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790 Leilani St, Hilo, HI 96720

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REVIEWS OF Poke To Your Taste IN Hawaii

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Ku'ulei Hall

Brad Pizzimenti

Very sweet people.

Kauilani Kalani

I love it

xxπ-π xxßrittanyyy

You can add your own taste to the poke!


Robert Swift

It tastes so yummy

Randall Hayes

Excellent poke plus dried fish, refreshments, ono, ono food! Check out Carmen and the gang, you'll love it! Aloha!

BillieJean Pahinui

Love poke to your taste fresh fish musubi yummy

Yao Y

Absolutely surprisingly good taste poke! Taste so wonderful with the warm yummy rice.

Greg Goode

Quite good! Don't let the shack it's served out of fool you!

Mackey Bishop


Moke Ramos-Kia Tupua

Fresh fish. We had the poke bowl. It was pretty good. They give you fish and rice and you add your own seasonings.

Dustin LN

$1 Musubi, $2.75 Breakfast Bento and $2 Energy Drink. Best way to start the day.

Roland JR Carino

This place is just great. For people that are picky about what's on their poke you can't beat selecting your own ingredients and you always know the fish is super fresh and hasn't been sitting in sauce for hours or days. Make sure to stop here before you go to the airport so you have the best snack on the plane.

Wehi & Ricky DeMello

Love them! You can eat for cheap! $1 Musubis with there $1.25 Lomi... Its enough to fill you till get home! Their pickled onion with chilli pepper flakes is BOMB!

P Knight

Amazing Customer Service full of Aloha and ONOLICIOUS GRINDZ!!! Best Musubis in the World!!

Hiipoi de Souza

Adam Hirata

Just as it says poke to your taste,make it the way you like

Mitchell St Clair

I was very skeptical of this place based on the sketchy dilapidated exterior. However the quality poké did love up to the reputation as well as the ability to dress and season your own serving. Decent prices too!

Douglas Calvert

Fun place. Great fish, mix your own poke. No complaining, because if you don't like the taste, you mixed it wrong! $7.50 for half pound of ahi. Get some.

Crissa Okamura

Fish is always fresh. Condiments are plentiful & service is always awesome!

Kyle Caldera

Having amazing Poke in Hawaii is a challenge. There are so many choices, but this place makes sure the customer is properly cared for in their selection of prime cuts of fresh fish. Very pleased elwith their friendly and knowledgeable staff. Will eat here again!

Sophia Rodruan

I'm from the mainland so maybe you could say my standards for poke are not as high as other's? This poke shop was unassuming, but worth the stop. You get to add your own toppings and sauces to your plate. The fish tasted fresh (No fishy aftertaste!). We also got the spam musubi which was still warm. Yum!

Chriz Sanborn

justin texeira

Mona Livsey

Great selection of Pupus, Fresh Fish and a variety of toppings to mix in to make Your Flavor of Poke!

Matthew Masifilo

Amazing quality and value

Carmel Cummings

Love it there! Staff is Awesome. Love the food! Best poke in town!

D D.

Ariel San Esteban

Great place to get you Poke fix!!! Owner very welcoming and fish is fresh. Make your own choice with rice. We bought extra little containers to try the garlic prawns - Yummo!

DENISE Ferreira

chubbs Quintal

Awesome,fresh poke... add as much toppings you want

Arthur Akau

Best poke in Hilo! Flavor to your taste buds desire. They also carry drinks, snacks, and more seafood delicacies.

Linda Krewson

Ambrie Gilbert

Bryce Morton

Tony Vega

Wonderful little spot for a healthy, quick meal to go! I just typed "poke bowl" in Google maps and although this place doesn't look like much from the outside, it's exactly what I was looking for; basically a customize your own poke bowl to go mom & pop shop. Perfect!

Marta Losa

Great poke place. You can choose all your favourite ingredients!

Jessica Corey

Wanted a quick snack before going to the airport and stopped here. The owner was so nice and gave us poke and pickles on the house since we were on our honeymoon. Truly the best poke we have ever had, fresh and delectable. He even gave us a special spicy mayo for us to put on it in addition to scallions, onions and garlic, yum! We had poke in Maui a couple days before at the Four Seasons and my husband got sick. This is a must if you are in the Hilo area and want local food!!!!!!!

Ethan Collyer

Best poke

Franklin Johnson

Don't be intimidated by the exterior. Visiting from mainland and the nice lady at Poke to Your Taste showed us how to sauce season the poke. Very friendly. Grade A fish and it was delicious. Super satisfying and not too full and not hungry.

Chris Gramm

The most fresh you can find anywhere!

Jack E. Ware Music

Great value when compared to Kona's Da Poke Shack. Slightly less variety though, but simplicity plus 1/3 less price is worth it. Try it!


Small place but fresh and delicious poke and you can never mess up your order because you customize it once you pick your poke.

Geraldine Mercedes S. Itaman

They are friendly and fast but one thing is there parking lot they need to fix it and batch all the hole of the parking. I

Jaime LeGault

Awesome food!!

Lance Staab

Went to Hilo with my adult Sons to visit our Cousin before heading over to Waikiki for a week. My oldest Son and I love fresh poke. We are from Vancouver WA so fresh poke is not happening. Looked up this place before we arrived. We got to Hilo on Saturday night and of course too late to rush over to Poke to taste and of course they are closed on Sundays. Monday morning arrived and at 7AM we were there. Absolutely outstanding, Words can explain how good it is.Not only did we go in the Morning, than went before it closed that afternoon. Got up on Tuesday before we left and got some more before our flight left to Honolulu. its a two thumbs up

Frances Gonzaga

Donato Cabrera

Pretty good

Kaha Hickman

Its beyond 4.7 stars its a five star place the food is ono the service is very pono they malama the customers


Nice small bussines, owners are very aloha. I go there atleast twice a week.

David Lepage

Yummy poke

Brandon Beasley

Christy Sparks

This poke shop was unassuming, but worth the stop. You get to add your own toppings and sauces to your plate. The fish tasted fresh (No fishy aftertaste!). We also got the spam musubi which was still warm

Olive Carlos

Poke to Your Taste was top notch. It’s one of those hole in the wall that you’ll never ever forget because it’s THAT good! Literally a hidden gem. The owners, Carmen and Jason, were so nice and accommodating and even offered a list of must-see spots in the island. Their poke is so fresh and is the most reasonably priced in the island, given the portions. This no-frills spot is perfect for when you know exactly how you want your poke. And even if you don’t, they’ll help you out with some suggestions! You gotta eat here!!!

Kaipo Fernandez

gold galaxy bakugan army

We love Poké to your Tastè, best poke in Hilotown!

Malia Dawny Thompson

Specials are great! Food is delish and affordable. Jason and his wife are awesome!!

Eric Spinks


andrew pahlke

Natalie Higa


Ono. Cheap and fresh

Laura Souza

Jack Koliha

Don’t judge a book by its cover. When we pulled up to this place and it looked kind of sketchy but don’t judge a book by its cover. This place has some of the best poke on the big island. It is literally Poke To Your Taste you put everything on yourself. Overall it is a great experience I would definitely recommend.

shane gardner

The best poke on the east side. but that parking lot can be @hf!? backing out of. Be careful

Free Livingston

I love stopping here for clean fresh poke the way I like it.

Juve Hernandez

Oh my God what can I say?! We have been all over the island for 2 and 1/2 Weeksand this is the best poke spot you can find.

Tony Vincent

Great local kind food

Claire Byer

Man. This place is great. A cool dude giving out bang for a buck.

Sam Martin

(Translated by Google) It (Original) Ono

Johnele De Mello

Cheap food... Not only seafood but breakfast food (eggs, rice and meat) musubi's etc... Fast friendly service


우연히 들렀는데 진짜 맛잇다 주인할아버지도 친절하고 포케 처음 먹는건데 아내도 완전맛잇다하고 좋음 한국입맛에 잘맞는듯!

Peter Hickman

Good for pupu


This place is great! Ono and hot plate lunches like pork adobo with rice and crab mac salad or lomi salmon.

Luci Z

Fresh tuna, and good topping choices.

Alex Leg

Employés très serviables et gentils. Très abordable et excellent.

Katherine Bumatay

Can't beat the mom-pop shops...1$ musubis, 5$ poi, ONO build your own POKE

Aldrin Viray


Awesome awesome awesome place for fresh seafood

Lydia Saragosa

I can tell you that I go and/or send some one 3 days a week . These people always greet me by my name. They make their food fresh. The banana bread is out of this world!!!! I don't even remember their names but MR. & MRS. POKE TO YOUR TASTE. THANK YOU!!! From da heart. !!!

Frederick Henderson

Logan Coke

Min Qiao

Taryn Sanborn

Terry Larocque

Dale Leverett

Jimmy Shanley

Amazing!! Fish was very fresh. Lady who helped us was great in helping us put the perfect topping on our already delicious poke. Best we have had on the Big Island definitely going again.

Sam Ellefson

Poor selection of poke

Bret Shuck

Simone Masiero

BEST POKE EVER you basically make it yourself and it's a HUGE portion! Plus, the lady was super nice and friendly. Oh and the spam musubi was also very cheap and good

Mya Burns

Best musubi you can get. Their rice is on point! And it's only $1.

Jeff Olson

Make your own Poke. If you don't like it it's your fault.

Tony Roos

Our first poke experience helped by the entertaining owner and encouraged by locals. Many were surprised we Minnesotans were eating raw fish! So very poke-tastic

glen sullins

Vicky Silva


Ken Saito

Christopher Johnson

This is the definition of a "hole in the wall." It's a small shack just off the road, and it doesn't look the most appealing inside or out. That said, the woman who seems to run the place was very welcoming, was very kind, and helped us season our poke just right. There is no place to sit in the restaurant, and the place is not air conditioned. Great place to stop in Hilo if you're driving around the island.

Lee Pha

I get to make my own! Love it! Three lady was super nice!

Steven Hernandez

Amazingly good, cheap and the old man behind the counter is a blast, ask him to tel you a story or a joke. Total shack but amazing poke.

Katrishana Napoleon


Scott Conway

Good poke and a quite location. If you like poke then you need to go here.

Alex Komoroske

Hole in the wall, but no nonsense, cheap, and delicious.

Liesel Eisert

Just ate here for lunch (first time) and it was amazing!!! The owner was super nice and she showed us where to put the toppings on.

ElSancho Grande

This was the first place I ever tried poke and it was great. The staff was very friendly and helpful. With out even having to ask the cashier walked me over to the condiments and told me what everything was. I will be going back next time I am in Hilo.

Michael Datuin

Always to my taste!

Fane Tonga

Best Kalua Nachos Worldwide

Melissa Spinola

One of the cheapest places to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Mike Reilly

Excellent Poke, and since you add the condiments yourself, it really is to your taste. This is a great business idea and the owner is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I love Poke and this is one of the best places on the Island to get it.

Ken Boyer

This place is awesome! Best breakfast bentos in town!

Leilani Del Mar

Dani Burger

Mark Foster

Cheapest morning bento in town. AND food stamps friendly. Drinks & raw fish what more can you ask for.

James J Reilly III

Tiny roadside poke joint cures what ailes you - if your ailment can be cured by fresh poke!

Lima Ohana


Jiayi Li


Brendan Fliris

Small, very small place with great service and a unique take on the classic Hawaiian meal. You select the poke and then dish out the flavors on your own. It's affordable and fun. Fish is fresh and tasty.

Weston Kelsey

Very fun and good price. Try for breakfast as well

Carmen Snow

Awesome! Best Poke on the island.

Veronica Nederhouser

Fast and good food for a really low prices with wonderful owners who treat you like family

Michele Cheek

Awesome prices and the food is a ono!!!

Minna Eggzahn

(Translated by Google) Bit inconspicuous on the way, but super fresh, super delicious, super nice! (Original) Bisschen unscheinbar am Wegesrand, aber superfrisch, superlecker, supernett !

Alexandre Debargis

Absolutely delicious poke at a great price! You get to put your own toppings and sauce on your poke. We also had the pork nachos and they were amazing ☺️

Alan Peleiholani

Thomas Kaheiki

Doug Charles Village

Total hole in the wall but so Ono

Crystal Smolko

Simple poke menu and add the toppings yourself, which is pretty nice. I ordered potato and crab salad and it was awesome, I will be going back to get more. They also have some plates and specials but I have not tried those yet.

Maksim Leka

Food was just great. Couldn't say the same thing about location

Lopaka Poaha

Now This Place Is Jus Amazingly Awesome local Company Ran By Local People That Shows You The Atmos Respect As Soon As U Walk Into The Shop.

Harry Pomerleau

a hidden treasures for fresh melt in your mouth poke

Jeff Morse

Great priced


Don't let the exterior fool you, the poke is so delicious!

Valentin Konovalov

To go only. Fish is good there.

Steve Giatroudakis

Great fish

Bobbie Jo Botelho

Cigarettes are inexpensive

Kanoelani Nakila-Tilton

Reasonable prices, Fresh and Ono Ono Foods!!!

Jade Leitner

Great place

Stephanie Kalani

Love it

Stafford Chock

The best !! Everything Fresh !!

Jamey Anderson

Bennett Labuguen

Awesome fresh off da grill fast food local assorted low price bento type breakfast

Adan Gonzalez

Great poke, $1 musubi cannot beat that and $5 kalua bowl

koh matsunaga

(Translated by Google) I went to Hiro and I came here because I was always just SUISAN. As it was after lunch rush, it was disappointing that there were few types of POKE. The clerk is also able to respond well and seasoned by himself, so I think it would be suitable for the person who fits. The parking lot is stopped in front of the store. (Original) ヒロに行って、いつもSUISANばかりだったのでこちらに来ました。 昼ごはんラッシュの後だったらしく、POKEの種類が少なかったのは残念でした。 店員の方も対応はよく味付けも自分で出来るので合う人には合うかな。 駐車場は店の前に止められます。

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