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REVIEWS OF Aquarium In Old Town Inc IN Kansas

Paul Smith

One of the best saltwater places in town

Sydney Breault

Been going here for years, helped my family start up our salt water tank that we've had for almost 10 years. LOVE BOTH OF THEM.

Brandy W.

One of the two places we go for our aquarium needs. Very knowledgeable and friendly. We drive across town to do business with them!

Jerry Wallace

Alicia McLemore

Fun checking out exotic saltwater fish... Nice people too!

Ariana Whiteside

Always very helpful!

Jorge Miguel

Very knowledgeable and got what you need as far as fair pricing its better than a big fish pet store. Always check hours not always open

Eric Hartsock

Dan Lawrence

I've been shopping here for several years now. Rick and Tanya are knowledgeable, friendly, and their prices are extremely reasonable and their stock healthy. Even if you're not into saltwater the shop's worth a visit to see the display tanks.

Donatello Krueger

The owners and staff are very friendly and dont mind if you pop in just to take a look at what they have. I like to bring my daughter here for about 10 minutes so she can look at the fish and get a way for a minute. If I had the space and could afford a salt water aquarium I would definitely come to The Aquarium in Old Town.


Becca Wood

.best place

eddie west

Larry Schneider

Great place. Very beautifully decorated and wonderful fish aquarium's.

Cynthia Webb

NIKKI rodriguez

This is pet store. But the staff greeted us and said we were welcome to look around. They have beautiful fish,clean fishtanks,set up very nice

pearl jam radio

My fish food stop. A great place!!

william wade

Tammy Le

Veronica Glover

Jeff Barnes

Tyler Hughes

Vicki Clark

Sure would have been nice if they would have not put open on their site and let everyone know they are on summer vacation! I made a really long trip to get a fish set up.

D Reisch

The Aquarium is hands down the very best place to purchase saltwater aquatics. The staff is extremely knowledgable and they go out of their way to explain everything to you. If I ever have a question about my aquarium they always give me direct and useful advice which I appreciate. I usually rely heavily on blogs but the staff at the Aquarium always provide me with the best and most honest information and what they say works! If you are looking for an excellent local fish store then this is the one for you. The other guy with the one star rating must have not liked what he heard. When you are spending a huge pile of money on things for your aquarium it is better to get the facts up front from the experts. Everything I have purchased from the Aquarium is still alive thanks to the expert guidance of the staff. Keep up the good work!

shane sargent

to the guy that had a bad experience you must have been rude yourself. i love this place very nice and understanding staff. went here to figure out how to start my saltwater aquarium the y gave me all the info i need plus some. there are now happy fish in my tank and i have them to thank. no thanks to petco which gave me faulty information. this is the only place i will go for my saltwater needs.

Bruce Walline

Always helpful

Brendan Blake

They know what they are talking about and happy to help you with any questions that you may have. I've been have been wonderful and I've been going here for 8 years now.

Eric Poe

Jonathan Lewallen

One of the cleanest aquarium stores I’ve ever seen. Friendly, helpful staff.

Madeline Eustace

Glen Taylor

I wanted freshwater fish and they only carry saltwater


Cool fish


Great salt water aquarium shop! Stop in and check out their amazing selection of fish, great people, fantastic coral and everything when you need for your fishy friends.

Rhodes 24013

joe gunzel

Nice place with a wide selection of salt water fish and corals. The owners are very helpful when you need advice setting up your aquarium, adding new fish or upgrading lights filters etc. They also have filtered fresh and salt water available for your tank as well as other maintenance items. There are other places in town to get marine aquarium fish, invertebrates and supplies, but none as well stocked or knowledgeable. If you want a salt water tank for your home or office, start here!

Mr Mang0123

I thought the staff was very helpful and the fish were all in good conditions.

Miranda Befort

My favorite saltwater aquarium shop in town! Great prices, fair and the shop owners are kind, knowledgeable and always helpful!

Mewtwo Gaming

billy weatherman

Joel LaMadline

Koby Elliott

Very nice owners, always love visiting. They have a big selection of fish and coral.

Crystal Mills

All salt water no fresh water

Shannon Reinert

Very nice clean tanks. Helpful.

Emma Santore

I love this place excellent quality on fish great prices on salt products absolutely love this place

Daria S. Nelsen

It's clean, and the staff are usually helpful in answering your questions. They can help you with ideas of set-up and cyling your tank, before intoducing new fish.Aquarium in Old Town sells a variety of aquatic animals, including saltwater fish and invertebrates.

Kevin Morgan

We came to this small, local store expecting a place that would have the products we need and advice to set up our son's fish tank, all while supporting local business owners. While they may have the products, and they may have the know how, they do not have the service. My wife was barely given the time of day while in there, and can name two specific times in one visit she was treated very rudely by staff. She (a normally very tolerant person) refuses to set foot in the store again. They have salt-water fish only (so we're told) and I wouldn't hesitate for one second to purchase my supplies elsewhere, as prices were multiple times of what can be managed elsewhere. This was quite possibly our first (and hopefully only) negative experience in downtown Wichita.

Max Snodgrass

The owner is very unprofessional. My young son spent a lot of his own money on supplies for his aquarium. When we called with questions about a leak, he only cared about selling us a new one. He was rude and hung up on us when I asked him a couple of questions. We gave our business to him even though he was more expensive than the chain pet stores. Even though his wife is friendly, I'd recommend saving your money and deal with someone else. I would give a zero star rating if it were an option.

John Griffin

Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable

Kristy Calvert

Hannah Beam

There's so much in there and all of it is so clean and colorful! It's also warm and humid in there. They have all sorts of fish and coral and other tank supplies. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Casey Pit

elmer akins

Really like the saltwater fish stores I the area

Salt water Discus


Mallory Koci

Such a fun stop! The store features beautiful tanks and coral/fish. We enjoyed just looking around.

Joshua Dearden

Poor Service - Rude and Will never return. My son and I walked in just to look at the fish and I asked some questions but they treated me like I was nothing to them. When she answered my questions she was very rude! I will NEVER return to that place ever again. I was interested in one day buying a tank from there but not no more. That made me so mad and uncomfortable to be treated that way!

it'sa me asarah t

I keep freshwater aquariums but have been very excited to start a saltwater. I couldn't wait to go check out the aquarium in old town but the employee hardly said 3 words to us. I tried to get some information about the start up required for a saltwater tank but she just said "I understand" and kept not looking at me. It's unfortunate because I was prepared to drop a ton of money and finally have my saltwater tank. There are many options for saltwater set ups and fish in town so luckily I don't have to go back. I do prefer to spend my money at locally owned stores rather than large chains but oh, well.


Huge selection of livestock and aquarium accessories. Great professional advice. Marine aquariums are their passion. I drive 200+ miles for this place. I never visit Wichita without stopping here.


Fantastic service and amazingly patient in explaining aquarium choice, placement and setup. If you follow the provided steps to set up your aquarium it is very easy and provides hours of relaxation in your home. Thanks Rick, Tonia, and Alejandra for all the great help.


Expensive but but the best saltwater place in town. It's gorgeous to walk through and see what they have.

Mattheu Gustafson

vince oliver

Always a pleasure.. Rick and Tonya take care of me every time

Tami Montemayor

Rich Wood

Michael Morris

Rick and Tonya are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Always there to answer questions and give advice

Brandon Culp

Clean, well maintained tanks with a great selection. Rick and Tanya are very knowledgeable and helpful too!

Kenny B

Great selection. Everything looks amazing.

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