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REVIEWS OF Kilauea Fish Market IN Hawaii

Walter Staten

Gotta have their Ono fish wrap! Truly my favorite place to eat on the north Shore of Kauai.


Very fresh fish.. Tasty food.. You can also buy fresh fish.. The only problem is for some reason food comes out really slow. It's always the best to call 20-30 minutes before arrival and order your food. It will be ready when you get there.

Sandra Lawes

They make really fresh Ono and it's wonderful. The side comes with a salad and rice - my choice anyway. It was all very , very good and reasonable.

Andrew Jasso

Overly priced

Dave Harper

Not a very good selection

Martha Quero

I can go on and on and on about how freakishly good this place was. Its a small shop and they are just grilling right in front of you. The fish is fresh, expensive but unbelievably delicious. Probably the best fish Ive ever had in my life. Definetly worth every penny and I suggest everyone come here. I still dream about the taste of this fish. So so yummy!

Kyle White

The workers were arguing about some way the fish was cut and I just sat there waiting to order. They kept going and were being so rude to each other. I got fed up of waiting and just left. It was awkward.

Paul Paruginog

Fresh fish to take home. The dine-in food is OK.


Great Local Spot! The food was great. I had the Poke salad. It doesn't look like much but the food is really good.

Sy Shim

Last person to place an order and they forgot about it, then said, "Im so sorry your order fellin the trash, can i get you some poki while you wait?" Waited 45min. Kilauea Fish Market aint like it used to be and the owner is gonna hear from me tomorrow. LAGGING IN SERVICE TRAINING AND WELCOMING CUSTOMERS!


I would describe this as “meh” at best. The ahi tuna burrito was good as a plate (unwrap the tortilla). They could do a lot better on the fish tacos and burritos by heating up their tortillas. Not terrible. But nothing amazing. Get some hot sauce from Kauai juice Co. Next door.

Kelsey Freeman

Definitely one of my favorite meals while on vacation in Kaua’i. I had the fish plate with brown rice and green salad. Their salad dressing is so good and the fish was cooked perfectly. It’s a casual place, but the food was amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone visiting Kaua’i!

Janice Clark

The food is fantastic and the staff is terrific as well. I ate here yesterday and was completely satisfied. The fish is fresh and the portion sizes are large. I think this place is a complete bargain for the quality of food it serves. Definitely a must for any trip to Kauai!

Michael Pak

It is ok -- not sure that it deserves all the hype that it receives. They do have good poke and flavors on the burritos and the wraps are good. I cannot speak for how sanitary they are. Not sure if this joint rose to the fame because it is genuinely good, or because it happens to be the only joint of its league in the town.

Anthony Nuivo

Ahi wrap tastes good and is huge

Mark Staten

Great fish tacos when visiting Kauai always come here a few times each trip

Jason Kibbey

Always incredibly fresh delicious fish

Jake Bankson

Fish tacos were amazing

Bill Estes

My Ono was a little dry my wife's swordfish was perfect. 2 piles of rice is one too many


Hole in the wall;) Loved it;))

Karen Kobayashi

I'm eating my fantasy meals while here on Kauai and this beautiful salad was one of them! The ahi was so fresh, it melted in my mouth like butter! Seared to perfection!

Tabitha Aldridge

Authentic and delicious! Don’t skip this stop on the island!

Amanda Souders

Tiny deli with nice courtyard seating. Great poke burritos and salads. Kauai Juice is right around the corner and pairs great with the fish!

Gary B. Haley

The food was good but the employee who plated our food was a bit sassy, and not in a cute way. The entire meal was spent constantly swatting at flies, but still, the food was good.


Ok food, long lines at dinner time.

Manny C

Bra dis place get all da local kine grinds for get your day started and for when you end your day all day grinds bu. But make sure you get there at da right time cause you gotta get da good ones.

Alex Grebe

Awful service and attitude. But good food, not sure I’d go back though.

Christopher Tolo

Could have been better if we took food to go. The outside where we ate smelled strongly of sewage and the flies were rabid. Felt like we paid for a 5 star meal but ate it on the street. My fish was good but not memorable.

Alexandra Maltsberger

Really enjoyed this place, but be prepared for a long wait.

Erik Baldwin

Fresh catch, really friendly staff, and lots of good quick lunch options.

Yvo Boom

Best poke, fish and fried chicken, must visit!

Elionne Cambeilh

Have eaten here now for about 15 years and it's pretty consistent. The food is excellent, i just always wish they had a better drink selection!

John Modzelewski

Beautiful little market place to do some shopping, and the fish market will not disappoint.

Bartholomew Sojka

Ordered the ahi burrito and the Korean bbqs chicken w brown rice and macaroni potato salad... all was very good would add few extra sesame seeds to Korean bbqs chx...

Karen Blasczyk

Stopped for dinner. We had the Ono and Swordfish plates. Extremely casual outdoor seating, absolutely wonderful food! Loved it!

Guillem Casas

Great and tasty food. Go for the tacos and the burritos!

Katelin Brogan

Really good food

David Maltz

Excellent grilled fish dishes. We tried all three specials of the day, and all were excellent. Great green salad and dressing. The ambiance is so-so - outside tables in a court yard area, paper plates and plastic cutlery. Bathrooms are in the Bakery across the street. The owners seem very nice.

Lee H

fried saimin da bomb!

Leslie Spenceer-Snider

Ah, the food! I could not rate it any higher. Made fresh while you wait and it is good! Tip, stand back and decide what you want because if you don't the people behind you will get upset. Everything is good so just go for it!

Wade Grimes

Really great food. Garlic shrimp was outstanding. Also tried the Ahi Poke salad. Very fresh. Really pretty area to eat at outside.

Bonnie A

Great local fare! The grilled fish plates are delicious!

Joshua Jonas

Fresh Fish! Best fish tacos to date and a very friendly staff! Mahalo!

Vinny Wang

Food was ok, nothing special, staff was very friendly and nice.

Kevin Huang

There might be a wait as food isn't the fastest here but there is often live music and it is worth waiting 15 min for. Byob so run across the street to the beer shop.

Sundar Rajan

Great food, though not inexpensive

Mike Simonton

Decent prices nice atmosphere friendly staff.

Lawrence Kim

Cockroach infested dump run by teenagers with no adult supervision. 14 year old boy said f**k you when I asked for utensils (apparently they ran out of forks, knives, spoons, napkins and boxes -- fine but why is he so angry at me?). The cook went bananas and was cursing me when they ran out of fish, vegetables, etc. (again - why are they taking it out on me? How is that my fault). Food was burnt to a crisp. These kids need adult supervision and training. They were going nuts because past their bedtime apparently. (There was only a cranky 14 and 16 year old running the place). I have reported this dump to Hawaii department of Health. Avoid at all costs.

Michael Gester

Fresh swordfish was super tasty! Prices are reasonable for what you get.

Nancy Dake

Popular, crowded, raining, not enough seating, and we waited nearly an hour for our order, but they "lost it". Absolutely no bathrooms at the shopping center where they are located. They did refund us what we paid, no food, so cannot provide a review.

Graes MGIK

Fresh fish. Had a bit of a wait for ordered food.

Chris Holland

I've eaten burritos all over North America, San Diego, Florida, NYC, Atlanta, Mexico etc. And the Ono Burrito here is definitely a top 5 burrito. It's fresh, it's BIG, it's full of flavor and the fillings are perfectly distrubted and perfectly wrapped. Also the potato/mac salad is awesome. Way better than anything else on the island. Portions are big and the price is well worth it. Also being open until 8pm is a huge bonus. A must stop on the North shore.

John Westwood

The fish was incredible. I got the Swordfish with the salad and loved every bit of it. It is a very small restaurant with no indoor seating. However, there are a number of outdoor picnic benches that you can sit and eat at.

Kenzie Paull

Oh my this place is so good. I had the ahi burrito, my friends had tacos. All around amazing, filling food.

Blake Beers

Delicious fish tacos with a generous portion of fish seasoned just right!. Poke and grilled fish plates looked good too. Will definitely go back again.

Lynne Dewar

Fantastic Fish Salad

Paul W

I typically don't order dish tacos if they're grilled instead of fried because I think it tastes too fishy. However, since this place only sells them grilled I went for it. They were absolutely delicious and a generous size.

Kevin Talley

So tasty! You will have so many different options to satisfy your wants and needs!

Raven Stevens

You can purchase fish to go or eat a delicious meal. We recommend the fish tacos or the tuna burrito. Yum!

Lou Quiroz

Amazing!!!!! Very relaxed vibex, great service, and amazing grub!!!

Kristine Casal

This place was our first stop upon arriving to Kauai. Good poke bowl and Korean chicken. A tad bit pricey but not too bad for fresh sea food.

Ken Stearns

We ate in food was alright fish a little over cooked for my taste

Jefferson ammon

Best place we have eaten at on the island! Wait time was a little long but worth it!

Edward DeMellier

A very small place with outdoor seating. We had the ahi poke salad and it was wonderful. They sell no alcohol so bring your own if you think you need it. They have a very interesting menu featuring fish and vegetarian dishes.

Joseph Gambino

Great local find with a relaxing atmosphere. Not the fanciest stop but the food was fantastic. My wife has the fish tacos and I had the peppered pork. It is a short distance off the highway as you drive up the coast and well worth a try!

Mark Eversman

A little overpriced and only outdoor seating

Blank Johnson

The best fish tacos I’ve ever tried.

John Howlett

Amazing fish tacos, burritos, and plate. It was all super tasty. Better than expected.

Nicolas A de Porcel

This place is pretty good for a take-out spot, I got the Ono tacos and they were very good. The sauce was spectacular I'm not sure what it was maybe some sort of Wasabi garlic type deal. Would definitely recommend for a quick snack to take to the beach.

Sandra B

It is not a fish market, it is just a normal fish cafe!! The fresh fish ist very delicious BUT - too much plastic for dinnerware and silverware - you have to search the fish in the dishes - for the portion of fish it is to expensive Greetings ✌

Joseph F.

Food was pretty good but a little pricy. 25 min wait at 1:30 pm.

Orlando Swain

Amazing fresh fish ,we had the ahi plate great meal, I'll be back for sure.

Richard poulter

Very casual! Excellent fresh fish and friendly service. Bring your own favorite beverage. Their selection limited..

jan snarski

This place is amazing. Best poke on the island

Dennis Porter

Super fresh fish

Jason Freeman

This place had some amazing salad dressing and excellent fish. Shared a plate, but could have eaten a whole plate on my own with how yummy that fresh fish was. Rice, fish, salad. Solid lunch.

Jeffrey Mashak

The ahi burrito was good, though, for hot sauce, they only had sriracha. I've never cared for sriracha.

Steve Zhang

Decent food. Large portion fair priced.

Bri Payne

Amazing fish tacos!


Good food but too much noise and too many flies on the only outdoor seating. Maybe best for a takeout place.

Chelsea Wright

Food was really great! Definitely worth checking out. I just wanted to point out that it says you need a reservation up there and you don’t! Super casual, seat yourself restaurant. Great fish!

Nicholas Diehl

Amazing fresh fish

David Basler

AMAZING food! Must stop! Lighthouse nearby is wonderful and then stop here for lunch. Ahi plate is fantastic. So are the tacos and the BBQ chicken (all pictured). Nice outdoor seating area too with a cross breeze on hot summer days.

Alexander Pauwelyn

Delicious food for a good price! A real must go if you are in the north shore area!

Red Castro

Overpriced overpriced overpriced asked for a ahí/marlin burrito no rice no beans! They weighed the fish and charged me 22 dollars for a burrito I waited for outside by their benches hot

Matt Kuhn

Perfect Ahi Tuna from a hole in the wall setting. Love it.

Anne Eliason

Love their fish tacos!

Randall Cook

The food was excellent. Really tasty fresh fish. I loved the Ono I had. It was cooked perfectly. The downside is that there are few tables, and the nearest bathroom is half a block away.

Lori Wright

This was an awesome place to have a nice , laid back lunch. I got the small kauai greens with swordfish. The fish was cooked to perfection and the greens were fresh and the dressing yummy. Will definitely make this a regular event ! Staff was all pleasant and helpful.

dawn pratt

Delicious plate dinners! Fresh fish tasted amazing and the pasta salad was the best!

Deb Flickinger

Yummy fish! Could ate alot of it!

Jolee Nebert

Average fish dishes served with attitude and an abundance of flies. I honestly don’t know why the reviews were so high.

Martin Klein

We had the best poke on the whole island! Great food, very good products. You need a little bit time, but its worth it.

Neil Brosnahan

Long wait to get food. Had to clean our own table to eat at. Much better choices for the money.

J Jensen

Fast, friendly and tasty. Great little spot with outdoor shops.

sarah miller

Always a great meal! A must stop when in the Kilauea area.

Colton Hansen

Great fresh fish cooked very well but lack of seating

Robert Romero

The cashier was friendly upbeat while taking my order. Placed an order for Fresh Ahi Wrap. I then went outside to pick a seat from a limited selection. I believe there where 5 tables to choose from, but only one table was vacant. There is no seating inside. However, the outdoor seating is nicely covered for shade. There was only one order ahead of me, a couple. About twenty minutes waiting for my order. As I picked up my order I was quickly informed that there was no salsa. She quickly turned around before I could even say a word. The shrug off! I should of been informed at some point during ordering or thereabouts. It would be like Starbucks telling you as you picked up your coffee, no cream. And you take cream and sugar. It's a rude gesture. In this situation a customer should be informed with some concern of an incomplete order. Making sure the customer is ok or satisfied with an incomplete order. Unfortunately Kilauea Fishmarket hasn't maintained its once reputable reputation.

Grant Ely

“Best fish I have ever eaten” is what my Mom said. This blew me away because she has eaten fish her whole life in multiple countries. My wife, parents, and I had an amazing meal there and we are planning to go back. Thank you!

Trae Sebastian

I got the ahi wrap with the cooked ahi. The fresh fish was delicious and the wrap (what they are known for) had some great flavor. I would highly recommend this to anyone craving fish anything (wraps, tacos, plates, etc). Also, make sure to specify if you want your fish seared, cooked, or raw when you order as they don’t always ask. Overall, great spot for fresh fish.


Food is a 5/5. Service is 1/5. While the food is delicious, expect to wait a long time for your food. I have come here twice during my 30 min lunch break and asked for my food to-go. Twice I was late to work due to their service. The first time I was told my food would be ready in 5 min, and it took 30 min. The second time I was told it would be 15 min and it took 1 hour and 10 min!!!!! Ridiculous. Many other customers were upset too. Granted, I came during lunch hours. I'm going to assume that's the busiest time for them. I would not recommend eating here if you're in a rush. The layout of their restaurant is strange and cramped, maybe it would benefit them to reorganize. Also, I found a thick white string (about 2 inches long) in my burrito. How the heck did that get in there? However, my burrito was so good I would still come back again....when I have time to spare.

Jeff Wooden

Small selection of overpriced fish. Tried some Poke which was good, but not great. There is better places in Kauai.

Nicolas Doka

Great food, but long wait time when busy.

Jennifer Galvan

Great food, wait was a bit long. Careful if you go when it's dark out, there are no lights on street or anywhere leading to it. Also, each time we went they were out of the mac salad.

Penny Aguirre

Great food and friendly service people! I had the blue mackerel, and my daughter had the swordfish. Delicious! And the salad dressing was also delicious. I highly recommend this place.

Debra Desha

Quaint and enjoyable atmosphere. We ordered the ahi burrito(seared) and the bbq chicken plate with brown rice and potatoe macaroni salad .everything was fresh, and tasted amazing. This is a definite go to while on the island .

Johan Wictor

Very good.

Wes Batte

I waited an hour. I cleaned the tables with a dish rag from the gloved cook. The cook took the dirty rag with the same gloved hand and contunued cooking. Half the order came out. We fought off flies until the other half came out. My Ahi (tuna) taco was actually chicken. I took it inside and showed the cook. He asked if I was sure it was chicken. I pulled the cartilage from the meat and showed him. I left feeling ripped off. Good luck if you chance here.

Chad Bauer

A fun spot to grab some Hawaiian food with seating outdoors. Love the option to BYOB and the fish was super fresh. One of the best Oho burritos I have ever had! Were accommodating with vegetarian options, including Tofu.

Michael Herman

A plate of Ahi tuna, rice and macaroni salad was $20. The fish was average but nowhere near the quality I would expect for the price. Underwhelming food considering how this place was recommended by nearly everyone who visited.

Breanna Campbell

Good but incredibly overpriced!

Larry Leite

Food was excellent but there are no bathrooms on site


Didn't find anything worth buying in here. Price point felt better at other stores though the nearest would be the foodland at Princeville

Brian Barna

Made to order plate may take a minute, but worth it. Nice location on way to Kilauea lighthouse.

Max Coppin

Great, casual spot with a small outdoor seating area. Takeout available and you can order ahead by phone. Ahi tuna wrap was great and all food is cooked fresh to order. Loved it so much we went back. There's a great coffee and chocolate shop called Trilogy in the same complex, across the lawn.

Jason Hover

Fish tacos were decent, atmosphere not much

aaron barquist

Great pork also!!

Jeffrey Yen

Flavor was not in abundance. Expect a long wait for relatively bland food served by harassed staff. Limited seating and a distinct lack of condiments. At least the trash can is close by. Not worth the wait or the hype.

Mike Fiore

Amazing fish tacos. Came recommend to us and we are so glad we went...

edan kfir

Great food

Ashle Danciu

This was the best poke that I had during my trip. Had to plan a raincheck trip after a plumbing repair left the whole block very stinky but it was worth it. They had a now hiring sign in the window and a half hour wait. The community is supportive so order in or come earlier then you think. Very nice employees and seemed very clean.

Shane Rahrle

Had the tacos and wrap. Both were a bit messy but delicious. Really enjoyed the outdoor seating and the service. Food is reasonably priced. Only thing I would say is the fish can be overpowered by everything else with the dish. Still tasty though.

K Parker

Amazing food!

David Palmer

The fish we got from the market was great. Extremely fresh and very tasty. We frequented the market more than once during our stay.

Harry Stone. Jr.

Wait is long, but dynomite

Ling xoxo

It's pretty good food I wouldn't call to my Hale for it but I like how they season the meat.

Steven Larky

Best Ahi burritos on Kauai

Arnold Family

3/12/2019 Googled for great ahi and tripped across this place. It was only us and one other couple and the wait was a little long, but the food was delicious!! The young man behind the counter had a great personality and was super cool about our ignorant main-lander questions. He even pulled out a tray of fish to show us how fresh it was! (Not that there was any question - we were just inquiring as to whether they caught the fish themselves or purchased it). A little pricey, but I can't say that it was unreasonable. Great place to stop for lunch if you're on the way to check out the Kilauea lighthouse - it's right on the way.

Yuki Y

Fresh seafood at reasonable price. Great place for a casual lunch!

Yvonne D

We thought the fish tacos (had an Ono and ahi) and ahi salad were fantastic, huge, & worth the price. Our friends split a burrito and were happy. I would definitely come back. We had to wait 20 minutes for our food and we were okay with that since we got a table.

Ben Louie

Long wait for food but good tacos.. portions are huge

Evan Booker

Good food, rude and terrible service. Wear bug repellent, it's a hive for mosquitos.

Eric McConkey

Friendly and helpful staff. Gave us nice tips on getting around the island. The seared and raw ahi tuna was superb.

Lore Conway

Always a must stop. Local fresh fish cooked to order. Large portions. Absolutely delicious. A MUST STOP and experience. Highly recommend. Let me know what you think :)

Tom Wilson

It was so good, we went back another day. Each time we had a lunch plate: chicken, two scoops of rice, macaroni salad, freshly cooked. An authentic island experience at a very reasonable price. Tip: BYOB.

Bill Theis

Very fresh fish. Prepared well

Brian Kim

The ahi fish wraps are as good as you've heard. It's a must-eat every time I visit Kauai.

Bradley Mannering

I visited Kilauea Fish Market after seeing the rave reviews here on Google maps and have to say I was disappointed. Not pictured in my shot is the "Conditional Pass" Food Inspection sign hanging in the window to the right. I was a little hesitant to continue my visit after reading of "employee hygiene issues" and "food temperature issues." I overheard employees talking about individuals not switching gloves or washing their hands between meats and different stations. I saw first hand evidence of this while watching the staff prep the meals. (After I ordered of course.) I pushed through and ordered the Korean chicken plate. After 45 minutes of waiting when there was only one group in front of me I was met with underwhelmingly dry chicken thighs(probably a result of the recent inspection). Their sauce was decent, rice was good, but the potato Mac salad was by far the best thing on the plate. I went in with highs hopes but there would need to be a major overhaul before I'd consider going back.

Gavin Schoof

If I could eat here every day I would, so fresh and so flippin good! My favorite is the ono wrap with a side of cucumber kim. Try pouring some of the liquid from the cucumber into the wrap for something really special!

Mark Bondarenko

Delicious seafood, very fresh!


Delicious fish and side dishes. We ate outside and brought our own bottle of wine. It was a really delicious and memorable meal.


Good fish tacos and very casual dining option

Alex Chiang

Excellent poke, we liked it better than Ishihara's on the west side. The wraps are good too, but the poke shines.

Deborah Westwood

Best dinner we had in Kauai! So good...even the salad dressing was incredible. Got the ahi tuna and my husband got swordfish. The wasabi dipping sauce was increadible! Go here if you get the opportunity to!

Leighann Breeze

Great stop for basic grilled fish, brown rice and salad. Healthy and simple. Service was a bit slow though.

Errin Miller

Burritos are great. Loved the ahi salad.

Sutirtha Bagchi

I truly wish my wife and I hadn't made this stop on our way before going for a boat tour of the coast. You ask me why - well where do I begin? Here are some reasons: 1. After I had placed my order, I casually asked what the wait times were and was told that the wait time was 35 minutes. I wish I could have been provided that information earlier because with that information, we would have chosen to go to a different place as we were on a somewhat tight timeline. 2. For places that are popular (as judged by the reviews and wait times), you would think that they would have a system which lets people wait things out AND notify them when their meals are ready. Neither was true here. There are very few tables right next to the restaurant itself and those were mostly occupied and second, they did not have any system to notify patrons when their orders are ready. Unlike other restaurants which under these circumstances hand out buzzers to their waiting patrons, Kilauea Fish Market did not have any of those. No - that would be too high-tech for them; they instead simply call out names loudly which also means you have to be within earshot of that place. But that is not all - because we were in a bit of rush, when I checked in with the lady at the front counter to see if my order had been called out, she shooed me because (hear me out) she had confused me with someone else. Apart from the fact that I don't know of anyone else with my good looks and so that should take off more points, it's a little hard to imagine places that would treat its customers with such a cavalier attitude. What makes all of this even worse is that when we finally did get our orders, it had started raining quite a bit (it is Kauai we are in after all) and we had to have our lunch sitting on a table in the rain. Not exactly my (or I suspect your) ideal setting. 3. The place also seemed quite dysfunctional. I saw the person who was interacting with customers and calling out orders (the one who shooed me) also involved in cooking if she had a few moments to spare in between. Likewise, rather than a very systematic process of cooks/ chefs seeing what orders had come in (think McDonalds' here), I saw one of their guys trying to strain his neck to see the orders coming in and then start acting on that. In a similar vein, even though it was not yet noon at that point, they were out of several items - the pork and the macaroni salad and this wasn't even a weekend. It was a Tuesday! 4. As always, I saved the best for the end and so here's maybe the kicker - my wife found a dead fly in her dressing. As she emphasizes, it didn't fall in the dressing; it came with the dressing. I hate insinuations and so I am a little reluctant to throw it around here as well but I will note that at every other restaurant we have eaten at Maui or Kauai (see my many reviews of restaurants on these islands), we found a "Pass" certificate prominently displayed on the shop window. This is the only place where I do not recall having seen a "Pass" certificate in the window and while this is not to say that the place doesn't have it, the general dysfunction of this place + the fly in the dressing would be consistent with this place not being able to pass a basic health inspection. All in all, I would absolutely ask you to stay away from this place. I wouldn't eat here even if I were paid to do so. You have now been warned.

Maricela Swain

Lay back place, delicious menu and absolutely fresh fish.. affordable prices

Noah Solnick

Friendly staff, delicious fish and a no frills outdoor area to stuff your face and take it all in. Feels super local and low key. Poke and grilled options available. BYOB for drinks, pick them up at the store down the street.

Joseph De Vries

The food was fantastic. It was a bit expensive. About $16 a plate. Went at 1pm and there were LOTS of flies. Construction right next door, but the barriers made it less intrusive. 2 kinds of fish. They usually have chicken, but they were out.

Dianne Brueckner

This place has really stepped up its game from last year. I hear they have a new, experienced manager. Took a while for food, because of popularity, but worth it. Nice shaded breezy seating area. Ahi wrap was huge and delicious!

Brian Sobolewski

Good food, fresh fish market style cooked to order with limited choice of fresh sides. Healthy choices available. Outdoor but covered seating only, limited spaces/tables. Parking available. $$-$$$ Worth the stop if you like fresh fish.

Shirley Sonnichsen

Good food. Had a drenching rainstorm. Nowhere to go really. I had fish tacos which were very good and more than enough food in two tacos.

Bruce MacDonald

There may be less expensive sushi around but it was fresh and the service was great.

liz wangenheim

Nice spot to sit outside, delicious food!!

rowena bacarro

Brand new Store

Sherri Cushing

Friendly service. Ono in my taco was a disappointment as it was dry and tough. Ahi seared taco was nice. Large portions and tasty sauces. The restaurant didn't seem busy but the wait was 30 minutes for our food, next time I'd call ahead to order if I didn't have that kind of time.

jon f

Takes a little while but I would expect that for having food made fresh. Grilled chicken teriyaki was awesome. Charming little place. Good food. Nice staff. What more do you want.

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