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REVIEWS OF Tony's Seafood IN Louisiana

Sweet T

Went this morning after church to get 1lb. of boiled crawfish...( always too salty and spicy) so I don't buy a lot..the young guy with glasses gave me 2 lbs..but I bought it anyway!!! Then I went to get hot food and the older lady by the veggies tried to get me to buy more than I wanted and when she LOST...she told her co-worker "well I tried"..then the cashier at the hot food station had a nasty disposition and acted like she wanted to go home!!I know a lot of people looking for a job that's grateful and pleasant to work with!!!! Tonys need to weed out the trash and train them to show courtesy to the customers who help PAY THEM!!!!!!!

Chantell Alexander

You can come and always find anything you want

JaRita The Realtor

Ironically, I am a vegetarian, so I can't eat 90% of everything offered. When we come to BR, my husband has to go and I get some vegetables. I will admit, the broccoli rice and cheese is really good. I know its probably not vegetarian, but I got it anyway. The servers are nice but....I just wish the managerial staff was diverse

Toni Poland

Not Good, I haven't eaten from Sony's in a while and I know why now.

Andre Horton

I wish they sold I large array of shelf products but as far as everything else goes, they are awesome also I live close and have been going there for years. They will not close any time soon.

Karen King

Tony', Tony's, Tony's! Whoever thought of creating this market needs an award. The food here is cooked very well, and taste like your grandma cooked it . The prices are perfect it is not over priced at all. The service is nice , they aren't rude at all. You're going to want to eat everything here so come prepared. I like their shrimp poboys, baked fish, hush puppies , and the crawfish pies!!!!! The best thing since sliced bread. Overall I highly recommended Tony's

Angela Walker

Terrible! Waited for over 25 mins for order to be prepared. When the order was presented, it was incorrect. Had to wait an additional 10 minutes for the order to be redone.

Paxton Shoulders

Best place to buy seafood. Great prices

Shelton Smith

I love this place. It has all tge seafood your heart desires... I love it!!!

Ashley Johnson

Food is usually good but sometimes some of the women on the line attitudes aren't friendly at all. Ive come here alot and today is time number 4 of me finding hair in the plate or food

Johnny Porter

Tony`s has amazing things to eat and lots of things you can't finds anywhere else.

Daryl Rodriguez

Best damn hot sausage poboy around and great customer service.


Crawfish boil was salty and mushy. I really wasted $17 there thinking that it's a 4+ star that the crawfish boil would be good. The boudan balls and staff are great tho.

Donald motiveART

Wow! Crawfish and shrimp were exceptional from Tony's! And I think the chaos of the purchase processed added to the whole enjoyment of the occasion! Excellent and highly recommended!

Erwin Lewis

Good food and service is cash cash registers to get you out the door

Chrissy Gambrel

Every time we are in town, this is our first stop! Best seafood, hands down! The staff is amazing! I miss it already, and its been less than a month since we have been down there.

tracy kelley

One of my favorite places I visit at least 2x a wk..The people helping u are very friendly, hardworking, just like family...They know who I am and what I need! LOVE THIS PLACE

Kathryn Hagerty

Great seafood selection. Staff is super helpful. Lots of fresh options.

Tia Black

They plate size was amazing they put enough food on the plate but I wish they added sugar to their cornbread and a little more seasoning to the food but other than that it was exceptional.

Rodger B.

Jam packed, good food. We came for the Boudin and we weren't disappointed!!

tatianais thebest

The food wasn't bad but the employees are extremely rude!! They cursed and talked about the customers that were standing in line! I am never going back!!

Rocheka Barnes

The seafood boudin did not have any favor nasty

bluehouse1618 .

Take out only. Very tasty food in generous portions, fairly priced. At busy times about 15 minutes to work your way through the serving line. Call your order in if you are in a hurry

Krystle Magee

Tony's is life!!!! Can't go wrong with Tony's cooked food or fresh/raw food. Perfect quality

Lori Albritton

Very friendly people, guy worked hard to find exact pounds I was looking for and others saying it was not back there. Love the boudin balls, best by far!!!

Ariel Cabezon

Any kind of Louisiana seafood you want! The fried catfish poboy was very tasty! I highly recommend it.

Trevor O Best

Good service. Packed frozen seafood for flight. Reasonable prices.

Donald Hoffpauir

This is a Baton Rouge legend and rightfully so. To go lunches are served weekdays and there's always packaged and frozen foods to take home.

Marissa Franklin

My king crab legs were steamed to perfection!!!

Jovina Gray-Willis

I like to go to Tony's for their hot cooked food. It's always fresh and delicious. The staff is friendly as well. Tony's continuously displays their founders legacy with a great experience!

Amanda Stone

Great plate lunches for meat and fish! Raw fish for cooking too! The fried catfish is delicious along with the stuffed chicken!

Jamie Cutrer

If your in the mood for some seafood it's good. The Crawfish balls are always good and the shrimp always good and hot. You can order a hot plate in their deli section and grab a drink to go . If you come on Friday Saturday and Sunday come early or you'll have to wait in line. Over all the food is good .

Fanchon Nash

Food taste great. Excellent customer service.

Gena Spears

The food is good. I like the fact they have fresh meat. They could work on the customer service though.

The Kid 2000

Great place to stop for fresh seafood! They have a very friendly and downhome atmosphere.

Jimmy Tara Sherman

Shrimp was good. Slaw was great. Loved the Cajun boudin balls. A lot of food at a good price.

Mary Trigg

We always take our of town guests here for the best of LA food to go. I love the fresh fish, boiled crawfish, catfish poboys and frozen crawfish boudin balls.

Sharell Dardar

Best seafood place to go in Baton Rouge. Come all the way from Georgia to enjoy it

C. Ash

Great food, great service if you are visiting Baton Rouge Tony's Seafood is a must stop.

Real McCoy

I really like coming to Tony's when I'm in Baton Rouge. Love the food!

Dee Goldeneye

The neighborhood was a bit sketchy but it was still an awesome experience. Good food.

Karla Wilson

Omg this place is so good. There's so much love in that food that I didn't want to stop eating. The market kinda thrown you off but the cafeteria area in the back left is where it's at for lunch. I got the broiled cat fish with Mac and cheese, Hushpuppies and the ship boudin balls... oh and that peach cobbler is good enough to move to Baton Rouge and eat everyday.

Eshe Brown

Large variety of fresh seafood! Ample amount of employees so there's never a wait. Hot food line is a bit bland.

Quinlyn Burise

If you love seafood fresh, Frozen or cooked this is the place for you. They have a buffet style line were you can use as you go and everything is good to taste! Good customer service!

Jennifer Douglas

I picked the fried catfish plate with dirty rice and mac n cheese. The fish was way to salty I couldnt even eat it all. I love food that is seasoned well, but that was over the top. On the flip side, the mac n cheese had no flavor at all and was soupy. The only thing that was cooked right was the dirty rice. I picked the baked chicken for my daughter. That was cooked perfectly and seasoned right, very good.

Sylvester Talbert

Got the seafood fresh as always. Super seafood market and deli

tedrick holmes

This food is great. I have to pace myself, but this is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Louisiana.

lance brown

A Baton Rouge mainstay, try the hot food line. Quick and well priced lunches!

Clarissa Warren

Every since my husband bought me to Baton Rouge in 2008 for the first time we went to Tony's Seafood for boudin balls which I never heard of. Since then it is the first stop on the list once we get here and we always bring an ice chest to bring things back got to love them.

Nichelle Page

It's a southern grocery store with all the southern charm and succulent flavors of everything from seafood boudin to pork, collard greens, macaroni n cheese catfish are just a few lip smack'n items to enjoy.

Toolyve Crewton

Good food slow check out.

Kenique Carson

best food ive ever had but its heavly busy all the time.

Erica Washington

The best place to buy seafood, so delicious ❤️

Lauren Arndt

Great fresh seafood, good prices anything you could possibly adk for is here

Gracie Hingst

The associates were so friendly and welcoming. They had the best catfish I had ever eaten!!!! Light & crispy, just perfect!!! I highly recommend it!

Shammy Rucker

It was fantastic! Tony's son Joey is so nice. The facility was so clean and their food is great!

Armajennette Peterson

Very good food. Lots of choices. Quick service.

Missy Marks

Location is not great. But I drive 30 miles to go thereb/c u can't find any better seafood anywhere. Always busy but that just says Tony's is worth the drive, time & location. Lunches r super good. Always friendly.

Stacy Rayon

This is a must-visit every time I'm in the area. This is the best seafood I've had in a long time. The boudin balls are especially delicious. The poboys are great and the bread...I can't say enough good things about how delicious and fresh the bread is. The service is surprisingly quick for the amount of business they do. You'll have a little wait, but it's well worth the wait.

Judy Vargas

Best seafoodd, boudin and lent dinners in the world!

Alexander Soohoo-Hui

The food. Is. Good. They got live catfish they cook on site, and it's all amazing at very reasonable prices. This should be a mandatory experience for anyone in Baton Rouge

Tt T

Faboulous place for seafood of all kinds. The crawfish is AMAZING! The hot line is so good the backed fish is the pick


Best food you can find, seriously

Frances Ellingberg

Top of the line seafood... No place like it in the Country!

Pearl Jacobs

Tony Seafood this store have your flavor food cook including sea food and fresh caught fish. Either way you vould buy your food already cook or buy it to prepare to be cook.

Derek Kearney

The line was long but now I get why. The food was very good and the service was very good too. I got the barbecue combo with tons, chicken, and a sausage weird two sides and I was very satisfied eating it on my way back to New Orleans.

Lolly Browning

The food quality has really gone down at this place.. boiled seafood is mediocre and way over priced.

Christopher Reed

Great selection of cooked and raw seafood, with a cafeteria style bar with louisiana signature dishes.

Roxie Nealond

Good cooked and boiled food.

Kairo Coleman

I've been going to Tonys since I was a child. I live out of state now and I order them on a regular. They come so fresh, big and juicy all the time. Thank you Tony's for allowing me that option, to be able to bring Baton Rouge to me.

Deborah Jones

Very helpful staff. My mother shopped at Tony's when the business first opened in the late 1960's. Buying fresh seafood from Tony's became a family tradition that has lasted over 40 years thus far. The quality and taste of the deli food can not be beat either..

Jasmine Davis

Fast deli line, great service, the potato salad with the baked catfish..

Christopher Davis

Brought boil Turkey necks, pork necks and fresh catfish filets, necks were good.


Food needs a little more flavor

Dorothy Sloan

The cleanest seafood market ever ! Fresh fresh fresh !!! Great diverse selections and even better pricing. Hot food served as well. Frozen selection is awesome. Everything about this place is great ! Definitely would recommend and I can't wait to go back. Best food I've ate in years !!! The boudin is the best ! Fried turkey wings are so good words cannot express lol. The gumbo, shrimp etouffe & crawfish pies are among some things I can vouch for.

Hunter Bagley

Everytime i go there it's a great experience and the food is always amazing. Never disappointed when i come here

Matt Galey

Best fresh seafood in Baton Rouge! Terrific deli as well. Will package your cold purchases for shipping or transporting yourself. AWESOME!

Michael Allen

Always good seafood items &friendly staff Plenty of parking

Randy Wenner

This is the best seafood market I have been too. Always stop there when in town from St. Louis. Just got back from another trip to Baton Rogue and came at end of Crawfish season could not get any but plenty of other great fish. The staff there is so friendly and helpful. This has become a permanent stop when we are in town. Look forward to the next time down there.

Starshine Thomas

Stopped by to get some fresh catfish fillets, fish fry, and cooking oil. The cooking oil is priced above market value so I opted not to purchase it here. But while on that aisle I noticed frozen ears of corn for just 2 bucks! Had to get em! Fast check-out and friendly service.

Cliff Jones

Tony’s is the best in BR. Crawfish always very clean and seasoned just right. Boiled shrimp are excellent as well. Hard to resist those boudin balls!

selena cruz

They have great plate lunches and mixes for everything..Already went twice and will be back...Good Food

David Stanford Jr

I'ts always good some of the best food u put in your mouth!!!!!

Dwayne Hinton

Always fast service at Tony's. The prices are a bit higher than what I like to pay and the boiled seafood is hit & miss sometimes. Otherwise, it's still a great place. Everything is "to go," you can't eat at Tony's. If you're getting a plate lunch from the deli - even if that line is LOOOOONG, it goes VERY quickly. I think the longest I've been in that line is maybe 8-10 minutes and it was backed up to the cash registers (once you're in the store, you'll see that is a LONG way).

Andrea Fossette

I placed an order for crawfish and shrimp. The lines were super long and the atmosphere was pleasant. The people who worked there were nice. The prices were really reasonable as well.

Tiffany Nagi

One thing," boudin balls". Okay thats it.

Janice Finch

BEST seafood in Baton Rouge..Everything is fresh..Gumbo, boudin, catfish, crawfish, turtle, etc..You can eat there..or buy your seafood fresh from.the counter...take it home and cook it.

Dianne Kaglear

I shop at Tony seafood on yesterday for my seafood and Mr Janson help me as i were looking for my items and i thought that was very refreshing,nice. & kind made me feel like family

Andre Johnson

They have a large variety of soul food and it's delicious

reaina robinson

Delicious lunch plates abdfresh seafood

Monetia Gidney

Love this place, have to always make a stop to bring home goodies

Fabrizio Monti

The crawfish are super fresh and huge size. The people there are super helpful and friendly. Unfortunately they do not have tables to eat in the shop for travellers like us. Anyway there is a park nearby where you can find tables. In summer probably is going to be too hot outside.

Elwood Matthews

Helped a friend move and wanted some hood cajun food to bring back home. This place is amazing! The freshest variety you can find. Crawfish Pie, frog legs, catfish, name it, they have it. A deli with sandwiches and other items they make with what they sell. Super friendly, when I checked out the lady asked me how far I was driving. When I told her Dallas, she called someone over who took all the frozen items to the back and put it in a cooler with dry ice. I will not come through Baton Rouge without stopping at Tony's again and again. Now that I've typed this, I'm having crawfish pie and fried frog legs tonight! Bon appetit!

Joann Chilo

Very nice place but needs a dining area. I love all their products made by Tony's.

Lakesha Randle

Omg this is a must go even if just passing through...

Cyndi Jackson

Love, love, love the variety of food Tony's has to offer. I wish I lived closer, but it's probably a good thing I don't because I would definitely over eat.

leesha4u .

Its a win win! I have not had seafood in years from Tony's but they never disappoint! Yummy boiled shrimp

Clara Baggett

The COOLEST seafood market! They’ve got all types of fresh options to choose from. They even have a live catfish feature inside - so cool! All the workers are very friendly and accommodating as well. Even if you don’t buy anything, it is definitely worth stopping in!

Ginni L

Drove an hour and a half to get there to encounter employees with bad attitudes. Won't be going back ever! Decided to walk out and go to another seafood place that appreciates our business.

Christopher Combs

My God! Great food great services!!

brandy boeke

Great service. Friendly people. Amazing food!

diva lisos

I have always loved Tony's. I have yet to find a dish I don't like here or have seafood that wasn't fresh. The staff is friendly and fast.

Christopher Himmler

Place was amazing. All take out, in baton rouge and want authentic Cajun, look no further

Freddie Richardson Jr

I come everytime im in Louisiana

kim Colbert

Could have been seasoned better, assembly line moved us along to fast & we were missing two main items when we got home.

Diane Marsh

This was a high point of my trip to Baton Rouge! An incredibly long, well appointed, clean, diverse selection of the best Southern and Cajun foods anywhere in the world! Swimming in the morning, on your plate on the same day! Although there is no place to set, the prices are unbelievably good, you can fill boxes and boxes with your favorites and you can find anything from fresh fish, Cajun spices seasonings and desserts, as well as entrees and ready bagged crawfish and corn. It's a great meal to chow down on in your car or take a nearby picnic! And the Shrimp crawfish etouffee??? Mmmmm, oh my ... I would come back here from Cleveland just for this!

Tia Thornton

Since I'm from the midwest (Chicago) can't say I understand the love of seafood but everyone was nice they patiently explained dishes and even let me sample WE LOVED what we bought will stop again b4 going home

pat sim

Very good food. The only reason I gave a four star is because there is no place to sit down and eat.

Thao Nguyen

Not too impressed. Would be nice to have a table to eat inside like caferia style

Kertrigus Thomas

Good good. Bad customer service. The owner stands behind them like the are prisoners.

Cliff Hardwick

Great selection, good prices and prepared food to go along with free packing to take fresh seafood on the plane ride home...awesome

Monica DeNault

Only had a plate lunch & very pleased w/ food & service ! Will definitely be going back !

Roderick Fields

Good food and great service.

Erica Wells

Fresh, frozen and cooked seafood can be purchased here.

Dixie Worley

So much to decide from always happy with the lunch

Erica Brown

Good service, decent food. A bit pricey, but the food is decent.

Kevin Layman

Best catfish in the World! Either buy it fresh from the fish counter or go through the deli line and get some fried to eat new. Tonys has everything you need to cook seafood or to go with a family dinner take out. My relatives enjoy the treat of tonys.

eugene newson

Great food. XL Fish and shrimp box.

Marquis Milsap

Best place to catch catfish with no bait

M Davey

Moved away from Baton Rouge a few months ago. Tony's Seafood is one of the main things we miss. They set the standard for a seafood market, and for a take-out plate lunch. BTW... best thin fried catfish fillets on the planet!

Paul Guillory

Average seafood offering for South Lousiana, boudin balls are about 1/3 the average.

Chandra Patrick

Love Seafood go to Tony's Seafood they also have hot food grade food I love it happy Easter

vaughn minter

Had the boudin balls and crawfish....very very good.

Patricia Louis

I'm from New Orleans tallest is close to my residence when I'm in Baton Rouge. Their food is tasting and there's a large variety to choose from

Michael Witt

OMG! The crab au gratin is to die for.

Wardell Gaskin

The food is always good at Tony's cold or hot.

coretta robins

I call my order in all the time and it could be 5 min ... But soon as I get there it's always ready...

Gerard Webster

The steamed shrimp, crab, and sausage was all delicious. Next time I go, I'll try the cooked food at the counter. That line was long the whole time I was there. The food looked so good. They have live catfish in the video that they will gut and scale for you and cut up or filet if you want. I will definitely go back. This reminds me of fish markets back in LA but better because they have cooked sides and some produce.

David Steele

Very good food....but very overwhelming to decide due to so many choices and busy action going on. Will be back! Price was fair for serving portions

Thomas Johnson

My first Visit...An WOW!!! The food So Amazing Good.

LJ Lane

Tony's is a staple in the Baton Rouge community. Good food and fresh fish. I travel across the city for the boudin balls!!!!

T Grant

Always good seafood...especially the live catfish!

Gina Minor

Fresh seafood and frozen products. The parking is insane, but was able to get in and out quickly

Debbie Dyess

Always great seafood selections!

Calvin Adolph

Good food. Reasonably priced. Wide variety. Do not like the men hovering over the workers.

Ken Jones

We went there on a recommendation. There is fresh seafood by the pound and a small grocery. We came there for the cooked Cagun dishes. It is served cafeteria style and the line moves quickly. Overall the food good comfort food, but could have been better. The fried catfish was the highlight. It was light crisp and tasty. We live in another region and found many things too salty. Overall it was an enjoyable experience. No real seating so it is primarily take out.

Shaleitha Kohliem

Amazing food! Fast service! Great prices!

Any Heck

This one of my favorite places to grab something to eat on the buffet line. Best Seafood Tray I've ever seen! This is the best. Everything was fresh and delicious. My first time ordering from them. I will definitely order again! The food is always consistent and delicious.

2 Kidz

I usually visit this restaurant at least once when I'm in town and the workers in the hot plate area are always so unpleasant to the point of being downright rude. It's sad because I love the food there, but I may have to stop visiting.

Hoss Tsosie

I heard about this place last July when I was down for a turnaround in the refinery. Everyone always said go eat at Tony’s best food around. I was working nights and I never did try it then. I’m back in Baton Rouge for another turnaround and I had time to go try it, twice now haha. It is pretty darn good I was pretty impressed. Coming from Kansas where there is no seafood place like Tony’s I thought the price was a bit high but the old saying “you pay for what you get” is so true in this matter. Like I said I come from Kansas, lol. The first time I bought the ribs, rice, beans and corn bread....AMAZING. All of it. Second time was late supper so I went all out and bought the whole catfish, mashed potatoes, corn, shrimp, shrimp gumbo with a bed of rice and I forgot what the dessert was called but it was all good. Price for all that was $30. Well worth it. The place itself was pretty cool it is a seafood market and a small grocery store you could say. I enjoyed the experience there. I will definitely be going back to try other things before I head back home.

Mark France

Visiting from Northwest Arkansas and we're extremely happy we found this place. Simply amazing food!

Alison Walker

This was our first visit here. The store has 2 sections. There is a deli style area where you can purchase hot meals, and there is a section of the store that sells fresh and frozen seafood and fixins. There is no seating available in the store to eat your food. We got lunch as well as purchased seafood to bring back home. The lunch we got was fabulous! When it was time to get seafood to bring back home, Justin helped us pick out what items we wanted, get checked out, then packaged it up in the cooler and helped us to our vehicle. He gave us honest input on the food items we were asking about, like the alligator fillets and crab cakes. This store is amazing! This will now be one stop that we make each and every time we drive through.

Dianne Brooks

TONY'S SEAFOOD , I Loves the place some of the workers don't know how to greet the customers , sometimes they make you wants to walk back out the door and we the Customers are spending our money . We that they sure greet the Customers better .

Jerry Depron

Good good good food the best in baton rouge Louisiana wow

Claudette Robertson

This is THE place for seafood in Baton Rouge. The crawfish are the best I've found! Any time friends or family come to visit, I always take them to Tony's. It gives them a good view of what seafood is all about. It's ALWAYS busy, but there's so much to see, it moves quickly at the cashier's checkout. They have a buffet you can get. It's only carry out, but we'll worth it. And, don't forget to try their boudin balls!

Rita Guttirrez

Good local food. Plenty of service. Fair prices. Improved parking. Take your children to see the live tank.

Kathleen Matlock

If I could only find a parking place, I would go there more. I drive by often, though, always hopeful. It's a one of a kind experience, love love love going there, and coming home with a big bag of Tony's Seafood!

Drake LaCoste

Amazing Place amazing atmosphere come in and get you a hot plate lunch or grab you some frozen packs of boudin for the tailgate this weekend or order shrimp or crawfish by the pound for your next boil great people great service a prime example of Louisiana hospitality

Manohar Ramkumar Patole

Baton Rouge must visit for some of the tastiest and freshest seafood.

Kari Macqueen

All I have to say is wow. This place knows how to move customers efficiently and courteously at every stage of the business including parking. They have every seafood imaginable.

Margie Lee

Those guys at the seafood counter are very rude this has happened on different occasions I love Tony's but my family and I are done spend your money where they appreciate it

Oneal Johnson

Tonys seafood is a wonderful place to shop for all your seafood and fish and get a plate lunch all in one stop

Adrina Stribling

Tony's seafood is always a great experience. I bought live crawfish and the staff was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this place and go again!

marie nguyen

Crab was good. Some were not. But, overall good food. N many good seafood to choose from. N sweet potato pie

Abram Flowers

Tony's is most people one stop shop for seafood.. they have fresh fish in a live well and a wide variety of shellfish.. the line can get long during lunch time but the food is definitely worth the wait.. they must be doing something right the place is always packed with costumers.. definitely worth a try if you haven't tried them out..

Lloyd Doub

Best catfish fresh or cooked. Lots of other great food too.

Imani Janai

Fried catfish is the best thing on the menu hands down

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