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100 Baldwin Ave, Paia, HI 96779

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REVIEWS OF Paia Fish Market IN Hawaii

Limor Lazar

Great food, line moves fast :) Kids really liked it as well

Ryan Mortier

The Mahi Mahi burger is really good. The fries are nothing special. Ceaser salad sooo ono. Seafood pasta too creamy. They take orders over the phone for pick up

Mace Watson

Great food. Had the Maui fish and chips lunch and this was more than enough food. Fish was good.

Heather Stubbs

We stayed in Paia for 10 days and ate here three times. Hands down the best freshest food around!! The combination of seafood mixed with their coleslaw (which I normally hate) and a bite of potatoes... mind blowing..kind of like eating a bite of turkey, mixed with stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy on thanksgiving in the US:))) we ate at mamas fish house also and this place blows it away. Soo good.

Ritika Dahiya

Great spot for shopping! Paia is the hippie area of Maui, super chill vibes and fun stores to walk around. Great for souvenier shopping as well!!

Nick Lozano

Eat here. Ask for the Obama Burger, it has wasabi butter. That is all you need to know. You're welcome.

Setti Levi

Good food. The blackened mahi-mahi could've been more blackened but the cajun rice is great. My husband likes the chicken fajitas more than my mahi-mahi. Don't get the fountain drinks unless you like them really sweet. It may not look it first but you'll always find a place to sit by the time you order your food (expect a 5-10 minute line up).

Santi Marchiori

The food is incredible! Must try the Ono burguer. The place is too crowded and hard to find a table if you are a group of 4 or more

Vanessa Ggoff

Delicious as always! My favorite restaurant on the island and always one of my first stops when I come back home!! Mahimahi burger is my absolute favorite!! Always pretty busy but so worth it Staff are friendly, fish is fresh! Highly recommend

Dustin Hollenback

We had excellent mahi and chips and mahi fish tacos. Large portions, friendly prices for the island. But, most importantly, the food was awesome. There's no table service. You stand in line to order, then get a number and a table. Pick up your food after about 8-10 minutes later.

Jacqueline Rumore

So fresh! The line is usually out the door so prepare yourself for a wait. I had the Hawaiian Sea Bass because "when in Rome." But seriously, when would I ever have Hawaiian Sea Bass again?

Yorker Howson

I had the seafood pasta, very very filling. My favorite part were the scallops ! Those were delicious, pretty big shrimp, nice amount of sheep, lots of slurps !*my stomach got a little turn over in a couple hours* maybe because of some dairy products inserted? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Michael Mills

Wife loved her fish dinner, and my burger was good. Mediocre fries and warm sodas though. Very warm and very busy in here. With that said, for them to crank out those dishes so fast and with a consistently high level of quality, my hats are off to them. Worth any minor quibbles.

Jeff Williams

So good, if you can't get into Mama's this is still a win!

Janna Makazan

Amazing fresh food! Fish and calamari were delicious. Reasonable prices. Hard to find parking in Paia, free visitor parking is often full. The restaurant was recommended by Gypsy guide.

Kyle Munz

Their fish tacos are better than Chuy's.

Matt Herridge

Good choice in Paia. Corner location with good food, quick. We had mahi fish & chips and sauteed ono. Fried fish was dry and a little overcooked. Ono was delicious. We also had salads which were awesome. Friendly service and community seating on picnic tables. Recommended stop during a Paia shopping day.

Dinesh S.

Very busy place with fresh food..they are not very flexible on their options and charge you more to change the options.. you don't realize until the bill comes

Jocelyn Johnson

Delicious food and big portions. Fish was so fresh and cooked to perfection. The home fries were out of this world. I had the Mahi basted in butter, wine, fresh garlic and lemon. Best fish I have had in a very long time.

Trevor Fernandez

Fish tacos were bombin! They get busy quick! The wait was only 10mins. And when you're done the beach is a 5 min walk away!

William Lau

The place to taste local Maui seafoods


Delicious Mahi Burger and Ono quesadilla. At the lunch time a lot of people and not to much place to seat, that's mean the food is good.

Sultan Al-Hamidi

Very good value for money.. Go for Tacos and grilled fish. Average ceaser salad

Joe Dell

Ordered food for my family of 4, including shrimp and chips with sides of soup for my growing kids and myself (good value). The fish was excellent, especially the snapper, and overall a good place to eat. Backstory: I was originally charged an automatic gratuity for a party of 4 without being told when the policy is for parties of 6 or more. When I questioned the charge, I was told it was because we ordered 6 plates and the gratuity was not reversed. Long story short, the owner saw my review and rectified the situation quickly, professionally, and satisfactorily. Would I go back? For sure!

Aliyah Weinstein

Went here on a recommendation and it was well worth it. The fish was delicious. I have a shellfish allergy and they easily answered my questions and accommodated me.

Charlie Madere

The best food in Maui. Fried Mahi mahi dinner is #1 best in my opinion. Then the fried shrimp. Both amazing. Better than Mama’s (which I consider overpriced; overrated)

Jacob Larsen

We didn't eat at a ton of places in Paia but you have to stop here to eat. Food 5/5 My wife and I started with fried calamari, which was much different than any calamari I've ever had, but in a good way. You have to try it if you're a calamari fan. We then split the Shrimp and Chips and Fish Tacos. The shrimp was my favorite - the cocktail sauce was incredible. The fish tacos were also very good - make sure you grab napkins! Atmosphere 5/5 I usually don't give "order at the counter" restaurants a 5/5 for atmosphere but this place was pretty cool. Plus, the lady taking orders was extremely friendly and helpful.

Mark Paul

Amazing fish for a really good price. Atmosphere is fun and relaxed. It's an order from the front and then find a seat kind of spot so I'd suggest sending someone up to order and the other person go find a seat!

Tabitha Aldridge

Had to go to the south side location after eating here since we loved it so much. We got their plate and I love the sauce they put on their cabbage. They cooked their fish and teriyaki chicken perfectly. This place is the bomb!

Chad Husted

First off, loved the atmosphere. The whole vibe of the town Paia is amazing after a day on Hana Highway. Food was great, and the grilled fish reminded me of seafood restaurants back east. The wait was a little long that’s why I give 4 stars, but other than that pretty good.

Nicole Friesen

The mahi sandwich was great. Their French fries were nice and crispy. Relatively fast service.

Kristie DeCesare

Love this place. Always good.

Shannon Pink

Food was wonderful. Husband got a "quesadilla", which was more of a chicken burrito with the tortilla folded in half instead of rolled. Tasted great. Mahi burger was wonderful, a little messy to eat.

John Tao

Amazing blackened Cajun fish with slaw and fish and chips. Freshest fish possible fried perfectly. No soggy sides of the fish and fries fried just right without being overly crunchy or greasy. Perfect lunch for a long day of surfing or beach bumming.

Mykola Dzyuba

The fish was great. The salad was bad. Too much dressing, too salty. The cabbage was cut too thick. The service was good.

Edmund Oca

Depending on what time of day you go, be prepared to wait a bit and do not be shy with sharing a park bench table with complete strangers. It will be worth it. The menu is perfect, the food prepared perfectly and the vibe is perfect. Price is as expected and on-par with other same format restaurants in Lahaina and Kihei.

Eddy Pickering

If you can't get in at Mama's Fish House, eat here. The food is great.

David Wong

It’s a hole in the wall kinda place. You order your food, you pick it up and you pray you can find a seat. This is usually a place you don’t need to tip as there’s no waiters. The cashier drew a heart on my receipt where the tip was, I tipped 0, she shamelessly stared at the amount in front of me and started shaking her head in disaproval. Will never come back here and will actively discourage people from going there Ps: the fish was good tho. What a shame.

sabina laschinski

The Paia Fish Market is the Very Best place on Maui to have a great tasting seafood meal reasonably priced. In fact the portions are so big that you would have to pay more money for the raw fish alone at a local supermarket. I highly recommend from my own experience the Paia and Kihei location. Two thumbs up and 10 stars out of 5 :-). I haven't been to the Lahaina location yet

Supacha M.

Fish was fresh worth of price paid; home fries was the best !!!

Andy Padvorac

This review is NOT about the food or facility. I only want to share that when we arrived we were told that the wait to be served was 20-30 minutes. We were hungry and had other things to do so found a place with no line, about a mile up the road toward Haleakala, Island Fresh.

Karen Lam

Fresh fish, good food. Fries were a bit stale but might be because not a lot of people ordered fries. Fast service and packed so really limited seating. All in all a good place to have a quick bite.

Trisha Blackwell

Their seafood pasta was amazing! Worth the wait.

Tyler Harrison

This was some of the best mahi I've ever eaten. My son got a burger that was huge. We came through on the way to Hana and stopped for lunch. It was packed and you have to wait on a table (picnic style tables) if there's a seat when you walk in, you'd better have someone in your party sit down and save it while you're ordering. A little high for the type of place it is, but definitely worth it. For a family of 4, our bill was around $50. Definitely on par with the rest of the island.

Chloé Mansell

Our food was so good! Really cool atmosphere. It was very busy when I arrived. There was a line and we had to stand around waiting for others to finish eating in order to get a seat. I'm so glad I waited because everything was cooked well and tasted really great! I told my mom, "we'll definitely have to come back here!"

Mark Dayley

Wish I knew about this place sooner, the food is so good, I could have eaten here everyday. None of the expensive fancy restaurants we visited had food this good. This will be my first stop on my next trip to Maui.

Jenny Herold

One of the best places to grab a fish burger in Maui!! Hands down!!! Great staff and fresh fish

Kaleb M

Amazing food. Big portions. Well priced. Can get really busy. Inside seating is first come first serve self seating. Even when busy orders come out quickly.

Ingrid Miller

This was my fish and chips plate, so delicious! They have bench chairs for seats. No high chairs. My little guy fell asleep but as long as you get a seat by the wall you can lean and still eat some food

Harry Dalsey

Great prices good food. Often a wait.

patti kinney

The food was fresh and plentiful! Delicious, and fair prices. Wish there was one in Lahainia!

Peter König

This is the one restaurant in Paia you want to go to. The menu, obviously, focuses on fish, with a few additions of meaty dishes and pasta. You order at the counter, get a number and wait a few minutes until you are called out. It is super tasty. The line can be long, but moves swiftly. The service is very friendly.

Teresa M

Great fresh fish. Very crowded and not alot of seating.

john teates

Extremely reasonable prices for huge plates of great food. Fish tacos were awesome. Staff made gluten free. Crowded and for good reason!!

Rick Scrivens

Very busy corner location, crowded and loud. We were surprised at how fast the food came out once we were able to order.

Brandon Marrs

Fish tacos were great! Quick and friendly service as well.

Jessica Elias

Tasty shrimp, fish was cooked well. Reasonable prices. Decor is like a fast food restaurant.

Dan Mckenzie

Best fish market on Maui, trust me.

Gary Fung

We arrived at 11:10am, only one group of customers there. We thought it might be just so-so. Turned out the food was excellent. Besides the fish, even the pasta and potatoes were very tasty. By the time we left at around 12:05pm, there were a good 30 people lining up.

Filipe .MP

Best meal or snack on Maui, since the 90's, going strong. I've had great times and tasty meals there!

Jathen McCollum

Food was delicious experience was horrible. It’s just to crowded. There’s to many people and not enough seating. I ordered to eat in and realized there were no “comfortable” places to sit. I ended up against the wall and when I needed to refill my drink It was just to awkward to ask a bunch of people to stand up so I could get out. Like being in the window seat on an airplane and having to ask everyone to stand while you go to the bathroom. It was very hot and crowded. I got the fish and chips and it was soooooo good. Wish I could give it 5 stars.

David Roberts

Amazing fresh and fabulous food, casual and comfortable atmosphere, reasonable prices. Only setback is limited seating, or be prepared to share a bench table with others. Still 5 stars!

James Galloway

Glad I ate hear on my honeymoon. Wish I could go back.

Lily Kuang

I ordered black sashimi. It is slightly cooked tuna on the edges with Cajun spices. Not a good mixture. It already sounds bad. My husband got Ono burger and it was really good. The place was crowded even at 2pm. Pricey. $16 sashimi, $11 burger and & $2fries.

Liam Munzenmaier

Long wait and you have to watch for a seat like a hawk, but oh so worth it! Had the fish and chips and fried shrimp plates, both were outstanding! Good beers on tap too!

Jehanzaib Syed

Amazing food! Everything worth trying


Love it! Best food over.

Kobi Adato

Great place to eat. We found it online on our way from Hana and stopped to eat because of the reviews and i have to say it was good as i read. There is a line and the locals eat there alot but it wasn't long. We were there around 8 p.m. so im not sure about early in the day. You will wait about 20 min for the food to arrive but they are pretty fast making it and scream your number when its ready :) and i means cream, because its crowded.

Elizabeth Ramírez de O

Delicious fresh fish meals. Casual laid back eatery.

Ameya Barsode

Super fresh and tasty Cajun style fish.

Helen Hocking

Big queue...good sign! Generous serves of delicious seafood. Shared tables and relaxed atmosphere.

Alyssa Wooldridge

Glad we got here right when they opened as a lot of people came in right afterwards. The food was phenomenal and fresh and they have a great beer selection! Can't wait to eat here again next time we are on the island! We had the fish tacos and a fish quesadilla! Their homemade tarter is muy delicious!

B Jones

Had dinner here this evening. With friends that love fish, me, no so much. They each got the fish and chips and seafood chowder. I got the cheeseburger and fries. Burger was good, it said local beef and the beef had a great flavor. Fries were good. Friends all really liked the fish as well as the chowder.


Stopped in here our first night in Paia. Ordered two fish plates - one with grilled Mahi Mahi and the other with sauteed red snapper. The fish tasted fresh and the chef cooked it perfectly. The portions were generous with two sides (slaw with rice or fries) in addition to the large peice of fish. The slaw was crunchy and not over dressed and the tartar sauce was a delicious accompaniment. Took aways one star as the fries and rice were room temp and tasted like they had been sitting. Staff is very friendly and they get your food out quickly.

Lola Figuero

We went multiple times. Addicted. Always busy but worth waiting to grab a seat and excellent fresh fish.

Mae Unruh

The seafood salad and fish plate was amazing! We came here twice during our week on Maui. The service was great! Definitely put this place on your list!

Randy Olmstead

This is a must stop location in Maui. We stopped late on a weekday on the way back from Hana. Parking was easy, the place was busy but we got a table within 10 minutes. Food was amazing I recommend the fish tacos, or the fish and chips. This is right on the main road and easy to find. It’s very casual and the staff was friendly.

Max Hotkowski

Very busy and for good reason. A good fish place with some other solid choices. If you're ok with lines and sitting with strangers, a good place.

John Park

Got the fish taco and fish and chips. The fish was delicious, and the coleslaw was surprisingly good. Just a bit of a wait though

Ora B

This place is so good. There's limited seating and a line but it's worth it. I went two days in a row. Got the fish tacos the first time and they were great. Went back for lunch and ordered the fish quesadilla but there was a miscommunication and I got the veggie quesadilla. I was going to go back and get the fish but I needed to get to the airport. Honestly the best veggie quesadilla I've ever had. Highly recommend this spot.

Priscilla Silveira

Best food in Maiu!

Mike Tran

I really loved the food. I got the fried calamari appetizer and the fish and chips. My family thought it was meh. The one experience that dinged it was when they called our number, we couldn't get there fast enough because of the long line blocking everything. Someone else went and took our food. The layout isn't ideal, nor is the lack of checking people's ticket number. I would come again, but since I only travel with family, it's unlikely I'll get to eat here again.

Gary Kueffler

This is NOT a fish market, but it is a great fish restaurant! They have several locations but the food and service are great at all of them. Dig in, you won't be disappointed.

William Vannoy

Excellent fresh caught local fair with eclectic flair! Try the fresh catch of the day and the calamari with the Mau brewing company brews!

Jessalyn Schmaedeke

Amazing food! A must try while I'm Paia!

Nathaniel Tso

I loved the Mahi Mahi Burger and Mahi Mahi grilled

Ben Sitz

We stopped here late after driving the Hana Road in reverse. Food portions were large, you won't go hungry. Place was packed when we walked in but found a couple places to sit. My wife got the fish and chips and loved them. I got the fish tacos which were good and very big.

Baldwin Tran

Had the Ono burger, seafood chowder and fish fajitas. Absolutely loved the food.

Brittany Mulcahey

This is a must-try when in Maui! The location is quaint, but has lots of first-come-first-serve picnic style seating. We ordered, grabbed our drinks and immediately found a seat after a family was finishing their meal, and only waited maybe 6-8 minutes for our food. The fish tacos were incredible as well as the grilled ono platter. After a day at the beach, this meal (accompanied by a Big Swell IPA) was the perfect combo!

Mike K

The Food looks good and by the length of the lane it must be good. As we stood there and waited for about 25 min for our we food we finally found a free table. The food looked good, but it did not taste fresh at all. Had way better fish before on maui

Art Decuna

Food is good. Dining area is small

Robert Halem

Loved the seafood pasta, the grilled salmon was over salted but they happily cooked us another.

Carla Quiller

The calamari plate was so tasty!

Herman Guevara

Great value great ambience

Jenny Murphy

I ab-so-lutely Love the fish tacos at Paia Fish Market!! Everyone is so friendly.... I always love the smile of the gentleman who puts the food on the food delivery bar ... It's so sincere! My ONLY complaint is that while the actual food time is quick to be prepped, I feel like the line always moves inordinately slow. It could be that even after waiting 15-30 minutes in line, the guests don't know what they want when they get to the register (which as a restaurant owner of a similar food service type restaurant, I know can be true more often than I can even fathom

Little Mary

Yummy food. Pricey, hot communal seating in October. Bathrooms outside around the corner.

Becky Daileda

We ordered two shrimp kids meals for our two boys but seeing that they only came with 3 shrimp, we ordered each of them clam chowder soup. I ordered the fish tacos and a beer and my husband ordered a fish taco side, quesadilla side, and a fish salad. The bill was almost $90. When we left, we wondered why the bill was so high as we mentally tallied up the order and it wasn’t making any sense. My husband noticed we were charged over $11 for automatic gratuity. This is a place where you order at the counter and take your own food to a table. WTH? My husband went back to ask about this “automatic gratuity” and was told that since we ordered 6 items it was company policy. Total bs!! We won’t be back!

Sara Funk

Delicious fish tacos for a reasonable price.

Wendy Lamb

HUUUGE portions! Yummy fresh food. Cuban rice is very nice, but fries are good too - how will you decide??? Coleslaw has great fill flavor.

Chris Dolberg

Great food! Don't let the line get you down they move fast. I had the quesadilla and my wife had the blackened ahi steak. The both we're incredibly delicious. I thought I knew what I was in for getting a quesadilla but the way they make it is great. Tons of flavor to the food and it had a great atmosphere.


Food was excellent here (although my blackened mahimahi was slightly on the salty side). Fun atmosphere to come with some friends as seating is picnic table based. There is a long line here sometimes though so seating may be limited.

Dvs Mic

Just great fish and food in general. Super relaxed atmosphere, great after coming off of the road to Hanna

Amanda Dondanville

Small portions of fish in the fish and chips but was really good

Michael Bird

Best food ever. Ahi was outrageous, local beef to die for and the slaw was by far the best I've ever had.

Katie Lewis

I had the seafood pasta, very very filling. My favorite part were the scallops ! Those were delicious, pretty big shrimp, nice amount of sheep, lots of slurps ! my stomach got a little turn over in a couple hours* maybe because of some dairy products inserted? Correct me if I'm wrong. If you're coming back from the day's long drive from the Road to Hana

Jason Hearn

Definitely stop and eat here. This place is awesome. Fish tacos are the bomb

Khuyen Payne

What's not to love about a happy restaurant crowd chowing down on comfort food with sea food? I wish the fries were a little more rustic but other than that, I loved my fish burger! So healthy! The shredded cheese kind of through me off but when in Paia, do Paia. It was like a fish taco but a burger. I didn't feel like a cast iron stove trying to walk around! Definitely would repeat eat!

Glenn Pincus

Great food in counter-order space with long, shared tables.

David W

Worth the stop but get the fish sandwich or fish and chips. Shrimp lunch and fush tacos were just ok.

David Chad

The original location and boy is it good! We had the fish tacos and the fish and chips. Both were very good, but if I had to choose again next time I would go for the tacos. The nice thing about the fish and chips is they aren’t heavy with a ton of batter. Lightly battered and fried nicely. Portions are a good size too! Will visit again.

Nestor Angeles

Very busy place but they have good seafood selection/menu and taste great too.

craig fisher

Food was good. It was a bit warm inside, no AC. Service was quick. Grab a table, if one available when you arrive. This place is well known and busy. Kinda small so seating I think could be tight. There was a line when we got there and I think I got my food and was done eating in about 35 minutes. So even when busy no worries they'll get you fed.


My girlfriend is not a fan of seafood but she even thought the food was immaculate.

Chris Skelly

As with the other great places on Maui, there is a line out the door with limited seating. Food was great and staff was courteous.

Angela S

Visited both locations - Paia and on Front street. Cant get enough of this place the food is so good! If you get a side I suggest the homestyle potatoes. Omyumm

Matthew Sugarman

Pretty good, but tiny inside. Also family seating makes finding a place to sit difficult.

Allison Hoffmann

Fish tacos were excellent. Went back twice while we were there. Second time we tried the fish and chips too -- unfortunately a piece or two was under cooked but the staff was very friendly and gave us a few free pieces.

Andrena Forrest

This place is buzzing. The food is fantastic and plenty of it! Busy times you may have to wait, but they serve and cook fast.

Linda Zacharias

Great food at good prices. Very fresh fish. Order at counter and seating is family style. It can get busy, with waiting in line. Only issue is the pull down a ladder in the middle of the restaurant to get to storage. They leave it out for much longer than they are actually using it. Seems dangerous and also very much in the way and unsightly.

Parisienne Oz

Best fish restaurant ever!!! Omg, pricey but worth it

Bobby Schultz

Great fish dinners prepared however you'd like. Not super cheap , but not outrageous either. Good beer selection, seating is very limited and this place is crowded and popular

Owen S

This dry deep fried fish makes me miss the Culver’s. I can’t believe a restaurant in Hawai’i can’t make a better fish that a fast food restaurant in midwest.

Joshua Limanen

Good food, family style seating. No reservations, you just show up, order, and sit at a picnic-type table. Definitely would go back here. The shave ice across the street is great too!

Darrel Frame

Great customer service, great food and very reasonably priced.

Michael Gamlem III

Great fish. The line was long when I attended, so plan for that. Additionally the restaurant is small, so limited seating is available. However the seats did seem to turn over quickly.

Joshua Boyle

The fried fish, Cajun fish and coleslaw are legit. This is a must stop for anyone who wants a Maui classic. Don’t be scared off by the line or crowd, it moves fast

Nicolas Schoenfeld

Great food, always a line, and you know that's for a reason!! Family style seating, get out there and actually talk with people!! Decent wine, beer, and cocktail list! Food was amazing!! Great place to grab a snack, just have to find parking!!!

karsten logen

One of the best places I ate at on Maui

Eric W

Been in Maui for a week and pretty much ate fish tacos the entire time and this one was by far the best ones I had. They are a dang big size too, you'll only need 2 of them unless you're a big eater. It's a bit small and side and it's picnic style seating. The weight can be a bit long but it was well worth it, line was out the door. Parking is difficult in this area so hope you get lucky! Aloha and enjoy!

Matthew waroff

Food was incredible. Informal order at counter find your own table, the fish was fresh and cooked perfectly, our party of 8 all loved their meal.

Sofia Newton

Best fish and chips!! Friendly staff! Generous portions. If you speak Portuguese or are Brazilian you will get it why they are so friendly and feel right at home. Os donos são Brasileiros - a familia inteira trabalha aqui.

David Feldhaus

Delicious. Enjoy the food and sharing a bench table with people from all over the world. Had lunch with a couple from Laguna Beach and Ecuador. Great conversation.

Kate Maher

The fish tacos here are phenomenal. Tough to get a seat and the wait can be long but I would eat here again in a heartbeat.

Nancy Brown

Parking is horrid. So park in public lot and walk there. Food is always fresh and cooked for full flavor and unique touches.

Andrew Stoddard

Delicious food! Friendly staff. Find a table as quickly as you can.

Keri Ane

Love this place! Fast, great service, yummy food!

Hunter Dennis

Delicious food. Fish and chips had a lot of flavor. Same with the pasta. Excellent service, especially for an "order at the counter" restaurant.

Ken Talarico

Blackened Mahi with a local IPA was a perfect lunch. I’m normally a beef/pork kind of guy and I loved it. Also tried the grilled salmon that someone else in our group ordered. I do not like salmon but it was great! Will be going back again before I leave... Update. Went to Paia ‘South End’ location later in the week. I was hoping it was going to be as good as the Paia location. I wasn’t disappointed. Same great food and another great location!!

darc nl

Best fish taco I've ever had!

Matthew Hanner

Best fish on the island. Great price


Located in the heart of Pa’ia town on the beautiful island of Maui. They offer a simple and yet delicious menu from lunch+dinner plates including delicious fish tacos, calamari & chips, Ono or Mahi burgers to yummy pupus, and other dishes including seafood pasta, fajitas etc. ($$$) They also offer refreshing beer, and wine options. They offer bench seating ( no reservations req.) and street parking. Pa’ia is a busy small town so parking can be tricky so if street parking isn’t available they do offer paid parking nearby ($5 avg.)

Joven Lapid

The food here is amazing. Been here 2 times everytime I visited Maui. My son rated the cheese burger the best he has eaten. I had the seafood pasta. It was delightful to eat. I would recommend this place if you are visiting Paia on the road to Hana.

Jackie Jones

Great food small place so come early or late for lunch because there’s not a lot of seating

Alex Joyce

Shrimp fajitas and fish & chips ... Both so good. It gets a little busy but we kept going back. One night we took our fish to Baldwin and watched the sun set. Perfection.

Ajoura Rama

You can’t go to Maui and NOT stop at that Paia fish market! It is packed!! And now I know why! We got tacos, fish of the day (mahi) and a quesadilla and we could not finish it!! Each bite was so flavorful And I love the freshness of the fish! Not at all fishy! Cooked and seasoned so well, and such an easy stop since it’s very casual! I must warn you though that it’s hard to find parking since it’s always packed. I just had to park a little further away and walked! A couple sitting besides us got the fish burger and really enjoyed it as well! Definitely add this to your list to hit!

David Lee

Arrived during opening at 11AM. Place filled up extremely quickly. Everything tasted amazing! Had catch of the day lunch option (red snapper) and the seafood pasta. Portion sizes are quite large. Highly recommended.

Darrin Joiner

We stopped in for a late dinner after the road to Hana. It was amazing! Nice portions and super delicious. The fish and chips were lightly battered and came with a unique dill tarter sauce and slaw. I wish I had pictures but it was so good after taking one bite, my wife and I could not stop to take pics. Maybe next time. If you like fish... Just eat there, you won't regret it.

Scott Lopez

Awesome food at this location. Quick service at the walk up counter. The ono fish burger was excellent, cole slaw was very good and tartar sauce the best I've ever had. Well worth a trip as it is a bit better than there other locations.

Shawna Thorington

The Mahi and chips were excellent!! A must stop in Paia.

Douglas Rutkowski

great local fish get it prepared however you want

Mason Patrick

Good tacos. Busy place

Jessica Batista

I’m not a fish person at all but after going to about 4 other places in the area and being turned away because of a power outage (aka chaos), this place was open and PACKED. They were also affected but kept their composure and delivered delicious food. I had a cheeseburger and my husband had a fish sandwich.. I would recommend! Thank you guys for handling such a hectic night with a smile.

Sam McKinnon

There are 3 fish market locations on the island but this one is the best. The lines can get long, and the locals are very territorial as well but just be patient as the food is worth the wait. My kids enjoyed the fish sticks and quesadillas while my husband and I loved the Fish burger and fish tacos. Portions are generous. Seating is interesting but we made the most of it and talked to the people we shared a table with. Try the Tiger Sauce on the tacos, it was delicious! Out the back there are toilets that are pretty clean, you need the access code from inside the restaurant. A must visit place while on Maui! Enjoy!

G Rami

The salmon burger and hot fries are terrific. Lots of delicious items on the menu. Nearby parking can be a real challenge.

Luca Pellegrini

Island's best: fresh and delicious fish, stylish and cool location, very kind staff!! This is definitely a must-go!!

Abhra Dasgupta

Very good fish and chips. Blackened sashimi (ahi tuna) . Simple place and food was very satisfying.

Michael McCorkle

Eclectic place, food was pretty good, wasn't taken with the fish and chips, I was expecting Irish/English style batter and this was totally different, strong fishy taste.

Andrew Leung

Super fresh fish (a bit over salted/spiced for this level of freshness). Friendly staff. Always busy don't go when you are starving, there will be a wait.

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