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REVIEWS OF Picasso Exotic Aquatics IN Kansas

donna reno

Service wasn't good... parking wasn't good... selection of fish was cool...

Geebs19 Geebs19

You may want to have someone pay more attention to your frag tank. Hair algae and aptasia on every frag? When I buy coral I shouldn’t have to scrub it for aptasia or be worried about introducing it to the tank. Can’t adjust the light so that I can see it under normal conditions instead of bluest blue. I couldn’t even tell what color the hammers were. I had a buy one get one free frag coupon and that will be going in the trash. Half your fish in the wall tanks look sickly and are losing color. Will stay with my go to LFS.

Maribel Vargas

Friendly staff and amazing fish! Loved it!


I gotta say it is incredibly refreshing and long overdue to see a shop promoting proper betta care. In addition to that this shop has a wide and beautiful array of very healthy salt and freshwater fish. They also have tons of beautiful driftwood and rocks. Some solid basic supplies can be found in the back. Definitely will be back when my tank is cycled!

Kayla Johnson

Brautiful place. Went to see if they had axolotls for sale. Sadly, when I went they were sold out. But I was thrilled to know they carry them there! Will be returning sometime soon to purchase!

Christina Cox

We fell in love with this place and this fish!

Offie Morris

goble ramsey

2nd time i've been here in two weeks where none of the staff would offer help. 4 staff stocking tanks and shelves and two other customers other than myself, no offer for assistance. It's a shop plain and simple, one shouldn't have to ask for assistance. It should be offered. If you can bear waiting they'll probably notice you after 15 minutes or so. I wouldn't know, I left after 10 minutes of waiting.

victoria fanning

Seth Brummer

Not the cleanest or best organized. Some unique stuff but pricey. Best things there are the complete tanks that they sell stocked and setup.

_ Amoo _

Great experience and very helpful with instructions.

Sooriya Neerukonda

the collection maintenance is really good.. But expensive !

Courtney Hudon

Jerry Gentry Jr

Cool looking store!!

James McIntyre

Arieyeh Austin

200% mark up on equipment and fish. Sham. Clean, but unethical pricing. Be careful.

Jon Penn

Kristopher Williams

Overpriced fish. Beautiful tanks.

More Tank More Problems

Don't listen to the clowns saying that this place is "not overpriced!" Odds are, the people commenting these are the owners and people that work there. Hands down this place is the most overpriced store in town. Let me give you a break down. I call in search of some mid-grade designer clowns. (Nothing crazy, I'm talking regular Snowflake ocellaris'.) This is a fish that would max out around $40 anywhere, maybe even cheaper, all depends on size. The guy on the phone tells me those are $97!! Your joking right dude? I can go 10 miles north to Reef Rack and get a ORA PREMIUM Snowflake for $75... y'all are a bunch of crooks. I'm glad I called in advance before driving all that way, acting as if anyone there would help anyway. Long story short is don't give business to people that are knowing taking advantage of everyone. Do your research and look around, you will find way better prices anywhere else.

Jennifer Reed

I am a first time fish buyer. Both the employees spent no less than an hour helping me and answering questions and I was not making a large purchase. They're just really nice and knowledgeable. Very refreshing!

Michelle First

Great selection of fish and quality aquarium lighting! Tanks are all clean and staff is very helpful!

Josh C

Nice shop. Not helpful staff!

Teawna Bell

This was NOT what I expected. We drove from Omaha, NE and came to visit this store looking for a unique set-up as well as some supplies. We were never greeted in the store and the young man behind the counter/desk never acknowledged us as we patiently waited for him to conclude his phone call. I WOULD NEVER patron a place like this! Please learn to treat your clientele with due respect!!! I believe the young man's name was Matt as I was informed upon my departure by another employee from the back of the store. NEVER AGAIN!

matthew kroeker

great location , great people , great displays. 5 stars all day

Dustin Minnick

A bunch of fresh and salt water fish. Lots of coral too.

Charles Fraga

Rachel Howe

Phil Hayden

Very welcoming and knowledge staff.They allowed our son to interact and explore.Well worth the trip.

Matthew Heiser

Nathan Eckman

Great service, kind staff, and quality products

Luke Austin

Displays were well done!

Tristan wellz

I love Picasso, easily one of the best fish stores. Don't listen to any of those people who say it's over priced, it's only a few bucks higher for fish there, and they definitely are really good at keeping the tanks and taking care of the fish. I have bought many fish from petco, petsmart, and Picasso and out of all of them Picasso was the best.


Way over priced on everything! Great location, great layout, very clean, but not a place for the average enthusiast.... Don't waste your time shopping for fish or aquarium supplies, you will be ripped off.


Tresa Newmann

My experience with this business is they do not care about you, or the problems they make for you. They only care about you spending money at their store. This stems straight from the owners... 99% of you would not shop there if you met them. In the store it's no better, they employ unhelpful teenagers that do not know the first thing about customer service and the arrogant technicians never get back with you. This business is not helpful only pricey. What a disappointment.

Jaylee Williams

Love this place

anil kumar

Tyler Wingo

This was an amazing place very fun you can even buy there display setups this is a very good place to go to just look at fish.

Juan Carlos Rozasatti

Dan helped us out a lot!! He was very knowledgeable and patient with my wife and I as we explained to him what we wanted. He was easy to understand and follow. Gave extra tips and tidbits that were very helpful! Thanks Dan! Beautiful store-definitely will be back.

TJ Hart

I stopped in looking for some plants for my betta tank. Went home with some java fern and flame moss; unfortunately, the flame moss didn’t work out, but the java fern looks great. The store is beautiful, and I intend to stop back in soon for some supplies. The fish are gorgeous, and I know where to get my future fish now.

Robin Zsóder

Stephanie Jones

Best fish store around

Juliet Cox

Sales associates are very friendly and knowledgeable. I put in a request for a fish that typically sells for 45$. Drove 3 hours to pick the fish up and they price listed it at 80$ knowing that they already had a buyer. Not looking for a deal but out right over charging a customer is bad business. Won't be using them for my aquarium fish or supplies.

Jasd Fasd

Overpriced does not begin to describe this store. The owner of this store clearly has no issue ripping people off for his/her product and preying on the inexperienced salt water fish owner. Let me give you some examples. 40 dollars for an ocerllaris clown fish. 87 dollars for a small dog faced puffer. 90 dollars for a small Stars and Stripes. 157 dollars for a medium fox face. 79 dollars for a sand sifter blenny. Avoid this place like the plague, they only seek to rip you off.

Lateria Ashley

Jennifer McDonald

Brooke Pace

Ya ain't know nothin' bout keepin' fish til ya step inside the only true aquarium hobbyist shop in the KC area. Aside from the immensely knowledgeable staff and high end stock, the store itself is a gallery of freshwater and saltwater displays. Definitely my favorite place to visit in KC, I recommend it to hobbyists all across the state. ✨✌️

David Martin

Alexzander Hansen

best fish store near me

Julius Brown Jr.

Jonathan Peter

They have a wide range of fishes and marine plants. Was in kansas for business for few days and came to know about Picasso's from a colleague. Went there to check out some plants and corals for my aquarium. Is you have any concerns or need some ideas, Dan is your man. He helped me out in selecting the best for my aquarium and the fishes. He has a good knowledge of Marine creatures and ecosystem. The plants look beautiful in the aquarium and if be visiting Kansas I'm defiantly gonna visit Picasso again.

Cody VanDeest

Great selection of fresh and salt water fish with knowledgeable staff.

Jarred V

Jordon Filbeck

Gotta have deep pockets to shop here.

Gunner Kelley

Tammy Yurco

Over priced! We did a cute little goby here.

Aaron Rhoades

Dan is the man! He is truly passionate about aquatic life and keeping them alive and happy! Excellent selection of beautiful fish, corals and aquariums! Keep it up and expand this outstanding customer service at future locations!

ansu g

Customer service is very poor. The tank we bought from them was damaged because of a leak. They keep telling they will replace the stand but it's been close to an year and now they donot even return my calls. Very disappointing. I am never buying anything from them again.


Workers look at you but don't even acknowledge you.

Jaxon Meller

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by the store. I bought 2 corals and a cardinal fish. The corals are stunning but the fish isn’t so much. It has an eye missing which I was told was not a problem. It hasn’t ate for over a week now and is dying It was a $45 dollar fish.

Brian Stafford

Poor selection. Dirty tanks. Way overpriced for only marginal stock. Nice staff though.

Dynamic Mastermind

Great place

Jonathan Mugmon

First visit; as I am new to town from Florida and own a large salt tank. My sons and I were never greeted. We called in advance to confirm they had the parts. They did not have all the parts and they ones they did have were used or non-complete. Drove 30-minutes home empty-handed. Will not return.

Brian Stokes

Beautiful tanks, knowledgeable staff, reasonably priced & healthy freshwater fish.

Joe Lynch

All of the bad reviews about bad customer service must be true. Do not expect the courtesy of having your email returned. That's not a bad thing as I found another company that wanted my business.

Roshan Sawant

Took few awesome fishes today. They look great and I am loving them. But I am so heart broken with the shopping experience. Picasso being such a upscale place I was expecting better shop management. My friends and I liked a fish tank setup which was marked at a particular price. We were all excited to get that fish tank and started shopping for other related accessories. Only to find out during the billing time that fish take set was priced 4 times the actual price it was marked at. We all spent freaking 2hrs deciding on what fish to buy and which decor to go with and that fish tank set was all the time in front of their own employees. And we were the only customers in that whole wide shop. Still for 2 hrs no one told that the label price for which that fish tank is displayed for is not the actual price. Infact we were misguided multiple times that all of the set is included in the deal. And all of this was sweeped below the carpet at the end by giving some random reasons by their employees. They can't even admit it was their mistake and they didn't apologize for it. I am giving one star only for the awesome fishes we got. Will make sure I or my friends never visit this shop again.

Stacey Rorabaugh

Casey Copeland

Big fan of the layout of the store. Best maintenance in town and great location close to my home.


I always have a wonderful experience I could look at the fish and corals for hours, all the fish they have there are extremely healthy and fairly priced, not once have I gone in there to look at or buy fish and leave having questions, they have knowlegable staff that will go out of there way to help answer any questions you might have. I can't wait to go back and see whats new.

Kathy Watson

The staff is beyond exceptional. Place is beautiful great quality fish.

Machaleah Redburn

Nick Alexander

Knowledgeable staff, very large selection. They also offer on-site tank maintenance services. Be prepared to pay a little above other stores but it's worth it to deal with professionals.

Jeff M

Staff is not helpful! Would not recommend!

Josh Haug

Lindsey Burt

Beautiful fish, lots of salt water fish. So many to look at and also to buy. I love this place and if your a fish lover go visit here, you won't regret it.

Nick H.

Jeremy W.

Stopped in to look at some fish and supplies. Beautiful store and very helpful staff. Will definitely return.

Megan Chapman

Red Rose

This place is awesome

Trock Axenbone

Jennifer Hilt

Christie Ramsey

Wow! We just went in here for fun and ended up having a very pleasing experience. I am a novice aquriast, and they were very helpful. They were not condescending just because I am not an expert. They also offer maintainance if you are not a DIYer. They have little and large tanks. They will sell you just the tank or the display set ups. They had both fresh and salt water fish, and the place was immaculate!

Katie Olsen

Godryck Rhodes

Over priced, Have horrible supply. Staff knows nothing. I would like to say its a wanna be aquatic store.

Renee Jones

Ryan Chaffee

Great variety of beautiful fresh and saltwater fish and inverts. Though a bit expensive if you're aiming to not spend too much money.

Billy Vinton

Alex Strawder

Went on 10/26. Dan was very helpful and knowledgeable. I've been going there for years. If you want fish and fish advice, go ask them!

Avery Bell

Aaron 33

It is really neat with lots of cool fish

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