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REVIEWS OF Cameron's Seafood IN Maryland

jireh's Flowers & Events

It was good!

reginald johnson

Always crisp and nice

Glenda Duke

Marcia Kemp

Great selection of the freshest seafood

Kenneth Bishop

caroline wilson

Great deal on crabs! Like them on facebook to get deals.

Alvin Hill


Tim Sessing

Fahad Alhussain

Carolyn Burke

I'm sorry, but just yuk, you do get what you pay for. Had to have my truck detailed just to get the smell out. Terrible seafood. Not even the crab cake was fresh, and my clam strips tasted like they can't out of the grocer's freezer a day past fresh. Sorry, but I cannot recommend this place

ron revelle

Excellent service and the seafood is real no fillers. The #1 male crabs are worth the billing.

Shawnell Brown

My cousin and I have been going for years. The workers always work with you especially Stephon.

John H

Fresh seafood, fried seafood, all good and expensive.

Nunya Bidness

It's ok


Freaking disgusting. My friend came from out of town so we wanted to have a seafood fest. Crab legs, old freezer burnt. The crab cake was the WORST known to man. You better off going to Cosco. YUKKKK

Redz .

Food is always good when I come. Ordered crab cakes, spiced shrimp and cream of crab soup. Definitely prefer the crab cakes broiled than fried.... But the cream of crab is great!!! The service is great!!!

Nigel Pierre

Anieakan Udo

Great place to get good food.

Jamil Bryant

Been coming here for years usually get crabs and shrimp. Love the hush puppies!



Lakesha Chieves

Called to verify that the Cameron had jumbo crabs at $40 a dozen as posted on the website, but when I spoke with an employee at the restaurant I was told that they only had extra large crabs and the price was $50 a dozen. I then asked why the price posted on the website indicates $40 for a dozen of Jumbo crabs but now large crabs are $50. The person on the phone then hung up the phone on me... This worst display of poor customer service. This tells me that the business does not need new or repeat customers. Very disappointing!


Kellie Martina

Haven't been here since 1998, when I moved to CA because of the Navy. Came back to visit today and it is STILL THE BEST seafood ever! Fresh and perfect! Now they ship world-wide!! Who knew!? CAMERON's...I am a customer for life!

Cheryl Washington

Good food and fairly priced.

Shaina Russell

I called to place an order 45 mins before they closed.. Somebody picked up and hung the phone up, then nobody would answer after that. I don't know what kind of business does that. I just wanted some seafood.

Tatiana W

So disappointed and a little annoyed. I payed $14 for the crab cake platter and it was NOT worth it. The only thing good about it was the SIZE of the crab cakes and the fries were good. The crab cakes it self looked great but taste awful just like the Cole slaw. They were extremely plain, I tasted no seasoning and not even tarter sauce helped. It was definitely not worth the price or the drive.

Stephen Jefferson

Food was quick and not a long line.

Fernanda Mouco

Sherry Blakeney

Latoya Thompson

Jacques Casseus III

Hit or miss mostly miss

Manuel Mendoza

Always good!

Renee Cook

Thiago Roberto


Tigran Gevorkian

ty Munn

Bluecrabs were tasty

Dessi Carlysle

Always good... glad I beat the Friday evening rush...

Tracy Davis

Good food, customer service wad good too

Robert Vaughan

Chantel Moye

Came to camerons to get 2 dozen of crabs which were no good! I took them back just for them to reheat the crabs and give them back. Ended up taking the crabs back again and getting them live and cooking them at home and I still was unsatisfied! The crabs were no good inside at all! I will drive a hr before I ever think about going to camerons again!

Trever Belden

Good selection of fish

Chak Beh

One of the local place to get crabs by the bushel. Prices and availability are seasonal, call ahead. Female crabs are cheaper and sometime hard to get. Summer days are busier.

Chris Nicholson

Don't even know what they charged. We ordered 2 bushels 2 times this summer. Both times the crabs were mediums at best and too small to be harvested at the worst. First time we wrote it up as a fluke. Ordered yesterday and got several more that were smaller than my palm. Minimal amount were water logged... but not enough old bay either time. They get one more chance by our 3 strike rule.

Rostyslav Bryzgunov

Jon Lovo

Marina Trifan

Bought crabs 5 times this year because it's close by , every time hoping that will be better. #1 male are very small, and in every dozen are at least 3 not fresh( old, smelling bad) crabs. Will try somewhere else next time.

Cindy Sadur

ordered some crab, steamed shrimp and ceviche...this is a seafood place so would think the ceviche would be great....but contained a few pieces of shrimp that had marinated too long and was tough..and tons of onions and red peppers...since when does ceviche have peppers...none of the Latin restaurants that I have been to ever served ceviche with peppers...the steamed shrimp was must...maybe they anticipated a big crowd given it was hometown holiday weekend, but the weather wasn't great and they had too much food?

Renard Payne

When you get a taste for seafood this place hits the spot,

Paul Gunther

Christopher Catanzaro


Good price and selection for seafood

jose oliva

Some of the best seafood

Maureen Wilberforce


I absolutely was pleased with my order today! I have been craving seafood for quite some time and finally got the opportunity to get some to go. I ordered the fried seafood platter and was beyond impressed. It came with fried shrimp, spiced shrimp, scallops and fish. The platter was served with a bun, coleslaw and fries! (yes it is seriously a lot of food)! all for ~$18 including tax. I swapped my scallops out for more fish with no issues. I was told to allow a prep time of 8-10 minutes but it was probably ready in 5. The food seemed very fresh! I love the layout and that fresh seafood is ready for purchase. The customer service was also quite good. Prior to ordering here a few coworkers tried it and complained about the crab cakes and the broiled platter having an off taste therefore I assessed this place with 4 stars as opposed to 5. At the very least, it is worth a shot. I find it to be affordable too.

Tee L

Severely overpriced! Also, the guy behind the counter had a really bad attitude.

Kenyatta Gross

Dorothy Jose

The attendant, Pedro, was inefficient in bagging the order. He forgot the eating utensils and condiments. His personality was sour with many customers. The store displayed the Closed sign at 6:28 when I arrived. It was brought to the attention of one of the clerks whom immediately flipped the sign around. Go earlier in the day when the service is better.

Danny Gomez

Erich Bender

Worth the drive from Taneytown Maryland! Scallops are to die for!!

Donovan Dow

steve cohen

Easy access,reasonable prices, good food.

Gia G.

Food is always fresh and good

Robert Mann

jacky chung

didn't enjoy the fish

Jazmeine France

Kirk H

Outstanding food very good service employees are fantastic

Angelique T.

Its normal good but the ultimate platter & okra had season.

Wayne Willis


Ordered 2 dozen blue crab. Over half of them were black on the inside and smelled really bad.

Jorge Velasquez

Great for seafood! Great quality, and always have a wide selection in stock!

Brandon Liles

Cameron's is a Maryland seafood staple. This particular location was new to me. Honestly, this has been the best Cameron's I've visited. It's been a family tradition to get a few dozen crabs for Mother's Day. The task has always been a struggle at the southern MD location. This year they weren't reserving crabs as in years prior. On a whim, I took a chance on driving to Rockville to see what's available. I arrived at opening and was able to order my few dozen crab with ease.

TIM Addison

Great customer service great food friendly place

Diane Chapman

Great service. Friendly and very efficient at getting order correct.

Tom Koval

Rey Kwong

Blue Crabs, at the end of the season now. Not easy to get the real big ones. Today 10/17/18 at 9:05am, I arrived at Cameron’s Seafood for the 1st time. Great Seafood Market, for a seafood lover. I purchased a Jumbo Lump Crabmeat in a container & 3-dozens of the Male Blue Crabs (larger than the mix), and brought it back to New York. Every single crab was fresh and bigger than the blue crabs of NYC. Thank you, I will be back.

Ronnie Reed

Fast, friendly, delicious seafood! The hot spot for all your seafood cravings!

MLaw PlWa

We did the fried fish platter. The fish was not fresh at all, tasted rubbery and was not seasoned well.

Sam T

I did not like this place. First off I didn't like the atmosphere. It was cold and almost felt dirty. Then the prices were ridiculously high in my opinion. And the food wasn't even good! Going to a crappy place to pay high prices for subpar seafood is stupid. The last straw was the fact that I didn't like the owner. He had bad vibes and seemed like an ass. I would not go back again.

Godwin Ofoli-Quaye Tetteh

Services are good.

Deanna Massie

Great place to catch great food fast

Kendra Ronald

I ordered Cooked Crabs , when I got home the crabs were no Good ! They had a bad taste and was tooo cooked. When I went to the store to return them the staff was very unprofessional. The manager wasn’t so friendly. The worst location ever to get crabs!

John Helsel

Easy to walk in and place order, while you wait. Seafood is fresh and they cook it before you leave. A great place to pickup a quick dinner !!!

Krissy King

Sabre Kellam

Moldir Myrzakulova

Always fresh seafood. Very good service.

Dorian Williamson

Crab cake tasted like the crab died in the 80s

Rick Brindley

Wide selection. Quick with your order.

Foodie 2019

They never have the croaker special that is listed in the add weekly

jolinda wilson

Good food!!

Tammy Swann

I've been coming to this place for years and years. I've never had an issue. You can count on the quality always being great and the prices fair.

David Spangler

Tony Bolling

called to ask about crab pricing and Mother's Day. the girl on the phone mumbled so bad I could barely understand her and basically told me that she had no information and I would have to call the day of. So I guess pre-planning isn't a thing in the seafood industry? very abrupt and rude.


Bruce Allen Dawson

Terri Miller

Good food but a little pricey. Customer service could be nicer, especially since it's our money that keeps them in business!

TheGeminiCusp .

Michelle Labovitz

Good seafood

Tim Cooper

Good food

merlin auses

The food and service is just awesome

Moniphia Granston

I'm visiting the area for the weekend and stopped here because the wait elsewhere was too long. They had a busy lot and a line inside, so it must be good, right?!. Well, long lines does not equal good food. Well, the fries were good, BUT the crab cake was the worse I've ever had. It had more fillers than crab meat and there was a sweet foreign taste unfamiliar to me. I paid $25 for 1 crab cake in Baltimore last month and thought it was a ridiculous price, but after eating this for $16.99 that crab cake is worth $25 and then some. How people eat at this place over and over again is quite confusing to me (appears to be lots of regulars). The staff is nice, but that does not make up for terrible food .

Antonette Bryant

I ordered online. The crab bisque was excellent. I used the fresh crab with their recipe for crab dip ... absolutely delicious!! The crab bisque was loaded with lump crab, the seasoning was perfect. As a native of the West Coast, I had been looking for a great place to buy lump crab as we have Dungeness in the S.F. Bay Area and Cameron's definitely DID NOT disappoint. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Luis Mosquera

The fish place

T Hoyt

Great crab, but fairly expensive. Double check your order if they're busy

Klutr Bug

we called to preorder and were told that we didn't need to. that there were already crabs cooked and ready for pickup. should have been a red flag, but we'd heard good things. got 3 dozen mixed. at pickup, we were asked if we wanted them spiced. when we indicated yes, the checkout lady just dumped some ... maybe old bay??... into the bag before shoving it to us. not sure what that was. size was ok for mixed. weight wasn't bad. here's the thing -- not sure when these were cooked. they were *super* overcooked and *mushy* -- did they cook them earlier and then reheat them? IDK. the mustard in some is BLACK! never seen that before. no one got sick, but not great crabs. won't be returning.

Daniel Hartmire

Great customer service. Great crabs.

Keith Johnson

Great food,always fresh.

Kayla Venturini



ant gri

Be Aware......I purchased 2 seafood platters on Saturday July 28 at 6 pm, with my Visa Card, by Monday evening at 6 pm my credit card was being fraudulently used in Menmphis Tennesee to buy cartons of cigaretes and Cases of Budlights by a young male who was caught on camera by the mapco express convenient store manager ! Police have are aware of this theft, and if this is a regular practice at this Camerons Seafood ....stay away !

lena mac

Peymon Manesh

Rhyen Kinnear

Keith Kelly

It's always good

Chennelleashman Ashman

Great seafood...


Got two dozen #1 males and a dozen mixed males and females. the #1s were fine- fresh, decently meaty. Don’t bother with the mixed crabs- they were so small- it wasn’t worth the time to pick them.

L Hoover

Overpriced small crabs better options elsewhere

Harry Green

Seafood is fresh a reasonably priced .

Silvia Giron

Wuuua. Gue. Ricos. Mariscos. Fritos. Y. Al. Vapor

Lewis Nordan

Great food, great selection and reasonable prices.

Mr Scarface

Great customer service food done in descent time.

jaysonlbryan .

I stood around for 15min waiting at the fresh counter to get some fresh seafood but they only helped people ordering plates... I asked for help they just said give me a min and never came to the counter.. but everyone that walked in to get a plate they served right away so I just left and went to fort mead commmissry

Paul Z

They raised the price from 25 to 45 in 2 days. Watch out...

Stefany Mejia

I called for the first time to ask for a dozen of crabs. The guy was rude his cell phone ring and he put me on hold for more then 5 minutes so I called EMMERTS SEAFOOD they are always helpful and the crabs DELICIOUS FRESH

Kyisha Boyd

Graig Jaricha


Liz Yuan

Great food and fast service, but know what you want or let others get ahead of you in line... the food is great, but there is little patience for indecisiveness. The service is also great if you know what to order. Do your research ahead and you won't be disappointed. Also, when I was in line, the staff had to take calls and rushed to get off the phone so they had to serve those of us in the store. I'm sure they got points off for phone manners but IMO that's the sign of a place I'd go back to.

Brad Bingham

Best place for seafood. Incredible quality.

Benlll Kenn

Awesome! Fresh seafood, well prepared by friendly service.

D Heidler

Selection of fresh fish and prepared items. Good fish sandwich.

redredblondie1 .

I've lived here for years and have gone here many times. I am disappointed that my daughter n law who buy crabs and shrimps here every weekend have been dooped, the crabs have been so small it has been a waste of time trying to eat them, and the shrimps have been tough. I hope Cameron's take these reviews seriously because they are losing customers. I do hope they get better or I will be long gone too. Please train your staff to be polite and clean.

christie long

Crabs crabs and more crabs... Good fare prices

Tien Thuy


Great seafood, reasonable prices, any fish imaginable , New Years traditionan broiled crabcakes and spiced shrimp. Great Service.

Rachel Torres

Debra Stone

Jacob E

Amy Bernoske

Janice Kociol

Great fish and seafood choices. Good place to buy crabs.

martinez jones

G Wash

I ordered a whiting platter. The fish did not look like whiting. It seemed as if It was fried earlier in the day and warmed up when I placed the order. HORRIBLE!!!!! and to make matters worse, there was a shrimp tail found hidden in the pile of soggy fries. What a surprise! A bonus if you will. Completely disappointed and disgusted.

eric lysiak

Great service, friendly staff. Product made to order. "Cold" slaw very good too. :)

Stacy Lupton

This is by far the best place to get jumbo lump crab cakes always fresh always delicious.cant find a better crab cake for this price anywhere.

Keith Dominick

Willow Ward

Good restaurant, but it smells horrible around it.

Kevin Davis

Never ate here but I pick up fresh seafood here all the time. Oysters and shrimp are great.

Timothy Pietrandrea

Arman Salmasi

Excellent seafood, great crab!

Kalyn Rogers

We’ve always had a good experience here, a few times crabs are bad but for the most part they’re good. Today my husband went in and it was a crowd, a man parked after we did abut 15 minutes after. Then comes out before my husband. I thought it was strange but waited until my Husband came out. He seemed alittle off and I asked what’s wrong he said 3 people who came in after him were served before him !!! My husband ordered simple live crabs so if anything he wouldn’t have had a wait. The three people who were served before him were Caucasian and there were 2 other people of color who came In before my husband and the Caucasian people and were served after the Caucasians! We won’t be returning! No other reason except ignorance and discrimination. This is August 18 2019

Dr. KM Smith, PhD

Myra Lou Harris

Ordered dozen large male crabs without spicing. There was a sale going on. Got them home and started to eat them. The crabs tasted very bad and were mushy. Seems like they aren't good and that's why they were on sale. Will not return to this location. Steer clear if purchasing crabs.

Ryan Nicholl

Crab cake sandwiches are the best here.

Scott Johnson

No negative star option? Horrible customer service and worst crabs you will ever purchase.

We Buy Houses Maryland

The food was ok but $15.89 for a crab cake? Sounds excessive pricey since there is only carryout

Osvaldo Espinal

Eric Joyner

Suzanne Moreland

Needed some help planning a crab feast so called Cameron’s Seafood in Rockville. By phone you will be made aware that the people who answer are very busy (placed on hold, very quick and short answers to questions, placed on hold again, impatient demeanor). Tried to keep my questions to a minimum but needed to know the price of crabs for reimbursement purposes. When I picked them up a few days later the “market price” had gone up by $50 a bushel. No one ever mentioned “market price” on the phone. Since I needed 2 bushels i had to pull $100.00 out of my pocket for which I will not be reimbursed. Thanks Cameron’s. You will not get my business anymore.

Tina Li

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