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REVIEWS OF Checkers IN Maryland

Nicolas Fiore

I love this place!! Their service is always quick no matter how long the line is and their quality of food is always high. Checkers as a whole is one of my favorite fast food burger joints. I like the variety of food they have and that they fry your fries while you are waiting so they are nice and crunchy. My favorite food there is the monsterella chicken sandwich. Try it the next time you go!

Beth Barker

The burgers were extra thin. It's a Checkers, greasy fried food that tastes good but makes you feel crappy later. Nothing remotely healthy here. The seasoned fries are yummy and generally fresh.

James Bas

Love this establishment. Best alternative to other fast food chains.

rooooooby .

Largely tasteless frozen pattie burger. Similar price point to McDonald's but nowhere near quality.

Miss Williams

Terrible customer service. What's the point of asking me at the speaker what sauce i want when 100% of the time it not going to make its way in my bag. And when I ask for my ssuce these women with ugly attitudes act as if its a crime for me to ask for sauce. I am a paying customer. Treat me as such.

Marcia Kemp

Great variety of fast food with fast service. Spicy chicken sandwich is very good.

uxia olsson

I thought it was somewhere you could sit inside and eat, but apparently not. A drive thru only with some outdoor plastic chairs and tables... I guess I'll have to walk thru !!

Leslie Deana

Pretty good value the money, and big variety.


For the price & fact that it is fast food it's decent. I have it once in a blue moon

Henry Jones

Used to be 5

E. Jester

I visited to get a sweet tea but it was entirely too sweet. I had to get a cup of ice and half of water to drink the tea because it was too sweet. It's not like North Carolina for sure. I like Checkers too but the only item that needs improvement is their sweet tea.

Anke Dannemann

If you're going for greasy, fun fast food, there are only 2 places I would recommend. The first is Checkers for the fries, burgers, soft ice and pretty darn fast and friendly service. This isn't high quality food.. it's fast food. But they do use fresh salad and tomatoes on their burgers and their fries are delicious and not over greasy. The 2nd is if you like tacos etc go to Taco Bell... of course there are healthier options, but that's another review

Jeffrey Schmidt

Good food, great service. Location is easy to miss, but there is a second turn you can make to get through the back.

keep thinking

Great checkers just wish they would relocate to a better place it's practically impossible to get into this place also it's really hard won majority of the staff doesn't speak English so when they screw up you can tell them

Felix Yesquen

First Checkers in which my food was ready in a timely manner and they were so nice and attentive to detail. Way to go!

Raj Kolluru

Best Checker's in the area.

Sheldon Gay

I wish there was one closer to me. My favorite fast food fries and their spicy chicken sandwich is actually up there too.

Thomas Garner

Fair prices food is OK! Specials are really good but! Its not an eat in place has chairs and tables outside It has a walk up order window and 2 drive-in order lanes.

Ronnie Green

I ordered a meal here without onions and unfortunately I was served the meal with onions. I was able to get thru the drive thru in a decent amount of time but I was shocked to bite into my burger and it was still showing red meat.

Christina Ray

This place is 50/50 for me. The weekday daytime/early afternoon shift is pretty great but don't go in the evening. The evening shift will get your order wrong or just forget items completely. The weekend is pretty iffy too. Management is pretty good about resolving issues but I would prefer not to have any at all. It gets 3 stars because the food, when it's all there, is great! Very delicious! Lol

Kimberly T

Even though they only had one line open service was quick and food hot.

Alex Rea

Great burgers and the fries are easially in the top 3 I've ever had.

Robin Morgan Robinson

Great comfort food. It's a guilty pleasure and that strawberry cheesecake stacker is the bomb!

Mary Kackley

I love the strawberry swirl ice cream

Javier Taborga

Good hamburgers

Michael Engelmann

Try the Big Bufford or the Baconzilla burger. Some of the best burgers in town.

Emmanuel Pecku

I loves me some checkers.

Danita Hodges

Quick and friendly service. I typically don't go unless I have a coupon. Their mozzarella sticks are awesome.

Bronwe .

Again why does one have to travel 20 minutes up Beltway for some decent fast food.

Barrack Obamas Container Of Nutaala

It took long but the food was good

Dave Wiecking

Quick and tasty, as always.

Maggie Sabol

Great food, OK service.

petra hunt

Reliable fast food place. We enjoy the wings and the chili dogs.

Christian Haller

Always pleased with this establishment. Fries are always crispy burgers are always hot and fresh

Yolanda Williams

The fries are better then McDonald's to me. But paying attention to what is requested is a work in progress. Asked for 2 large watermelon drinks got 1 large and 1 small. Sometimes driver thru is too busy with customers and personal activities. I miss tbe Wheaton location that use to be the Social Security building and then the Checkers and now Party City

Nevaeh Pasco

It was okay, service is slow even when nobody is there

Jason Kunkler

Great hot dogs

Daniel Moore

Drive through is a slittle slow but the burgers are worth waiting for!

John Collins

haha I'm just joking The burgers and fries here are far superior to most fast food restaurants I am very pleased five star rating

Apex_ curvriders

Normally a flawless place except tonight the cashier seem to be very distracted and not understand my order along with getting my order incorrect I didn’t realize till I got home to eat it to also find a long curly hair inside my mozzarella sticks all I can say is please focus when you’re working. Overall not worth $14 being that was more than the amount of the order I wanted (dont order from the night crew

Ron Lee

Great fries and the sandwiches are not bad at all

Lance Ingram

Great food, fast service

Joshua Stewart

Not bad for what it is. My favorite fries and they have decent shakes. Food has always made my stomach a little ill except for chicken finger type stuff. I still prefer it over McDonalds. Service is decently quick.

Fady Khalil

The Burger is Good but they serve it cold, they don't even put it in microwave and the customers service is horrible.

Darron Bell

Horrible, food was over priced and the burger tasered nothing like it should have.

walter oglesby

Great food

Zachary Fenhaus

Foodies know the drill.

Dean Mires

Food was good, but order taker wouldn't give enough time to figure out what I wanted top order. Sometimes you need to decide what one wants and doesn't know BEFORE you drive up. And nobody was waiting behind me either.

Linda Wood Miller

Love the hamburgers and their iced tea has a lovely flavor Staff is always friendly and smiling I enjoy grabbing a meal when I am in a hurry.

Katherine Ciacco Palatianos

Love those seasoned fries. Addictive!

Chris Nicholson

Ryan's new favorite burger. Food comes out fast. Tastes good. Been dragged back a few times since my son tried his first Big Buford. I like the fires here, but prefer 5 Guys burgers. Ryan was not a fan of the Milkshake. Keep in mind it all drive through or outside seating. The tables can get a little messy on warm days. The umbrellas keep it cooler and comfortable... so long as its not humid. Sure I will be back there a few times a month.

Spiider The Nerd

Went here for the first time in years and I'm bent over my toilet throwing up. Thanks

Candy Ginger

Burgers are the best!!!!! Funnel cake fries are to diee for


Fast service, tasty food.

Courtney Marie Patula

They screwed up my order but corrected it. So it was good

Tracy Scott

My dad loves checkers.

John Burd

The food tastes good but I have actually seen one of the cooks there drop a chicken patty on the floor and then put it onto a bun. Then when she noticed it I saw her she started staring me down like she was daring me to say something. I mean I still ate the food but it was in the back of my head the whole time I was eating my stuff.

Bw Bs

good shakes good burgers just a little to pricey

Carlos Santana

The best checkers in the entire DMV the service was great and fast and my food was fresh and hot and made to order just like it should be

Sharon Littlejohn

The staff was friendly

Nicholas Klank

I used to love this place so much but the last few times were disappointing. So much grease. I couldn't finish my chicken sandwich because every bite made me more certain of getting sick later. The French fries are still good and the soda didn't taste weird.

Giji Dennard

The steak loaded fries were amazing! So I'm glad I don't live or work that I would not be tempted above that which I'm able. :D

Mario Polanco

Tipical checkers

Shanteria Hines

Good fast service. Hot wings were surprisingly good.

Angela J. Golden

Service was terrible. I greeted woman at the window twice. She responded with my total twice. Garlic Parm fries were dry and barely had any topping on it. They did serve us our food fast. That was it. Not personable.


who doesn't love checkers best fries

Chase Kahle

Awesome fast food and my order has always been delivered spot on.

Natalie S

Still a great place for dinner xo

Declan Tilton

I think that the cheese stick are some of the best ever

Dominic Tuminello

Only place open near my hotel when i was in town. The food was good and hot and they got my order correct. Cant ask for much more than that at a fast food joint.

Shortybrown Charles

Best fast food place. Good food.

The RCWR Show

This is MY GO TO FOR CHECKERS!!! Great food that's always fresh, friendly customer service and at great prices. You just can't go wrong with these guys! I just recently discovered if you don't want chili on your fries and just want cheese they can do that for you at no additional cost. Just tell them you want chili fries but hold the chili, just give you the cheese on them. The stakers are great as well! I recommend the Twix Stacker! The double spicy chicken sandwich is great as well when I don't go for their hot dogs or burgers. Give em a try! You won't be disappointed!

Michael Cinzano

The fries are always perfectly seasoned and the service is quick. I don't go here often but I'm not disappointed when I do.

Andres Valencia

If ever I need to get a super late night snack. This is where I will turn to. Being open until 3 am on a Saturday is definitely nothing to sneeze at and I tip my hat to you all. The food is serviceable, do not expect gourmet out of a checkers, however it does it's job and it has flavor. The staff was particularly friendly with me and I have had no issues.

michelle smith

Never an issue always good

Larry Beasley

We used to have a Rally's where I'm from. The food is just as I remembered. I love the taste but based on the looks of the equipment that I could see from the drive thru window, I'm sure that the kitchen is unsanitary and probably won't be going back. I said a prayer and still are it obviously. Either don't look or don't go!

Johnny Truong

My favorite flavor filled fast food restaurant

ryan ferreira

Got a number 3 and was not very happy. Paid almost $10 and basically got a mcdouble with bbq sauce on it. Very disappointing when you advertise a really good looking burger and get what i got.

Cindy Mendez

So nice and consistent. But it is fast food so dont expect gourmet food.


Great Service awesome workers. I know it’s fast food and all however the line moves really fast. You can probably see me on google maps. Like right now. With a bag of burgers and smile.

B Bates

Had a good experience here with my friend. The food comes out quick and the service is just awesome. Prices are affordable.

Jonathan Piland

Great fast food burgers, fries and shakes. I had several Checkers in my area growing up, but they closed down, so this was a blast from the past for me! The Checkers burger is your standard fast food burger, but a little better than McDonald's or Burger King. The fries are different but absolutely fantastic! The shakes are pretty good too. I recommend this for a quick bite to eat.

Maria Laird

I generally liked the food, it was normal fast food fare- but they charge $2.50 for a cup of water??!!?? Also only one drive through lane was open and it took about 15 minutes after we got through the line to get our order, which was only a large fry, an ice cream cone and a soda.

Eric Sedwick

Great quick spot. I stop here on lunch breaks because they are open till 2am during the week. They are always friendly. The food is good and hot and I've only had one experience where they were closed before the posted 2am closing time. Even though there were employees there and said over the intercon "We're Closed."

David Carpio

Its addicting sometimes I am leaving MC Rockville and I am like I can't be home in 20 straight from there then I remember that Big Buford the juiciest burger from a fast food place worth it!! Frys are also amazing

Leonel Argumedo.

Been here 3 times in the past two months and so far my order has always been correct and fresh. Can't complain with good fast food. Their staff is pretty friendly as well so that's a plus.

David Laycock

It's fast food but it's good and very reasonably priced.

Rian Wambach

Average chicken sandwich, and great fries. Very fast service, in and out in about a minute.

Eric Anderson

What can I say about this checkers location. Every one is nice service is prompt and great. I ordered a chicken sandwich meal and two fruit punch ices. Food was exactly what I expected and the service was good. I will be back.

Bruce Blackerby

Convenient, quick, good.

Foodie 2019

Fast pace great service except the last time I went the cashier, an older Hispanic woman continuously over talked me and rushed me. I couldn’t even finish ordering all my items.

Tavis Anderson

Great service and perfect food

Marvin Argueta

Love the food here. I walked up with my wife and kids and the drive thru was busy so nobody really came to take our order witch is why they are getting 3 stars but the Drive thru was fast but it was a nice night and wanted to eat there.

Unix Ipanag

Quick service, friendly cashiers.


(Per request) I went to this Gaithersburg Checkers on a Saturday during not quite peak time. I don't expect much from a drive through order... be relatively quick, be accurate, and please don't poison me. Checkers succeeded on points one and three, but alas, my order was not quite right. Specifically, I got the wrong size and type of drink, something I did not realize until I drove away. (Granted, I should have realized the size of the drink was wrong. I added a star back after considering that.) I would not avoid the location, but I'd recommend checking your order before driving off if you happen by. Of course, YMMV.


Arrived at drive thru at 1:11 was on my out at 1:13. It was pretty busy since it was lunch time and they still got my order out fast and delicious. Checkers is seriously one of the many reasons why I moved back to MD LOL

Roscoe Horst

No indoor seating

Henry Pittman

Nice experience.

Louis Park

Love this place. Kind of poor location. Great change of pace from McD/Burger King. Wish there was one closer to me.

Isaac Schea

Long wait on a football Sunday afternoon.


Quick service excellent food. Great hours.

RoundenBrown .

Good food, but a bit on the greasy side. Reasonable prices with plenty of coupons available often. I went one time with a coupon, the food was not available so they let me redeem it on another item. Very nice of them. Open late too.

Duane Hardesty

just went for shakes. They were tasty!


It was o.k. forgot a few things I ordered ,no napkins when ordering wings and the white manager could smile more not friendly to the drive thru customers especially after my order was incomplete but I shall return I love Checkers wings

Javier Reyes

Service was quick

Ajay Lal

Always great especially late at night

Jenny Allen

Good as usual

Tyrelle Cowan Sr

Love the service and food

jose morales

Excellent place for burgers but not 4 everyday

Bj Crookshank

good quick drive through. Many choices

raul jimenez

Okay food when in a pinch

Swati Patel

Decide to stop for lunch on break time and order 4 for 4 then drove back to work and open my sandwich was different I ordered spicy chicken sandwich and they put cheese burger sandwich which I don’t eat . Bad service and try to call for it no one pick up phone.cashier name is marta but maybe person who pack it she made mistakes and ruined my lunch time

Garrett Edgar

It's a Great place to eat and the best cheap food ever.

D'Arron Dixon

Remember take your receipt and do the questionnaire you get a free sandwich

Aisha Kelly

The lettuce gets too soggy. I ordered a checkerburger. They need to get whole lettuce instead of shredded lettuce

christopher triebsch

Good quick food. I got the two burgers deal

Marcelle Mullen

I love their mushroom cheese burgers!

Leon Steele

When you want an affordable and fast bite to eat that is as tasty as a fast food American Burger can be with the option of all the fixings...look no further. A great assortment of options from wings, hot dogs, burgers, fries, desserts, milkshakes, and toppings of chili, cheese, onions, and more to boast; Checkers picked up where McDonald's fell off! If you haven't tried it, go for it. It is a classic drive through and carry-out with limited seating, no indoor seating available, or public bathrooms. There is a kids menu and the establishment is handicapped accessible.

Anthony Murphy

Fast service

Aminah Ali

Quick meal

Richard Yeater

The food is always hot and fresh here, staff is hit and miss.

Angie Padilla

Great for a quick bite

V Tpina

The only national fast food franchise (in my neck of the woods) that I know of that still has hot dogs!! Also, $4 for 4 has been my go to. Highly recommend!

Peter Mensah

Am always impressed with checkers, food is good all the time any thing checkers comes up with is delicious keep up the good food them fries wanna make u slap every 1 at McDonald's


The food was horrible. I threw it away and will never go to that Checkers again.

Collin Turner

Fast service=happy customers

David Hafer

Good food at good prices

William Slater

It was rather typical fast-food. Quick in and quick out which is a pleasant surprise.

Kathy Herring

The best chicken sandwiches and fries.

Kerri Lichtenberg

This checkers brings out the worst in the community on Fri and Sat nights... but location itself is quick and of quality

gal friday

Good & cheap great fries

C.J. Brooks

Great food, even better services.

Arjun Oberoi

Mainly a drive-thru place, though has outdoor ordering and eating options. The milkshakes are good and fairly cheap. The outdoor seating is on a very small slant and isn't the cleanest, but other than that it's a great place. Their food is prepared very quickly after you order (It seems to me like they assemble your order while you are ordering).

Kapree Budd

Lemon pepper wings are offered, but it is not on the menu. Makes one wonder what else is offered, but not on the menu.

Jeff Sanford

All American for the better price

J Saunders

Fries 2 way to greasy but burgers were good and fast

Yasir Khattak

Good food, customer service is ok. Might be busy and long lines. But good old checkers

Lindsay Wong

Over priced and small amount of food, next time to Burger King or McDonald’s. I would not bring or recommend friends to this place.

Christopher Bradley

Checkers always satisfies, but the food portions are a little light and there was a long wait for my food this time. I arrived at the drive thru at about 10 pm and didn't get out out of the drive-thru until about 10:15. But overall it was not a bad experience the food was good and hot.

Allison Kuentz

don't expect more than a funky retro fast food place and you will not be let down

Daniel Abraha

2 for 6 can't go wrong food was hot and tasty

Paola H

Service is very good. Fries are great. Ice cream so so

Annie C.P.

Good fast food.

kayode nelson

Easy and very good service.

debra barker

Will never go back. Got wrong order and they seemed unconcerned


Service is a bit slow but always reliable. Drive thru can be slow as well. Poor location choice.

Vaughn Meddings

This is the best checkers, good customer service and its fast

David Bayles

The Greatest Eats Late! I've been looking for a place that's open after 10p that's different from MdDonalds and Wendy's drive-thru. This place stays hopping after 11p. Sometimes a long drive-thru line, sometimes not. I prefer to walk up late in the evening, place an order, hand 'em my debit card and WhaaLa! Minutes later, they've made me a burger- - -POOF! I had a burger! Great variety of flavors that mix well. The burgers are on the small size, comparable to a regular hamburger at McDz, but better taste! DOUBLE UP! or even TRIPLE UP! You have choices, people! Seasoned FRIES are CRISPY and HOT! Prices are decent. Featured burger, doubled, large fries and soda was about $9.50. There are small concrete tables with fixed metal shades/umbrellas outside for dining like that guy Al Fresco. All in all a good, quick place to grab a bite late, until 2 AM or other times as listed. Try it. You'll like it!

Helena Briner-Ellis

Food was so hot and fresh, service was quick.

Jesse Baturin

Every time I go here they mess up my order. 90% of the time it's my drink.

Villie Smyrlis

Despite the drive through line being long it moved quickly and this food always hits the spot.

Erica Caesar

Good food, great prices & service with a winning attitude. Don't insult your dollar. Give this place a try.

Deborah Kilby

Good flavors.

Tarik Smith

We went because we wanted a quick bite. So we got the 2 sandwich deal. My complaint was the patty was so small.

DJ Carmon

Checkers is always a wonderful place to stop and grab a quick bite to eat when you're in need of a tasty meal! This location in particular is very efficient at always ensuring quality food is brought to you with good service at a decent pace of speed. I've only experienced minor mistakes and that was only during the busiest times. OH and it's always OPEN LATE! 5/5 - Would recommend!

Tiffani Bryson

I Love the French Fries and Banana milk shake!

Bryan Ahmed

Fast and fresh! Also Great milkshakes!

Nicole A

When I called Checkers they didn't pick up for me to order some food.

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