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REVIEWS OF Newport Aquarium IN Kentucky

Joshua Quinlan

My family and I love the aquarium. They have a great collection of sea life and freshwater fish for you to see. They have three separate petting stations where you can touch and feel sharks, cow-nose stingrays, sea anemones, horseshoe crabs, and tiny shrimp that clean your hands of dead skin as food. It's a wonderful place to go and I highly recommend going.

Bobby Kern

Very neat place to visit. It is a little expensive but all aquariums are. A lot of hands on stuff for the kids to do, and staff is very friendly. Don't fall for the cafeteria trick. Your almost done by this point and can get lunch much cheaper just steps from their front door.

k b

Very interesting, really neat exhibits, fish of all sizes swimming over your head and under your feet in places. Exhibits where you can touch the sea life. Love the rope bridge over water with sharks..a must try! Nice time for the family!

Kayla South

The kids loved it, and we had so much fun! There were tons of activities, like a climber with a slide, coloring, multiple tanks to touch fish, and photo ops. The layout was great, too. By the time we got to the food, both kids were starting to get hungry. The food was yummy, and after that we saw a few more exhibits before stopping at the gift shop. Overall it was a great experience!

Amzo Tall

A magical and family friendly experience for all ages,so much to discover and learn. Amazing staff too.

Donna Horn

A great place to visit and walk around. They've really done a lot of work updating and adding new stuff. Really had a very enjoyable day there.

Ashley Honeycutt

So much fun! I finally got my shark fix at this aquarium! Watch the diver show it's super cute!

C Kinser

It was pretty good. But price 4 adults 111. I liked Ripley better in Myrtle beach same price range and you get an ocean. But all in all it was fun for the kids.

Katie Bretz

A very nice aquarium, but a little pricey for tickets. We found a Groupon, but it was still about $90 for our family of four. We lucked out and were there when the mermaids were visiting. There were several cool exhibits, but the mermaids were the highlight for the kids. They had several interactive exhibits that allowed us to touch rays, starfish, and other things. The shark bridge was different and fun as well. Overall a fun visit, especially with its location near the shops, restaurants, and walking bridge over the River.

Na Lim Heo

Perfect place to bring your lil one. Many opportunities to "pet" the shark, rays, starfish, alligator, etc. It's not too big, and it doesn't have any big shows, but it's still a nice aquarium. At one part, there's also a little play area for kids. Overall, great place to bring your kids. Friendly staff, as well.

Mark Powell

We purchased our tickets on Groupon. The kids had an excellent time! They really enjoyed petting the sting rays and starfish. There's a lot of exhibits and plenty of sites to keep children busy.

Dani Horton

Been there many times. Loved it each time. Great with little kids. Very cool and interactive. Something for everyone. The cafe is great. Healthy choices and some yummy treats.

Fran Burke

It was on the pricey side for what was offered. It took about an hour to go through every exhibit. If it were less expensive then it would be worth it, but $26 is too much for an hours worth.

sandra flaishmakher

Penguin encounter- phenomenal. We love the aquarium and even had season passes last year. Now we live far so only came for a special celebration, and enjoyed the encounter very much!

Spiciejq R

At one point my girls and I use to visit the aquarium quite often and we had a lot of fun. We owned a membership and loved coming down when Scuba Santa was there. We always went to the member preview at 8 am Saturday morning and we looked forward to it every yr and then member preview was changed from Saturday morning to a Thursday evening and that is when we realized it was time to move on and we didn’t renew our membership. It was too much to arrive down there during the week with school and other activities. Also there were times the crowd there was too much to enjoy ourselves. The smell at times was disgusting especially when there were a great deal of people and that was another reason we didn’t renew. Do I recommend them? Yes! Occasionally I wouldn’t mind coming down there to visit but My girls and I find other things to do. It was really fun while it lasted.

Lois Laboyd

Luv this place! When you go check out Snow Ball & Snow Flake. They are my favorite at the aquarium!

Josh Reszke

There is plenty of aquatic life to see including some small sharks, penguins and a couple alligators. There are a few hallways where they swim above you which is pretty neat. Unfortunately it's a smaller aquarium and admission is a little steep. So unless you're really interested in sea life, I would go to a zoo instead.

Joeann Griffin

We have a yearly pass. It never gets old! Always something for everyone. Cafe & gift shop at the end of tour. We love the shark tunnels. You can even touch a baby shark. The scuba Santa & mermaid are always a huge hit with the kids!

Sandy Fegenbush

Myself and my family went on Sunday and we thought that the aquarium was awesome. We really enjoyed the back behind the scenes tour. The girl who gave the tour, she was excellent and very friendly . She answered each and every question. We also enjoyed being able to touch the starfish and the Stingrays overall it was a great trip. I think it is worth taking your family to see it. I'm going to try and get my daughter's together with their children so we can see it again.

Patricia Reynolds

Interesting exhibits all aquatic was a bit too crowded on a Saturday to really enjoy it. Cost was high for an hour walk thru though 45. 00 for two and that was suppose to be with my zoo pass discount. Was a bit unhappy with it did like the sea horses and jelly fish.

Steven Dow

This place is way overpriced. Really wasn't that amazing at all. We went had a good time cost a little over a hundred bucks for me , my wife and two kids but if I could have previewed it prior I would have passed. Kids had a good time though so I guess you can't put a price on that but I would definitely go across the street and check out a Reds game for half the cost...

Dana Hitz

We loved our visit. Actually touching a sting ray and enjoying ourselves for my bday. We all wore our "Baby Shark" shirts!

Helene Patel

My last visit was 25 years ago. Today we brought my grandson. So much has been added. The kids love all the interaction stations thought out the Aquarium.

Leila Baity

Love this place!!! Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to the fish and plants. We always have an amazing time. We have been going,since,My son was 3 months old, and he's 2.5 years old.

Ken Wilkins

We have gone to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky two times when visiting my daughter and son-in-law in Cincinnati, Ohio. The aquarium has a large variety of fish and other aquatic species. We loved the jelly fish aquarium. It is so relaxing watching them slowly navigate in the aquarium. We also enjoyed walking through the glass tunnels in which you are surrounded by fish on all sides including the top and bottom. I recommend that you visit this place at least once if your in the area. Admission is $25.99 for children 13+ years old and adults. It is $17.99 for children 2 to 12 years old. Season passes are available for purchasing if you want to go multiple times in a year.

Carla Bradley

Wonderful wonderful place even though is mainly probably for children as an adult I had a wonderful time so much to see there and so much to learn the place inside and outside was beautiful the grounds are so well kept everybody all the workers were so helpful I had problems locating my car security that work there helped me find it right away the housekeeping staff helped me find the restrooms and feel so comfortable and at home at that place I would recommend to take your whole family there if you wanna have a good time at a beautiful beautiful place

Mike Guzman

This place is a must vist, took the family on vacation here & we all absolutely loved it. So much to do & see. A family experience that you'll always remember.

Becca D

Very clean and the staff was great with my kids. The scuba divers even took a picture with my child. I highly recommend!

Drew Ernst

Great place to learn about our water creatures among us. So much fun for everyone. Many adults become kids again and seeing the faces of little ones as they interact personally with some of the animals.

Parker Robinson

Amazing aquarium. Wonderful shows and information listed everywhere, with beautiful creatures in the aquarium wide tank.

AngryBirds FreezeKing

There's many types of aquatic creatures here. They have all sorts of fish reptiles and arctic creatures. There's a play place a cafe and a gift shop with some decent items to choose from. Great place to go if you want something fun to do and experience.

Lindsay Quinlan

The Aquarium is clean, friendly and beautiful I enjoy every part of it. My son loves the play area and enjoys Sting Ray Bay. If you go consider upgrading your ticket to a pass because we love going again and again.

Mrunal Bhandarkar

I am very much impressed with the aquarium. It’s very big. Large collection of aquatic animals. Penguins are so cute. Also I liked the stingray hideaway tunnel.

Pop/Off Marketing

So much fun. A bit costly but once you step inside you see the value in the ticket. A great layout and excellent showing of various aquatic species. Be sure to stop by the massive floor to ceiling glass viewing area to see where the big fish swim. Great for kids, families or anyone looking to enjoy.

Jamie R. Stout

Crowded but fun, educational displays and hog nosed rays petting area and beautiful fish. The cafeteria food was pretty delicious too and not super overpriced. We had a blast.

Ajit Mongar

All the employees are working hard. They help each other. There were lot of amazing fishes. I take my kids and guest over there. They like it. They touch the fish. They feel like rubber. Next year I plan to bring more people. Thanks everyone who work at Newport aquarium. God bless them and United States of America.

Wendy Chitwood

Great viewing areas. Love the addition of mermaids, granddaughter loved them. A little crowded in narrow hallways. Play area was fun for them. Good learning experience also. More interactive learning opportunities for children would be great!

Joshua Koehler

It's a great way to get out of the heat and learn a thing or two. Lots of exhibits, lots to see and do. Has a playground halfway through so you can let the kids run off excess energy between petting sharks and anemone.

Alane Pajor

Great aquarium with things you wouldn't normally have a chance to see. Friendly staff and other patrons are very courteous as well. Prices are much more reasonable than Shedd in Chicago

Travis Lovins

Pretty pricey, but it's expected. Wonderful facility, and a great variety of specimens. The whole Newport area by the aquarium makes for a nice day. Just seems like we're in and out of the aquarium in no time. I don't think I've ever been in there for longer than 90 minutes.

Brittany Gross

We go there a couple times a year and love it! It is a bit overpriced for how big it is. But it's always clean and staff is knowledgable.

Beth McClary

Private party hosted by third federal s & l. Awesome venue. Employees were friendly and looked like they were genuinely happy to be there even though it was late on a Sunday night!

Leanna Grady

Great place to spend the day! Plenty of different aquatic animals to see. The jelly fish were amazing!

Jeremy Winstead

Great place to take the family. I took mine a d we had a blast. The kids enjoyed looking at all the different fish and aquatic animals that were there. We got a family picture which was fun because they had us do funny things. The gift shop is awesome and they have amazing events.

Ben Pearson

Mermaids were a nice addition, but I would like to see some more fish in the main tank, it was pretty sparse.

Nicholas Dickson

Great exhibits. Tons of stuff for kiddos. Great place to spend a day. Oh yeah, there are a bunch of fish

Samorila Jlom

Pretty cool. I've been to bigger aquariums with more exhibits, but this one is neat because of its location on the levee. There are lots of fun things to do, and the aquarium is a must! :-)

Jason Diehl

Very clean and organized. The behind the scenes tour was very interesting and the tour guides were very engaged in their jobs. Though it was just my wife and I visiting, I would highly recommend this for everyone - especially those with children.


Absolutely awesome. One of my favorite places and great for all ages. Also if you can do the penguin encounter. Very fun and interesting, just make sure that whoever you bring for the penguins that they will be able to sit still. You have to be very calm around them. But nonetheless still an amazing experience.

Elisha Hack

I have always loved the levee before it became what’s its become today!!! I’ve gone to the movies scuba w Santa and hang out with my family who has since moved away.! #NOTFAIRWEATHERFAN

R Ravi

Very good aquarium in Cincinnati area. The exhibits are nice and have good variety. Best place to spend indoors in hot or cold outside weather. Had a good family time last winter.

Dan Clampit

This aquarium has it all! Fresh and Salt, Sharks, Alligators, Stingrays, Octopus, Seahorses, Penguins, etc. You can touch sharks. Walk thru underwater tunnels, walk above tanks, pop up in the middle of a tank. This place is AMAZING!

Elaine Kinner

It was interactive for r grandchild and fun for all ages as well. Sweet and helpful staff. Loved it!

Audrey Foreman

I purchased the tickets last spring for a trip that we unfortunately had to cancel due to a family emergency. I was quite excited that our route home from our New England vacation would be taking us through the area, so we'd be able to visit. However, when I got the tickets out, I discovered they had expired in March. I reached out to the aquarium, and they agreed to honor them, anyway - great customer service! When we arrived, I didn't have any issues, either. The parking was convenient and the price was right. We loved the variety of animals, the alligators were a particular favorite. And of course, the sharks were great. I got to pet a shark! It was quite busy, but the flow was great, so it didn't seem overcrowded. As an unapologetic souvenier hoarder, I also loved the gift shop - great selection. All in all, it was a great experience, and I would definitely visit again.

Marge Putman

Great place for all ages. Exhibits are colorful and educational. Gives you a chance to see many creatures from around the world.

Monique Mainville

Lovely place - many different areas and fish - including a couple of places to touch the wildlife. There are a few restrooms throughout and a cafeteria. It is stroller friendly. I would say for a bit of an older child rather than a toddler. It is on the pricey side so plan to maximize your time there. There is parking through the complex.

Michael Witt

I really liked the time here and it was a lot of fun. It is SO overpriced though! Kids can get in free with an adult after 4. Take advantage of thst because you'll get it all done and have some money left in your wallet when you're done.

kim phillips

Great aquarium. We went first thing after opening so it wasn't crowded. Took us just under 2 hours to see it all. The kids had a great time and loved the shark bridge. A little pricey for us making a quick trip but you could definitely make it a full day experience or find deals for admission.

Byron DeFranco

Would be an easy 5 stars if not for the cost. The annual membership is great but not realistic for those out of time. General admission is very expensive.

John Cortez

A must see for anyone who lives here or is visiting. Facility is top notch and the exhibits are great. One thing I love about it and I think separates it from other aquariums is the level of interactivity. Many area’s bring you up close and even allow you to touch the particular aquatic creature. My daughter loves it!

E Green

My kids, aged 5 and 2, LOVED this place! My wife and I did too. I've been to other zoo's and saw things I've never seen before. My favorite was the shark bridge. My kids both loved the tunnel to see the sharks swimming above you. My wife loved the jellyfish. A little pricey in my opinion but it is worth going to.

Curcio Stapleton

Traveled to the aquarium with family and had a blast. The only downside was that it was over-crowded by school field trips. Maybe better planning and scheduling would make this better. We had a great time and there was room and space to stop and rest or allow the kids to view the exhibits from a safe distance. Very interactive and staff was friendly. Would definitely go again!

Alison Hendricks

$75 for 2 adults and 1 child. Baby got in free...takes less than 90 minutes to get through at a leisurely pace. A couple cool exhibits. I realize the ticket costs helps support their mission but we stopped in on our way to the airport so paying the extra for season passes is not worth it. No reason to return and prices are too high for what you get to recommend visiting.

Melissa McGehee

I've been to a LOT of aquariums, and this is one of my favorites. Lots of touch tank experiences (I love the cleaner shrimp and rays), and the overall variety of animals is nice (penguins, alligators, sharks, frogs, and lizards). My 4-year-old loves this place!

Beth Mackay

I was not prepared at all for how awesome this aquarium was. Between the amazing enthusiasm of the staff, the effortless directional layout, the fantastic array of diverse critters, and the whole-body chill I got when Snowball the 8’ albino gator made eye-contact with me, I completely regressed into a state of child-like wonder. I didn’t even know shark rays existed! Usually I’m an irritating know-it-all regurgitating years of trivia about animals to my friends who absolutely do not care. Here, I stood wide-eyed, mouth-open, and asked no one in particular “What. Is. THAT‽” Also I got to pet a shark and that was cool af.

Tiffany Elkins

Loved it here. Visited with my kids as a quick get away. It was clean, friendly, and fun. We had a blast. My son loves sharks so the bridge was a must.

Rebecca Brines

Great little aquarium! Easy to see all of it in a couple hours. All indoors so great for hot or rainy days this summer. Lots to do in area, too.

Mister R

Definitely a must see! Amazing friendly and knowledgeable staff members! Safe for sure! Time well spent. I enjoyed what I saw and learned some things as well. Solo or family oriented place. I saw couples and friends as well. Great place for any type of event.

Jessica Russo

Newport aquarium has exhibits for all ages. Kept our group happy with ages from 18 mo- 61 yo. They had plenty of knowledgeable workers around who would volunteer information from time to time. There were several touch exhibits and a play area for younger kiddos. Went on a Monday morning and it was moderately busy, so I would recommend a weekday. Bathrooms left a little to be desired, but weren't the worst I've ever seen. Definitely would recommend a visit.

Chantel Durivage

It was fantastic. Thought it was set up more like a museum then an aquarium. Enjoyed the sharks and penguin. But didn't see any dolphins, that was upsetting.

Minire Seferaj

This is my 3rd time here. Took my oldest daughter and grand daughter. It's such a beautiful Aquarium with wonderful and knowledgeable Aquarium keepers. Definitely recommend to all families.

Jedi McHam

A fun experience! Nice exhibits and several that are interactive makes this worth the trip. You also get to touch a variety of creatures. The see through floors and the rope walk over the shark tank were great! Yes, it's safe. Responsibly priced to enter. I would upgrade to a seasonal pass for $17 more if lived nearby. They have lots of hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the facility. They have an on-site cafeteria but outside of the building there are lots of restaurants.

Rachel Angerer

We had a wonderful time visiting the aquarium! Fun for our young child.

Bo Alstoft

I love going to this aquarium. It is easy to get in and out with a great parking garage. Lots of restaurants with a variety of food beverages. The aquarium (kind of) forces you to go through a dedicated path offering a broad variety of displays with well written and interesting facts. Enjoyed the experience and went back twice the past year with family and friends. Great for the whole family!

Sandy Nagy

If you are a breeder and want to let your spawn run amok and scream loudly through tunnels, this is the place for you. They seriously need to have more staff or better parents because my ears are ringing and I got ran into for 2 hours. Staff and animals are awesome though!

Greg Mosley

The aquarium was pretty cool, we paid the $7 to valet park. It's right next to a lot of restraunts which was nice.

rich thomp

We had a great time at Newport Aquarium today. We may seek out a way to come back and volunteer. The cast members are helpful and knowledgeable. They seem to enjoy their job.

Daryl Perpignan

Fun for the entire family. Especially the coloring section that turns your child's drawing into a real fish that is shown on the television screen monitor type device. Or selfies from parents phones.

Emily Nolan

Nice aquarium! Great displays and interesting animals. Friendly staff does a great job interpreting. We enjoyed our visit! The shark bridge is pretty overrated though.

pat hughes

Great aquarium! Super place to visit with your family. All kinds of sea life to see and interact with. If you get there early enough you can see them clean the habitats and feed the animals. I would advise you to get your tickets online. Will make things a lot easier. They have a play area for the kids, gift shop, rope bridge, and touching station. So much to do.

William Johnson

I had been meaning to visit here for ages, and was not disappointed! The staff was very friendly and competent; providing help and information when needed. The exhibits are well maintained and quite amazing sometimes. I can't say enough about how friendly an environment this for friend and family to visit.

Wendy Luby

This is an amazing aquarium experience! The exhibits are impressive, animals are active, the facility is beautiful, staff is friendly, and it has a lot for both children and adults. It's worth every bit of the price.

Eva Borho

My son loves going here. I wish they had more plant-based options on their menu. I time our trip to eat when we get home so it doesn't become an issue.

Raghav Ayyamani

Was the first aquarium I took my toddler to . He really had fun watching everything and running around. has a good selection of sea animals. Loved spending time here . Has a restaurant and a gift shop if you are hungry . Had a really nice time . The place isn't too big ,not too small either.

Tammy Richardson Jones

You don't have to be a child to love going to see all the different fish, sharks and my favorite, the

Stephanie Carson

Worth the drive. Price is good compared to other aquariums. Good selection of sea creatures. Being able to touch the animals was a good experience

Jennie K

Love this place!!! Can't wait to go again. Fun for both children and adults. Lovely upper end gift selection on the way out as well.

Brandon Feusner

A perfect family outing... Long enough to give you and your kids plenty of lasting memories of your underwater adventure yet short enough that the little ones don't lose interest and you can still do other activities during the day. You can easily go through the aquarium in an hour or two but a second trip through will make you realize follow must you missed. There is a great mixture of both freshwater and saltwater fish. The are a ton of hands on activities including a touch tank door invertebrates and coral, a stingray touch tank and a shark touch tank. The exhibits are very educational for visitors of all ages. There is a fabulous play place area for visitors under 12 years old. Overall it is a great value for a quick trip through a quality aquarium.


Fabulous! Not only do the individual tanks display the original habitat, but the beautiful, colorful creatures come from all over the world. It would be impossible to glean all the information on just one visit. Very kid friendly, also. Enjoyed the "touching stations" and so did all the families that were present.

Jenna Stoia

We loved going. They did a mermaid show which our daughter just loved. She did a high five with her through the glass. She is 3 and very interested in ocean life and they have some hands on activities and shows that she enjoyed. For $3 you can feed stingrays. The spider crab, octopus, and jellies were some of her favorites.


This was a lot of fun. It was not overly expensive. There was a gorgeous view of the river outside and when we went inside it had a lot to do. The tunnels were my favorite part of it and I even tried the shark bridge. There is a huge mural on the side that made a nice spot for a photograph and plenty of stores and food places nearby to make a day of it.

Alison Sampley

We visit the aquarium at least once a year and always have a great time! It is beautiful and clean. It sits right on the river and the view is beautiful. Also sits in a shopping center with stores all around. We love the candy store that hands out free fudge samples. Would recommend this aquarium to anyone!

David Dyer II

I was amazed by this Aquarium! From the outside it looks small but there is so much to see and do here. The shark exhibit and walk are amazing. The penguins are so cute. You could just sit and watch them for hours. We will definitely be back.

Red Wahl

The Newport Aquarium is absolutely AMAZING!!! Whether you are 2 or 90 you are going to enjoy yourself... What I love most about the aquarium is the amount of effort all of the employees give to not just your kids, but the adults as well. I have a 2 and 10 year old and it's so nice to be able to take them both to the same place and know neither of them will have a bad time or become bored. Thanks so much to all of you for making my 2 year old daughter beam from ear to ear. You all are amazing!

trollY Troll

I loved it here and we're planning on going back real soon. I think I may have enjoyed it more than the kids!! Great place for all ages!!

Charlie Rose

Multiple underwater tunnels let you get incredibly close to the action - and feel incredibly small next to some of the aquarium's bigger creatures. All of the petting attractions are exciting and fun at any age. Anyone will feel like a kid again elbow deep in the petting tanks, or waist-deep in the viewing bubbles.

Jason Harris

A must see for everyone. Was awe struck for a couple hours by the picture window at the end. Lots of cool sea life here.

Shannon M

This is an outstanding place to visit! If you have the opportunity to purchase tickets to the Penguin Encounter, please do! It was a wonderful experience interacting with the Penguins in a small group. We got to pet them and watch them interact with each other and the amazing tour guides! We also got a picture with a penguin! It's a must see!

Cody Westcott

Very fun aquarium. Staff was friendly and informative. The exhibits seemed well kept up and the animals looked healthy. It took my wife and I about 1 1/2 hours to go through. There was plenty of stuff to do for kids as well. I wish they had a few more exhibits, however. It's not the biggest aquarium I've been to. Still, it's a great way to spend an afternoon in Cincinnati. Well worth the price!

Luke Pope

A wonderful place for children. I have been here several times and have a great time each time. Could use some changes just to keep it fresh, but over all a great place.

Sherry Strawn

Lots to see and do. This place is fun for all ages. We can't wait to go back.

Dennis Wells

Lots of interesting sea life with all kinds of knowledgeable staff. No long lines and many nice people. The surrounding area is loaded with tasty places to visit. Only misfortune of the day was losing my nice Ray-Ban shades!

Ethan Deneski

Went for the first time ever, for my daughter it was her 3rd time. All around it was great, well staffed, informative (not in a boring way), alot of sights to see and plenty for all ages to do. Great family outing

Charles Pickrell

There is a wide variety of marine animals. The staff are enthusiastic about explaining various aspects of marine life and very tolerant of children. I enjoyed my visit very much.

Tammy Fulps

We went with our daughter and grandson who is 7 months old. What a beautiful place for young and old eyes to explore! The underwater walkways are just awesome and the touch pools are perfect for interactive learning.

Josh Clark

Great for a few hours getaway when visiting the river cities. We went on a 100 degree day so the A/C was a nice break but the aquarium was packed. I felt more like I was being herded than trying to learn and look. It is very clean, has plenty of facilities, and the exhibits are pretty interesting. It's a little on the expensive side but the overhead to operate has to be outrageous so I don't mind.

Norma Isaacs

My grand son's first trip to the aquarium he absolutely loved it he was super excited,employees were really nice and helpful with our questions. We will definitely be going back

Stacey Roberts

This place was great! My kids loved it and I had a great time too!

April Van Hooser

This place is awesome! Family friendly, educational and PLENTY of places to eat around.

Pam Osborn

Fun time. Reasonable priced with coupons from groupon. The best part about the visit was feeding the sting rays.

Wm Ao

Newport aquarium was a nice experience. Frankly, I think Toledo Zoo has a better aquarium at a much lower cost. I would give it a 4-star due to extensive sea life exhibits but take away 1-star because I spent $100 on a family of four (two young children and two adults) so not a great value. But the Newport river front is a nice place to hangout for the day.

Jennifer Szczesniak

The jellyfish are mesmerizing. The animals all look well tended to. I liked the tunnels and the clear floors in places. There's a lot to see, many different types of fish and other animals that live near the water.

Rachelle Price

Really cool place we did the overnight and the small crowd is worth the price.

Samantha t

I like the exhibits but so many people you couldn't move to actually see half of them I went on a Sunday . I would recommend going during the week

Wyatt Schroeder

One of, if not the best aquarium I have ever visited. The staff was extremely kind and helpful, the exhibits were very clean and informative, and the diversity of life was amazing. Also, I love the sheer number of interactive exhibits! The little girl I took here had a lovely time petting sharks and Ray's, then getting a manicure from cleaner shrimp. A must visit in the Cincinnati/Newport area.

Will Butler

Wonderful day. Everyone in the building was excited about what was around the next corner. So many different faces. One big happy family. All smiles,all day ☺️

Linsi Locks

My 3 year old son loved the fish. Decent aquarium. Good size.

Kristy Gilbert

We always have a good time when we are able to visit. My son really liked the shrimp cleaning stations. I kind of wish they had more than one.

Josh Schuler

Great family time. Wish there were better food at a better price. The lighting in the tunnels gave me a headache and dizziness that I had to take a break from. I had a very slight allergic reaction (hand swelling and itching) to one of the petting tanks. Did not know I had a shellfish allergy before this.

Jeff Mahle

Great place. Lots of exotic fish. Not a bad walk thru. Not long, places to set down. Information at each location explaining fish in tanks. Staff was great!


This place is awesome. 2 kids loved it. We have year passes. They change things up often so its always cool to go check out what they have going on. Pretty sure I like it more than they do.

Matt Starmack

This is pur favorite stop when we head to the Cincinnati area. We love it so much that we bought season passes, since we head that way every few months. It's hard to say what is our favorite part, the giant shark viewing area or the manta ray tube.


So many touch tanks! Parking is max $5 for the day. Pretty easy to navigate and the have a cool array of species. Frogs, sharks, fish, penguins, lizards, and white alligators. A lot of amazonian species. The large shark tank is cool too, which you pass by multiple times. You go through tunnels and and can even walk across the shark tank on a rope bridge. The food smelled good, but I didn't have any. It's also in a really nice area on the Newport Levee. There is also lots of cool stuff at the gift shop and you can also buy penguin paintings that the penguin at the aquarium have made.

Tyler Harris

This was a great aquarium. The facilities were very presentable with information and pleasing displays on all the animals. They made it easy for kids to see and there were several interactive areas. I really enjoyed the experience here, only downsides were the parking is tricky and the whole thing is a bit expensive. Overall, a very fun afternoon.

Tari Grant

My grand daughter loves

Kingdom Media Group NKY

Always clean, and easy to get through. My children love this place. It’s just the amount of attention span they have to get through it all.

Tony Mullins

Night place with a large selection of marine life. Super crowded and I was only informed they were closing early after a 30 minute wait in line. Once I got to the ticket office the person told me they were closing at 4pm instead of the usual time. It would have been nice for me to know this before the long wait. Also no discount on the price...a small discount of the short day would have made things seem better.

Chris Pyle

Was a great place to visit with my wife several years ago but now is absolutely wonderful to go to with my little girl. Highly recommended. Will certainly be returning.

Phyllis Workman

My 2 year loved it. Just too watch his face with the mermaids. Though they are over priced for 2 year olds. They should be free too age 4. It cost $19.00 for 2-12.

Kris Klosterman

Our family gets a membership here each year. Always friendly staff and beautiful aquatic animals. Cafe had decent food too. Definitely a stop if your visiting.

nicole borgerding

My mom and I had so much fun on mothers day. We got a tour of the behind the scenes and it was really fun. The staff was engaging and funny they were also very knowledgable and answered any questions we had.

Subramanian Narayanan

Good aquarium. Sharks, Stingrays, tortoise, sea horses etc. You will need 1.5 hours to spend meaningfully. $27 is entry fee.


We have been twice once with our daughter and the second without. Children of all ages love to interact with sealife. We loved taking our time going through each section. Yes section. Be sure to embrace the being down under.

L Jens

This place is awesome! Great for the little ones, plenty to see and plenty of room for them to roam (if they become bored easy). The staff members were friendly and informative. The place was well kept, admission prices are reasonable and there is cheap parking right nearby (about 1 block away)!

Shyanna Kelly

We went as a large group. 11 of us. We had 4 kids, 2 strollers. It was a ton of fun and the kids LOVED it. We sat down to eat inside and the food was great. Wonderful adventure for all ages. Our youngest was 5 months and the oldest person was early 50s.

Tracy Ricketts

Newport Aquarium is great! It is a but pricey to get in, but there is stuff for both kids and adults. I love walking under the water tunnels with the fish and sharks swimming overhead. Definitely a must see!

Sierra King

Decent aquarium with a somewhat wide variety of fresh and saltwater. Definitely more fresh and local than anything else. Ongoing construction during open hours. Highly accessible. Used a free wheelchair the entire visit. They require collateral to be put down, but do allow you to take the wheelchair to the parking garages.

Andy Foust

Great experience. We did the behind the scenes tour as well as the Penguin Encounters and had a great time.

Alicia Hart

A great time for adults and children! Staff is always incredibly friendly and helpful. This is my third time going; second time as an adult. Love it!

Talitha Wimberly

We had a GREAT time and the children were SUPER excited to go. They loved the sharks and rays and the Splash and Bubbles play area was a great place for them to get some excitement out of their system.

Joshua Zech

This aquarium was so much fun. Had a few spots where you could touch the animals on exhibit. Had fun trying to find all the poison frogs in the display. Found some reasonably priced coffee mugs in the gift shop.

Mr. Standafer

So awesome , I'll never forget my visit. So clean and there were actually fish and other types of creatures like lizards and turtles. Super cool. Kinda hard to figure out how to get there let alone in the building, but once you pay too much for parking it's a great place. You'll love it here.


I am so impressed with this aquarium. It is so beautiful and well done. I have been to a ton of aquariums and this one is at the top of my list! I agree with some other reviews that it is a bit small, but once you start looking, they have a great variety and usually it is hard to see it all anyway. If you are anywhere nearby, I recommend a visit. But, I also recommend planning a visit to this city. It is a hidden gem.

Sandi Brown

Easy to purchase advance tickets online. Ample parking. Most of the exhibits and the inhabitants look pretty healthy. Nice variety of fish, aquatic animals and reptiles. Several touch tanks: anemones and rays. Other activities like face painting plus there is a play area for the kids to run off steam. Very kid friendly. Lots of photo ops and ways to make memories. I’m a grandmother and I appreciate any family oriented venue. However, I think this is too closed a space for strollers. There needs to be stroller parking and stroller etiquette enforced. Parking your twin sized stroller in front of an already crowded touch tank is rude. Best to be there first thing they open. It gets crowded.

Roger Kind

If you have children or grandchildren and love ocean life, this is a great place to learn about aquatic and marine life and their habitats ! A lot of hands on, story telling and up close experiences ! A+ !


Numerous walk-through tunnels allow a personal experience with rare sea animals. If you get the discounted tickets (Kroger), it is well worth the money and time to go. Great experiences that would be hard to find any where else.

John Galt

Live mermaids for pictures, inside displays and for demonstrations? I didn't see a young girl that wasn't absolutely thrilled! Plenty of seating in between exhibits, plenty of handwashing and sanitizing stations. Educational exercises were found everywhere. Great job by all of those working to keep this gem functional and presentable.

Sarah McFarland

We took the kids for their birthdays. Had no clue you were buying tickets for "shows". We had to wait 2 hours to be able to get in cause there were no more tickets for the time we were there. They said its to keep the place drom over crowding. was still over crowded. Hardly any room to enjoy the exhibits. And with the massive crowd, you are basically pushed down the line. Was able to catch glimpses of stuff. The albino gators were cool, as well as being able to pet the stingrays. But that was it. $100 wasted in my opinion

Jim Wright

We liked our visit to the Newport aquarium. It was a little crowded on the Saturday we attended. But we never had to wait in line and we could still travel at our own speed throughout the facility. Some really cool animals. And we liked that there were other places to visit as well as the Ohio riverfront. I would recommend this place

Chriztal Hall

We love the aquarium. It's amazing and backstage was awesome. We really enjoyed it and recommend the backstage tour.

Crucial Pluto

Loved the aquarium and so did my kids (8,13,14) we had a great time. The only thing is we had to backtrack thru the sharks to go back and see the frogs. It was great overall and I would recommend it!!

Travel with Tia

Had a good time at this place. The first best thing is that the place had a good basement parking that makes things lot easier. Sharks, fishes, turtle, stingrays, other replies and sea creatures. We loved walking over the bridge. This place has a play area for the kids, good for parents to take a break.

Michael Payne

Love bringing my 9 month old here, she loves to look at all of the fish and other animals!! Wish I could give it a five star review but the one breast feeding area they have is in refurbished janitors closet without any ventilation. Today the lock was broken and I had to stand outside to insure no one walked in.

Luisa Gonzalez

We had so much fun at the Mermaid and Pirates day! The employees are really great they all deserve a raise.

Michelle Porter

We love this place! Got a yearly membership which paid for itself in 2-3 visits. Well worth it.

Eric Hilyard

Very cool exhibits. Fairly clean and friendly atmosphere. Young man was doing a demonstration on crocodilians and he did a wonderful job, very informative.

Marina Faulkner

Had a great time here! Had no wait time to enter and got through in about 2hours. We frequent aquariums and I saw many new species here. Paid parking garage a little hard to find if not familiar with area but very convenient once parked.

Maggie Benefiel

We took our two year old today and here’s our review; The bad- lots of people with kids of course and it is incredibly hard to maneuver a stroller or even walk comfortably through the exhibits because there is just not enough space. 2yrs is a little too little because there’s not enough space for them to experience without being held or in a stroller and play area is too big for 2yr olds. The good- very refreshing to see each exhibit offered plenty of space and vegetation for the marine life, lots of different species, restrooms were clean, food was pricey but decent, buy the souvenir cup- you refill for free all day. Was cool to watch a diver feed the fish, see the mermaid in the tank with them and get to pet sharks. Exhibits seemed to be well kept and staff were all friendly and the staff that interacted with guests seemed to really enjoy their job. Finally, the gift shop is upon exit which is nice, very pricey, but a good variety of souvenirs.

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