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REVIEWS OF Yama's Fish Market IN Hawaii

Yingjia Lee

Hands-down the best poke place I have been to, and I've been to a decent amount. Out of all the places in Oahu I went to, this is the only place I know for sure I want to come back to. Would definitely try out their other food too, but the poke is what makes this place a five star place.

Eugenia Wang

Fresh poke. Great laulau. Ono kalua pork

Todd Okamoto

Legit local.

Maggie Alesna

Omg this place has the best food! Garlic ahi always sells out early, because it’s delicious

Luxe Hawaii

Great Hawaiian and local food. Excellent poke. Helpful staff. Amazing place.


Awesome food Good poke Good hawaiian local kine food Great prices!

Chikky Ally T

Excellent fresh ahi poke

veronica cheong

Absolutely love the grilled ahi plate with extra sauce

John Blanchard

Very good food! Authentic Hawaiian food. I had the park loulou and poi. My daughter beef teriyaki. Both excellent

Ely Kalilikane

Great food, not many smiling faces but also not rude. Gets busy

Ha N

They're closed for vacation presently to 7/9.

Thomas Noda

Great authentic Hawaiian food... made fresh daily.. excellent laulau& kalua pig, and fresh poi. Frozen laulau for the freezer too. Parking is limited around noon. And sometimes they sell out early. Bummahs

Robin Mahony

Spicy wasabi tuna poke was amazing. Fish is fresh and sauce is well balanced.

tyler gibbenhuck

Always great! Haven't been in 4 years, and was pleasantly surprised that it has not changed.

Katherina Bui

Food is delicious! It is a bit pricey and parking sucks.

Arlen Balanon

Killer poke and plate lunches

Mariliz Reilly

They have incredible fresh fish, poke but better come prepared with a pocket full of cash$$$ And their dried ahi is my brother's favorite! oh and you better go early in the morning, because once they sell out that's it for the day.

Ruby Real-layos

Best place to pick up dinner if you are craving hawaiian food. The people are always friendly and service is top notch. You always see the same people and they are very welcoming.

Sanford Ching

Good reputation for excellent flavorful Hawaiian food !

Vlad Lysychkin

The food was affordable and delicious.

Redsectora 21

The lau lau plate is very good.

Annette Iglesias

By far my favorite local spot in the area! A bit pricey but its worth it. Love all the variations of haupia too!!

kelli girlz

Ono food & desserts! Squid luau is the best!

Ramon Maghsoudi

Delicious poke and awesome customer service!

Melvin E. Spencer III

I enjoy their ono food whenever I go. I just wish I could eat without worrying about cost.

Alex Whitney

Love yama’s! One of the first poke places I went to when I first arrived and still a fave!


The best Haupia and boild peanuts! Had to have the somen salad today. Their Chinese chicken salad is good too, and they are made ready to go. Oh, and sweet potatoes mochi is one of a kind.

Florence Villano

Underrated, a local's poké haven. Poké is simple but spot on. Cheap and delicious whatelse could you ask for. No tourists and line, worth a try if you're near the area.

Shawn Diocares

If your craving that old school Hawaiian style of food this is you place. I definitely recommend the #7, which is a taste of everything. Kalua pig, laulau and lomi salmon. If you really ready to grind I'd also recommend side of squid luau and opihi.

Rey Bartolome

Really good Hawaiian plate and roast pork

Sara Damm

Best place on the Island to eat! Most friendly staff. We come here right after we land and get lunch here every other day.

Ronny Benitez

A very good and fresh fish market in Waikiki. Too bad there is only 1 table to eat there but it worth it. Try the Yama's bowl with different fish every day and you will look happy as me lol.

Jason King

On vacation, and wanted to visit Wagaya Ramen but it was closed that week, so we yelped some poke and found it close by. Really enjoyed the poke here. They don't serve poke unless its fresh and it was super super fresh. So good. Wish we didn't have to leave Hawaii so we could try more poke at yama's Spicy ahi poke - so good, was my favourite. A little spice. Just enough. Fresh. Hawaiian style baby scallop - so good and so fresh. Really enjoyed it Hawaiian style ahi poke - pretty fresh and delicious but would probably recommend one with soy sauce instead

Wendell W. Wong

Excellent takeout Hawaiian dishes and soft drinks.

Riley Carl

Great poke and local style plate lunch!

Sara Broyles

My absolute favorite place to eat every time we come to oahu! We go here as soon as we land and come back every day. Do not pass this place up! Very friendly staff

Erin Castillo

As usual an enjoyable time and

Carol Luke

Well done! Excellent food and great service


A great place to get quality local food. Prices are kind of high but overall it is a good restaurant. The service here is usually decent.

Jason Ching

Love the food here!

Family Fan

Phenomenal pokes. The hot wasabi ahi poke was great and also loved all the other options. Wish they had more seating but just as nice to take to the beach.

Don Winchester

Great Hawaiian food ya!

Debdeep Bhattacharya

Ggmreat place for takeout. The lunch combos have a good portion size and comes with a varietes of options. You can taste different types of poke before settling for one. However, the amount of poke was very small in the lunch combos. The laulau was delicious with some ground up taro leaves.

Stephen Chase

I ordered the shoyu chicken because they had a special for it, and it was so delicious. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Barbara Hart

Pretty good food. Counter personal not too friendly. I felt like I wasn't welcomed, just tolerated.

Jimmy Fung

They probably sell seafood but it was mainly a plate lunch place when I went during lunch on a Friday afternoon recently. 6 kinds of poke and about 25+ lunch plate options including Hawaiian luau food. Pork advice and Lau Lau/Kalua pork were good. Self serve fountain drinks, lots of snacks and desserts. Make sure you don't leave before getting your utensils on the left side counter.

vili tofua

Good Hawaiian food

Luke Neumann

Off the beaten path a bit. Crazy selection of poke, Kim Chee and other fresh fish. The shoyu chicken is pretty good as well.

Paul M

Excellent poke but very expensive for the portions. Although it was probably one of the best poke bowls I've ever had, I can't justify going there when I can go other places for good poke at half the price and twice the amount (like grocery stores).

Rawss LeBlanc

Excellent food. Hearty portions. Great price. What else you want? The grilled Ahi was awesome, fried salmon was tasty, and poke was delicious. One of my favorite restaurants!


Amazing variety of food across multiple cuisines

Eric Leung

Great Hawaiian food and fresh ahi poke!

Melvin Woo

Great Hawaiian food. Wonderful and helpful Workers

Frederick Lott

Pretty decent local food and snacks.

TMac Mac

Some of the best fast food in Oahu.

Chi Pio Mok

Good Hawaiian food..lau lau is superb...but the prices have skyrocketed...


Great food with great price in Honolulu. I beat the dinner rush but this place is poppin!

Jin Chang

Small portions. I don't really understand why it's so crowded.

Di Arocha

Love the Hawaiian food plates and desserts.

Xian Lai

I got kalua pork plates one with white rice and one with poi, two side orders of macaroni salad, and a pound of squid luau. Portions were generous and delicious. I always stop here if I'm in the area, except when it's their rush hour-small parking lot for the number of people who want lunch. Before 10:45 or after 1:30 are good.

Brandon Arakaki

Affordable good quality fish and Hawaiian food items

googly bear

The food is good and the choices are plenty. The prices are a little high because of the quality probably. The poke is about $20 a pound when other places might be $12 but the Yamas might be more tasty. I had their be stew, the flavor was good with plenty vegetables and some cubes of meat. It seemed like the counter girl didn't want to be there but the dude was cool. The prices are decent for the plate lunches and there is enough parking during slow time but not during busy morning and lunch times. I would go back.


Came here from the rave reviews to try out the Hawaiian food. If this was authentic Hawaiian food, then I'm probably not a fan. The food's a bit too salty for me. e.g Kahlua pork, Limu taco. The Shoyu Ahi was pretty good, but also salty. Maybe the food in general is supposed to be salty, but it's not for me. Still, you should come try out the food so you can experience it. Only 2 two-person tables available outside. Beware of the birds! There is a limited parking lot available, but people are in and out quick. The neighborhood around does look a bit shady as well.

Sam Chao

Poké poké poké. Probably going to be the best poké joint out there! Lots of choice and fairly priced. Ordered the octopus and tuna (ahi). Double delight.

tino palacio

Ono dishes, specials and regular plates. Let's not forget the regular menu of Hawaiian foods. Very busy during lunch hour, but the wait is worth it! Just have patience for parking. Aloha

DeJie Zhen

Authentic and great tasting Hawaiian food you can't go wrong with. Everything from the laulau to the freshest poke you can get. Highly recommended!

Jeff White

Always good grinds!

abraham martin III

Great food

Wendy Lin

Great Poke and Laulau!

Christopher Dean

Great local food and awesome poke

Ululani Victor

Go for the masago poke, come back for the Hawaiian food. And the plate lunches. And the haupia desserts in the refrigerated cases. And the cookies.

Jason Kuan

Great place to go to get your Aloha Friday grinds on any day of the week

Jeremy Shoda

Good place for Hawaiian food. Great desserts. Parking lot gets crazy during lunch hours. Beware of the bad tourist drivers.

ryan ramiro

This place has great food with really tasty desserts.


Food was ok beef teriyaki was marinaded to long . Fish is priced on the high side.

Ryan Tanino

Tiny hidden gem in the Moiliili area of Honolulu. Known for their awesome tasting poke and Hawaiian plate lunch selections. Oh they also have great dessert selections too

Ken Ishimine

Food was great and service was excellent.

Jasmine Trinh

Kalua pork and limu Tako were quite salty. I liked the laulau and ocean salad.

Katelyn Ford

Super good food. I would say by far one of the best fresh seafood places in Oahu Hawaii. I loved everything I tried. It was a very fun experience, trying new food was awesome. The people that worked there also where so nice and caring. And I walked out very satisfied with everything.

Anne Lau

1st time we tried Hawaiian - in terms of meat dishes. I read this place & Helena's had good ratings. Since this place was closer to or accommodation & Helena's was closed, we came here 1st Chicken Laulau was nice & tender - flavour reminded me of a sticky rice dish served in Chinese Yum Cha Never ate taro leaves until now. Rice was cooked perfectly (i.e texture & flavour) - we ordered another serving While my partner also enjoyed their Kalua pork, I found it salty & smoked ham flavour - totally not what I imagined it would taste like. It felt like I was eating smoked ham but with a shredded/pulled pork texture. Hence the 4/5 rating

Leslie Sharp

Great poke bowls! So yummy!!

Mav Annon

The poke really taste....everything else okay too expensive.

George Anderson

Local grinds... Decent food at decent price.

Neil Choy

Great place for lunches. Everything is delicious. Parking lot is small, but the service is fast. So people are in and out pretty quick.

Kevin Lu

Delicious local Hawaiian food and poke

Capuccine Artuyo

ate (there many times b4) & loved everything on their menu. their variety of poke is always the same...great. their hawaiian plates are one of the best i've tried. recently i had the laulau plate which is pretty darn tasty. the lomi lomi salmon is not salty, but just right. haupia so ono. everything on their menu is worth the drive there. I would highly recommend Yama's Fish Market.

trytuy fgfh

I like the foods of this restaurant because i can feel the very good taste!

Rodina Patterson - Iwamasa

Good good but not enough parking. Only about 5 stalls and they're busy.

Franklin Portillo

They have a great selection of Hawaiian food and poke bowls. So far everything I've tried has been delicious. I've had their shoyu ahi bowl, the Hawaiian plate with kalua pig and lau lau. I also ordered their kalua pig sliders and chicken long rice for the staff and they a loved it.

Skyler Kanegi

Hands down the best poke I’ve had. They only have one kind of fish (ahi), but they have a ton of toppings and sauces. I had the ahi with masago, seaweed salad, and sushi rice with dried toppings (forgot the name), plus the original haupia, all for <$15. Fresh fish, fresh dessert, at a very affordable price for the area. Note: it is very hard to find parking here.

G. Mark Matsumura

Good Hawaiian food for on the go lunch

Mike Sewell

We got squid luau and i guess we were too late in the day. While the flavor was smooth and delicious, there were only bits of squid in the container. Nothing that you could actually chew, like just the very ends of tentacles had been snipped with a scissors. Size of like a pencil point. Very different than i have had at other places. The rest of plate lunches were flavorful, with good volume for price.

John Kolessar

The poke is awesome. Several different flavors to try. Lots of other stuff to try. Wish I stopped here earlier in my trip instead of the last day.

Michael Judd

Awesome Hawaiian food

KC See

Great place to grab a Hawaiian Plate Lunch and fresh Poké. Cost is about right for a decent sized Hawaiian Plate with good food and the poké is always fresh, not previously frozen. The Kalua Pig (similar to pulled pork but traditionally cooked in an imu or underground oven) can be a tad salty at times but I always like it. If you have a sweet tooth, you'll definitely find something there in the refrigerated section. The chocolate haupia brownie is one of my secretary's favorites. Definitely one of my go to places for a plate lunch or when I'm craving Hawaiian food.

Henry Lu

Great poke with good portions. Quick and friendly service. Definitely swing by if you're nearby.

Anthony Whittley

I love this place really great food. Friendly work's.

Ron Lum

Came for lunch. Ordered a poke bowl to dine-in. Got a packed plastic container of rice with a plastic container of poke. That's it. Not a great looking place. Surprisingly not a lot of tables for how big it is. And with so many other nice restaurants in the area, it's hard to say I'd choose this, unless it was for the Hawaiian food.

Enrique P. Crisostomo

When I go there I usually get the same combination kalua pig poke Chicken Long rice lomi lomi salmon and help heal is always delicious the best Hawaiian take out so far that I have phone price reasonable service superb again I recommend this restaurant for those who enjoy Hawaiian food

Zachary Small

Very helpful and provide good suggestions.

B ye

When you order an ahi plate rare, and it comes out well done. Lucky wont let me post a picture

Kurtis Im

food is okay. Finding parking might be difficult. service is good.

Business English Professor

Pretty good....their version of pipikaula is interesting.

kimo napolitano

The gem of the area, laulau at its finest among other great fish items a must see! 5+stars

Angela Chiang

local gourmet, no tourist, only local comes here for take out.

michael lai

Fresh poke and friendly staff!

Yong Yoo

Its poke. And its pricey. Not sure if its worth the value.


No one answers the phone! When a woman did finally answer and I said I wanted to place an order.. she just put the phone down and ignored me. Did not say anything or come back on the phone at all. What kind of customer service is this?

Edwin Javier Colon

Love this place!

David Beatty

Best Squid Luau.

ashley nelson

Superb customer service and poke!

Joshua Chang

The poke is amazing!

Hilson Reidpath

Great food, my favorite poke in town probably Haupia excellent as well. Overall, a little pricey, but the quality justifies it. However, some things are downright cheapskate - who charges $1.75 for a glass of water?!

Eman Gordon

Chicken Lau Lau so tender the bone melted in my mouth, no joke, will come again.

Jeremy Campos

Great service, fresh poke, delicious lunch plates, and the desserts are incredible too! We will be back!


In A Nutshell: -Yama's is the secret that the locals don't want tourists to find out about. -It sits in the "Goldilocks Zone" from Waikiki, not too close (so tourists can't easily get there) & not too far (located on the southside of H1 freeway). -We took a scooter to get there, so that's a time/cost effective way. -They had at least 15 different types of Poke and two types of "laulau", which is pork/chicken OR fish wrapped in luau/taro leaves & steamed until the meat is so so tenderly delicious. Overall, check out the photos below. I HIGHLY recommend you coming here.

Michael Ching

Love coming here. Though parking can be a pain sometimes and the hours are somewhat limited right now (hope they are able to go back to the old hours one day). If you don't mind that I can say the service is nice and friendly. Plus the food is really good. Lau Lau: love that the regular version comes with chicken, plus they also have one with just chicken and also a vegetarian option (but you have to order that in advance) for when you feel in the mood for a more healthier option. Plus you can get it hot or cold which is perfect to take home for later or for a trip.

Jonathan Kekipi

Everything was really fresh including the poke. The lomi salmon actually had chunks of salmon, not lomi tomato. Good job.

Brent Yogi

Super good

Jose Best

Great Hawaiian food. One of my favorite place to eat

Dario Vielma

friendly staff, Wednesday is Gandule rice day. best i tasted so far.

Rick Jarboe

Great food, and such a selection. We picked up three boxed lunches on way to airport. They were great.

Issac Woo

Great food and alot of treats!!!

James Chou

Always a great place to get Hawaiian food and poke for the beach or after. Their sweet potato and coconut dessert is some of the best sweet options on the island.

William McGee

Excellent menu choices of high quality and very reasonable priced poke and real Hawaiian foods on the menu. A must go for you foodies!

Cathleen Romento

Great customer service as well fast service.

Kirk Markle

Awesome local grinds.

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