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REVIEWS OF Birds & Beasts Pet Shop IN Illinois

Kaitlyn Stickrod

I have bought from there for years for supplies for my pets. Recently, we decided to give hermit crabs a try. I called them to find out whether they carry hermit crabs or not. The lady who answered asked me lots of questions about my set up for them. So many chain pet stores will just hand over whatever animal you want and let you deal with the consequences- often giving false information about how easy or hard it is to care for. I really have to hand it to them there, they really care about the animals, not just making a sale. I knew before calling that hermit crabs are not an "easy" pet, as they are often advertised. It's a labor of love for me, and I would rather keep them happy/healthy for their entire lifespan. Not everyone wants that commitment- and that's ok! Better than the people selling you the pet tell you exactly what you're in for before you buy! I applaud the employee for making sure I knew what I was talking about before offering to order the hermit crabs for me. Our 3 little hermmies will be here next Thursday hopefully! Five stars all day, everyday.

Corinne Wisowaty

I happily make the 2 hour commute to visit this awesome store. It's my go-to for all things bird related. They have a huge selection of specialty bird foods, seeds, and treats, and an even larger selection of fun and unique bird toys. It's not a cheap store, but the quality of what they sell definitely matches the price. The people who work here are very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Two of my birds were purchased here and were healthy and well socialized. Love this place!

Deanna Vargas-Crawford

Found our new baby here. Paul was really helpful and patient with all of our questions in helping us prepare for the new arrival ahead of time. Definitely recommend :-)

Lisa MR

Gotnour beloved Bug the birb there 3 years ago. Periodically go in for treats, toys and a rescued hookworm or 4. Not as warm of a place behind the counter, but the young human in the back let DD hold a sand snake, and it reminded me of 3 years ago. Which is why we have Bug- the green check conure, pineapple turquoise mutation that we can't imagine life without!!

Jon Ticknor

Very friendly and knowledgeable people. Always willing to take the time to work with you.

Taylor Maddison

The establishment is beyond amazing and the owner takes great care of the animals in his store . The prices are a little high but it’s expected for a privately owned pet shop and the animals are very maintained and well kept . Great experience !!! The owner is a gentleman and will help you find anything you need in the store.

No Name

A lot of options and amazing help

Kathi Overheul

Such knowledgeable staff! Will be back to get my water tested and to buy all my supplies! Highly recommend!

Karin Kubacki

Staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Prices are reasonable and selection is great. They will even test your fish tank water for you and their fish rating system helps you understand how aggressive fish are so you know which ones you can safely mix together in a tank.

Adam Wolf

I fell in love with this place. Its breathtaking!

Oscar Torres

The crew is amazing. All of them

Waste The Wasted

Shop is next level. If u want high end gear _ animals you won't find at a chain pet store this is the place!

John Carlson

Great place, your not just another customer, some very unique fish, people that really care about animals and you


Nice and cozy place they have a variety

Jack Sanderson

Just the best REAL pet shop around. Stay away from Petco, Petsmart, Petland and the rest. Quality products, great discounts and simply amazing selections of various pets, finned, feathered, scaled, skinned, furred and fluffy/slippery and more! Knowledgeable and expert staff. Do yourself a favor and your pet family as well, patronize Birds & Beasts

Jim Luzzi

Great staff!

Laura Gron

I've been buying my fish here for several years Great staff, very knowledgeable and a great selection of very nice fish.

Jeff Holland

They always have what I need when I need it. They also have a great selection of reptiles. Great local shop.

Jocelyn Mangelli

I have Ben going to birds and beast for 4 and a half years and the owner Danny is amazing, I have gotten fish,bearded dragons and chameleons there. They pervide a care sheet if needed for your new pet. Great care givers to all there animals and all staff are amazing. Also great staff

Craig Pease

Friendly staff. Lots of selection. Reasonable prices. Join their pet club for additional discounts.

Aaron Hudson

Variety and knowledgeable staff

Savanna Von Oepen

Always friendly and a good selection of animals and care products

Christine Alroth

Great pet shop. Reasonable prices. Nice people.

Adam Campbell

I would have to say this is the best pet store I have ever been to. It is quite small, but the diversity they offer is amazing. Whether it be freshwater fish, saltwater fish, or maybe some type of reptile or amphibian, they have it all. And their friendliness to customers is superb. I drive 45 minutes every time I go there, and every time it is completely worth it.

Mark Castiglioni

Usually it is great they where understaffed that day and it was busy so left with out a sale that day. I will go back and buy what i need

Anthony Scianna

Nice selection of saltwater fish at a great price and their discount card is totally worth it

Robert Cappiello

Awesome store! Very helpful and knowledgeable staff that doesn't try selling you stuff you don't need.

Timothy Graf

Great customer service and caring staff, big selection for fish, bird, and reptiles needs, and healthy animals.

Sherry Higgins

I had the worst experience here EVERY. We had a stand special ordered. It took 3 time and 2 weeks for us to get the correct one. Then they gave us the hood we thought we ordered but turns out we didn't. What an awful experience we will NEVER shop here again.

Dante Solano

Just amazing and knowledgeable staff

Tony Nowa

My go-to place for birds and their needs.

Jeff K

Paul and the crew at Birds and Beasts are excellent! Great knowledge about all things "pet" including the exotics and very friendly too. Check them out.

Ralph Martinez

Great place been going there for my parrot 6 years since, and no he has never left there traumatized... or fazed I don't know what happened to the one lady's parrot down there in the comments, seems unlikely that type of incident would happen there maybe just being over protective?? They do a great job and provide great service.

Larry Scripture

Disappointing fish tanks need looking after. I wouldn't take the angefish if they were free

Ryan Hicks

Always a great petstore. Have a ton of cool fish!

Steven Ellis

Super helpful and nice

Monique Stamatakos

I cannot say enough about this store. We purchased a handfed pineapple green cheek, which is extremely friendly years later, and we purchased several fish and an eel. Patrick is very knowledgeable and helps everytime we need it.

Victoria Weger

This place is amazing! I plan on buying my next reptile here! All the workers are so friendly and one of them let me hold a Crested Gecko today and gave me very helpful information!

Kelly Kocher

This place is awsome. Im always able to find the things i need for great price. Great people. Huge variety of fish and snakes. Love this place. Especially the bird food kits. Awesome choices. My now go to spot!

chris nikolaou

Great selection of fish fresh and salt. Atmosphere has changed a bit but still my favorite pet joint!

Mike Sipolt

This place is wonderful. The first time I walked in there they made me feel right at home. I went in there to get feeder mice and wound up spending 2 hours talking to beautiful birds. So now each time I go I plan on spending extra time and hopefully one day I'll be able to get one or two of those beautiful creatures. The staff is absolutely delightful. full of knowledge and willing to share it at a moments notice. Give them a chance you won't be disappointed .. I guarantee it...

Nick Kuznicki

I drove an hour and 30 minutes in a thunderstorm just to see the animals that they have. They have more than I thought and a larger selection than any pet store I have ever been to. The drive took 30 minutes longer because of the storm, and it was worth every minute of peril.

Luke Wehrheim

They are the absolute best people to go to!

R Crouse

This place used to be great, but I think the employees are getting burned out. When I went there to but some more fish, several of the fish I wanted to buy clearly were diseased. When I pointed that out, I was told "I won't give you that [diseased] one." When I showed them many other diseased fish in the same tank, I was told "they are prone to that," and the employee casually started dosing the tank with antibiotic. Unfortunately, I brought several fish from them a week before and have already lost two. I might not have bought the fish if I had been told they were "prone" to disease.

Rebecca Suarez

These are people who really seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to exotic or unique pets, which doesn't happen often. Knowledgeable staff. Great selection of unique critters. Definitely worth the look.

Matt Quinnett

Great service, very helpfull.

DK’s Tarantulas

Went there to get 2 tarantulas the other day, and it’s a pretty neat place. Lots of different pets and supplies. Cute little doggos walking around. Very good selection of T’s but I was sad cause they didn’t have a b.hamorii but definitely will check again soon! Awesome place guys and nice friendly service

Dylan Batton

This is probably the best pet shop in the city. The selection is excellent and the staff incredibly helpful. When I needed help with an animal, an employee was more than willing to answer all of my questions and provided me with phone numbers of people who could help if ither issues arose. When I come in to look at the animals, I have never felt unwelcome by the staff. Everyone is very nice and the store is kept tidy. Even if you don't want to buy a pet, it might be worth stopping by.

Matt Dalman

Shop local, this pet shop is the place to go. Very knowledgeable staff, friendly, helpful. No reason to go to a chain store when we have a shop like this in town. Great prices, very healthy animals and fish. Love it!

Amy Scott

Birds and fish galore! Very knowledgeable and caring staff. Small local store with everything you need for your birds and beasts.

John K

Great for special orders

tim surma

Very helpful...knowledgeable...friendly...and a great variety of reptiles and other pets...

Mighty Salad

I heard that this was the place to go for good advice so I went in to ask for some tips for feeding a new snake. Staff was rude and avoided my questions and gave small and vague responses before walking away. When I left I felt like chopped liver.

Tim Davies

Great service at this excellent store.

alberta woodrow

Love the place, nice and friendly

Sharon McCarter

Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about all pets. I thought their prices might be on the high end, but they were very reasonable.

David Ensor

Best place for advice/supply for your Bird, fish and other animals...

Nidia Maroupolous

Very rude stuff and acted like they didn't want to deal with customer also very disrespectful even in front of my daughter she wanted to leave after she heard how they were treating us.

Cassandra McKeen

The staff is exceptionally patient, kind & caring! They are always willing to take the time to answer all my newer bird Mommy (owner) questions. I would never go anywhere else!

Patrick Mooney

Great place for all your pets and supplies. Friendly staff, very helpful.

Nick Kennedy

Marine fish looked horrible. Saw a few fish with bad gill flukes, some fin and tail rot. Also alot of their tanks were clearly in a bio bloom or ammonia spile. Coral tanks should be taken down unless uou like buying pest anenomes. Do us a favor and stop carrying saltwater fish and inverts. I was disgusted seeing the condition of their tanks today, i used to like this store for the fish at the very least. I recomend the local petco for healthier live stock.

Janice Kerns

People are very nice and help you found things. Love brings my bird there too.

Michael Campbell

The Best Pet Shop, I'm courteous and very helpful staff is what really makes this place quick it's been around over 30 years for some reason...... And that's the closest I can get to put in my finger in it wonderful place for pet lovers.

Gary Brumbaugh

Knowledgeable, friendly, local buisness with all kinds of awesome stuff

David S

Nice place. Lots of fish.

Natalia Podunavac

Ordered fish from them. Theycalled me that the fish were in and by the time i got to the storw later that day they sold 90% of the fish I asked them to order. I bought the 20% left in the store which died within 24 hours. When I returned the fish with the required water sample...they had to gove me a refund but chastised me for buying fish that was just delivered to them and they had in the tanks for sale. Bunch of hipocrites. Was first and laat time I bought anything there. Not worth it. Plus fish selection is pretty poor.

Kirsten Duenas

Wonderful, smart, and friendly staff. Extremely knowledgeable about birds. If you love birds, this is the place to go!

Jessica Lambrit

Awful customer service man was rude. Lady in the front was nice but the guy was rude and clearly didn’t want to be there. After we were treated bad we left.Defiantly not future customers.

Kamila Sobon

I just bought my bird from them and I love it. They always have time for me and my new little friend. Helpful and really friendly employees. Sarah is the best if we talking about

Katie Mahaffy

Pleasantly surprised by the selection of dog treats and chews. Very knowledgeable staff and great selection. Bonus: Adorable little shop dog that loves to play!

Kevin Oneill

Super knowledgeable when it comes to fish! Great store.

Brian Widish

This business is across the street. The owner is a really nice guy. I think he will make sure your pets are taken care of.

Chris Wisniewski

This is the place to go for bird supplies and friendly advice. The staff is amazing here. Although it's at least 30 minutes away from me, it's definitely worth it!

Kathy Simpson

Very nice , Very Helpful young lady showing me all areas in which they had Rabbit items.

Austin Meronek

Been coming here since I moved to the area 2 yrs ago and there are a lot of reasons that I will always come back! #1 reason is they are always willing to help and talk through any of my questions to come up with a solution. Very fair prices and great service! A+

Lex Draws 123

What kind of business opens at 10! Go anywhere else way too expensive anyhow!

Sheryl Smith

Always a great place for healthy pets and to learn all you need to know to take care of them. One stop shop.

Mark Nazarof

Terrific pet store with knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Daisy honey bear

they did an amazing job on my parrotlet :)

Zumba Ro

Great staff great selection of animals and the staff is quite informative.

Mike Cowles

Cool store. Very helpful staff.

Gary Dick

Are bird loves it.


Wonderful place. Kind of busy on the weekends but theres a reason!

Corinne Putwen

They are the best pet store. They are very friendly and very helpful.

jeff hamer

Very rude experience and left almost immediately after i walked in. Never greeted and was told they are not seeing pets, was told i should have called after driving an hour to have my birds nails clipped. Last time i spend my money at that place!!!


Great little privately owned pet shop! The only place I will buy my fish, the guy in charge of the aquariums knows his stuff! Had one issue with a rude employee. All other employees are friendly and knowledgeable, just not the one young man. Maybe he was just having a bad day? They have salt water, and freshwater fish. Coral, and freshwater plants, some reptiles, and a whole bunch of birds. My kids love to visit this store and pick out a new fish from time to time. Oh, and I have a major crush on the brunette girl who works the checkout sometimes

Sam Chase

Super friendly staff and great prices on their products

The Truth Reviews

Best pet shop in town. Nice family owned business too!

Jacek Baranski

I went in to get a light bulb tested and thanks to Chris, walked out with a new light that I got for a steal! You guys are great and I’m sure my fish think the same.

Jennifer Park

Very knowledgeable and helpful!! Customer service is outstanding!

Richard Beech

Great family pet store. They really seem to know their stuff and take care of you

Moto Mischief

Amazing selection of animals, fish, birds and reptiles. They have a wide range of products you don't normally see at other stores. The employees know what they are doing with the animals they care for if you have questions they have answers. Overall favorite petstore :)

Frank Ryan

A lot of help and friendly staff. A little expensive.

Alexandra Kulesza

Sold me rats carrying SDA earlier this year. They were keeping 10+ mixed sex rats (some already pregnant) in a small tank, eating a seed mix. They seem to know a lot about fish and birds.. small animals, not so much.

Richard Rushing

Great place for all your exotic pet needs, great staff

dorgon knight

Nice old fashioned neighborhood Pet Shop like the ones I Used to Know before it all became commercialized people are very nice and knowledgeable fish are very beautiful healthy tanks are very clean they have lots of birds in fact that's what they're going for would recommend this place study buddy

Barb Lowden

The people here are incredibly helpful & always so friendly. I've been going here for many years for all my reptile needs. I recently had a lighting emergency with my lizard and had to stop in multiple times and they helped not only with useful info, but I came in pretty frazzled and they were so compassionate and helped me out with an exchange that they totally were under no obligation to do. It's always amazing customer service here & they are the only place around I'd actually trust for knowledge, tips, and advice. Some (not all!) of their prices can be higher than chain stores, but if you join their pet club, combined with everything else great about this place, it's absolutely worth it. I've worked at other pet stores, but I wouldn't bother going anywhere else! Thanks guys for everything you do!


Amazing staff that is very knowledgeable and helpful with a wide range of domestic and exotic pets! Besides the experience and knowledge factor, this staff is just very pleasant and friendly, assuring that you return time and time again, and satisfaction with every visit. Heck, staff aside, this place just has an outstanding selection of animals and competitive prices on livestock and other amenaties. For these reasons and more, I have deemed this pet store my #1 go to and continue to make weekly visits. (Sometimes multiple times in the week) They also offer great savings to "pet club members", which is a plus PLUS!!!

Tim Langley

My son's go-to pet shop. The staff makes the place. Knowledge, friendly and helpful.

Robert Brasky

Outstanding pet shop. Best ever. If your looking for a bird this is the place to go. Birds are hand raised.

Adam Maes

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Helped me get the proper snake setup. 10/10 would recommend. Will be returning for future snake needs.

Kayla Massano

I bought a bearded dragon from here. And they hwlped me out with Lea aboit them. What food and all sorts of stuff they need. We are club memember and we come here often. The staff are super nice. Friendly. Even on their long tiring days. They still pit up with us. We adore them

Noah Priddy

Great place for all of your birdy needs. Other animals too! Highly recommend for adopting birds here and I always buy my pet food here.

Dark Dragon2875

This place is amazing for Buying Saltwater Fish! Patrick, and Brandon, are the most helpful, and friendliest, employees, to help you choose your fish! This place is not like other Saltwater fish stores, Like other SW fish stores, when there is a big problem in the tank, they just keep selling there fish. But at Birds and Beast, if there is a problem with there tank, They dont sell anything in that tank, till the problem is resolved in the tank! That just tells you that they constantly check the water parameters daily, and they really respect and care for there fish! I Would highly Recommend This place!

Dione Bohrnell

Best small animal bird store around. Very friendly knowledgable staff. Lots of of options on bird food and toys.

Riley Kouf

They try their best to take care of the animal's but i think most of the employees are burned out, but overall its a pretty decent store some of the staff is nice and tries to help to the best of their knowledge but the other staff are cold and dismissive. But i love gandolf hes a good parrot

Anthony Schechtel

This is my absolute favorite place for all aquatics the staff is beyond knowledgable they are alsonsuper helpful and are more than willing to walk you through everything without making you frel like an idiot for asking. Thier selection and diversity are also fantastic. This is the onlybpet store I will go to even though its a 20 mile drive for me

Ed Ferree

Extremely nice and knowledgeable people! Thank you Patrick for your help.

Kram Nosretep

I challenge you to find a pet shop with a more informed staff! I'm impressed everytime!

TC5607 RAM

They will answer every question. Love going there with my kids. Prices very competitive.

Danny Jnr Castillo

I really like this place, I bring my birds to get there nails and wings clipped, Sarah is always polite, professional and very knowledgeable but there’s a newer young employee and she’s very passive aggressive. I’m not to fond of her.

Beth Croft

Best local pet store. Very knowledgeable staff that are there to answer all your questions and pair you with a great pet! Many unique small animals and fish

Jillayne Golden

Wonderful place. Very knowledgeable staff!

Michelle Rudolph

Very knowledgeable staff. Animals in exceptional health. I enjoy every trip there! Everything is always in stock and they are always getting new things.

Megan Colleen

My favorite pet supply store for my bird and fish! Awesome staff with a huge amount of knowledge!

Greg Olas

Local place for pets and pet supplies. Bought all our guinea pigs here. Prices were great as well

max grady

Every fish I’ve gotten from here has survived. The staff is very helpful and you can really tell they love animals. I’ve came in with an issue about my catfish. I went to multiple different pet shops around me and each place had no clue what was wrong with it. I went to birds and beasts and one of the staff there knew exactly what it was and told me how to treat it. My catfish is now looking great and acting normally. By far the best pet shop i have been to.

Hayleigh Clark

This place is wonderful & really cares about their customers!!!!! I bought a guinea pig from them, and a few hours later realized I really should have bought his cage mate, after doing a lot more research. So I drove back not realizing on the way there what time it was. I called at 4:59 PM and they close at 5:00 PM. They waited there until 5:25 PM(after I said i’d be there at 5:15 PM but I of course got stuck behind THE slowest person) to come back so I could purchase the other one. Everyone took time out of their Saturday just to wait for me. They could have had plans or anything and I just wanted to take some time out to say I appreciate that so much. I can’t think of any other pet store that would do that. Ever. Thank you so much everyone, you have no idea how grateful I am <3

Mina Rohrs

Very neat pet shop, lots of merchandise for exotic animals, and cool pets inside. Wish they had more space though.

David Grudek

Great family owned place. They actually care about the animals they sell and the science behind it. Patrick in the fish department is a great guy. He is super friendly and very knowledgeable about all things fish related. Would recommend them any time.

Veronica Morales

Love this place!

Jeremy Morrow

Recently got into fish tanks. They have given me great advice and I have the tank on track now. I am so thankful for the help.

cApTureD MeMoRieS FroM thE bALcoNy

Can't thank Birds and Beast enough, especially Lindsey! I have been doing my best at dealing with my sick cockatiel who has been to the vet and started antibiotics treatment. Its been a whole week with minimal improvements, worsening malnutrition and dehydration. My last resort was to tube feed him formula which I have no experience in doing. Tube feeding could be fatal if not done properly. I called and explained my situation to Lindsey and she was more then willing to help me out and offer her expertise. I brought my sick bird to her and she took the time to show me the proper way to tube feed my sick bird. I hope that by continuing to tube feed him until he finishes his antibiotic treatment will give him enough strength and hydration to stand a fighting chance to make it. I'm extremely thankful to Lindsey for her compassion and empathy towards my family while trying to save our beloved bird. I dont know what the final outcome will be, but thanks to Birds and Beast we have a glimmer of hope. We can't thank you enough Lindsey. UPDATE: After being taught how to crop/tube feed my sick cockatiel by Lindsey, I continued his antibiotic treatment and crop feeding. I'm so happy to share that crop feeding gave him enough energy to withstand his illnes and make a full recovery. There is no possible way that he would have made it without Birds & beast's help. He is back to his rambunctious and cheerful self. Happy ending to this story! So grateful....

Martha Stawiarski

We get our bird supplies from them for many years. Love the variety and able to purchase in bulk. We get discount by being a pet club member as well. Always helpful staff.

Nick Wake

In regularly for pets and pet food, great spot

carlos nava

Great place and large variety of pets

iron man

I bought several animals from them that turned out to be sick. I bought a ball python from them that wouldn’t eat live or frozen based on having an illness from incorrect breeding. I bought a Pac-Man frog that died based on incorrect breeding. I bought a gargoyle gecko that died from incorrect breeding. I bought 2 axololtos from them and there both very sick from incorrect breeding. There feeder fish are not safe for any animals to eat they even have a sign that says they don’t know 100% sure if the fish are safe to be eaten by any animal. I spent well over $300 worth on animals there and the only thing to surivie is my axolotls since I do daily treatments to make sure they survive. The animals I bought from them didn’t even last a year not even close and they tell me to get certain stuff for the animal because that’s supposed to help the animal and when further getting the animal I saw no point in getting what they wanted me to get. They sell sick animals I would recommend not buying any animals from them.

Anthony Fosbinder

Great place, has variety of pets and products

amanda schoenberg

This store has been my go to for over 20 years. Staff is amazing, always helpful and if they don't have what you are looking for are more than willing to go above and beyond. My kids love this store, they go and talk to tattoo and even hold the reptiles. If your looking for birds, fish, reptiles.... look no further

Andrew Piorkowski - Goodeids

Cool place with a nice selection of fish & aquatic plants. Huge section of dry goods as well. Definitely recommended for anyone in the Lake in the Hills/Crystal Lake area.

Cindy Matusek

Love this place......the staff is so helpful and the quality of items are great


I love how they breed there own crested geckos, I got mine from here and he is very happy and healthy. Better than ANY petco or petsmart. :D

Jennifer Catalanotto

Very knowledgable on birds, professional and helpful! I always enjoy going there and looking at baby hand fed birds, large selection of bird toys and cages.

William Cochran

This is the best place for pets in McHenry County. They carry a wide variety of fish, birds, snakes, lizards, rabbits, guinea pigs and other pets. All are high quality animals. They also provide all of the information needed to choose the perfect pet. You can also get everything needed to care for your pets. Join the to get discounts on pets and pet supplies.

Jessica Romani

I own a large fish tank and they have been excellent at helping me maintain it. Always nice and thorough with answers to my questions. Thanks!

Michael Shelby

Local and friendly... Always love stopping by just to look and see. Always willing to find the answers or products that's rite for you.

Bella A

Lots of items for pets. Unique pets. Friendly people

Scarlet Winter

I love this place. I always shop for my pets here.

Curtis McJunkins

Great place we love it !!! Staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and treat every customer like they are the only ones there even if the store is packed we got our beardie here and and refuse to shop any where else for our pet needs

xx yy

I've been shopping at Birds and Beasts since 1991. My kids grew up going in there and still go there for pets and products . We have always appreciated the knowledge, dedication and the respect not mention the friendliness they have given us. Very down to eat people

Paul Friel

Amazing place they know a ton about animals!! Bradon rocks


Great staff helping animals and humans. Good place to get a pet with fair pricing.

Thomas Krueger

Fare selection ,prices are a little high

Todd Kenny

Every time I go in there, they're super helpful and have answered all of my questions thoroughly. They have high quality products at a great price and the service is top notch! I get all of my bearded dragon stuff there.

Marlo L

I have been going here for about 3-5 years. This particular visit the girl helping us today wasn't very friendly and pretty much seemed like she hates her job. I got the fish I wanted and always feel they are under staffed. Still best variety around.

joe carracio

Best mom and pop fish store around

Michael Becerra

Love this shop. Prices can be a little high as can be expected in a higher end pet supply store but the quality is always worth it. Staff is phenomenal here and always knowledgeable and if one person isn't another one is. Join the club and get great deals every day.

X7 AlpHA

Amazing animals and care

Giuseppe Carbonara

Everyone is helpfull. Started a new tank and got all the information i needed and everything is great. Prices are competitive also

Robert Marchant

Not like it used to be. Other management was much more friendly . Prices seem to be about the same. The gentleman that helps with the fish is awesome! Very knowledgeable and personable. Most likely will look for a new place though.

Joanne Pasternak

Very helpful

Rachel White

I bought a snake from them back in August at a reptile show and was lied to about my snake eating frozen thawed rats please inform people the right information so they don’t waste money buying frozen when the snake really eats live. Thank you

SnipingCat 2102

As we speak, I am holding one of the baby crested geckos I bought from them. I've been there numerous times, sometimes just looking and holding, but we went there once to get some fish food, and the pH powder to make the pH lower, and after the tank was just right, we bought 6 fish. 3 Black Phantom Tetras, 3 Colombian Tetras. They were amazing, in good health, and when I had to give them away, they still seemed to be doing good. We also bought 2 other fish, Dwarf Goramis, and they, sadly, died. We weren't checking the pH, and we found out the hard way. Then, we took an interest in Crested Geckos. The kits they have there are amazing, and the gecko itself, is awesome. The breed the geckos themselves, they are very knowledgeable on everything in the store, and made it easy for when we had to move this guy down to Missouri. When we bought their kit, we had a hold on one little baby crestie, who's now almost a month old (hatched May 24, I believe they said) for us. When we picked him up, the put a paper towel in a deli cup, sprayed warm water on it, and placed him inside. He did well throughout the move, and is healthy and friendly today. I handle him regularly, and change his food every other day. Overall experience, 5/5, Service, 5/5, and the Products, 5/5.


Very friendly people and very knowledgeable!!!

Michael Yerushalmi

Awesome selection of fish, birds and reptiles. I visit especially for the aquatics, which they so happen to specialize in. They have all types of fish, most of which you won't find at your average pet store. Pet club members save 10% off of every purchase and 25% certain times of the year. Beware of the store mascot (male hyacinth macaw). He'll yell to scare you and then proceeds to laugh. Lol! Can't forget Scarlet. She's awesome!

Richard Meier

The best pet shop in the area. Super knowledgeable and friendly staff. I get all of my reptile and bird food here.

Dan Henderson

The expert service provided by the staff is an invaluable, irreplaceable resource.

Colleen Schor

Lots of purchasing options for the needs of every animal possible!!! Sales people are friendly and helpful!!! Really Fantastic for the whole family!!!!

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