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REVIEWS OF Ben Fish Tire IN Iowa

Khuong Ha

Excellent customer service and ethical

Juan Ramirez

Bessie Snyder

Don the Man is the best he will find the right tire's for your vehicle

Daniel Reiss

Ginny Huckins

Friendly and helpful staff. I've bought my tires for years from Ben Fish.

Mr. Grinch

Been around more than 100 years in Iowa city and still treats every customer like they matter, that's nice..

James P

Best in the business. They are one of the few shops that takes used tires on trade, so far I’ve bought three sets from them and will be back.

Stephanie Durston

Robin Biernbaum

Byron S.

Didn't feel welcomed. Man seemed annoyed. 2 different quotes by the time I arrived. Went to tires tires tires up the street and they mounted 3 new trailer tires in 15 minutes For less money!!!! Tires3 is so much more professional!

Ron Duey

Always very friendly and professional, good services and property done.

April Murphy

susan chadwick

Tina Flores

Peggy Baker-Dawdy

Not orginized will take people who look like they have more money over people that have been there or people they know

Bill Gold

My wife got new tires nut I over heard a staff member tell an older lady that she did mot need an oil change. She was early for it and still had miles to go. He said " I could change it but I'd be changing you for something you don't need". WAY TO GO! That was so great to hear.

Todd Ummach

Always have bought my tires here. Never have had any issues. Plus taking trade ins is awesome.

Neil Bartels

BeauAndSam GoHAM

Georgi Begnoche

Jack Carlson II

Proof is in the pudding on this one. Great advice and the most knowledgeable tire pros in the Siouxland area. Not to mention you're supporting a locally-owned business while getting the best service.

miguel sanjavier

their mechanics scrach my car and their owner saw it and just walk off thats unprofessional service i never coming back to this place ever

Moses San Nicolas Jr.

Breezy in town

Jason Bicking

Insey Parker

Kristy Plucker

Ryan East

William Zediker

Great place for tires and service.

Ty Bayles

Very pleased with the service and help at Ben Fish Tire. I was an out-of-town customer that needed tires on my car and chose them for the price. They were the cheapest option for what I was looking for and were not cheap on quality and service! Great local business! Only drawback is that I had to reschedule a tire alignment and since I'm out-of-town that wasn't possible, so I'll have to get my tires aligned somewhere else. Other than that, I would certainly do business with them if I need to if I'm back in town.

Corbin Cleveland

Ray McDonald

Stephanie Ramirez

Great service and prices

Bonnie Hughes

Sweet Doll

Shawn Lacroix

Trent Dalle

Great place very helpful and friendly

Lisa Gignac

Fixed my tire after I ran over a nail in under a half hour. $17 for the fix. Awesome service.

Kirstin Winters

Great service

Susy Fernandez

Kristi Ladely

Josue Samaniego

They get the job done right

Nicole Jenkins

Christopher Haig

Fast efficient

Paul Beckman

gordon nash

yanet gutierrez

I wouldn’t recommend this place. I made an appointment a week before because they couldn’t do an alignment on my car and I wanted to change the tires at the same time as the alignment, and the tires I ordered were there in two days but still waited a whole week. So I waited a whole week without a car so they can do all that together when they could’ve changed my tires days before. At the end it just got the the tires changed without the alignment what got me more pissed is that they made another appoinment 2 weeks later and have to wait another hour when I go back.

Dana Worrell

No where to sit while waiting

Brian Brausen

Awesome staff, awesome work, and awesome prices.

Theresa Fitzgibbons

Support our local business! These guys know what they are talking about and go out of there way to give their customers the right service.

Shawn Myers

suzie haltli

It was prompt...painless...and affordable. ...and friendly worker's

Cheryl Prathergygdgxff

Very professional and prompt service.

Chase Rohde

The best of the best for price, value and service out of everywhere I’ve been. Would recommend to anyone.

Elizabeth Themm

They are so nice and helpful here.

Nick Schwenn

Balls stay tacky here!!!!@

shelley speck

They got me right in and didnt take long at all to fix the problem.

sue craney

I got in and out, during a semi busy time. This is a well known and busy place.


Not too busy around 2 - 3 O'clock.

Kyle Merryman

Great place

The Kid

Don Sternhagen

The experience at Ben Fish was great. We lost a wheel while on the highway. The wheel! The front driver's side wheel had worked it's way off the axle from St. Louis to Sioux Falls, IA. THEN IT CAME OFF THE CAR. Luckily, to use the word sparingly, we were in a construction zone and only going about 30 mph grinding to a stop. Then the wheel goes bouncing past us. Surreal feeling where everything slows down. Miraculously no one got hurt. Save the fender of the car. I caught the wheel and we called for roadside assistance. An hour or so later a tow truck pulls up and Zach get's our car loaded up and we go to Ben Fish Tires. Dan got us another wheel and got the car back and drive able in a little more than an hour. I thought that we had just blown our vacation budget. We were obviously stranded out of towners they had all the leverage. The whole thing cost us $115!!! We are so thankful for their service, kindness, and honesty.

rick ellison

Good variety of tires and great service!

Kristen S

I was absolutely astounded by the customer service my husband and I received with this shop. We had an unexpected flat on our cross-country road trip about 30 miles out of Sioux City. I was weary about using a local company, but I figured it was worth a shot. We received prompt service, and a warm welcome for us and our dogs. The staff was friendly, hospitable, and extremely helpful. I can't say enough good things about this place. Thank you guys!

Steve Felix

Great, very expedient and great people!

Andrew Todd

Robin Dailey

Nice place nice people

Kate Davis

My car needed repair. They fixed it. 3 days later the part they replaced broke and they refused to fix their mistake. Unless it's oil change or tires, don't count on these guys.

Samantha Fredericksen

Howard Smith

I love waiting 3 hours for my tire to be patched. Great work....This is the second time that's it's taken this long. I would never recommend anyone to ever come here.

James Krohn

Old school service. Great tire value. Good people!

Fernando Alday

josiah wilson

Had my car broken into while it was there this last time, stuff was stolen and they had the only key to get in

Amanda Mischke

Julie DeLance

Ben Fish Tire has been an exceptional place for car service. They have taken excellent care of my mother for the past 20 years. Since my recent move to Sioux City they have been very helpful with me as well. They clearly explained what's going on with your vehicle and their recommendations without pressuring. The only drawback I can think of is that sometimes the wait during service might be longer than other places. In my opinion this is because they are very busy however take their time and are very thorough with the care of your vehicle.

Michele Carroll

Love the people. Love the service I received. Love love love Ben Fish Tires

Josh Hackett

Quick service

Michelle Perera

Very helpful

Jeffrey Preston sr

They had tires I wanted at the price I wanted to pay

Jonathon Dunn

The very pleasant to work with and they usually have the tires on hand

Kerie Rooney

Courtney Koster

Mike Ingram

Best place in town. Always accommodating and everyone seems happy to be there.

Jason Courtney

Excellent service always!

Cassidy Jones

Always leave happy!

David S

They do good work.

Thomas Trobaugh

Quick and courteous.

brennan comstock

How often can you get a call from a mechanic and they tell you “hey sir, you said you thought you needed your brakes done, but they are actually at 40%, so you are good to go with just the oil change.” 90% of mechanics would have replaced them anyway to make the extra cash. Ben fish looks out for the customer! I will always go here and continue to go there!

Kole Bossow

Shennon Herbold

Fastest service around when you have flat and you need to get back on the road. I had a string of bad luck with two blowouts in 3 weeks. On both ocassions I was in and out within 45 munutes.

Lydia Mackey

Took my car to Ben Fish for oil changes and tire changeovers during my 2 years in Sioux City. Prompt, friendly and efficient service. Always left a satisfied customer.

Chadwyck Payne

Lloyd Clark

Ben Fish has been there forever and will beat any "tire deal" in town, guaranteed.

Mark Kugle

They ruined one of my axles and over charged me another time. I will never go there again!

Natasha Kc

They do good work.

Patty H

This is the only place I'll go for car repairs

Chris Pierce

They take cars of their customers.


Caleb Garza

Barb Blan

Terry Orr

John Pappas

Only tire place i trust in sioux city

Rick Ravenstorff

Raymond Cramer

Best tire place in Sioux City!

Liza DeWaal

Good place to get your car fixed. Staff was friendly and very helpful

Cindy Wandler

Always get my tires here

Mike Stowe

dusti pacheco

Very helpful

John Saffle

Great service, really good prices

Terry Ivener

Huge selection of tires. Same day installation.


Got a good deal

Jesse Rinaker

Good work, fast and good price!

Michael Rhodman

Very good

Amber Smith

So I have a 2008 Jeep Patriot Sport 2.4L Dual VVT Manual Transmission. I got 4 new tires approx 9 months ago through Midwest Fast Lube in SSC. I was then told, after they put my tires on, that they do not do alignments and I would need to go to Ben Fish Tire in SC to have one done. After an awful experience there at least my alignment was complete. Except now I have noticed that my front driver's side tire is bald and nearly down to the cord! Either I somehow knocked it out of alignment, or Ben Fish did a shitty job, or I have a bad tire rod end. IDK which, but I do know that I now need 2 new tires and another alignment done but I refuse to go back to Ben Fish. Simply due to how awful the service was there and how unbelievably rude they were. From the moment I got there they treated me like I was inconveniencing them by giving them my business. As if they had better things to do than their jobs. As a single woman who takes care of her cars on her own for the most part I run into situations where sometimes auto body shops are less than easy to work with. I either get spoken to like I'm stupid, or I get the guys that want to be crooked and make an easy dollar because I'm female and they assume I wouldn't know any better. But I've never been to a shop where all customers are berated and spoken to as if they are stupid and treated so poorly and where the receptionists are so unbelievably rude. It was as if they too satisfaction in being so nasty to everyone. I will never give them my business again and I will be sure to steer all of my friends and family clear of that place.

Juan Morales

Un lugar muy eficientes y rápidos.

Katelynn Dabbs

Fast knowledgeable service. They figured out and fixed what was wrong when other shops couldn’t.

Douglas Dill

Love Parker

Richard Munch

Fast serves

Michael Tedford

Just had a tire put on here was less than 15 mins and we were on our way thanks guys.

Rochelle Lesline


roberto rodriguez

Good prices and service. They need more people who can give prices. Not sure why prices are so secret.

Mariano Garcia

Canka Buster

They were fast, to the point. And had my car tire changed and ready within 15 minutes. Regardless of volume. They made me a priority because of my work schedule

paige winge

I had some bad luck and ended up needing three tires in two weeks. The first place I went was very rude and made me feel like an inconvenience. Went to Ben Fish for my second and third they were absolutely amazing to work with. I drove about 3 miles before popping my new tire. I called them right away and they had a tire sent overnight and worked me in, knowing there schedule was full. They had my car up and running again the next day. They went above and beyond for me! I would recommend them over all others in the siouxland area!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING STAFF!!

Adrian san nicolas

Todd Stanley

Joe Whitaker


Mercedes Victoria

Bobbi Behning

Awesome service honest and affordable

Steven Schaubroeck

Great service and they show customers great respect. We went for brake end up with two other issue and they handled each with great speed they are the ones we will go to in the future

Jamison Kelly

Great place. In and out, and reasonably priced.

lia hansen


Karen Tweedy

Great service

Kassandra Cline

Always an easy transaction

Mike Bjordal

First rate service at a reasonable price. Am a 4th Gen Ben Fish patron. Have used BF since my arrival back in Sioux City for oil changes and brake work on a big Buick. Prices have been very reasonable. Service has been honest and to the point. Will be consulting them on some life extension work for the car, too.

Cathrine Coffey

We have always taken our vehicles to Ben Fish, but never again. The last time it was there due to a holiday and them being short handed our car sat for a week. During that time we had the paperwork out of the glove box disappear, tools and the full size spare tire out of the trunk. The work was very subpar and had to take it back the passenger side turn signal light was ripped out. All in all not happy at all.

Hali Benson

The team at Ben Fish continues to blow me away with their knowledge and willingness to be patient with those (like me) who aren't up to par on cars! I would recommend Ben Fish to anyone looking for an oil change or new tires. From the first impression I got over the phone till the most recent encounter I would say that their consistency of customer first is so real!! THANK YOU Ben Fish team!

Chelsey Gustafson


Bought a lot of tires over the years from Ron. Dad always went there when I was a kid and that was quite a while ago. So I continued for years myself. Been a couple years since my last visit but the guys are good men and will work with you as well on prices. Not like some of these other national outlets popping up in town.

Sean Grist

Ed Mceddy

Awful service. Older woman at the front desk is beyond rude. Laughed in my face and then blatantly ignored me to speak to a woman who was also older. When I interrupted and said, "excuse me that wasn't very nice, I wasn't finished" she still ignored me and gave me dirty looks. I was there to pay for 500 dollars worth of new tires and was mistreated for no reason other than personal preference. Not professional and I will be taking my money elsewhere where it will be appreciated and not disrespected.

Nate Atkinson

On a road trip from Minneapolis to Sioux City, I had one of my tires go flat. Thankfully I had a spare but it was bad. So, I really needed to get two tires replaced quickly - on a Saturday. I looked these guys up online and stopped by - thankfully they had the tires I needed to get home. Although they were busy, it was only a few hours before they were finished and I was on my way. The price was reasonable and I was happy to support a local business.

john big eagle jr

Sharon Ulrich

Danny Schmieder

Mariah Hamilton

Very helpful, and reasonably priced. I will definitely be going back.

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