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REVIEWS OF Anton's IN Kansas

Edward Drawde

I used to frequent Anton's as it was the bar next door to the office where I used to work. Tonight, I was out with some friends and one wanted to get a steak. The place he wanted to go was closed so we decided hey, why not Anton's? It has steak in the name, right? So we roll up to Anton's, worried we might need reservations or get turned away from a full bar and are pleasantly surprised to be told by our server to "take one of those two free high tops". Cool. No wait. At 10 on a Friday night. Suspicious in retrospect. Our server takes our drink orders. Since I wasn't familiar with the beer list, she was very helpful with selecting three or four beers for me to sample (they do flights for $2-4 a beer, depending what it is, which is nice). I order mostly dark, sweet beers. I'd already eaten and was looking mostly for dessert. Since the kitchen closed soon, we went ahead and placed our food orders as well. My girlfriend and I ordered desserts and the bread service for the table, and my friend ordered a steak. The smallest steak they'll do is 14 oz, which is plenty big. This is good news as the steak comes a la carte and sides are another order. Our server gives us the whole talk about how all their food is organic and locally sourced which is cool, but Kansas City is a cow town. Most of the country's meat comes from here. The beers come and they're not filled to the proper fill line, which is disappointing. Furthermore, they're already warm. Part of drinking dark beer is serving it chilled and letting it warm as you drink it, bringing out new flavors and scents, and I was robbed of that a little by being brought warm beers. My buddy's cocktail was fine, sweet by my tastes, but he realized after ordering that it was $10. Next comes our food. The bread service turns out to be one tray with about eight different samples of bread on it. Not anything revolutionary, but for $2 it's worth getting something to snack on. The butter was cold, which was unfortunately hard to spread. The breads change day by day, but when we visited they served us a jalapeno cornbread that was nice. The steak is big, and was prepared Philly rare at request which was nice, and was admittedly good steak (I snuck a piece, it's true). The dessert on the other hand was underwhelming, and the server took my utensils and my girlfriend's fork, forcing us to share a dessert with a single spoon. Furthermore, the bread pudding was advertised as "topped with ice cream", but it turned out to be about a tablespoon for. After eating, I went downstairs to wash up. They age their steaks and have glass walls to the steaks and wine cellar so you can see the process, which is cool. Same thing with their hydroponics system, though as someone who keeps fish I found it ironic that they take such pride in their responsibility sourced beef while raising their tilapia in relatively dark buckets. Still, cool to see. Bottom line: great steaks but a little pricey. Will do it Philly style, but you can get a better steak for cheaper. Fun atmosphere but can seem crowded if you expect a more formal setting (they describe it as "connival" but I was literally rubbing elbows with strangers and my girlfriend was shoved twice by passing people). Cool in house equipment but staff are hit or miss. Feel free to check it out, but expect to feel it in your wallet without necessarily getting what you expect. For a steak, a flight of beers, bread, a dessert, and a cocktail we paid around $80 before tip.

Peggi Williams

Absolutely Perfect steak and fabulous service!!!! Our waiter, Chris was Amazing!!! We will be back.

Angie Mordy

Great atmosphere, great service and awesome steaks!

Mollie Blubaugh

Great atmosphere. Great barkeep!

Michele Tucker

Way over rated !! I’m not sure what they’re trying to pull, but this place is just okay. I have no complaints about the staff, or drinks, but I do feel the place is somewhat pretentious. I had the steak burger, it was aggressively seasoned with salt. The fries are cut in large wedges and were not cooked through. Their prices don’t match the quality of product or atmosphere . There was a smell of blood coming from the butcher shop area. I personally didn’t like eating in the slaughter house. They have some good environmental concepts, so I’m good with that. Just don’t try to do too much.

Brandon M

Sustainable establishment with really cool features utilized to reduce waste and energy usage. Anton is a great guy who's super passionate about what he does. The backyard beer garden area is a total gem with live music some nights and a great beer selection. You can go from fine dining to bar to beer garden at this place. Oh, did I mention how delicious the food is here? You can't beat the responsibly sourced, local meets and the steaks are unreal in the taste department. Highly recommend this place for a great meal. Be prepared to spend a lot of money, but it's worth it to treat yourself from time to time. Worth every dollar.

David Henry

Excellent service. Tried KC cut, aged, grass fed steak cooked medium rare. Perfect. Crusty outside and warm center. Cows raised on their own ranch. Fries were unbelievable. Steak cut fries (potato wedges) deep fried in cow fat (I think I got that right). Extensive beer list from local to Belgium. Connected Butcher shop and the old building offers nice ambience.

Marc Sullivan

Great place. I have eaten there many times and I have yet to be disappointed with the food. Atmosphere and what he's doing is on point with quality

Bob Knudson

Good Food !! Guys is from Pittsburgh-!

Vicki Anderson

Good steaks but service was not very good. They brought out the steaks and we sat waiting on our side dishes for 15 minutes just to be told they ran out of baked potatoes. Cool place with a great concept of fresh meat cut to size and order along with local veggies and fresh grown herbs

Samantha Silveira

Great service, but the food was less than expected. The boneless giblets were tough and chewy and the sausage on the kabobs was dry. The seasonal grilled peaches were not ripe so they were as hard as an apple and completely devoid of any flavor.

Alan Powell

Easy to find thanks to signage. City parking lot right next door with minimum charge of $5.00 for 24 hrs (credit card only) but just a few steps from Anton's front door. No happy hour on weekends. We were very promptly met and seated as we entered. Reservations should be made because of popularity, always busy! There is a absolutely wonderful menu selection of hors d'oeuvres, entrees and sides. The beer selection exceeds what you would see at the Yard House, absolutely unbelievable!! They also have a very nice wine list. Our wait person, Anna, was outstanding, pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient. We were having a preshow dinner and she made sure we had plenty of time to get there. I had the bone marrow and a large loaded baked potato which was wonderful. Everyone in our party thoroughly enjoyed our meal and will certainly go back. A memorable evening!!

Dona Lackey

I LOVE Anton's meat! Lol beer and bourbon selection is quite fine, too! Server's and bartenders and staff are quite impressive! I love the meat counter and the beef jerky!

Peter Smith

Stunning rare filet. Great beer. Superb service.

Mary Roqueplot

This was our first visit to this restaurant, and we will definitely return when in the area. The food, service, and the atmosphere was great, very relaxing. Our server was efficient, friendly, and very attentive to our needs. If your in the area, it's a great choice for lunch or dinner.

John P

Best steak I've ever had. You have to try this place

Darrell Gerdes

We have enjoyed Anton's several times in the past. Tonight was horrible. Evidently they overbooked and had people waiting everywhere. 2 of the entrees were wrong. 1 steak was overbooked. 1 entree evidently the kitchen forgot. 45 minutes for 3 entrees is unacceptable. Will not be returning next year.

John Mensendike

The venue was nice. Value was not there for the resultant meal. Staff was helpful but a bit pushy, especially since there was no one there. The vegetables we're good. My partner had grass fed beef and I had grain fed beef. Both of us had filets and I couldn't tell the difference when I did taste comparison. The experience was okay, but the high price for the average value was a disappointment.

Kate Stanley

I am so sad. I used to love this place and had talked it up, but will not be back after tonight. We had a reservation at 8:45. We got our food at 10:05! Yes, it was an exceptionally long wait for food! The problem was, that when the food finally arrived, half of our order had clearly DIED in the window. We’re talking $50 steaks were cold and chewy. To be clear, the 2 filets were fresh and amazing (hence the 2 stars) the rest of our entrees were cold and just sad. Yes, we were a party of 8, but still, we expected more from Anton’s. We were a $200 plus bill that waited forever without anyone really checking in for almost an hour. In their defense, they did take off a cold side of mushrooms and an inedible sandwich, but that did not make up for such a disappointing visit. No manager ever stopped by. Actually, nobody seemed apologetic. When asked about our food at the 45 min mark, the waiter they simply stated that many large orders went in at same time, and our food would be out soon. Clearly we are the ones that were sorry!

Stephanie Potter

Great food and not too expensive. Had the steak au poivre, cooked correctly (as ordered) and a healthy portion. The frites were those large potato wedges, but were good with the sauce. The thin ones would be amazing! Friendly bar tender and wait staff!

Justin Rollheiser

Went for a birthday dinner. The steak was fantastic. They have choice of cut, grain vs grass fed, regular or 28 day dry age. Ordered by the ounce. One of the best steaks I've ever had. Their beer selection is also great!

Ben Campbell-Bradley

First the good. The food is excellent and the service equally good. I had the grain fed ribeye and it was make in your mouth tender and very flavorful. The bread pudding is also great. Where it loses points for me is the ambience. I made a reservation for one for dinner and upon arrival, was seated at the bar. They informed me that they, "didn't have any single seating." Nothing about this was mentioned when I made the reservation. After I complained, they moved me to a counter in the kitchen and comped my drink. My recommendation is to know what you're getting. If you're eating alone, I recommend you reserve for 2 to avoid being sat at the bar. The bartender told me that any online reservation automatically gets put there. The staff tried their best to rectify things but there just wasn't much they could do. I wanted a quiet dinner at a table and I got dinner in a kitchen.

Edward Bryant

My wife and I were in KC for a short get away and discovered Anton's after a very unpleasant near-dining experience at another local establishment that we decided to leave before we had been waited on. On a saturday evening we were fortunate to get a table within 30 minutes and were waited on by Anthony, who was very friendly and very responsive. The food was amazing and the service was exceptional. Anton's and Anthony, helped to make our short get away memorable and pleasurable.

Ted Lipari

Wonderful server, great atmosphere, BUT .... Bread was dry, and the sides , well nothing fantastic , stakes was so blah , My wife likes bone is filet slightly more done than medium and ask for that, they don't guaranty and thing over medium and with good reason, it was close to well done, My bone in ribeye was perfectly cooked, medium rare , But blah not even beef flavor, my 13$ crown and ice wasn't much stronger then water. Texas Roadhouse can prepare a stake slightly over medium every time, and be just as juicy and so much more flavor than Antons ,

Manar Shahwan

Wide variety of steaks and beers which is great, the cooking wasn’t good though but the baked stuffed potato was to die for. Nice chill atmosphere. I gave it 2 points because when you’re heading to a place and pay $100 for a nice steak and don’t get it you’re not the most satisfied customer.

Baer Kenney

Amazing food, fun and relaxed atmosphere and staff. All around wonderful place to spend an evening.

Tina Cox

Excellent food cocktails and service

Chris T.

Anton's tap room is definitely one of the best places that you should go whenever you want a really really good steak. this has been one of our go-to places for years now anytime we want to grab a drink, and it never fails to impress.

Richard Banales

Great food, friendly staff good dervice.

Steve Betts

Fresh Farm to Table was incredible. Services and menu were outstanding. Our new top pick for KC dining. Great beer selections as well. Love this place.


Food good ...Staff friendly and accommodating

Nate Bascue

This place has always been wonderful to go to. Food is amazin, service is amazing, atmosphere is amazing. The steak tonight though wasn't nearly as good as usual or this would have been 5 stars.

Troy Norris

Best steaks in town! Absolutely love this place every time I visit.

Carlos Medina

I just had dinner there and I have to say the overall experience there was just average. I've had the pleasure of eating at various high-end steak houses i.e. Peter Luger, Bohanan's, BB Butcher, Buckhorn Exchange, and what all of these steakhouses had in common regardless of food quality was excellent attention to detail and customer service. However, Anton's fell short. Our server was really too busy to check on us more than once to fill our glasses of water and ask us if we needed another drink, it was only when we had to ask her that she would take our order. Additionally she forgot to bring our second appetizer, and eventually remembered to get it. Also, my brother ordered steak sauce, which the server completely forgot, but I was too embarrassed to remind her at that point. Drinks were ok overall. The one thing that stood out was the soft tender and juicy steak that tasted absolutely perfect! But again, the service really wasn't there to augment the experience.

Josh Visocsky

Food was great! Service was also. Will recommend

John Hofheins

Had the grain fed ribeye. Probably the best steak I’ve ever had at a restaurant. On top of the great food quality, our server was excellent.

Tommy Harmon

This place was kind of a let down, however I would eat here again....I think? I came here wanting to try the bone marrow, however they were sold out. I ended up ordering the charcuterie and a 14 oz aged steak. I also thought I ordered a side with the steak but I didn't get one. We specifically spoke about a baked potato...I'm guessing there was some miscommunication? I didn't correct the situation because I like to get a feel for the place and its service during my first visit. I like to see if servers catch errors etc. I guess eating a steak by itself is a thing?

Jeff Hiegert

My boss was coming in town and I wanted to pick a cool place for dinner that was local to KC, had a nice (but not stuffy) vibe and served good steaks. Based on a couple of previous visits, I chose Anton's. While the atmosphere and vibe hit the mark...the food did not. We both ordered the aged rib eye steak and even upped the size because...well...just because. The steaks were cooked to temperature (medium rare) correctly but in terms of taste and just wasn't there. When you pay well over $50...almost $60...for a steak you expect something more than what you can pick up at the grocery store and cook on the Weber at home. I'll give 2 stars for the vibe but no stars for the steaks. Very disappointed...will stick with Joe's BBQ next time he's in town.

Shaun Damico

Albeit a very packed place, it was worth the wait. Great food with service to match. Nothing but good times had here.

Alexis Lyle

I didn’t think I liked Jameson until I came here. The bartender had some kind of banana infused Jameson? My god... I don’t live in KC and only got drinks, but would absolutely come back! Staff were all very friendly.

Scott Beiswangers

I love the regular help. Always good people

Alicia Nolte

We had a very nice meal.

Alissa Noel

Amazing! Service was brilliant and the food was excellent!

P.J. Shaw

Not that impressed. $50 per person avg. Should have exceeded expectations. It didn't. Nothing that great or stand out. Average food, average service. So something to be said for calling in a table of 6 on a Friday night at 7:00 and getting a table. FYI.bread pudding is dry and bland. Creme brulee was great. I'll stick with the 801 chophouse from now on.

Robyn Johnson

I love the meat. Its fresh and delicious. Great staff and comfortable atmosphere.

Paula Updike

Always great. Had a anton radler cocktail yummy

Monique Kramper

Anton's was overpriced for what you get. It was good but definitely not spectacular. The best part of the meal was the mac n cheese, not the main course. We paid $200 for a dinner for 2 that was just ok. There are places in town that I would gladly throw down that kind of money for a meal time and time again. The atmosphere is nice and the service was good but, overall I don't think I will be returning. Sorry Anton's.

Reza Niamat

The bone-in rib eye may be the best steak I've ever had! FYI, parking on First Fridays in KC is extremely difficult...

Erika Moore

Although the staff was knowledgeable and kind, everything took entirely to long. The steak I ordered was definitely cooked medium rare but we ordered medium. The macaroni was delicious and the white sangria was very tasty

David Lee

Go to Anton's for the steaks, but don't miss out on all of the great appetizers and sides. Get a table near the butcher. #table37

Logos Research Associates

Very overrated to be blunt not worth the wait; the staff is clueless the kitchen did an OK job but definitely I wouldn’t waste my time. Overpriced for a small step up from applebys (no offense)

Jarrett Dunn

I know how well this place is liked so I had to try it. There is a lot going for it. Great drinks, good appetizers, stellar atmosphere, even the cigars on the menu was a nice touch. But...our sides weren't served when we got the main course for starters. My main issue, however, is with the steak. Good dry aged steak indeed. But that is it. It isn't even salted or adorned in any way with anything that could bring out the flavor of the meat. I got the marrow butter to help correct this ,because I know what I like, but even that clearly was mixed with unsalted butter and nearly no marrow. Which made it nearly tasteless!! So to those of us out there in the KC area who really like a good steak, know this...the meat quality is top freaking notch but the flavor is bland and disappointing. Ask for salt at your table right off the bat because is isn't there unless requested.

Mike Wingate

I made a reservation on the Anton's web site, but when we arrived the hostess told us there was nothing under my name in their system. I heard the other hostess tell her the same thing happened multiple times the night before. The did offer to let us sit at a counter area in the back. Fortunately, after deciding to sit at the bar and have a drink first, they informed us they had a cancellation and we could get a table. Our waiter was nice, engaging, and knowledgeable. We ordered the Tbone to share and asked for it to be cooked medium. When it came it was what I would call very medium-rare and asked that it be cooked a bit longer. (The table next to us had the very same scenario.) The waiter kindly took the steak back and had it cooked longer for us, but I got the feeling I was being told I didn't know what "medium" really was. When he brought back the steak he explained they cooked it to a temp of 134F, which was just below medium-well. I don't know anything about that, but it was was I would call medium anywhere else. Just be aware that their standard for done-ness might be a notch on the rare side of most people's . After all this, the steak, while a seemingly good cut of meat, was just mediocre. I've had much more tasty for half the price. Probably wouldn't go back.

Ted Van Slyck

Carnivore delight! Good prices for great food. Even at Ruth's Chris marrow you cannot get...but they have it here! I had bone marrow, a beef rib tip (I think) and dry-aged grass-fed ribeye. The beer and whiskey selection are excellent. The prices are good for high end beef, the happy hour pricing is excellent. Add on top of that the story and process they do here and it's a wonderful restaurant. Their own cattle, butchered themselves, dry aged in house, the aquaponics downstairs...this place is cool!

Jacob Lombardi

Well, the third steak was decent. Came with a party of 13 and have had a reservation for 2 weeks. Waiter (Anthony) was quite disrespectful, to the point where we were asked if we knew what we were ordering. He made sarcastic, passive-aggressive comments throughout the experience. When our steaks were brought out, not a single one was in the correct cut and/or cooked to the right temperature. They took the steaks back and brought some of us a second round of meat (most of which were still incorrect). Finally, after around 2.5 hours of sitting at the table, we were brought a third round of steaks. About half of the steaks were still done incorrectly; however, at this point we were tired of waiting, so we decided to call it a night. After this entire debacle, we were still forced to pay for half of the meal (keep in mind this is hundreds of dollars), all while the owner sat at the bar and ate a steak of his own. There was hardly any apology for this situation. If you are looking for a decent, respectful, relaxing steakhouse, this is not the place for you. I do not recommend anyone to eat -- even drink -- at this establishment.


In town for the Chiefs game and heard from the locals it’s the best steak two years running. To be completely honest, I don’t think I have ever had a worse meal from sides to steak to service. The steak was completely undercooked and just all fat. I’ve had better ribeyes from Outback. The sides had zero taste and had our reservation slated for 8:15 but didn’t let us sit till 8:45. Save your money and keep walking.

todd ford

I stopped in on a whim, made the mistake of ordering the 14 ounce grass fed ribeye without really looking at the prices thinking it can’t be that bad. The first warning sign should’ve been everything‘s al-a-cart. Ordered the steak, baked potato, and two drinks, when I got the bill it was $75. Ordered steak medium, it was medium rare, tough and flavorless. 8 dollar potato? Really?. Won’t be back.

Rick Kalebaugh

Amazing steaks!! Great service.

Philip Taylor

They have the best grass fed steak that I've had in years. Nice atmosphere and friendly service. We had the fillet and loaded potatoes.

Gregory Burl

Server was very good, the meal was OK. For $298 you can find better quality on the meat and the deserts felt like they were microwave heated to the point of being bad. The interior and building have a cool vibe. For the money go to Stockhill instead they won't disappoint.

Nakita Hubbel

GO TO ANTON’s! Our server Ethan was incredibly knowledgeable about the very best steaks on the menu. We’ve been coming to Anton’s for 3+ years now and haven’t had a better experience. The food is to die for and the service and hospitality is above and beyond any expectations. Very highly recommend for anyone looking for the best steakhouse in Kansas City!

ric flair

Good bread, salad wedge, baked potato, fries, & olives. The charcuterie board was amiss. It tasted like smelly old meat. Also, I ordered the limited 12 oz bone-in fillet. It was about 8 oz of bone. It was not good, one of the worst steaks I've had - stringy. Service was attentive at the beginning, but lacked at the end. I will not return.

Darci Lodsin

Omg..this place is amazing in all aspects..ambiance, food, service. You will not be disappointed

Terri Howard

Awesome steaks! Popular spot so make reservations!

Michael Miller

Really good bone in rib eye, good selection of IPAs , a little pricey.

Karla Morris

Wonderful atmosphere, great food and terrific service!

Greg Phipps

I only went to the butcher, but it's a top place to buy meat.

Jonathan Spottswood

Steak. Perfect steak. The cocktails were good too.

Cheryl Berry-Levison

The server was excellent. The steak was beyond mediocre. Tough as hell and side of mushrooms was bland and uninspiring. The wedge salad was fair but again, completely uninspiring. Rocket Burgers was outstanding in comparison and our tab was 12 dollars and change. Upon returning to KC, will unfortunately skip Anton's. What a shame!

Captain Barn

We had a large group of conventioneers attend this well known landmark only to be disappointed beyond belief. There atmosphere was ok except for the holes in the floor which were a hazard to the gals with high heals---Heck--you could put your hand in one of them--- The service was just OK ---but the food---as a meat market based restaurant, it was the worst!!! The beef I thought is what any good butcher would have discarded as fat and gristle. It was cold and as the waiter put it "undercooked' to which he offered to put Au Jus on it--Hell---It was tasteless and unchewable before that. The chicken was overcooked, old and dry. The Salmon was just OK. The rest of the meal was cold and miscooked as well!! Bottom line--This was the worst food anyone has tried to serve me---anywhere----anywhere in this or other countries!!! Avoid even if they pay you to go there---!!!

Mark Mancil

Cool funky place with good steaks and spirits. Staff was very knowledgeable. My steak got mixed up with another member of my party so had to leave off the 5th star

Sarah Y.

Amazing fresh cuts of meat cooked to perfection!

Miguel Caraballo

Practically had the place to ourselves which made my date so comfortable I got a better understanding of her passions. The staff were so understanding and at times appeared out of no where to ensure we were well taken off. The food and selection of draft beer has no equal in K C as far as I'm concerned. We'll Be back !

Kevin Dethlefs

Pricey. But good food. Nice staff.

Miguel Ech

Always a great time here! Drinks and food are fantastic!!! Never had a bad meal at Anton's. Even the burger has to be one of the best in KC and beyond!!!

Jan Sokol

Great steaks and terrific beer offerings.

Jeffrey Balch

Great steak! I love how knowledgeable the servers were and the steak was cooked to perfection

William Dowdell

Old school but hip. Atmosphere amazing. Office close, Great for quick lunch meeting.

Megan JUST

This was the worst steak place I’ve ever been to. My filet tasted like dirt and my boyfriend’s steak, although cooked to perfection, was very chewy. We will not be back. If you are looking for a good steak do not go here. The only thing good was the Frank Sinatra music they play.

David Kucharski

A great atmosphere and everything we had and everything we saw looked so good! Will need to head back and sample everything! They had great artshow going on upstairs while we were there. Interesting to meet all the artists

Jemima De Leon

Great place!! Taste and service was amazing!!

Jayme Watson

Service was great and food was awesome. Husband had a Tbone that was cooked perfect. I had the short ribs that were perfect. The Gouda Mac and cheese is to die for!

Rebecca Collman

By far, the best ribeye ever!


Anton is the most gracious host not only has an owner he makes you feel very welcomed the quality of the food is just excellent and the waitresses are extremely cute which doesn't hurt for dessert, ohhh


Came here with the Family which the kids loved and I got the 28day aged Rib Eye and it was a steak of a lifetime for sure. Well worth the money and we would come back many times! Beer list is amazing all walks of taste can find something here, cozy atmosphere and amazing staff. Come get some steak!


The food was OUTSTANDING!! We're from western Kansas so we know all abour great steaks!!! The service was top notch!!! It's not a white linen atmosphere, but it is definitely a 5***** otherwise!!!


Excellent food.. Phenomenal service! Will definitely be back


The bartender brought me two different glasses of an overpriced terrible drink that were both dirty. I was nice the first time after the second time i said no thanks you can keep your nasty cup and didnt finish it. The place is dingy and gross. I thought that that was pretty sad because they're well known in kc. We ordered some apps and stuff. All of which were old looking and gross. I had a terrible experience and the bartender/server was rude when I told him about my glass. I'll never go back. Spent 50 bucks on garbage. Should've just went to McDonalds.

Dakota Miller

Honestly, such a lack lustre experience. I was so excited for this place. I was celebrating big news and chose this as my celebration meal and was so disappointed. We ordered cocktail shrimp, smoked wings, side salads, 64 oz T-bone steak and NOTHING had flavor. Absolutely nothing. Chewy steak, zero seasoning, bitter salads, old chewy shrimp, not fully-cooked wings(that came out late), hard peaches... just so upset with this experience. Giving it a star because I was pleased with the wine and beer selection and my waiter was kind. Other than that, I won’t be back for any reason. $100 down the drain.

Phil Schroder

Always a great meal at Anton's. Took my boss there tonight and he loved it.

Bill Johnson

Service was great but the steak was not as tender and juicy as I was expecting for the price. I ordered steak kabobs and they were extremely chewy but had good flavor. I then ordered a $55 14oz, 28 day dry aged, grain fed kc strip that was still chewy but not as bad as the kabobs. The Service I had is the main reason I'm giving them 3 stars.

Beth Mauk

Incredible, flavorful food. Excellent service. Great atmosphere. Will be back!

Celeste Lupercio

Exception to the 5 Stars: I'm not a fan of their sides. My favorite thing: their patio, beer and wine selection. Read the website to learn why it's great for steaks and tilapia. One of my favorite places to be on a nice day is the yard behind Anton's. I like it when there's nothing going on, and when they have live music on their small stage. The restaurant itself is kind of small so I suggest reservations if you're dining in. It's pricey, so definitely a special occasion kind of place for most people. Two things they have on tap which make me love it all the more at Anton's: la Fin du Monde and Roasterie's cold brew coffee.

Dan Saale

Excellent butcher shop, lunch spot & bar. Very friendly and informative staff, assisting with the various cuts of meat and daily availability.

Jeff Janssen

Great atmosphere and service. Food was delicious.

arabelle amanda

We sat at the bar, not bad for a walk in on a Saturday night. My brother inhaled his grass fed Filet Mignon while I savored every bite of the house pasta (steak tips with mushrooms in a creamy Scotch sauce). Mike took great care of us, along with the lovely bartender and we sat next to a server who came in to eat (at full price) on her night off... a true testament to the quality of product, skill of the chefs, and the pride of staff! Already planning a return trip. Thank you again!


Great local farm to table butcher. Good beer and wine list

Travis Rollins

Previously rated 5 stars. UPDATE: Anton's has gone downhill! Three of us ordered the grass fed ribeye and one was the absolute worst cut of meat I've ever seen, worse than even all the steaks I've seen at grocery stores. The second steak (mine) was so riddled with sinew and fat that 1/3 of the total steak wasn't actually steak. The third steak was almost up to standard except for the excessive fat. Not only does Anton's have the record for worst steak I've ever seen, it's also the third most expensive ($200 for 3, *before* drinks)

Dennis Hopgood Jr

T the bartender was great. She had an amazing personality and look forward to seeing her again.

Debrah McDaniel

The food was good, but pricey. I couldn't find anything particularly special about the place or the food. The short ribs were delicious, but I found the steak to be a little on the bland side.

Nick Gardner

Best steakhouse anywhere in kc area. Amazing servers with professional cooks. 10/10 stars

Ren-Whei Harn

Meh. Not my favorite. Solid food but neither food, service, nor environment is remarkable or memorable.

Eric Visnosky

Best food down town.

Foster Davis

The Sunday fun day was amazing. The riblets and the steak soup were almost too good to be true. If you're in the area I highly suggest checking this place out.

Terry Wilson

Great steaks. The sides could use some work.

Lawrence Potter

Great food and service was outstanding

Jeffrey Lanham

Steak, without question one of the best places in Kansas City for steak. All the steaks are aged at the restaurant there's a butcher shop it's amazing they grow herbs downstairs. You should check out the bathroom on the very bottom basement floor it's worth the effort. This is unquestionably a place to go for a steak in Kansas City. I recommend the 28-day grass-fed, buck up and just do it.

Drew Poole

Delicious steaks in a great atmosphere! We were seated upstairs and I had a 7 ounce filet, because I couldnt make up my mind between 6 & 8. Pictures are from their upper deck balcony. Also - ask to look at the tilapia farm in the basement, just because! And if you're able, have a few old fashions for me!

Alec Borden

This place is organic and non GMO down to the bone. If you're not looking for a $30 steak, go during happy hour (mon-fri 2-5) and order 2 sliders with thicc fries for $4. Great bang for the buck and the servers are fast and attentive. 100% recommended.

Christina Watson

Great service, staff is knowledge, helpful and very friendly. We ordered 28 day dry aged grass feb rib eye, coleslaw, loaded potatoes, and Mac & cheese. The Mac and Cheese was best item we had.

Derrick Freeman

The food here is phenomenal, but the service is spotty at best. Which is unforgivable considering what is being paid. If anyone in our group needed drink refills we had to ask for them. One member of our group didn't get his steak. He had to ask about it and the waiter did admit the order hadn't been entered and apologized. However when that steak did arrive (after the rest of the group had finished eating) none of the sides that had been ordered were brought with the steak and the waiter didn't offer to get them when that was pointed out. They did, however take the charge for those off the bill. Anton's has great food, but so do other restaurants nearby. If I'm looking for a great meal, I can go somewhere with better service at this price point.

Robert Jewell

Anton’s has been a reliable and consistent restaurant, but we had a bad experience recently. We made reservations before the Elton John concert. They called twice to confirm, so I was confident that they were on the ball. We arrived 15 minutes early for our reservation, but were not seated till 10 minutes after. But the table was available. Our waiter, didn’t come by for another 10 minutes. We told him several times that we were going to the concert at 8:00. It is now 6:40. We order and got drinks. Nothing happens till we get really anxious about 7:30. By this time, the restaurant is empty. The waiter looks funny at us when we ask how much longer. My son was looking in the kitchen and said he is sure our order was not put on till after 7:30. Kitchen staff looked confused about the order. The order finally came out at 7:50. We all started eating immediately. Several sides were not provided. My son ordered a 16 oz strip steak, grain feed and aged 28 days. Now this is a $60 steak. He was starving but couldn’t eat it because it smelled so bad. I had a ribeye, it was mediocre at best at $70. Others in our party had the short ribs but didn’t eat them because they were all fat. All total our party spent $700 on our meal for 8 people. So sad. We would have normally ask for a manager, but we were late to the concert as it was. No manager came by or apologized for our meal and any delay. No one gave a damn! Very bad service and horrible food. Can’t recommend Anton’s to anyone!

Randy Gordon

Wow many steaks many ways very good place huge potatoes and great breads and jalapeno corn bread. Better get a rezervation

Mark Abbey

Only wished they would have told us the air conditioning was out. 2nd floor in July makes for a VERY hot dinner

Melissa Kludt

We were disappointed, unfortunately. We were seated immediately, but service was very slow after that. The Baked and Larder appetizer was very basic. Not worth the price. My daughter wanted the House Pasta, but it was not available. She had a Veal and mashed potato special, which she enjoyed. However, my House Burger was charred and cooked well-done, when I requested medium. And it was so salty it was almost inedible. Our waters were never refilled. FYI, the 'french fries' are actually potato wedges. Overall, very disappointed in the '#1 Steakhouse in KC'


Very good steak. Service was good too.

Lance Smith

Absolutely splendid restaurant in Kansas City. The food rivals if not better than the Majestic. Highly recommend this restaurant and having the bone marrow appetizers and one of their aged steaks. Well informed and friendly staff. While a pricier atmosphere it was well worth it. Even more interesting is the basement and washrooms. You can walk by where they grow herbs, age steaks, and store the wine!!!

Doralyn Cespedes

I would have given it a 5 star if it weren't for our server. We all ordered the hamburger. This guy worked up the burger so much that we were expecting to be blown out of our seats, it was just a regular burger. He actually reappeared at the end our meal to ask how we liked it, we all said it was ok, apparently he did not like our lack of enthusiasm towards it, he didn't even say good bye when we left.

jacqueline wagner

Great stop will be back. Great drinks and aps

Richard Biehl

I was visiting my daughter in Kansas City and wanted to dine at a new steakhouse in the area. I originally had reserved a table at a different downtown restaurant but quickly changed my reservation at my daughters request. I am glad I did and had a wonderful dinner at Anton's. First, i need to commend them on the different seating areas in the restaurant that provides you different surroundings from the Butcher shop, to the bar with TVs, and to upstairs with a quieter ambiance. The main event of the evening is the steak from my perspective. It was welcoming to see different options for each cut of either grass fed or grain fed beef. I ordered a medium rare grass fed Ribeye and was able to order the size of the steak by the ounce. My daughter and her partner ordered burgers that were cooked to their liking. The steak was cooked perfectly, tasted great, and was finished off with an order of Creme Brulee. I would recommend Anton's to anyone wanting a hand cut, grass fed or grain fed steak cooked to perfection!!

Markus Impola

Amazing place with excellent service! Get the bone in ribeye. Such delicious! Mac and cheese was very tasty as a side, as well as the mushrooms. I would recommend the bone marrow appetizer as well.

janice pope

Absolutely incredible food! I felt like I was eating in heaven. Every part of the meal was delicious. It was the perfect portion. Best steak I ever had.


Been here twice now. Great steaks, sides, and drinks! And a big part of it to. Great service our waitress was AWESOME. Love the local art that was added to!

Stan Sewell

Group of 8 had a great time here. Large selection of beer and meat. Friendly staff.

Steven Olivas

Ok I'm from Texas. Our friends that we were with are from Iowa. We were all disappointed in the steak. It was tender. That was a tender steak, but it lacked flavor of any kind. After eating there. We decided to stay with the bbq. Very disappointing especially for the price.

G Waterman

Good service. Uniquely KC.

Matt Ferguson

Had a very good dinner. Top notch steak. The atmosphere was cool. Different than most other steak places as we were seat right beside the kitchen and butcher counter and were able to watch the action. It's pricey though, just a caution.

Humaira Mirza

Our family of five went to Anton’s for an early dinner. My boys love steaks and we only eat halal meat. Since this place is known for good steaks and serves Creekstone Farm steaks we were very excited to try it. As our server was telling us about the types of steaks they had I told her about our restriction to Creekstone beef. This seemed to turn her off. From then on the quality of service declined. We ordered two 30oz bone in ribeyes, they don’t have complimentary bread service so we ordered their bread and larder, we also ordered a side of steak fries, green beans, mushrooms and cauliflower. The steak was ok I’ve had better steaks. The mushrooms and cauliflower were ok. The green beans and the steak fries were good. Overall we spent about $400 and walked out disappointed. When I go to a fine dining establishment I go for the service and they service here was lacking. I understand that food sometimes varies and might not be what you expect but service at restaurant should always be top notch. I am very disappointed and will not be going back.

Jeff Weis

The food is top shelf, the service and atmosphere match!


The steak wasn't the right size and not medium done. The soda tasted like chlorine.

Hugh YEP

I do not know who is leaving such great reviews for this restaurant. I went here expecting it to be good and I think people are giving it great reviews because of the ambience. The steak was supposed to be a aged and awesome Etc. It was probably one of the toughest steaks I’ve ever eaten. No flavor and very mediocre. It tasted like they bought the steak from price shopper and rolled it up and served it. It is also On the expensive side. I have had better steaks from the Golden corral.

Jarred Mosher

Excellent menu and the filet was amazing.

Chris Petrie

Amazing right from the butcher steak cuts. Meal is a la Carter, so you get exactly what you want. Prices are high, but reasonable and worth it. Steaks are sold by the ounce and cooked to order. You can even ruin it with well done if you like. Plenty of wines and beers to choose from to go with it. Highly recommend this place if you want a great steak and something special

Jess Esposito

50 dollar strip with an inch of fat on it. I get it was “grass fed” but the 14 oz was equivalent to a 9 oz steak grabbed from a grocery store and unevenly cooked to boot. Bartender was very nice but heard multiple people complaining about their cut of meat. Just disappointing from decent google reviews.

Miranda Campbell

Simply amazing. Best service and bartender I ever had. They curate their own meat and the roast beef was some of the best I ever ate. An impressive tap list and liquor selection. (if you are familiar with Journeyman's Distillery here is a place west of the Mississippi that you can find it). There is a butcher shop as a part of the restaurant that has some amazing looking steaks. The place also has a great ambience and feel.

John Harrington

Service was excellent. Sides were good and the jalapeno cornbread was fantastic. Steak was ordered rare, came out closer to blue. Having had dry aged steaks elsewhere, I was slightly disappointed as the ribeye here was not nearly as good as others I have had. It was still a good steak, just not what I have come to expect from a dry aged steak. The steak at Anton's was a slight step above chain steakhouse. I would come back, but would not order a steak again.

Jenna Weis

This was the worst dining experience I've had. No AC in 96 degree weather, rude wait staff, unprofessional wait staff having inappropriate conversations in front of patrons, and the audacity to automatically charge 20% gratuity with the worst service. Will not be back ever. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Megan Hayes

This will be our last time visiting this restaurant. We ordered the bone marrow for an appetizer and the baguettes came out visibly burnt black- so not only did the chef disregard the subpar quality but so did our waitress with no sense of acknowledgement. I ordered bone marrow butter which was not delivered with our meal; my husband asked for no onions on his wedge salad, another request that was dismissed. His ribeye came out rare; the waitress took it back and it too came out charred. The biggest disappointment of all was the fact that it was a Sunday, half priced wine bottles and I was charged full price! When asked about the price the waitress said “oops sorry, I sometimes “MINDLESSLY RING THINGS IN”. My card had to be swiped twice- I shook my head in disbelief the entire visit. This is not okay...none of it, especially for a expecting a decent/meal and service.

Alisa Ash

Unbelievable. I have never been treated worse in my life. My friend was crying therefore our server decided we could not be served alcohol. We had not ordered any drinks before this time. He had no knowledge of the menu, he threw the tab at us and made rude comments. The most sexist discrimination. Ethan was our server. The manager tried to make things right but still did not offer to comp the bill. The food was not excellent and we were completely baffled by this experience. Do not ever go to Anton’s and Ethan is a terrible person who they justified as being there because they were short staffed.

Mike LoMonaco

Great place, comfortable atmosphere. Looking forward to go back for a nice dinner.

Brianna Ganson

Worst service ever. Ethan was our server and did not know the menu. He was terrible. Hate this place.

Jeff Lackey

pricey yes. food good yes. pricey yes.

Linda Wells

Steaks are very good but not worth the cost.

Nolan Donovan

Awesome interior, great steaks and quality. For the price though, the company I was with and myself weren't crazy about the service. When we got a steak that was more medium than medium-rare (even to the waiter's admission) we would expect that they'd just hop to re-doing it (we had to ask). Obviously, that's not that big a deal. It's simply one of those "for the price" things. Steak was delicious and positive experience overall.

J Gudger

The beef is aged and cut to order, absolutely fantastic! For casual sit downstairs, or upstairs for more ambience. Impressive wine list and beers on tap.

Doug Sherwood

Rachelle made our dining experience nothing short of OUTSTANDING. Her professionalism and easy going manner go a long way. The beer and wine selection along with the great food make this a place I would absolutely visit again!

Philomina Lawson

Food was very delicious and attentive service. Nice place to dine in the KC downtown area with appeasing ambience.

Marie Newell

I love this place. To me it's the best in town.

Patrick Benes

Always great and friendly service

Elizabeth Dixon

Have eaten a lot better food for much less. Waiter was awesome

Jackson Anderson

This is a great place to eat and to work. I worked here up to today. The staff are really friendly, and eager to help you if you have a question or concern. This restaurant is in the process of uograding the classy style of the resturaunt. I enjoyed working there, and was sad to have to leave.

Steve Richardson

AMAZING! The fact that they have 70 BEERS on Tap is enough to warrant the high rating! When you add in the choice between Grass Fed.....LOCALLY grown, or grain finished High quality beef......oh, and add the choice of 28 Day AGED processing on some choices......OMG! EVERYTHING is cut in-house. Even the herbs and vegetables are picked SAME DAY! They don't give it away.....but, for the quality and freshness, not unreasonable. Very high levels of knowledge about the cuts and beers ensured our server got taken care of! Will DEFINITELY be back. Must go! If only for the history of the building!

Jesse Lowe

This place makes meat an experience. I've been to Anton's three times now and every steak is it's own adventure. The steaks are cut think, and they focus on the meat itself meaning you'll get a steak at per once price with sides as an option. A good size cut will set you back what a typical dinner for two might somewhere else, but you'll be hard pressed to find anything like it. For a special occasion this is a great place to enjoy a meal with friends or family, not an everyday place for your budget, but worth while occasional experience.

Jeffrey Zlotnick

Good steaks but WAY overpriced

Avery Bell

The atmosphere here is awesome, but their steak was really not worth the price. My girlfriend's steak was leather, my filet mignon was really good... But overall still too expensive for what you get

Ed Maliski

Great eats. Can't go wrong with any of the steaks. Great service. Decent wine selection. Good craft beers. Nice ambiance.

Luke Shirley

Great stuff as always, great beer selection. Great food, so you can't go wrong.

Darla Morgan

This place is amazing. The food is great as is the drinks. The server was very helpful and attentive. I recomend goi g here.

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