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REVIEWS OF 1 Fish 2 Fish Crabs & Seafood IN Maryland

Andrew Isett

Awesome Carry Out Seafood. Better prices than OC.

Bill Wheatley

Great Price and Crabs Seafood

Charleen Mitchell

My jumbo crabs were on point...this is my fav crab place when I'm on the eastern shore

jason baker

Great people great food

william bozman

Got a half bushel of male Crabs there were a dozen cracked or broken an mushy I cant believe they would sell something like that without looking at the Crabs this was my first an last time I go there

Patricia Parks

Really good crab meat

Keith Davis

Great seafood, I always get the seafood platter and it's the best in town!

Ronny Jones

First went here 3 years ago while visiting my hometown. Every since then I've been dissatisfied with the service and seafood

Daniel Miles

U guys totally just ripped me off. Ordered 1/2 bishel of males and females. I picked threw them and only spotted 5 males. Me and my family come here alot. Very very dissatisfied.


Always easy to deal with and the seafood is fresh and great tasting. The crabs you order are weighed so you get what you pay for. Also the corn you get when ordering crabs is some of the best tasting corn around.

Charles Filgueras

Good lunch specials.

Jesse Hemley

My husband drove me from Williamsburg for some Maryland blue crab and it was definitely worth the 3 1/2 hour drive!! Would definitely come again if ever in the area!!

Richard Eshelman

Incredible fat n tasty jumbo crabs. Fair pricing friendly service.

Chris McCoy

Crab and shrimp taste very fresh, but if you don't want much spice then ask for NONE, because "light" was way too heavy for me. Will definitely be back.

Nathan Retherford

Very good seafood boats and hushpuppies! Had some of the best fried oysters I have ever had here! It's a very casual spot, and hard to mistake it's seuss inspired front. They do not always have everything on their menu available at all times, bc they make everything fresh, so prepare a few options when you order.

Christopher Hayes

Crabs were bad, went to return them was call a liar. Crabs had bad smell and large holes in them. One with the large hole was missing all of it intestines. Told them how many we had was told that we were a liar but they didn’t bother to check the entire can. Tried to only give us part of a refund. Had to argue to get money back. Will never return here and suggest that everyone check their crabs before leaving this location.

Christian Bounds

Great seafood carryout

Donald Truitt

Food was fresh but ordered shrimp and undercooked won't go back

Michael McILwain

Fresh Swift and prompt service

Shannon Bennett

I go there all the time i have never been disappointed. Always hot and ready...

Christopher Martinez

Great food, small in and out shop so amazing fresh food

irving mckenzie

Figured since crabs are plentiful, we ordered a bushel of crabs for $175 and thought we were getting med/large. Well sad to say not 1....yes not 1 large crab in the whole bushel. They will say, " oh we weigh them." That is so wrong. All the crans were light. When someone tells you some have good weight but none do, its insulting. That is why, WE WILL NEVER GO BACK!! BE GREEDY ON SOMEONE ELSES DIME.

Valeriana Dollins

Awful food, fried oysters tasted nasty. Sweet potato fries were burned. Got only one shrimp, which tasted funky too. For $26 and a place that sells fresh seafood, I expected better. All it went to trash, including kids meals.

Jennifer Berkman

I will never order from here again for New Year ‘s Eve. We placed our order well ahead of time. 2 lobsters, a pound of scallops and a pound of shrimp, steamed. Over $75. To be picked up at 5. It is now 5:40 and the lobsters just made it into the steamer.

Karena Knebel

I usually have a very good experience here, the food is usually very delicious and generous portions, I had gone to One Fish Two Fish yesterday to order some fried oysters, they said that they were out that they were very sorry and will have some tomorrow, so today after I got off of work I went there and at first they said they weren't going to fry any food today that it was it just all boiled food, but then they went back and checked with the cook I guess and they said that they could do it so I wait about 15 minutes and then my orders ready I paid 9.95 for the 7-piece appetizer and then I wanted to order 3 more so I ended up paying $15 for 10, so when I got outside opened my box and I found 10 little scrawny pieces of oyster most of the batter had fallen off, I was so very disappointed I've always. Have got nice size oysters and with perfect batter on them, I was just too tired to go back in there because I have just gotten off from work, but I will never go there again, I don't think they had the same person cooking the oysters, they should be ashamed of serving such scrawny small oysters used for frying. I do recommend not paying for your order first and pain when you pick it up, before you pay for open up your box to see what it looks like before walking out the front door.

percy thornton

Good seafood. fast , friendly service

Belinda Parsons

I placed a order for the first visit of shrimp and snow crab legs. The shrimp were nice sized and the price for snow crabs legs were cheap compared to other places in Salisbury.

Andrea Williams

They have the BEST CRABS EVER

Allison Ross

10 months ago: Fantastic crabs!! We got a 1/2 bushel of Large males and they were all fantastic! Amazing flavor! Thank you for always having consistently good and well-sorted steamed crabs! We've tried a couple other places around town but decided after this most recent crab feast that there is no reason to go astray again! 1 Fish 2 Fish is consistently fantastic! Today (6/9/18): another 1/2 bushel of medium males and 2lbs of shrimp for a great price! Delish! Excellent seasoning and cocktail sauce. Most of the crabs were very full. Friendly staff!!

Cassandra Evans

I ordered a flounder with hush puppies. I enjoyed the flounder although I felt the price for 1 piece was a bit costly and the hush puppies were very dry and thick. I was not impressed.

Andrea Milito

Seafood market or takeout fried/steamed only

JoAnn Price

First time...2 piece fish & chips. Big black guy & 1 young white girl behind the counter. I waited 15 minutes and had a great meal. Fries covered the buttom of my take out tray and I have two huge pieces of fish with a wonderfully crispy batter covering both pieces and I have not stopped bragging about the awesome find. Fast forward to last night...second visit. Again we order the 2 piece fish and chips, same two behind the counter but now joined by many others causing some major chaos in the place. We still waited our 15 minutes and took our meals to the park to enjoy some shade. We were extremely disappointed when we opened our meals. Half the fries but that was okay, it was the fish that disappointed us. The batter was like a fries paste. I had to eventually take it off and eat the fish. Terrible! Let the black guy and young white girl run the place! The food was better with them in charge.

Meghan Rollyson

Great options and decent prices

Steven Schwartz

We were driving through and wanted a nice crab cake. My wife found this place online and we stopped. If you are in Salisbury, MD or driving through, do yourself a favor and stopped. We ordered 3 crab cake sandwiches (jumbo lump variety) and it was a fantastic meal. The crab cake was mostly crab with just enough stuff to hold it together, lightly breaded and fried. Generous size, tasty bun, beautiful piece of lettuce and tomato for garnish and some very tasty tartar sauce, if you want that (the crab cake was so nicely seasoned it really didn't need anything else, but the tartar sauce was so tasty I added it anyway). Great service, friendly staff. Well worth the time and reasonably priced considering the serving size and the quality of the final sandwich. Highly recommended!!

Dale May

Crabs and Shrimp are delicious. Value was excellent.

Meg Barmoy

Great seafood prices

Brandie Palmer

Amazing steamed crabs! I will come here every time I come to MD!!

Holly Revel

Awesomely delicious

Charlene Timmons

I got the fried flounder sandwich very delicious!!

Marc Buffington

Great Customer Service & Crabs are always good!!!!

Garet Curry

I went two times, and was very pleased. Third time, I felt jipped. Nothing makes you feel hosed like mealy craps. Ya'll are gonna have to suffer my three star wrath for those mealy craps.

Greig Bacsal

Friendly staff and the oysters, shrimp and clams were very fresh and priced right. Can't wait to go back

Latoya Robinson

Great seafood

Sam Brown

My wife said I didn't get enough scallops she loved them


Great crabs. Good prices. They don't do oysters on halfshell.

Robert Heim

Great crab cakes & oysters

Sharon Hubert

First time ever eating there and the food is immaculate

Audrey Huang

The fish was great!

Rondell Dennis

Perfect every time!

tree tea

Love the snow crab legs and shrimp

Christopher Haynes

The crabs are rhe best

Doreen Pires

To much "filler" in my lumb crabcake

Meyerssh .

I have gotten steamed crabs from 1 Fish 2 Fish twice this summer. They were absolutely amazing. I purchased medium-large crabs and they were all heavy with crab meat. I would not buy from anywhere else. They are truly the best I have purchased in 36 years of living not only in the Metro DC area, but on the Eastern Shore

Timothy Disharoon

My cod fish platter was good like it always is

Betty Williams

The Crabs were awesome good and heavy, cheap .One of my favorite places.

Carl Mason

Great service

Nicole Wiley

I'm in love with this place all Seafood super fresh

Vanessa Handy

This place is so good

Jim Barr

Great roadside style seafood Market and restaurant away from the tourist flow on US50. Indoor and outdoor seating. Great food, something for everyone.

Lynda Dennis

Crabs were great, and shrimps

Angela Foreman

My favorite and great prices and great service.

Shanisha Brickhouse

Food was good, portions could be bigger

mike williams

Great size crabs & a lot cheaper than I spend home in Baltimore. Been here 3x in to week the crabs were great every time. I'll be taking some home w/ me 2mar. If I'm anywhere close to the area best believe I'm stoping by.

Lord Hemiram Of Mopar

Monte is always great and provided great service too true eastern shore thanks 1 fish 2 fish

Andrea Roob

Absolutely love, love, love the cream of crab soup! The rest of the food seems to be hit or miss, but overall worth hitting up.

Beatrice Bowen

Best Crab cakes I've Tasted outside of OC!!

Joseph Raczynski

This place is really a pickup fish market with a few tables so you can dine there. They don't have a bathroom, if you are coming here to eat. Fries were soggy, the soft shell crab was a little too basic but the lump crabcake was solid. Always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @joerazz

At Home Strength

Hands down best seafood in the area. Fresh, fresh, fresh and delicious! M - F daily specials are not to be missed. Small Mom and Pop hole in the wall not fancy blue collar place to grab cooked or raw seafood. Only three tables, so take it home to grill. Also the BEST damn lump meat crab cakes you will ever enjoy. All crab, no bread!

Dawn Manyfeathers

Not much fresh fish to choose from. The oysters were dry inside, dirt packed and the shells were extremely crumbly. The steak fish (shark) was hacked into irregular and jagged pieces while we waited.

Carl Davis

Good fresh seafood. Prices are reasonable.


Reasonably priced seafood, I had coconut shrimp which was fantastic. Crab balls were delicious and so was the catfish nugget special. Really enjoyed my meal here and only spent 40$. Anywhere else this would have easily been double the money. All there fish looked fresh to. Will definitely be coming back for seconds !

Cindy Cruz

We were pretty excited to come and eat at this place for my fathers birthday i checked the website and said it closes at 7pm on a Sunday we arrived at 5pm and I️t was closed. Plus we drove from Selbyville Delaware.

Gary Parks

Seafood was excellent would go back again when I'm down there

david dollins

We stopped here based on the reviews. Got two seafood platters, two pc cod and the breaded shrimp. The two stars are for specific sides...the hush puppies and onion rings were pretty good, the corn nuggets, Cole slaw were all right. The rest of the meal was pretty bad. The fish tasted a little funky, the clam strips were all right (frozen out of a bag?), but the shrimp and the oysters were just bad...the oysters were suspect as seems like it was all fried together....and the fries were even burnt. Throw in that the platters we're $26 each and a total of $100 altogether.... REALLY disappointed. DON'T EAT THE FRIED OYSTERS.

Gwen Barr


Kenneth Strozier

Seafood quality declining

Faran Chaudhry

Never open

Joseph Smith

The best place in town to buy steamed crabs !

John Horwat

Great Crabs and great service. Definitely recommend.

Cathy Koyanagi

Delicious fresh seafood. I love the coconut shrimp! Yum.

John Schilling

Best everything. Omg the Maryland crabs were awesome and I don't even like soft shell. Crab legs didn't even require a single crack. Pulled right out of the joints. The battered cod, no words except perfection. Good job people!

Roy Hottenstein

Soft shell crab sandwich so so good. Great, fresh seafood and great prices

Crystal L. Toomer -MDH-

Love the food and the customer service is always on point..

Tom Brown

The crabs are great!!!! Sometimes they do not have any because they do not sell BAD crabs. The clams are a great price, great size and taste! The fish always look fresh and I will be trying some soon. I have been to skip jacks and fat boys but 1 fish 2 fish is the best.

Henrietta Turner

Great seafood

Kim Harris

just ..ok

Margie Badgett

Today we wanted crab cakes so we bought lump crab meat and got shells instead, terrible choice. Shrimp was so hard to peel we wasted half what we were able to eat. Will not eat there again unless they correct or make it right with us.

Kacee Briddelle

If your looking for good fresh local seafood this is the place and is never crowed.

Kristi Sponseller-Laughman

Awesome food! Most places that serve seafood are the best to me.

Donnie Kelly

Always good, delicious crabcake!


It's always great customer service and reasonable prices.

Suzette Sheppard-Jones

Crabs was mushy inside

Takesha Cottman

The where on point I will be going back for

Kristina Collick

Nice prices but they run out quick

Paul Revel

Great seafood

John Hungelmann

First time in. Our regular fish and chips spot took it off the menu, so we came here. Good choice! Fresh and large portion. Do believe we'll be back.


Food was very good!


Fresh seafood , good prices . Friendly help

Kim Vallejo

Love, love , love this place. Especially the crab cake sandwiches

Sandra Dean

They were out of blue crab when we were there but it's a decent fish market

Douglas Potter Jr.


Trivia Thrasher

I got there backfin crabcakes meal it was delicious and well worth it.

Judy Murphy

I buy my fish and seafood to prepare at home here because it is always fresh and quality is great. Steamed shrimp, muscles and clams always steamed to perfection. Shrimp salad tasty. Not so crazy about their meals to go especially anything I have had fried is usually overdone.

cheryl simpson

Staff friendly, product is good and they except food stamps so anyone can enjoy cooked seafood.

Ramona Stephens

I have been coming here about 3 times a month for years. Great food. I refer people from my hotel in ocean city to make yhe drive here. First time writing a review but felt the need today. First time there was a problem with the food the manager was very kind and promised to make things right. The lady I spoke with also was very polite and professional also. Really appreciated it :)

Sanetta Tucker

I went to this place Yesterday because my husband found them online while we were visiting from Philadelphia. I purchased a dz M/L male crabs and 2lbs of Snow crabs everything cooked. I was only able to eat 5 of the crabs because the rest were mushy and the legs were dried out! The snow crabs the meat was dry in a few of those. I was so dissapointed because I had crabs the day before from a place named CRABS TO GO on our way back to the hotel from Ocean City and they were delicious so I thought this place would be just as good and they were closer to the hotel where we was staying. I WAS SO WRONG! RUINED MY WHOLE NIGHT! SLIGHTLY Cheaper wasnt BETTER! Should have took the ride to Crabs to Go....Lesson Learned!

LaTisha Harris

Sweet Delicious Fresh Crabs!!! Hospitality was great!!! If your passing through do stop by One Fish Two Fish.

Regina Kahler

I am in seafood HEAVEN! BEST flounder, BEST cod, scallops were ok, maybe I'll try them again. Not so thrilled with their coleslaw, but the fish makes this place a FANTASTIC take-out. Just add your own veggies at home and your family will think you are the best cook in the world. (They'll cook it for you for a cheap two bucks, well worth it)

Trella Brinkley

Wonderful customer service... Really enjoyed Ms.Evette hospitality..She treated us like we were family.... We will be coming back to visit again from Virginia.. Great prices also....

Trivon Harmon

Great food even better people all around nice place to eat

Dane Heath

Only had food from here a couple times . Crab cakes were pretty good , lump meat not much filler . Also have had the fish , was ok & the shrimp were good size & tasty .

Lakiesha Cross

Best seafood

Eric Timmons

Great seafood, fresh catch employee very helpful and fair prices! Enough said stop by and get yours!!

Smooth Taktiks

Shrimp was fresh, crabs were good, staff was great

J.David Glick

Stopped by to get some Tilapia for dinner. The fish we got were fresh, tender and tasted great when we cooked them pecan crusted.

Chrisp Erdeus

Very disappointed. The shrimp were either old or over cooked (or both?) Shells didn't come off easily and the shrimp had no flavor even tho there was plenty of Old Bay on the shells. The cocktail sauce was watery!

Lavern Rose

Food was good and the waitress was very polite and accommodating

Gene Hughes

I have nothing but great things to say about One Fish Two Fish!! I had been dealing with another local seafood company on Old Ocean City Rd, and had received poor quality food along with poor service...and Not on just one occasion! One Fish Two Fish has provided for my family Phenomenal Service and Incredible Food!!! I HIGHLY recommend them and Strongly encourage you to give them your business! Best, Gene Hughes

Angel Waters

I bought some snow crab legs from here and a couple parts have gone completely rancid. As soon as I opened the bag I just smelled ammonia. $25 wasted.

Oscar Mccary

It's very clean ! But not a big selection of sea food

Karen Smiley

Very slow

Arrick Richards

Catfish nuggets h.a.m.

Carol Beachamp

Too expensive

Tonya Bishop

Very friendly staff... Had called in half bushel of males cooked they had them ready. Very meaty crabs. Decent price for the crabs. Will keep coming back again and again and will recommend the place.

Run Kick Swim Punch

The most disorganized restaurant. We've gotten the wrong order three times! we gave them another chance but we've got the wrong order again! then they gave us someone else's order that then pick up and are crabs ice cold after waiting 1h 30 m later. Check the order and the receipt before the person picks up!

brad bowen

Mush in 5 out a 24

Betty White

Food taste delicious there

Birch Hollow Floral

Clean and the fish is fresh. Prices are great!

Lindsay diVincenzo

Great food but one of the workers kept rolling her eyes at my son cause he was upset (he's a baby). Hello the wait for the food was nuts. Yes it was great food but damn. Also it could have been a little cleaner there. They could be a little more friendly for sure.

Aiysha Crews

Good crabs

Jeff Walters

Great deals on seafood

Lo Swift

It was the worst. Crabcakes are full of shells, crab legs look like baby snowcrabs the crabs are small and light. I would never waist my $ there agin

hearne93 hearne

i dont know about good service because i called today for the first time and the woman thats answering the phone is rude as a b*tch and she needs to be working someone else because customer service is not for her

Marta Marx

Great and professional service, delicious and fresh seafood. Definitely will be back !

Timothy Helman

The shrimp was rotten!!! By far didn’t deserve a 4.2 average rating. Everything was over priced and over cooked!!! I do not advise that anyone eat here because not only is the neighborhood shady, but you may leave with a stomach ache as I did. The tables had blood on them and there was no space to dine. All of the employees were dressed like they just came from a dollar general or Walmart. If you enjoy life and don’t want salmonella, then don’t even pull into the broken up parking lot!!!

Dave Gowen

excellent crabs and excellent friendly service

ry morrissey

If you're in salisbury and looking for great cs and amazing seafood, this is the place you want! Highly recommended. Its fresh every morning.

Orchell Brown

Excellent food

Star Wolf

This place is amazing and we have visited it twice annually for the cream of crab soup. You need to try it.

Jim Smitz

Great food if you want to put up with their terrible attitudes! Won't go back.

Victor Alvis

Great service ,full crabs ,excellent taste .u get what u pay for especially since they r weighed.iv recommended 1 fish 2 fish to every one I know .

Rochelle Young

Swift service

Purnell Set

Love their crab cakes!!

Qwanai Calhoun


Tippytoes sixty

Love this place good seafood and large crabs. Platters are good an reasonably priced.

April Mills

They changed the

Christine Wilson

Great food!!

Alexa Bradley

Crabs are always full and delicious, I'd never get crabs from anywhere else!

Brian Roberts

This is my go to spot for crabs when I come home to visit...

Reeboo1 Furr

Love this place. Food is always fresh. And friendly service.

Kandice Crump

It was the best seafood I've had. The crabcakes was the best out of 4 places I tried in Salisbury. I was disappointed I didn't come here first!!! Staff was awesome!! Manager tried to help me figure out how to take back some crabcakes as I was leaving to get on the plane!!! I will be back next year!!! Hopefully sooner!!

mary harding

My husband and I went for dinner there last night. Awesome Rock fish sandwiches and hand cut fries! Neat, clean, food was great. We plan to return on a regular basis!

Bonita Copes

Loved the crabs

Shannon F.

Crabs were fair. The employees looked like they just rolled out of bed. I was very underwhelmed.

Renee Hodge

Best fresh seafood with great deals and prices

Antrice Boyd

One of my favorite seafood spots

matthew gibbons

I love the crabs they have,and the oysters.

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