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REVIEWS OF LA Boilers Seafood IN Louisiana

Melinda Longoria

Super cheap crawfish served fast and hot.

jesse lane

Employees and taste

tifmay01 .

Some of the best crawfish in town! They are seasoned to perfection and fairly priced. We purchased 9lbs for around $40 Mother's Day weekend. The staff is always pleasant.

Tony Standefer

The crawfish had a fishy taste I had never experienced before. I like the place but they need to fix that problem.

Bobbi H

Love this place, I keep coming back.

Joy McCartney

Good Service and Tasty boiled Shrimp

Jason Lasseigne

The food is good if you can find a time that they are open, have anything available, or are willing to serve you. We placed an order this morning for food this afternoon, only to show up and for them to have no record of it. They told me in no uncertain terms that it was not their fault and I can come back in an hour. I left, found other food and tried to call them to let them know I would not be back. I was then hung up on twice. Terrible customer service


La comida está buena, el servicio muy regular, falta mucho por mejorar.

Tyria Davis

Very polite and clean. Due to my wait for potatoes I was given a discount!

Victoria Davis

Crawfish were very small, and too spicy, will not buy sgsin

Janton Winfield

Annette Lazard

Very friendly atmosphere food was good and well seasoned

Aimme Stoddard

Good food..good people

Taylor Brown

Sarah Turfboer

The shrimp was over cooked and tough, the potatoes were undercooked, the corn was just not good, and the crawfish were small and bland. We paid $100 for 3 people’s worth and it was NOT worth that. Yuck.

ayla expose


Capitol Of Texas

Wasn’t expecting much... the accommodations are simple...the staff was very relaxed (not at all “in your face TGIF” style). Germaine and Lane I think are the guys that helped me. The price for mudbugs is GREAT. The prices for the crab is not. However.... the TASTE of the crawfish is fantastic. I’d only planned for a light dinner after a hard workday. I ended up doubling my order. The spice was perfect. Flavorful, not too salty, not over cooked. They were not afraid to make them spicy though (I like that)! Dee-Licious!!!! I will be making LA Boilers a regular part of my alimentary rotation.

Gabe M

Friendly staff but shrimp were too small for the price I paid. I've had better

Richard Ammon

Crawfish are amazing! The turkey necks are a must try!

keith brown


tameka thompson


Crawfish are overrated

Sergio Marin

(Translated by Google) For lovers of seafood, it is the ideal place (Original) Para los amantes de los mariscos,es el lugar ideal

chris alkds

Very small grab'n'go with limited selection, but Got Damn were them boiled shrimpers fire!

LaTia Scott

Customer service here is superb, however the boil they use is a little different than what I'm used to......all in all great experience! I would go again, really the only thing that throws me off is the boil......the price is good and they make sure you have great, heavy crabs

Anita Taylor

Lavarian and his staff were patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I had a difficult package that flustered and frustrated me. But they were unflappable. I use this store whenever possible.

LaDon Brown

The shrimps are awsome

Esther Hamilton

Awesome, everything tasted great, fresh and hot. The two young men who waited on us were very nice, happy guys. Gave us samples and good deals. I highly recommend this restaurant. The flavor was incredible

Tiffany Taylor

Very flavorful

Sandra Cannon

over cook and had more heads than tails not cleaned befoe boiling the crawfish

Mike Rollins

Picked up some live crawfish today, and they were all a really good size! From now on, this is where I'm going to get all my live crawfish!

Gerald Smith

Had to wait awhile for crawfish to come out due to high demand but always boiled to perfection

Morlan Prater

Has some great seafood

Krystle Magee

A little too spicy for me

Michelle Bezet

Crawfish were good and nice sized just not juicy enough.

Casey Paulin

I love LA Boilers - Perkins Road! The management and service team are always all smiles and friendly! And the food is always good! I frequent the establishment a lot (especially during crawfish season) and I am never disappointed. Would recommend them to anyone :)

Amaris Del Mar

Its actually really great here and Im really critical of the crawfish & crab I eat because I eat a lot! They make it nice and spicy the way I like it. Highly recommend!!

Earnestine Griffin

I love fresh seafood.. However, there are new cooks & the boiled shrimp don't taste as good as they did previously.

Karen Chatwood

Crawfish are the absolute best... been going to LA Boilers on Oneal since like '03. Went to get dinner with my family, at Perkins locaton, the young man took my order, and then said "No Cash...." Most of the patrons walked out. Who doesn't accept cash? I've paid with cash here before. Back to Oneal I go. Hopefully, they still accept cash.


They sold me oysters 6 days past the sale date and when I went to return or exchange them, I was accused of running a scam where I buy oysters from a different market and return them to their market to make a buck fifty. This place is a complete joke and a shame to other decent Louisiana markets. Maybe I’ll dig through the trash to find the receipt to see what other excuse they can use to cover up their bad business practices.

W. H C. Williams Jr.

Donnie Dixon

(Translated by Google) Food feeds (Original) Food vood

Georgia Harris

Great flavor and quick service luv to sit there and eat the food

Joan Maria

Best boiled seafood around !

dylan collins

If you want the babies of the big crawfish this is the place to go. Tiny tiny...couldnt even eat 1/3 of them. People are really cool there though.

Jesina Martin

Great seafood! Boiled hot and seasoned well. Awesome customer service!

Kory Sonnier

Great place to pick up a sack of crawfish.

Kevin Ringelman

My go-to for live crawfish. Reliable product at a good price. The only time we've gotten a bad sack, Dylan made it right, no questions asked.

Jasmine Young

The crabs are spiced to perfection!

Houston Fontenot


Mark Coleman

Staff is very friendly, they support and celebrate veterans and I NEVER had a bad experience when I go there. Their cooking and boiling NEVER let and my family down and I would suggest them to anyone.

Clarissa Warren

They always have the product it's always very flavorful the employees are very helpful and very nice and it is a Affordable food is just fantastic I come all the way from Richmond Virginia just to get their crabs which I'm from Baltimore Maryland the crab capital of the nation but they don't have nothing L A boilers

marion gomiz

Mary Gill

ericka gardner

Good crawfish just not friendly

George Martin

Pretty tasty. Give it a try. You'll like the food. The service: not so much.

Pamela Bridges

taste is good size is very small and they were boiled to long the tail was failing apart when i was trying to peal it.

Samantha Williams

I do not even eat crawfish on a regular basis but when I do I go here because the corn and potatoes are my favorite. The corn is the best corn I've ever had in any crawfish I've ever eaten. This last time that I came I have to say that I was not even impressed with the Crawfish I bought 4 pounds and of those four pounds I had many crawfish that were just heads and no tails babies or even the ones that they teach you not to eat. We threw more away then we ate. I will still go back to this location because of the corn in the potatoes but I will be hesitant to order crawfish until I see what they're giving me.

Wiley Davis

Some of the best and most flavorful crawfish, for great prices

Robert Robinson

Kyle F

Kellie Ashford

Great customer service, fair pricing and excellent tasting seafood! My favorite seafood place!

christine deconge

Great boil crawfish

Gabrielle Papizan

Pretty good seafood, but workers are rude.

Ryan Ferschweiler

Hit the spot. Well seasoned, just spicy enough to get the nose running but not spicy enough to need a break.

Abando Soul

I've been here multiple times and the only thing worth the money is the crabs and shrimp. The crawfish suck. They are not spicy at all which is a shame. Having a drivethru is nice though

César Fernández

Best crawfish in town!

Will Zanders

Andrea crum

Shener Lewis

Omg. Best crawfish ever. Long line but quick service!!! Will definitely be back!!!

suthrn gurl


Janice Ian

I had a great experience today, I got boiled crabs and boiled shrimp they were very well seasoned. The crabs were a lot fuller now than they were the last time i went! I definitely recommend La Boilers to anyone!

Fergie Ferg

When Boilers is on point, they have the best boiled crawfish in the city....good sized and spiced perfectly. Other times you get a bag full of small/baby crawfish that are not seasoned well at all. They lack the consistency needed for a higher rating.

Marcel Lemoine

Great crawfish, seasoned perfectly, BIG!! Happy Friday.

Elaine S Rownd

Shariyahmom baker

Always stop here during crawfish season before I head back to Florida. Consistent great tasting crawfish!!!

Shelly Barber

Yum. Crawfish boil to die for.

willisnet1 .

Great crawfish

Melvin Smith

Big crawfish with great seasoning

kwayne marshall

Wonderful crawfish

Nanette Lamothe

Good shrimp, crabs, potatoes and corn. Crabs were a little mushy and small. Cost was about $40 for two. Also no knives (except plastic), and no claw cracking devices were available in the restaurant. I would go again however.

Mike O

Best boiled crawfish/crabs in town!

mr bigshaun

Good seafood don't sit out side to many Flys

Aubrey Green

Boiled shrimp was cooked right. Food is a little spicy. The wife could not eat it. But I had no problems.

Nick L

The crawfish were pretty good, but the most expensive of the 3 places I called. But the boiled shrimp were way over cooked and tough. Meh, not sure I'd go back.

Stephanie Williams

La boilers are the best especially the crabs

Keisha Hall

Norah Aziz

Randy Shaw

Crawfish and shrimp we ordered were boiled and reheated so much they were tough very overpriced 39.00 for 3 lbs crawfish and 2lbs shrimp I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone


Best boiled seafood!

MaeIda Matthews

Duke Beasley

I got boiled shrimp, which were delicious, but a bit hard to peel. Maybe due to the season. Good place for picking up seafood to take home.


Susan Manuel

I normally give 5 stars to this place but my first batch of boiled crawfish were cooked way too long. I mean I know it's the start of the season so I will give them some slack but usually Boilers is right on point. I bought 8 pounds at $6.66 a pound so I was disappointed. As I had already made it home, I didn't have the heart or the energy to return them. I'll be back though!! They are really friendly.

Jonathan Clark

Good service good food

Amanda Wells

Don't come here. Crawfish are frozen. They don't tell you when ordering but you can tell when eating. IIasjed the lady at the register and she said yes they r frozen! Just leaving and hate I spent my money. Will NOT return.

Mindy Billings

Great crawfish

Dani Breckenridge

Fresh, hot crawfish. Seasoned well. Best one I've found so far in Louisiana. We'll definitely be going back.

Kirk Kelly

Good food at good prices

Shannette A


Spicy, still very small but were okay since L.T.K was sold out.

Michael Horton

Food was good. I went towards the end of the night so shrimp was a wait for it to be cooked

Amy Scott

The worest. Crawfish wasn't season throughout and the person before us told us the same thing I just didn't listen.

larry bradford

Great seafood and seasoned well.

amniel fabros

King buffet have better crawfish than this place and over priced. DON'T Buy BOIL CRAWFISH HERE

Tonia Rumfola


Rodney Schoemann

Crabs where okay, but cost was HIGH for quality received. Tony's Seafood MUCH MUCH better!

Elizabeth Daniels

Sad that I had to write this on Thanksgiving. I bought crabs yesterday right as your store opened. I’ve purchased crawfish and crabs previously and never had a problem. But when I got home yesterday I noticed that I was given female crabs. First time, that has ever happened so I didn’t know I needed to specify that I did not want those. I understand that they are cheaper but this was upsetting. It was my birthday and the following day (today) was Thanksgiving, which I had to prepare for so I decided not to return to the store. Now I know I should have. These crabs were over boiled, lacked any flavor, and were just sad all around. Beyond disappointed. I had also noticed that y’all were already serving crawfish and was contemplating coming back later this week but I think I’ll go to the Perkins Road location. Do better.

Shalendra Stephens

John Adams

I've bought crawfish from here every year and they've always been good. This year I bought from them and they were just bad, not like the crawfish were badly seasoned but that the entire batch tasted like they were old and going bad. I wouldn't recommend going.

Todd Rouse

Christine Hyde

This is the 2nd time we have ordered boiled shrimp from here and they were disgustingly overcooked. We did order them via a delivery app so I am sure they steamed additionally in the bag on the drive. However, I've purchased seafood to go from other places and never had such issues. The shrimp was overcooked to the point of being tough and rubbery. Some were too difficult to peel because the shell and meat had become one shriveled, dehydrated unit. When you only make 2 or 3 things there is no excuse not to make them exceedingly well. Instead the quality of what I recieved was astoundingly disappointing. Maybe the food is better in the store, but the quality of food that they let go out their door is enough to keep me from ever spending another dime with them.

Jose Nieto

Good place Perfect

Kisha Franklin

Micifus Johnson

Called Fiery Crab to try them out. Not only did they seem like they didn't care to have my business, they put me on hold and never came back. So I went to LA Boilers. For less than half of the price I would have paid at the Fiery Crab, I got a half pound of shrimp, 3 potatoes, 2 corn and sausage. The guy behind the counter was friendly and engaging. I walked out with enough food for two people for under $13. I won't stray away from this proven, hometown establishment ever again!

Dawn Giron

Treasure Norman

crabs and potatoes are so good grandmother said that they are super good.

Kristopher Turner

Dwayne Meaux

Rude staff, no display, hardly any products available

Charley Ogle

The best shrimp/crawfish in this part of town. Reliable and consistent. Great products sourced locally when possible. Fair pricing and great service make this my go-to seafood market.

Heather Hinton

Always fast friendly service and awesome boiled seafood!

Roberta Schroeder

Great service, very good prices, fresh seafood.

Jeff Haddox


Harriet O'Neal

I love LA Boilers! I've been coming here for about 2 years and they never let me down! the crawfish is always good and hot and the service is always friendly. The place is also very very clean.

Phuong Vo

Nothing fantastic but our boiled crawfish was definitely not up to par.

Elwanda Bennett

Good food. Great service. Good prices.

aaron edwards

this place is good some of the best crawfish i ever had but they are very expensive.

Rebekah Burge

Treys Entrees

Much juicier than the one recently on Florida Blvd. Good temperature indicated they were freshly boiled. I could have used a little more salt. Good color and the sizes were mixed, but several larger than medium. I will be back.

Maria Weaver

5 pounds of the bet crawfish and Shrimp I have eaten in quite a while. Corn and potatoes perfectly seasoned. Fast service and Piping Hot. Picked up at the drive through which was amazing because it was pouring rain. Perfect!!

Susan Louque

Good crayfish

Anitra Simmons

The crawfish flavor was watered down. And they were over cooked. I have had much better.

Joseph Miles Jr

Seafood is delicious

Linda Landry

Crawfish were on point

Joe Cancienne

Pretty dang good but one batch of corn was face melting spicy. I kinda liked it.

Natsudraagneeel Fairytail

Danyale Thibodeaux

Terry Carpenter

Great and fast!!!! Perfect spice and fast drive thru

Keith Bossom

Great boiled seafood

Stephanie Celestine

Great and Delicious Crawfish

Isa TrujilloC

Good place. High prices though!

The Laurents

Very disappointed... We picked up crawfish to-go and they were not clean and at least a quarter of them were heads with no tails... They were also overcooked and tough...

Nancy Thomas-Hymes


One word food poisoning! To the point I spent hours in excruciating pain accompanied with diarrhea and vomiting.

sharron allen

Love y'all seafood every thing was great always .

David Colson

Courteous and helpful

Chris Thayer

Enjoyed a near-end-of-season batch of crawfish with Bread Stidham and his wife and kids, Lisa Bercegeay, and my wife Dr Karen Dantin in an Apex Chapter Business Networking International social meet. The crawfish, were spicy, the dining area was pleasant to sit and share in, Ann's the conversation was good. And I was surprised by an unexpected drop-in by the owner Mike Lane. We reminisced of shared times together at Grand Isle when he was my customer at our family-run Bon Voyage Marina where his family operated a commercial fishing boat. Long time asbo memories that we both still cherish. Thanks, Mike, for a pleasant evening.

Arpana Chand

Samuel Allen

Dat'z Sum Delicious Shellfish and Neck Bones with boiled Potatoes & Corncobs.

Tabatha Denmon-Hyatt

Calinda LeJeune

I love this place! Have been a patron since the first store on O'Neal Lane! They never disappoint. The flavor is always the same unlike most places that have different ppl boil at different times.

John Ruth

Quick service; Good food

Geetha Prabhakaran

Freshest shrimp always.

Gerald Morgan

The food and service was awesome!


Albert Hays Town, III JD

Wonderful place to satisfy your cravings for boiled crawfish. Just right and its flavor and spice level. You order by the pounds this allows you to start slow and possibly go for more.

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