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REVIEWS OF Koloa Fish Market IN Hawaii


Best Poke... in island!

Jonathan Fritsch

Delicious plate lunch! Will be returning.

Adam Continenza

Good food, but the place is tiny and kind of hard to figure out once you're in there. Bottom line is good food, decent price, quick in and out.

Danny Markowski

Best poke I've had


Best Poke and Pork Adobo around. You'd be doing yourselves a disservice not stopping here at least once for lunch.

Isaac Sills

Great roast pork on Fridays

Nathan Chrcek

Best prices for Ahi tuna and other sea food. Perfect for the hot hot grill. Many pre-made choices as well. Super friendly staff. Stick around the immediate neighborhood of Koloa for great shopping. Don't bother shopping anywhere else for fresh fish.

Nick Dymond

Amazing poke! Try the Korean, you won't be disappointed!

Rick Minyard

Unique and popular place for lunch. Get in line, order, and get your food and move on or risk getting run over! Nice quick meal.

Jeff Williams

Wasabi poke is my favorite! Fish selection is great and priced fairly.

am z

Simply the best.

James Higa

The best hole in the wall in Kauai. And the best lunch bet. It’s just a tiny counter with all kinds of poke goodness. It’s old school hand made freshness. There’s sure to be a line of locals but slide on up and point to favorites like the shoyu ahi. The shrimp poke though is something special.

Michael Capps

Some of the best poke you'll ever find! And a great price for island food.

Alfonso Caparrini

Since I tried the poke on this place I've returned almost every day during my vacations. If you like poke, you need to try this place.

Jessica Seaholm

The poke bowls are a "must-try"! The fish melts in your mouth. The Korean poke w/ a side of sweet cucumbers is my fave, so delicious!

Holliss Obatake

Best poke on the island! Korean, wasabi, and spicy tuna are the best

Michael Thomson

The Ono in Caper Butter plate lunch is to die for.......

Jeannie Fu

Best poke bowls I’ve ever had. This place doesn’t have any toppings; the poke is already seasoned and mixed with some toppings. Try the avocado poke - it’s amazing!

Connor Jackson

Definitely worth the stop here. The poke is Excellent and the ladies behind the counter were very helpful. Make sure you bring cash.

Victoria Khemani

Excellent poke and ocean salad, and don't forget your cash!

Nathan Williams

The poke literally melts in your mouth. Gf and I shared an order of poke and immediately ordered a second round.

Crawford Peitso

A fantastic little slice of authentic Kauai; an increasingly rare find these days. Warm, helpful staff, fresh fish and no frills. I hope you guys stay open for decades to come. Mahalo

Talid Jalbout

Can't speak highly enough of this place. Friendly staff, local and best of all ... Delicious poke!! Grab some, some chopsticks and explore the rest of this little area on foot. You can't go wrong.

Margo McInnis

We went twice while in Koloa. Excellent fresh fish/seafood & food! Get there when they open, cause the locals & workers go there for lunch to go. There is some outdoor seating or standing at wooden counter, but most get theirs to go. This is a must do, in our opinion.

Fiona Lee

The laulau was super flavorful!

Matthew King

A bit hard to find since the sign is above the roof and badly fading. Inside, the workers are about 20 feet away which can make it difficult to have a normal conversation about suggestions. Also, the place is cash only. There is an ATM walking distance however. Once you figure all this out, the food provided, was excellent. By the way, they have pork and beef as well.

Steven Ellis

Always love this place for poke

Jaime Garrido Latorre

Best Poke ever, the quality of the fish is incredible!! #1

Jaime Feagles

Poke HEAVEN. Absolutely delicious. Went 3 times during a 7-day stay. Wish we could have gone more.

Lisa Howard

Order the Lau Lau!

Billy Fluharty

All about the Poke! Chee Hoo!

Luke Vicary

So good!! Amazing food, just ask what to do cause we had no idea about what bowls to pick etc. The quality of fish was astronomically good !!!!

Laura Town

You would never guess the most delicious and reasonably priced food would be here. So good!!!

Alex Dow

The best

Sara Mannseichner

Amazing Kalua plates! Super friendly staff. Would definitely recommend!

Wei-fang Wesley Chang

Food is amazing here and we love the poke.

Tyler F

Delicious food

Melinda Correia

Great local grinds

eric chang

One of the best places to eat. We got lunch boxes of rice with sautéed ahi and Korean chicken, they are excellent and use fresh ingredients. Their poke is also excellent.

Kendra Holmoe

The avocado ahi poke is so good. I stopped by later in the day and they still had plenty left.

Corey Barrett

This is the best poke on the island. Just go here and load up. The staff is nice. The spicy seaweed salad is the real deal. I will always crave the spicy ahi poke for the rest of my days.

Anthony Tippy

Best poki bowl I've ever had. Go here instead of the expensive restaurants. The Lau Lau is fantastic as well.

Bobby S

Best poke in Hawaii

eddy de la torre

The place is the definite go-to spot for Poke in Poipu. Besides the authenticity, the food is fantastic. I tried the spicy traditional poke, korean style poke, and avacado poke and each were equally great. The ahi is fresh and melts like butter in your mouth. This is a must-eat in Poipu, Kauai!

Colleen Watkins

Good food, good service at great prices

Connor J Golding

Location-wise, koloa fish market is awesome! The poke itself, though, was mostly just okay. The avocado poke was very tasty and the kalua pig was super tender and juicy, but the other flavors of poke, although fresh and tender, were mostly under seasoned. Alongside the average poke, the staff wasn’t very welcoming and they kept asking us what we wanted after we told them multiple times we weren’t ready to order. Plus, they only take cash here, which was slightly annoying. Overall, the fish wasn’t bad by any means, but there’s other places for better poke and more variety!

Dave Hollingshed

Sauteed Ahi with wasabi cream sauce is awesome.

Rob Treibel

Their avacado poke was great.

Michael Leblanc

Great place for poke. Fresh tasty. Long lines. Very popular

Ryan I

Nom! Poke is legit

Cristina Patrizio

DELICIOUS. Go early because they run out of food

Kimberly Gunlock

We found this place the last day of our trip. It was AMAZING! Great prices and good. We will be back!

Karen Husman

Excellent fish. We grilled the Ono per their recommendation and it came out great. ❤

David Huynh

Love it. Love it. Coming back at 10am tomorrow, love it

Craig Paden

Fresh quick clean very delicious try the wasabi ahi it is winner,!!!

Harry Hambrick

We were recommended to Koloa Fish Market by a local person so we had to check it out. It's a small market with no inside seats but they do have bar type seating outside for you to eat something there. The staff were very friendly and helpful and recommended several things to try. We ended up getting some Ahi with a wasabi cream on it, served with some rice, It was absolutely delicious. If you're in Koloa and looking for a casual but good lunch drop by Koloa Fish Market and give them a try.

Coastal Photography

Best poke on the Island!! Mahalo

Shilpa Shrestha

Yum food. A bit pricy for portion but its Hawaii!!

Dave Evangelista

Food is great. I had the avocado ahi, spicy ahi and tako. Get to know the culture and the history of Kauai to avoid any misunderstanding of bad service. This should be included in your stops and taste a fresh catch.

dustin almeida

Love it

Ian M

Cash only. Pretty decent poke. Still like Fish Express a lot more, but the rice here was better partially because you can add a Wasabi sauce to it. The poke bowls are sold by weight which is also nice because you can get as much poke with the rice as you like. No space inside or outside to eat so you have to go somewhere else to eat the food.

Jill Browne

This place is permanently closed

Aisling Finch

Excellent fresh seafood Mahi Mahi Tuna Prawns all delicious

Karim Kovacevic

Don’t let size fool you - great fish, and staff. You want fish? You go here. Period.

April Webster

Good poke. Sampled 4 different ones. Each was around $5 for a quarter pound. Definitely try the avocado. It was recommended by the staff and definitely my favourite of the four. The shoyu was also quite nicely flavored and had thinly sliced onions and green onions.

Dallas Holladay

Definitely worth a stop if you like poke. About 10 different pokes sold by the pound or in combo plates. Tried the wasabi poke and the spicy ahi poke that were both delicious. Definitely a bite to the wasabe poke. Prepare for a line but it moves quickly.

Megan Terrill

Excellent options for poke

Jennifer Shernit

Extremely busy BUT efficiently run only issues...system of ordering a little confusing to those who have never been...and the "fish case" was condensationed up so much that we were unable to see exactly what was in the case (it just made ordering that much more difficult). In the end was worth the issues as the fish there is truly better than everywhere else we'd been.

Chris Haines

Great fresh fish and poke. Best plate lunch in town. This place is so good and so small that you will often have to wait outside before you can squeeze in and order. This would be 5 stars review if they weren't cash-only here. Come on, guys, it's 2017...

Albien Van Montero

Great fresh ahi poke and the wasabi mayo sauce.

Mike Ohmstede

Really good poke bowl for lunch. It can be intimidating- we saw tourists walk out in fear. If you are a first timer, just confidently walk up to the counter and order, and *listen* as there are many questions, and you will have a good experience. A little like Seinfeld’s soup-nazi episode if not. Bring cash.

Nora Hinds

Great plate lunch. Cash only but who cares. Buy fresh caught fish to grill yourself. They will be locating to their new location in a few months which should provide better parking and less crowded wait line. The best stop for the local Poipu/Koloa area.

Karen Arman

The best poke we had in Kauai. Simple and delicious. It’s a small shop with many fresh and raw seafood. They also have kids options like cooked or seared Ahi or fried chicken with rice and salad. If you’re lucky like us, you can seat nearby, but don't count on it as there isn't plenty of stools.

Sinclair Corker

Awesome prices .Cash only. I called ahead and they had it wrapped for me ready to go. Very happy

Nicholas Diehl

Amazing fresh fish

Ryan Zierolf

Best food in Koloa without a doubt.

Jared Brewer

Best poke ever!!! Hands down Randy the owner is one of the nicest guys in the island!

Nick Wainwright

This had the best poke on the whole island. Great with the wasabi cream for a little extra bite. When I come back I will head straight here.

Michael Connors

Good selection and daily fresh fish crab etc

Jennifer Min

Hands down the best and freshest fish poke I've ever had. I had ordered a side of tako poke and split half and half an order of the avocado ahi poke and shoyu ahi poke on rice with seaweed salad (labelled as ocean seaweed). The place is small and is not a sit down, but there is a nice park down the road with plenty of picnic tables. Staff are super friendly and efficient.

joanna luong-tran

This was very fresh and tasty and the prices were reasonable. This was better than pono market in kappa

Scott Howard

Great place for fresh fish, poke and plate lunches

Elitania Moreno

I loved the different styles of ahí tuna and the pork in banana leaf .

Angelica Moreno

Very inviting. Priced well. And it is amazing, delicious food delivered in lighting speed. Best poke ever.

Troy Peterson

I recommend the wasabi cream sauce

Michael Chan

Typical good Hawaiian poke. A little more expensive than other fish markets.

Rodney Asbrock

Poke was so fresh I think the fish was still breathing. Delicious, and we made a fantastic ocean side picnic out of it for a perfect afternoon.

Tim Mason

Best poke spot in Poipu/Koloa area. Remember cash only!

Eric Ennis

Fantastic local place that moved into a new building and expanded their menu. Love the plate lunches and the excellent poke here. Really glad they take credit cards now as well. Your patience with the lines and parking will be rewarded.

Melanie Tam

Stopped in to pick up some poke for dinner. Everything tastes really good/fresh but it's pretty expensive at $19.99 a pound. I feel like you could get similar quality at almost half the price at Foodland. I did appreciate the fact that they were open late though (and by late, I mean 6 pm because it seems that many places aren't open past 2 pm on Kauai). They have a lot of different flavors to choose from. I can't remember which ones we ordered but we got a little bit of each to try. Tip - cash only

Roxana Kuehl

Very fast, seared Ahi was expensive but amazing.

David Yanacek

We were looking for fresh fish to grill, and they recommended some delicious Opah, cut it up for us, and they had some great marinade and topping. SO good, better than anything we would have found in a restaurant by a lot!

Adam Schulz

Lots of great poke varieties

howard arnott

Coolest place ever!

Kenny Macdonald

Very kind service. Many options. Fantastic poke. The fish (cooked) on the plates was a little overdone. Otherwise fantastic meal. Not many seating options nearby and parking can be busy, but worth the effort

ciofirca harca

Delicious Laulau...

Dace Sevcuna

A little hole but the food is amazing. Poke was delicious and fresh

Paula Deppe

Great fresh fish!

Chanel Santiago

The poke melted in our mouths! It's definitely some of the best poke I've ever had. Extra thumbs up for the wasabi and avocado poke! Sadly we jumped at eating it and didn't take any photos.

Kevin Godden

Food great staff great, parking not so much.

Tim Jopson

Delicious quick plate lunch. Chicken and meatloaf are excellent and affordable

Jeff Wooden

Awesome, but small, selection of reasonably priced fresh fish and poke. Helpful staff offered cooking tips and marinades (for sale). Cash only!

Paul Pearson

Rivals the best poke on the island!

Claudia Benavente

This place was recommended by some friends for their poke. And they were spot on! We walked in and were thrown back by the low key appearance of the place, but decided to try it anyway. Oooh boy! Best poke ever! They let us get a mix with a little bit of their different flavours and it was great! Highly recommended.

Richard C E Soon

Good tasty food

Keeman Au

Recommended by our Lyft driver, super fresh and huge portions! Must try, defo our fav poke! Also reasonable pricing! Don’t go towards the end of the day, risking all poke’s being sold out!

Danny Porter

Great service. Efficient in every way. Love this place.

Adam Sachitano

Excellent poke and fresh ahi

Team Fayson

Holy moly delicious. 3 pounds of various poke, each one better than the last. Get there early as they sell out quick and always packed.

Jeremy Palumbo

Huge, satisfying lunch plate. I didn't know what to order so I just asked for something good. She directed me to a combo plate for $14 with fresh fish, slaw, macaroni salad and rice. It was really tasty and enough for two to share as long as you're both not ravenous. Or for one extremely hungry tourist, it'd be great too. Note that there is no seating here.

Chris Blackburn

Looking forward to spicy ahi and avocado poke.

Sean Martin

Cash only, so be advised. Closest ATM is a few shops up at the grocery store. Great poke and other fresh fish options. The fish was very fresh, we had various poke and tako. Even though we went end of day they were willing to make more for us if we wanted. Friendly staff and super fresh fish and great flavor.

Jessica Hubbs

Korean poke was great

Nick Seguin

Tasty food, great people

Kai Wang

Just like every town has a good bar or cafe, every town in Hawaii has a good poke house. The fish market though small is the go-to spot in Koloa if you want some poke on this side of the island. There are loads of options to choose from, though it can get a bit overwhelming yelling across the room to place your order — especially with the place packed. There’s a couple of tables outside that you can eat out at. And the next door wine/beer store may be a good place to grab some drinks to pair with your poke — though you probably can’t drink in public. Local shops here as well if you need a stamp of approval. When in Hawaii, grab some poke!

andrew scaboo

Wonderful poke and great service

Garett Palecek

Great pokè, could explain ordering a little better instead of yelling at customers.

Jordan Spurling

Just what a poke shop should be. Large variety of poke. Small, quick and affordable. Definitely recommend.

Melony Chakrabarty

Fresh seafood, great poke! Pic - medium size poke w/ Maui onion ahi tuna poke & avocado ahi tuna poke w masago toping and wasabi sauce

Carl Brown

A great place with prices much lower than nearby. They're friendly, helpful, and busy!

Karung Beras

Fish of the day is great, Lau Lau is better than Da Kitchen at Maui..

Luciana Cerqueira

Fresh fish poke, super worth it! They have changed address, it’s very close to the old one, though.

William Drennan

Good selection of fish products, friendly staff.

Claudia Zajac

Ordering here is interesting and somewhat intimidating but once you get the hang of it you will understand what the hype is about. Delicious fresh fish for a great price. Poke bowl- (#) scoops rice- with or without wasabi cream-type of poke (i recommend korean ahi and shoyu ahi)- ocean salad or kimchi cucumbers. Enjoy!

Laura DeBruin

Delicious poke! We asked for a recommendation and we weren’t disappointed. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the service was fast even though they were busy.

Jeffrey Lawton

The Lau Lau plate was fantastic.

jim freeman

Nice place to eat on the island

John Kennedy

Got the swordfish poke, which was delicious. As someone new to the poke game I enjoyed the overall experience and the food was pretty tasty. I like hole in the wall spots and this is definitely one of them. Would definitely go back! Giving it only four starts before the lady at the cash register kind of shoved the brown paper bag in my hand after I paid.

Douglas Gampon

One of the best local grinds in koloa town and they have really good fish stew all kinds of seafood pupus you know that Aloha Douglas Dillon Gampon

Michael Carone

Sushi and lau Lau combos are worth the stop

Kara Lum

You can buy plate lunch stuff, but your probably better off with the poke. They have drinks, baked goods/desserts and chips, as well. Small storefront, but good food and very fairly priced. No eating area, though, so you gotta get it to go.

silvia pirvulescu

Amazing poke. One suggestion though.. the chucks of ahi are too big! Would be nice if they would be cut decent size to fit in your mouth. I hope someone reads this I think it will improve the experience :)

James Wakefield

Excellent poke! A place to get your food to go.

Mortiz Winter

Best plate lunch place!!! Good flavors original food.

Theresa Ferreira

Amazing local plate lunch. Try the teriyaki ahi

Amir Doron

Great poke. The kimchi poke was outstanding

Miroslaw Amarowicz

Best $6 you can spend on this island by walking around a beautiful green space, flowers, little lakes, birds everywhere. You can get a bag of bird feed for ¢50 and they'll eat out of your palm. We spent two hours taking pictures and exploring.


Great stop had lunch.

Mandy Hoffard

Great flavors, lots of food, and nice people working there!

Fred Shields

Crazy, local poke place. Fun, fast, and good. If you haven't been there before prepare for the fast pace because it starts with ordering.

Meghan Lever

Fresh, local and fast. A line out the door during lunch is always a good sign. Everything we got was delicious.

Anthony Ferreira

Great poke and Lau Lau!

Lore Conway

The food is always fresh, delicious and cooked to order. I highly recommend. A MUST GO!!!!

Darlene Harris

Very busy, small parking lot hard to get in and out of. Building very new, clean. Highly recommended to us by locals for poke and laulau. Poke was excellent. Before ordering laulau, asked girl clerk if it was pork/butterfish kind- she said "No, we only make authentic Hawaiian kind." Didn't want to disagree, but I grew up in islands and the only kind I remember from childhood to adulthood was pork with salt pork & butterfish. Ordered it anyway as was nearly desperate for laulau- it's hard to find. Yuck. It was a very small piece, barely enough luau leaves to cover the piece of dry pork, set inside ti leaves but you could tell it had been sitting in water. The flavor had all but washed off. So very disappointed. But the lomi was very good. Mac salad not island style...tasted like Miracle Whip...$2.99 for half cup. Would go back for poke...not laulau.

Pam Samonte

Love their fried chicken and seared ahi... prices were way more expensive compared to mainland poke but worth the price... will come back to try other food in the menu.

Eric Chun

When I come back with my family, we always have to make a stop and get some poke. Staff are always nice and friendly.

Ambereen Ebrahim

Quick and inexpensive and delicious poke and fish.

Greg Milbourne

Very friendly, gracious, and generous customer service. Patient with naive tourists like myself.

Douglas Winter

Great poke.

Lei Cheng

local spot have hella good poke tuna just melt it in your mouth and cucumber super fresh too

Samson Man

Fantastic Poke joint. The freshest ahi (tuna) and the tastiest sauces that went with it. They also have a delicious coconut dessert which was creamy and more-ish. Wouldn’t mind eating that everyday. It is a perfect place to stop after zip lining. So so so so so good!!! Bravo!!!

Todd Marino

Seared Ahi is awesome! Also had the avocado poke, delicious!

Marcos Luna

THE BEST POKE BOWLS in alllll of Hawaii! Seriously. For $10, you get some of the most delicious poke you’ll ever have in your life. Go now.

Terri Argotsinger

Great place to get some casual food. No frills about this place.

Ryan McCloskey

If you want local fresh poke, this is the place.

john egusquiza

If ur in poipu u need 2 hit dis place up. Fantastic!

Amy D'Entremont

This was the absolute best poke I’ve ever had. The ahi tuna practically melts in your mouth. I got the avacado tuna, spicy tuna, and maui onion tuna and all were great but the maui onion was my favorite. The wasabi cream on top was great and even the sushi rice was notably good. This is my last day on Kauai for this trip, but I’m sure I’ll be back!

JT Auldridge

This was our first poke experience. We tried the teryaki, wasabi, spicy and avacado flavors. Our favorite was the avacado followed by the wasabi. A local bar tender told us this was his favorite place to get poke.

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