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730 E Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52807

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REVIEWS OF Aquatic Environments IN Iowa

Kaleb Leone

Best place to go have huge selection and healthiest fish in town plus knowledgeable employees

Lunar Nic

Everyone there is very helpful and friendly! An amazing selection of reptiles and they are also super informative! Love this place :)

haven does games

The manager at this shop saved us a bunch of $$ by letting us know about a simple fix for our tank instead of pushing pricey tank/lighting equipment on us. For that reason- we will definitely be going back. Thanks guys!

Hailey Peterson

This is a great store. Best selection of snakes I have seen around. We received great help. The guy in charge of the snakes is very knowledgeable about the snakes themselves and what best suits them. Personally wanting to purchase from here, it is great knowing they are handled regularly. Great prices as well! They will also work with you on setting up layaway.

Kristian Foulks

Supper dope place. They have lizards, turtles,snakes and corals.

Shawn Hantelmann

Nice store. High quality products.

DownRoad What what

Love the whole darn place. Lots of fish and other living things to choose from. And all your tank needs

James Middleton

First time ever at Aquatic Environments, stopped in because we were curious about what to do with our 75 gallon aquarium. They were very knowledgeable and willing to help. They offered great ideas and had demo tanks on display with different setups to show what can be done with great labeling and descriptions so you can understand what it takes to create a tank like you see. The smell. Why do I mention the smell? They've got dry tanks, full tanks, saltwater, freshwater, reptile, amphibians, shared environments, planted tanks, pond tanks, feeder fish tanks & more. You can't tell walking in that there is that much tank diversity based on the smell, it smells clean. I wish I took pictures, but you'll just have to go see for yourself, it's nicely arranged, very clean and well kept. I was very impressed & will be returning to give them my business.

Angela Rowland

My family and I enjoy coming to see all the beautiful fish. We got a Bala Shark from here and he’s doing wonderful. Plan on making more purchases in the near future. Staff is on point with helping with anything you need.

Baye Sow

Nice selection of fish for saltwater and freshwater enthusiasts

Jason York

Great place for all your pet needs, when it comes to fish or reptiles. Reasonable prices and helpful staff.

Crystal Clements

Got a 3 month old bearded dragon from here, couldnt be happier with how everything went.

Mark VanDusseldorp

Very friendly helpful staff

Carla White

Beautiful store

Charles Lovexy

Very good place with lots of help from the employees.

Mary Bailey

Adam and all employees are knowledgeable and give great customer service!

Chlora Beiner

Store is clean. Employees helpful and nice. Price have been raised too high.

Jim Martin

Great guys and very knowledgeable Plus well stocked store with lots and lots of cool stuff to look at !!

David Garrett

Good people good price)

Elysia Rohr

Amazing fish selection and kind staff. Very clean and beautiful fish store.

Geeky Specks

I used to really love this place. I purchased my first snake there. However, she was sick, never grew, and died within less than a year. I went for another snake. They seemed fine until I realized the snake had an RI. And to add, later this week I visited the place to buy mulch and saw all the reptiles were having patchy sheds, the ball pythons seemed to have injuries, and a blood python had wounds on his tail. I don't think I'll be buying snakes from there anymore, which is sad because it's hard to find healthy reptiles in this area.

Hello Hunt

They had big glorious beautiful fancy goldfish. Tanks were clean. Fish look healthy. Service was knowledgeable. Great store.

Suzanne Hawes

Alot to chose from

Sandy Hodgson

They have been very helpful

jeremy lough

Huge assortment of reptiles and fish with all the care supplies you need, only downside is it's a little cramped. Parking is decent with a lot around half the building

Henry Glosemeyer

Great store, staff is very knowledgeable.

pamela kehn

Love this store and employees!

Caroline Sarhane

Nice place..awesome variety


Staff is always very helpful !

Dale Cocayne

Always helpful an have what I need..

Kelly Vogel

Very knowledgeable staff!!

Seth Huscko

Great service! Knowledgeable staff! Great products!

Cody Skiles

great staff very helpful. great selection of reptiles, fish and coral, definitely will go back for my pet needs.

Don Johnson

Great place and exceptional customer service

Frank Korfias

Very helpful staff, and definitely have everything you need for fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

Daryl Bigalk

Over to top and everything you could ever want ..beautiful aquarium set ups variety of rocks and accessories to make your set up great..I couldn't get out of there

Andrew Lester

Always has great prices on aquatic plants and medium.

jason kunz

Great place for fish and reptiles

douglas becker

Knowledge...experience...conscientious staff. They have the stuff to keep your pets healthy, and give gr8 advice. I've been getting fish and supplies there for fifteen years. I also enjoy checking out the reptile room.

Howard Holt

Excellent resource for aquatic and reptile care

Samantha Foiles

I recommend Aquatic Environments to everyone! They are very knowledgeable and answer any questions you have without making you feel judged. They have a good variety of fish, accessories, food and supplies. If you didn't choose them for your fish needs, you chose the wrong store!

Sean McGinty

Great selection of fish and reptiles. Numerous choices for tanks of all sizes for fresh and salt water fish.

Crissy Hare

I love this pet store

Brittany Stacy

Always accommodating. Clean and friendly. Huge variety of pets.

Liv Bohren

They have the best customer service and their knowledge of their livestock is awesome. I have gotten a crested and a leopard gecko from here and a crested gecko set up and they have been thriving

Doug Teel

Great place always have what I'm looking for

Josh Cunningham

Good shop

Cathy Raney Raney

They teach scuba diving . Very nice energetic people. A unique experience

Josiah McCarthy

Loved to visit and just check out fish. Could spend hours in here, fish they have are healthy and last when bought. Also staff very friendly when you have questions. Great job!

Kaleb Hicks

Staff was helpful and friendly recommend this place to anyone

dave woodsman

This is the best fish store I have found so far.

James Smith

I visit this place once a week never disappointed....always plenty of people to help and they are very informative whenever i have a question

the geek shack

Really amazing exotic fish and reptile store and fun just to go see all the fish and tanks loved this place I don't have pictures now but will post some next I'm go on a review thanks

Lee Newberry

Great place for feeder mice and reptiles of all types. One of the only local pet stores that carry Ball Python Morphs

Trent collier

Awesome place to visit and take children to look at fish, reptiles ect.

William Liebbe

Excellent animals, fish and reptiles. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

eunice caselman

The owner as well as all the staff was wonderful in educating us how to keep our fish alive to get back to Missouri. Thank you!

Keith Ogden

Nice local pet store

Jared Wheeler

Their reptile enclosures are full of old crusty urate, fecal matter, and the corners have mold growing in them. The snakes have mites so bad that you can see them crawling on the surface of the snakes. When brought to the stores attention they instead of rectifying the problem they chose to ignore it.

Nick Mercer

Cool selection

Kristin Hoffmann

They are always amazingly helpful and very pleasant

Zachariah Williams

I always use them for rats, other than that I'm not sure if they are all that helpful, as I'm usually in and out.

Mark Paff

Very knowledgeable people Adam ect

Laura Rodriguez

Have purchased all my fish here. One of my favorite places to visit just to visit! Everyone is knowledgeable and helpful great prices.

David n Sally Rowe

They very informative and reasonable prices. Great variety of salt and freshwater fish

Brittney Marie

This place is amazing! They give great advice and always make sure I'm taken care of before I leave. I never feel like they are just trying to sell me something or more than what I came for. Each person working there is knowledgeable and easy to talk to as well.

Ryan Skalla

Great place for sea fish and lizards

Susan Chovanec

Love this store, great selection of salt and fresh water fish. Alot of other exotic creatures also


Nice selection. Clean. Kinda pricey for cichlids. Staff wasnt overly friendly or helpful but good enough.

Ilana Poulin

They are so helpful in starting my tank the right way. They are friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable!

Riki Harrington

Staff is so knowledgeable nice and extra helpful.

Kelly Perez

Helpful and a fun store to visit!

Dustin Markus

Awesome place

Mark Paterno

Best fish store I’ve ever seen. Not to mention a mind blowing reptile, amphibian, arachnoid, etc selection. Knowledgeable & competent staff more than willing to assist. I can’t say enough good things about this place. I drive 70 minutes just to get there.

Joe Mooney

Hands down best staff and always goes the extra mile ! I don't go anyplace else. They have helped me with all my salt water needs. Very much appreciated.

Paul Elgatian

Helpful staff. Plenty of parking

Sonya Wailand

Love this place..the staff Is great..the selection of fish is snake loves their rat selection. Update. .Thank you Aquatic Environment for rehoming my snake. It was very hard for me to give him up. I know he is in great hands.

Alex V.

Super helpful staff and also very knowledgeable. They will do water tests and offer a huge selection.

Jeannette Alvarez

Awesome place I get all my beautiful spiders

Bill McDonald

This has been a good little store I like the frags.

Kim Pauley

Great place knowledgeable staff, helpful in every way and not pushy.

sher loomis

Great service and selection

Thomas Felton

Good place to go because they know about fish

Jeff Shambaugh

#1 aquarium store in Midwest. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Everything you could possibly want or need under one roof. No need to look further than this place.

E Patters

My go to place when I need something right away. Great selection of equipment, supplies, fresh water and salt water species. The staff is very knowledgeable aswelk and very helpful.

Bree Tyler

Love this place.

Beth Muse

I have been coming here for years. Clean and healthy tanks of fish, reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles, amphibians like salamanders and frogs, and even some arachnids! Even if you aren't coming to purchase you should stop by; they have a gorgeous array of corals, salt and fresh water tanks to view! Best aquatic store in the QC!

Debra Fraker

I always get everything for my aquarium st Aquatic Environments. Excellent experience!

Robert Anderson

Awesome place staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about the products it sells

Eric Watson

Great staff! Love the fish selection and a good clean store!

Aiden Bowser

Great place to go for all of your amphibian's and reptiles needs. But the place is a tad crammed and very small.

Jessica Hartmann

Pretty cool store big variety of aquatic needs but this place is always packed full of people and the store is too small they need to upgrade to a larger building so people can actually move around

Tyler Hull

I was just visiting but it was a nice fish store. Highly rated in the area but they had a good selection of fish and food. Could use more plants but I think that's personal preference!

Joe dyer

One of the best places to fish and reptile supplies. On top of that it's supporting local.

Mike Carlson

Very knowledgeable.

Deana Osborne

Knowledgeable staff, great variety of salt and fresh water fish. They also carry a nice variety of aquatic plants for your aquarium and about anything you could possible need to keep your aquarium running at its best. They also offer water testing so no more guessing on the quality and state of your water.

Household Chapman

I appreciate how nice the man working there was. I had some questions that I'm sure seemed stupid to him but he was incredibly patient and answered all of them. I was very impressed by him and the store.

Official CASZO

The staff is very informal and the pricing of everything is affordable!

donald lemaster

Very clean and a very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Will Bell

First time going in there and it was a great experience the employees knew what they was talking about and they have great fish

Big Chungus

Bought a panther chameleon here, showed us what we would need to make sure everything was right. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable also the store is pretty cool.

Gordon Hawkins

Nice selection of fish, love their salt water tanks.

Daniel Wauters

Bought 3 awesome plecos from here last weekend awesome selection of saltwater and freshwater fish lots of supplies and fish food very nice store will be back

Jordan Shreffler

Great selection of fish and reptiles but there were a lot of dead fish in the tank

Josh Lynch

They have a great staff who will help you with what ever you need

Susan Johnson

Love this place! Grandkids think it is a small zoo

Mrs. Carbajal

Great store to buy aquatic supplies. Friendly staff. Small store kinda cramped but everything is in nice condition and store is clean so it's worth the visit.

Mark Kisielente

The staff was so professional and wonderful!

Jessica Willens

Friendly, knowledgeable staff, good price, variety.

Heather Schneider

I've bought fish, lizards, and feeder mice. I've had a great experience every time! Great clean place. Nice staff!

Andrew Brown

Most knowledgeable, cleanest, fastest and staff is always friendly.

Rose Salzmann

The employees are very helpful, and knows their stuff.

Bobby Orwig

Half the time we go just to admire the saltwater tanks. Very impressive work. Staff is friendly and competent.

Kay Youngs

The only place I go to for salt water fish and accessories. They understand and take care of their animals (fish and reptiles). You can bring in water for testing, you can purchase water and live rock on site. Phenomenal selection of healthy corals. They sell freshwater fish and plants as well. If you're a beginner or not, they help guide you through the process to keep your tanks live and well. They have a wide variety of food and rock, plus any supplies you can think of. They also sell frags so you can start this hobby on a budget and watch them grow.

Julee Reed

Great place if you are a beginner or experienced. Staff is always friendly and selection is great.


These guys are great! Very clean store, very knowledgeable staff, they will help you through any problems and give honest recommendations. Not just tell you what they want so they can make the most money. By far the cleanest and most helpful staff in the business.

Jason Miller

Friendly, knowledgeable people!

jered hedrick

Great selection of fresh and marine fish. Pretty good selection of coral and inverts as well. All of which usually appear pretty healthy. Purchased several big items and usually have a good in stock selection of accessories, lighting, pump and chemical needs. Had a glass replacement top for our 93g rimless cube tank after ours was accidentally knocked over during a water change. Life saver there to keep our jumping fish in the tank. Have traded in used equipment several times and get decent value but could sell privately for more if you take the time (which is expected anytime you trade into any store, cars, etc are the same way).

Mark Barnes

Always a great experience. Unlike the bigger chain stores . The service is personal, starting with being greeted by name by all the staff.

Kilee Dinneweth

They have the best prices. Especially for goldfish. Got my iguana here, she is healthy and doing great today.. and this is where I get all of my goldfish. Love this place !!

Nathan Majewski

Awesome selection of creatures and very helpful staff

Maureen P

They always have what I need for my pets

Zarosreturns trash boat

Everytime,I come here,everyone is very nice and helpful,they treat you like family.

J Calvert

Very good people and great store. I have a reef tank and have had nothing but good luck with purchases from these guys. They have fair prices and are also understanding and decent on fish guarantees. Bottom line is they have a great inventory, helpful friendly staff and very well maintained display tanks full of different corals and fish! A++

Followmeitwill Beallright

definitely a good selection

dan doty

They we're very helpful they always have what I need for my reptiles

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