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REVIEWS OF Suisan Fish Market IN Hawaii

Christian Scott

So you can get this lunch for $13 and they have tables outside. It's no frills, but the fish is so fresh it blew away our Japanese friends. Easy walk from the Hilo hotels.

Katrina lodge

This place appeared very popular with the locals...

SHARI Steele

Love this place for fresh fish. Fantastic!!!

Leon Zhang

Very different from what i was used too!

Marinela Batulski

You can buy very fresh and tasty fish.


Hawaiian style POKE SO good!

Roy Kimball

The place to get fresh fish on the island. Awesome poké as well!

Eric Introligator

Great Poke and fish market in the center of Hilo. Definitely fresh and worth a visit!

J. H.

Come here often, always fresh poke and other stuff you can find. It's such a good mixture of seafood and hilo seasoning.

Lindsey Theodore

Great local Experience to try fresh locally caught fish from Hawaii.

Major Willis

Hands down some of the best poke you can get. Lots of choices of fish and variety of seasoning. Such tremendous value! A one item poke bowl is hard to finish for the average person and the two item (for only a couple bucks mire) could be shared. Very busy but quick service and clearly a local favorite. Can't beat the freshness and price. Six stars if I could!

Robert Robertson

Had the California Roll Ahi Poke. It was absolutely delicious. The Ahi was so fresh and tender as if it was fresh out of the sea. My wife (who hates raw fish in general and poke specifically) had the same. She loved it. When in Hilo town and looking for a great meal that includes fresh fish I recommend Suisan Fish Market.

Robert Roll

Best and freshest Poke in town. Poke bowls with big portions $9-16 depends on market price. Fresh seafood, selection of frozen shellfish. Covered tables out in front to eat.

Dale Huddleston

Loved the fresh poke!

Chad Ingalls

Loved it... Can't get fish fresher than this

First Last

Great poke! Fresh ones.

Jim Toews

Best place for fresh fish in Hawaii

Diane Gammons

Fresh poke and fresh fish! I go to Hilo just to eat here.

Manu Josiah

The only fresh fish market in Hilo. The best Poke Bowls in Hilo.

Richel King

Yummy and fresh with wide choices of poke balls! Closes at 4pm though so come in early. There's also a parking facility.

Igor Popov

Fresh fish in poke, huge portions, lower price than in other touristic areas. The only downside is annoying flies if you sit right outside. But the second time we were here we just walked to the shore and ate there. No flies, nice view and you can even bring your own beer!

Mj West

This place was recommended and it didn't disappoint. No frills fish market with killer food. My husband ordered one of the ahi pokes and I ordered the garlic shrimp. The combination of the warm rice and cold fish was amazing .This place was packed!

Meng Yan

We went on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, right before our flight. Thankfully it was open and our last poke meal didn’t disappoint. There was a wide poke selection and the price was unbeatable anywhere else on the island: 2 pokes, 2 sides and 3 scoops of rice (the seaweed and sesame was icing on the cake) for only $16! Fish was extremely fresh. We also loved the sweet potato! It was chopped into chunks and just delicious.

Isaac Smith

The best Poke that I have ever had. Although a bit crowded at peak hours, I highly recommend Suisan for a tasty and quick lunch. My favorite dish is the Spicy Ahi, which pairs very well with any of the available sweet juices. Prices are reasonable and serving sizes are quite large.

Parvana Eldark

What a wonderful little place for the best poke around! The staff were amazingly friendly, helpful, and the poke... well that is what you're here for, and it really sealed the stars. You can enjoy your delish dish in the nearby park for the perfect meal in paradise. We took home a sample of the mixed poke, guava kimchee, prawns, and scallops. Well, the prawns didn't make it all the way home, we just couldn't stay out of them.

laurie plummer

Fresh clean smells when you walk in. Far prices friendly people

Kelly Chan

Fish was fresh, lots of choices, would come back again

RokZ Tanaka

Had wonderful poke for me and my hubby tho eat but that's not what my father in law eats so we could stay and try some of their poke.

Kaai Lincoln

The only place I trust serving FRESH ahi poke and other deliciousness like seafood salad, spicy lobster salad, crab salad, etc. Better than Poke Shack or Umekes on the west side.

Anthony Kaluhikai

Fresh of the fresh . Ono kine Local kine fish market . No Ka Oi

nathan maslanka

Good poki, but a little expensive...

Gordon Tribble

Most people come for the poke, which is excellent. But Suisan is also a great place for a fillet of very fresh local fish. They also bring in Japanese hamachi

Trevor Ball

The best ahi

Daisy Fu

Stop by to have a poke for snack. Too many choices of fish. I asked for tasting and the stuffs are all very friendly. Fishes are all fresh and delicious. Strongly recommended!

Ben Cockett

For got to cook hamburger but fish was awesome.

Erik Beach

Awesome lunch spot!!

Jesse Buchanan

Amazing place!

Martina Cividini

Great place for eating fresh fish at good price!

Robert Olson

Get your poke fix here! Convenient location, and as close to the ocean as you can buy poke without eating it on the boat!

Chimena Campbell

This place is a great spot for fresh fish to take home and to stop and get a big plate of poke! I loved all of the poke we had. The portions were giant! Also the staff was so helpful and friendly. I wish I could go here everyday.

Leif Erikson

This place is awesome. Great fresh fish and Poke. Go off peak hours it's popular.

Dmitrij Gorbacsov

Poke is good..but the service could be improved by training the servers better. Ordered two plates and was passed from one server to another. The latter one a female with piercings and tattoos was very rude one and got annoyed when asked questions about the food choices. No greetings/smiles or Thank you/ bye . Very unprofessional from a Japanese owned business..

Sean Jennings

Great seafood

Ali Malek

Simply put, it doesn't get any fresher than this. Don't miss the Volcano Poké.

Angelina Webb

F#@king delicious poke!

Chad Haa

Very impressive seafood market !

ben song

You can tell this place gets a lot of tourists, either that or it was closer to the end of the day. Whoever was serving us definitely didn't want to be serving you unless you knew what you wanted and was not up for answering questions. Know what you want when you get there and read the signs on what the portion sizes are if the staff give you the look like they don't want to help you out. My recommendation is to stick to the Ahi or the salmon here. The Tako and the scallops were a bit tough and some of the cucumbers in the tako poke was still frozen. The wasabi salmon was probably the best, nice and buttery in texture.

Tony Fata

Best place on the big island to get fresh fish & Hawaiian Ahi Poke for good prices... every tourist should visit that place and order Spices Poke ;) On busy days the line might be a bit long, so get ready to wait a bit before getting your order between 10 to 20 minutes.

Samantha Shinkle

Best poke!! The freshest fish you can get. Big portions with the 2 poke plate that comes with 2 sides, can definitely share with 2 and be full. Imitation crab salad is also excellent!!

Ravi Ranasinghe

Some of the best Sushi I enjoyed here. The fish is so fresh..

Cecilia Cabrera-Hernandez

Amazing food

Lesha Mathes

Fish were bought was excellent, our only issue was they ran out of ice and we were driving to Pahoa.

Michelle McMillan

Best fish on the island. A must stop

Janene Loke

Delicious delicious poke. We actually came here a year ago and when poke was mentioned we thought immediately about suisan, and had a sudden urge to leave a 5 star review. We actually had the spicy tuna poke twice - after we left hilo we drove back 2 hours just to have another bowl each for lunch. Huge portion sizes. Prepare to be amazed.



Gary Yao

High quality poke offered at a reasonable price. What's not to like (unless you don't like poke - in which case, don't come here)? While other people suggest you come early as they sell out ... you can get a great bargain by coming a little bit before closing time (say, 1 hour out). After all, you can't do second day poke. All of the poke will be half off by the pound. The bowl is still same price but you'd get rice separately for a $1. What a steal, right? The risk is if they do sell out, then you get nothing - what remain are bitter sadness and unfulfilled wishes. So the best way to go about it is come once in the morning for the full selection and once again in the afternoon before the closing time for the crazy good deal.

Sam Noerpel

We went here in June of 2017. This is hands down the best place we have found for Poke. Soooo delicious! Not a lot of seating as I recall, but we didn't have trouble finding a place to sit down to eat. If you're going to Hawaii and you like seafood, I wouldn't miss this place.


Its da bomb. Fresh, fresh, fresh

Matt Strople

Great seafood. Had 3 different flavors of poke, all were delicious. If you're in Hilo it's definitely worth a stop.

True Pure Clean Hawaii

Usually has high quality food

Rebecca Howell

Restaurant on the back had the most amazing omelets I have had in my life. I highly recommend the Isle Omelet.

Sara Figueroa

Sorry to say but me and daughter got the shoyu honey poke and hardly had any fish in it I ate mostly green onions sesame seeds and onion so I threw my whole plate away

Aaron Porter

Fast, fresh, flavorful, and they don't seem to mind us howlies

Paul Rennix

The BEST poke and seafood retailer ANYWHERE!

kaipo miller

Best poke bowl in Hilo!!

mm cross

Huge variety of fresh fish and poke bowls. Come early for best selection

pius rimiyog

Great place to go kaukau!

Shawn Lesley

Wonderful selection of poke and regional dishes. Food was great and the portions are huge. It's a must if you're in Hilo. My only regret was I came here my last day on the island instead of my first.

Jay Valencia

Fantastic, low profile place to get the real deal seafood, poke and around the corner meal from the hotel. The snack bar style kitchen around the side of the building has awesome people making great onion rings and sandwiches. Breakfast too. Suisan, the fish couldn't get any fresher. Aloha! Live pono.


Best and most fresh tasting poke by far on the east side of the island. The mixed one is killa!!! Get opihi and all inside. Mean!!!! All these non speaking pidgeon english people reading this must be like..."what in the world is he talking about?" Lol

Ben VanBeurden

Absolutely FRESH poke. Loved it. No tough bits, great flavor, reasonable prices. I got the spicy ahi poke bowl with brown rice. Its my go to.


Found the store randomly after visiting the garden nearby. Poke here is fresh and tasty, and the price is reasonable. As a small woman, I could finish the 2 choice meal easily.

Jamie Goh

Fantastic and super fresh Poke! This place sets the standard!! Can't go anywhere else now because it won't be as good. This place is AMAZING!

Denise Tung

Poke here is fresh and there's always a lot of variety. Check in on Yelp and you get a free can of Aloha soda. There are picnic tables outside to eat.

Henry Li

Poke did not live up to the reviews. There was a lot of silver skin still in the fish and made the texture much chewier than other poke we have tried. If we are in the area we would go again, but we did not feel like it was anything special.

Abbie Reedy

Great poke, nice variety, simple menu, fresh fish.

Shawn Dudgeon

Suisan fish market is the place to go to get the freshest local daily catch. A wide assortment of poke and fish. Susan has a long history in Hilo and is a must visit stop.

Curt Faust

Excellent Poké. Get the spicy one!

Summer Singer

Probably one of the best places for Poke you will ever find. Top 5 at the very least.

Matthew Topher

Mostly poke bowls and fresh fish market. Don't go here for cooked meals.

Michael Schreiber

Try the taro root. Just once.

Isaac Kim

Fresh poke. Reasonable price. Good customer service. One of the highlights of our stay in Hilo. If you like poke, I would highly recommend this place.

Missagh Rajaei

Freshest pokē, friendly service

Rita Craddick-Perez

Daily fresh fish and poker is ono! Seafood salads are yumm too!!!

Omar Perez

Excellent, fresh poke at a great price.

Charlie Figura

Very tasty poke at a great price!

Aloha Miller

Fresh sushi caught daily.

Dee Feldmann

Great place for fresh fish and poke

Feba Dian Mangalapallil

Your poke dreams will come true.

Katherine Bumatay

A MUST STOP for all seafood lovers!

Fábio Sambuichi

Poke here is awesome. Delicious, fresh, huge and cheap. A poke plate (2 poke, 2 sides, 2 rice balls) goes for $17 tax included and is big enough for a couple. Recommended!!

Joey Kaniaupio

Fish and poi..nuff said

Michael Chan

Excellent fresh authentic poke!

Anne Meinhart

Everything was super fresh... bought several types of poke, sea asparagus and Kulolo. EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!!!

Melanie Gardner

The best Poke!!


This is definitely a must try! Perfect for take away or eat in. The place itself is not that nice (just a few benches on the side of the road) but who cares when the food you get is that good. Many poke options and really big portion sizes (could easily feed two people). Staff is friendly and the prices are really honest.

M. Park

They have the best and most affordable poke in town.

Nathan Matsushima

Fresh. Big servings. Reasonably priced. This is a must. I’m sure a 2 poke bowl is enough for most people. My wife and I each got our own and have enough for leftovers.

Sam Pali

Very good food.

Cade Walsh

Been here quite a few times. Not impressed. Service is rude and portion sizes are small. Cashier is nice though. :) last time we were here my whole family got sick for a few days. Would reccomend you go to Foodland for your poke needs. Better service, better poke, and their portion sizes are not jokes.

James McIntyre

Fresh. Got to go back.....

Mark Sieling

Love this place. The poke plate is a great value at 16 dollars, you could probably split it between 2 people. The poke is out of this world, but the salads and sides are not to be missed. Will return weekly for a long time to come.

Eric Potter

Normally.... I'd give this 5 stars... It's great fish, next to my house and park... BUT!!! As of lately, the prices are double at KTA/FOODLAND.... So, it's become a huge tourist spot or if you don't mind paying double for fish....Go for it! BUT.... Maybe twice a year they do run a buy one lb get one lb. That's the only time we go. Basically you get it for 7~8 bucks a lb. But, you gotta watch the FB page. So, better to drive a few miles to KTA, then come back to the park for dinner and sunset over mauna kea ...

Shuting Shao

Very good poke!

Kyrie Burrus

Yum! Had “magic marlin” poke & got fresh Kauai prawns to take home & make for dinner... they were delicious... tasted one of the ahi pokes & it was delicious too

Joycelyn Ng

This place is super hyped up back on Oahu so my expectations were really high. While the fish was SUPER fresh, the poke recipes itself wasnt anything special... Id rather get my poke from KTA the next time I come back to the Big Island

Bruce Leonard

Best fish around

Calvin W. Kaaihue Jr.

Da bess poke eva

Foolish Samurai

Poke bowls were

Ryan Moser

Five stars does not do this place justice. Their poke is absolutely amazing - this was the first time I've seen amberjack as the fish base and they absolutely knocked it out of the park. The fish was very fresh and the portions were incredibly generous.

Sam Choy

Excellent selection of fresh fish and ready-to-eat poke. We tried a variety of items and they were all very delicious (and reasonably priced).

Veronika Štětková

The best Poke

kid Ski

Great place to stay

Sovanna Pouv

The poke was absolutely amazing. It was worth the trip to Hilo for this famous dish as the fish was so fresh and delicious.


Amazing poke. Best I've had in Big Island. Portions are very generous and the fish is spectacular. My favourite poke place in Hawaii.

Shannon Kelsh

So I don’t eat meat, but my boyfriend does and he said that Suisan has by far the best poké he’s had, even in Hawaii. As a vegetarian, I ate all side dishes which were better than expected. I got a huge tub of seaweed salad for $2!

Avery Lincoln

Good selection of fresh fish.(seasonal) Assortment of prepared raw and cooked seafood.(Poke style) Tables and chairs available. Great customer service. During certain time of day, the line can get long.

Andres Baclig

Good fish market but prices are too high.

Pamela Liu

Fresh fish and they don’t cross contaminate - I have a bad shrimp/shellfish allergy and I didn’t react after eating their ahi

Lawrence Rector

The best fresh Ahi Poke I've had. We also got some Tako (Octopus)

Nathan Penner

Amazing poke. We took it to go and ate it at the park!


Top quality fish, excellent poke. Often, poke is more expensive here than anywhere else. In the least, it's worth the try. For those that can taste the difference, it's worth the additional expense. Personally, I tend to come here with visiting guests but never for my "everyday" poke. My go-to order is the 1-choice poke bowl with spicy ahi poke (most popular poke choice), furikake (sesame & seaweed seasoning), on hapa rice (blend of white and brown rice), and a like shoyu (soy sauce (complimentary sauce packets, chopsticks, & wasabi packets available at the checkout counter)).

Wally Anglesea

You can get fresh fish here, and also prepared meals.

2 Seam Fastball

If you like raw fish for lunch. It does not get any more fresh than this

Davin Majamay

I still like their California roll poke bowl.

Cindy Zhang

Since arriving in Hawaii, I had been craving poke, and boy, did this place hit the spot. The poke is fresh, and the shoyu-sesame poke strikes a beautiful balance between the shoyu and sesame. I had the small bowl (pictured) and it was very filling. I wish I could have tried more varieties of poke, but unfortunately my eyes are bigger than my stomach! If you're on the Big Island, this is a must-eat.

Bryan Cunningham

Amazing poke for a great price!

Il-Sung Lee

Not the greatest poke. I had the Hawaiian poke bowl and couldn't finish it. The tuna tasted slimy and a bit old and it was so salty that I couldn't eat it without copious amounts of of rice. On too of that, the rice was mushy. The sides we're good but aren't included with the poke bowl and cost extra

Brandy Belisario

Hands down the Best Prices in town. FRESH FISH DAILY!

Cuong Trinh

Great spot for fresh fish and poke. The portions are large enough for two to share.

Robert Kaleikula

The hawaiian mix plate pome was amazing as well as the habanero/mango ahi!

Anthony B

Great spot for Poke! They have a great variety of fish options and sides. If you are part of a large group you can also purchase poke, sides, and rice in bulk to share.

Iris Amann Fried

My son took me (he lives near Hilo) The food was not familiar to me but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fresh and delicious! I'll visit again. Thank you.

Daniel Diaz

Amazing place to get fish. Premade different flavors and other products. Its fast service and normally priced for the market in big island.

Bryson Guanio

Live on the Waikoloa side but got family in Hilo. Always gotta stop here when visiting family. Definitely have very good fresh poke here all the time. Been coming here since my Keiki days.

Alexandre Debargis

Delicious poke flavours here! 15+ to choose from!!! It was absolutely delicious for a great price

cindy andriola

Ono and lobster salad are good excellent. Great view a few yards away

Colin Combest

Best poke on the island for sure. Many different combos to choose from. I get the poke salad most of the time. If you can't handle spicy then you need to ask which one is mild. Very fast services and pleasant people to help you out.

ME Hawaiian

I love suisan fish market it's always fresh n its ono kine grinds u hungry that's the place to go chhheeehhhuu

Penny Teehee

Lines are long but moves fast so be ready with your order

Jim Haley

Must stop and see if your in Hilo. If your at one of the Bay hotels you can catch them buying fish in the morning, early. The fish is as fresh as it gets.

Andrew Perkins

Lots of fresh poke options. The spicy crab salad was delicious. Also plenty of fresh fish to take home and prepare!


Good poke at ok prices. It’s not overly salty and has the right amount of flavor - just wish they had more flavors to try!


Great selections wonderful staff and cafe

Rose Navalta

Always delicious, always fresh poke! My #1 poke stop. Highly recommend!


It's the freshest fish you're likely to find on the island! It's a fish counter, there is no ambiance and that's ok, just be aware. Edit after owner response - I agree with the owners response, it could accurately be described as a deli counter; however, they don't do the park enough justice, it has some of the most beautiful (and absolutely massive) tress I've ever seen. And it's more across the street than it is down the road. We were perfectly content to eat at the tables outside the market and I wouldn't go to the Big Island without going back!

Hanalei Jaber

Peacefully delicious

wenpai chou

Good and tasty Poke' , and fresh fish.

Wilfredo Montijo

Fresh, delicious and inexpensive!

Sandrine Dreeny

Ok place for fresh seafood, we ve had better selection elsewhere in Hawaii like in Kauai.

Keith Fimreite

Epic ahi poke. Reasonably priced. Staff are very helpful. Great location.

Jestina Roché

We were waiting to catch a lava boat tour and I was watching the huge fish being processed at Suisan. Later that day we notice a line of people waiting and crowded tables of people chowing down various delicacies. So glad we stopped. I wanted to try every dish they had on display. We went with the two choice poke bowl to share. Oh, the freshness! Can you add a sampler to the menu? Too many choices and not enough time.

zac hickerson

Great poke fresh

Joe Lizik

Fantastic little fish market with a great poke meals and selection. Get a ton of food for the money. Come hungry if you get the poke platter. Single and double bowls are good choice. Has some out door seating if the weather is nice.

Rick Jarboe

Be careful of salted fish, packages are not marked and we didnt get told. They made right in our case. So will give them benefit, they have nice selection, but ask if you but packages of salted!!!

DuckyKat CLO

The best place to find the freshest fish!

John Hobson

Poke bowl to da max!!! So ono(well, ahi but whatever, lol)

Andrew Evans

There are plenty of choices when it comes to Poke and they have fresh fish cut up and ready for any occasion. You get a good amount of food for the price as well. If they are busy they keep the line moving very well.

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