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2030 Central St, Kansas City, MO 64108

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REVIEWS OF Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop IN Kansas

Edward Drawde

A+ thai food, friendly service every time, cozy atmosphere, and crab rangoon to live for. Plus fun decor. One of my favorite eateries in KC.

Sarah Evans

Always love Lulu's. Something for everyone, our kids love the bubble teas, crab Rangoon, and fried rice. We of course love the noodles.

Christa MB

Had Pad Thai with chicken, which I assume should be their signature dish. It was flavorless, mostly rice noodles, a few peanuts and scallions. Even my kids who usually like bland plain rice did not eat anything but the tofu from it. The waitress was nice but not particularly helpful. She did not offer us drinks other than water and I found out later, they were included in the price of the kids meals. She also said the rice side was too small to share, so we ordered 3 of them at $1.50 each and they were huge bowls so kids each had leftovers. They ate the rice and threw away the pad Thai. Total lunch was $40 without drinks and we left very unsatisfied. Nothing specifically bad, just nothing worth paying for. Overall a bland experience. I won't be returning.

Nicole Dick

Excellent pad Thai with tofu. Good kids meals and yellow curry, too.

Emily Gabbert

Hard to park, but the noodles were delicious

Matt Kenyon

Can't EVER go wrong with this place. Service incredible, menu incredible and drinks incredible! Highly recommend!

Jason Dunn

Best Pad Thai in KC hands down!

Amy Jacoby

Really good food, recommend the tempura veggie as an appetizer, entree either the Thai Cashew Chicken or Rainbow peanut noodles

Nathaniel Thomas

Great place and great food. In and out with efficiency.

Rob Roudebush

I was introduced to Lulu's by a colleague of mine several months ago and feel it is a very cool eatery. Their crab rangooon are very tasty and made from scratch. The curries are great and I don't know anyone who has been disappointed. Great sake bombs as well.

Kevin Curtin

Great food, good proportions and bartender was fun and cool.

Stephen Thirkell

Excellent portions and tasty food. Had the wild mushroom red curry with Steak. Excellent value too.

Kaleidoscope Kenya

Super helpful Lin can help you order from pictures she is the best,she is also training someone doing a damn good job going over everything step by step

Elizabeth Foster

Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop is God's gift to earth. I love this place, and it is my favorite Thai restaurant in KC! They have a delicious vegetarian menu, and I always have great service! The all you can drink water is tough to beat, but the Yellow Curry and Drunken Noodles do the job!

JP Williams

I kept finding myself saying, "This is the best I've had in my life". Seriously. LuLus Rolls were amazing. The Drunken Noodles are out of sight. Everything was just awesome. Highly recommend.

Alvin Merz

Great atmosphere. Good food. I got the pad thai. My family enjoyed the potstickers. A little pricey but pretty good overall. Our waitress was nice as well.

Maddie Reddick

I visited on a snowy night. I arrived less than an hour before closing and felt bad about it. The staff was incredibly patient and helpful. They have a menu that accomodated my partners celiacs. My food arrived quick. It was super fresh and delicious. My wait-human was rad. If you haven't visited it!

Brian Hazeltine

With a straightforward menu and contemporary atmosphere, LuLu's feels like a noodle shop on the West Coast. Enjoy dishes that cater to every palate with options to suit even more. Lulu's is an easy place to grab a quick bite for work or for fun, and the service never disappoints.

Bill Carnes

The Pad Thai was the worst I've ever had. I ordered 4 orders through grub hub last weekend when I was in town with 3 friends and we literally threw it in the trash and went to eat BBQ at Q39. It was unbelievable that people give this place such a great rating when the food was absolutely inedible. I am still in awe thinking about this 2 days later.

Eric Dethamphaivan

The restaurant has a fun interior design. The Eggrolls are incredible and crunchy, but the banh mi was a little sad and the bread was a little cold and chewy. Overall it's a really nice place with a lot of great sounding dishes soon the menu. Definitely gotta go back.

Toni Forrester

Best noodle shop ever. I cannot say enough about their curry coconut chicken dish. It’s to die for

G. Joseph McLiney

This is a very popular spot, but I found the noodles a bit bland. I'll return and give it another try, but would recommend a great many other Thai restaurant s over Lulu's I'm very sorry to say. The service was outstanding.

Jim Foster

Tasty Thai food, good desserts. Staff is friendly. My wife and I enjoyed our evening there.

Steve Roberts

Food was top notch! Fresh, hot, & great textures. The sampler plate was one of the best we've ever had. Meals were served mild, medium, spicy, or blazing but even the mild had a nice, gentle kick. Service was excellent - we are definitely coming back.

John Potter

It was ok, not the best we’ve had nor the worst. It was nice to try but most of us didn’t even finish our dishes as we weren’t that impressed

Jeannie McDermott

We love LuLu's and are so happy to have the one on County Line Road, which is close to where we live and is the more comfortable pleasant venue of their two locations. We have been to other Thai restaurants in KC area and none compares in taste or in freshness of their dishes.

Alison Currie

Lulu’s is our go-to restaurant for date night and client meetings. Everyone we bring here is impressed. The atmosphere and location are great. The food is delicious. We’ve tried most of the menu at this point and nothing has disappointed. The beef jantaboon is always a hit. The only bummer is the parking situation, though they do validate at the nearby parking garage if you spend enough.

Mel tha Mann

Great food and service. The waitress (with the pink hair) was very nice and professional. Made me feel really comfortable. The food and the sake were amazing. I will definitely be back next year.

David Koehler II

Polite staff, and good food

Deborah Castillo

Fabulous food and service!!

Zaira Guerra

We came for the first time and most likely last time, the rainbow noodles I ordered were definitely not fresh, they were mushy and the tofu was kind of dry. My husband's fried rice was fine a little over cook as well. When we ordered we got our food super fast (within 10 min) so may be the food was already sitting there ... idk I wasn't impressed with our food I've had better noodles.

Moe Butler

Food is amazing! Crab fried rice is incredible.

Tim Walsh

Good service and a menu that has something for everyone. I’ve been many times and always enjoy the experience.

Brock Foley

The food I had was good. Maybe not super Thai but I am not an expert. Just a guy who likes Thai curries and was not super impressed by what they had to offer. The ginger chicken was good mind you. Look this is good food and good priced lunch special but. Idk. Maybe it is because I have a favorite Thai place that this one did not match up to, but. It just was not my favorite.

Barry Powell

Great Thai food. Always consistent. Great service.

Charlie Bourgeois

Lulu’s is pretty good. I’ve been inside a few times but mostly get carry out. Drunken noodles are outstanding as is just about everything else. You can taste the freshness of the veggies. Also, they have some of the best egg rolls I’ve ever eaten.

Robert Castillo

Today was the first time I'd had Lulu's in months. The last time I had the Pad Se Ew and "underwhelmed" is the word I remember. Today I ordered the Wild Mushroom Curry. Perhaps they're struggling financially, because the bowls were so extremely small for the portion I was given. This made eating the dish uncomfortable, as the insertion of my utensil displaced the food so much it nearly spilled over every time. This small bowl also made it so the food, which was served way too hot (temperature, not spice), was unable to cool off from lack of surface area. On top of this, the tofu pieces were large awkward rectangles, right in that grey area where you question if it was meant to be eaten in one or two bites. Finally, when the food was cool enough and I could eat my way through, I discovered the under-proportioned rice hiding at the bottom of the dish (as opposed to being served as a side which is traditional of curry dishes). I write such a detailed description because I want the establishment to know how to improve. When Thai spots like Baramee and KoKo Thai are popping up, Lulu's has got to do something to stay competitive in the KC Thai game.

Sean Stumpf

Very plentiful in the proteins for all their dishes and taste great! Also, no durian is allowed into the restaurant!?! Seems to be a funny joke/tribute to Thailand by the owner. It was a nice touch and almost made me feel like i was back in Thailand when I approached the door. If you are unaware, no durian signs are everywhere in Thailand. It's a very stinky fruit that smells like rotten eggs, but is also enjoyed by most. That said it's should be left out of public spaces out if respect for everyone else that is not eating it. With that in mind, go here! Pretty authentic experience all the way around!

Elizabeth Sell

The rainbow peanut noodles are heavenly <3

Lily Sappington

I’m not one to complain, but this place is highly priced so if I can save some people some money I will. The service is okay and the food is very hit or miss. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not. Tonight my server gave me the wrong entree (no biggy she fixed it fast) but when she brought me out the right food it was missing a lot of the vegetables that the menu said it had. This was disappointing because I got the dish mainly due to the selection of veggies the menu said it would have. It was also disappointing because if I’m paying almost 15$ for noodles I’d like them to get it right.


Great tai place cool atmosphere food came fast and was pretty good

Paul Kosmas

Delicious and fresh Thai spot with generous portions and reasonable pricing. Friendly staff and warm, mildly hip atmosphere. One minor thing to note, I ordered Hot (3 peppers) on the Blazing Wok Bowl (very tasty!) and I would consider it mild-medium. I'm not a chili-head so you may want to bump it up a notch on the heat level if you're not from the midwest where spice seem to generally be milder.

Mary Wano

Best Thai place in KC.

Johann Naylor

If you're sober this is a three if you were expecting Thai food, so that is the TLDR. HOWEVER if you are not sober, or have never had Americanized Thai food on the coast you'll probably be impressed by this Americanized² version. So 4.5+ of you're drunk and/or chronically Midwestern. And the food is actually pretty good if you dress it yourself with some roasted garlic or whatever. So this is a very Americanized version of the already Americanized version of Thai food I'm familiar with in Mountain View (SFbay area, #American) is disappointing, like they forgot half the ingredients - chiefly fish sauce. "Asian" food never tastes right without it and the proprietor is wrong to exclude/reduce it. This is the sort of food a talented cook can make at home if they forget the fish sauce. Decent selection of local beers (3/6 Boulevard) on tap, some good cans (including PBR and Two Hearted) which is good. Service is very good. I won't be back sober....

Niki Huff

AMAZING flavor and such great staff, especially dealing with two hungry kiddos!

Leah White

Lulu's is so amazing and inexpensive for it's location. Everything on the menu is perfect and the waiters/waitresses are always on top of everything. If you love Thai I recommend going to Lulu's at least once when you're in KC.

john wallace

Good food. Was not exactly wowed as I hoped I would be but was still good. Service was spot on.

Zebra Kakies

The noodles were the perfect amount of chewy! I heard the beef was melt in your mouth tender. The whole meal was great, definitely recommend! Oh, vegetarian friendly!

Daniel Dorsett

Awesome place! So fresh and delicious. Pretty good sized portions for the money too. Maybe my one complaint is that all the menu items are very similar but I would certainly return to get some fresh noodles and vegetables with a spicy sauce.

andre sierra

This place is solid and they have started offering a low carb option with is wonderful

Daniel Unekis

Loved the food here, and fun atmosphere

Alex Grippy

Good thai noodle shop. All of your typical thai dishes.

Lauren Watkins

I really do enjoy Lulu's but they tend to only make certain dishes well. And they don't always deliver on quality service.

Jason McAlister

Feeling hot hot hot hot hot.. Red curry is awesome, vegetable tempura even better, ..... Yes please

Eric Stone

Love this place. Great food.

Travis Naylor

Nice atmosphere, service very good and friendly.

Paul Daemen

Awesome beer selection and food to die for. We need to eat as much Asian prior to our trip to Latin America. What a treat. Love the spiciness of the food with lot of fresh veggie.

Dawna Daigneault

Best Crab fried rice that didn't taste fried. Kids loved their items too.

Jonathan Cabrera

My favorite Thai restaurant. Great customer service, delicious food and good portions. A must go.

Sara Sharp

Been here a view times each gets the same tasty food, clean/hopping atmosphere, and great service. What I love the most is the spicy scale they have making it so I don’t have to worry about getting a spicy dish but my sister on the other hand can get the spiciest dish they want. Though parking can be confusing there used to be always enough space now it has been divided to the hotel next door. Not going to stop me from coming just going to give extra time to find the parking garage they suggested.

wesley brockman

Great food. First date with the love of my life here.

Jeff Maxwell

My food was just ok, full of flavor, but the peanut flavor was very strong, but my girlfriend had a really tasty bowl of some type

Guistino Perrini

Rainbow Peanut Noodles are the move. Everything I would want with a lighter peanut sauce than I am used to but still delicious. Really interesting decor and comfortable vibe. Service was good. Nothing over the top but adequate for the experience.


I’ve been here twice and throughly enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and service. The prices were value for the quality and quantity of the food. Their hot lemongrass sake was great (and I don’t normally like sake). Our waitress was kind, knowledgeable, and prompt. It’s obvious this restaurant is a casual date night favorite. I look forward to my third visit.

Sam Morton

This place was DELICIOUS. I had the pineapple shrimp fried rice and it was bomb.

Mid Missouri Distributors

Great Food! Great Prices!

Mika B.

The servers were really nice and the food is great! Definitely something I'd recommend if you like spicy food and Thai food. Didn't get to try the drinks durung happy hour, but I might come back for them :)

Rose Bryan

One of the most flavorful red curries I have had! I ordered the mushroom curry with tofu. Usually, I don't care much for tofu but they actually prepare it in a way that makes it a delightful, meaty addition to the dish. And instead of the burning, saltiness that comes from cheap curry pastes, the heat was a genuine flavor explosion that you can only get from real Thai cooking. This place is the real deal and affordable. Service was patient and attentive as well. I will definitely return on my next visit to KC!

Matthew Winningham

Very good. "Blazing" hot was pretty darn hot. On the border of being too overpowering for the rest of the food being eaten. Good service.

Annastacia Hughes

I have been going to Lulu’s for ten years, and I’ve always enjoyed it. However, the service this time was extremely rude. It seemed like the fact we brought a toddler out to eat was a cardinal sin. Our waitress never spent more than 10 seconds at our table and made us feel extremely unwelcome. It was a sad way to end ten years of patronage.

Jamell Montgomery

The staff is very nice and welcoming. I was confused on what to get because I never ate there and my server helped me pick out something and it turned out to be excellent.

Li Feng

Lulu's tom yum soup is right on. Sweetness and sour balance each other perfectly. Peanut rainbow noodle is a different take on Pad Thai. It is too much sauce for my taste.

Jeremy Schmidt

Amazing Thai food and a wonderful atmosphere.

John Rasiah

Food and service is good.

Yunqi Jia

The service is good, the location is good. But the food is terrible. It is the worst Thai food I have never had in the US. I ordered the red curry with tofu, there was no liquid curry parts, and they put rice underneath of the curry, and the rice was undercooked. Do not go there, you will regret.

Angleique Jungmeyer

Very good, decently priced, good service.

Jill Maxon

Soo Amazing! Drunken Noodles are a MUST!

Travis Genenbacher

Food is always great. Went yesterday for the first time in awhile and had great service. The portions seems smaller than we remember, though. And with the new "valet parking" in the lot adjacent to the building it is more inconvenient to go. Having to walk 3 blocks on sidewalks that aren't cleared to get from their "designated parking" to the restaurant was frustrating. And the parking is only validated if you spend $25, which means it is unlikely you will validate it if only paying for food for one person. Overall, probably won't be back until it is at least more pleasant weather. Plenty of other places that don't get your socks and pant legs wet and cold to enjoy their food.

John Taylor

Was really looking forward to this one as I’ve only ever heard amazing recommendations. Decor and ambiance were unique and a plus. The food was just ok. We had hot & sour soup, rainbow peanut noodles, Vietnamese spring rolls, and Lulu rolls. While nothing was bad, everything lacked favor. Hoping to go back and give it another shot, but there are some other really great Thai places in KC that get my vote above this one.

malissa welchlin

Delicious food, fun atmosphere & location, quick service, some amazingly rich and creamy coconut milk based sauces as well as the ability to control your spice level will definitely have me coming here often. (Not to mention a designated parking area which is a very underrated amenity in the area it is located)

Patti Osborne

I loved their Pho Ga!!! Simple but delicious. Add a lil sriracha (or a lot) and boom! Perfect meal! This place gets packed pretty quick any day of the night but the wait wasn't too long. You can tell people keep coming back for more.

Braden Rainey

Great gluten free menu. And great tasting food.

Haines Eason

Competent if uninspired Thai. The drunken noodles were as they should be—a nice, soft-textured noodle with lightly sautéed veggies and a spicy but not overbearing ginger sauce. The service is what lowered my rating—almost gave this place three stars—it was clear our waitress wasn’t pleased about us sharing plates

Lisa Stehno-Bittel

One of the best restaurants in KC. Everything is great there.

Jonathan Routh

Excellent Americanized Thai food, good clean tasting food at good prices. We split 6 dishes between our table and the only thing that disappointed was the Bahn Mi..a bit too dry and light on the filing. This will definitely be a go-to spot for us.

Terry Sickler

I had the wild mushroom curry, it was hot, spicy, and full of flavor, I dish I could find myself craving. I highly recommend the Tom Yum soup. Cant wait to go there again to try more dishes.

John W

Fresh food that is made to order! It’s a little expensive if you want to try it here, but it’s worth the price.


This food is tasty and the service was awesome.

Tammy Fleming

Always a great place to eat. Food is fresh and delish. Servers are always friendly. Highly recommend

John Miles

Lovely atmosphere, good service and excellent food!

Erick McEnaney

The food is amazing, you know when you go to a restaurant that has something you cannot find anywhere else? Well, that's what I like about this chain, specifically their " Drunken Noodles (which you have your choice of optional proteins) and the TOM KHA GAI soup which is freaking amazing, can't find this same flavor combination anywhere else, really really love this soup. As a matter of fact this is is what I order everytime I go there!!!

Alicia Muller

Lulu's was the perfect meal to end our mother/daughter day on 9-19! We tried Lulu's for the first time last week, and WOW, how good was the food! Best crab rangoon ever! Our server was attentive and offered recommendations. It's unfortunate that I've only now tried this place. I will plan to go out of my way when I'm in the downtown area, just to have Lulu's! Parking at 4 p.m. was a challenge....I can only imagine what it was like at 5 p.m., but definitely worth it! THANK YOU. Compliments to the chef!!

Brad Sack

I could eat here everyday! Plentiful proportions for lunch and evening. Such amazing flavors! Lulu's is definitely on my list of regular go-to's!

Ed Kasten

Good food and nice staff

Stacie Sulzen

It was super busy for a Sunday evening. Food took just a little longer than a typical Sunday but the quality was top notch as usual. Our server Stacy was also the bartender and a very busy gal. She was gracious and made multitasking look easy.

Rhiannon Pearson

I had a really nice punch drink. Food was good, but not as good as I remember it being before. The menu had also changed. I'll be back!

Renee Z

My meal was okay, wish it was less expensive too

Dennis Hopgood Jr

Good food. First time trying thai and it was good place to start.

Bailey Carter

Very good Thai and fun atmosphere. The staff is knowledgeable about the food and gives good suggestions.

Pam Ippel

Spring rolls were flavorless, sauce bland. Pad thai acceptable but not something I would head back to them to get again. When I go again, it will be for a lunch, not for a dinner date.

Clayton J. Hess

There are a lot of must visit eateries in the Crossroads and Lulu's is one of them. The Drunken Noodles will always satisfy. Worried about parking? They validate for the parking garage that is one block to the south.

Justin Maxwell

The food here is so good! Popped in one day for lunch and it became my new favorite Thai food spot. The employees are friendly and the food is served fast. The location is a bit rough when parking, but the restaurant atmosphere makes up for it. Try the tempura veggies if you’re looking for an appetizer or a good lunch dish.

Thein Tun Aung

Decent place. Beef and rice noodle with Tom yum. Salty to me. Otherwise good.

Jason Raff

Not really authentic Thai food, but very good. What I like about this place is they are a lot of health options and the food tastes very fresh. Calamari was surprisingly good.

Randy Gordon

Very good crab Rangoon and had banana choclote Rangoon as well

Anna Windham

Great food and service

Paul Smith

Food speaks for itself. Just awesome

Erin Larson

Nice place in the art district a little over priced but food is fantastic especially the gluten free sauces. I will be going again for happy hour specials! This is a quiet and casual spot I loved the decor! If you like rice and or noodles you have ave to try it at least once!

Katelyn White

Their crab rangoon was one of the best I've had. I love that they offer a wide range of options including bubble tea! All people in my party of 9 were thoroughly pleased.

Kathy Coker

Great food, the Lulu bowl is huge.

Cari Stebbins

Fantastic Thai food with high quality ingredients. Appreciated being able to get Thai food without MSG and protein choices that were hormone free. Yay!

Hanlu Jin

tldr: came here twice, was aight the first time, disappointing the second. VERY americanized, noodles are largely lacking outside of pad thai, "spicyness" levels are inaccurate, and curry was probably the best part of the meal. ~~~ So I've come here twice now, and the first time, I had their pad thai. It wasn't too bad, but the second time around, I brought my parents. We started off with appetizers-hint: their spring rolls are veggie unless you ask I'm assuming. We also got avocado fries(it was 6 slices of avocados) that looked barren on the plate it came on. Disappointing. The calamari was good. Sesame tofu was way too sweet and disappointing as well. As for entrees, I got their drunken noodles with medium spice. When it came out, it wasn't spicy at all-in fact, it was sweet. couldn't finish. My mom was the only one who finished her dish(one of the soups-the big bowl one?). My dad stopped eating his pad thai(second one on the menu) after he picked out the shrimp. My cousin stopped after maybe a minute or two of waiting. The other dish we ordered, the medium spice yellow curry, was the only dish that was actually spicy. Everything else was sweet, despite being "medium" spice.

Sara McCoy

Always great food and great service!

Diane Hightower

The food is wonderful! The servers are attentive. The atmosphere has a great vibe!

Storytime Shon

We had the drunken noodles and chicken lettuce wraps. So good. I think they have the best crab ragoon I've ever had.

Ed Reggi

One of my favorite places I always make time to stop at when I am in KC. Wow! The Beef Jantaboon is one of my favorite dishes ever! They have the right balance of heat and spice that doesn’t hurt or blur your palate. Everything is wonderful in the menu. Enjoy the atmosphere too. The location is extremely LGBTQ+ friendly too! I always feel at home here.

Amber Holmes

Portion and cost was awful. I love Thai food. I eat at Thai Spice all of the time. I am just spoiled with their taste and portions maybe? I had high expectations based on what I have heard. Was really disappointed with quality, quantity, and price. Sorry!

Kenneth Brandl

I have been able to eat here on two occasions now. Was happy with my order both times and look forward to coming back someday again.

David T

Hadn't been there for awhile but tasted so good!!

Billy Brame

Best Thai food in KC. I get the mushroom curry. It’s so much food I always share or can save it for leftovers.

Lara Carter

Good happy hour and friendly service

Kelley Accurso

I love Lulu's! I treat myself to their Drunken Noodles with chicken, it's my favorite dish there. They also have my most favorite crab rangoon. My only small complaint is that it's pretty expensive for what it is, but that won't stop me from going!

Joshua Carr

First time visit, will return. Fast service even when a little busy. Food came out fast and hot. Waitress was quick on refills and had good recommendations. Price is good for what you get in terms of quality.

Caroline Milam

Wonderfully flavorful Taih food. Great service. It has an Asian outdoor market atmosphere. Loved it all around, and highly recommend. Try the Taih Ice Tea ice cream for desert. Fantastic.

Miranda Campbell

I come to KC once a year and Lulu's is always my first meal. I love the atmosphere, and the cocktails and food are exceptional. Plentiful options for this vegetarian--so many, in fact, that I have to hit up Lulu's at least twice every time I'm in town (though it's often more than that).

Brian Johnson

Always good! The crab rangoon is a great appetizer.

Pamela Sherrell

Delish as always!! Staff paid attention to dietary restrictions and suggested adjustments accordingly. Very helpful

Michael Babbitt

Vegan and vegetarian friendly! Great service and food. One of the best in the city

Caleb Wilson

7pm on a Saturday. No waiting. Sam was our waitress and did a fantastic job. I got the rainbow peanut noodles. It was a freaking GIANT plate and totally ripped. Great vibes and great menu. Who knows if I will ever visit KC again but if I do I’d like to come back to Lulu’s

Marisa Tejeda

The best mushroom curry I’ve ever had! I messed up my order and told the waitress about it, she kindly just swapped it out for me with no issue. The staff are friendly, the environment is great, and the food is too good. Definitely try this place if you are in the area!

Yolanda Cromwell

Fantastic food at reasonable prices.Noodles quality was very good. The food was good and hot!

Sushu Wang

I've been eating Lulu's for about 2 years now. I'm not disappointed by the taste or quality of the food (although I do NOT like jalapenos for spiciness). The customer service is hit-or-miss, their parking is a mess, and portion sizes have gotten smaller. Therefore, I can only give them 3 out of 5 stars.

Dawud Abdullah

I love the veggie rolls

Molly Duke

Lulu's is amazing! There's an amazing amount of food to choose from depending on what you're in the mood for. The appetizer platter works great as a meal if you can't pick what you want! My favorite dish is the drunken noodles. Would definitely come back again and again!

Leigh Whitney

I was super skeptical if I would like this place. Really wanted egg drop soup and a Crown Royal and Coke after a long week. And it was only Tuesday... but Lindsey the bartender was great! She handled the slight busy time while also schooling me on the list of infused liquors. She was very graceful in her service, not too overbearing but also always nearby if i needed something. I settled for a sampler, the egg flower soup and a vanilla whiskey with coke. I left full and happy! I will DEFINITELY be returning when I’m back in the city. Thanks so much!

Dorothy Peterson

Was seated at a rickety 2-person table under harsh fluorescent lights but a guy who was pretty clearly high. The food was not cooked long enough so all the veggies were basically raw, though the noodles were a good flavor. I ultimately had to pick apart my dish and leave half of it to be thrown away. I have had better Thai for half the price so I’ll not be able to recommend this restaurant to anyone who actually enjoys Thai food. I personally LOVE Thai food so I was very disappointed.

Hannah Perkuhn

Best Thai food in KC! Lots of options to choose from, great atmosphere, excellent customer service, and decent prices.

Dr. William Cavill

Excellent food, great service, decent prices. A must-stop if you're in the area.

Danielle Ward

Delish food, lots of vegetarian options. The boba tea was fantastic. Friendly server as well!

Tre Uccellini

Great place, work a lovely atmosphere and delicious food. Reasonable prices and large portion sizes.

Leanna McNabb

Excellent everything. Food service atmosphere. Everything

Connie Crawford

Delicious Thai food right in the crossroads. This place is a one-of-a-kind gem! The Thai cashew chicken is fantastic. The large portion sizes allow you to have some leftover to bring home.

Tonya Albrecht

Excellent! Many gluten free options!

Jake Johnson

Great food every time, have always been seated in a timely manner, even when visiting with a larger party.

Jeffrey Tomlinson

Woaaaaaaah! This is the PLACE! Had a fantastic time on a solo date to Lulus. My waitress Lin was the perfect food sherpa, guiding me to exactly what I was craving but couldn’t put my finger on. Landed on the Rainbow peanut noodles - f*** me up that was amaze. Got the Tom Yum soup too, which was a little meh, but the perfect amount of spice. Highly recommend a visit here - great for a first date if you don’t get any noodle dish (sloppy).


Try the Drunken Noodles! Great food, but a bit noisy when they're crowded, which is always...

Christopher Steele

I had the Thai cashew chicken spicy. It was fantastic and the perfect level of spicy. The atmosphere here is pretty cool and the staff we dealt with was super friendly. The Rangoon was greasy with oil dripping off. This is the only thing keeping my review from a 5 star. I do recommend this restaurant.

james schaefer

Great atmosphere, cool brand, just not so good food.

Sherry Peyton

The best Thai Cashew Chicken I have ever had!

Ryan Gallagher

Fantastic Thai food with awesome vegan options. Recommend to anyone. My favorite is the soy curl bowl! I wish more places worked with soy curls rather than just tofu, much better texture.

Tony Mullen

Great Thai joint! Fast service, friendly staff, reasonable prices. Drunken noodles had great flavor.

Sheila Mansfield

Great food, helpful friendly staff

Nichole Ann

Delicious! A friend of mine talked this place up, it did not disappoint. We had the crab rangoon and crab fried rice. We're from Omaha and I would gladly come back to eat here the next time we visit KC.

Dar Bake

The food is always delicious. My guest and I love to use it as a great meeting location.

Melanie Edens

Food is great. Service is wonderful. Try the pan fried pork dumplings!

Tim Garrett

I've been coming here for most of the last decade. Presentation and taste are incredibly consistent and wonderful. Staff is friendly, artsy, and responsive.

Lydia w

Very nice atmosphere and overall pretty decent food. The spring roll sauce has absolutely no flavor what so ever as well as the Lulu Bowl - which contained the same sauce.

Josh Markley

Their food is delicious and the menu selection is varied without being overwhelming. I love that they let you customize the spice level on on their food. So if you want it really mild or burn your face off or something in the middle. They can do it. The atmosphere is comfortable and spacious. So if you want Thai noodles Lulus is a great choice whether you want it as take out or dine in.


I ate here on a trip to KC. I liked everything about my experience. I would definitely visit again. This wasn't a pretentious place, just solidly good food, service, and ambience.

Jason Carley

Always do enjoy Lulu's!

Anthony Barber

It's okay. You get more for less at other Thai restaurants around town. This one seems more focused on being a bar that also has food.

A. E. Jump

Hands-down best Thai food and green curry we’ve had in years! Nice atmosphere for casual/ date night dining. High quality and fresh food. We got take-out and the food was still hot three hours later (when we ate). Did I mention that this is the best Thai food I’ve had in years?...! So good.

Jeremy Bauer

One of my all time favorites!

Chris Hickie

I try to always visit Lulu's when I'm in town for business or a conference. Great Thai dishes, great apps, soups are fantastic. Crab fried rice, so delicious. Fried dumplings, oh yeah. For some reason they stopped giving out the rolled cookies so was sad today when I stopped in.

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