey. Lost a star due to not having ice tee. When not indulging in sugary drinks ice tee is one of the few options other than water.

Ashley Bell

Food always tastes great! Staff is helpful and friendly.

Emma Swapp

I love coming here! The employees are always so nice and the food is absolutely delicious!

Tangela Anderson

Additional flavor to a wholesome meal.

Yazie Wynn

Not bad for takeout. Pretty quick service.. Several healthier options for those that don't want everything fried.

Ryan Kramer

Another trendy and tasty restaurant in Utah! Ordered the Clobster Grilled Cheese sandwich. Yum! Everything tasted fantastic and was fresh. Will absolutely go back.

Luisa Ramírez

Came on Sunday, so it wasn't busy at all. Had a Hoki (Daily fish) sandwich with their house made tartar sauce and it was awesome. Tasty, warm and filling.

Andy Ballou

Hoped this would be decent but quite disappointing. One fish was dry, the other tasted old and fishy. Ceviche was more like salsa with a couple bits of shrimp. Fries were the best part, which is sad for a fish place. Not going back.

Brian Menin

I love this place. If they want a 5th star, they'll need to open one in Spanish Fork. Because it's not at all convenient for me to go there as often as I'd like. But if you're reading this, you don't care about my drive. So let me tell you that every time I have gone there, the food has been outstanding. It's not "fast food cheap", because it's not fast food. You'll get a tasty meal that fills you up. Something as simple as fish 'n chips is way better than you'll find anywhere else.

Daniel Puloka

The fish was good. No complaints. Freshly cooked

Rich Schoengold

Overall the food was good , but burgers are not cook to desired temperature. Meal for a fast food are overpriced and at the same rates as a sit in restaurant. If you are ok with spending over 3.00 on a soda fountain drink and 25 for your meal that is on a dinner roll. Then go. I rather for the amount time spent there and the $$$$$ go to a restuarant .

Vaughnetta Caldwell

Great food! Must visit by all!

David Wright

Better than I expected. Very clean, each of the entrees we had tasted fresh, and the lobster dip and chips was awesome! Also, less expensive than I expected, price competitive with other restaurants with similar quality. Also very crowded, certainly seems like a popular go to spot on a Friday night. I will be back.

Fatima Khalid

Reasonably priced seafood restaurant. The food is really good and so is the service. I have tried 4 things on the menu so far and have been delighted by the food. I would definitely recommend others to try.

Lynette Collier

The lobster rolls are pricey but the food here is delicious.

Nacola Smith

Portion sizes are good and they're are numerous fish options. Food is yummy!

Nicholas Sammons

Surprisingly good for a fast-casual restaurant. A few of their dishes would likely beat equivalents at nearby sit-down restaurants. Having spent some time in the UK, I've always lamented the fact that you can't find a good fish and chips in the US. While Slapfish's fish and chips aren't quite up to the standard of what you can get across the pond, they're pretty darn close and they're among the best in NW DC.

Paige Mathews

Delicious food, quick service, and knowledgeable staff. I had questions about gluten free options and they were great to answer them!

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