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111 W Main St #110, Carmel, IN 46032, United States

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REVIEWS OF Fish Market IN Indiana

Rob Cicchillo

Kelly Litster

Joe's always has great service & high quality meats.

Sloane Thompson

Adam Simkowski

Excellent cuts and great service

Rich Adams

Patrick Jones

You won't find a more humble purveyor behind the counter than Joe Lazzara. Joe's carries the finest Amish chicken, Fresh Seafood, and Prime Cuts of U.S.D.A. Beef. I just with I wasn't a vegetarian now!

Megan B

Zeb GrandPre

Best meat around. If what you are looking for isn't in front, they are always happy to make it up special in the back.

Carolyn Goolsby

Don't ask for anything that's not in the case. I went in over the weekend and asked if they had Culotte steaks. The counter attendant said, "Oh - you mean sirloin cap steak?" (This was encouraging.) "We can cut anything you want in the back." After 10 minutes, the attendant and the meat cutter came out with the entire sirloin cap - trimmed so inexpertly, it looked like a dog had been chewing on it, perched on the guy's hand like a waiter's tray. "So..." the meat cutter drawled, "like... how do you want me to cut this?" Now, I'm a foodie, but I'm not a butcher - I can't teach someone how to cut steaks. I said "No thanks" and took a couple sirloins from the case. 3 stars for quality and service - the sirloins were very good (not fantastic, I can get the same quality for less elsewhere), and the attendant genuinely wanted to give me what I asked for. But if you want something that's not already in the case, even if it's something you regularly find on styrofoam trays at your local supermarket, for the sake of your sanity don't ask Joe's to do it.

Tom Austin

joe chase

Hello first let me say that I do truly appreciate the responses from the owner to the reviews posted. I see that he truly cares about his business. I am giving this meat market a 2 star rating not because of customer service because all the employees were absolutely delightful and the experience I got while there was very good. I travel around to various meat markets and like to give honest feedback on the products they sell. While at the market I purchased ground beef, loin back ribs, 2 types of bratwurst, and bacon. The ground beef was good but was.......ground beef. The ribs I purchased were very fatty and one rack had very little meat on them. The bratwurst were very flavorless and lacked some of the traditional flavors that brats should have. The bacon was very inconsistently cut and some were paper thin while others were very thick. Now this would have all been fine except this business charges a very premium price for a not very premium product. I then went to purchase a whole pork butt and found that it was over 5 dollars a pound. These prices are absolutely astronomical. Now I do realize the area that this business is in is middle to upper class area where the rent is probably very high. But I believe if I am paying very high prices (which I am willing to do) the product needs to be exceptional and have something that sets them apart from the competition. I visited a meat market last week (I dont want to mention the name) that was about 1/3 less expensive and had much better products and pork butt at 2.99 a pound. Please do not adjust your prices but if your prices are high you need something to set you apart from the competition.

Santhosh Arasan

Doug McCord

Adam Bancroft

john grindstaff


Best bacon in town. Highest quality meats, fish, & cheeses you can find in Indy.

Stan Phariss

We have always been very satisfied with our purchases. Super enjoy the free range turkeys at Thanksgiving!!

Ben Ring

Best butcher shop in the area! The meat is amazing quality and the prices are reasonable. The source of each meat is clearly displayed. The staff is super friendly.


Mss Itt

Cody Anderson

I look forward to going to Joe's any time I get the chance. Great customer service and THE BEST quality meat.

Mary Ellen Roussin

The butcherers were very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about their meats and cheeses for sale. Their meats are the highest quality, and value. Joe's Butcher shop sets a high standard for any cot of pork beef or chicken. It has a nice clean neighborhood atmosphere. .

Brian Cazzell

Great selection of top quality meats and deli items. Super helpful and friendly staff. Will definitely be going back often!

Tom Coyle

Fabulously good food...simply the best.

John Nance

Brian Fuerst

Great quality meats and seafood and great service. It's great to still have an old fashioned butcher shop.

William Anderson

The best!

Brittany P

Great store for much better quality meat than the supermarket. Love it!

Julie Bode

Consistent outstanding customer service. Nicest, most attentive people that work here. Their quality of meat is fantastic. One of my most favorite things about Carmel!

Megan Keyser

My husband and I absolutely love Joe's! The quality of the meat and seafood is beyond compare and the service is consistently courteous and friendly. Couldn't ask for more!

Cam Mason

Helped me make my secret recipe for "Hamburgers,". Great groceries and service!

Luke Zimmermann

Josh Collins

Best meat, best service. Great local people. Love it.

Scott Morris

Reasonable prices very friendly service in close to home

Jesse Pimental

I’ve been going to Joe’s shop for years. Great meat selection and a very good lunch.

Dianna Vleck

I absolutely love Joe's Butcher Shop The staff are all so very helpful and nice. Their selection is the best!!

Cynthia Schoolcraft

William Johnson

Everything that's sold here appears to be top quality. The staff is also very informative and efficient. I have never been disappointed here. Prices are reasonable for the premium quality you are getting. Try the smoked bone-in pork chops. Thank me later.

David Black-Disalvo

James Murney

Michael Pahs

Best place to get your , chicken seafood, beef and pork. Joe's can't be beat.

Shea Parkes

Matt Miller

Best meat in town. Always helpful, always stocked

Joe Pohrer

Awesome food and service

Terence Taylor

People was so nice in thier my first visit I would definitely recommend

steve Gayheart

Great Good! Great service! Class AA operation!

Julie Dalbey

Love the quality of the meat. The butchers and staff are always friendly and helpful!

Paul Gerhardt

Lauren Vanderbush

Excellent service and great quality meat!!

Caleb Stegemann

Loved it

Andrew Libertin

Great meat and service. You will pay a premium but the owner seems to really care about the meat he sells. My only complaint is that the same quality does not apply to other items in the store although the price does. They sell several items that are within a few days of expiring.

Jason Fox

If you want the best meats/fish you come here. I can't say enough about the BLT sandwich made for take out.Sounds so simple yet i doubt you'll find anything better. Long time shopper..... Keeps getting better.

Steven Edmonds

James Morgan

J. Russell

Rodney Forbes

Simply the very best!!

Jas Amich

Always a treat to go to Joe's. Best meats, great service. Best I've found!

Dustin Bow

Absolute best butcher around. The selection of cuts are amazing. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Need something special? Just ask. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Bobby Thomas

Andrea Davenport

The best meat you can find around! the best customer service!

Ashley Trowbridge

We got our Thanksgiving Turkey from here and it was one of the best I've ever had! I've also been able to purchase specialty ground meat...when they didn't have any coarse ground available, they ground it up that very minute. They've got a nice selection of other fill-in types of foods. Fancy crackers, spreads, nice breads, and a few fresh veggies. You could easily cobble together a great dinner from things only purchased here.

Roxanne Wolf

Always a pleasure to shop at Joe's!

Ed Pendoski

Veronica Rancourt

Local, friendly people, grass fed - what more could you ask for!? You will never want any other kind of meat ever again!! This place is quality :)

J.C. Hanley

Awesome Food, Great Spices, SEAFOOD, BEEF, STEAKS, AND GREAT EVERYTHING ELSE. more expensive that Kroger or Walmart but much better quality

Steve Cheslock

Their tenderloin cuts / filets CANNOT BE BEAT.

Jonathan Bricker

Good service but they do not know what a top sirloin roast is. Twice I have asked for a Top sirloin roast and twice I have gotten a sirloin steak.

andrew firestine

Best ribeye of my life, money well spent. Fresh fish, fresh suasage, fresh meat. What could a foodie ask for?

A.J. Parker

Jeremy Fuller

alex porter

Joe’s is a great shop. Great employees, great product.

Nandhini M

Please tell me the names of fresh fish you sell?

Marcell Watson

Stopped by for lunch, first time, had the po boy. Excellent, the pork was flavorful and the bread was soft and chewy, just right for a sandwich. I'll be back.

David Frederick

Great place, outstanding meats and seafood.

Larry Kehoe

Better prices on Boars Head and other cold cuts than grocery chains. Their service and quality of meats and seafood are what makes them special. They grind their Premium Grind meat four times a day from great cuts. Sign up for their weekly emails to get even better deals.

Anthony Whitaker

Rich Woodcock

Curran Saenger

Needed pork trim (discarded fat) to make summer sausage out of my deer and called looking for it. $5.49/lb!!! That's insane. Can buy ground beef for cheaper. Have never been there, and never will after hearing this ridiculous price. Most I've ever paid is $1.49, and I'd go back to where I got it except it was in Mn, moved here 8 months ago. I can't even imagine what they ask for actual cuts of meat. A little too greedy for me.

Merkle Turner

Jamie Christian

This is my "goto" butcher! Excellent selection of steak cuts, with some extra cuts not available anywhere else. You can get thin sliced strip steaks for shabu shabu, shaved slices for Philly cheesesteaks, beef ribs, delmonico steak, tomahawk cuts, dry aged strips, diced chicken breast for General Tso's chicken, not to mention their seafood selection. Norwegian King salmon, tuna, shrimp and lots more! They have recently opened a lunch type area called Joe's Next Door, they offer fresh made sandwiches and sides. I have found wagyu ground beef here and it is unbelievably delicious! You just need to see for yourself!

Drew Foxworthy

A great little market? Try the sea bass

Tribal Beat

Staff is very friendly. Meats are very pricey though. That's not a complaint, but just something to be aware of.

Austin Woodruff


Something With Daisies

Jeremy C. Parsons

Super busy on Christmas Eve but if you pre-ordered like we did, it was very efficient and we were out within 20 minutes. Their meat never disappoints!

La Vella Hyter

Rich Little Boy sandwich is 10 stars! Simply delicious.

Cindy Ketring

Best meat market in the area!

Jennifer Cook

Janis Detmer

Wide variety of meats, great help.

Joshua Kirsh

This is like an institution in Carmel now. Joe is a great guy, makes you think about the way you're supposed to treat a customer. Thanks always with my sedar plate Joe!

cathy edwards

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Great products

Katelyn McFall

Bought their sushi grade tuna today. AMAZING!! Better than any restaurant around here. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back!

Aaron Kleyla

If you are looking for fresher meat, this is your place. I typically shop at Whole Foods or Fresh Market but make an extended trip to buy my meat here. Can I get ground beef cheaper at a Kroger? Yes. Do I think this butcher shop sells higher quality products? Absolutely, which is why I come here. The sausages have been great and I love that they change every week or so. They have most main cuts of beef and pork. The chicken has been great as well. If they don't have something in the case, I typically ask and they cut it right away. I love that. Check out the freezer too for special items.

Dianne Wise Gubka

Lisa N

Curtis Murphy

Started buying our meat here and have been extremely happy since. Quality has always been top notch and the prices are great. They also have an assortment of other local products to browse.

Rob Hensley

Doug Vann

Justin Smith

I love this place! Their selection is very good, the meats are cut well, and the quality is top notch. You get what you pay for! If I'm cooking for others this is the only place I buy meat, especially poultry. Folks working the counter are always friendly and quick to answer questions.

matt spaletto

Patrick Lowery

Greg Cepluch

Ultimate Javris

When I bit into the sandwich from Joe's I felt emotions I didnt even know existed until today.

Matt Terry

Allison Mayer

Got some great meat here! Delicious and well worth the price.

Zulq Alam

Nathaniel Aiken

Best meat in indy.

Jimmy Kulina

Amanda Fraser

John McCurdy

Stopped by to get some of the new Dandy Breeze chocolate milk from a farm in Sheridan. Amazing!

Chris Cramer

Jason Pearce

Joe’s Deli now has indoor seating (12 tables). Now you can enjoy some of the best sandwiches in CARMEL year round. Also open on Sunday for lunch.

Tim Pem

Hey Joe-I want to drop you a quick note to thank you for another great turkey. Once again, you provided my family with an outstanding fresh delicious turkey. We gave you a toast following dinner because it was so good. We're thankful to you around to take care of us. Kudos and best wishes to your staff and family during this holiday season. Fans forever~Patty & Alan F.


melissa conrad

The best butcher shop in Indiana!!! Best service anywhere they treat you like family

Andrew Ferguson

Unique, inviting shop featuring a variety of high quality offerings. A phenomenal plaza to snag a handmade lunch sandwich.

Sam C

Good selection of specialty foods to go with your choice of meat. They have varying pork, beef, chicken, and fish choices. Everything is wonderfully fresh, the staff always greets you with a smile, and the meat is great. Definitely worth visiting at least once, if not once per week.

Brian Wade

Our first time to visit. Great selection of steaks. The filets we purchased were terrific and the staff was very nice and helpful. Highly recommended.

Bryan Hines

Best selection of quality meats in all of Indy. Fresh wild caught fish and dry aged steaks are a couple highlights.

Tara Hester

Samekh Kusma

Great Meat

Anne Rumple

Just went to Joe’s for lunch! Wow! How have I missed this incredible shop?!? The meat counter boasts a huge selection of quality meats. The shop has so many local and specialty sauces, rubs, sodas, sides, wines, and so much more to mention. But even more, their deli counter sandwiches are absolutely incredible. Pick a hot or cold made-to-order sandwich and select favorite sides and beverage in shop-it will be a meal you’ll crave again! Bought their homemade frozen lasagna to try, too. Beyond the awesome assortment of quality goods to buy, the service was top rate - friendly, helpful, knowledgeable folks happy to help.

James C

Great! They sell authentic Polish kielbasa made in Hamtramic Michigan by Kowalski.

Phillip Ingvaldson

Excellent service and actual aged beef unlike Moody's claims of Prime aged beef. Moody's is not even USDA certified for Prime grade.

Jane Maurer

Clarence Hartman

Just smoked their thick cut pork chops. These chops are about two inches thick and were the best chops I've ever had in my life. I don't know if I should get the credit or Joe's, but I'm giving five stars and I'll definitely be back for more

Connie Zagel

Great unique place to shop for fresh meat, fish and specialty packaged menu items. The shop should have higher review ratings because one person who posted 2 reviews and gave Joe's Meat Shop 1 star only in each of their reviews used the review process to ask a question of the shop's owner. So puzzled that anyone would give 1 star reviews who could have easily called the shop to get answers to their questions. See Examples in the reviews posted and ignore that person's reviews...

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