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74-5563 Kaiwi St, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

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REVIEWS OF Umekes Fish Market Bar & Grill IN Hawaii

Michelle Nordwald

The nachos, poke bowls, and Kona beers on tap were tasty! We were so hungry after arriving on the island. Indie was very helpful explaining menu choices, and she recommended things to do on the island. We headed to nearby Kona Brewing afterwards for beer and souvenirs.

Christopher Natale

Fantastic food. Try the Next Level Lau Lau. It was awesome and I can see why it was one of Guy Fieri's favorites.

Lindy Marzo

Good food, large selection, fun, high energy place to eat.

James Blankenship

This place is amazing! The staff are very nice and friendly here! Recommendation, get “The Next Level Lau Lau”, Guy Fieri had it! It took me to “flavor town” and it was very filling! This is a truly amazing place to go to!

Trev Travel

Excellent food and prices! Casual atmosphere, feels like a local place and not a tourist-y place. Friendly staff, fresh fish, we'll be back! Enjoyed speaking with the manager and waitress.

Lu Jenny

Poke was not fresh. But it’s grilled shrimp was super delicious. It takes a while to serve so make sure you visit when you are not in rush.

Stephanie Aguirre

Umekes is FANTASTIC! They've got the best happy hour 3-6 on Mondays to Fridays and 3-5 on Sundays. Besides their happy hour, their food is so delicious! You can't go wrong with anything on their menu.

Todd XoX

My first time here. The food was very good Definitely recommend the poke. However they have a diverse menu many different dishes to choose from from cheeseburgers to seafood and a lot of Hawaiian specialties. The prices are bit higher Then I'm used to but that seems normal everywhere in Hawaii.

Matvey Markov

Fish tacos are AMAZING! Get tempura style. You'll thank me later.

N Clever

Ahi poke balls are da bomb! One of my favorite go to for lunching with my girls. Staff is super friendly and excellent service. The menu is extensive with delicious local favorites. Can get very busy at lunch but so worth it.

Clemens Schricker

Excellent food. Fresh, tasty and not expensive. Service is attentative and friendly. Interior design is a crossover between a sports bar and a diner but overall cosy. Highly recommend the fish tacos.

Vicky Song

Both the take out spot and restaurant are amazing. My favorites were the poke nachos from the sit down and the grilled shrimp from the take out spot. Keep in mind the sit down also serves the same entrees as the takeout, but at higher prices. Ho'io was my favorite side, but others emjoyed the cucumbers. Would highly recommend both spots, but I prefer the take out for convenience.

Max J

Had the Poke Bowl Hottie. It was great, but most importantly, I was so pleased with the server, Holly, that I commented to the rest of our party that SHE is an employee is absolutely invaluable because that type of service CREATES future business. Thanks for adding to our Hawaii experience!

Sonia C

Their Poke sampler is awesome if u want to try their 6 different poke. Lau Lau pork was soft and moist and the gravy was to die for.

Valencia McGee

Staff was very friendly....Food was seasoned well. I ordered teriyaki chicken, however it was not freshly cooked. My husband ordered Kalua pork. It was very dry.

Derek D.

Very busy place but the service doesn’t suffer for it. Had the poke nachos to start and they were incredible! Fish tacos were excellent. Parking was a bit of a pain but worth the hassle. Great food great service.

Reena Beer

Poke was wonderful! Friendly and helpful bartender! Thanks Billy!!

Jared Duncan

A great bar and grill! Saw someone eating the burger and had to try it myself and was not disappointed at all!!! Great food all the way around!

Frank Ciuffetelli

Excellent food and good service in a nice, but loud environment. The Cajun grilled fish tacos were very good. Highly recommended.

Trevor Bathel

Food was great, but service took a lot away from that. Not even sure of our waitress' name because she never introduced herself as she approached the table 15 minutes after we sat down. Food was great.

Erin Baker

Was recommended to us by a local, staff is super friendly, food is absolutely amazing. Definitely the best place we ate on the islands.

Russell Freda

Was excited to try this place but left with a real bad impression. A few notes on cleanliness... 1. Initially the host was going to seat us at the back table near the fish counter. This table is located adjacent to a server station and a large trash can. The prospect of being within arms reach of a pile of dirty rags and a garbage can was too much. We requested a table outside instead. The host seemed very annoyed that we wanted to avoid this table. You just can't have a table like that in a restaurant that is near trash and cleaning supplies. Have to at least provide a clean environment for guests. 2. As soon as you walk into the restaurant the bathrooms are the first thing you see. Not a big deal but the doors don't close well and so they are open when you walk in. One step into the restaurant and you are peering into a bathroom. Come on. How do you let that go on as management? 3. A lot of flies buzzing around on the porch. Not totally within the restaurants control but given the other issues it was pretty depressing. Of all the restaurants we tried on the island during our stay almost all were fantastic and charming. This place, namely the atmosphere and environment itself, was a notable exception.

Ben Hargis

Best poke on the island, truely fresh. Other great food options. Great and friendly service.

Andy Nguyen

It was freaking good!! Was in a hangover mode, but the food brought me back a little bit. I ate a bunch of good good food!! Definitely a friendly place with good workers. Hawaiian food nowadays is a huge mixture of other cultures. This is a more modern mix of Hawaiian food and those cultures.

Michael Copland

Good poke bowls, a bit more seafood would be nice. Bar area is very nice.

Clint Collins

The poke is fresh and a great variety of flavors. You can get a flight and try 4 flavors of poke. This is a great way to go. All the appetizers are worth trying. We haven't had a bad meal here. Yes it gets busy but only because it's that good.

Mauro Oselin

The food is really good but the service is terrible. 20 minutes to realize we were there even though we were standing in front at the hostess which was talking with a co-worker and 30 minutes for 2 bowl of poke. the waiters have absolutely no idea of what's going on!

Tom Vogel

Great people... the staff helped me introduce my friends to poke (raw fish) side dish. Mmmm

Michael Nelson

Umekes was delicious! The Poke Sampler will set you back $20, but you can try 4 of their 6 different pokes which are all awesome. The portions are large, two people could comfortably share an appetizer and entree and be content.

Dwayne Johnson

Great place for seafood, can't wait for their new building to be finished by Kona Brewery.

Sissi G

I wasn't thrilled about my experience here. The server, although very nice, seemed overwhelmed by our large party. They forgot to bring out my food and I had to ask for it. My fiance ordered a coffee and then server kept saying that it was a French press. He kept insisting that he was fine with a French press and after asking for it 3 times, the server finally agreed to put in the order. They never brought out his coffee. We decided to go somewhere else for coffee since the server seemed to be hesitant about bringing out the French press. The food wasn't anything to write home about. It was good but didn't seem any different than something I could have ordered back home in California. I had their burger which came with pork in it. My fiance ordered the poke bowl and didn't like it. The sashimi from the sampler appetizer was good.

Rock Hunter

Certainly some of the best fish at some of the best prices around, for sure the best poke we have ever had anywhere. Salads, sandwiches and entrees with a local Hawaiian flare long tried and trued.The formulas work here. Don't miss out on the spiral fries, but even better are the belleh fries. They are the spiral fries with garlic aioli, green onions and furikake. Nice selection of beers too, including local ones. Highly recommended casual island place to eat for lunch or dinner.

Paula P

Nice lively atmosphere. The poke was great and so was the service. Have to really commend the manager - my hubby ordered a dish that was too deep fried for his liking (but he knew that was his own fault and not the restaurant's and he didn't complain) the manager saw it wasn't fully eaten when doing a walk through and tried to find something he would like. Really attentive and positive. My meal (tacos) were great. The lilokoi milkshake awesome. On a separate occasions we went for lunch poke takeout and it was wonderful.

Natalie Kudryn

The atmosphere outside of Umeke’s was nice and romantic, it even has cafe lights. However our food wasn’t what we expected. We ordered the spicy ahi poke bowl with rice and crab cakes. The poke was not good, the sauce didn't taste fresh. The ideal place to get delicious poke is Island Gourmet is Waikoloa Village.

Joshua Lebo

Discovered by accident - drove by and saw that it was pleasantly busy. Put together a bowl from this place and prepare to be wowed.

Nicholas Lariviere

Umekes was fantastic! So glad our hotel recommended them. The crab and broccoli salad was unreal! We also got fish tacos, and the lau lau which was amazing! Highly recommend!

Gary Ng

Good food but terrible service. Waited 20 minutes before anyone even asked if we wanted a drink or order. Someone finally came and took our order - we ordered the poke bombs (fantastic), poke bowl (avocado flavour - don't get this one it was quite bland), and the fish tacos (fantastic). Almost finished our entrees before they asked how our meal was and we reminded them about the appetizer. Gave us the bill and said they would be back with the machine and didn't come back for 10 minutes so we just left cash and left.


Amazing food and very friendly staff. Prices are great and food quality was incredible. They were awesome at explaining the things on the menu (since we are from Delaware, it was new territory!) and allowed us to try some samples. I highly recommend putting this spot on your dinner list while on the Big Island.

Kaylee Razo

Delicious poke nachos and fish tempura tacos!

Josh Spice

Pretty good. I'd say a solid 4.5 overall. Undoubtedly one of the best places to get fish in Kona town.

Andara Plavi

OMG! Best poke nachos & fish tacos. Most unique fried egg. Delicious!! Must go!

Shannon H. Doak Ed.D

The service at Umekes is fantastic! The food is very good. There are also ways to make things vegetarian and vegan. Great place to get poke.

Jeffrey Rahm

The bonless kalbi ribs weren't what i expected, no where close to kalbi, then the girl my order wrong, i got the poke sampler and omitted one of the poke i had picked

Rita Bortolussi

We had just arrived (on the island) and had a couple of hours before checking in to our condo). We found this place driving around and was pleasantly surprised by the food we ordered. The place was a bit loud but the food made up for it. We ordered the Umoko, which is fried rice with a hamburger and egg with gravy on top of it. Not sure if you can order such a meal elsewhere. We also ordered the Kimchee cucumber as a side dish to go with the Umoko. I'm not sure how many folks would find such a dish appealing but we absolutely loved it. We actually came back for a second meal later in the week.

JO Scuba

Worst service ever. Don’t bring your family here. They prefer to feed hungry and thirsty outsiders before local customers. They prefer to feed families with hungry kids last. The server was high on drugs and couldn’t keep his eyes open. If you have any respect for your family don’t eat at this small Poke shack gone restaurant! They don’t know how to run the business. Gives Shaka and Hawaii a bad rap! The rating can’t be right! Should be 2.5 not 4.5! Thank you for ruining our family vacation! Umekes is terrible!!!

Bill Smith

Fantastic food. Fun atmosphere. Friendly staff. One of the best meals I have ever had (the Big Boy Bowl). Highly recommend. Going back tomorrow for lunch.

Sarah Fong

It's been a while but we ordered those items between 2 people which was very filling. A bit of a wait outside to get seated. But fish is fresh and that's the most important factor :)

Carlos miranda

Any time I hear about Umekes it's usually as a reference point "do you know where umekes is, or it's down by umekes" So I was familiar with the name, they've also done the school drive i believe and also hold the monthly meetings for the publics opinion on things that affect the public so from the start I've had a favorable outlook on the place. Anyways I got taken there for my birthday and overall I was extremely impressed. They were busy but we got seated right away. There was little to no wait time from being greeted by the server, drinks, appetizers came out promptly or in a reasonable amount of time. The prices here are mid-range. They're not expensive but expect to pay at least $60-$70 on two people. That being said it's definitely worth the price. The portions are great, the food was served hot and it was definitely full of flavor. Me myself I ordered the fish n chips and they weren't skimpy little things like you get at some places but these were actually filling. Everyone else in my party got some sort of poke dish, and while I haven't tried it myself it definitely looked appetizing. Everyone finished their plates which is actually a first. the restaurant itself is large and spacious, very neat and well kept. But what really impressed me with them was the cleanliness of the men's restroom. It wasn't dirty, fully stocked, smelled clean and they had the service chart there on the wall kind of like target does. According to the chart it's checked every hour and the way that it was when I walked in on a busy day I believe they actually do check it every hour. Coming from a restaurant background I tend to notice things more than those who don't have any restaurant history. If I could give this place 10 stars I would. It's not my type of menu but if it's on the choice of dinner options I would definitely go again.

Tori L

We were recommended this place by many people while visiting and had to try it out. We were not disappointed. They were busy, but attentive and the food was really good.

Matthew Navarro

Amazing food. I got the poke bombs and Umekes Fish Tacos (cajun style). Definitely worth it!

Kevin Lindauer

Remarkable restaurant and market for fresh fish poke dishes. There are many choices of raw seafood dishes that are incredibly tasty alongside non-seafood options that are well loved by patrons. A good selection of Kona Brewing Company beers (the new brewing facility can be seen across a small parking lot), wine, and cocktails compliment the food. This is a favorite for lunch or dinner worthy of many returns.

Kaylyn Arrojo

Everything thing was good (wait time/ waitress friendly/ ordering food) but the wait time for our food was 40+ minutes, what really upset me was two tables that was seated after us was served there food way before us... due that it made my experience unsatisfying, not sure if I would go back...

Veronika Murti

Mediocore, kinda overrated. Friendly staff and everything, I don't get all the hype about their poke or food. They're kinda meh and overpriced for it's taste. Been to 5x pricier restaurant and had more than 5x better food tasting and .2x priced restaurant and had 2x more tastier food. Not sure what the hype is about. Ok, not bad, not that good. Wouldn't come back but meh.. just meh...


Great place. Must make reservation because they were a lot of people when we came. Their food was good and service was great and efficient. Couldn’t comment much because we had only one meal as our snack. Wish we could try more though.. menu looks good

Shannon McAvoy

Delicious Hawaiin poke. Super friendly staff!

Omar Rodriguez

Atmosphere was great to include the food quality and quantity. A must come and experience. I will definitely come again next chance i get to visit the Big Islands!

Ocean Girl

Freshest and most delicious food I have found so far on the big island of Hawaii. Colorful, interesting atmosphere. Good service. Price same as most restaurants. Not on the high side.

Katie Gorycki

Great food and friendly staff. Wonderful view too


Brian Jenkins always has the best attitude when we go in there and he is an excellent manager! He really is full of Aloha and makes everyone feel welcomed.

kathy Hanson

This was our best meal in Hawaii. The waitress even gave us our check in the spam can they no longer use! Love love love this!

Joe Wyatt

Poke was outstanding. Fresh and full of flavor. Staff was friendly, attentive and courteous. I look forward to my next visit.

Conrad Esteban

We were trying to get to another restaurant but it was closed (Sunday). Google map recommended Umekes and I sure was happy that it did. There was quite a number of people in the resto but we were able to get seated immediately. We tried 2 pieces of fried fish as an appie and that was a meal by itself. My wife tried the poke and I ate the Ahi belly katsu...both were really good. I finished my plate and one of the fried fish clean which might have angered the alley cat. Awesome service from Keith. He took the time explaining the menu and was very patient with my wife's questions. One of the few restaurants that is open on Sundays.


We had a few different dishes and all of them were exceptional, but you must try the Poke nachos!

Neha Bansal

We were going to have our first meal in Hawaii at this place, so I was kinda excited. I had looked up the menu on their website and it looked great, but the menu in the restaurant was different, and I was disappointed to see not many vegetarian options. The place was packed when we entered, but we were able to get a table right away. While our server was friendly and sweet, the service was terribly slow. The food was either a hit or a miss. I started with a cucumber cocktail, which was so refreshing and not sweet, just how I like it! Bulleh fries were the bomb! I have had fries with garlic aioli sauce before and loved those, but these were the best I ever had. I also tried aina poke with a side of kimchi cucumber and vegetable tempura tacos, which were okay. Aina was vegetarian poke with two scoops of rice and some plain broccoli and avocados. I have had a much better veggie poke with tons of toppings in Maryland. For the price, the food is not worth it.

S Mares

The poke was amazing, and there are a few other unique items. Strong drinks and very decent food prices for the area. The burger was overcooked compared to what I ordered, but everything was tasty and good quality. We definitely recommend the poke and the bulleh fries.

Charles Grace

Nakoa and his team are outstanding. Food is always great and with the amount of people waiting you can tell the food is amazing

Jayson Trinidad

Came here on our first night of our honeymoon. We heard so many good things so we came through for dinner. Parking gets packed pretty quickly, so that's usually a good sign. We get in and sit at the bar and I grab a Jamerson & Ginger Ale and we get our order in. 20 minutes go by and 3 other people who barely sat down get their food. We thought nothing of it till 45 minutes later our bartender notices we still didn't get anything brought over. By the time I got my furukake chicken half the pieces were overcooked and a few were still raw. At the end we were compensated with an appetizer off and I get to hang out in the restroom with food poisoning. Given everything that happened that guy that was working the bar tonight was the real MVP, he was so helpful and technically the only reason for my 3 star judgement.

Eric DeGroot

Poke is amazing! Sushi in a bowl is the best way to describe it. The atmosphere is pure local, and honestly one of the best places I ate at on the island.

Henry Li

Exceptional food! Definitely a highlight of our trip. My wife had the umeke salad and I had the fish tacos, and they were both some of our all-time favorites! You must come and try their food!!!

Gay Wold

Had their fish tacos and they were yummy! You got 3 giant tacos, my choices were cajun or tempura fish, I chose tempura and they were cooked perfectly & I ended bringing 1 taco home. Large menu, lots of local delights and dish combinations that were unusual. Portions were large, service was good, but check out that menu!!!

Glenn Teuber

Amazing food! The fish tacos and poke bowls are great. The fish is all so fresh. The Mai Tai at happy hour are a steal as well. Only in Kona for 5 days and have hit this place multiple times it is so good.

Robert Crowley

Good food and service. The nachos were outstanding. The poke was okay.

Natalie Lee

We truly enjoy eating at Ukekes. The children's menu is wonderful, and the servers are always so kind to our children.

Joseph Longacre

Fantastic food, amazing service. Quick to greet my group and take our drink order as well as our food order. Would reccomend this to anyone and everyone!!

Dana Kephart

Visited on our vacation stay in the area, and the food was PHENOMENAL!!

Jordan Anderson

Delicious seafood, I would highly recommend the poke sampler.

Liane Newcomb

Always da best. Consistent in quality, customer service, and atmosphere. Perfect Hawaiian poke, lomi salmon, and pulehu beef. Mahalo

Francesca Nielsen

Love their Hottie and Avo poke, try getting both and mixing them together

Sid S

The food, service and atmosphere all top notch. Fresh fish, attentive customer service, this is a must!

Ron Alle

Finally a place I can give a great review. The food here is excellent and flavorful. The poke bowls were authentic and the fish tacos were high quality. Prices were reasonable especially given the quality of the meal. If I had anything to complain about it would be the parking. They had a little dude in the parking lot who watched me drive around 3 times and didn't ask or say anything to me about where I could park. This is the only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars. Other than the parking, you did a great job folks! Love the food and I would recommend to anyone!!!!

Carol Timmons

Evan was our server and we really enjoyed him he made our lunch very special

Daniel Knowles

Great burgers and beer. Cool atmosphere. Chill vibe. Art on the walls is eye catching. Try the sushi shots, they are one if a kind.

Baldwin Tran

Pokè was good. Had the avo and sweetie. Both of the sauces weren't overpowering but wished there was more kick to them.

Don Procunier

Found the place online and it looked like a great ace for a bite with family. We walked in and asked for a table for six. They took us to a booth that was very tight and since several of us are larger we requested a table and the.kady seating us rolled her eyes. She went back to the front to tell the hostess we preferred a table. We could see a large one side open in the other room but the hostess said they didn't want to put anyone else in that room and instead offered a seat outdoors. Since it was a very hot and humid day we said we would just go somewhere else. The hostess just shrugged and said ok. We found the staff rude and will not return.

Rene' Julian

Awesome food and awesome service. MAHALO

Alex Klimt

A classic on the island! Highly recommend the fish tacos with its Smokey taste. Service was excellent

BB Artistry

Service a little slow, fantastic food. Parking takes a while unless you go off peak. Convenient location.

kathleen nakata

We went to Umekes for dinner. The parking lot was a bit crowded, but we got lucky and found a spot. Only waited for a couple minutes before we were seated. Our server, Chloae was very kind and informative. We asked a lot of questions

Rex Seeley

Great restaurant. Friendly staff, nice ambiance, The Poke bowls and fish tacos were good. I had the Lao Lao It was very good with an interesting new taste for me. Very big so it was difficult to finish. A good value.

Kati Rueh

Great fresh fish and service.

Mike Tong

Wow. Great food at reasonable prices. It was pretty busy when we got there for dinner and main dining area is pretty loud. But were we seated immediately inside at their side rooms which was more optimal for conversations. The menu is extensive, so I would have the waiter explain it. We tried the poke sampler (you chose 4 types). For the mains we tried the daily special and fried Lau Lau. The cocktails were nice too. The portion size was huge and both tasted really good. Bottom line: This is a great restaurant with solid flavors, huge portions and good service.

Dor Birnboim

Perfect food and amazing service. We ordered the Poke, the catch of the day and the kulolo for desert!

Shuting Shao

Found this place from online research, but with the validation from a local, we decided to come here for our last dinner on the island. The verdict - this place is indeed good! Catch of the day is a must-try - I had Kanpachi today.

Erin Olds

Some of the best Hawaiian food we've had! The tacos and ribs were both delicious. We enjoyed the poke balls although they weren't what we expected (still yummy).

Grant Smittkamp

Delicious poke bowl. The service and environment were great as well. This is one of those places you can be proud to take guests as a treat. We will be back next time we’re in Kona.

Nadja Volkmer

Our Lyft driver recommended this place and yes! It was really great food! Their poke is one if the best I ever had. Portion sizes are more than enough. Everyone was really friendly and attentive. If you’re looking for great sashimi or poke, come here.

Lolo Head

Great service! Great food! Had the rib eye streak with just a touch of salt, I could taste the meat and that's exactly what I was looking for.

Raul Fernandez

Outstanding poke...nothing else needs to be said. Erin took care of us and she was as outstanding as the food.

Dori Whitesell-Chatterton

This was the best meal we had on the island. Food was great, staff was great, went home stuffed and happy.

Reckless Ranch Oregon

Our favorite poke place on the island, always have to stop in if visiting.

Stephanie Schilling

The food is amazing. Fun, loud atmosphere.


Amazing choices of fish on the menu! Wonderful food, wonderful service, waiter had a great attitude and smile, and great portions. Definitely will recommend this reataurant to friends!

Diane Soule

GREAT food! Awesome service. Lots of locals so you know its a good place.

joshua cook

Great food and a great atmosphere. We will be back for sure.

amanda s

The spicy chicken wings are amazing!!! Place gets super busy, though. They opened at 11am, and by noon they were out of the catch of the day. Worth it!!

Riley Riikula

All their food is killahs! Feom poke to fried fish! Never a bad choice... and have sports on multiple TVs :)

Chandra Thomas

great atmosphere and the food was so great. we had a pile bowl and the beef short ribs.

Rod Belscher

Had poke bowls. Great poke and good service. Service was a little slow but it was really busy. Our waitress was hustling the best she could under the circumstances. They just need a little more help. Overall very good experience. Highly recommend

Joshua Fleming

Great poke! We tried the traditional Hawaiian & hottie poke, and lilo lilo & mac salad for sides. We split it and felt satisfied at the end. Service was friendly.

Zia Hasheem

We visited with a party of ten. Service was great! Orders were accurate. The fish and chips were fantastic. The poke was amazing. Wasn’t a fan of the fried poke balls. Well worth the visit.

Mitch Lee

Food was fantastic, drinks a little strong. Hostess, busser, manager all wonderful.

Gerardo Montoya Velázquez

Food was so good that we had to come back the next day! My wife loved it!

Peter Weber

Fantastic! The poke bowls were SUPER tasty and our waitress was great! Highly recommended.

Kyle Voge

Outstanding place for lunch. We had the lau lau and the ono tacos and both are 10/10. Our kids loved their plates too. Our server Victor was great and we’d definitely return!

jaruza jeyachandran

I hade a good lunch there very friendly staff nice spicy food

Reel Extreme Alaska

Ordered there Num Num burger and it was cooked to long and was very dry, the cheese atop was not melted all the way and was placed on top of a sliced tomato and the tomato was not fresh it was mushy. Would have been a 3 star but the half order chip & salsa with pulled brisket was a 5* and made up for the rest. We had other plans for the day and was hungry after a full day fishing trip and we decided not to bring up our num bum burger order. Great atmosphere

Phil Toombs

Great food, good service. Parking is hard to find and prices are high. For a couple who get.a drink, two meals and a dessert expect a minimum of $60 dollar. Quality of food is there though even though the atmosphere seems cheap casual.

Marc Eaglesham

Came with my family, on the recommendation of several local people. Had the privilege to share an awesome food experience with them. Food was exceptional. Service was exceptional. A memorable experience. Thank you Umekes!

Bill Dasher

One of the better restaurants in Kona with great service. Be sure to try the bloody mary.

Chris Hollenbeck

Food is fantastic here! Busy environment but very polite staff. Bartender was awesome. Great location. Food is a bit pricier than I would have anticipated but once I ate it, I forgot all about the price as it was delicious!!

Thomas Hossler

ordered the poke bombs and two poke bowls (one hottie and one Hawaiian). The poke bombs were pretty good. The poke bowls were a huge disappointment. Not enough food, basically just two spoon of rice, a bit of tuna and a small side. The fish is fresh but nothing exceptional about the seasoning. Ended up paying up around 65 dollars for some very overpriced food. Service is great. Mai Tai was delicious. Should have gone with the fish tacos.

Asha Singh

Good food, $$.Staff very friendly

Howe G

Loved our meal here- certainly lived up to the high ratings and good reviews that led us to this place. Our favourites were the tacos, but the wings are also a must try. The fries were alright but a good filler. I personally like my poke with more ingredients but I can appreciate the simplicity and very high quality of the seafood at Umekes, definitely worth a try as well!

Peter Forster

Poke was fine. Sampler was small. Service took casual too far. Sides were not special. Tuna was excellent.

Eddie Gonzalez

Great place for some poke, had the big boy poke bowl, it was a lot of food. Ambiance was great and Jesse at the bar was awesome

Bryan White

Great Poke here, and a really fun atmosphere. Unique drinks and good local beer. It's getting pretty popular so be prepared to wait for seats, but it's definitely worth it. A suggestion is to go at happy hour and get one of everything (food wise) of the happy hour menu. That should be a good amount of food for 2-3 people and provides some nice variety!

Humberto Higuera

Perfect site to taste a real hawaiian dish. Poke in any form is delicious.

Jaroslav Vanek

Restaurant with fish market, FRESH fish period. Excellent poke or catch of the day sandwich, good location with enough parking

Chris Sargent

Appetizers and poke bowl were excellent, but the other dishes were just OK. Good service and nice atmosphere at the outdoor seating. It was extremely busy inside.

James Burns

Great food. Good price.

Leah Drew

Avacado poke and some kind of beef rice thing. Pretty much the best poke ever. But on an island food travels very little from source to mouth so I guess that's why the freshness can't be beat. Even macaroni salad with mayo is good here

Herbie Strange

Wonderful Food! The Nachos were the best! Mai Tai’s are great - especially during Happy Hour! Riley was a wonderful server - listen to what she recommends - she knows! Thank You Riley & Umekes for a great dining experience !

Elena Podmareva

Very popular and crowded place. Service was attentive, but good is not to my liking.

Jaime Kafader

Amazing poke! Super fast service once we were seated. The poke nachos were also really good.

Alan Kolick

Good service and good tacos!

Kim Hipner

The Fried poke balls were the best!! Well worth the wait. Will make reservations next time. Chris was an awesome waiter!!

Nathan Jeffers

Awesome ocean fresh food with a lively local atmosphere! We had the pork nachos, poke (po-kay) bowl and fried ahi tuna! Highly recommended dining experience!

Rebecca Owens

Delicious fish tacos and an outstanding mai tai. Our waiter was attentive and friendly. All of the staff made sure water glasses were full on a hot day.

thomas griffith

Good people good vibes, great service and the best local style food you can get. Jay and Joe make the best poke. Stop by and pick some up

Nani Naipo- Burris

Great place to bring family & friends... great food Great drinks... people are friendly..

Linda Ambalong

Had the fish and chips. We were not provided utensils. We sat outside because the wait inside was long. Brought us a glass of water and never refilled it. I asked twice. Waitress was friendly but never followed up to see if we needed anything. Fish was greasy and sprinkled with a tiny little bit of tartar sauce. We requested more on the side which we received almost 15 minutes later. All this and a bill for $70. Definitely not worth the money.

Mat Imbornone

During our stay in Kona we ate at Umekes 3 times. Twice at this location and once at the original storefront. The Poke is delicious and very fresh, we watched the chef break down a whole tuna at the storefront. My go to is the grilled shrimp with garlic aioli. Service is usually good, but it tends to get pretty crazy crowded, and parking can be particularly tough. Best advice is get there early.

Mauricio Muñoz

Everyone knows it: Umekes is one of the best restaurante choices in all of the Hawaiian islands. Service is very good, the ambiance is great (as long as they don't sit you in the "kid's room" which is the cafeteria-style room by the entrance of the business, which was perhaps louder and brighter than I would had wanted), the price is reasonable and the food is...the best of the Big Island. Viva el Poke!

Steve Schwartz

Food was Okay, service was terrible. This seems to be a theme on the big island. Drinks came after our food was served, this was blamed on a new bartender. Had to ask 3 times for a soda, and when we were ready to pay I had to hunt down our server in order to pay our bill. Needless to say we wont be going back.

Jim Lavine

Super fresh ingredients. Great options. Reasonably priced. Worth the visit. Also have a fish market to buy your own to take home and cook.

J Johnson

Wow. Outstanding food. Poke is wonderful and all dishes are tasty. Fair prices and great service. The tempura dish was outstanding. Fast service. Poke dishes over the top....yum

Lawrence In

Great poke dishes, very good portions, and great drinks. Definitely going back.

Bill Baldino

So very unique. Never had Poke before but I hope I can find it back on the East coast.

Joe Lizik

Great local restaurant. Fresh ingredients and service was good. Would not have thought to stop as it's part of a strip mall but its next to Kona brewing. Would come back for the poke and beer.

Brandt Skillman

Great place for Poke or other Hawaiian food. Good selection of food or other foods, and the beer selection is varied, though focused on island/local brews. Definitely the place to hit while in Kona

Ryan Morey

Great happy hour specials. Tasty food.

Sam V

Good local place to eat with tasty food. Good variety with decent prices with plenty of local food. Crowded at times but usually waiting times isn't too long although getting there before peak meal times is much better. Parking can be a challenge, especially during busy hours and there is only two toilets, one for each sex which is also a challenge.

Rudy Cruz

Food, service and drinks are great. Can't go wrong. Limited parking so be aware.

Karen Lloyd

Fun lively place, great fish tacos and fries with delicious dips...yum!


Their fresh fish catch sandwich is absolutely astounding. I personally avoid most fish on mainland because it tastes terrible. I was persuaded to try the fish here and it was a revelation. I could eat all the fish on the menu, no questions asked. Absolutely delicious. I will travel to the Big Island just to eat at this restaurant.

Rachel Perez

I am VERY picky about my Poke, I've had it everywhere and there are less than a handful I would recommend. This is one of those places, their Poke is amazing. The menu can be a little daunting your first time you go through it but the servers are very helpful and know the menu very well and will help you out and break it down for you. Also if you want to try Poke for your first time, go here, all different flavors and it's super fresh, you won't be disappointed in your decision.

Simone Press

Great little spot - casual vibe, delicious food and not terribly pricey. Also has some fun drinks and a really nice staff. An assortment of poke, a really unique version of their own loco moco along with some delicious desserts. Highly recommend.

John Bower

If you go before 7 o’clock at night the line isn’t as long. Very popular and sometimes difficult to get a table but usually you can get a seat at the bar. Fantastic Poke and prompt service. Highly recommend it for locals and tourists. The burgers are great here too.

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