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REVIEWS OF Conrad's Crabs & Seafood Market -Parkville, MD IN Maryland

Keyeske Yamada

First time going to the carryout and before we came in there was a heavy foul smell from the garbage that nearly took me out. Went in and it was too crowded, turned around and went home. We will continue going to the restaurants instead or maybe try this again another day. Went on Monday after 4pm.

Joshua Cooper

Never call ahead a place an order. Every time I have placed an order before I get there I still am waiting the same amount of time as someone who walked in and ordered. If there is a time they cut your order off then that should be expressed. The food is great. Male crabs all day because u get what u paid for.

Annette Hayden


dawn brown

I am super sick..i ordered crab imperial.and it devasted my stomach!! It wasnt made the traditional way but didn't taste was served in two clam shells..portion was reasonable for the price..First we went on a recommendation..its not a restaurant ..more of a fish market that cooks seafood..smell s horrible due to this fact the salmon my husband ordered was cooked well but not seasoned..i wdnt go back or recommend

Hasina Gales

Fast Service and the steam shrimp were delicious

Trasie Hemingway

Had Conrad's medium, female crabs for the 1st time EVER!!! They were meaty, hot anf flavorful...I will be going back for more!!! #CrabConnoiseurSATISFIED

F Iq

You'll Never be Disappointed

shels child

Good customer service good quality crabs was a little unorganized people who made the smae order as me but after got theirs first but other then that my crabs were cooked to perfection so ill stil give the 5 stars

Diona Randall

This was my 1st experience getting crabs from this establishment & it will be my last. Worst experience ever... I called in 2 orders of 12dozen of crabs, one order was ready in about 7mins but the other order took about 30mins. I don't understand how 1 order is ready but it took forever for the 2nd order if I called it in at the same time.

Christine Sanford

Brought cold crabs today not my first time but dont give me 9 out 12 crabs smashed up to the point where i can't even eat them so what i have money to give away now and manger on duty becka could care less

Wayne Struzik

Great place I've enjoyed their steamed crabs in season and now the oysters and I'm living in Ohio so I really like to have good seafood

Joan Hobbs

Abington Restaurant I was so excited for Conrad’s to come to Bel Air since in the past we have gone to Perry Hall and have always left happy however a few days ago I called in a carry out order from the Abington location and was less than happy. When I returned home and opened my dinner the French fries looked like wet noodles. I took many paper towels to get the grease off and than put them in the oven to try and make them firm but unfortunately had to to throw them in the trash. The crab cake was ok but for the price very small. I usually go to Greek Village or Box Hill for Crab cakes and I will continue to do that unless Conrad’s makes some major changes. The cream of crab soup had a great flavor but unfortunately had just a few pieces of crab meat. I think maybe they should check their competitors like “Parings” or “Bonefish”. Their prices are better and has a lot of crab meat. The Conrad’s salad was very good, but they put the dressing on but maybe that was my fault. I did not stress, put dressing in separately but I never had to do that at any other restaurant. I feel sad to have to write this, but I really was anxious to have them open. The two seafood restaurants that had been in that same spot never made it because the food was terrible and I am hoping this does not happen to Conrad’s in Abington. We need a good seafood restaurant in Bel Air.

barb cohn

Decided to try Conrad's today after many years at Don's. Big mistake. Ordered dozen jumbos. Got home and had 11, one completely albino-ish, clawless, friable. Called manager Emily, and after much checking she credited my Mastercard for one crab! Never again.

Tipsy Topsy

The seafood is always fresh... you have to love a place that will cook your seafood for you or you can buy it fresh to cook yourself and impress that next date you host at home

Apol de la Torre

The crabs here are fresh love to go back again for crabs Even driving it from NYC

Jeanette Crosier

Delicious food and one of our favorite crab places.

DeQuantae Rhymer

Crabs were very light and watery ordered a half dozen it was 6 very small cold crabs with barely any meat . I had to come home and reheat crabs . Very disappointed had high expectations. To John I didn’t order cold crabs I asked for a half dozen of crabs and they were trash if your staff provided me with cold crabs that is their fault !

Kia Belle

I used Conrad's to cater my party. The process and customer service was great. Ben was very helpful. When it came to the food to be be delivered, the great customer service continued. Now the food, it was amazing. I have no complaints and the guest enjoyed it so much I wish I took credit for cooking it


The best crabs I've had so far!

Kris Takasuka

When I walked in the first time I knew I would like this place. It smelled like the ocean. There were lots of people going in & out with big bags of seafood. Excellent crab cakes.

Sharon Barnett

The crab are wonderful and tjecod fish cakes are good to the stuff fried crab are to die for brougjt back memories.the food is worth the price

Kareem Works

Great seafood always fresh with good pricing

Trachell Easley

Crabs had good flavor. The shrimp were very spicy to the point you missed the shrimp and just tasted the seasonings. But they were a good size both shrimps and crabs. Will be visiting again very soon. (The crabs DID NOT come in a Walmart Bag

Dave Fannon

The chicken chesapeake is phenomenal. Well worth the price. I will definitely be back.

Yolanda Alford

Returned again in July 2019 and my experience was just as great. My only wish is that there was a Conrad's in NYC!

Raymond Greene-Joyner

Although I like Conrad's crabs, they really need to work with some of their workers on either details or honesty. I've called there a few times and have been given incorrect information about their access to their cold crab special. I came from Catonsville to get their cold crabs and after getting confirmation on the phone that they had cold crabs, I was told that they didn't have any once I got there. I was very disappointing! Unfortunately, this has happened to me too many times. I don't know if I can trust them anymore...and the ride is too far to NOT get what I want. I wonder if this was a ploy to get me there thinking that I would purchase whatever special they had since I drove so far and I was already there. Makes me go "Hmmmmmmm!!?"

Seyma Shabbir

Waitress was friendly and great. Crab cake and shrimp taco was amazing. Crab dip, banh mi skip ii.

Latricia Blackwell

Best crabs ever. Love their Tuesday and Thursday deals.

Stephanie Klima

Excellent food but long lines. Worth it. Had fried hard crab and was priced well and delicious

Gigi Galloway

Always Amazing an Awesome Customer Service....The Crabs are Always Always

Valencia Moore


Shirlee Rucker

Conrad is not number 1 Crab Spot yes. I am glad to see they have one African-American working there. That's a start.

Debbie Abrams

Crabs always hot and delicious one of my favorite spots

Lara Tran

I 100% recommend this restaurant. The food is absolutely divine and the seafood is nice and fresh. It was family friendly and the staff is so fast and accommodating to your needs. You must visit if you're in the area.

Keisa J

I normally love Conrad’s but my visit last week they got all wrong! I called in early to reserve 2 dozen large crabs scheduled to pick up at 6:30. Called back around 5:30 to add corn to my order only to find out they cancelled my order because they said they didn’t get enough large crabs in. That is fine if that was the case but no one called me or anything. Very poor service. So I settled for 2 dozen mediums and 2 ears of corn and requested something be done for my inconvenience. They offered 20 dollars off which I accepted. I went to pick up the crabs and when I got home I realized they forgot to put my corn in the bag and the crabs were small! def were not mediums unless Conrad’s changed their sizes. Very disappointed

Ulysses Grimm

I was rather excited at the prospect of a “proper” fish market in the Baltimore area, since this State seems to only have an eye for crabs. Wrong. This place should be called “Conrad’s Crabs”, full stop, because a proper seafood market does not exist here. The front of the house is manned almost exclusively by teenyboppers and college students who have absolutely no idea about anything that is not crabs or shrimp. This may be a terrific place for shellfish, but for anything else do not waste the trip the trip. The staff up front cannot tell you anything about the fish they have on offer. Unlike, a proper fishmonger, where you can ask questions about the catch, get recommendations based on your taste preferences and what you are attempting to serve, the staff up front simply knows how much crabs cost per dozen/bushel. They do get two stars because the fish selection they do have is fresh, whole, and not overpriced or overprocessed like the trash you find at Wegman’s or Whole Foods. However, ever since Frank’s Seafood closed in Jessup, a proper seafood market does not exist in the Metro area.

Linda Tarrant

The crabs are the best I was faithful to Monroe Street for decades Now this is where I want my crabs from

Sabrina Gary

Love the quality, prices, & quantity of food. Great staff

Gavin Scott

Excellent Service thanks for taking care of me and my family.

Bob Elliott

Always had great food. Service is outstanding

Adam Wynn

Great place to get really fresh and tasty seafood. Their prices are competitive with other local vendors and the selection is great. There are always weekly specials depending on the time of year and what they can freshly acquire. They will steam or cook anything you buy on site and prepare your fish anyway you ask. The parking lot is a bit small and has limited spots. But once inside you will have a great selection and short wait.

Gary Cooper

Food great as usual no secrets or regrets Conrad's rock me and the been fans for over 10 + yrs speaks for itself

ThIcK bIrD 12019

Hard fried crab was just nasty. Over cooked batter hard as hell. So much grease was just dripping out of it. Crab pretzel was stuck inside the container couldn't get out. Crab cake was good but roll was just soggy as hell.

Meshawn Carter

They were great as always

Jane Loray

Wow!! Since I moved to Chicago 5 years ago I mostly miss fresh crabs. Conrad's was a regular spot for me when I lived in MD. I've tried a few services to have crabs shipped, but Conrad's is now my go to shipper!! Don't know why I didn't think of them sooner. The crabs were heavy and flavorful. They arrived on time and were shipped fairly well. The only piece of advice I would offer would be to place the crabs inside a plastic bag inside the box. It will keep the styrofoam from getting onto the crabs.


I love Conrad's!! They're one of the only places that I get my crabs from. I go to both the Seafood market on Joppa Rd and the restaurant in Perry Hall. Their crabs are ALWAYS cooked fresh to order and meaty. Their staff is friendly and both locations are always clean. At the seafood market the fish and shrimp are always fresh. They even offer crab specials at that location. I've been a customer since they opened on Joppa Rd and love the Perry Hall location too. The crabs are always consistently delicious and high quality! Kudos Conrad's crew

April Fliggins

I am never disappointed. Their crabs are always good, all year round.


A real homie feel and the stairs makes you feel like family.... And they soon is terrific

Toni Newman

Great reputation....I doubt that I could destroy Conrad’s Seafood reputation even if I wanted to. Conrad’s Joppa rd is my best seafood place ever but lately I’ve had two bad customer service issues. For that reason I’m curious if anyone else has noticed the change? I stopped in just for one shrimp taco special $1.99 and waited half hour before I picked it up I had a phone call.I asked the young lady if she had called my name when I stepped out she didn’t even check and finally the second young lady I asked took the time to go and pick it up from back counter after asking the chef because had been overlooked and was hanging inside the kitchen. On Thrursday of the same week I purchased the two dozen cold crabs received one dozen free just like I’ve done in the past but these crabs were horrible! I called because we hadn’t eaten all of them and saved the half of the ones that we couldn’t finish because they were so soft salty and light as a feather literally. Spoke with a gentleman then a young lady I asked for the manager and she assured me that the dozen 1/2 crabs I had left wouldn’t be replaced because the signs are all around that the cold crabs would be this way.sorry I never had a reason to look at anything other than the menu and fresh food. But now I Know! Don’t buy the cold crab special it’s a wast of money.

Kathleen Souvertjis

Usually order the tuesday special dollar or 2 dollar crabs ... it really does depend on the week .... some weeks are good .... some weeks are just ok ... crabs are a little small ..... for some reason they always forget the ordered butter ( which we pay for ) for the corn .... i gave 3 stars for thier steamed jumbo shrimp .... delicious .

Lauren Shortty

The crabs here are always so good and fresh to me. The service is always phenomenol also so far... I highly recommend!

chris l

Place is always pumping out good crab. The parking lot on the other hand, is a nightmare. Great prices, good eats!

Leroy Elliott

Been there 14 times and 14 times my order has been wrong. A crazy, chaotic situation. The food is good and plentiful.

Kent Denmon

Every time I go the place is packed. Not a problem though cause I pack my patience. Quality product is worth the wait. The snow crab is super tasty.

LaTonya Smith

Terrible Customer Service. DO NOT do business with this company. My family booked Conrad's for a family reunion crab feast and Conrad's never showed up on the day of the event. The contract was signed and the deposit was cashed .. yet they never showed up to the event. Conrads ruined our family reunion. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY!!!

D Bullock

Best Maryland steamed crabs in town. Always full meaty crabs. Also has a variety of other fresh seafood and their shrimp taco special on Wednesdays are very good.

Karen Scott

I order crabs the smon yesterday & they was really terrible

Alan Perkin

Order ready when we arrived at 10:30am. Added ice to my cooler without being asked. Shucked some extra oysters for a friend. Pleased! Pleased!

Fettie Team

Best spot for EVERYTHING!! Whole fish cut and clean right in front of you and fixed however you like it.. crab cakes are excellent.. crabs are always fresh and correct size.. really enjoy eating here every chance I get!!

Dawud M

Conrad is my go to seafood place in BMO I've never been disappointed getting my sea food from here. Plus customer service is helpful, friendly and best of all done in a timely manner

Keith Coburn

A great place to get fresh seafood especially their steamed crabs

Monica Thompson

Crabs are good, but the jumbo fried shrimp, and the Cobb salad are excellant. Love this place

Omar Harmon

My family ordered crabs for a family reunion crab feast and our order was never honored. We had relatives come in from out of town to experience Baltimore crabs and they were robbed of that experience due to negligence on Conrad’s Crabs part. If I could leave zero stars I would but the bare minimum is one. Luckily we had cookout food to try to accommodate our guest due to the short comings of this company. If I were you I would never trust or look towards this company for a big event.

Shanae Peterson

Their medium makes are delicious and you get a free roll of paper with a dozen.

Lynn Smith

Excellent customer service, great prices and the crabs are delicious.

Sherrie Carr

Couple of my co-workers refer me to Conrad's. I purchase Medium Females they were heavy and meaty, and delicious.

Adam Mueller

Parking's rough, but if you can get through the door the brisk service delivers fresh, quality seafood. Our go-to for crabs in the area.

Alex Gebhart

Real good crabs, crazy deals on them too! This place gets real busy at the end of the workday and the parking lot is a little tight so try to come off peak, but it's busy for a reason!

Leesa Wilson-Townes -DHS- Baltimore City

So good so good! Nice large crabs, taste yummy. Conrads are the best place in Baltimore for crabs, you won't be disappointed.

crystal williams

The crabs are always delicious, fresh and hot. They are so good we get them every Tuesday for our date night for 6 years and many more to come.

Lynda Keller

$1 small males. Best I've had all year so far!

Lisa Graham

Conrads is okay. The food is good when they get your order right. With that being said they are inconsistent , especially if you call in an order. When I order crab cakes, sometimes I get crackers and condiments sometimes I don't. When I say specifics with my order like mussels with garlic butter sauce on the side, no sauce in the tray..voila!..there is sauce in the tray...with garlic butter that is not the same amount , consistency or taste as it was a few days ago. I will say 3 times out of 5 something will be incorrect or missing from your phone order ..maybe there isnt enough communication between order takers and food preparers? The order on line feature is not available . After posting my review I received feedback from a John. I do appreciate the feedback, but as with most of the feedback provided by Conrads..its almost always done at an angle of correcting the customer . The feed back educated me on what came with different orders. However, my post was about consistency so I really think the staff needs to be educated about what sides, condiments etc accompany an order..not the customer. If I consistently got the same thing whenever I ordered there would be zero confusion .

Nicole C.

Very good crabs! Good customer service! I ordered my crabs on the phone so I didn't have to wait long

Kristina D. Allen

This is in my top 5 crab spots in Baltimore. I receive pretty good service when I am here and I don't usually have to wait long. As with most crab places its best to call your order in ahead of time, and just come in a pick it up. Otherwise you will have to wait for your order to cook, and that can be no less than 20 minutes. They have a lot more to offer other than crabs, they have a lot of fresh seafood. I believe they cut some of the fish for you. They also have hot food options, I haven't tried them. And sometimes during the year, you get a free half dozen with your order of crabs. I'm sure I will be here a couple times this upcoming spring/summer.

Jackie Harvin

Very good crabs but they seem to get the size mix up and when they count it's 12 but don't give less more is always better.

Althea Parker

Good shrimp salad and crab soups. Tried crabdip and steamed mussels today. Crabs and corn is always a plus.

Sareeta Sullivan

Crabs are always good. However; I was told I would be receiving a mixture of male and female crabs in the cold crabs special and was given all females.

Sphinxadellic Style

Good customer service. Deliciously seasoned crabs. Great special prices on Tue and thu.

Shirely Weaver

Small Medium Crabs Are Heavy At Times , The Seasonings Are Tasty And The Crabs Are Goooood

Don Moore

I would not recommend the stuffed shrimp. There were more green and red peppers in the crab imperial topping than crab meat.

Tameria Harris

Crabs are great and the prices/specials are fair. This place is almost always busy but its not a super long wait. I have not had anything else but crabs from here but heard the food is good.

Drew Custead

Best crabs in the baltimore area. I've been here many times and literally never had one bad crab

Pat Frank

We'll to me they have the best crabs

Kimberly Spekis

Love their seafood

Ike hameen

I drove all the way from Philadelphia for 4 dozens of medium size male crabs. Definitely was worth the drive. They are a little more expensive but well worth the price. Crabs are very fresh and heavy. So personally I don’t mind the price. I’ll be jumping on 95 South from now on. Thanks

letitia cooley

Great food and customer service

Devan Wang

Great crabs. Friendly staff. Parking lot is tight though.

Tobey Famolaro

Chesapeake fries nothing but a grease pile, kids would not even eat them. Didn't think 4 scallops would weigh 1/2lb. Extremely disappointed with the food.

Barbara Turner

The service and crabs was great.

Chris K

This is my current go-to place for coddies. I just recently had the shrimp tacos and those are awesome, too. My folks get the backfin crab cakes here often. It's often packed in there, a testament to their quality. Call ahead if you want to get in and out.

justin m

Crabs were oversteamed and not flavorful. Had high hopes but was disappointed. I usually go to blakes on erdman ave but decided to go here because of the convience. Maybe I just got a bad batch. UPDATE: I appreciate the response. But I didn't insinuate the crabs were re-steamed or presteamed. Mines were oversteamed and just not good. I'm pretty sure you guys have good crabs but mines was not.

Daniel Pak

Ordered 2 dozen jumbo Saturday to deliver to my friends in Philly. They open at 1030 but I needed to pick up crabs by 9. They accommodated and saved my life from eating cold crabs. Super friendly and there is a $5 dollar box free, otherwise they come in a paper bag. The box is super nice if you plan to travel a good distance. Crabs were super huge. 7.25 to 8 inch shells as advertised. All but 1 were super packed. The one that was slightly light was not terrible either. The seasoning is on ANOTHA level!!!

Dre McCoy

For the price could have been better

Jameel Hanks

Crabs on point great atmosphere dining and great Carry out service as well.

Matt Birago

Quick service, friendly staff, decent crab prices. Placed an online order, was waaaay late to pick up, service was quick to rebag. Parking lot is way too small for the business they do.

Traci Magwood

Delicious every time I go!

Ronald McDaniel

Great food my first time eating there, I will be a customer

Anocha Yimsiriwattana

Never disappoint coming here. Always good crabs. Recommend call in first.

Shelli D

Parking here is hard when they are super busy and they were super busy today. But once I got a space and went in, service was great. I've was in and out in about 10mins. They get your name and call it when your order is ready. I got 1 dozen medium males, the food was seasoned and steamed to perfection, nice and hot. Overall good experience, I will be back for some fish to cook and more crabs

Tamea Moore

Congrads has awesome specials and food is usually great. Last time I went they were a little rude and forgot the crab in my salad

aundre shacklett

The best crabs and seafood, very good quality fish and seafood meats


Damn good seafood LOL. This place has both prepared food and fresh seafood options, and they are all delicious! They have a moderately priced menu, which is awesome. It's best to call ahead for your order, as they tend to get busy. They do not offer delivery.

Martin Roberge

These folks are great. I haven't had the crabs yet, but they fried up some tasty cod for me and helped teach me how to roast up a whole rockfish. I'm tempted to drop in every time I drive past to get an order of hush puppies. Yum.

Ian Axilrod

Amazing service. Fantastic fresh fish

Poppy Jony

The crab legs are always on point. The crabs are good but they've prepared better. I will ask that they make sure crabs are steamed until they are cooked well. They prepare a good fried calamari as well.

Clay Boy

Only speaking for the jumbo lump crab..its pricey but if you know a good crab cake recipe itll cost you about 8$ per ( including your ingredients ) as opposed to what? ALOT !

Jason Burns

Best seafood in Towson

Steve T

Excellent fresh seafood, friendly staff, good portions

Sheena Hawkins

I went there yesterday the crabs were pretty darn good!! I love the seasoning that they use! They steam to order. Prices was reasonable !! I will be back soon

Raf Den

I love the garlic mussels

Peter Tung

Best Obey crabs to go in Maryland! Ask for cold crabs for $1 a piece. I always get 3 dozen before heading back home to NYC.

Terry Petr

Got oysters for New Years and even had them do the shucking! No extra charge. Love it! Happy New Years!!!

Angel D

Very clean market and great fresh seafood. The steamed crabs were Awesome, the oysters were local and wonderful.

James Ward

Very good crabs and good specials. I purchased a dozen med and got a half dozen free. Parking is a bit tight.

Cynthia Wilson

The freshest seafood I've tasted for grilled shrimp BLT sandwich. Their Cream of Crab is very good. My husband and I will always come back for more.

michael wojciechowski

Mother's Day I purchased a bushel of crabs. When I got to my brother in laws house only 10 minutes away; we sat down to enjoy the steamed crabs. I have to tell you they were the worst I've ever had. They were cold, bland in taste. Not worth the price. Now here come the 180 degree turn ....... Father's Day my wife and I had 3 dozen of the smalls. We took them to our house in highland town 20 minute drive. We enjoyed the best steamed crabs we have ever had in the past 10 years. Hot, tasty , worth the drive and the second chance. Thanks Conrad's we will be back.

Jay Coleman

Called in at about 2pm to pick up order at 3:30. Must have waited about 44 mins to an hour after I got there for my order. I understand it was busy but that was totally ridiculous. No apologies or anything. The second star is because the crabs were good. Horrible experience for a first time customer. I don't think I will be going back

Green Frokie

Wow.... This place is packed...had a large order, waited an hour for them... staff was nice enough to assist me with my order and figure what was the best way to get them home. (3 hour drive home

Moshe topas

Wow! Seriously! I got a dozen jumbos two times this week and both were excellent. So fresh. The level of spiciness was perfect. The crabs were heavy and juicy. Call in your order. You cannot sit down and they make to order so you’ll wait at least 30 min when busy to get your crabs. But waaiiit. So worth it. The staff is super friendly and attentive. It’s so popular that even at 3 Pm on a weekday I had to wait 30 min. Last time I wait because next time I’m calling it in.

carlita t

I love Conrad's they keep the place very clean service is fast food is great prices are great staff is fast and pleasant

Nyasha Manwachi-Turner

The service is great and the crabs are huge. You can order before hand. I love, love this place.

Angel Cruz

Great friendly efficent staff. All prices are good. Can't beat the freshness.

Kels Pereezee


Kay Freeman

I love this place. I love their crabs!!! I do wish I could actually get my call in order in 20-25 mins like they say but I guess it's because they are so busy because they're so darn good!

Michael Anthony

I bought crabs to take back home with me they are really good

Wayne Sharpe, Sr.

Get your fresh crabs and shrimp and other Seafood. They can steam it for you or you can take it home and do it yourself. Also ready to go stuff like shrimp salad and macaroni salad. You also can pick up a six-pack to go with your Seafood although the beer is a little high priced.

Andy Padilla

Wonderful crabs are great the staff is even better

Ebony Rumsey - Keene

My daughter wanted crabs, so crabs it is!!! They were great and heavy sz Med female..

pat rudick

Best crabs I've had in a long time!

C Jacobs

Why are you selling female crabs? Why isn't anyone stopping this? You kill the females and soon you will justify the jumbo size at 5''. Crabs at 7 inches when I was young were soup crabs. We need to speak up and there should be no female crabs being sold. At one point in time, it was a sign of disrespect to keep a female crab not to mention when they had eggs attached to them. Wake up Maryland.

Bleed Dazee

My mom picked up about 50 crabs and oh my lord are they amazing. Big crabs with perfect texture and seasoning...

Sarah Harris

Hi the crabs was okay but they could have been a lot more spicy. Customer service was beautiful but the wait was to long. We waited for 45 minutes or longer. And I asked for a CRAB CAKE and I wanted broil they gave me fried and glad I checked my bag before I leaf the store. I believed there room for improvement. THank you

Joann Oluigbo

The best crabs, went to eastern shore this past weekend, Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach several other places I rate the seafood a five, once I arrived back to Baltimore I went straight to Conrad's, bought some males and I love love the armish macaroni salad.

Samuel Lozado

I live in NYC and every time I go to Baltimore I have to go to Conrad's because their jumbo crabs are the best and so is the lump crab meat. And the staff is very courteous and helpful.

Annie LeCompte

I love getting Steamed crabs from here! Especially on Tuesday's & Thursday's! What I personally think is even better then the amazing crabs is the responses from the owner on the bad reviews that are trying to destroy his business and reputation! Not only is he giving true responses he's also explaining the situation to these people and tastefully defending his company! It also shows he is 100% involved in the every day operations! It's refreshing to see! Thank you John!

Michelle Dunn

Best crabs inside beltway and great selection of seafood- all sourced locations posted and transparent. Clean, fast service.

Michael Lee

Friendly and fair prices. Great quality! Love this place.

Mary Feist

I really like this place and good seafood , parking lot a bit tricky when I was there about 2:30 . Busy place

Jake Lloyd

Seasoning quite spicy and not the best flavor when compared with other good crab spots. Crabs were not very meaty either. However the corn was great, perfect actually. Would go back again for other seafood options but maybe not for crabs.


Worst cabs I have ever had. Bought some 9/2 2019. Dirty, overcook and seasoned with what seemed like black pepper. Ate 1, threw 11 in the trash. Tasted like they came from Middle River. Definatly not Chespeake Bay Crabs. Just utterly discusting.

J. Richard Carothers

Never saw a crowd like this before here on Mother's Day! At least 40 people ahead when I walked through the door, but moved quickly. In 15 minutes, I had my half bushel of steamed crabs! And they were great!

Tanita Evans

The Best Crabs Ever. The deals are unbelievable

Helen Far

Food was good, came here for Thanksgiving. Lobsters were the best. I am from Boston, I love a good seafood meal!

Mailie Backup

The crabs are always on point here but if you don't want to wait order in advance. You may even add 15 minutes to the expected wait time as they are not always ready but one thing to be sure of is that they will always be fresh and yum diddly scrumptious

Jennifer Lobo

I ordered Jumbo Lump Crabmeat and the quality was excellent. The only minor criticism was that they only packed two ice packs for three tubs so one of the tubs arrived very close to room temp. I think it is important to have an icepack for each tub or put crab into one tub and use two ice packs.

Lauren Herron

Let me first day crabs are 5 star. However on a 60 degree weather day there should be enough staff to accommodate the rush. Took 35 minutes for wings despite being told 15. I appreciate the extra wings but I cant get my time back. Lady on the cooking line moved like molasses. I hope there's an investment in staff for the kitchen. Front staff were awesome. Please take into consideration.

Z Buchanan

Crabs were delicious! Medium males were very full.. best crabs I've had since the season started....

Cinergy Training

Terrible experience both times we’ve ordered from here. The parking lot is a mess and actually caused a bad accident on Joppa Rd. We ordered in advance both times, and both times ended up waiting there 30-40 minutes for our crabs. They also give you your sides when you first get there instead of when your full order is ready, so by the time you get your crabs everything else is cold.

Jessica Thompson

Love conrads! The crabs are always so good and a very nice size. Me and my mother always come here throughout the year for our crabs. You won't be disappointed

Bryan Wood

Went to get two crabcakes , ordered 2 jumbo lump crabcakes that we're just soso! For the price I expected better crabcakes,too much filler not enough jumbo lump crabmeat, won't be buying crabcakes from here again! I'll stick with Papa's or Corner Stable!

sonseeahray green

Had placed a order for 30 medium female crabs 7/2/18 to be picked up on 7/3/18. The place was packed because of the upcoming holiday, but the staff were still friendly, and moving as fast as possible to get everyone's order to them. My mom and I saved the crabs for the fourth of July to eat, and the crabs were seasoned great and very meaty. Because it was a Tuesday when I picked them up it was $2 medium females day! The price was right, crabs were fantastic a big win-win for me!

Grant Costello

Good place for crabs, they do other seafood options and some prepared foods as well. Call ahead and they're good about having everything ready. If it's a weekend between 4 and 7 the parking lot turns to garbage, so many cars in and no room to manuever, people double parked, I park on a side street half a block up and walk since crabs taste better to me when I'm not furious over my experience in their parking lot.

Rosalind Clemons

Best crabs ever!!! Seasoned to perfection in my opinion. Great deals on crabs

Tracey Quick

Awesome!... but I didn't enjoy the steamed shrimp at all.☹️☹️

Nicole Venable

Service on last 3 occasions was not good in the evening. Always call in advance to have order ready for pickup but these 3 occasions tonight takes the cake. I already was questioning the size and prices of crabs. But I called in and ask how long 30 minutes told young man to make sure order is ready cause I have no time for waiting low and behold get there wait 15 minutes in line to be waited on not there fault but need more than two cashiers when your evening is busy or the cashiers stay on register and have 2 back up persons to get crabs and get orders. Final at register give name no order told them when I call which is now like 45 minutes and the uber meter is still ticking. I ask before I gave the card how long cause I am on an uber and I really exceeded the time to be at a stop the cashier states they are ready so she swipes card goes to back. Crabs are not available. So I said just give me a refund cause I asked you were the ready you said yes. Oh I can give you mediums 2 dozen and some extra cause they are ready. Go 2 back only 2 dozen are available then say it's only 12 minutes for the others hun I am in an Uber and I told yall this 3x can 8 please get a refund. Snatch receipt and not card to refund money. And states it will be up to 3 days for you refund rude

Brian Crandell

Conrad’s is normally my goto spot for seafood, but yesterday I called and ordered the fish and chips with steak fish. I was told that i would be charged an additional $2 for substituting steak fish and I was fine with that. My brother picked up my order and when I looked at the receipt, I was charged $8.99 plus a $3.50 up charge and only received 1 piece of steak fish and fries. I called for an explanation and was told that the price of steak fish went up and so did the up charge and the guy I spoke to said he had let the person who took my order know she gave me the wrong price, but never thought to call me back and let me know that I would be paying $13 for 1 piece of fish and fries. Unacceptable!

Sonja Windham

Delicious as always hot or cold crabs I love them. Fried cod fish is very flavorful.

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