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REVIEWS OF House of Tropicals Inc IN Maryland


Im a fish lover they are so relaxing to just watch and The staff at the house of tropicals are very helpful and kind.. This is where I always get my feeder fish and Fish for my Tank at this place is amazing...

Rooks Templar

Wife bought some arachnis plants for me and dropped it in my tank without knowing what to look for. That part is my fault. What's messed up is that this store sold her plants covered in the dreaded black beard algae, it took four months with mollies and co2 dosing to clean one tank of it. The other I can't use mollies because my Angelfish will attack them and thus the whole tank is overrun now.


Amazing selection of fish! Everyone at this store is very knowledgeable about fish and they are very helpful. I would highly recommend the store.

Julie Vallecillo

My husband, son and I enjoy going to the House of Tropicals just to see what new fish they have--its really fun. We buy fish too for my son's three tanks. The atmosphere is very casual, unfussy, laid-back. Staff is friendly and helpful. One of their staff, Kevin, is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my son's questions (and my son had many!). I highly recommend H of T.

Vernon Miles

Amazing selection of freshwater and saltwater fish, products galore, reasonably priced.


What a find! Enter a world where fish, fish products and fish care take top priority, where the attendants are experts on all aspects of just fish! It’s awesome. These guys have so many varieties even more than Petco, and accessories, and fish care products you can hardly get elsewhere. What a welcome relief. Easy to find, the store is located in the middle right hand side of a large plaza, across the lot from Rita’s Italian Ice. Another blessing is the educator discount: hallelujah! Every bit helps. Aside from fish, don’t look for much for other pets even though there are crickets, some dog treats and s few items. But if you are unsure- just ask, and an expert will be ready to help. Hurry on over!

Matthew R

Lots of really cool fish and pretty much every employee that works there is passionate about what they do. That's hard to find in any store. Keep up the great work!

Wiley Rhymer

Older store could use a remodel but they can have everything that you can use for a fish tank

Doretha Jones

Cool place if your looking for variety of fish for your aquarium or looking for other small pets.

Dennis Johnson

I have been going here for years they keep a very good amount of supplies very rare that I can't find something that I need

Joshua Ruby

I cant explain how horrible the service is at this store. Employees dont speak to you. They look at you but act like your invisible and maybe you will just go away if they ignore you. I was there the first time and was told to go to the front of the store for water testing. The front of the store said they cant do the water testing I have to get someone from the back of the store. Went to the person in the back and they told me to try the front again. They were busy. So went back to the front and they called the person from the back to the front and he finally did the test. We need to make some changes and were told to bring a sample back in a few days. We go home make the changes and come back Saturday. Walk in to the front and wait till the employees are done talking for 15minutes. Then they tell us they dont test water on the weekend. The attitude they had was like I had personally offended them by asking. They said well wait and we will see. So I waited and then watched the front of store staff have a dispute with each other about no one helping me. I came to spend money in this store and asked for their help and came back just like I was told by them but no one ever wants to helps or says they are not allowed to. After poor attitude and horrible service I left. I came here on a friends recommendation. But now I will not come here. My friends will not come here after many years of using this business, and I recommend no one else waisting their time with this business.

Megan Day

This is a huge tropical fish and reptile store. Staff are very knowledgeable and if they don't have something you're looking for,they will order it for you. They also have a massive 18 year old giant albino gourami named Tiny waiting to greet you at the entrance. I've seen them bring in an octopus and sharks. They also have a variety of corals.

Jan Tashlein

I love this place! I have several reptiles and they carry everything you could possibly need for feeder rodents and insects. Plus the whole staff is really knowledgeable and friendly. Plus who doesn't love looking at all the beautiful fish?

Jean Kulski

My husband and I have been going to House of Tropicals since it was Bills H.O.T on Crain Hwy, more than 37 years. They are still the best in the business with fully trained and friendly staff. Congratulations for being around so long and holding your own up against the chain stores. No staff has ever acted like a customer was taking up too much time with our nonstop questions. Bruce and Jean Kulski

Jim Fuller Sr.

Great place for all your fish tank needs. I whould have given it five stars but needs more help. Always a line at the cash register and in the back.

Kayla Mathews

Helpful staff, wide variety of fish, and great prices!


Not bad always a shortage on dubai roaches however great people great service no reason to take a star

Lily Campbell

Bought my Betta fish here. Helpful, knowledgeable employees were able to reccomend every we needed.

Matthew Babb

House of tropicals is my go-to for fish, aquatic plants, tanks and tank accessories. Staff is almost always friendly and helpful. Selection is large and new stock can be found regularly. I would absolutely recommend a visit.

CactusRose .

I've gotten several pet mice here, they obviously work hard to keep their animals healthy. All their animals look happy and have their own enclosures. The salt water fish are stunning, I even saw a blowfish! The workers were all kind and very helpful.

Abon Awesome

Super nice healthy fish and nice quality

Jason Davis

A great store for your speciality needs. They have a wide variety of marine life and supplies. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Only downside is that there are often more customers than employees can keep up with. I'm not saying they are under staffed, just a well known reliable shop with a large customer base.

phi nguyen

Nice place for all your aquarium needs. They have all

Sean Hurdel

Huge assortment of small & jumbo fish. Good assortment of tanks & accessories. Very helpful & knowledgeable staff. Store is extremely bare bones in style & lighting. Prices for accessories are expensive compared to big chain stores, but they have a much bigger & better selection. Their fish are much better priced than a chain store & an enormous selection of type & sizes.

Rob B

This store has just about everything I need for my aquarium. One stop shop! Staffers are very knowledgeable about product!

Andrew Englar

I've been coming here for years, and we keep coming back for the friendly service and knowledgeable staff. I've even moved more than an hour away, and will still return here to purchase all of my water pets. :)

Wendy Carnes

They have gorgeous fish. But as far as the building maintenance look like mold from the top of some of the ceiling tops made me feel unsafe walking towards the back. Excellent customer service at checkout but trying to find someone to assist you is the terror

Charles Smith

Great selection and the best customer service!

Al Stearns

This is a great LFS that has a huge variety of wet pets to chose from. If you are at all within driving distance, make the drive to check them out before you order fish from somewhere online, they have fish I use to never see anywhere but online, not just your standard bread and butter fish. Its always pretty crowded, but doesn't bug me at all and have even ended up having some good conversations with random people there since we are ll there with a love for keeping fish. Anyone saying its hard to find someone to help you, there is a designated area to stand and wait, just wait your turn like a normal functioning adult lol. Some of my favorite pet monsters have come from here and I enjoy just taking the ride there on a weekend despite it being a 30-40 minute drive. I've also never gotten any disease from any fish including the endlers feeders and that's pretty big to me.

Alonzo Carle

Great community pet store! Not sure how long it has been there, but it was there when I moved to the area in 1999. Friendly and knowledgeable staff have always been the backbone of the store. They have a great selection of pets, live and processed pet foods, and habitat items as well. Convenient location just off I-97, just one exit south of the Baltimore Beltway I-695.

Brittany Goddess

It's a big place!! So many varieties of fish!! We got a new betta that we love!!!

Kizz Kat

Well taken care of and a lot of variety to look at for the tropical fish

Melanie A

Great place... Nate was extremely helpful. He deserves a giant raise! :)

monica hammaker

I always love coming here because the store is so animal care focused. This particular photo is just some grasses they had that I thought had a very attractive aesthetic to it. They are always training new staff which is great, it sucks going to other pet stores and getting people who were just thrown in and dont really know anything. They also have a massive variety in decor, animals, plants all kinds of stuff really. Honestly I dont even need to be buying anything to go to the store lol.

Nick Cage

Been going here for 25 years. Great selection. Knowledgeable staff. Always there to help.

Sean Mooney

The past 4 times i have been there, the visit has been bad. The staff is helpful, but they are also doom and gloom. I take my toodler who loves fish, they never have anything positive to say. I would say dont shop there

Brian _

Good selection, of fish. They finally take Google Pay so that helps

victoria cowen

I love this place, the pets are a little overpriced but the cages and stuff for my pets, i always go here before anywhere else. Crickets are a dollar a dozen. Most places dont beat that. Plus i love looking at the reptile room. Ive gotten so many awesome pets from here over the years, including my parents with their fish. Most of the time the employees are nice and friendly and some even know me and vice versa. I love this place, i think the inly thing would be the prices on the darn animals.

Bonnie ODonnell

Love their selection of everything and how helpful!!

Taylor Stout

Absolutely fantastic. Huge range of colorful, healthy looking fish and aquarium plants. Also a decent selection of rodents and reptiles. Friendly and helpful staff who are very knowledgeable. Definitely check it out if you are in the market for anything aquatic.

Dale Knight

A pet store for both tropical fish and reptiles always a huge selection of fish and live rock

Aaron Eichelberger

A very nice and reasonable place to get your fish supplies

Robert Brown

For what it’s worth it’s a pretty good store. It’s kind of hit and miss with the customer service though. One day you’ll get a friendly knowledgeable member of the staff to assist you, the other you’ll get a guy who almost makes you feel bad for “bothering” them. I pretty much know what I want and where to find it when I go so it is what it is. They do have a wide selection and if they don’t have it they can most likely get it. All in all it’s the one stop shop you need, just don’t expect to be greeted with friendly helpful staff.

James McChristy

Fantastic local fish store! The staff is very friendly and really knows their stuff. They have a great selection of aquariums, why I was there, at competitive prices. Definitely will visit again.

Veronica .

Staff was amazing when i got home today one of my fish was dead. Dont know why i just pray that my other fish is om

gwynne cox

This place is awesome! I’ve bought tons of stuff here and have never been disappointed. I love just going there looking at everything! The fish tanks are beautifully stocked with fish, corals, plants - you name it. The employees are the best! They are sooo nice and really take their time to help you. This is the only place I go for anything I need!

Tyler Belfield

Huge selection. Mainly fish, some reptiles in the back. Helpful and friendly staff. I prefer this place over CTE aquatics in Timonium, even though House of Tropicals is farther for me to get to.

Shane Ryznar

This place is honestly amazing. When I first started out with my tank, I chose to order some online. A lot of them came smaller then what the site promised...with some arriving dead. So I turned to looking local and found this place. I really wanted an Arowana, and a Clown Knife. I showed up...and they had EXACTLY what I wanted, and even bigger....for cheaper then the online stores I found. The fish are EXTREMELY healthy. Needless to say, I don't think I will shop anywhere else again for fish. Note: They have an insane selection of Cichlids and Salt Water fish too. The very last fish row, has some massive fish.

Damon Smith

Great selection of fish, great sales, someone is always willing to help and give good advice.

Mandy S

I have been coming here for years for freshwater fish and supplies. Depending on what you are looking for, it can be a little pricy here compared to other fish stores but I like that the staff is knowledgeable when I do have to ask questions. It's a small place and can get pretty busy so you might have to wait around to be helped. They have a large assortment of both freshwater and saltwater fish. I always enjoy checking out the saltwater fish, hopefully one day will switch over when I can afford it.

Zach Colado

Fantastic staff and store. I went in here just to look at the selection they had. They were never pushy but they checked on us to make sure we were doing ok. We ended up seeing that they had Axolotl for sale, something I always loved. We got it and they were so nice to tell us how to care for them, what we need, and even offered me information by phone and gave me a website with great information. I am now the proud owner of a Axolotl, who is happy and healthy due to the advice given! Thanks you all!

steven latchaw

Has a huge selection of fish and other aquatic life. Plants, crustaceans, salt water and fresh. It's been around forever and typically has more then you were looking for. They also have a selection of turtles, frogs, snakes, and other animals. Tanks, filters....they have it all

Ole Hass

Best aquarium store I know in the DMV

Karen Myers

Most of the staff are friendly. Good selection

STEVE Nacaro

My dad says this place is great

James Coleman

Best place by far for reptile and fish needs.

Kelli Carlineo

The staff is always helpful and informative. The variety of aquatic life available is amazing. The tanks are clean and well kept. This store is always our family's first choice.

Chris Jackson

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff... Great selection of all kinds of water life... Only knock is little pricey

Har Mon

House of tropics is the best pet/supply spot ever. Always has everything i need or advice on my pets. Not expensive. My kids call it the aquarium because of all the different animals and fish. Variety very good.

Sarah Vegeta

If you need it they probably have it. I was truly surprised by their selection of aquatic and reptile friends. And also the cleanliness. Prices are great.

Sammi Lee

Great place for everything! Helpful and nice staff.

bmore410 ravensallday

Oldie but goodie. Good selection of fish. Could be a little cleaner. Did see some dead fish floating in some of the tanks but besides that the staff were nice.

Julie James

They have a great selection and variety of Pet supplies there

Jason Carr

Staff is very helpful and nice without trying to upsell you things you don't need. Good selection although a couple of items were out of stock. Prices seemed reasonable to my novice eye. Could be a bit more tidy and bright, but it's a fish store gotta expect some water in the isles and a minor smell.

Paul Sandler

Over the past several decades, most of the other fish stores have all but disappeared, but fortunately this store is still around. Run by the same owners (sons) since its start over 50 years ago, the staff are friendly, helpful, and incredibly knowledgeable. Most have decades of fish keeping experience. Their livestock selection, for both freshwater and saltwater, is extensive and impressive. Definitely the largest in the DC/Balto region that I have seen and the fish and plants are always amazing and healthy. This is a super fun, great store for everyone from beginners to advanced and I hope the family keeps it going for many more years. Highly recommended.

Desmond Smith

This store has everything you need and more. Great prices, and great customer service. I bought 2 fish tank stands for a 125 gallon and 55 gallon, 1 metal the other with a wood finish. The fish at House of Tropics were amazing, tanks were immaculate as well.

Paul Brailer

Great variety of fish and supplies people nice and they know their stuff

Les Jenne

Store has been there forever which says a lot for the type of place they are. Always new animals and fish to check out. We got there weekly for our lizard and snake food. As well as I got all my salt water fish from there as well. The people know what they are talking about and will help you in any way they can.

Scott S

Knowledgable staff and plentiful fish selection

Tonia Shassiah McKie

I'm in love. Quiet cost but I love this place.

Juan Ortiz

Great prices and good selection on everything. Hard to find this kind of stores, thankfully It's not that far from my city. Great service too!

john mueller

Loved it. Definitely worth the trip from the city. Has everything

Eric Stoker

Great fish and good selection. Employees are great!

Laurie Patoska

I buy all my fish here. They are healthy and always do great in my tank. More Coral selection please!!


Staff is always friendly and helpful. Prices are a bit high on the fish though.

Durline morrison

The Best Tropical Fish Store in Glen burnie!

Evan Hart

Takes a little bit to find an employee that's available to help me sometimes, but all the ones I've spoken to really know their stuff and have been great help!

Marlon Tinker

This place is top notch. Really. No joke.

Jessica Williams

Great selection of saltwater, freshwater, and pond fish. Good selection of supplies as well and they have reptiles and small animals. The staff is knowledgable and helpful. The prices are okay I find some of the fish prices high sometimes but others reasonable.

L Jacks

Love walking through this place getting ideas and what's new

Leafy Watson

A big big fish store to shop for pretty tropical fish

Edward Brumit

Fantastic buffet! No cost to get in and all you can eat while employees are distracted. :)

Rick Frantz

It's very large with great selections

Leon Evans

Wow @ the options From the outside you wouldn't think the place would be so large inside!

Amy Mazza

We are from PA and are trop fish enthusiasts, great place, vast selection and prices. Thinking of going on a day trip to there again sometime. Very knowledgable staff.

Celestine Pinkney

Great selection. Employees were nice and friendly but it took awhile to find someone that had permission to bag fish.

Jeannie Eckes

Awesome, all tanks clean, no dead, everything possibly you could want

Colleen Winans

Lots of interesting plants, fish and reptiles. Pond equipment and aquariums of all shapes and sizes. Knowledgeable staff.

Valerie Streeb

We buy our hamsters and fish here. They last so much longer than other pet stores. The hamster we bought was hand raised and is super sweet!

Geraldine Diamond

Beautiful selections of exotic fish and animals.Fun toys for my pets.Great feeding prices!

Paige Brown

Love this place! They have so many sea animals!

Boneless Brooke

Great customer service and healthy, happy fish. My mystery snail I bought from there has been alive for over a year.

Don Lipscomb

Has the live foods that I need. Not a chain. Reliable fish stock, great customer service.

George Rixse

Need store great for all your fish needs.

Becky Rehsarht

I do not recommend this place unless you don't mind bad customer service. Me and my husband drive from serveral hours away due to the large fish selection they have but our last experience was terrible.......Kevin "waited" on us..... First, we said we wanted a koi and he proceeds to not even ask which one we wanted but catches one on his own and said it had the best color, I felt like he was wisking it away to bag it before I could even look at it. However, it was clearly suffering from bloat. So we asked for a different one and he got annoyed. We then asked for golden orfes. The tank was full of these fish and they are fast moving and look very similar to each other. We did not want a specific one of these, just healthy ones when he caught them one of them was really skinny as if it had internal parasites. So I just asked the guy if my husband could look at that fish. He said if he wanted to look at it he should have stood beside the fish tank before the fish was caught. WTF? (When We were standing beside the koi tank he didnt give us an option to look at the fish, he just TOLD me this is a good one and proceeded to try go bag it, I had to ask to see which fish he was giving me. Did not like that). My husband was only 10 feet away picking out other fish we wanted to get too. Kevin said that what we were doing was annoying. My husband said why are we annoying? He said if you wanted to see the fish you should have been watching because now I have to walk 10 feet back over to the tank.. My husband replied even if I was standing there you would still have had a problem with me wanting to see the fish because look what you did with koi. My husband also said he didn't want a specific orfe, just a healthy one and if you could have done that we would have been ok. My husband told him he was acting lazy because we wanted to buy a good bit of fish and spend several hundred dollars in his store and you don't want to move let alone provide customer service. The guy then said screw you. What made this even more pathetic was that this guy was the freshwater manager. Maybe he was annoyed because when I asked for help he was standing over in a different aisle drinking a cup of coffee while he talking to another employee? At this point we were ready to walk out and not buy anything. The only reason we finished our purchase was because the Saltwater manager, Paul stepped in and took care of us. He totally agreed with us and said that this guy is like that. We ended up spending almost $300 there that day. I now go to Elmer's Aquarium and Pet Center for all my fish needs. There I am always treated well and the employees will take there time with you ALWAYS!!!

Dawn Taylor

Do not go to the store to buy fish right now. They have diseases running through their tanks. I was just there returning a fish last sunday I had bought on thursday. This fish died before I got him home but I had bought many more. Well now the fish are dying off even my older fish that I've had for 2 years are dying daily. Be careful when buying fish from there for right now. I love this store but their fish are sick right now. Something is in their filtration system. Do NOT buy their fish and just put in your tank. Put the new fish in a holding tank till you know they are ok. This is heart breaking and very expensive. (Tropical fish are sick) Took to another pet store and a sample of my water... these new fish have ick.

Tina W

Great selection of fish. The staff is absolutely miserable, though

Jim Lynn

Great selection of tropical and fresh water fish.

Tiffany Lemmon

Love there beautiful variety of betta fish. Also have ghost shrimp for cheep. Nice selection of plants. And all kinds of nerite and other types of snails. The best fish shop in Maryland.

Alvin Gonzalez

Great place for the enthusiast. You can find everything you need here. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable.

Steven Parides

Decent amount of stock, fairly knowledgeable staff and very friendly. For tropical fish, aquatic plants, reptiles and amphibians you won't find a better place in the general area. Weekends are very busy, week nights allow you the room to browse adequately. Products are in line with market prices and they have a loyalty program offering a subsidy once your reach the threshold.

Tara Silvers

Have been going there for years for our exotic pet needs.

Olympia Fedd

A bit expensive, but definitely worth it. And they have beautiful fish and reptiles

Joe Penn

Great Place! I am a frequent buyer, actually travel well over an hour one way to go there and make the trip once (sometimes twice) a week. Great selection of just about everything for the aquarium enthusiest, nice selection of reptiles also. Customer service is top notch!

XiaoLi Foo

Big shop with nice selection of both fresh and saltwater fish. Pricy.

James Howells

By far the best aquarium store I have been to in the Baltimore area. Helpful staff, always busy, and always have been varieties coming in each week

Matt S

Great selection of fresh and marine. Never understaffed. 99% of the time they have a solid answer for your question or concern. Ask for Kevin he always amazes me in his aquarium/livestock knowledge.

Chuck Conkling

Great store with very helpful staff. Prices are below Amazon, which is unheard of these days from a brick and mortar store. Love my new tank, substrate, and plants.

Sitting Lynx

Always friendly. Great selection. Fair prices. This is the best aquarium store in the Baltimore area.

Jessica Griffin

We are regularly here for feeders. Staff is friendly. Some could be more knowledgeable about the animals they carry and be more comfortable saying "I don't know" but that being said, many are willing to help and answer any questions you have!

ivan southern

Great selection of fish, make sure you have time to browse lots to see

Mike Kolb

Very big selection of fish and supplies. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions and needs. I very much recommend this store over others.

Timothy Gutbrod

Good selection of fish, fresh and saltwater.

Maria Elena Golliday

I highly recommend coming during the week as weekends are crazy busy and you won't get the same kind of service as weekdays... which makes sense on a person to person ration. I was on today and all the tanks looked nice and clean and the fish healthy. I bought a few aquatic plants and some land hermit crabs as I keep a 55g of those as well!

Ashley Ball

Been going here for years, never had a problem with crickets or superworms. Cheaper then going to PetSmart or Petco and quality is definitely there.

Emily McGuire

Great variety of fish but prices are sometimes a bit steep and very little guarantee on their fish. Be sure to check the health of all the fish in the tank you’re looking to buy from, before making a decision. Excellent variety of plants but virtually guaranteed to get pond snails with them.

Angela Jagger

If you have any questions about fish or turtles then this is the place to go. They were very informative and help save my daughter’s turtle. I would also have to say that the people who work there are very nice and helpful. I’ve never had any problems when we go here.

lindsay harris

I swear by this store. the selection is fantastic, the fish are always healthy and well cared for and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They also have a bog selection of rare or uncommon fish that you just cant find anywhere else. Strongly recommend for aquariusts of all experience levels.

Tara R

Cool to go in and look at pets; prices for pet accessories are cheaper elsewhere.

Joshua Norton

Best selection of freshwater and saltwater fish I've seen in the DC/Maryland area.

Jessie Runberg

Large assortment of both fresh and salt water fish and all the accessories. Expert staff and friendly service.

Steve White

Love the place great service and nice Selection.

Takeysha Neal

Great customer service large selection of fish

Donshae tate

I had bad Experience I Bought 8 different species of MBuna African African chiclid as Test fish for cycling my 75 gallon tank. 4 out 8 was sick. 2 with fin Rot and other 2 had sunken belly with is a internal parasite. Drove 2.5 hrs to get the fish. So now I have to medicate my tank and spend hundreds of dollars on medication so that my Good fish I get imported doesn't get sick. Smh. Customer service was poor he Denied none of his fish were sick and could not help me out. Please Beware inspect fish very Carefully before purchasing.

John Roth

An absolutely fantastic resource and conveniently located in the Glen Burnie area just off of 97. Their selection of fish and every sort of related item is staggering. Unusual species that don't seem to show up in other shops come and go here regularly and I've never had a health problem with any of their fish. If you need to set up or stock an aquarium, you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to go.

Greg Stevens

This is the best store in the area to buy pet fish, of which there are a very wide variety. The staff are very knowledgeable and can suggest certain combinations of fish in a single tank based on countries of origin and the pH level of the water, among other characteristics. We bought 8 fish so far and may have to upgrade our tank before we get any more.

April Bair

If your looking for live mice or rats this is the place to go! Excellent people, excellent service.

E Boyer

Reasonable across the board from what I noted.


Knowledgeable staff. Helpful

Mason703 C

I LOVE This Fish Store!!!! They have Everything Anyone could ever Want or Need for the trade/hobby. Amazing helpful staff & selections. Even the cashier who seemed to have a cold, was Super Helpful and friendly!!! I am SO Glad I went to this location and WILL be back!!!!! They made me feel VERY Welcomed!!!! Best time I had a LFS ever!!! Hands down, Winner!!!! They put a fish on hold for me while I was shopping and everyone was helpful as said before. Be prepared to spend 1.5+ hour minimum if you plan to take the entirety of the full store in. It was quite an experience and was simply amazing. I cannot praise this store enough. They did have some corals that didn't look the best, but the amount of hands going in and out of the tank, hard not to!!! Lol. Very impressed and will be back as said above. Thanks for the great experience. Totally worth the 1.5 hour drive!!!

Malcolm Starks

Great store, friendly staff. Very informative and wide selection of products

Steven Lowry

You cant really explain them they are in a type of league of there own , especially there saltwater types and equipment . Stop in there and check out the deversity of fish to other animals its worth a run around inside .

Wayne Polk, Jr.

You guys never disappoint. My lady needed some mealworms for her Gecko and you all came thru as always. I'll be back next week for a Rat for my Ball Python who seems to really like anything that comes from here.

James Carpenter

Friendly staff and great selection of fresh/salt/marine fish and small reptiles.

XTBird BoxTX

This store has beautiful fish of all ages in every possible breed you could think of, with multiple selections of each species. There is also a small selection of reptiles in the back. The associated allow careful handling of these animals, as well as assistance in selection.

jens327 .

Went in for plants, they had a beautiful selection and helpful service.

alice bob

Not the cheapest fish store by a long shot, but the staff are all nice and knowledgeable. The selection is the largest around.

Lennin Rodriguez

Great selection of fishes, and other animals.

j vitkauskas

I went with a friend. He wanted mice & rats to feed his snakes.... .SNAKES!! I have pictures folks... He says the mice , etc, are puny( small)...smh.

PJ Connoisseur

I'm fully addicted to this place! Great service and extremely knowledgeable Staff!!! I wonder if LFS are like this in other cities!

DeNelle Poole

My favorite store for feeders....pets ect

Racheal Rose

The most extensive selection of fish I've ever seen. The floor people know almost everything. I got all of my plants from there.

jojo gomez

awesome. best in dmv. enough said.

Danielle Feger

Lots of great

tiffany carr

I love this place but I have had one bad experience... I had bought 4 bulbs heating bulbs for my turtles that I had previously bought on prior occasion and it works fine I bought maybe one or two at a time before then but then when I bought for they all blew out within 7 days at the most but then when I looked at the receipt they don't charge me for one of them so they can probably knew that wolves are messed up because why would they charge me for only one when I bought four and it blew out within 7 days but other than that I love going there and all the animals Thrive there any of that I have gotten from there

kwill678 .

Amazing varieties of freshwater and marine fish. Being a big fishkeeper I loved it.

Cyndy Cover

This store is great, and has a fantastic selection, but be careful when bringing home live plants or aquaria. We have worms in our tank that were definitely not there before. They appear to be a type of parasite called Caliminus Worms. Maybe put new arrivals in a seperate quarentine tank for observation before adding them to existing communities.


I love going here, the new girl in the reptile department really helped me out a lot! Not only that everyone there was extremely nice. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Guercio

It's was soooooo hot in there but really cool fish

Bill Kibler

Great place to go I get all of my pond fish there and the staff is so helpful

Matt Buchacz

This is a great tropical fish store they have a ton of fresh and saltwater fish. The staff are very knowledgeable will tell everyone about this place

Chris Kingery

Best fish store around.

Jenny Queen

Lots of cool fish, I loved seeing the seahorses

Keelin Edwards

The fish section of this store (the majority) is very nice. Fish are usually healthy and the staff can usually answer any question or can find you someone who can. All of the fish I have gotten there have been in great condition and I haven't lost a single one. It IS disheartening to see such small tanks being offered for Bettas and I wish they didn't carry something that those fish should never be kept in. Along similar lines, their herptiles and small animals are kept pretty atrociously. Their pacman frogs are displayed in tiny bowls with just water and I have seen deceased snakes there before. I also went once and there was a rabbit who was showing clear signs of imminently giving birth and she was in a little display cage with a Male who was incessantly chasing her. I alerted the employee and he brushed it off, saying if she gave birth they would just feed the babies to the snakes and didn't intend on separating her. I broke my own personal rule of not "rescuing" an animal from a pet store because they undoubtedly just get more in. She gave birth the next morning and later all of the babies passed away because the mother turned out to be sick with Coccidia. Luckily she herself made it. In closing, I still reccomend the fish side of the store (again, the majority) but stay far away from the small animal section. If you need feeders for your reptiles, go frozen-thawed.

Jim f

Great place for fish and plants. Just quarantine your purchase for a day or two. Before adding them to your tank.

William Cohen

Best aquarium shop on the area

boss123 boss123

Love my new fish. They have everything!!!

karen purdham

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