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REVIEWS OF Oak Park Natural Pet & Fish IN Illinois

Chester Walendzinski

Nice friendly staff and great prices

Maria V.

The staff are super helpful. Sometimes it's a little busy here but everyone is so attentive , knowledgable and willing to spend time talking to you about the fish and product. This is a gem of a store.

Dj G Whiz

Great staff to educate you about everything. Love this place.

A Fisch

Their selection of grain free dog food and their location is what keeps me coming back. However, their customer service is poor enough that I've nearly walked out twice. Twice I've been standing at the register with my purchase, waiting for someone, anyone, to acknowledge me. This big guy had the audacity to finish his conversation with a co-worker before he finally walked over and rang up my sale (he was seriously having a long monologue about drinking a soda--very pressing stuff!). To the owner of this store, please emphasize to your employees that customer service matters. Acknowledge your customers and tell them you'll be right with them. It makes a difference.

Fontaine Milton

Good fish

Mr. Costello

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Johanna Brocker

Great selection of food for both cats and dogs .if you are into naturall foods you can get fresh Natural Foods dried or even Frozen. for cats and dogs. some toys plenty of treats. also they're really known for their fish and aquarium expertise.

1Bcoffee 2

I was the only customer in the store for approximately 13 minutes, there were two sales clerks....neither of them greeted me, asked if I needed help or said anything as they watched me walk out of the store.

Jasmine Woody-Saunders

Friendly staff great place to buy fish, cat and dog supplies

Mike Nowosielski

Great people, great service. Highly highly recommend.

Jola Chacinska

The best pet shop I know so far.

Mike Martino

Great store. Scott goes out of his way to order and make sure porduct is available..

Donzetta Ragsdale

Good service

David diaz

Best variety of freshwater fish and amazing plant's very helpfully staff

Richard Trama

Extremely helpful and friendly guys. Tanks are always full of healthy and vibrant fish. Nice selection of marine and fresh water fish. Best source for aquarium supplies and fish food. I drive here from Michigan twice a year.

Alejandro Cabada

They got the best deal in town! Love coming to this place.

Omar Gomez

Friendly they will help you get what you need

Kevin Simmons

People were friendly and very knowledgable. Got my daughter her first pet fish.

D Leal

So many dead fish in tanks and most seemed over crowded this past week. Sad to see Petco down the street have less dead fish being eaten by other fish. I went thinking they were a specialty shop. I walked out without purchasing or having any employee even bother asking me if they can help me find anything.

Tom Marcet

Good selection and prices for salt water fish

Jill Adams


Steve Horvath

Will not give them my business(about $60 a week). Owner lost his temper at me about a question I asked which he was wrong about too.

Bill Dejean

Nice place but like it better before the price hike. Golden aquarium is better. Old orchard is the worst. Ridiculously high prices. I like live aquaria online bc they refund your cc for anything that dies in 15 days.

Peter Flemming

Great selection

daneel mcdaniel

Overall excellent experience! The staff was helpful and assisted my family in selecting an aquiarium and everything that goes along with it! :) We will be going back frequently!

Caryn Caldarulo

This is a place that you can go where the people working there are extremely knowledgeable and you always walk out knowing that you have the best product for your situation and the highest quality standards for your pets. Love this place

Kirstin Johnson

Good selection of fish & they have red belly piranhas!

Andrew S. Martin

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Maggie Grady-Hooper

The staff here are friendly, helpful and always remember how silly my little dog can be!

Ryan Filip

Visited the store not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. They have a large selection of fish and inverts at really competitive prices. Their coral selection looked a little picked over and sparse, when I asked they said it was a busy weekend and they'd be restocked soon. All in all a nice local fish store with fair prices

David Aguayo Jr.

I got some fish from their large selection of both freshwater and saltwater fish, friendly staff, was worth the long drive from where I live.

Donald Thorpe

The people are experts! I knew nothing about betta fish. But they helped me understand how to take care of the one I have. Thanks!

Chastity Dunlap

They are helpful, knowledgeable, and carry items that can be hard to come by.

Dolls & Cats

Got scammed here, was told that two oriental goldfish would be fine and healthy in a two gallon tank, was charged almost 100 dollars and the reason that is bad is because gold fish get huge and if you keep them in a small tank their organs will get too big for them and they will die

Daniel Hesse

Great local fish store. Also stocks quality dog and cat food brands!

John Susralski

Staff is knowledgeable,BUT service is a little slow. Prices are high but quality is also.

luis padilla

Friendly staff that did ask if we needed any help. Good selection of marine creatures. Wish they had more fresh water fish. Great selection of tank accessories.

Scot Yonan

The best pet store in Oak Park. This is the pet store you want to shop at forever. The people are simply the best and offer a level of service you will not find anywhere else.

Simone Morris

Helpful friendly staff and a wide assortment of marine creatures and supplies.


They took my crabs.

Lee Blossom

Very helpful employees, and a terrific selection of fish saltwater and freshwater

Aaron R.

Very nice place with knowledgeable staff

Gus Vega

Scott has healthy fish at great prices.

Michelle Jaques

Simple store, nice staff. I went in for canine items and this store is heavy in fish and aquatics.

Charlene Sanchez

Very knowledgeable staff and very dedicated to animals

Matthew Isoda

Great selection of supplies, and beautiful, healthy looking fish.

Francisco Rodríguez

This pet store offers a broad variety of high quality pet food and treats for affordable prices. Staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They have a vast selection of fish tanks and all kinds of fishes too.

michael mcmahon

Great selection, very nice knowledgeable staff!!! Support your local small buisness!

Juanita Williams

Very nice selection of fish

Mikey's Mom Keisha Johnson

They are nice BUT they no longer have the workers who are very informative about fish like they use to! That was one of the reasons I shopped here because they use to have 3 older men there that could really answer all your fish related questions. Now they have more younger ppl who know somethings but Not as much as they old employees did. ALSO wish they had more tropical fish selection.

Patricia H

What a super place to get quality pet supplies! The staff is friendly & knowledgeable. Proves that if you shop locally where the owner has an investment in the community, you get a better product, better service. My dog says THANKS FOR THOSE HEALTHY PUPPY CHEWS AND STURDY TOY. GO BACK, MOM!

Miche Thomas

Decent prices, good selection. I would advise all to do your own homework before buying livestock. Some of the things I've been told are questionable.

Denice Hayes

Bought fish they died stopped using them

Maria Alonso

Better prices than other businesses offering same quality brands. Easy parking.

Moises Rodriguez

Every time me and my brother go to Oak Park Natural Pet & Fish there is always something new that catches your eye. Also if you want them to have the specific fish you want, all you have to do is tell them, the'lltake your name and number,and call you when they have it.

Tyrice Rasper

Good quality of fish, well maintained and kept up.. Nothing bad to say about this place..

Jennifer Kirk

Very nice people, and decent prices

Tracey Marshall

I absolutely LOVE this place, and Scott is phenomenal! My friend and I both have started with aquariums over the past year, and this place is a GEM find! Scott is very knowledgeable and helpful - he got me started with a 10 gallon tank for my office at work and suggested exactly the right fish for it through the cycling process. I went back to get 3 more fish plus 2 catfish, and all 8 are doing very well! From there he suggested I come back in a few weeks to get 3 of the HY511 Tetras (I think that's what they're called), which I plan to do today! Also, I'm starting a 27 gallon aquarium at home, and plan to get my fish from Scott next week. VERY exciting and wonderful hobby . . . and an excellent resource in Oak Park Natural Pet & Fish! Love it!

Mingo Soto

This place is the best very knowledgeable people the owner is super cool

Olgierd Piatek

I have called in for an advice on my son's new fish tank. Scott was super helpful and knowledgable. We are definitely coming over to buy fish after our tank goes through it's first cycle.

Kathy Avalos

I used to go to this location almost every weekend to purchase saltwater fish. I stopped in today to take a look, the prices went up dramatically!

Lori Buchowicz

Carrie's Orijens, friendly and helpful.

Violeta Ordonez

Small. Good food for pets

Vicki Boswell

Excellent people, my favorite fish guy is here, excellent suggestions for care, selection, and even breeding if that's your interest! Also, amazing ideas, and helped with tank maintenance, also for my dog, many toys, chewing items, treats, and my favorite Fromm dog foods, many varieties!!

Frank Ringhofer

I always get good service here and prices are comparable to, if not lower than, most stores that sell high-quality pet food. I definitely feel good about supporting this independent store over a chain pet store.

Elvis Gandara

Because I was looking for some puffer fish and they did not have any and then I waited a week later and they had puffer fish and everything else I need it

Herbert Green

A great time.

Chelsea Danielle

the staff really cares about the health, quality and diverse selection of their fish. they are very knowledgeable about pet nutrition, health and care. employees will take extra time to help you choose proper/better nutrition for your pet. even though the only live animal they sell is fish, they always refer customers to Animal Care League of Oak Park, which is just a few blocks south of the store. there are a lot of new faces, but each employee seems very eager to learn and will try their best to get you the proper information.


They care more about the music than the animals

jessica parr

Love the knowledgeable staff and the new owners have made huge improvements!

Natalia Podunavac

Nice selection of fish fresh and salt, good selection of fish, cat and dog products. Reasonable prices.

Tabitha Fulton

Decided to go here instead of PetSmart to get some help since I thought I'd get more info since this is such a specialized place. Wrong!!! I wasn't even acknowledged when I walked in the door and there was a guy sitting 2 aisles over directly in the sight line of the front door. After walking around aimlessly and being ignored by another worker, I finally stopped him to ask for help. He did give me info for plants that would grow in my tank. I kept asking questions about other fish and was basically shown 3 species and left to my own devices. I decided I was never coming back and would continue to Google and watch You Tube videos before I ever step foot in here again. The only redeeming quality was the gentleman who checked me out. But I still told him I wouldn't be back. I guess this is the place if you have very specific needs/fish or an experienced hobbyist.

David Deniz

This is a really nice place to get your fish they have a nice variety of fish and also dogs food they're will give you the time if you have any question if you are looking for good customer service this is your place


Cranky owner would never go back

Zhenga Speaks

Service is amazing! All staff are knowledgeable and friendly! Parking is tight but definitely worth supporting this independent store!

Andre Jackson

Very little knowledge about the age or history of fish and only a 1day garuntee wasted 17 dollars on what i thought was a health fish .And customer service not to great maybe he was intimidaited by a positive succesful black man i was accompanied by one of my business associates and the gentlemen appeared to be kind of rude .but im frequently in that area however i would prefer a bigger chain store like petco or petsmart,one bad experience is enough for me . The employee was there on May 28 but not much help .never visit again maybe they have white only fishies

Evelyn Henley

Very nice store for pets and supplies.

Katrina Spears

By far my favorite place to get things for my dogs. The prices are competitive. the staff is knowledgeable and they get to know you. They literally make an effort to get to know you

Jose Pazo

I love this place! Great friendly staff with an abundant amount of knowledge. The quality and health of their fish is subpar! If you want to save some money wait for their 20% off all fish. Shop local!!

michael Valente

Large supply of natural products for dogs and cats, huge fish area. Knowledgeable, friendly service and reasonable prices.

Stacey Lemke

Very friendly an have clean Happy Tanks!!

Jim Mains

Very friendly, informative. A little expensive

Ava Darling

Very informative and has a nice selection.

Kevin Lugo

Great Place, very informative people.

Naturally Kim

Do they have new management? Owners? The employees here now are trash compared to the old employees. I don't recall their names, but where's the heavy set, kind and knowledgeable man and the kind, chivalrous man with the long dreads. I think I need to find a new store

Larry Gomez

Staff were very friendly. I bought a dog toy from them recently and its still in 1 peice. A week later.. And that NEVER happens.


Best pet shop ever great employees and amazing attitude! Amazing beautiful fish Especially the ORANDA'S

gina venice

It was Awesome!My snake Puppy Rumplesnaks

Steven Sudnik

Best place in town for fish and fish accessories

Britt Brat

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! They have such great deals and CARRY ONLY HEALTHY foods for my family members (my pets) and by that I mean NONE of that CHEAP CANCER CAUSING DOG FOOD which tells YOU they KNOW THEIR STUFF. The staff are ALWAYS so helpful. I buy my fish from here as well because like I said THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF AND ONLY SELL TOP QUALITY HEALTHY FISH. We bought our red- bellied piranhas from here as well and always our dog related products such as their food, chicken and duck feet, elk antlers, and much more. I RECOMMEND this place to EVERYONE because they have such a variety of HEALTHY pet products.

Fernando Ramirez

I liked the options and the fact that it's true to it's claim of "natural." I think it could use some work on the interior.

joe tang

A small store like this one should be able to give a one to one service. The guy wasn’t much of a customer service person. The reason i came to this store was the dog ice cream. It is the birthday of my puppy and I thought why not since I always see someone wearing a a dog outfit to attract attention to the shop. So it caught my attention to buy her the treats. I asked the guy about the ice cream and he opened the freezer by the register and then he pointed to a sign that was hanging by a string. It was the sign of the flavors. He went to answer the phone and closed the freezer while I was looking at the sign. Since I was determine to get my puppy a treat, I just opened the freezer and started browsing for what I had to figure which was the ice cream. Then as I checked out, I asked him if there was an expiration date for the ice cream. With no emotions tone of voice, he tells me it’s a one time use treat. To freeze it. Really? Who wouldn’t know that ice cream needs to be frozen? The question was if it expires. Variety of things: I give it a

meghan pokorny

The selection of dog stuff is extensive. The cat options could be more. They are very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and fun. I love the shopping experience. They have lots of fish, although I've never been in the market for them.

Rafael Ramirez

Vary friendly and helpful

Maximus Carontus

A little on the pricey end, but there are some people there that really know their stuff. Important when dealing with fish or specifics related to pets. A little wrong info can cause big problems! So that is comforting. They do have a nice selection of mid to higher end supplies, including pet food and chew toys. My dog loves deer antler and their price is pretty fair on those. As is on a handful of items. Also, fairly high on a bit when compared to the almighty Amazon. Want it now or need some expertise? Good spot to try.

Shawn Henderson

Too expensive and the fish warranty is ridiculous 24 hours please trust me go to pet smart

Terry Rias

Nice pet store

timothy halle

Everyone is always so helpful

Veronica Muhammad

I love this place. They’re very knowledgeable about saltwater fish reef tanks. Julian is the best. I come past many pet and aquarium stores to get to this place, and it’s worth the drive. Great place if you really want answers to your aquatic questions.

Patrick Carey

Great place with great, and knowledgeable, employees. Not only are they stocked with everything you need, not only do they know what they're talking, but they're small and home grown. I definitely suggest supporting this business and its employees!

Daisy Villanueva

Awesome customer service.

Chris Bendsen

Best selection of both freshwater and marine fish (and other aquatic critters) that I have seen in years. Crystal clear tanks and healthy fish. Gorgeous aquarium behind the front counter with a great display of African cichlids.

Latino Tax and Financial Service Corp

this is a nice place to go buy your fish. they always have time to answer all your cuestions plus they allways updating the coral specials for good

Christopher Engelhardt

I really like buying fish and cat food from here prices are very reasonable and the staff is very helpful and friendly. However, everytime I show up around opening time they are never open at the specified hours. Maybe they should change their hours so they can make it to work on time. Basically if you want to shop here come an hour after they supposedly open.

Scott Wishecoby

Clean Tanks NOT like big retilers you can trust when u buy ur fish it wont die the next day... GREAT and FRIENDLY satff....

Isaac C

Awesome pet store. Great knowledgeable staff. Love the small home grown business.

E Figueroa

Great store. The guys there are very knowledgeable and very helpful.

gilbert perez

Great pet supply and fish shop.

Fitz Brooks

We have a pet turtle went to get him some food they had food for turtles but didn't sale the kind he ate. They took the time and ordered the kind he eats for me. That was great.

Carlos Alexandre Dias de Moura

Very friendly staff that helps the beginner to easy start a new hobby!

Justin Macariola

This is a good place to get service. I get great advice from the employees that have saved A LOT of my fish! The atmosphere isnt very appealing but it is still a great place to come to!

mari cort

Very good variety of fish and good quality. Tanks are clean fish are healthy. A little expensive though..

Messiah Walker

I was sold fish that had Ike on 2 different occasions... will not buy fish from them again

Richard Kedra

Great friendly staff and very knowledgeable. And very well priced on fish and other accessories.

Rene Valtierra

Business has gone down since the new owner(s). Fish tanks were empty and not much variety.

Tanisha Armstrong

Learned a lot about a variety of fish from the sales rep. Also purchased 2 beautiful female Bettas

Gonzalo Meza

I was today for the first time and I was very pleased.


Nice store

Allan Chow

Well stocked in high end dog food brands like anamaet.

Jim Spoolstra

Friendly staff.

Nexus Blade

The owners are pretty chilled out and tend to be reasonably knowledgeable. It's a great location and you can tell the owner cares a lot about the fishes health. Tanks are always crystal clear, almost all have a sponge filter, and very few if any dead fish are in the tanks. Solid in my opinion.

World Traveler

Fair, but I don't think I will visit again.


Always a great place. Usually work with Vic and Eric. Both knowledgeable and never pushing to just sell products you don't really need. Take their time to explain proper care of the fish. Great experience.

Lissette Cahue

Ooh Iove it. The lady at the front is so nice e and friendly takes time to talk to you about you aquarium needs and consider. You have a speciality rimless thanks for aquascaping that is so artful done and I love the mini fresh water shrimp. I got a yellow one and red cherry shrimp

Jasmine Saunders

Friendly, clean, and wonderful selection for raw dog food.

Leslye Long

Some of the most knowledgeable and best customer service. Always worth the trip

Mary Ann Brent

Friendly knowledge staff. Great variety of quality dog food and treats

jeffrey Edwards

Slightly overpriced but good selection

Cynnabun Cynnabun

Fish had ick...


Very interesting place. Yes, they do have unique and hard to find fish. A little on the very high price side, but it's well worth it, if you enjoy hard to find fish. I was will to pay every penny, for a fresh water FLOUNDER or how about a 8" huge fresh water Discuss! Or A FRESH WATER STING RAY!

Maria Ortiz

Great fish! Great prices!

Lily Magana

The pet store here is amazing and one of the best. They are kind to the customers AND their pets they make sure the animals Are going to a good home and they care. The inside is cool and amazing animal supplies are there im sure youll find everything you need there. Nice job

Perry Pelonero

Fantastic place very helpful

Lanita Winters

Everyone here is so pleasant and helpful.

Tracey Crumble

Love the healthy snacks for my fur baby!

Willie Rias

Love to shop there

Noel Catrambone

Owners are very nice. Great selection and a local business.


Purchased "fuzzy" mice. Extremely small and over priced compared to other suburban stores.

Jessica Biczo

We love this pet store. They have a wonderful selection of natural dog food. They carry Fromms which is what we buy for our dog. They have a wonderful selection of both fresh and saltwater fish. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Quality products. We visit at least one a month.

Daniel D

Very nice place, very clean and the fishes look healthy well taken care of.

Magda Houlberg

My favorite pet store hands down. Great staff and personal service.

April Rachal

I apologize and want to say that I husband chose to treat the fish. We will continue to shop with them


Great place Nice people



Cheryl Penzenik

Got all my fish here. Great deals, friendly personel, and overall experience is fantastic

Frederick Torres

Management changed hands and the business and customer service is horrible. I came to claim my Fromm dog food through thier program and after they admitted they misinformed me, They would not honor my free bag of food after collecting UPCs for over a year. They misinformed me and then treated me like I was just another customer. They just lost a long time customer due to thier negligence and horrible customer service. Pet supplies plus has way better prices anyways.

shardae lovelady

I love this place everyone is always super helpful!

Jessica Anderson

I found the gem on an emergency mission for my pet axolotls a few years ago. They always have exactly what I need! They are super helpful and knowledgeable. I went in to buy a air pump splitter back in the day and they helped me and found me a valve splitter so I could use 5 hoses on 1 machine instead of just 2. Something I eventually returned to buy another of! They also carry sponge filters which you can't find at any pet store chain. And when I had an axolotl emergency with a rescue I brought in last month, Jasmine was 100% there to help me find what I needed. I came in all in a tizzy and she calmed me down and pointed me in the right direction. From Indian Almond Leaves, to sponge filters, to fish, to food... They have it all!

Christina A

Started shopping here about a year ago, now I go here for everything. They help me keep my axolotls happy and healthy.

Margaret Schmollinger

Owner stated return policy and then did not honor it. Always been super friendly in past, so was extremely liberal in my trust. Mistake. Might as well buy at cheaper prices online than frequent small business if this is the treatment you receive.

Mark Henning

Awesome knowledgeable staff that truly care for animals!

Maegan Kurtz

My all time favorite pet store. Full of knowledgeable hippies, top line products and they always have that one thing that im looking for that I can't find anywhere else.

Barbara Graves

my experience at the pet store was very nice having coming there looking for angelfish and I finally got angelfish with took a while but I got it the employees are very nice I really enjoyed coming into the store

Cat Gemkow

Great products for pets and very friendly staff.

Malcom Gwin

The store was a little crowded with the supplies and everything they had in tanks the customer service was average at best they act like they really didn't notice or whatever but I mean other than that doll everything that was president after the customer service could have been a little bit better

Teondray Kimmons

Usually helpful if you know what you're looking for.

Cats Meow

Everything natural for your pet here. Very knowledgeable

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