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Where is Island Fish & Chips?

REVIEWS OF Island Fish & Chips IN Hawaii

Christine Holland

Legendary fish and chips.

R. C. Hughes

Great food!

Matt Reibsamen

Food was good. A little pricey though.

Yan Nenaydykh

Absolutely the best Fish&Chips on the entire Big Island!!! Bravo guys, your Ona just melts in the mouth, - cooked to perfection!

Doug Parrish

Always the best fish for the past five years

Jai Khatri

Fast and affordable food that tastes delicious! The coconut shrimp and calamari were the hightlights for us. The view of the pond and the golf course was an added bonus.

Josie Clark

Best fish on the island. We love this place. Have been multiple times over the years

Mo Latif

Excellent location by the water! Lots of food options!

Piere Ha.

Food was ok service NOT existence.


Pretty good. Local fish (Ono) . Nice location by water feature with Koi swimming in the pond. Slightly higher prices but in a tourist area so to be expected.

Frank Khadijah-Hajdu

Good food and we had fun watching the koi while our food was being cooked!

Ellie Rose

We had dinner here instead of the pricey restaurants nearby. Delicious coconut shrimp and good eats right on the river!

Joshua Fawcett

You get a pretty good bang for your buck here. We ate at quite a few places on the Big Island and this on delivered a good amount of food for the price you paid. The food was quite good as well. It's not the best fish and chips I've ever had but you could tell that it was made fresh. This is definitely a place worth going to again.

Elise Hansen

We loved the coconut shrimp! It was busy, so we waited a bit, but the food was delicious. Try the fried pineapple!

Robert Myers

Tired of Waikoloa high prices? This is the place for you. Fried but fresh, whether it's the fish and chips or the crab cake sliders.

Jerry Chapman

Too pricey for what you get and just OK tasting. There are better choices near by.

Samuel Hicks

Great food. Good price. Fast service. You get to enjoy the koi fish while you eat at the the lakes edge.

Trevor Bathel

Average fried fish/seafood. The service was very quick. Reasonably priced.

Brian Chapman

Excellent fish & chips dinner! Price was reasonable and location is nice and laid back. Highly recommend.

Joel Manly

Reasonably priced. Food was pretty good, quick service.


Pretty Decent! Not inexpensive, but good fish & chips


Beautiful setting, good seafood by the lake...TLR

Kelly Chan

Food was great not greasy at all, and it came with all kind of sauces

Tim Azbell

Food was good. The guy at the counter...

Carrie Chila

What an amazing place they busted out in very tight quarters and they're super friendly and super efficient very delicious

Christopher Erickson

The fish tacos were great!

Jonathon Perzynski

Good food. Good prices


Nice selection, quick and friendly service, fresh ingredients, great location and the view!

Jeffrey Webber

Lets just fry everything. Does it move? Fry it. Does it grow in the ground. Fry it up! Could you fry the condiments? Done son! I feel sick. Have a fry! Dear God, please bestow upon me a fresh garden salad. God: eat your fried salad and like it! What's this purple thing? Fried purple thing!

Parvender Kaur

Best fish and chips I've ever had

Briley Bunch

Fast food, but typical freezer to fryer food. Loved eating by the water.

David Hines

Sub par fish and chips... worst edamame I've ever had

Kathy Miller

Great staff and great food!

Jorge Fernandez de Cordova

Went there to try the famous Loco Moco with a group of 12 people, and I was told that they only serve it for breakfast. There was no one in the entire place. Completely empty and they didn't want to make the dish. They lost 12 customers for 1 dish. Instead we went to Ippy's and had the traditional Loco Moco. Traditional dish in Hawaii that is served during, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

emily sente

The bacon breakfast burrito with salsa is the bomb, and this place is priced well.

Darius Campbell

Waiting on it but the food was good. Just hope it will last with my sensitive stomach. lol

Jas Sandhu

Best fish and chips in Waikoloa. Very reasonable prices.

J Walker

Cheap and very good. It's a must eat at location if on a budget.

Chuck Hages

Not the best - but great price!

Bobby Zurawski

The food was fast food quality. The shrimp gave both me and my brother food poisoning. Would not recommend.

Tade Weber

It was great thank you

Brent Therrian

The fish is very fresh and you can't beat the price.

Paul Chenard

Great food and prices!!

Luc Gray

A good place for a quick meal. They are cheaper than the sit down restaurants near by and locally owned and operated. Decent fish n chips.

Joseph White

Good food fast. Got to sit by a little lake filled with koi

Peggy McClain

Excellent fish and chips!

Scott Crawford

My wife and I eat here all the time it is the best !!


Just don’t waste your money. Their food is soooooo bad.

darren osburn

Been wanting to try for a while. So glad I did! Best fish tacos I've had on any island. Lite, fresh fish, slaw instead of lettuce, great sauce that is mild and flavorful. The cradle cakes are the bomb! As good as any restaurant crab cakes I've had. Just from a hole in the wall counter. Outstanding!

Joe Iezzi

The crab cake after was fantastic. Nothing fancy about the place but food and price is great .

peter fallara

Great fish and chips and good value for the family

Sean Fowler

Great food especially for the price. ~13$ for three cuts of fish and a hand full of fries. Almost all of the menu is fried (even the deserts) but that didn't bother us!

Emily Min

Delicious must try the volcano shrimp!

Bryan Lowry

As good as always. I always take visitors there.

David K. Wilson

Pretty tasty and reasonably priced (for the resort area). Minus one star for charging for soft drink refills.

John Pierce

Good fresh fish.

Rogers O.

Best fish and chips. Period.

Angela Ernst

Delicious with nice outdoor eating area

Mickayla Perzynski

Amazing fish, and great prices!

Adam Waite

Good food and good price.


Nice good quality fish and chips

Rosario Ortoli

Fresh and delicious, not your usual fish and chips. Most of the island makes it worth fresh catch consisting of one of many species of tuna.

Elly Mercer

Yummy! Best local fish and chips! Love the spicy vinegar!Hidden behind all the expensive shops in the Kings shops Waikoloa, definitely a delicious gem, don't miss out.

Tracy Bertapelle

It was very tasty, potatoes were crispy, eggs were perfect and the waffle was delicious. I just expected to have something indoors but it was very nice outside

Caleb Adcock

Good fish and chips. I also got a chicken tender with my meal. The price was decent, but could have been a little cheaper. I think it was about $12-14 not including a drink. There is nice outdoor seating with large tables. It didn’t take too long to get our food considering we had 7 people ordering.

Nicholas Johnson

Good place to eat if you're trying to avoid the resort prices. It's a walk up stand with a good fish sandwich. Most meals with fries and drink are ~$10.


I always come back here when I visit Hawaii. The food is great and prepared well.

Katie Crider

We had both breakfast and dinner here. The fish was fresh with a great crispy tempura batter. The Hawaiian waffle with coconut syrup was fantastic. You also can't beat the prices.

Linda Freed

We really enjoyed sitting by the lake. Fish taco and fish and chips were good fresh fish. We waited maybe 5 mins at 5:30pm. Very reasonable prices.

Ghandi Vwich

Good was good do was the service. I would come back again.

Anna Sidorchuk

Tiny place, good food. Loved the Cole slaw.

Mark Waters

Fresh hot fish and chips at a reasonable price. One of the only food places at the king's shops, and I wasn't ready to pay $58 for a filet.

Zachery Ellis

Very kind staff. Nice place scenery.

John P

Fish & Chips was great and fresh.

Rayzor A

Great place for food Togo

Jessica Sturgis

Awesome Decent priced food! Great employees, they are all very friendly. I suggest if you're going for breakfast get the burrito, very large portion. The only bad thing I would have to say is that the soda from the machine tasted really funny.

Jenny Hernandez

After coming to this little hole in the wall place almost annually for the past 8 years, I am finally getting around to reviewing it. Everytime we come to the Big Island, we stay in Waikaloa and we come here to Island Fish & Chips to eat. It's one of the more affordable places to eat in the area that we've found. Although we only really order the fish & chips, and sometimes the coconut shrimp... So I can't speak for other items on the menu. The fish always taste fresh (not fishy at all), the dipped to order batter is the perfect thickness fried golden and crunchy. The coconut shrimp is super good too. They serve the meals with tarter sauce and coleslaw...both things I don't normally care for but I love their versions. The coleslaw has little bits of pineapple and is so good (sometimes it has a little too much liquid though). I want the recipe! And I love the spicy malt vinegar you can get also. I copied that idea and make my own at home now. I will admit the service isn't always the friendliest depending on the day, but I'm definitely a fan of this place.

Vivian Carboneau

We loved the one fish and chips!

Sony Obregon

Veggie tempura was too salty and had no tempura sauce

Chris Micklatcher

Very good fish and chips, but three small pieces. Plenty of fries.

Aidan Senske

The food was soooooo good!

Josh Philpott

Fish, Ono, was fresh and I like that the batter is light. Quick service. No complaints.

partier 9

Litteraly a hole in the wall. But great fish tacos and fish and chips. I didn't like the crab cakes. Huge koi fish lake/pond they are like little dogs begging for food.

Bruce Conroy

Let me amend my rating. The fish. Ono was excellently cooked and the portion was good for the price so I would give the fish a 5. They use shoestring fries. Would be much better if they used regular or crinkled fries... More texture retains heat better.

John Gourlay

Shrimp and Calamari basket was excellent. Koi in lake by seating area.

Chris Petersen

Wow. Signs everywhere... refills must be paid in advance, napkins/utensils are for customers only, Pepsi/iced tea/sobe all out of order, etc. Wanted a "pick three" food basket but they wouldn't let us order two things of chicken strips - everything needed to be different in the basket. Food was just ok... obviously cheap food service stuff. Also it's just a window to order food - no table service. Cheaper than other restaurants in the vicinity but I would gladly pay more for something else rather than come here again.

Michael Chan

Reasonably priced and great tasting.

david arredondo

Not bad at all... had fish and chips, fish was fresh and fries were edible, tea was not up to texas standards though.

Wendy Spear

Consistently good.

Michael Hicklen

Great fish and chips!

Corbin VanDerMeide

The food was ok. But inconsistent, I got well made food, but my family got not as well made food.

Tim Johnson

Surprisingly good value breakfast

Donald Fertenbaugh Jr

Large portions, relatively inexpensive, great food, nice view of the lake from the tables near the restaurant.

Jodi Adams

One of the best kept secrets in the Kings Shops! I wish I had photos to add, I mostly ate the fish and chips every week for a year. The fish was so good! I mostly stuck to tempura fish, coconut shrimp or fried vegetables. It's a casual budget friendly outdoor eating food stop for unhealthy fried food but it's tasty. The people that work there seem to work extremely long days and they usually have just 1 or 2 people working.

Tylo borsboom

cute little shop! Really fresh fish, great tempura! Great view too!

George Jackson

Pretty good. Ate in the gazebo which gave a nice view of the water and surrounding homes.

Laurel Clark

Not good!

Stuart Greer

I like the fact that the food is cooked fresh when you order, and the setting on the lake is very nice, albeit quite windy. But honestly, the food was a little bland. I ordered the Cajun fish sandwich, and (at least) I didn't taste any sort of seasoning on it. The fries were good tho. And the Volcano shrimp we're pretty good, had some nice flavor. My wife and father-in-law had the crab cakes and both said there was more filling than crab, so were just ok. People cooking we're pretty friendly.

Alison Youssef

A great place to stop and grab a snack while shopping or passing through Waikoloa. It is a tiny shack that sells a handful of fried seafood boxes. The calamari was amazing. The fish too. The seating is comfortable and comes with a great view of the lake, with lots of koi ready to eat your leftovers. Very relaxing and low key.

Ahmedullah Aziz

One of the cheapest options available in its neighborhood. Food is also veey good.

Susan B

Excellent fish and chips. Quick and friendly service. Great for lunch or an easy, quick bite.

Nathan Mol

You won’t be disappointed here. Simple menu, but lots of fish with a light tempura batter. Reasonable prices (it’s counter service and outdoor seating overlooking the pond). Not “the” best I’ve had but it was very good.

Elaine Joice

Yummy food and chips and tempura veggies, large portions and good price.

Neil Harvey

Good food at reasonable prices right by the lake.

Jose E

Good place to eat. We ordered the fish and ship. It has 3 juice pieces of fish, fries and salad. Price is Ok 12.99 USD. I recommended if you are looking for options to save some money and if you want to eat for sea food.

Laura Ferguson

Only 2 oysters, 3 shrimp overcooked, been there several times because it is reasonable price fries not very good but the koi loves them.

Sam Choy

3 tiny oysters, 3 shrimps, 4 quarter sized calamari, cole slaw, and 2 ice cream scoops of rice ... for $15. Cannot be more disappointed.


Excellent food, nice outdoor eating area with lots of fish in the huge pond.

LaDonna Clark

Yummy quick good service. The dining area was clean and comfortable

Dayton Komarek

Very good casual place. Beautiful view and good fish and chips!

Lori Padilla

Beautiful scenic location by the water, friendly and efficient staff but most importantly I had a fish sandwich and it was cooked fresh and tasted great!

Steve Sampson

Good walk-up place with mostly fried food and fish. Good. Places to sit and eat overlooking the fish pond / lagoon that's right there.


The food was good, reasonably priced.

Jed Herrick

On an island where coffee is one of the main crops grown, this place chooses to serve instant nestle coffee. The bacon is microwaved, I watched them do it. And most other items are frozen. Go to lava java in waikoloa village, worth the 10 minute drive.

richard rurka

Great fish and chips

Margaret Stroot

Fish and chips are great. Fair price and the raspberry cheesecake bites are the best!

Paul Ashdowne

Fish and chips were nice with well cooked fish

Tyler Wilson

Pretty tasty fish sticks but the coconut shrimp was our favorite. Whoever's job it is to fix the tables and chairs need to get going.

paul mc laughlin

Delicious fresh fish.

yvonne skrypski

The good is good and reasonable. The service is quick and your are able to eat by the water.

tom voight

A good place to eat if you are shopping or hiking the Kings Road, which is really close by and recommended

Kyle Lehn

Good food tucked away in the back of the shops. Some of the fried food cam out a little oily. Some didn't. Good place to grab a quick bite while shopping.

Michael Ashby

Small place at the Kings Shops with Excellent Fish. Each piece was fried just right. Very reasonable prices too. They also serve other dishes, so if you're in the area, give them a try.

Paul Shearer

Fried and fairly fast. Decent people size. Screwed up my wife's order and refused to fix it.

Alexandra Andres

Great food and delish po boys

Wendy Miranda

Great hidden spot by a lake with koi fish. Food was fresh! Definitely a must while shopping

Thomas Lee

If you like pre-made frozen fish, shrimp, oysters, etc. this is the place for you. Clam chowder has that old oil or old butter taste. Items not deep fried are worse - poor quality food not masked by deep frying.

Will Nordsiek

Went there for breakfast with the family, we all enjoyed it. One child got bacon, eggs and potatoes. The bacon was between soggy and firm, tasty. The eggs were scrambled and thin, tasted good. The potatoes were seasoned little cubes, also tasty. The other child got a Belgian waffle, fortunately they had maple syrup. Waffle also good. I got a stack of steamed rice, tempura fish and eggs. They ask how you like they eggs, it comes smothered with brown gravy which I got on the side, but ended up smothering over the top once I tasted. This was good. The fish batter is tasty, the fish is thick inside, some bites tasting bland. But overall a very good dish. This is completely outdoors, with seating under a gazebo with lights for the nighttime. This sits next to a water feature of a golf course and a great place to see. There was birds hovering around us while we were eating, which was fun for the kids. Also in the water right below, you can see small fish come right to the surface, also fun for the kids. We would come back.

Don Sahota

Pretty good eats!

Jeremiah Wright

Delicious! I am not usually a fish eater. But I wanted to try something while in Hawaii. I went here and tried their fish tacos. And boy was it a treat. They were so delicious. Not what I expected at all but better. I highly recommend this place.

David Petercheff

Nice seating outdoor area. Had the cajun fish sandwich fish which filled me up.

Frederic Lardinois

Great fish and chips. Nothing fancy, but good.

Christopher Allen

Fast, tasty, and inexpensive (relative to the neighborhood).

David Holzmann

Food was delicious! Service: miss, then hit. Visited twice. First time I had to ask a few times before getting the cup for the drink I paid for! And I failed to notice until too late that they left off the tarter sauce and cole slaw. Second time, everything was right.

b dunn

Deep fried fish - breakfast of champions.

David Kuhl

Best, and cheapest, place in the area to get breakfast! Breakfast burrito, lox's and salmon bagel, eggs fish and rice with gravy and waffles;. It was all wonderful and around $10. And relax by the lake while eating . Breakfast served from 7:30 to 10:30.

Majid Jadidi

The staff are not nice and the food does not taste good! I had better fish and chips at other restaurants in the island.

Jason Wornom

The food was delicious. This simple little place with the walk-up window for ordering puts out some food with huge flavor. The fish tacos are highly recommended. The salsa that comes with them is super fresh and very good. The crab cake sliders are also fantastic. The other fried options are good as well. The only negative thing I can say is that the refills on drinks are not free like most places and the tea is fountain style and not fresh so it didn't taste that great. As far as the food goes though, I'd definitely go back. Especially for the fish tacos.

Ferol Kolons

The fish and chips are amazing. It's the only thing to eat here. I've tried other things on the menu but nothing compared to the fish and chips.

Analisa-Albert Kaneta-Togafau

Love the food

Lind Karr

Great Location

andre draper

Good food

Luis Rivera

Great little spot, the food was good too.

Leila and Luke Prashad

Good place


Good food nice location. Good place to get a bite to eat after shopping. Nothing fancy but very tasty.

Aaron Draime

I asked for a meal using no single use plastic and I got a blank stare, she said she couldn’t help me. I will spend my money elsewhere.

Brandon Culp

Good food for a quick service plus the view is pretty nice from the outdoor seating area.

Jessica Goldberg

Good quick bite to eat! Friendly service and nice area to eat.

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