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5722 Ritchie Hwy, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, United States Located in: Ritchie Highway Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Shoppers IN Maryland

Lori Miller

Good place to shop!!!

Alesia Ashby Collins

Shoppers a great place to shop for my groceries and personal care products I love their sales

Robin Cox

Dirty and prices are too high and deli girl is just out right arrogant

Delphine McLamb

Shoppers have almost everything, some things are priced higher than other places but that the price you pay for convenience.

PA Bennett

Very nice place to shop.. love to use the $10.00 dollar coupon.

Lygia Berney

Very nice people


i like going to this shoppers because it is relatively fast to shop there. All aisles are well labeled, open and clean. Extra aisles open quickly if there are lines, and they have about four automatic self checkout lines. Amazing. But it’s a busy store and Sometimes even those can be four deep. i love that carts are always available and there is always good parking. There is a full service pharmacy, atm, and salad bar. The deli meat is fresh, baked chicken is off-the-hook, and bakery products awesome! However, the icing on the cake is the customer service from the workers there — they are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They even have amazon lockers. Great job Shoppers! This kind of service makes the dollars feel easier to spend!

Alejandro Ortiz

They pastries are sinful.

Vicki Ward

Go here for specials

Michael Johnson


Anisa Holly

Crystal Hall

Lots of selection, good meat and produce sections, always clean, friendly staff.

john thomas

Ellione Adams

Out-of-date products

Mike Theodosiou

Prices are kind of high but they have a self checkout and good donuts.

mickelle Johnson

Always a pleasure !

Linwood Jones

Good place to shop

Sandra Miller

Quick service

Kloe Liana

Me and my friends came for a quick trip to grab some snacks and I had to use the bathroom. Officer Brogdon wouldn’t let us come in because we’re 17, which is understandable because it’s late (11pm) But he made us both stand outside in the dark and wait for our friends. He also wouldn’t let me quickly use the bathroom. I understand he was just trying to do his job but I felt extremely uncomfortable in the situation. I hope next time teenagers come in he at least doesn’t make them wait in the dark.

Raynell Simms

Had Me drive all the here because they say their open got here and their closed huge inconvenience.

Marie Howard

They seem to have everything I want I need

Dominique Cromwell

Jenafor 1wash

Like this grocery store. Always busy being the only market for miles. Staff is also very good.

bridget morlan


Chris Rogers Sr.

Not bad

tony jackson

only store that has great deals. and they donuts are deadly I mean you will fall in love with them. I heard. its rumors that the store is closing

Wendy Carnes

Nice clean and reasonable price

John Daniels

Store is good but alot of shady characters in parking lot not safe

Jamie Blankenship

I love this grocery store and I won't go anywhere else

Mary Hodgenson

It's ok.

Kali Boo

Been shopping here for years!

Karliki Tasker

Always neat and presentable...prices are good,just employees can be a little more perky with life...

Lisa M

Ok love their lunchmeat

Rob Fowler

Great prices and nice employees. Employee on the floor saw i was searching and helped me find what i needed. Slow cashiers who dont really feel like asking for help. Waited more than 30 min because the cashier didnt know how to do a WIC payment and i was next in line.

Christina Langerhr

Great store

Steven Wolfe

Shoppers went down hill fast every since to got rid of the manager for a new one nothing in stock ever and parking lot looks trashy.

virginia presti

Kim Silcox


Moni Moe

The prices are reasonable and you don't need a club card

Dawn Scurto

Cramped n dirty

Wesley Maxwell


Karen Z

Store is dirty people are rude

Meika Bennett

Over price but good quality food.

Ed Arnold

This is a discount grocery store in my opinion. The prices are good and the staff keep things clean and stocked. Unfortunately Shoppers are closing all over the region and being taken over store by store by other chains. At this time the status of this store is still unknown.

Johnny Mitchell

Prices are pretty steep compared to other grocery stores in the area. I don't normally shop here because of that unless I get lazy and don't feel like going to Walmart or Food Lion. The self checkouts are setup backwards. Have the belt first and then a bagging area like Walmart has set up for theirs.

Kelvin Bennett

Ok service prices high.

Mike Culler

Wonderful selection of seafood and of course all the groceries very helpful staff

Amanda Bancroft-Newlen

Staff isn't very friendly and the prices are high on some stuff. Only shop there when I need something quickly.

Annmarie Outen


Jane Wright

Keep moving the bread so I left without it.

Ashley Helmick

Great deals and service always...

Selma Cromwell

Volume was low

Jay Bee

I got to give this place 3 stars because they are so damn expensive, a very nice and clean store but so damn expensive. So I only shop here if I have to but only because of the prices, they have awesome meets though and their produce section is awesome so the price for the meats and the produce is definitely worth it. As I said I'm not bad-mouthing the store because it is a nice store but if you're on a budget go to Save-A-Lot LOL

Kad!jha Owens-Bey

Love the variety and sales. And the self serve lines are a blessing.

Coalitionagainstdomesticviolence BALTIMORE MD

Prices are in the median price and some good deals!

Phyllis Clayton

Their prices are kind of high

Darknlovly motivation

Whites dont like us here

Lola Reightler

The prices are competitive for the area. It has self serve checkout as well as the regular checkout. The self serve has staff to help quickly if there's a question or if you need help. The parking lot has security cameras 24-7. It is also very large with multiple ways to get in and out easily.

Lavoya Copes

New market for me. With quality selection

Robert Hewitt

I really like this store. Staff are very friendly and helpful.

James Trott

Seen better been to worse

Janet Nevins

Store is always clean when I go there. They have a huge selection of food and the donuts are the best around!

Jane McCann

I primarily go to Shoppers in the spring for their bedding plants. They have a wide variety at reasonable prices. While I'm there I usually go inside and check out their produce section and their hot food takeout bars. I also shop there specials in all departments.

D Heckathorn

My fav grocery store

Sherry Berry

Love it!

ryan bates

Horrible selection dirty workers are rude and inconvenient meaning they're more in the way than helpful

Andrea Gish

Andy Smith

Good price!

Carlos Ugaz

Over priced and crack heads hangout

Anthony Mastromarino

Shoppers Brooklyn Park appears to be dangerous. Guards at the entrance. Drug addicts begging for money out front. I won't go back.

Heather Delair

Good prices

Tricia Washington

Good place and have great savings.

John H White

Has lots of good deals in food

Jimmy O'Brien

Quite frankly I am an avid Shoppers customer. Wherever I've lived I find the Shoppers and this is the worst one around! To Seafood looks horrible there are flies in the donut case constantly and when I have complained about them on several occasions all the employees do is say yeah that happens all the time and they do nothing about it. I will not buy fresh meats from there either. One day while I was shopping there they were moving stuff around and stocking stuff in a Cold Case and you can see the bottom and underneath of the great we're stagnant water and they did nothing to clean it they just put stuff on top the grates. I have recently moved so I am no longer in that neighborhood anymore however my workplace still is and I was still stopping in there after work but now I have located one in my neighborhood. This one is clean and it is awesome and I started to remember why I started being loyal customer to Shoppers. The biggest problem that they have are there dirty employees you don't want to work and think that they're owed something but they definitely want that paycheck

Alycia Knopp

Great store, bad location!

SGTxGiggleFairy .

(Translated by Google) eCJ (Original) Eugh

Randy Sloman

They fail to manage peak times properly. Checking out at these times becomes a chore especially with the way self check out lanes are maintained. Selection is fine with a half of an isle and freezer section dedicated to cultural foods. Staff is friendly but clearly overwhelmed at times.

Tarri Weeks

Love it

Jessica DeWitt

Idk just do

Charles Toogood

Great service best prices.

Nikki Collins

Kathryn Deutch

good value. lots of options

Raymond Hall

Close to home

Jonathan Morgan

Always has what I need and the prices are pretty good. Customer service is great and the people are friendly

michelle peterson-ransome

Shoppers Brooklyn Park. Meats are not always fresh. Vegetables are molding sometimes

matthew rasinski

Tony got my cart


Good shopping

Joann Swabon

Good sale

Tina-jeanette Gerhardt

Always shops there sometimes like a second home lol

Richard Sommers

Nice store that's always well stocked.

adam wommack

Good prices

Eli S Martinez

(Translated by Google) First products and a wide assortment ... for those who know the quality of the place indicated. (Original) Productos d primera y un amplio surtido...para los q saben d calidad el lugar indicado.

Annette Allen

Rude service

Ricki Wolfe

Prices are getting to high expleshy for meats.And this place needs a new face lift.

Brenda Phillips

I brought something from the Store

Paula Blackwell


chara trice


Caren Karabani

Typical low budget supermarket in a food desert area. While you can get most of what you need here, produce will not be of great quality. Its usually crowded in here because lines are hardly ever open.

Author Thompson

I was accused of stealing at this store and when proven wrong. The manager did not apologize. Instead he said well I guess you got away with it. Also highest milk prices in the area.

Joann Kronstadt


LifeWithMyAmazing Family

Pricey but love to get my sea food salad ingredients from here, very fresh

John Jimmy

Good price!

Maurice Smith


Ivonna Hall-Covert

This is the closest Shoppers to me. The store is always neat whenever I've had the opportunity to go, and I can find everything I'm looking for. At times they have items for a really good sale price that fits my budget so I go to stock up on those items. This store is also conveniently located on public transportation.

Andy Belliel

MYA Madness

Sheila Woctor

Their produce department is always a disapointment. It is never one stop shopping for me because of this. The fresh produce isn't all that fresh and choices are limited.

Debbie Raeke

Queen Queens


Kitrena Barnett

Seafood side sucks been standing here for about 10 minutes watching folks go back and fourth and come to find out its only one lady and shes in the back.. Been there since I've been waiting uughh..

Miss Sunshyne

Always a good experience

Brooke Fakunmoju

Pharmacy and cashiers are great, but they should post larger signs so that you do not stand in line to find out that you can only purchase gift cards at service desk.

Lori Amaya

Nice place to shop

mark rice

Great store and staff - best doughnuts in Baltimore

Rodney Brooks


Michelle G

Good price and good service!

Ed Schwartz

It's a grocery store they have food and stuff

Joan Smith

Good price,

Benjamin Peterson

Nice place to do grocery shopping..

Edward Gee

Good store

William Johnson

Great prices

Debbie Smith

Never enough cashiers

Todd Walker

Great place to make market, shop's there all the time!!!!

Omega Sun

Getting expensive and meats are not as fresh as others stores


Im always there,,,,i like that i know where everything is at

Sharae Williams

I love love this food store I just was there a few hours ago

Amy Campbell

Byanca Tasker

Has everything u need

pamela shriver

Margarita Reyes

(Translated by Google) I love (Original) Me encanta

Donna Upchurch


Micah Mysiuk

Good selection, not great. If you're shopping for staples, you'll find what you're looking for, but if you're hoping to find a variety of high-end items go elsewhere. That being said, the store is clean, the layout of the groceries is well thought out, and the staff is friendly. 4/5 for the reasons I mentioned, missing a star because they don't carry feta cheese that isn't crumbled.

William Jones

Great bargins

nancy mazan

I shop at shopper once a week

Donna Bunch

3006 Illinois Ave

Dennis Kaylor

They have a cashier named Carol that is very nice but very slow

marie conley

Natalie Shreve

Always has good sales on produce.

Andrea Gibson

Its okay

Jennifer Pauley

Always clean and speedy checkout

Robbin Hartman

I got what I needed

Nathan Maloney

The front of the store outside is starting to look really dirty. It needs a serious high pressure washing. There is a bench out front where scary people hangout and smoke. Store management needs to not allow smoking so close to the doors. There is a very nice apartment complex right next door. So the area is getting better. A little pride in your store goes a long way.

james somerville

It is very fast and convenient

crystal orr

Usually have what I need, and great sales! Just make sure you watch the prices, some things are a little high.

Carolyn Thompson


christopher coombs

Ok good fresh bread

Sienna Williams

Nice clean store, they had everything I came for. This is the only store that carries the frozen hush puppies I like. The cashier was friendly and I didn’t have to wait in a long line to checkout. They also have self checkout too. I noticed they have Amazon pickup boxes too.

Angeleyes Johnson P

If they keep the flies out the donut case I would have gave 5 stars.

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