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REVIEWS OF The Reef Aquarium Shop IN Indiana

Juan Camacho

Overall nice store with a good selection of corals. Unfortunately most of their salt water fish are covered in ich. Saw a couple of died clownfish and an angle fish covered in ich that looked near death. Shame cause they have very nice fish.

Shawn Stephens

I moved here from Chicago where there are several salt water aquarium stores. As an affect, the prices are much lower there. It’s almost worth the drive if you’re looking for a higher end fish. Folks at reef are pretty knowledable and helpful. I shop here regularly and would recommend it.

Neil Strough

Great selection of hard to find scape items.

Shaun Childs

I have yet to ask a question that this staff cant answer...they are very knowledgeable! Deborah is my favorite...she's always smiling and ready to help! Her personality is on point!

Hafuza Hakim

Best place to buy aquarium supplies. Healthy plants and fishes. Cheap price too.

Jessica Hammer

We have been here several times. We do like it ...but there has been more than time we’ve asked the employees questions about new fish- seeing if they would work with what we currently have and they’ve said yes. Then we get them home and it doesn’t work out and we research and look into it more and they shouldn’t have been put together. Also the store stinks ! We do like the selection they have though.

Nina Pinger

Both the door, website, and Facebook said they were open. Door was locked and couldn’t get a hold of anyone on the phone. Drove an hour and a half to this place just to be turned away by a locked door. Incredibly disappointed.

Sweet Deals

If you are looking anything fish, definitely stop here first!

Lara Vitale

Always helpful and great selection of fish food.

Jon Flesher

The staff is quite knowledgeable and has been able to answer any questions I have about my fish tanks. The wide variety of fish and fish related products is amazing. I will continue to shop and refer people to the reef.

Darren Gustin

could have more selection and fairly high prices

chris w

Awesome little spot with a huge selection of fish, corral, aquatics and other supplies

Mitchell Rhodes

Very welcoming and friendly. Large variety of options. We recieved great advice on picking out a full setup for a Beta.

Craig Hunt

Great fish and VERY knowledgeable employees

DeAnna Harrison

Was beyond excited to see this store. No doubt the cleanest aquarium store I’ve ever seen. We drove two and half hours because we were told they were the very best. Wrong. Not only were they incredibly rude, they treated me like I was an idiot and I had to ask several several times for a simple bag of fish. Only to find out they were bagged twice and the guy ringing me up didn’t even know they were there after making me wait a half hour for some simple feeder fish!!!! Fast forward. We get home. They’ve prepared the fish so that they’d have enough oxygen to make it. I immediately submerged the bag and opened the top and wrapped the top of the bag around the tank so they can accumulate and have fresh air. Not even an hour later almost all my fish dead. And they’re not even the ones I specifically asked for!!! So my friend convinced me to call and complain since she’s going this weekend. The man on the phone laughed and told me I couldn’t even acculmate guppies right and that it was my fault and to bring the dead bodies in. That he has 500 from a shipment ok so it’s my fault. After I told him I arrived before the shipment he called me a liar and told me I was wrong when I literally got there before the truck. I’ll never go back. I’ll recommend no one ever goes there honestly. Their tanks are beautiful. But their people? Nasty. They’re over priced and they feel upity about it. Very sad. Had come wanting to love it and be a life member.

David Schroeder

Really nice selection of SW fish and coral. A bit pricey and I didn't check out the FW side.

tim shelton

This is a good knowledgeable place to shop for anything for your fish hobby

A Hodges

I'm sorry, I meant to give you 5 stars! Your staff is very knowledgeable and patient and you have a great selection of fish and aquarium supplies.

Andrew Edwards

The ladies here is super informative and always willing to help some of the best customer service I've ever had

Paul Manawat

Awesome store, with a great variety of fish.

Fanta Dickerson

Get fish and great customer service

d mc

They have a great selection of fish. The staff is knowledgeable and very professional.

Ron Jarvis

Great place to buy fish very knowledgeable

april cobb

Everyone there is always very helpful, nice and patient. Love making the trip cross town when we need fish or other supplies.

Ben Breman

Very friendly staff and a fresh new look!

Job Armendariz

They have one of the best(quite possibly the best) fish and aquatic plant selections of central Indiana. They have an impressive array of salt and freshwater tanks, with a lot of fish/shrimp I haven’t found anywhere else. Good place to go for the beginner and enthusiast alike. It’s worth the trip just to see their display tanks!

Nicolette Land

Best fish/aquarium store in the tristate area!

Tory Worland

Even though the place might be packed. Someone is always willing to take the time to address your questions... Even if there is not an immediate sale on the horizon. Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, honest. Hands down my favorite place in Indianapolis when it comes to the needs for my aquarium and the health of its inhabitants. A great place even for non aficionados to stop in and wander around.

michael waters

They've helped me with my saltwater aquarium in more ways that I can describe here

jl 500

Great customer service. Knowledgeable staff. Great fish selection. They have everything I need.

Ellen Collins

These guys have been amazingly helpful whether it was with reptiles, fish, plants, or chemistry. Always willing to give the best information they have and I haven't come across a question that they couldn't answer. They've earned a loyal client. I'll always go to them with all of my aquatic needs.

impishframe .

Fantastic selection of fish and very knowledgeable staff

Brad Voshell

Great selection of Fresh and Salt water fish and accessories.

Jason Brooks

I love this place. I have a large reef tank and this is where I can see more advanced systems/equipment running in person.

Jennifer Meils

Love my fish!! The Reef is a great place to go!!

brenda surbey

Best place to buy you pets. I have enjoyed the friendly and reliable service that I have received from the staff! I’ve purchased salt,fresh water my pet fish here and would highly recommend to anyone that will listen!

James Wetzel

The staff here is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. They are aquarium experts, not just "fish store employees". Their stocks are very high quality and there is a very broad selection of both stock and supplies. This is also the only place locally that I've found Texas Holey Rock for freshwater aquariums.

Sierra Mcclellen

Very knowledgeable people great customer service, my fishes are very happy! Thank you

Anne Fijalkiewicz

It was great! Today was my first time there as I’m putting together my first planted aquarium and had to get some basics. They were hopping busy but I knew what I needed! I’m sure had I needed help, any of the employees would have been more than happy to assist! I overheard some of their conversations and it was obvious how knowledgeable they are about what they do. I am looking forward to going back and getting my first plants and as many tips as they are willing to part with for this newbie.

Tiffany Thalmann

Nice place to buy fish and knowledgeable staff to help get your aquarium set up and maintained.

Kyle Wiening

Great place great service , Deb is a big help always.

Sharon Yoder

Very friendly and helpful staff. Excellent selection of plants and fish.

Winona Flannery

Loved the place. A little of everything

Beth Earlywine

Extremely knowledgeable staff. They work together to make sure you have a positive experience in their shop

Cavan Villalobos

Absolutely TERRIBLE. Owner is the equivalent of a giant baby and looks like the fish hes selling, with puckered fat lips and empty eyes floating in his head. Complete airhead, and his temper is even worse. Would never step into this god awful store ever again. I absolutely do not recommend this to anyone. Staff is ATROCIOUS!

Collin Markle

Excellent service, fantastic layout and corals to choose from. Corals are super healthy and adapted to my tank within minutes. Can't wait to go back after they get a fish shipment to check out what they get! The pricing was the best I've seen after shopping at many different stores and the quality of product was superb.

Neal Evans

Been coming here for over 25 years. The Reef introduced me to aquariums. It taught me a lot about the hobby. The staff is awesome. Ellen, Chris, Kevin(the owner), the super cute girl with tatoos on her legs(sorry, wish i could remember your name). The store is a staple of the aquarium hobby in Indy. I wish they would run more sales or specials. But other than that, they actually have some stuff cheaper than Amazon and Ebay. I recently priced two aquariums at the store vs Amazon and they were within $10 of each other. So, support local business and a treasure trove of information.

Ibrahim Shaheed

Friendly, helpful staff. Even when you just need a single item like food or filters, you want to stay just to admire the beautiful scenery. Fun place just to visit!

Hailey G

I've gone the whole Petsmart route for getting fish and aquariums before and disappointed many times. Going to The Reef is a totally different experience. It's nice equipment, healthier fish, and more knowledgeable employees. I'm really glad we went there to get my fish and his tank and supplies!

Travis Turner

Prices can be a little on the high side, but you get what you pay for. Staff is incredibly knowledgeable!

Mark Owen

Great selection of quality aquarium supplies and livestock. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Service has gotten much better with the latest staff additions.

Alexx Ferran

Great fish selection (many hard to aquire species). Great aquariums and supplies. Plenty of tank decorations (both live and fake plants and tons of rocks and wood). Staff is friendly and helpful. Very good prices as well! If you are into the aquarium hobby, you should check this place out. It's worth the drive and beats the big retailers many times over!

Joel Fedell

Great service and selection. The staff is very knowledgeable about the products and animals they carry.

Daryl Mason

Excellent knowledge from staff. The young woman behind the counter has a sour personality. Public relations are important.

Serena Polheber

They were very attentive and asked often if we could be helped. The young man who helped us was very knowledgeable and seemed to truly enjoy his job.

VelRae Morgan

Went there and older gentleman was rude and I'm not sure if it was a rascist thing but I will never eva go there again...this place has rude employee's how do you turn away a new customer y'all don't deserve 1star and y'all over priced and y'all tried 2 give me $2 for my 2 loaches that was worth $120 over priced fukers i went to uncle's Bill's and was offered more.

Joey Raney

I'm not a saltwater guy, but the fresh water selection here is the best in the state. I've always gotten healthy fish and plants from The Reef.

Xuankang Lin

Helpful staff and nice shop

David Noggle

This place is the best place to buy your fish. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and their products are very well priced. You will find things here that you can't find at your general pet store.

Greg Depinet

It's a good atmosphere for marine and freshwater fish. Most employees are knowledgeable and genuinely want to provide correct information. Fish and Coral selections are great and you can't ask for a better selection of aqaurium related gear.

Thad Rose

Nice and clean place. Amazing live plants. Decent coral. Good selection of fish. Overall look is great. The service could be a bit better.

Brian A

An fun aquarium store

Big Red

Meh its just okay with a hard to reach location. Parking really sucks and it can take more than a few minutes to get the right help unless you're just someone who buys goldfish or doesnt care what kind of fish. I could swear last time i was in i bought about $110 worth of fish (it was only 4 peacock cichlids at about $16/piece and 2 jewel fish for $10 each) and about $30-40 worth of food and a $5 thing of water treatment and my bill was just over $200 and im still not exactly sure what i could have bought that made my bill around $60 over what i thought it should be. In a rush after i got home i threw some vacuum parts in the bag from the Reef for a family member with the receipt and before i knew it they had thrown it away so i felt it was no use in trying to retrace what i bought. The fish lived, all 6 but wow they were expensive. Keep an eye on your bill here. 6 fish, 3 things of Hikari food and a $5 Prime shouldnt be $208! Better to try to locate local breeders on Facebook.

Jurita Moye

Staff was very helpful

Catria Neely

Reasonably priced fish

Danielle Atherton

Nice little gem on the east side of Indy. Has a little bit of everything for supplies, the fish look fairly healthy and most of the staff were helpful. We weren't a fan of the short brunette young lady working the checkout though. She has an attitude and was the reason I put back a heater that we were looking at purchasing. But other than that, the bearded man and the young tall girl were so kind and helpful. Will definitely be coming back, just hope not to deal with miss attitude next time.

S Shields

Best place to take care of fish babies


Great selection of dry food and live stock!

Chris Smith

When I walked in I was given the chance to look around on my own for a bit before one of the staff came over to offer help. I'm a first-time snake owner, so I asked for advice on the correct kind of heat light, thermostat, and bedding for my terrarium. We struck up a conversation and he gave me good advice and helped me pick out the best products for my needs. The Reef has a nice variety of hides and aquarium accessories that I could choose from. Overall I was very satisfied with my visit! I plan on coming back for more.

Heather Spaw

We use to come here exclusively for all of our saltwater aquarium needs. Unfortunately the quality of coral as well as live rock has gone down drastically . There have been at least three different guys stating they just took over on our last three visits. I hope they turn things around we loved this store and will gladly go back just need to get the quality under control

Billy Judd

Great stAff and selection

Patricia Tucker

My favorite fish store. Tons of everything you could ever want and need for your aquarium. The staff are professionals in the business. No question goes unanswered here.

Jeremy Gunning

Nice selection of sumps if you are not looking to buy online or want to see in person first

Jai Solga

Place is shop ill b visiting quiet often!!!

Big Homie

Nice prices and nice fish and other thangs

Alicia Bitter

Nice place and the staff was very helpful!

melissa gipson

Ammmmaziiing ppl... high quality stuff. They really care about the animals there... i love going there and they always answer any questions i have..

Denise Beard

Fresh and salt water fish and accesories.. Clean tanks and store.. And friendly staff. Loved the maccaw.

Matthew Baer

This is the go to for indy aquarium hobbiests. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Good selection. Some products are bit pricey but some are priced and a really good value. Always a fun place to go even to just visit and look around.

Lindsay Webb

I've been back here a few times now to keep buying white rotifers for my salt water tank. The staff is always very nice and it's always nice to look at the new stock. But there's always room for small improvement but they're on the right track.

Charlie Michalski

Really cool fish store, lots of variety for saltwater and freshwater tanks! They had many different items available from filtration to rock work and fair pricing too. I will definitely be going back!

Andrew Mack

This place is beyond amazing and are helpful. Thank you so much for your help!! Literally saved my fish

Santanna Hawkins

Everyone that works at The Reef is very knowledgeable! I make an hour trip to visit and see what's new, almost every weekend!

Richard Duncan

Awesome care for the animals and friendly staff.

Troy Lewis

They had a huge selection of fish and everything you need to take care of them it's a good place to visit

Mark Patrick

Great fresh and salt water fish and supplies. Best in Indy.

Edwin Knouse

Best place for selection,employee knowledge

Zippy Sneed

No Saltwater Fish Hardly At All.. BLAH

Kaitlin Fischer

A little busy but wonderful as always

Caleb Hoovler

The knowledgeable staff and friendly services. They have exactly what you need and want in the aquarium world.

Sean Hilgenberg

Staff is always at your fingertips and are knowledgeable. The manager will also custom order tanks and supplies if you need them at very reasonable prices. Plenty of selection but the good fish usually sell within a few days of their shipment arrivals, so just ask them when they're getting another shipment in.

Joshua Adams

I’ve gone several time and truly enjoy the lay out of the shop. The quality is wonderful and associates are willing to help quickly.

Lovely Washington

Excellent customer the fishes..


Best place for freshwater & saltwater fish. Employees are knowledgeable

leah storm

Horrible experience, you stand around a not knowing who you ask to help you get a fish and once you do ask someone they are rude. Not to mention I brought home 5 fish and all but one died within 4 days. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Ryan Coffman

Best salt water aquarium selection this side of the Mississippi. No really, you guys have some great corals and everyone I’ve talked to is always really knowledgeable.

Cindy Sues

Great saltwater fish store.

Zach Scheiber

They had a nice selection of fish but prices were outrageous. 64 dollars for a king kong parrotfish I have one the same size that I got for 20 dollars. Also 100 dollars for a small to medium green severum, got one a little smaller for 16 dollars. I would look at other places because the prices are much better

Wayne Coyote

Beautiful store with very friendly and well educated staff. If you are a beginner or professional The Reef Aquarium Shop has everything for your aquatic needs. My wife and I were just there last Sunday looking at an Axolotl, the gentleman who helped us we great and explained to us everything we would need and even explained basic care. A+ Reef team!

Randy Banks

I've been back here a few times now to keep buying white rotifers for my salt water tank. The staff is always very nice and it's always nice to look at the new stock. But there's always room for small improvement but they're on the right track.

william white

Awesome place to visit. Very knowledgeable staff. Friendly environment. Everything you need for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Tab Holland

Knowledgable, great customer service, fish and plants are always healthy.

Stephan McCray

Healthy feeder ghost shrimp and helpful staff

John Otte

Very nice store. A little pricey but you get what you pay for. No junk here. My only complaint Is the customer service could be better. Weekends are very busy be prepared to wait. Advice is good if you can get it. With that said I will be back........update 1/5/19...After several more visits stocking my 75 gallon I would say this store is great. Got all my questions answered got some great healthy fish including a rare cichlid this is my store. I'm not sure of his name but the gent with the ponytail is very knowledgeable and helpful. Will be back for my next tank adventure

Decara Pardue

Amazing fish snd supplies. My granddaughter who is 2 had a blast

Trickedout 900

Zero Stars. Only place I have ever been to in my life that wouldn't sell me a 5 dollar container of food unless I gave them my phone number. Terrible business practice!!! Though they do have a nice selection I will never set foot in there again. My advice is to take your business elsewhere. In regards to your reply. I haven't made a cash or check transaction in a retail store in ten years, I do a ton of shopping and never once have I been required to give my phone number. I appreciate your explanation but that policy will deter me from shopping there.

Fred Houston

Pretty cool fish..HUGE fish

Mary Blume

Everyone at work has been telling my boyfriend and I to check out The Reef. We have 3 Tiger Oscar's and just upgraded their tank and needed a hood for it. We went in tonight and looked around, I honestly turned into the biggest child when seeing their Tiger Oscar's!! Very friendly staff and we found exactly what we were looking for. We will be back for sure for more!!

Andrew Hickman

Sooo many unique types of creatures and plants. And a parrot that says hello :).

Kayla Mitchener

Staff was very helpful

Rhiannon Swisher

Great place for fresh water fish and not overly priced coral fragments. The salt water variety of fish is kind of limited though.

Judith Peddycoart

Cool place will be back and very friendly staff and know what they are doing and answer every question we had were very informed

Shelby Crawford

Very helpful ! I dont live very close and they were the only store that I've seen that has the worms I needed. It was still going to be a little bit of time before I was going back home so they have me a bigger cooler box and an ice pack to keep my worms cold. They went over and beyond to help me.

Anthony Locke

As always the employees where helpful an knowledgeable.I went in the day to avoid alot of people an got what I went for.

Noah Graber

I cannot reccomend The Reef more, this shop has everything you need and the Staff onviously care about not only the fish but the customers as well, I cannot always remember names when I go in but they remember mine and that really shows how great this place is!

Mike Parker

They know their stuff. I had a million questions while setting up my 75 gallon mixed south American cichlid and tetra tank. There are several i wanted that they steared me away from for various ressons and suggested others. My tank is perfect and they are the reason.

John Schuman

Great place to get some fish and aquarium equipment! Very helpful staff too!

Herbert Elovitz

Nice selection

Andrea Young

It was a very cool place the kids had fun looking at all the fish but it was a little to expensive to buy children fish for them to not take care of them other than that it was a cool place and they have a beautiful bird that speaks to everyone

Courtney Thompson

I love the reef! I’ve actually been going there for 10+ years now (since I was a child with my mom). They are so friendly and even though it’s a fish shop it’s so homey and welcoming. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. When I purchased a fish from another store and it ended up having babies, they took the babies off my hands since the other place said they wouldn’t take them.

brandy bran

they are always so helpful! everytime ive had a problem with a fishtank or just had general questions theyve answered everything. theyre super patient and will spend 30+ minutes with you discussing your questions, giving suggestions etc. they also understand budgets and will try to stay within it if you have one. theres a guy who works in freshwater who is also very straight forward about dumb questions and telling people if what theyre doing is wrong and i appreciate that!! (some might find it rude but meh) always a pleasure coming here :)

Jim Canning

Beware, no returns! Read the small print on your receipt. Any issues with a purchase will be up to you to work with the manufacturer for refunds or exchanges!!!! I initially had a great experience with the staff who helped me set up my my daughter's first freshwater aquarium. They were very helpful and informative. I spent $150 to get started. The power filter they recommended began making rattling noises after a few hours of use. I adjusted it some, but it began doing it again a few hours later. I returned to the store 2 days later and they took it apart, put it back together. I went home and a few hours later was rattling again. We had to turn it off at night because my daughter kept waking up to it. I returned again and asked for an exchange. They called the owner and stated that it wasn't the stores fault, its a manufacturer issue and I needed to contact them directly to work out a solution. I literally had the filter for a total of 6 days & they are unwilling to exchange the $20 item. Unbelievable! I would have been a return customer for years. There was a reason I was driving 20 minutes each way & passing 3 other chain aquatic stores to stay local. So much for my efforts. I guess Amazon and chain stores will be getting my business. What a waste.


The owner Kevin has been so great. This is one of my husband's favorite stores. They also offer a residential aquarium and pond services. Kyle and Andrew are the best. They always have our aquarium and pond looking top notch. They go above and beyond to please the customer. I would highly recommend The Reef to anyone with saltwater or freshwater fish.

Lisa Arnold

They have a decent variety of plants and aquarium pets. They're a little pricey but not too bad.

Kelsey W

Always an impressive great experience. They have beautiful, healthy fish and knowledgeable employees.

Tony Seyfried

The best as always!

Nate Diller

They are in my opinion the best aquarium shop in indy. Huge variety. Personal staff. Prices are a little higher but I think the quality of product and service is worth the trade.

Mark Gray

Knowledgeable people

Brie Joyce

Excellent customer service from the long-bearded gentleman whose name I unfortunately forgot for the second time. Will be back to buy fish in the coming weeks when I have a properly acclimated tank.

D. Ferguson

A great place to check out aquarium fresh and saltwater supplies very helpful staff decent prices on some things other things are a little overpriced. Have a great selection of fish but some of the prices to me or little pricey so I never really purchased fish from there. I mainly go there to get water conditioners or food sometimes if I need them and can't wait to order them online.

Helen Pell

The have a wide variety of fish. They are very knowledgeable about fish and equipment. Only place to go for aquatic needs. Full service!

Fabio DeLuca

Great place with a unique and fairly priced selction

Erika Grady

An amazing diamond in the rough. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff

Stephanie King

Great staff, clean store, the ONLY place i will buy from... i dont have to worry about getting ick or anything bad at all!

Mark Wilder

Awesome store! Good selection of fresh and salt water equipment. Alot of the harder to find antibiotics, live plants, and some of the healthier looking bettas I've seen recently. Very nice, and helpful employees!

Gary McCoy

This place has the largest selection of exotic fish I have ever seen. They even have sea horses. Not to mention there fresh water fish the size of a basketball. They even have piranha. A very cool experience and if it lives in water u can get it here or order it here and they will help you build the perfect environment to help you sustain the Max life span and health for your pets.

Nick Traycoff

Kyle provided an excellent service. He came to my house to help me set up my new saltwater tank and to help get the set up to quiet down. He kept reminding me that he can help with the sound issues but not solve them and I will say he has completely solve them. Hey humble and very knowledgeable technician who is eager to help and get you on the right track. Thank you!

Alexis Kinsey-Davis

The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they always have the supplies we need

Kohlt 22

A very great place to shop with very informative staff, however that service comes with a very high price compared to local competitors.


great service, i have never gotten a sick fish from the reef, but the fish a tad bit expensive but the variety makes it worth it, employees have have differing opinions so it can be a little confusing.

Nicho Bowser

Beautiful shop


Very helpful staff. Had just what I was looking for.

Sierra Suhr

Staff is very friendly. They have all sorts of livestock for fresh and salt water. They also have a great variety of supplies for your fish tanks. 100% will go back and would recommend to any fish hobbyists.

Angel Brinkman Smith

They may be a bit pricey on some things. However they are the go to place for nearly anything you may be looking for even the more obscure supplies. The associates were very helpful

Happy Napper

Worth the 30 minute drive and variety of fish

David Nguyen

Took my dad here because he loves fish but never had a saltwater tank before. He doesn't speak English well but surprisingly there is this one guy who can speak Vietnamese and it makes everything alot easier. He gave my dad all the informations he needs to start his tank and he can't wait to come back and get the fish once the tank has cycled. Definitely would recommend this place. Not only staffs were friendly but the fish seems to be healthy as well.

Ashley Johnson

Best saltwater shop around!

Greg Utter

Great service, selection from friendly knowledgeable people, both fresh and salt aquarium stock and supplies

Katey Helton-Sausa

My roommate brought me to the Reef today for my first time... We traveled from Lafayette, IN to come, an hour away. Amazing coral! They have so many different kinds, as well as many choices of anemones & a small assortment of fish. Good prices on all of them as well as great prices for tanks! We were helped immediately by a very knowledgeable worker & given some information we didn't know about anemones! I would definitely recommend visiting this place, even if you're not buying!!! Thanks again Reef! See you again soon!!! Bob B & Katey S P. S. Don't forget to say Hi to the parrot!

Stanley Stewart

Staff are all very knowledgeable on all things relative to aquarium life. Helpful, friendly and always making sure certain I understood what was told to me. Prices are a bit higher, but nowadays, what isn't.

Slate Run

I love everyone and everything about this store, very knowledgeable staff and out of the way good products!!! I Love this store and I have been a customer of the Reef for 8 years and honestly haven't one complaint about this store only that I wish them the best and hope they have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year..... Thanks sincerely Jeremy Rich

Denny Lawrence

I trust their stock. That says a lot for aquarium hobbyists.

wicked juggalos

Very clean lots of selections and very educational help from staff


great place with a wide variety of fish, plants, and most any products you could need.

Kenny Bishop

Lots of fresh water options for fish and fauna not as much for salt water, but very nice I'll be back with the family.

Kelly O'Brien

Very informative & helpful. Didn't push a sale on you.

Barajas world

I was in aw when i walked inside. So many choices of fish, plants, and decorations. The staff was very helpful with helping me decide what i can put in my community tank. Ended up buying a Siamese algae eater, and a few plants for my 75 gallon. I am definitely making it my goto store now.

Mark Martinez

I have entrusted this business with the care and love that I would myself to put into my fish and aquarium in its upkeep and maintenance for the last four years (as my work schedule does not permit me to be consistent in it’s maitanence) I’m extremely satisfied rather beyond satisfied with the level of service I receive all the way around, as expected we have had some bumps in the road but certainly nothing we couldn’t move past. Anyone looking for that special touch and care for your aquatic pets wanting someone to care for them as if they were their own children this is the place of business for you to entrust. Never have I not called and they not responded, never have I ever had an issue that was not quickly addressed and resolved. The staff is pleasant and most importantly knowledgeable, the owner cares not only for his clientele but most importantly for the quality of life of the pets that are interested to his care!!!! thumbs-up five stars all the way around ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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