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REVIEWS OF Lawrence Fish Market IN Illinois

TJ Won


Adam Rohacs

Neat place, this is carryout only. Service has gotten a lot better over the years and all the people are really nice. I think they deliver, never tried it. Call ahead if you can and this is cash only. They have an ATM for a 3 dollar charge if you don't have enough cash on hand. The sushi is fresh and good and you won't find better for the price.

Erin RavenSkye

Came here last night after a long time of wanting to check it out, so we went a little overboard with the ordering. We got a dragon, godzilla, lobster, kamikaze, rainbow, spicy salmon and spicy scallop rolls. My hands down fav was the kamikaze, all the rolls were well made, and well put together. Nothing fell apart, as is common with other places I've tried. The only ones I didn't really care for were the 'spicy' rolls, which was just a solid piece of the fish with a bit of spicy mayo inside the rolls. Very bland. The kamikaze, by contrast, had a bit of spicy mayo and chili oil mixed in, and you tasted that little bit of heat with each bite. I'll definitely order from here again!

Ali Quadri

This place is great...wonderful sushi that is wonderfully priced. It's the go to sushi place!

Jonyell Daniels

Fresh Food

Taylor Worley

Go to sushi spot! My family’s favorite. Amazing quality. Excellent price. Cash only. Take out only.

grace kim

just picked up an order. We were charged for 2 orders of uni, as you can see in the receipt, there’s only 1 order. We called and they argued that we’re wrong. I only see 6 items in the order and they charged for 7 items. Now the place just over charges for items they don’t even provide. These new owners are absolutely dishonest and horrible.

Dynamic Duelingduo

I eat the fried veggies and the batter is still the same. I use to order the fish chips, frog legs, shrimp, and calms when I ate fish. Nice size portion. They also sell salads pre packed, cakes, sodas and apparel to purchase.

Rachel Eblin

I almost don't want to write this review because I want to keep the knowledge of this gem to myself. 1. location: A hole in the wall along a strip of other liquor stores and small stores. 2. the food: an entire platter of sushi with 2 rolls for $60 is unbeatable. And when I say platter, I mean you have to use 2 hands to carry it type of deal. The other surprising part is the quality of fish; let me just say, it's so good! This is the only "carry out" sushi I would ever buy that doesn't have a sit down portion already part of the deal. They are pretty strictly a prepare and sell place that doesn't offer a sit down portion Heads up, the prep takes about 30 min at any given time, but they open early for lunch and then stay open through dinner. This is my favorite place to get sushi for a great night in!

Spencer Dawson

Delicious and affordable. If I lived closer, I'd eat here all the time!

jose ruiz

Cheap price. Great sushi. Highly recommend.

Dan Hantig

Best sushi you can get for the prices they have!

Kevin Lam

Great deal for party trays. Everyone working here is very nice too

Jag Singh

Wow... can't beat the value here! Freshest sushi for the price, i'm loving their rice too- came back 2 days in a row. Got the platter- loved every bit of it It's not 5 star sushi, but 4 star for a 2 star price

Mark Takesuye

Holy crap, hell yes. $20 bucks for 25 pieces of sushi. I split it, and that was plenty. IMPORTANT CASH ONLY NO SEATING: TAKEOUT ONLY aside from those things, know it's a Korean joint, but the sushi is fantastic. Go for the party platters. You can handle it.

J.T. li

Their sushi plates are great for parties.

Alex De Guzman

The single greatest place in chicago for sushi considering price, quality and freshness of fish. No exaggeration.

Monica Dziarmagowski

I love this place. Last 2 times we had some issues, overcharged and missing sushi. But these guys are so busy. Best carry out sushi place I have found. Always fresh and the prices are great. I highly recommend.

Matt Langreder

Best sushi you can get in the city when it comes to price: quality. Thick cuts, low prices.

Abe Ruben

Hands down the best Sushi in the city as far as price and value is concerned. It's TAKE-OUT only and is best when ordered ahead of time since the secrets been out for years now. Enjoy Suckas'


Delicious fresh sashimi and sushi with affordable prices and great quality! The place has came a long way in the last 10 years. Now it has a photo menu, trays, and great presentation. The chef is very kind and considerate, and very helpful with the orders. Metered street parking, cash only, phone orders ahead

Luke Gardner

Delightful sushi at rock bottom price that doesn't compromise quality. Don't expect to be able to sit down to eat, but do expect to be able to feed your family for less than $25. Great place for take-away and authentic sushi.

Elliot Drabs

This is the best value for sushi in Chicago. Quality is pretty standard, but given the price, this is a Chicago standout.

Sandeep Sood

Pure Sushi, no frills for carry out and eat in!

Tiger Man

Fresh sushi, should i say more? Also the price is very reasonable

Alex Ybarra

CASH ONLY. Great sushi even better price. Highly recommend the Godzilla rolls. Party platters are available for any occasion, starting at $30

Mel Santillan

It's one step above gas station sushi and the staff never seem in control of the orders. A few of the sashimi had a rather un-agreeable "fishy" (not fresh) smell and off-putting texture. One of the rolls was drenched in so much sauce you couldn't taste the fish (perhaps that was the point). The texture of the rice was extremely mushy and sticky, very much like a "glob", and the taste was very bland (under seasoned). The ordering process was easy enough. Picking up said order was, however, a nightmare. Waited for well over an hour and some change. I understand that this is "reasonably priced" sushi and shouldn't complain, but you asked...

Baxter Swenson

If you’re looking for great affordable sushi, this is the place you’ve been looking for. Don’t let the storefront or interior fool you. This is no nonsense cash only take out sushi establishment. Very fresh and great presentation. We always call in our order so everything is ready when you arrive. Staff is friendly and courteous. ATM on site if you need it. Menu on line.

Jen Espino

Small, hole-in-the-wall with amazingly fresh and affordable sushi. Get a tray for yourself or a party. Be sure to call your order in because wait may be long. Street parking may get tricky at certain times of the day.

Paul Chen

Fantastic value for sushi, if you don't mind ordering ahead and pick up yourself. Also, no dine-in, and cash only.

Peter Chauncey

This place is a real gem, let me tell ya. Don't expect a fancy interior, just get in there and get some breakfast sushi to go. You won't regret it.

Kimberly Ngo

Sushi is everything you want and more without the stuffiness. We eat it about twice a month due to its affordability and location. Would recommend to friends.

kevin nham

They are not that fresh

Barry Monk

The place itself isn't much to look at, but - wow, the sushi is fantastic. Great prices and good service.

Judy Puckett

Fresh and excellent sushi friendly people

Nicholas White

Hands down one of the best places to get cheap, good sushi. They have a few other delicacies as well like quail eggs but sushi is mostly what they do. It is cash only though.

Derek Ramos

Don't let the name fool you! This is the best place to get the cheapest and delicious sushi in North Park neighborhood! Remember to bring cash!

Peter Craig

Best sushi quality and price

Elizabeth Chabot

So good! Great quality for a great price!

Luke Hedden

My favorite sushi in the city. I have made hour long round trips just to get some sushi. The sushi is fresh, amazingly good, and incredibly inexpensive.

Inga Otgon

Love this place. You can not find a good quality sushi at the price they offer anywhere else. I have been going there since I moved close their and they have not dissapointed me yet. My favorite is the Crunch. Tried it first time and have been ordering it since.

Patrick Carroll

Great sushi. Not a sit down place, but really good, really fresh food to go. There can be a wait when they get busy, but you can call orders in ahead.

Alan Jensen

For the past 10 years it’s still Number One place to buy party size sushi and rolls even it takes 40 min of drive. Service is excellent, prices are comparably low and the most important that sushi are super fresh and delicious!

Nicole Jeon

Compared to all the sushi places I’ve had, this has to be the best. The sushi is delicious and you’re not going to find a cheaper price than this. The owner and staff are very friendly too.


Very affordable price for really good quality sushi. The owners are very friendly as well. My hunt for the best quality sushi for a good price is over. This is a must try for anyone considering.

Michael Cabael

Never disappoints. Fresh, fast, and friendly!

Yan Boykin

Delicious, fresh sushi, sushi, and nigiri. Cash only though and super affordable.

Andrew Chao

Great owners, food, and prices!

Johnny Buse

Now that they have tables I can sit down and sneak a roll for myself before I bring the order back to my in-laws. Thanks! New location looks great, the sign is extra sharp.


NOTE: They recently moved into Bryn Mawr Fresh Market and don’t yet have a sign up so the place can be a little hard to find. They are right on the corner of Christina & Bryn Mawr Ave. Lawrence Fish Market has some of the best sushi I’ve ever had at the best prices within all of Chicago. Everything tastes super fresh and the sushi rice is perfectly made. Great for sushi binges. Cash only.

Nia Vion

Best sushi I've had in the city!

henry kong

Great....Just the way I remembered

peter fallara

Good sushi at a great price

Jing Chen

Enough said about the unbeatable price. I would add that this is a lovely mom-and-pop shop and mostly for takeout. Very friendly auntie at the register. It’s easier if you point to the giant menu wall or the print out menu to order to speed up the process. They also have competitively priced aloe drinks and Mochi ice cream in store. Cash only but ATM on-site.

In Sun Hong

Good sushi. Just remember to bring cash.

Kim Jiang

The place really made affordable and great quality sushi. It beats most of the sushi restaurant in town. The price is more that half cheaper!

Leslie Van Buskirk

Great sushi!!!

Crystal Puckett

Best sushi place I have found in the city, great prices!

brian galaviz

Great. Fresh. Had several times. Always a great value

Christopher Zachara

Great sushi and a fantastic price. Every roll tasted great. Very friendly service. The sushi tray is an unbelievable deal.

Justin Lee

Amazing sushi at an unbeatable price. Been coming here for ages especially for big platters. Super friendly owners too. Make sure you call ahead to order or expect to wait as they can get really busy.

Byron Pang

Good prices, fresh sushi. Highly recommend as a place to get good affordable sushi. Make sure to bring cash and they only have a small table inside so be prepared to take food to go. The employees were extremely helpful and nice.

Jonathan Lee

Phenomenal food, prices, and staff. Highly recommended for a authentic experience!

Libby Margulis

Decent quality sushi considering how cheap they are.

Robert Martin

Cheap amazingly fresh sushi? Nice owners, decent portions? How is this place real? ❤️ you Larry Fish Market.

Parkker B.

I'm here once every two weeks at the very least. The owners are friendly and the sushi price is unbeatable. The quality is high and I've never had any issues after ordering from here for two years straight.

Hansoo Ko

sometimes go to this place for Korean-style sashimi. afforbable prices but cash only. yummy!

Eric Olson

A dollar a piece man. And really good quality fish. What the hell else do you need to know. The spicy octopus roll is a stand out

Leon Voskov

Great sushi at very reasonable prices. It is take out only and I'd recommend calling your order in ahead of time since it might take a little time depending on which day you go on.

David Zwickl

Nothing I can say will possibly do this place justice. Amazing sushi in a complete hole-in-the-wall. You must go. You will thank me later


Mushy/gummy rice, rubbery tuna, Mayo on everything. ---- Salmon sashimi was ok. ---- Great service, sub-mediocre flavors. Amazing prices though.

Ujwal Surender

Best sushi for the value!

Barbara Carabio

If you want some good sushi at a cheap price go here!! Their sushi may not be the best quality but I go here all the time! Their sushi is actually better than some other places at a low price! So its a bang for your buck! Absolutely love their Godzilla roll! But call your order in and make sure you have cash!

Christopher Sanders

I love this place. Super inexpensive and really good quality. It's take out only, but the staff is very friendly when picking up. Great for a take out dinner at home. I got an entire tray of sushi for less than $30 with a tip. It's located in the back of a grocery store (I think it's called Bryn Mawr Fresh Market) now so it's not as easy to find but worth the search!

Maria ruiz

Awww so fresh and delicious

oscar salazar

Excellent sushi here. Never disappointed.

Robert Emerson

For my birthday I got Godzilla and Spider rolls and they are good to eat. If I go back I get the same one's.It the best sushi I ever had. It is one best hidden sushi place in the City.

Gumaro Esparza

New location have tables! I repeat, new location has tables!!! Same awesome sushi and still at a great low price. Easily feed the sushi lovers under $40!

Billy Carlson

Small sushi shop that exceeded our expectations. Call ahead for faster service!

binh nguyen

Seafood so fresh, it was like I was eating with Poseidon.

Eddie B

Best place to buy sushi in bulk for a party or something similar. They are great to work with and the price is unbeatable. The quality is also very good.

Jen Liu

After they moved back to this location, it's new and clean! I love their sushis

Mark Kim

Great spot to get inexpensive sushi platters. Cash and pick up only.


Great take out sushi. Fresh and beautifully presented. Cash only place. Octopus sushi was fantastic!

Joy Schreiner

Sushi gem! Fresh, cheap, authentic, and very friendly. My only issue is they don't deliver nor use delivery apps while they're only a pick up store.

Karen Miller

Small place, easy to find with street parking. Nice staff, a bit of a list, but worth it

Blue Man Sal

Lot's of fish. My 2 yr loved the koy ones.

Leslie Ortega

Carryout only, but has the best sushi and very affordable!


Good sushi for a great price. Get their platters by calling ahead.

Diana Goluch

Reasonably priced, tasty, and the staff is so friendly! Love this place.

Paul Torres

Great sushi for much less than other places. Definitely a go to in my book. One downside is that it is cash only, but that is a small price to pay for the quality sushi they provide. I highly recommend the Lawrence Fish Market.

Mikul Wing

Quality fish at a great price. Wouldn’t eat there but take to go.

Carlos Loeza

3920 w. Lawrence. New spacious location. They have tables to sit! Dine in, maybe?

Joji Doi

Whenever I am craving for sushi? Lawrence Fish Market is the first place comes to mind. Fish are very fresh and rolls are pretty tasty. The best part is the price. I normally place an order by phone. Sushi will be ready for pick up in 20 to 30 minutes.


A spicy salmon roll and a spicy tuna roll for less than $7.50 after tax. Easily the best FRESH SUSHI I’ve ever had for a bargain!

Benjamin Zuckerman

Good sushi at a very reasonable price.

Max Thompson

Some of the best sushi I've ever had and some of the best prices to go with it.

Muhammad Khalifa

Nice array of choices, incredible value (quality provided at price). They also have fish available by the pound (fresh and frozen options).

Mike Romp

Amazing sushi! Very fresh.

Valerie Mirza

Seriously the best sushi in Chicago! Walk inside, and you can just tell it's fresh. No frills (except for the traditional little paper grass adornments!). There is a small table inside, but just get it to go, or they are great for catering. SO affordable, especially for the amazing quality. Definitely a hole in the wall, and a little tricky to find, especially if you're not from the area, but you won't be disappointed.

john myron

Sushi lovers this small fresh fish store makes to order sushi for take out very inexpensively! Sweet.

Matt Branch

Well priced and also good sized portions. Several different options on sushi rolls and other cuisine. Fast and fresh.

Brett F

Holy hell no. Unsanitary, decrepit and unacceptable. This place should be looked into for health code violations. Walked through a swarm of flies at the front door. Half of the storage is just random storage for chairs & to-go boxes. Save yourself the trouble and the food poisoning. Gorilla Sushi for cheap sushi. Sushi Tokoro for unlimited. Yuzu Sushi for high-grade.

Robert Sixto

No frills sushi to-go. As inexpensive as you will find in Chicago, but nearly as good as most "sit down" restaurants. If you want sushi on a budget, but don't want to suffer with grocery store sushi, give this place a shot, you won't be disappointed. Be advised, cash only, take out only, and sushi only.

Jaime Perez

Great sushi and rolls, great prices.

Bobbie Padjen

Good sushi carry out only and they prefer cash. Prices are good. Limited parking. Suggest call in order and pick up

Stephen Lauer

Wow! 3 rolls and 8 pieces of sushi that were amazing for only $36! That would have been over $100 in Boston or Seattle. It's cash only and take out only, so be prepared (they had a non-functional ATM there, but there was a working one at Walgreens). Well worth it!

Tony Buck

This place us some of the best sushi, at very reasonable prices. You can't eat there, but that's fine. Get a menu, call ahead, pick up your sushi, and get ready for a great meal. Don't let the appearance fool youb this place is great. I'm very stingy with paying out stars, but this place earned every one of them.

boris sigal

Love the spider rolls

Always_ _Moving

Simple, must try it..


Decent spot- Hole in the wall sushi joint. Good for takeout. Quality is hit or miss. I give this place three amd a half stars. 3-5$ per roll. Try the white tuna sashimi when its fresh melts in your mouth. Tray below cost 50$

Jaime G Natera Zerpa

Love this place! Friendly staff. The sushi is so fresh and delicious. They only take cash.

Marija Duic

Awesome sushi with affordable prices. Available for convenient take out or casual onsite dining. Great place to order takeout for a small get together or dinner at home with the family. Anyone who has tried the sushi loves it.

Charles Fernandez

Fresh enough. Naoki sushi is still the best.

Jill Conway

Such a delicious deal! Loved this sushi, and you can’t beat the price. It seems like they take orders ahead of time, so next time I’ll be sure to call ahead and pickup. We got it takeout, but they do have a few tables where folks could sit. Either way, it’s quick and yummy. Just FYI the location did move from Lawrence and is now in the back of the Bryn Mawr Fish Market. This was confusing for me at first, but we eventually found it and I’m glad we did!

Ksenia Sh

Hidden gem. Very fresh and really Japanese

Leah Lawson

The sushi was delicious and affordably priced. I'm so excited that we found this gem. We will be back a lot.

heather hoffman

Delicious and great prices! Everyone is very friendly and we will definitely be back! Heads up... Cash only!

Tom Dominikowski

Decent sushi at reasonable price. Nothing fancy about the food, just fresh, simple, basic sushi. A step above supermarket and a few steps below an average sushi restaurant.

chan kim

Good value. Cash only

Megan Riordan

I ordered a platter for a party and it was delicious, beautiful and inexpensive!

Denese Balasa

I ordered Lawerence's shrimp sampler of Goldbely's cause it was a taste of home but it was horrible. First it was packed horrible, some of the bags were open and the ice packs they used did not keep the shrimp cold. Also what they sent me was so below any standard a food place should have, what the called large shrimp was small shrimp that tasted old, like it has been sitting around for months and they just battered it and shipped. The food was definitely not fresh and not edible, there goes over a dollars wasted. And honestly for what was sent to me, could not have costed more than 20 bucks total considering the quality and taste of old over seasoned disgusting not fit for a pig food. Never ever again will I give these people a dime.

Matt Kerr

Very good. Cash only

Allan Nazario

We have been getting our sushi, maki, and sashimi from LFM for years. The quality and price keeps us coming back. It is a cash-only no-nonsense establishment that puts its heart into its products. From the simple spicy tuna roll to the rainbow roll to the Godzilla roll, you can taste their care in every bite. LFM's loyal customers do not come for the atmosphere. We know what we are getting. It is a laid back, honestly casual shop where we go to purchase good and inexpensive sushi meals. 'Nuff said.

Giscard Khoshaba

I haven't been in a while but a friend brought some to a football gathering and i remembered how good there sushi is from the maki to the rolls i love there variety and quality and the prices are amazing! It's definitely not a place you go to sit down or a group its a carry out joint. totally recommend for anyone craving sushi on the north side or any side if you wanna drive

Ted Ikari

Finding decent nigiri sushi with reasonably fresh ingredients, at a reasonable price, is a pretty tall order for Chicago. Lawrence Fish Market is that diamond in the rough. There is nothing fancy about the nigiri. It's just good nigiri, at cheap prices. Their dollar nigiri menu is amazing. Keep in mind though, this is not a restaurant. It's pick up and street parking only. Order in advance if you can. You will be surprised at the value you get for your money.

Jackson Salzman

Best sushi in Chicago. I've been to a number of sushi spots and this place has the freshest and tastiest ingredients for a reasonable price. This entire tray was $35 and there are some special rolls in there. Take cash!

Helen Huynh

A+ sushi. We walked in and ordered at the counter two 5-person sized party trays while in a big hurry. They were finished making it within 20 mins, with great presentation, super prompt, and service was friendly. All of it was fresh and delicious.10/10 would come again.

Andrew Freeman

Very small shop with just enough seating to wait for your order. Cash only but they recently got an ATM machine. Best prices you'll find for sushi in the area. I always head back here when I have a craving and I'm always happy with their service.

Phillip Lai

Great place for

sjp stevenjohnsonphotography

For sure best sushi value in town!

Roma Kureiko

We shop at this sushi place for years now. Very cheap and good quality. Not the best, but good! Everyone should try! I will get another tray of sushi today! Usually for 5 people you will not pay more than $50 with tips.

Ted Mall

Want great sushi cheap? This is the place. Only takeout (there is one table, however, usually occupied), zero ambience, but talk about great sushi at very reasonable prices. You will not be disappointed. Does a lot of steady business. Cash only.

Umar Ali

best hole in the wall sushi joint on the north side! One of the unknown gems of my old neighborhood

Claudia Hernandez

So cheap and so good

David Boren

Shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone this is the best place in the Northside to get sushi platters for your parties or the insanely good prices won’t last. Seriously this place is like the Diner in 11/22/63 where the guy has a time portal in the back and just uses it to buy cheap organic beef in the 50s so he can sell delicious fat cheeseburgers for $3 in 2010s. I have no idea why you can buy an enormous platter of fresh, meticulously prepared sushi, maki, and sashimi for the prices they’re charging but dark passages through space and time may be involved so I just mind my business and keep giving this business my money.

Paul Roberts

The sushi from here has a cult following. Not sure why, muddled flavors and seemingly no attention to the temperatures nor delicate craft involved in making of what I had. I ordered pretty big orders both times and was disappointed both times. I doubt I will give a third try but trust it is a good not-so fast-food option for some folks. The 'store front' is "unprofessional" and not inviting.

Ray Galuszka

I like the new location, there's now enough room for some eat in tables.

Wendy Carranza

You would hardly know this is a take-out sushi place from the outside, but they have fresh, VERY affordable food. I sampled various kinds and was pleased with all of them. You have to call your order in and they call you back when it is ready. Cash only, but well worth it for the reasonable prices.

Rodney Provine

Cheapest and BEST QUALITY sushi in the city. Hands down!

Omar Jamil

The BEST place for sushi carry out. The prices and quality of the sushi are unrivaled in the city of Chicago. If you're a fan of super-Americanized sushi (with crazy sweet sauces) then the selection is limited for you, but expand your horizons and try something more on the traditional side!

Amber Selman

Price is phenomenal. Sushi is average. If you have a taste for sushi and you want it cheap, then this is the place. The sushi is comparable to what you'd get in the deli of large grocery stores except there are more choices. It's slightly better tasting than the sushi you'd get at the China Buffet. If you want really good sushi however, I recommend paying more and going to some of the better known restaurants in the area. Don't fall for the hype. This isn't 5 (or even 4) star sushi. Rolls I've tried: Arizona, Crunch, E.T., Godzilla, Mexico, Ninja, Shitake

Jason S

Alicia is amazing!!!! She is a problem solver and she is an asset to this place!! The food is amazing and this place is high quality. As long as Alicia is here I'll be here. She is worth her weight in gold. Thank you Alicia

april wilson

Love Love Loved it! Food is hot good and reasonable in pricing.

Todd Sanders

Great price for fantastic sushi. The owners who are always there are nice and welcoming

Frederic Sender

A great shop for fresh fish and delicious sushi. Shop currently has a temporary location than previously on Lawerence Ave. due to some renovations. Now located within a grocery store. Still same great service and sushi.

Victoria Palacios

Delish and super affordable sushi!

Corey Alexander

Good, fresh fish. All kinds. If they don't have something, you can request it.

Daniel Shin

Small but cozy. The food is great.

Antoine A. Holmes

Awesome rolls and sushi!

Daniel C

Great sushi, great people. I've paid twice as much at other places for half the food. Very friendly staff. Rolls were a little on the small side but tasted great, and you can't beat the value either way. Will definitely be back to try more.

Luz Arreola

Delicious, affordable, high quality sushi, maki, sashimi. They are very welcoming. I recommend calling and ordering ahead.

Carlos Saldana

Friendly staff, quick service, delicious sushi! Oh, and you can have a sushi feast for 2 for $34! You get more than you pay for: great value and so gooood!

Paul Graham

This place is take out only, cash only, but it's such an incredible value. All the fish was great. Spider roll had a little too much cucumber but that's a minor complaint. I would come back here anytime.

Xiao He

Lawrence market always has the freshest fish! My husband and I have been going there for 3 years and it has never disappointed us.

John Kim

Best bang for your buck on sushi in Chicago. Go elsewhere if you want a sit down, fancy sushi restaurant with ambience and decor. This place is all business with just fish and fish only. Would recommend for a night in anytime. Just make sure to not miss it when walking down Lawrence Avenue. True definition of hole in the wall, mom and pop shop that delivers exactly what it says it does. It’s a fish market too.

William McCord

CASH ONLY! This place is a great grab and go sushi spot. They don't offer dining in, so my friend and I ordered a huge platter of sushi and ate it back at my place. Prices are pretty great, I think our bill was $40 (we got a ton of sushi) and that price also included a packet of miso soup.

Jonathan Martinez

Good place

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