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Here you have the opinions of people who are purchasing the products of World Of Pets Inc (Fish Shop) in the area close to the state of Kentucky.

To this day the business gets a score of 4.1 stars over 5 and this score has been calculated on 367 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF World Of Pets Inc IN Kentucky

Jeremy LaVelle

Always great customer service and wonderful selection.

Zachary Poelman

One of the only if not the only saltwater fish store in the florence area. Excellent selection, helpful staff

Maegan Egolf

Good pets but all of the small animals and reptiles are in horrible, non suitable enclosures


Awesome place.

Jeremy Vohl

Good fish place but the reptiles and other animals could be improved on like there live places

Jill Reeves

This place has all kinds of critters, from fish to spiders.

Anthony Bowling

Great aquarium products with awesome customer service

Tanya Greene

Big, clean, the employees were helpful the store itself was a bit confusing

Laura Jae

Every fish, snail, and bottom feeder I have bought from there have died within a few days. The fish, etc. I have bought from Monfort Aquarium are thriving, and doing well. There is obviously something very wrong with World of Pets. Not to mention they have a only a 24hr return policy... Could it be b/c everything dies around the 48hr mark?!!?

Teonia Lino

I love this fish store they need more like this around the area.

Nathan Boer

Very interesting pet store helpful staff

One Man Electrical Band

We shop here sometimes when we are on that side of town. Customer service here kind of stinks. I've always felt like I'm bothering the employees and owner by asking for assistance and as hassle for them to do anything other than take my money. The store itself is cool though.

Jordan Deardorff

They suck. I got a parakeet from them got it home and it was injured. Brought it back the next day they said they couldn't refund or exchange it. Nothing. Place is not very clean I wouldn't ever buy anything here again just go to pet smart where they actually do good business.

Denise Bishop

Nice people

Racheal Stutz

Service was half and half. Plenty of product inside.

Matt Plummer

Very well organized and clean store.

Kenneth Carpenter

The place is a nice place but owners are welching jerks. Bought 70.00 worth of fish and food 3 butterfly koi 1 bichr and a flowerhorn i asked about bichrs health owner said I had a 24 hr garrantee when being caught out of tank to bring water sample with fish for pH test said pH was good but nitrates. Was up so he wouldn't Replace but even a beginner would know healthy fish die every day my 3 was in water all night so nitrates was 0f course high he said since all his others was swimming fine it had to be on my end but couldn't tell me why it how my other 3 plus the fish I already had so in my book he's a shiester do business at own risk

The show Jokids

The owner opened the store early to help my wife and I. That was unexpected and very much appreciated.

Jennifer Peare

Great selection....prices are decent but its quality you are paying for. Have bought from other places but now will only buy from them.

Karen Witemyre

Treat animals terrible. We purchased a bunny that had wounds on its head and maggots in the wounds. Staff is not friendly or willing to help. They are definitely not animal lovers--that is for sure.

john Willman

Great wealth of knowledge. Thank you.

Melissa Wilkinson

This was my first time being here and I loved it. The fish are very healthy. The staff was very helpful. World of pets is my new favorite store for my aquariums.

Miles Sageser

This place is awesome

tristate pickermom

Employees are always willing to help (versus socializing like some employees elsewhere). Huge selection of fresh and saltwater fish.

Mandy Whiteside

Bought a few monos they are thriving in our tank. Kids loved looking at the variety of pets.

Leslie Ballard

This is my go to for interesting fish not found at your box shop. Family owned and run. Reasonable prices.

Mitchell Tharp

Great place very friendly lots of help

Nick Lingar

Love this place but if you buy plants check for Black Beard algae

Chris Haines

Nice place to get saltwater fish

Mark Young

Great aquarium/fish selection, ok small animal and dog/cat supplies. Not very friendly. Need a lesson on customer service.

Ryan Majszak

Great selection and prices

Brandon McGraw

They are always very helpful. every time i go here (a lot) they always have something new and interesting. i mainly go here for my cherry shrimp and they are always healthy, sometimes they will even try to find a pregnant shrimp for you. much better than petsmart.

Moriah Seletzky

I love the fish!!!! But the best smell but what do you expect.

Lizzy Powell

There nice and give you tips on what to get for your animal

Nikki B

Normally, I don't have an issue with World of Pets. Or, rather, didn't realize I did, until I noticed that one of every two fish that I have bought from them ended up dying. Thought it was an issue with our tank, until I bought a bunch from another store and had no issues. Today, however, I went in to get a few snails and noticed that an entire tank of fish was dead. I QUIETLY told the man who I am assuming was a manager or possibly the owner, and he looked at me like I was an idiot, said, "Uhh, okay? You sure they're not just hanging out at the top?" Well, unless they've all learned to play dead.. I'm pretty sure they're not alive. I then asked him for one of every color of the snails, and he proceeded to give me two of the same color, and ignored my request. Bummed to get this kind of treatment at a local pet store. :( UPDATE: 4 days later, and two of the three snails are dead. What a waste.

Brent Smiley

Bill and his crew here at world of pets are very knowledgeable about their pet. Choices may only include small reptiles, mammals, birds and fish but it's the fish that these guys specialize in. Always asking if they can help with what you are looking for and they are not shy to say that they don't know but they always will find the correct answer you are looking for. I started a fresh and salt water tank with these guys and they were very helpful with what I wanted to know. The place may look a little shady but I believe that it is the location of the store. Next time you walk in Petsmart or Jack's Pets make a special trip to world of pets... I promise you they smell better on the inside.

Stephanie Lucier

This store is terrible. Yes they have a decent aquatic area. Small animals should not be sold here. I rescued a VERY sick ferret kit from this store back in November. They had the kit in a small fish tank filled with wood chips. The water was placed too high and was given no wet kibble. Upon taking him home I had to rush him to Noah’s Arc Animal Hospital in Fort Wright where he was immediately put on sub q fluids. Had we waited longer, this ferret would have died. He was severely dehydrated, had an upper respiratory infection from the wood chips he was placed in, and had a double ear infection. My ferret weighed in at less than 7oz the day we took him home. The owner tried to say they did not receive paper work on their ferrets from Marshall Farms. This was a lie. Upon calling to report them to Marshall Farms, I immediately received a phone call back from the store saying my ferrets paper work was ready. This store is absolutely terrible and needs shut down.

travis Suhre

Went in to buy a filter media bag for my reef tank. The young guy that checked me out was very nice. There was a older gentleman that hovered over me like I was going to steal a fish. The tanks are dirty and full of algae and aptasia. The fish didn’t look healthy(which is very sad because they had an neat fish) Also heard them giving some one advice saying that a tang would be ok in a small tank. I had to interject to stop them from wasting their money. It to bad that they don’t have very good costumer service because they have an awesome location which is very convenient for me. I will continue to drive from Hebron Ky to Wilder Ky (Discover Aquatics) . 35 min drive one way just so I can deal with people who are honest and knowledgeable . And take Care of their tanks and inhabitants.

Christopher Combs

There saltwater fish selection was horrible. What little saltwater they did have was way over priced. There saltwater tanks where not the cleanest.

Anwar Saleh

Do your own research before coming to this store. They will sell you stuff you don't need. They will sell people fish without telling them how to care for or what they eat. Over priced. I feel ripped off Everytime I go there. Even if I don't buy anything.

Tom Lytle

Great place. Friendly people and clean tanks. Thanks for the help!

silver1982dragon Robinson

Beautiful quality fish!

Ash Wiet

A purchased a ball python for my son because he was in and out of children's hospital for a month. Two weeks after we get the snake we noticed it had mites. We've never owned a snake and we do not have any other pets. I contacted the store and was told that if I would have called them the day after I bought it, they would have assisted me in removing the mites or even exchanging it. However, now it's up to the consumer to handle the issue. So if you decide to purchase a snake from this establishment please beware it good possibly it might have mites and the establishment with only assisted you with in a 24 hour period.

Andy Ryan05

Great staff but my main problem is that they stick too many pets in one enclosure. Another problem is the leopard geckos had no hides and sand as a substrate.


Friendly, knowledgeable staff; and a great variety of critters.

Michelle Collins

Nice pet store . its a older place.


More expensive compared to stores locally, owners will watch you closely while you shop, seem to rush you. Pets appear in ok condition. A big variety on reptiles! No cats or dogs, barely any birds. Mostly fish and small critters.

Leanne Richardson

Most staff are very helpful.

Anthony Ford The Painter

Red headed dude seemed a bit put off when I asked him to show me aquariums, although he did do it. Decent selection, customer service not world class. Hopefully he was just having a bad day, 3 stars instead of the 2 star rating I was gonna leave in hopes that, that was all it was.

Tracy Pica

Experienced and knowledgeable staff with a great selection

Aoi Uvanox

It's a bit rundown. It smells. But, the pets are adorable. Snakes, spiders, fish, birds, lizards, mice, and ferrets.

Robert Losekamp

Worker was helpful and efficient. Live feeder rats brought me here.

Lauren Gray

When asked for assistance, we were brushed off. Terrible customer service.

Blake Chancery

Staff is pretty sharp on their stuff. Usually, I am met at the door and pointed to what I am looking for and get checked out quickly. However, if you want to look at the huge variety then take your time and look around. I could spend hours there looking at each fish.

Jessica Carpenter

Great local pet store. Wide variety of aquatic supplies and fish. My finace and I are excited to start our salt water tank in the future with these guys! Keep up the awesome work.

Crysti W

They have a great supply of fish, both salt water and fresh water.

Brandi Hughes

Went here after hearing about it from another pet store. First time visit was great. I bought some plants. Second time i bought some more plants and a south American puffer fish 2 cherry shrimp and a German ram. Well the ram died the puffer has ich and has spread it. I also got pest snails from one of the plants im assuming. Mind you ive had my 55 gallon for over 2 years all water parameters are great so i know thats not the problem. Just beware when you go here. Also i paid $10 for the ram and $20 for the puffer.

Seth Fancher

Great variety of fish with all come in very good shape. Store hours are also convenient.

John Scales

One of the better pet store with great service and quality fish.

Hauntedhomo s

Awful treatment of animals It is very obvious these people don't know how to care for them and cram them into small over packed cages. Do yourself a favor and skip this place at all costs

Alexis Tomlin

First of theres no hides for these reptiles, second off the do NOT use lamps for the leopard geckos that kills there eyes, third these people dont even care the one of the geckos needs serious attention and shouldnt be with the others, fourth there just leaving these crickets in there and there tormenting these babies and the one that make me mad the most is that face there on sand NO NO NO sand that can imapct them seriously and they will die, the guiena pigs are kept in such small tanks, the birds are crammed in tiny cages and the fish are sick, all the cats there are always covered with fleas, this place needs to be closed down immediately.

Donny Petro

Best pet store in northern Kentucky

Steve kairn

Awesome saltwater fish & freshwater fish I will be back

Kent Campbell

I have dealt with world of pets for probably 20 years now. They helped me set up my 1st fish tank 75 gallon the owner is extremely knowledgeable friendly and willing to help with all situations. 5 stars not enough

Joshua Mason

Best place in the area.

Doug Isbel

Rude people

Ken Gibson

When you need something beyond the garden variety fish sold at PetSmart give World of Pets a try. All kinds of freshwater and tropical fish, coral and supplies along with rabbits, ferrets, tarantulas, etc. Friendly and helpful staff. Florence location a bit far afield for those north of the Ohio River but if you find that special thing you will feel it was worth the drive. Note: 24 hour guarantee on freshwater fish.

Melissa Robertson

Great place to take your aniaosbfor a day out

Missy Lowe

I go here often. They have a fairly wide variety of tropical fish, snails, and a few varieties of shrimp. Most of the time They are healthy, but sometimes i don't purchase because there are occasionally some sick fish in with the ones i want. The people seem fairly knowledgeable, and are quite helpful and pleasant. They also carry salt water fish but I am not familiar with them so can't evaluate. Lots of aquariums, decor, and general pet supplies like dog and cat food and supplies, along with small animal and pretty bird necessities.

Deborah Fambry

No puppies, parrots, or frogs

sharon unger

Awesome and very helpful

Brandon Baldoni

Love this place. The staff are extremely helpful with recommendations. Theyve never been out of stock of crickets when I need them. I've also found stuff here not carried at the chain pet stores. Two thumbs up

Kyle R

These guys have a cool selection but don’t know what they are selling. They sold me a “shark” and turns out it’s a South American catfish

Brian G.

Good selection and very helpful.

Anna James

When you first walk into the store all you smell is urine. Lots of fish but I'm not interested in fish. They do not know how to house reptiles at all. One of the snakes looked pretty bad and the leopard gecko had no hides and was in sand. Plus they have different kinds in the same tank that should not be homed together. When we asked the guy if he could put a hide in the leopard gecko tank, he cut us off and said he knew what they needed. If I were you, I would not support this business at all!


Very friendly helpful staff wide variety of items

Thomas Clark

Everything I was looking for... helpful, knowledgable, and great experience will recomend


Just love this store have a great selection of fresh and saltwater fish, lizards, snakes, and fur babies. The staff is very polite and knowledge they also have live coral.

Dwayne Elliott

Great place for fish

Trevor Ogilvie

I like the store but every time I visit the reptiles look not cared for much because there is a lot of poop in the cages, stuck shed, old sheds, no water and they just aren’t in the greatest condition but every once in awhile they have a few enclosure in good condition I have bout 2 snakes from here but I made sure they were in good condition but a lot of the ones I have seen have not so if you are going to get a reptile make sure it is in a environment they definitely need to care more about the conditions of the animals more

Kyle Witten

A reliable source of live prey for reptiles.

Jeff Ogg

The staff is always attentive and knowledgable. Keep up the great work.

Sara Anderson

Always our first stop love this place

James Earl

Great pet store. Specializing in salt water and fresh water tanks.

Kitsune Yume

This place was absolutely dispicable. I’ve never seen animals treated worse than a chain petstore, but here this place is. Animals are all on wrong substrate, no hides, no hay, too young or in too small containers. All of them look in awful condition. Disgusting. Animal control needs to be called on these people.

Tammy Dean

The employees here are excellent. Great selection of animals also. I almost always come here first when looking to add to my aquarium

Joseph Stalingrad

Amazing place, very friendly and knowledgeable staff even know they didn't hire me haha. I only have one criticism I feel like I'm being watched constantly like I'm about to steal everything in the store but besides that I would recommend you go, Great prices.

Myra Longworth

Dayghter live their selection, especially for herfush stuff.

Robert Brunt

The best place to buy fish. Friendly and helpful.

Britney Frazee

Employees always available to assist you and answer any questions I have. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

Jason Nonya

Great pet supplies and staff. Have bought from them regularly over the last 15-20 years

Danielle Mason

Absolutely horrible. The tanks are disgusting and there are dead fish in half of them. The guy helping me forgot what he was helping me find 30 seconds in. I had to specifically ask them to make sure there was a snail in the shell because there was so many empty shells. I was told there was and when got home realized they sold me an empty shell. I will never go back. I will go to Petsmart or Petland.

Ann Vinson

Have alot of different salt and fresh water fish to choose from. Good service.

Nathan Dyer

Been going here for years. The owner is a reasonable and fair quy. It's the best place you can go for a decent selection of fresh or saltwater fish, plants, tanks and tank accessories with out having to cross the river. Some items are overpriced and some are about right. The place is usually always busy so that should tell you something. Is it the best place of its kind? No, but it's the only one of its kind around here.

Jordan Yoshimine

Great selection of fish. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. It's just a very old store which lends itself to feel a little less than credible. They have a selection of birds, rodents and reptiles as well, but their main focus is fish.

Linda Fields

Most of the employees rather chit chat with friends that come in the store than help real customers. Been going here for years some good experiences but mostly bad. Ball python with mites, lizard with mites, and a few rats that never made it through the night. Haven't had to many problems with the fish other than a puffer fish that died after a couple days. Most of the problem is with the employees. I usually stand there staring at them for 10 min before interrupting their conversation for assistance. Then they act like I'm inconveniencing them and rush me through my purchase when i still have questions. The only person that treats you good is the owner, if your lucky enough to see him. I suggest going aomewhere where they value the people actually making purchases.


Any one who complains about fish dying from this place are inexperienced fish owners. Let me explain- fish are ordered to this store from another place and sometimes they will get sick fish/stressed from shipping or be genetically weak fish, world of pets has no control over that. I have bought from this place since I was 13 years old and now I'm 29. If a fish I bought dies it's usually my own fault or I picked a weak fish.In the end it's you the consumer who picks the fish and decides to buy them so stop giving people low stars when you're a incompetent hobbyist. I bought and raised discus ( one of the hardest fresh water fish to keep healthy)from this store that have live over 6 years.

sherman frederick

It's always a great visit when I go here they have so many fish and they have a lot of love birds In stock now I seen and the only place I know of that carry live rats any more plus iguanas and horned mountain lizards and a few verities of snakes not to mention there tanks and cages and supply items..This is always my go to pet store..

Chris Cruze

Love this shop!

Brittney Mullins

This place is horrible. Right when you walk in you're hit with this horrible smell of mold and urine. I went in looking for a new rat cage and was horrified to see that they keep the rats, rabbits, ferrets, ect in small aquariums with no proper air flow. When looking at their rats I noticed one of them had a decent sized wound on it shoulder and was breathing heavily. I went to the guy behind the counter to tell him about the sickly looking rat and to see if I could see a few of them and he was extremely rude to me. The very first thing he asked was if I was going to buy one. You could easily tell that he only cared about getting my money. After telling him that i might buy one he finally went over and let me see a few of them. He didn't bother to look at the sick rat at all. When he pulled the aquarium out and lifted the screen top you could feel the heat that was in that aquarium. I instantly felt sorry for the little babies. It was also extremely obvious that a lot of these rats were suffering from respiratory problems. They all sounded awful. I'm surprised that this place is still open for business considering that the majority of their animals are not being properly cared for and are sick. Will definitely not be coming back to this place.

Daniel Ruberry

Great customer service.

Bobby Orr Sr.

Great place for your pet supplies

Jason Reser

Bill has always been very helpful. They will allow you to learn by mistake if you want but if you listen, their advice is solid.

Skye Foxglove

Nice unique variety of fish and reptiles!! After going to 3 other (PetSmart, Pet valu, Pet supplies) this store was the place that carried something to treat mites on my snakes

Larry Brock

Best saltwater fish and supplies!

Jason Winstel

Great selection n service @

Pete Acorn

Always ready to help whatever u need great service

Steven Kelly

Great people. I have been going here since I was a child. 20+ years. They have just about anything you need. They will order it for you if they don't!

Raina Pittenger

Only upside of this pet store is the fact that they have a large variety of fish, but even then the fish are horribly taken care of and are largely over populated in their tanks. Their fish section is enjoyable at the least, and it's all they should be able sell. Their reptile area and small pets area is a completely different story. They had over 12 (didn't get an exact count) large rats stuffed in a glass container much too small for them, their frogs had no water let alone decorations, reptiles kept in obscene conditions, birds aggressive and hardly taken care of, horrible odor from lack of cleaning within cages. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS STORE

Daisy Chase

Nice store with helpful employees. They have awesome plants for aquariums. Good selection of products available. I always bring home quality stuff from this store.

Nikki Siegel

Great selection but a little pricey to me.

Ryan B

Good store for all your fish and aquarium needs. Also a decent selection of small animals, reptiles, and insects. Pricing can be a little high at times. I do like the family owned atmosphere, but their store is getting dated. I would love to see them carry it on to a bigger, newer, and brighter store, but understand that is an expensive endeavor. It would just be nice if they could though,, to get their animals into larger habitats with a more proper set up. I've never noticed them being sick, and sometimes animals get sick thru no fault of the store, but you gotta be reasonable and set up the habitats with the animal needs in mind. With all that said, I will continue to shop here, with a watchful eye as you should with any pet store.

Eric Blankenship

These guys are great. They help out considerably and know their stuff.

Cori Reade-Hale

It was brief -.only for dog flea medicine but the ckerk answered my questions knowledgeably. The cashier was quick .friendly n helped with discount i didn't even know i was eligible to receive.

William Stevens

Very informative.

David Adams

Lots of fish. We like to go and look. 100+ tanks. Spiders, snakes, turtles, faretts, mice, crickets. Cool place wish they would have a petting area tho

Becky Ison

First time going here. Lots of fish to choose from. Really liked the place.

Mic-E Johnson

Poor customer service horrible muggy atmosphere. Animals are malnourished and tooken care of poorly never have food in there bowl or water..

paul reed

Got what I needed... Didn't have to drive to Dayton... Def give them a try again


Honestly amazed this place hasn't been shutdown yet. They jam way too many critters in one container and they can barely move. Please don't support this place and please let me know who I can report them to. I'm assuming animal control doesn't care about this stuff.

fishing and hunting

This is one of the GREATEST pet stores I have ever been too. The staff is very friendly and their prices are considerably low. I bought 2 fire belly toads from them, that were taken care of, but i belive had a little bit to little of water, but all the frogs were still taken care of very well. And both of them, Toby and Ryan are amazing, but all of their selections are amazing have some of the best animals I've even seen in a pet store. In conclusion World of Pets is one of the best pet stores you can shop at in the state.

Jeff Enzweiler

Excellent place. Very knowledgeable.

Karen Howell

Only went for fish supplies nice store

noah patton

Only place i can find live feeding mice. I've search every pet store on ohio and Kentucky that is in driving distance and this is the only place i can find them. I love this place

Scott Turner

Most friendly people in all the the pet shops in this area

Carrie Kramer


Amanda Schlueter

I got my bunny here and they didn't cut her nails at all so her quick is so long I can't really cut her nails at all without them bleeding, and the way they have their cages set up they startle them scared against the wall coming in to get them and then let the animal fall on the ground, chase after them to catch them then basically just throw em into your arms. Her heart was going crazy and I still can't pick her up or grab her to put her in the cage or clip her nails after 8 months of loving and spoiling her with affection and proper care because she's so scarred from being there. They couldn't tell me ANYTHING about her, not where she was from, what kind of rabbit she is, if she was fixed, or if she was even a girl (I was able to find out later on my own) the only reason I gave this place my business was because I couldn't stand to leave her there. Awful treatment and care and won't be returning.

Scott Dunn

Great place friendly people very knowledgeable always top quality fish anytime anyone had asked me about good pet stores I always send them to World of Pets best place around in my opinion

Sierra Custodio

Got a pet mouse, had her less than a week and she died. Im guessing she was probably sick when we got her due to the fact that our other mouse(different place) is fine.

Cheyenne Freeman

I went in today just for a look around and half the animals they had were dead or dying. Terrible place.

Deron W

Good selection of healthy fish and pet supplies, always great service!

Patti Smith

We needed a UV filter for our pond. World of Pets was not only open when no one else was, but they were very friendly & knowledgeable. Although pond supplies are seasonal, and they had no products out in the store, they took the time to go into their stock room to find our filter for us. The filter we bought was faulty, and we took it back the next day. Item was exchanged for a working unit, no questions asked.


It's an alright place to shop. They have a wide variety of marine and fresh water fish. It's the only place in nky for saltwater fish.

Ayla Crosley

Awesome pet store! So glad we found this place.

Diane Altevers

Fantastic selection ... friendly and helpful associates

William Hutchison Jr

Good service but reptiles are higher

Ryan Pattison

Best selection of fish I have seen in the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area. Solid prices too. I highly recommend.

Robert Allen, Jr.

Love these guys

Jon Dalton

This place hasbeen around for years. Great store

Michael Barton

Love this place, I've been here a few times(7); staff is always helpful, tropical fish stock is pretty good and staff are knowledgeable. I'm sure there are small things to complain about but I have no time to sweat the small stuff! Rock On

Evan Warren

Good selection

Darleen Newton

Pet store fine but someone stole my grandkids bikes parked outside the store ! Police were called but finding bikes is probably impossible. Silver and black Mongoise and girls purple and bright green. Both had 20 inch tires, I think. They were devastated!

Quenivere Osborne

Came for feeder mouse, got feeder mouse.

James Forsythe

Very friendly staff. Extremely healthy fish and coral. Great selection. I travel two weeks a month and visit lots of aquarium stores and this is one of the best I've checked out. Clean and smelled good as well.

Joshua Faubion

Great selection and service!


Nice selection of pet supplies and nice employees.

Paige Mcmahan

It’s awesome and they have many types of fish and lizards

Lauren Nickell

A little dingy, but great assortment of animals. Lots of salt water and fresh water fish. Reptiles and rodents.

Sonya Pipes

A lot of fish. Snakes. And food and stuff you need for pets

Dylan Gullette-Fox

Staff were friendly, every tank and animal looked clean and healthy. Great prices. I'd definitely drive the hour back just to shop there.


A must for fish lovers Good service. Also other cute critters and supplies

Marcus Christy

Really great store and great people working and owners of it. Very nice selection of fish. Many Oddities for the aquarium.

Erik Morgan

Awesome store with a massive variety of fish. Average prices, not cheap but also not too expensive.

kathy carlotta

Bought fish here. Now my tank is full of snails. Not happy at all.

Alex Triple A

This place has the best selection and quality of fish to select from. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable with questions. They also have a little bit of everything else with other animals as well.

Raven Lewis

Very knowledgeable about their animals and plants.

Derek Collins

Excellent selection of salt water fish and invertebrates. Talk to Larry if you need good advice.

Sam Simpson

I just recently purchased a pastel ball python from this store and a little over a week later I discovered it had mites. This isn't the first time someone has experienced this with a snake bought from this store. They are a very dirty store, they keep their reptiles in very bland, dirty cages. I highly recommend going to a more established store like PetSmart where you will receive a better deal on your animals and animals that are not mistreated.

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