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1713 Lake Ave, Metairie, LA 70005, United States

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REVIEWS OF Deanie's Seafood Restaurant & Seafood Market IN Louisiana

Cher Marsino

Deanie’s is a fave whenever I come visit from Mississippi. We had a great server I think her name was Sara. She was on top of making sure drinks filled and so sweet!

Bert Bollinger

Sadly this place is living off of reputation. Seafood while fried correctly was bland at best

Eryka Gordon

Food was good, but there wasn't enough staff to adequately attend to the patrons when we were there. Server maintained friendliness and did his best.

Richard Frazier I

Are you kidding me? C'mon man, the food is unbelievable. This may be the only restaurant that has had this exact consistent flavor that is simply the best of New Orleans from decades ago. It always brings me back to childhood.

Michael Irving

The quality of the food has dropped off,the flavor is not as close to how I have experienced it in the past.its seems as if this , well both restaurant in both locations have fallen short of it's off to a new relationship with another seafood restaurant that has great taste.. and value.

sandra wilcox

Deanie's used to be my favorite place to go. Not so much these days. Service is fine and food is ok. Women's bathroom needs some work. I used to recommend to Everyone. Don't anymore.

Josh Guidry

Wonderful food. Crisp fried shrimp. Nick was a very knowledgeable and attentive server.

Irma Watkins

My daughter in laws bday party was helded there we had a good time.

Mike Duhe

My last visit here was about a year ago. For the money I would rather stop somewhere else. You get plenty of pasta, rice and/or soup and NOT a lot of seafood meats. Also, they misspelled "Jumbo" on their menu, I ordered jumbo shrimp and they brought me gumbo shrimp. Don's is a better stop, in my opinion.

Janice Giovengo

I enjoyed my time at Deanie's Seafood. The food was great and so was the service. The portions were big. Will be going back in the future.

Michael Smith

Was excited about taking my family to this restaurant after seeing the reviews. I am 52 years old and I can truly say the food was like eating a sheet of paper. Bland, plain, and no taste. I thought it was just my taste buds but my wife and two daughters had the same to say. Maybe since it was a Thursday night the had a cook in training preparing our meal. When I told our waitress her response was the restaurant patrons are 50% locals and 50% tourists so if your local you have to tell them that you are and to spice it up and they will spice it up a few notches. I just looked at her like ohhh that's how it works; I didn't have the secret password to properly order my food. Maybe the other 2 locations do it right. I was a waste of time and good money.

Galean James

OMG! Portion size of food is worth the money! Yes, the food and customer service are amazing!

Philip Persson

Really great service, and they're super lenient about staying past close. They also give you complimentary potatoes when you sit down, which is a definite first for me, and needs to be taken into account when considering how much food to order. I definitely recommend the calamari.


ABSOLUTELY Delicious! Staff was very courteous, restaurant was clean, and food was served quickly. Due to the greatness and quality of food, please be willing to wait to be seated. Our wait was 30 minutes, but worth the wait.

Jackie Hart

Food was great and service good also!

Melina Hamezopoulos

Don’t waste your money coming here. The calamari batter was ridiculously thick and had too much cheese, and the chargrilled oysters had too much cheese and breading, that you could not actually taste the oyster. My boyfriend had the broiled redfish platter, and he said it was okay, but it was not well cut. His side of cauliflower was not even cooked! They literally just poured hot butter over it. Service was mediocre at best, she kind of hovered over us as we were paying. Long story short, New Orleans has many delicious restaurants, don’t waste your time and money coming here.

Kevin Francois

I've been going to deanie's for at least 40 years and there to me one of the best. But my condolences go out to the chef I heard he was killed

Breanna Aman

The best seafood in Bucktown. A New Orleans favorite restaurants been here 50 years. The restaurant gives you abundant amount of food for your money. I'll do this place cost you look pretty penny. You can't beat the seafood restaurant. A local attraction. The tourist attraction. They use the freshest Seafood available from their Market and cook it up. Enjoy.

Mari Drake

Great food and service. Lots of food. Loved it.

Laurence Ferguson

Came during Prime dinner time on a Saturday evening. Service was good and food was good. We never felt like we were waiting on anything. Everything flowed very nicely.

Monica Ben

Consistently wonderful good with good customer service.

william rutan

Great, down home seafood joint. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices.

Cyndi Smith

Red potatoes were good. Unfortunately the Calamari was fried hard but the onion rings were nice. Soft shell crabs were perfect.

The Kid 2000

Oh my goodness! Great seafood! Downhome friendly service. Anything you order will be fantastic!

Dee Judge

Got the shrimp and fish which only comes with fries. Everything basically is ala carte. Sides are expensive and not a big selection. I'm giving them 3 stars only because they've been in business a long time however, food is not that good.

Tru Walker

The food was surprisingly bland. Our table had to ask for seasoning. Not sure if they were having an off night or not, but it was definitely subpart for what New Orleans is known for.

Shelia Sanders

Great food but watch out for the onion rings. They're very spicy!

crzapy B

$2 schooners of cold draft beer during happy hour. Big shrimp po boy and really good bread pudding.

John Blanke

OMG, the best fried seafood ever!! Crawfish were also delicious. Allot of them looked like tiny lobsters. Probably the surprise of the meal, was the kid's Mac and cheese. It really was phenomenal. Overall, was extremely pleased with the overall meal, and the service was impeccable. Wish o lived here to visit more often!

Angela Isla

Without a doubt, my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE restaurant (this location) in New Orleans. I have been going here since a kid, and the food is still EXCELLENT!!!

Frederica Ausbrooks

The food that I ate dining in was very good. The seafood combo to go was not seasoned. My dad didn't even eat it. $26 down the drain.

emeliecheramie .

Great place to eat. Variety of seafood. We loved it!!!

Randy G

Everything's fried if you'd like that you will love it

Regina Brown

My Waitress Carrie was real nice & welcoming. My boiled potatoes weren't boiled enough, but my dinner was good. Everything was just right. I will be back:)

nicole lamar-Alexander

The manager was rude to our party. We came from Florida to be treated like trash. NEVER EVER AGAIN!


Food was so yummy, friendly service. In house bakery makes for great sweet treats after a great dinner.

Wayne Caillouet

Great seafood and you won't leave hungry

Andrew Reed

I came at 8:30 and they told me the kitchen was closed but you closed at nine the woman was extremely rude and walked off and said that i was annoying. Her name was Carrie. Extremely rude and the first time i came here it was awesome but we had someone different who served us. But Carrie was not hospitable at all.

Tameka Norton

Not my cup of tea. Yes the seafood was fresh, I just prefer my food prepared with seasoning.

Lisa Millican

Great service, reasonable prices, good food

timothy pack

The food it self was really good, I enjoyed it. My wife and I shared a seafood patter. It ran about $40. which wasn't bad. They were out of oysters. So it was loaded with fish,shrimp, crawfish balls and soft she'll crab. Service was OK . could have been better. The building it self needed Robert Irvine.

Jamin Mootz

The food was really great and I loved the atmosphere.

Brenda Keene

Of course the best fried seafood platter.

Giselle '

First time there the food was great fast and friendly service I'll definitely be visiting again

mckenzie giurintano

Fresh seafood...but no seasoning on anything..none in the batter, not much in the etouffe either. Bread super buttery. Automatic 20% gratuity added to

Fred Manning

Love this place service is nice and the food is good. Never been disappointed sometimes there is a wait.

Anitha Nair

If you like fried seafood- this is your spot. The breading is light and so yummy

Guy Culotta

Great Louisiana Seafood. No doubt Top 5 in New Orleans

Angela Anderson

Great Seafood. Little pricey but worth it. Needs some interior updating for the amount of business it receives.

Empress Aye

Prejudice! Prejudice! Prejudice! I was escorted out by the officer on duty, while the manager yelled "Get Out!", repeatedly bc I asked her(manager), "why were we asked to wait 2hrs in order to have our party of 20 accommodated, yet still have to be split up and placed in 2 different rooms?" She approached me with an attitude and it only worsened. I asked a simple question and she immediately called officer, to have us removed. I feel that my family was mistreated and racially discriminated against. I just wanted to enjoy my birthday dinner with my family. IT WAS RUINED!!!!

Gary Carlson

I have been to Deanie's a few times over the years. It has never disappointed. I would definitely recommend.

Beverly Bartlett

Food was hot and very good. Friend and I Shared and that was fine with the waitress

Ben L

Good, but not as good as last visit, when I had the shrimp po-boy. Had the crab au gratin, which was good. It came with fried crab claws, which were very good. It also came with fries, which were ok, but not crispy. They do have the best shrimp I have ever tasted.

Lisa Adams

The food was great, the drink were excellent and the service was quick. Thank you so much!


Amazing Service and Delicious Ample Portions

Shannon Schritter

This place is loved by the locals for years. I have never been overly impressed with the atmosphere or the food. The service is always good though from the staff. They tend to always mess up my order. I don't like that they add gratuity. It is definitely time to invest some money into the building and make it better.

James Brown

Always a good choice! Took my mother-in-law and her brother. Plenty of food and always good.

Angela Artus

Courteous and fast service, ice cold beer and piping hot soups and Beautifully fried seafood

Elwood Blues

Awesome service and food. Definitely get the BBQ shrimp or catfish plate.

Dominic Pevan

Tried it for the first time with my grandpa.waited for ten minutes then Was greeted with a smile and was told she would be with us in a second. Took the drink orders. Two old fashion. Then another waitress came by and asked if we would like a drink. She was told the drink order was taken and she looked annoyed. It wasn't busy. After looking at the menu and waiting for 15 minutes for someone to come by the drinks came and I I didn't know what I wanted. When I did about five minutes later I looked around to see the second waitress trying to make a noticeable point we are ready because she was standing by the bathrooms and we was by the windows. Another ten minutes she comes by. We ordered another round because it took so long for the first round in a time it was not busy. Point is the original waitress came and checked on us and the second didn't. The food took time and the drink time was just stupid. Yes we just had appetizers but the bill was $88. The service should have been better.

Alfonzia L. Hollins, III

Exactly food and fast service. We truly enjoy our visit.

Wendy B

In the almost 30 years since I first went to Deanie's, I can honestly say I've always had a wonderful meal on each visit. Really! This family friendly, low-key restaurant has the best fried ir broiled seafood around. Half a seafood platter fed three of us, maybe a little too much but we happily walked it off.

Sharon Wilfong

Great food. Friendly service. Bit of a wait but worth it.

Orlando Dunn

Bad food bland burnt our fries wouldn't get no stars but I wanted to tell how bad the experience was .burnt fish only thing taste ok was the shrimp and they wasnt all the way good.... save your money eat somewhere else 5/29/19 horrible service the lady who seats guests had a nasty attitude. You cant set where you wont ...I watched her snatch a chair from a lady because she wanted to set by the window....DONT WASTE YOUR TIME....

Linda Hill

Love the Pina colada. Service was great

Maia Miller

Food was really good service as well. We ordered the half seafood platter and it was enough for both of us to eat and still have some left over to bring home.

Enjoli Clofer

Delicious food! Great prices! I stop here several times a year, whenever we come home to visit New Orleans, and it's always worth it.

Aretha Simms

The food was awesome, my husband and I was able to share a seafood platter. We were still able to bring leftovers home.

barbara green

If was absolutely delicious. Can't wait to come back. When I go back to Ga. I'll be sure to tell all of my friends when they come to New Orleans be sure to make that there # 1 place to have a meal.

Ishuia Credit

Food was under seasoned and not battered properly. Could've been so much better.

Ebony Trucker

I can't remember his name, but our server was far better than the food. I couldn't find many restaurants in New Orleans that serve etoufee and I probably shouldn't have gotten it at Deanie's. It was not well-seasoned. Nor was the fried crawfish. My family did seem to enjoy what they ate, though. All in all, our server and the sweet tea were the best part of my visit.

Luc Dufresne

Not a tourist trap! This place has authentic seafood. Bring 3 friends and get the giant platter.

Ronnie Thibodeaux

Great boiled crawfish. Awesome server.

Rudolf Pollabauer

Dismal service and Very overrated and pricey for what you get. Sunday pm visit 7.05pm. 3 hostesses at reception. We were takwn to our table and there the wait and NO service started. 15 min. later the waitress arrived and asked us for our drinks order. Could we see a menu please. Then no oysters but replacing with catfish was offered. Shrimp and stuffed shrimp were ordered. 8.17 pm still no food. Table next to us started compaining as well. Manageress comes and she offers them a discount. Walks past us but we called her back. Apparently ran out of shrimp but some had just been delivered and they were cleaning them now and order would be coming out soon. We were offered cancell order or get a discount. What do you do when you have a 10 yr old and wife with you. So we waited another 15 minutes. Shrimp artive. 5 minutes later stuffed shrimp arrive. Guests next to us cpmplain again......... And again. Our shrimp had a good taste but was dry. Stuffed shrimp had a peciliar taste. Asked for to go box. Waitress should have noticed all the left over food. No sauces offered. Juat side's. Dry shrimp. Not great. I have been in the restaurant and hotel (owned them both) business for 36 years. We all have issues sometimes which is acceptable ......if you commuunicate with your guests. Let them know what's happening and you will keep them on your side. Comp them a drink. Whatever but dont keep them waiting for over an hour and not talk to them. We won't be back unfortunately.

Frank Roberson

Would not wait on us. The hostess sat us, with attitude, and was very rude. Were there 10 minutes before our waitress greeted us only to tell us she'll be right with us. The store wasn't busy it was 2 in the afternoon

Kaitlin Glapion

I’m very disappointed a friend of mine had a date night here with her boyfriend and y’all ataffed were completely unprofessional this evening and ruined her night


Denies is always delicious! Service is great too.


Perfect seasoning. Good sale today. Reasonably priced. Very nice checkout lady/sista.

Jeffrey Swan

Was brought here for oysters and was not disappointed.

F Thornton

They always have great daily specials

Andrea F

Popular seafood place, one of the best in this area. Small parking lot, friendly staff, clean restaurant. Can get quite busy during peak periods.

Yasmin Eleby

Very tasty food and good service. The restaurant is freezing cold! Bring a jacket!!

Renee Johnson

Thoroughly enjoyed the crab fingers and crabmeat au cratin! Also the Italian Cream Cake is the best!

Rigby Hotshot

Service was pretty good. The food was mediocre at best. Food isn't as good as it used to be.

Quinshea Walker

If I could rate this a zero i would.... It is not because of the food because we didnt get that far to try anything. When we entered the building we attempted to reserve a table for 6..... She proceeded to tell my husband that he could not eat there because he was wearing a tank top in 100 degree weather. But you clearly had to have seen the other two guys that came in with tank tops that were politely sitting in the establishment eating!!!! This is one restaurant that we will not be experiencing or revisiting!!!!

Ralph Thurston

This would be realy great sea food.... and is Grratttt.

Jonathan Davis

Delicious seafood joint. Fair prices and good food. The wait staff was great, very knowledgeable when it came to market prices on certain items. I ordered the half dozen charbroiled oysters and they were delicious. My wife ordered the stuffed shrimp and I ordered the stuffed crab. Both plates were just as you would expect from a seafood joint. I’m not sure how they batter the shrimp before adding the crab meat to make it “stuffed” but it looked like there was raw batter between the shrimp and crab meat. I asked a waitress about this and she said she didn’t know why it was that way but she loved them. Overall the food was good, prices were decent, and the staff was great. I will definitely be back, though we may try different food next time.

Sharriette Finley

From my perspective, Deanie's is overrated. It's too crowded. We should have been told that large groups may not be seated together. We were split between two tables that weren't even next to each other. Also, there is not a lot of variety. Two of my seafood favorites, scallops and salmon, aren't even on the menu. Service wasn't great, probably because the place is overcrowded.

J Day

Food was horrible on Saturday 07/07/19. For starters me and my family are locals in New Orleans. I usually order the “Fried Seafood Platter” and famous Barbecue Shrimp. I decided to explore the Flounder Fish and Dirty Rice, along with Gumbo and of course Barbcue Shrimp. Me and my partner ask our waitress for any other recommendations, than our usual? That’s when she mentioned the Stuffed flounder with crabmeat, and proclaimly mentioned it was pretty good! I then order two orders of Gumbo (Familar), One order of Barb Shrimp and Two orders of the Stuffed Flounder Fish and Dirty Rice (Entrees). I was sold I trusted her recommendation. First our poatoes arrived a table late, Gumbo was not hot, but warm! Missing about 30 more seconds before serving. Barbecue Shrimp was swamped in too much Grease, and this menu item is a must for me there. After waiting 10 minutes prior to Shrimps our Entrees were presented our plates looked awesome, first bite omg no flavor what so ever the fish tasted Frozen cooked, and the Crab stuffing day side the Fish was greasy untasteful with hard shells from the outer crab itself! I mentioned to the waitress our food was horrible, I tend not to complain while dinning keeping in mind employment rate, end of the day, etc , but I couldn’t let this one slip away! After mentioning the food was horrible my waitress replied saying, “Oh” In my mind I’m thinking you have the nerve to say, “ Oh” she truly didn’t care! The manager stood at door just smiling as, if we enjoyed our food, I let the manger know the food was Horrible Very nice and polite, I also mentioned my family and I usually go for the Fried Platter. The manager replied, “ I wasn’t aware of this” Well make yourself more aware because the food was horrible the only item I enjoyed was my icey Sprite. Never again will I go to Lakefront Location, the cook himself needs special Help! (Maybe) Many, of my other family members are pleased with the French Quarter location in New Orleans I will start being a Tourist there! When I want the famous Shrimp and Fried Platter! Please don’t explore food there stick to fried food; especially, if one must dine in at the Lakefront location! To be honest there’s really better quality seafood dining experiences ,such as, Laundry’s, Seafood and/ or Don’s Seafood. With real down home creole cooking blends, and fresh wild caught seafood! Not Here! No Way!

Lorraine Fremin

This is a great popular seafood place. !! Reasonably priced quality food. This is our go to place when friends and family cone from out of town. Weekends and nights can sometimes have a ling wait.

Crystal Veal-Barnes

Food was very bland and didn't have much taste. Manager seemed unconcerned and only offered us some seasoning. Waiter was nice and worked hard.

Zita Bailey

All I can say is try the barbeque charbroiled oysters. Delightfully delicious!

Lisa Cook

Why no hushpuppies? I've always wondered about that. The fish was tasty; it could have been fried a little harder. The seafood balls were good, and so were the shrimp. A nice evening out with my family overall. Our server was nice and accommodating.

Demetrics Smith

Wasnt impressed at all the staff is very rude and not accommodating Its was pouring down raining and the rest of our party was in the parking lot stuck in their cars The hostess was so rude and said she didnt care she wouldn't sit us unless our entire party was their and we would lose our place because she had other ppl wating She didnt care I hate places where employees dont have common courtesy and compassion for their patrons who are spending their hard earned money The food is mediocre and the seafood isnt seasoned I really dont see what the hype is about this place However our waitress Wendy(I think that's her name) was super nice The only reason it gets one star Save yourself a trip SN I only went here bc I was invited by family members Next time someone says their gathering here I'll pass and Go to Copelands or New Orleans Seafood on the Westbank where I'm from The drive over their was a waist of gas.....

Ethel Horn

That flounder was really good. Our server for a larger party was Excellent.

Mark Mueller

Go hungry. It's a tremendous amount of food. Bon a petit

Jessica Goodman

First time eating here and will definitely be back next time I'm in New Orleans. We shared some appetizers and the seafood platter and enjoyed everything. Make sure to grab some desserts to go!

James Phillips

Dinning is always a great experience. Only reason they get a 4 star from me is that their shrimp from the market have gone down hill. Much better options in the area if you want to cook your own at home.

Patricia O'Hara Ricke

Really expensive for a small regular neighborhood restaurant. I'm one person and paid $40 for one domestic beer and baked redfish with crabmeat & crawfish dressing sitting on dirty rice. I have to say that it was good and I enjoyed it. Don't go there for the atmosphere or a bill that won't break the bank. Go there for the food. It's good. However, I still miss the hush puppies and wish they'd serve them again with the crab boil cooked small red potatoes.

Marquis Williams

This place is a historic Bucktown staple. Restauraunt and Market are both top notch. Best boiled crawfish I have ever had. I highly recommend this place if you want great seafood at a fair price.

Blu Jai

Disgusting Food! Service was subpar also. My first taste of the Big Easy was absolutley gross Thanks to this place.

Lizzie Hill

Bought boiled crabs they were well seasoned. The price was great , buy 1doz.get 6 free. They were delicious

Rick Von Dran

They have the largest shrimp ponzu I have ever seen. The price is fantastically reasonable for its size.

Cristina Griffith

The food is fresh and delicious. Very friendly environment.

Bryan Thorson

Best BBQ shrimp I've ever had.

Courtney Robbins

Good service wasn't impressed with my dish but I ate it and it was good

Denise Parker

Love this restaurant food so good. One of the best restaurant in New Orleans, La... The service is awesome and friendly. Good place for family and family gathering.

Deborah Small

Really enjoyed having Wendy wait on us. She makes the dining experience really fun. Loved the chargrilled oysters. Will be back everytime we come back home for a visit!

Demetrice McDonald

Food was good! One plate is enough for two servings. The waitress was friendly and made a few good suggestions on the menu. When I visit Louisiana again I am sure to visit this restaurant.

Mike Harrington

Good food. Excellent service! Nice place. Plenty to eat, prices as expected. Worth coming back for!

unhappy resident

Use to be my family's favorite place to eat until today!! We wanted to celebrate Father's Day a day early because we were in town for the weekend and we were leaving the next day. To start our waitress spilled our drinks and fell all over my father and daughter. Red cream soda at that!! So not only was it sticky but it also created stains!! When our food came out I bit down on a long piece of HAIR!!! My hair is blonde and the hair was black.The manager was called over and he had to look at it for a couple minutes so I had to let him see my hair was blonde!! He offered to fix another poboy or take it off the bill. At this point I am upset because any other place would have fixed another 1 and taken it off the bill. So i let them fix another poboy. The new poboy had fish that was burned almost!! I just let it sit in front of me until we got our checks to see if it was on there and what do you know it was still on there!! I let the waitress know I didnt want it and she could see that I never touched it and I asked for it to be removed from my bill. They are so slick here they removed my husband's order that didnt include the fries and left mine on there!! Trust me this is my last time eating here they are unconcerned and only looking for money!!! Do yourself a favor and go to landrys or new orleans food and spirits!!

Moughnay Clark

The food was over cooked. The upholstery in dining area torn. Host tried to seat our table of 12 at 2 different tables and when we declined the tables he made us wait for an hour while he sat table after table. Horrible experience!

ramona wesley

My friends have taken me to Deanie's twice and it is a great place to eat! Go hungry! I always have to get a to go box and have lunch for the next day!

sue page

My husband and I went to Deannie’s on Saturday @3:00. There was no waiting so it was a good time to go. My husband ordered the Bar B Que Shrimp appetizer, which came with a piece of bread. When he asked for another piece of bread, the waitress said it would be $1.95. I can buy a loaf of French bread for that, so he said forget it! Our waitress did not even ask if we wanted desert or anything else before bringing us the bill. Don’t know what the rush was, as I said earlier; there was no one waiting to be seated. Needless to say, we won’t be back!

Buddy McChesky

My bad experience started when the hostess just stood there staring at me till I said well and she finally said, how many ? No, how are you, nothin. I ordered the combo plate that I thought was overpriced, but hoped that would come with plenty food. I was way wrong. The 5 shrimp and 5 oysters were unusually hidden by undercooked fish, that fell apart when picked up. My waitress and tea were the best parts of my dining experience. Never again

TipAround Mobel Mechanic VOYAGES

Off the wheel with there's. Hell can't wait for my next visit. Yes, shrimp appetizers are the bomb Bee with bread.

Christian Perry

Amazing, traditional New Orleans seafood. Spicy onion rings and delicious catfish.

Buddy Bonin

I eat at Deanie's every time I'm in the area. Great food and nice people !!!

Isaac Bourgeois


Matthew Wren

Beer was cold, seafood smell was amazing!!! That's it! Manager was rude,. I don't know if it was a bad day or her time! She was nasty at bar before we were seated then it escalated when a customer in our party asked to sit in close proximity to the other half of the party! We asked them she told us to leave then called cop to throw us out!This manager has real issues!!!!

Phyllis Portera

Amazing food!!! And Awesome waitresses!!! Fast service! I recommend this seafood restaurant very highly!

Summer Summers

The food still taste the same as it did when I was kid(which was the time I had it)

Anthony Richardson

The service was good .The seafood platter was enough for 4 people it was all cooked very well.

Justin Bond

The food here is great! They bring out New Potatoes as an appetizer when you sit down. My wife and I shared the half seafood platter and it was plenty of food for two. All the portion sizes at the tables around us seemed large, too. I can't imagine someone would leave Deanie's and still be hungry.

D'Linell Finley

Excellent seafood. Server was attentive, even for a busy night. Somewhat pricey, but the seafood was fresh.

Donald Blake

Love this place. Was on my bucket list. Well worth going. More laid back than the French Quarter restaurant. And I think the food is a little more spicy. They didn't disappoint. I'll go back.

Robert Silva

Talk about the bounty of the sea! This place gives you a boatload for a price that won't sink your budget. The giant platter can feed the whole crew with something for everyone. Fried catfish, crawfish balls, fried oysters, crab balls, fried soft-shell crabs, fried butterfly shrimp and a pile of french fries. Wash it all down with a cold beer or their perfectly sweetened iced tea. We had the blue crab stuffed mushrooms as a starter too and they were exceptional, I highly recommend them.

Matthew Brazell

Loved the boils and bbq shrimp . Stay away from the crawfish balls. Very doughy


Great place... lovely staff. Everyone was friendly and accommodating.

Sherry Guy

Me and my girlfriend came to eat lunch and the food was excellent! Our waiter was very friendly. We will be back again!

katherine Wyatt

Great food...large portions..reasonable pruces. Service dog friendly

Homgrwn .

Always a great place for seafood. The boiled crawfish are awesome! Stuffed shrimp are my personal favorite. The market is next door with all kinds of goodies from homemade sauces to boiled and live seafood.

Michael Todd

This is a local hang, 100%. If you want a taste of real New Orleans, Deenie's is a spot that you need to go to. This place has been in the game a long time. It's a staple with locals for a reason. I always try to swing through here when I am in New Orleans. Why? Because the taste and experience is true New Orleans.

Kelly Couch

Highly recommend the barbequed shrimp. These giant gulf shrimp are cooked to perfection in the shell in butter and herbs. This is also the best place for fried seafood! The half platter is enough for three people, even four.

trenell frazer

This place was awesome! The food was dynamite!!! Our waitress was very attentive. I will be back. Great job!!

Jerry Lenaz

The original in Bucktown! Get some classic dishes along side some massive platters! Surprisingly a lot of healthy options as well (ie, not everything needs to be fried to taste good!) Great home made desserts!

Jamell Wilson

Food good....Check Service Good......Check Even easy to find.

That Girl You Dont Know

When we vacation we like to find what locals prefer since they tend to be the best places. We were recommended Deanie's to experience New Orleans style seafood fare. This place has been added to our "in a 5 hour drive" destination list. Yes we would go 5 hours out of the way to eat here again. Patrick our server was very patient with us, answering all our questions and recommending must have dishes.

Wynne Taylor

Good food, usually a wait here... call ahead

Retsbew E Elehcim

The stuffed flounder her is simply delicious. They load you with food on your plate. Three people easily could share a small seafood platter and still have leftovers. One of my favorite places to eat.

Beth Larkin

The fried seafood is the absolute best. It's perfectly cooked and seasoned. The other dishes were tasty but were outshined by the fried seafood. We also had chargrilled oysters and bbq shrimp. Both were a little overcooked for my taste but pretty tasty. The staff was friendly and accomodating

Ashley G

I went here for my birthday and honestly the food and the people was mediocre. I've tasted better seafood from Applebees…….. Anyways the workers are racist and incompetent literally arrived before several families same size as my party and they were of course seated before us. They stared at us up and down intensely also. Next time don't make it so obvious you don't like black people. Also the food was cold and never got a refill for our drinks? So yeah, never will be eating from here ever again and its 2019...……. stop being racist you wont get very far in life. You'll be waiting on others for everyday for the rest of your life:-)

Latonya Toomer

I had a house salad with lump crab meat on top. It was delicious

Jessica Turner

Great food.. Long time to be seated.. Long time to get served on Sundays.

Trevor Thurston

Fried seafood off the beaten path. No tourist trap here.

Carla Brechtel

Awesome seafood . We had large group of girls table sat passed the enterance to the left. Wonderful " Blond" Waitress. Soft spoken. Repeated your menu. Sorry I don't recall her name

Chantel Normand

Loved the food! The service was incredible! Go early because there was a big wait but well worth it! I can't wait to go back!


The waiter was pleasant but the food was just okay. In my opinion the flavor was one note.

Paul Coughlin

Ask for Destiny's section ... She is very nice and will be attentive to your table. The potatoes are free with the meal and taste wonderful. Seasoned in the crab-boil. Spicy and perfectly cooked.

Rasean Robinson

Shrimp and crawfish was good, was a little skeptical because it wasn’t socked in butter. The boiled flavor was awesome! Waiter took a long time to come back to table but it was a little busy. It was a decent place.

keywyne martin

Do not eat here the customer service is horrible!!! I was not satisfied with the appearance of my food and the manager refused to replace it her exact words were there's nothing wrong with your food and we are not about to fry you another plate. This was not my first time eating there but I will never go back and I'm going on Facebook and all other social media sites to let everyone know how they treat paying customers. And FYI the manager was also the owner from what I was told. I wish I could give it a negative 5 stars

Jennifer Love

This is the absolute best food we've had on our entire vacation! We were specifically told to come to this location. Definitely worth the drive.

Keegria Banks

This is one of my favorite New Orleans restaurants. I always order the gumbo and stuffed shrimp. They also have a market next door and you can have a little New Orleans shipped home if you like to.

Abernathy Capital Advisors Fund Series III LP

A Seafood MUST STOP !!! Thank Neptune / Poseidon / Thank God / This place is a Spiritual Experience to your Taste Buds / Food is phenomenal / The Building is nothing and I do mean nothing fancy. But your not coming to eat the Building - you are coming to eat the Food!!! Correct??? Love this place must go on your plans to NOLA

Tiffany Smith

Service was ok. Food was good. I ordered the Panné Chicken with Pasta. I was expecting a little more kick in the pasta season wise but it still was good. I would definitely return to try some other things on the menu. And I will try a different location.

Dana Rolle

Expected a little something different for boiled seafood..

Georgette Caldwell

Portions are colossal! I had the stuffed crab which had great flavor. Service is great.

eddy burgos

I'm from New York, and funds this establishment to have delicious seafood, and awesome onion rings, at great prices. I'll be back for sure.

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