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REVIEWS OF Atlanta Fish Market IN Georgia

Jennifer Miller

Food was fresh and hot, staff was nice and quick!

Candace Stewart

I ordered the lobster tail with sides. I also had grilled oysters for an appetizer. The lobster was the best. The oysters not so much. I had better. The seasoning was bland and they loaded them with too much cheese. My husband had the Tilapia. He wasn't impressed. Neither was I. We had a table of 8 so I tried other dishes. The best was by far the lobster. Would I go again..yes! But only for the lobster. Nothing else. The service was excellent. I can't think of anything that I would have wanted differently.

Angel El

The staff was fantastic as well as the food. Our waiter did not miss a beat and made our first experience a wonderful one

Yolanda Townsend

Service was great and the food was delicious! Will definitely be back!

Dara Punancy

Everything I ordered was delicious!! the bisque, the salmon.....the bread pudding! The server was extremely helpful and charming. I definitely want to come back.

TL Shelton

We celebrated my son 21st birthday dinner here. I wanted to surprise him with an restaurant that was new to him. We enjoyed every moment of it. The atmosphere was excellent as well as the food. My son said that he had a good time. We will definitely visit again.

Deidre Lynn

The food was fresh and absolutely amazing. I had the fried seafood combo and it was soooo tasty. I thought the prices were fair considering the food was so good. I don't remember dessert though. It's a great place for a special occasion or just a nice size group outing. You will not be disappointed.

Dot Duckett

With family and friends. However there were other Stars dinning there that evening.

Pepito Fernandez

What happened to you, AFM? Over-priced Golden Corral in the making. After ten years of my last visit, and full of excitement for the good old memories, I decided to invite a group of close friends to this restaurant. Back in the days, when Buckhead was the epicenter of entertainment, I used to have dinner at AFM at least once a month from 2006 to 2009, so I was very familiar with the quality and elegance of this restaurant. It was Saturday night. As I pull in, I notice this congregation of over 40 or 50 people outside the main entrance. Some of them were waiting for their cars; others had arrived at the place like us. Now, that in and of itself is not a problem, but it was not the case a decade ago. However, this crowd, in its majority, set the mood for the rest of the night. AFM seems to not care anymore about appropriate dress code for "fine" -more on this later- dinning. You couldn't tell if you were walking into a Coachella Festival, a gym or directly into a pool party. I am not surprised that they have 4.3 star on this review site. I can see why the bulk of AFM's current clientele would consider this place "awesome." We had an appointment for 8:30 pm. We stood next to the fish tank for over 30 minutes. We finally make it to the table and order our food. To give you the summary, we had to return the "shrimp cocktail" because it smelled like frozen shrimp thawed in a microwave. We also sent back the grilled salmon because it was "off" and the grill lines were so charred, that it seemed like they were torturing that poor salmon. It made the salmon taste like a lump of burnt meat. Last, but not least, one of the parties decided to stop eating the ceviche because it was too acid -a sign that it was prepared prior or, they don't know how to make it. The rest of the food was batter-fried, for the most part; a poor quality filet mignon, chips from a bag accompanying the ceviche and crab cake, and frozen fries. Again, I remember this place for its exquisite fish plates, ambiance, and excellent service. Not anymore. It reminded me of a shopping mall food court. This restaurant is a prime example of bad management, sacrificing quality for quantity. To all of those customers who voted five stars for this sad memory of a great restaurant, I feel sorry for you. Obviously, you don't know any better.

Rob Hemker

Attended a business lunch here. We were in the overlook room. It was a nice venue and the food that was served was excellent with good serving staff.

Alexis Mathis

I ordered an appetizer and the waitress forgot about it until I prompted her. She blamed it on the kitchen staff which wasn't cool...she could've just apologized and moved on. For my entree I ordered the stuffed flounder. It was very watery for having it stuffed with a bread type mixture and it was overpowered by a mustard flavor. I would give it another try with a different entree...maybe it was a moment for the restaurant.

Carson Maurice

I have never been disappointed by service and food rendered at this Restaurant. Absolutely my Favorite Restaurant by far in the city. You will NOT be disappointed!

Fatimah Kareem

From the appetizers to our main course and the Birthday cake they offer complimentary.... our party of 7's food was great, it was fresh and delicious. The service we received was even greater. It had been years since I last dined at the Fish Market; forgot how good the food was....I will definitely be dining here more often.

Steve Sargent

Best seafood I've had this far inland. A tad pricy but just about on the mark. Lay out is a bit odd. With it's high ceilings, it gets a bit loud. Otherwise, a nice higher end spot to bring the family to on a special occasion.

patrick hendricks

What a great lunch! The chowder was perfect on this rainy cold day, and the sushi was a great start. I had the Alaskan salmon, Hong Kong style, and the sauce was amazing! They cooked it medium, just perfect, it melted in my mouth. The staff was very attentive and friendly! Can't wait to go back !

Ree Henderson

The sever was awesome very friendly and knowledgeable of the menu, the drinks was great. I was very impressed with the food I order. The gave me mash sweet potato and I wanted bake, the fish was Mai Mai it was only.

Chuck E.

Great place for seafood. The Lobster was wonderful with mashed potatoes and asparagus. The staff was very professional.

Zelda Princess

I love this place!! My family and I have been regulars for a few years. The food is always good. They have THE BEST CRAB CAKES in the city hands down. I haven’t tried all of their sushi but the spicy tuna is really fresh. I do suggest making reservations especially during prom and graduation season.

mya myatank

The freshest scallops and fish. Everything was beautifully prepared and delicious.

Lily E W

I had the Hong Kong combo which was sea bass and salmon with spinach and light ginger soy based sauce and white rice. Oh my gosh! It was so good! The fish was cooked perfectly and the dish was absolutely delicious! I'm definitely coming back to try other dishes.

Prophesi 4life

Food is always good. They have good fried and boiled/baked options. I’ve only been here for lunch and I love it

party time

Took a while to get seated and food was ok . I have had better. I think its popular place because all restaurants close early in area

Samantha Williams

Haven't been to AFM in years, and it was as good as I remembered. Service was great and we were extreme happy with our apps and entrees, thanks to the knowledgeable and wonderful January (Yes, that was our service pro's name). Although reservations were not required, I highly recommend. We were seated within 10 mins upon arrival. Others with no res. Waited much longer. The valet parking is a plus. A delicious evening, in every way. ;)

Juan C. Irizar

Service was great and food too, just don't think the high price is justified.


The food was exceptional as always, but on this particular visit the service was a little lacking, and the restaurant is definitely starting to show signs of wear. The booth that we sat in was completely worn down and had tears in the leather.

Joel Gegerson

Great food. The Chilean sea bass and the grouper were both delicious.

John Brantley

Some of the best fish in the city. The service was exemplary! The decor design is lovely. The were definite signs that resources are not put I to eegulr operations. See photos of seating, build-up in the restroom. Questions of cleanliness trump other joys. It's a Buckhead property and needs to be 100% in the house as well as the kitchen and menu.

Porsche Foxx

I was really surprised at how salty the food was! Most surprised about the sautéed spinach. It was sitting in a pool of butter! After sending the lobster back because it was over cooked. I ordered blackened salmon. The place was pretty empty but sill it took 30 min to get it. Anyone who cook fish know it takes literally minutes. Blackening food can be tricky. You can not over us the seasoning because it will be salty and that it was!

M Hilliard

Of Pano’s Buckhead Life Restaurants this one is probably my least favorite. The food is “okay” but used to be much better. Really expensive for what you get. There is better seafood in Atlanta.

Bukky Adegbite

Loved my food. It was delicious and definately going back. My server Jesus is the bomb. He is very good, ask for him if you visit this lovely restaurant.

Shy' Rice

Love the food and management us so accommodating

Laura Davidson

Lovely place, incredibly nice and attentive valet and servers, but the food! All four of us had a taste of what each ordered, and it was all tops, like what you wish all restaurant food tasted like. And not achieved by "soaking" everything in butter and salt, just cooked properly and tasty.

M Young

This place used to be fabulous. It is terrible now. We used to be regulars 15 years ago but moved away. We are visiting Atlanta and couldn’t wait to go to the AFM. We went tonight and cannot explain the let down of such a once wonderful restaurant. My meal was horrible. The server was serving too many tables at once. He was good but overwhelmed. The food was good but not great. Nothing different from anywhere else to justify the price. The crab cakes were delicious but not worthy of $18 and certainly not the best crab cake in Atlanta as the server suggested. I ordered the Sea Bass in the Asian soy sauce per the servers suggestion. It was disgusting. The fish was not smelly and seemed really fresh but had a weird texture. It was white and seemed almost uncooked. Maybe that’s how streamed fish is supposed to taste but I thought it was terrible. I sent it back and ordered the sautéd Sea bass instead. I told the server twice that I would be glad to pay for both meals. I swear the kitchen must have gotten angry that someone sent something back because the next piece of sea bass I received was smelly and foul. I took one bite and nearly gagged. Two lemon slices juiced on top did nothing to alleviate the taste or smell. My husband tasted it because his palate is much more accommodating that mine. He pushed the plate across the table because the taste and smell was rotten. It was truly terrible. If I didn’t know better, I’d think someone in the kitchen purposefully gave me days old fish for sending back the initial entree. I can’t explain the disgust. The manager came over and my husband told him how terrible the fish was and the manager simply apologized. Now, I will say they only charged us for one of the two meals that I ordered. But, I would have gladly paid for both, especially if it meant that I’d be served fresh fish. My son ordered the spicy tuna rolls. The tuna was minced. It was weird. The taste was okay but definitely not like any other spicy tuna roll we’ve ordered anywhere else. Sadly, AFM has lost its appeal. I can find somewhere else to spend $250 for a family of 4 that doesn’t involve rotten fish or minced tuna in sushi. Doesn’t mincing the tuna ruin the entire sushi concept? We will never go back nor will I ever recommend this place. The place was packed so I’m sure the loss of 1 customer family won’t hurt. But, you can find much better seafood in Atlanta. Don’t waste your time or money.

Chuck Turner

Great food great service great location

Claire Chinery

Delicious seafood, and great service. Definitely going back!

Laura Winger

Super happy to come back to this amazing restaurant! The giant fish outside is fun but the food and service are definitely 5 star. Fresh fish and shrimp are yummy. This is a must when in Buckhead!

Tim Lane

Hong Kong Sea Bass was excellent.


I recently went two days in a row for birthday dinners for two different people and it was just ok. The crab fritters are delicious. The first night my king crab legs were very dry, I believe they were over steamed. The second night my lobster was decent but not amazing. I would return but not sure I'd select those items again.

Heidi P

Well server was not attentive and they were not busy today sat Nov 2ndc2019 at 230...had to ask the water guy who for silverware to eat my appetizer. Never got water we asked for and had to ask at end of meal.for refill on my coffee. The worst was I ordered the 6 oz $ 26.00 petit filet and ordered it blue. Got bill and the $26 turned into $39 and here is the excuse I got because I ordered it blue I was given an 8oz because they can't do blue on a 6oz. My girlfriend ordered same item and ordered steak medium rare and he charged her $39 because they can't do medium rare on 6oz lunch filet but can on 8oz WTF kinda of scam is this. Not going back. Didn't want to cause a scene or complain there so just paid. And left.

anukrit saxena

Best seafood you can get in metro Atlanta! Plus point, they probably have the best lobsters!

Louis Vincent

Went for lunch on a Monday. Wasn't too buys and even the valet parking was fast. The sushi was amazing, salad was great, and the fish as fine. Liked the many choices, even catering to the health aware clients. A little disappointed about the few ice cream options but that's not a big deal. If I had to change anything, it would be the actual look of the interior of the restaurant and bathrooms; it needs a make over.

Jose L Lozada

Nice place. Very good fish food


Place:- Nice, upscale, expensive. Interiors were pretty good. However the smell of the live fish stock hits you right in your face & nostrils the moment you enter. If you're sensitive to strong smells then you probably should stay away. Parking:- Free & valet. Huge parking lot. Food:- Decent food. Ordered a couple dishes. Some tasted delicious while others were just regular. I expected every delicacy to be scrumptious given the price they charge. Was a tad disappointed there. Price:- A lil bit on the higher side. Paid almost $90 for 2 entrees & a glass of wine. Overall it's a very famous restaurant. I tried myself given the good ratings. You can try as well & decide for yourselves.

Jerry Burton

Food itself was ok, but the problem was with the guys that give you the bread. It wasn't just one guy it was all of them. They clean the tables and walk over and grab the bread with their nasty hands. The waitress was rude and short with us. She didn't come back to ask us if we wanted more drinks or if the food was good. Ruvana should not be working if she is having a bad day. We never come back to this restaurant ever. Not happy with the service

Katie Voytko

Amazing seafood. Oysters, soup, fish and crab legs were amazing

Edwin Page

My wife and I love this place. Great food and a great wait staff. Sea bass.

Kia Kia

Good food. Great service

michelle lewis

The Service and Food were EXCELLENT....This restaurant deserves 5 stars HANDS DOWN!!

Nicholas Steen

Great food, need to fix their seat covering on the booths

Alexan Buckhead Maintenance

Set at table (Hayden) ran over and started yelling and screaming towards me stating that I was sitting at someone’s else’s seat, got up and moved the person I was with he asked them what they wanted to eat but he didn’t even bother to ask me what I wanted to eat! This my first time that I ever came to this restaurant and will certainly be my last!

Matthew Brown

I had the chef's lobster special. It was a 1 and half pound lobster tail that was stuffed with shrimp, scallops, a seafood stuffing, and of course lobster. Everything was fresh and delicious. I'm from New England and I'm use to having good seafood. Moving to GA I've never had found anything that could scratch my craving for seafood, until last night. I highly recommend making a reservation and trying this place out. You wont regret it. Bonus, the oreo cheese cake is out of this world. I had to order an extra to take home.

Tracy Joseph

Amazing food and service. You will not be disappointed.

William Tison

Been wanting to eat here for years so for my wife's birthday I thought this would be a treat for her. What Atlanta much less Georgia restaurant doesn't have sweet iced tea? My wife was brought the worlds smallest margarita or as she called it a margarita shot. She had the broiled platter and I the fried platter. Her broiled platter was perfect. My fried platter had much to be desired. They served me crumbly flavorless trash fish with shrimp and scallops that tasted like they fried them in burned motor oil. Red Lobster has never disappointed me like this. The French fries were the best part of my meal. You get 2 stars because my wife enjoyed her meal.

Renee Jackson

Nice atmosphere food was good. Valet Parking only. Reasonably priced.

matt jay fortune

Possibly the Best seafood in Georgia... good wine list... Neat Building

Ronald Clarke

Had the pecan crust salmon, which was really good

Barbara Glass

Really disappointed at the portions for the price which I thought was pretty high! Not what I expected. There are many places to go with better seafood, larger portions and not as expensive.

Gregory Montague, STEM Coordinator

The stuffed lobster special was amazing! If you go here, make sure you get the whipped potatoes, you won't be disappointed.

Jacqueline Kinlaw

It was my first time to dine there and I enjoyed the atmosphere, the valet parking and the food was delicious. It's far from me and I'll go back just not sure when.

Cindy Thurmond

Great food. Good fried lobster tail. Excellent service.

Mary Ann Owens

Had lunch with friends, the food is great the wait staff was good. I will go back as soon as I can.

Carol Summers

This place is wonderful!!! The food is delicious!! The staff was helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely go back the next time I'm in Atlanta!!

James Drake

Service was not good at all. Food was under cooked. I will not come back or recommend it to anyone else.

Margaret Ladet

I love this restaurant. My family and I frequently eat here for family functions. We love the atmosphere, the food, and the service. Highly recommend the deep fried lobster. Mmm

Pamelia Dobson

I was there for a meeting. The food was great! I got the sea bass and it was very tender and tasty. I would definitely eat there again.

Jocelyn Law

I have eaten here on several occasions but our last evening dining experience left a lot to be desired. The welcome staff and valet were on point. We were celebrating my husband's birthday. Our waitress was okay, never acknowledged or asked if we were celebrating. My husband ordered the fried seafood platter. We arrived home, and he got very sick-vomiting all night. I called the restaurant today and spoke with the manager that seemed unconcerned about the sickness or experience.

Felicia Johnson

Always a place to go for good fresh seafood. The service is great and you're able to buy fresh fish to go home and cook if you so desire. Probably one of the most under rated sit down seafood places in Georgia. AND there is sushi on the menu...superb shrimp tempura!

Nick Huddleston

Atlanta Fish Market is well past it’s prime. Poor service, uninspired drinks, and mediocre entrees are how best to describe this “famous” Atlanta has-been. “Tired” might be the best descriptor, as you’ll notice from the moment you walk through the doors. Fake plants and a tacky mural adorn the main dining room, which is much too bright for a “fine” dining establishment like AFM. Service was slow, but when you had the waiters attention it felt rushed, like they immediately wanted to end the conversation and leave. We ordered drinks, and they were forgettable and very basic. Maybe it’s my fault for ordering a margarita at a fish restaurant, but my colleagues felt the same way with their drinks. The sushi appetizer was fine if you’ve only had Kroger sushi. The entrees came and my swordfish was tasty and well prepared. This and the whipped potatoes were the best part of the meal. Enjoyed in a vacuum, this would have garnered a 4/5. Steamed veggies were as good as steamed veggies get. However my colleagues were not as fortunate. The “Hong Kong Style” salmon and sea bass was insultingly bland - it’s truly shameful to marry the great territory of Hong Kong to this disgusting dish. Other entrees were less displeasing, but nothing rose to the occasion. All together, this is a restaurant that sorely needs to be redefined. This restaurant falls somewhere between your local Applebee’s and the Cheesecake Factory, but with the prices of a nice dining establishment. There are many restaurant in the city that capture the essence of Atlanta, but this, sadly, is no longer one of them.

Janice McDonald

I can always count on fresh fish with wonderful flavor. This is a go-to place for great seafood

Marcella Alexandra

My family & I have been going to Atlanta Fish Market for some time and this by far has been one of the worst experiences. We were celebrating my dads birthday and the waitress Carmelita gave horrible customer service from taking forever to take our orders, reaching over the table & not giving any type of privacy when paying for our food. She looked over our shoulder the entire time. Last but not least, not one time did a manager or anyone come by to check in on us. Very poor service!

Eric Blanchard

The Chilean sea bass that I had was cooked to perfection but the spinach that came with it was a bit tough.

Keely Richardson

Attended a dinner party here and it was phenomenal. The staff, the food, the drinks, the vibe!

Will Turner

Great restaurant. The drinks were very good and the fish excellent. Though it would be good to go anytime, I prefer grabbing lunch here. It is a lot less pricy, there is always plenty of seating, and it would be easier to get your car from the valet.

Akilah Howard

Let me start off saying, for my first time eating here. My expectations went out the window. I thought this was a suit and tye resturant. This place is an upscale casual dining spot. For our tables appetizers we ate fried calamari, steam oysters. For my entree I had the Blackened Salmon with Sweet smashed potatoes and broccoli. Throughout the service our main male server was dedicated, punctual and met most of our requests. The only thing he forgot was the straws for our drinks. The only main issue was the assisting male server. He reach right in front of my face, less than an inch in front of my nose pouring water into the mans cup that was sitting to the right of me, instead of.walking around. Water splashed on my appetizer and the bread. No smile or greeting, just rushing to fill drinks while being to heavy handed and not caring. Overall our main Male server knew how to sale the food. He was passionate and knew all the answers or more of what we asked, he should definitely be a certified trainer in that restaurant. The food was the hook that will have me coming back.

Alex Oubre

The tuna steak was amazing. Cooked perfectly. I got the brussel sprouts as a side. I did not like them. Not impressed. Someone else got the clams and found a bunch of shell in it. I would expect more for the price we paid. We also got crammed into a table that was right against the window. If someone need to go to the bathroom 2 other people had to get up and move to let them out

Andrea Brennan

Unforgettable seafood platter Fine service. High value dinner.

Oriana Vernon

Overpriced. I've had much better for the same amount. Service was really good & nice tho.

Lisa Ha

Used to love this place. Quality of food and service had declined steadily.

Google Ghost

It’s costly but it’s worth it . This is the best seafood I’ve had in Atlanta. FYI the only parking on site is valet. Google doesn’t tell you that. It’s also kind of upscale so don’t go there looking raggedy. Service is great ! Sushi is too!

mmerkdo m.

One of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. Highly recommended.

Akhil Parmar

Came here for a corporate event and it was perfection. Even as a vegetarian the options were amazing. The food was bright and fresh and the service was wonderful! I had the fishers sunset mixed drink and it was a perfect and refreshing way to end the day. I'll definitely be back!

Shonterria Martin

Celebration of fathers day no lobster rolls, no special order crab cakes. Thank God for the pasta that he enjoyed. Overall beautiful service and good food.

Patrice John

The food was superb! The restaurant is large and seating was plentiful. The atmosphere was lacking! It's a fish market!!! Where is the personality?!!

Eda Luyando

Really good seafood. I had the grilled salmon with Kale salad. The kale was out of this world, delicious. My friend had the fried shrimp which he enjoyed. Good prices, and service.

Gary Parnaby

A member of the Buckhead Life Group, Atlanta Fish Market is always enjoyable with good seafood, and a pleasant atmosphere. It strikes that right note of fine dining with a social buzz. It can be very loud, however, so those with hearing issues or large groups will not be able to hear everything. The menu is varied and everything I or my companions have ever had have been enjoyable. The Lobster Rolls seem to be popular, selling out often, as my wife has tried several times to order them and only succeeded once. For me, The Chilean Sea Bass "Hong Kong Style" is always a pleasant go-to, as is the Iceberg Wedge. Expect to valet your car. Period. $2 dollars plus tip is the current rate.

Laura Shainker

They always get it right!! All 9 people in our party enjoyed every bite. Can't go wrong with anything you order. I tried the skate fish and it was divine. And had enough left over for a lunch. Wish we had one in the DFW area.

Bob Geoffrion

Simply the Best Of Georgia if you like seafood try the fried lobster tail.

hailey hessel

Giving two starts hurts as I absolutely love Pano’s other restaurants, however, this experience was HORRIBLE. Upon arrival with a 6:45 reservation we were not seated until 7:30, which is okay I understand overflow. The real mess comes with the way our server treated us. Being gluten free, I asked for a gluten free menu. We ordered the tuna carpaccio which is gluten free without the toast points so I specifically asked for it to be made without and was disappointed when it was presented with the toast points right on top. When it came time for ordering, my server said “you know more about gluten then I do” with such attitude was so unsure about any question I asked. It took another server coming over to say “yes you have to specify no gluten to the kitchen” for him to get it. While the food was good, I would never recommend coming here with a good allergy. So disappointed.

J. Miller

Very good food and helpful staff. Getting into the parking was not fun.


Great food. Great service. I loved the desert more!

alan woodward

Great atmosphere great food

J. G.

This was our second time dining here. Both times the food was great! The first time we ate here it was at night, great atmosphere. The second time was during the day. Eating here in the day revealed how poorly the appearance of the restaurant is and how it's not being kept up. Being that this restaurant is considered fine dining and the prices aren't cheap, I'd expect the tables, chairs and wine glasses to be in better condition. The wood on table's were chipped and faded. The chairs upholstery was torn and very worn. Also, my wine glass was chipped at the base of the glass This establishment could do better!! I've also posted pictures that proves I'm not exaggerating.

Carrie Dobbs

Great food and service.

Demetrius Alexis

Where do I Begin....I’ve come here for my Birthday every year for the past 4 years and I live in NC. The food is fantastic always hot and the service is impeccable....See you again in a couple months when I’m In need of fresh seafood

Lucia Casucci

The selection of fresh seafood here is very impressive. I enjoyed every meal I ordered. The service was on point, and even the side dishes super tasty as well. I would definitely come back.

Jacqueline Mcclinton

Many years of great dining. Today, was no different other than meeting the now manager Mark Jindrak. He is awesome in all areas. He defines 'great dining and superior customer service".

Rio Kidd

Fresh seafood with a large variety to select from, nice ambiance, and attentive staff

Wilfried Allico

Very nice place. Nice environment!


Went for my birthday and was underwhelmed. I had heard about the fish market for as long as i have been in Atlanta. Nothing stood out about the experience.

Carl DeBeer

I had the sea bass special and it was amazing. Loved every dish and the service was great

jon frighetto

I was not impressed. if steak and lobster is your thing I genuinely feel Outback or Red Lobster are better quality at half the price and have a better atmosphere! I took my girlfriend here for a special Birthday dinner. For a $150 dollar dinner for two, here was my experience - Walked in and overall my first reaction was "wow the inside of this place is not what I expected based on menu prices". Everything besides the atrium seating is old and outdated. Floors were oily - I almost slipped several times and at one point while waiting for our food my eyes started watering up from the poor ventilation and all the kitchen smoke reaching the dinning room. Receptions who sat us was rude. Our waitress was nice but I could barely hear her. Again - not what you expect at a restaurant with prices like this. We had asked for another loaf of bread - one of the runners came out with another basket and plops it right on top of our our initial basket that still had bread in it. lol. Our food came and it was so-so. Presentation was poor. My filet was sitting on top of my fries and I received enough ketchup for 3.5 french fries. Girlfriend has lobster - it was okay - not great. However, what irked me the most is the tipping system here. It's predatory. The waitress/waiter will bring a electronic card reader to your table and swipe it in front of you and then proceeds to stand over you while you tip on the machine. Not only that, but the tipping function on the machine is like the gas stations that try to trick you! It starts with the most expensive tip to the left and goes down as you read across to the right. And then to make matters worse... there's no pre defined option for a 20% tip. Either 25%, 22%, or 18%. Its a very schemy way to siphon a few extra dollars on every tip - and when bills on average are very expensive that adds up quick. The extra money this place charges compared to outback/red lobster etc certainly inst going into new tables, silverware, dinnerware, or their parking lot I can tell you that. I'm disappointed and will not be going back.

Blessed Cat

Pretty expensive but the food is good. Could use a little more food for the price. Love the sushi and shrimp. This is a must try if you want a nice resturant in the Atlanta area.


I have never had a bad experience at Atlanta Fish Market. The food is always amazing! I used to live across the street and would frequently get sushi to go. You can't go wrong with any of the seafood dishes!

Michelle N

Excellent food and service. Fresh seafood for take out, too. The bar area is spacious with many TV's to watch. Fantastic oysters.

Michael Crew

Excellent food, unique decor.

Montgomery Millington

Great tasting food, just about any variety of seafood you'll love this place.

Elijah Crawford

Horrible service, Waitress was unpleasantly sarcastic and condescending. Food was not presentable. Rice was extremely dry. I had to request another waiter because my first one was rude and unprofessional. She spent the first 15 minutes in bathroom without getting us or asking us to wait while she handles her business. I have no intentions on going back! My family and I attended multiple times years ago! Not the and experience or worth the money!! The valet are extremely nice though! That was my only satisfaction!

John Powell

It was an amazing meal!! Absolutely loved it and would recommend it to anyone

Tracy Stewart

Good fresh seafood; will definitely be returning!

LeAnn Roberson

Great food and service

Lisa James

Sushi was mediocre and drinks were small. Parking was better than I expected with huge lot behind location. Went with a birthday party and the birthday girl liked her stuff lobster dish. I probably won't choose to go back because the pricing isn't justifiable but I may attend another invite and just enjoy the ambiance.

Marissa Cioffi

Atlanta Fish Market is the best place to go for upscale seafood. I like to come here for a fancier date. Plus, you can wait at the bar if they are full, which is usually a great experience as well. Bring some cash to tip the valet parking, it's worth it.

Maurissa Ward

Fabulous waiter! Took my friend and family out for a birthday celebration. Made reservations prior and was seated immediately upon arriving! Love their food!

Tamara Taylor

The FOOD and SERVICE was SUPERB. I enjoyed every bite the atmosphere was Inviting. I Think I will call this place one of my Favorite places to eat at. It is pricey though

Big Trucker

Great food good customer service our waiter was excellent very laid back n casual dining valet parking was quick n easy. I recommend that u try this place

Mark Baker

This restaurant is a pure treat!! I have dined here before, but my girlfriend had not. I wanted to introduce her to a new place with excellent service and food. Atlanta Fish Market was just the place. I made reservations for 2PM so as to avoid any big crowds. As it turns out this was a perfect time! The restaurant was cozy and quiet. My girlfriend ordered Swordfish while I had Halibut. We then both had desert. If you want a delicious healthy meal, with an upscale feel, Atlanta Fish Market is your restaurant!

Ashley Ramsey-White

Excellent as always and they made our experience even more special for our celebration. The seafood and flavors are wonderful. The mixed veggies and whipped potatoes are to die for! I have to start coming back more often, I can say this was money well spent (portions and taste wise).

Victor M

This looks like a popular spot - it was packed. It was good food though

Mary Palmer

Great food, great atmosphere, great service. Party of 6 celebrating our 80 year Aunt's Birthday. We all order different dishes along with appetizers and dessert. We had a great time. Went early during SEC championship so it wasn't crowded. We look forward to returning.

Wendy Miller

Each summer we particpate in the Summer Dine Around for the Buckhead Restaurant Group. Our card for the month of August was The Atlanta Fish Market. The wait staff is excellent and the menu options are wonderful. We chose the Jumbo Lobster Roll and the Skillet Seafood Skillet AuGratin. The ceasar salad is authentic and fresh.

Rhonda James

Atlanta Fish Market was an experience like no other...Fresh, great sides and atmosphere


Really enjoyed it here. My first time and I enjoyed the food,the staff and other guest that participated in wishing my cousin Happy Birthday.

king fresh

I enjoyed my birthday at Atlanta Fish Market my food was delicious also they have very good drinks

Melissa Vanderhoof

The sushi is mouth watering amazingly good!

Bam Kashani

One of the top places you should eat in Atlanta. I am not even a big seafood person but the food is amazing, including their chicken dishes. Always great service from valet to staff. Very big resturant with valet only parking only (FYI). There is some street parking (not much) or other lots to pay but its cheaper to do valet ($3-$5) than pay $20 across the street. Food and drinks are great here. Good for any occasion whether dinner with family, friends, or on a date. Outside the restaurant is beautiful as well. Highly recommend!

Tom Connolly

Visited Atlanta Fish Market for a business dinner and was very impressed. The huge fish state outside was a novelty in and of itself. I'm not the biggest fan of seafood, but tried everything on the seafood tower appetizer and it was mostly great. I got a few sushi rolls for my main entree and they were excellent. The cocktails were well made, and the server was good, albeit a little scarce towards the end of the meal.

Kimberly Walker

The food at this restaurant was amazing. Loved the oysters, the appetizers and the drinks. It was a great experience for my birthday. Definitely want to come back

Stan Smith

This place has been around for ever. They do everything well. We had a party of 9. They were very accommodating and set us up in a semi private area. Top shelf. You won't go wrong no matter what you order, but some entrees are a little rich

J. Emerson

The food is always on point at Atlanta Fish Market. I have never been disappointed. Makes me willing to try new things.

Alex Myaard

My husband and I came here last night to celebrate our anniversary and everything was wonderful. We ordered the dragon sushi roll and the crab bisque as appetizers, the Chilean sea bass and Main lobster tails as our meals, and the pineapple'tini and new old fashioned for drinks. Our service was prompt; our food was excellent - my husband maintains the sea bass was the best thing he's ever eaten. We were in and out in an hour. Very worth the price.

Faraluz Ortega

Way overrated!! Nice looking restaurant but the food is not worth anywhere close to what you pay. Don't expect much hospitality from the employees either, definitely will not be coming back.

Segan Chance

Great fresh seafood. Love coming here for a date night. Hong Kong style is my go to

John Marsh

We have eaten here since our first days in Atlanta (11 years now) and have never been disappointed. Good drinks. Great bread. Specials that give the menu variety and creativity. Fish of any kind is always the freshest available and well prepared. Always a good choice.

Latekia Brown

First let me just say my food was good now let's talk about those prices entirely too much for what you get and there is nothing fancy about the place, not the atmosphere, not the people nothing says fancy. They are getting 4 stars because they are not able to accommodate a large party I feel like if you make a reservation there should be enough room for everyone to sit comfortable

H&M McDonnell

While the food is good, the staff is lacking. My good friend had their cell phone taken at the valet parking attendant, and, although the restaurant was able to locate the phone, (as it was walking off the premises) now the restaurant doesn’t want to take responsibility for the loss. They have a parking contractor, Eagle Parking,. What a scam. No one wants to take responsibility for the loss of the phone. Just be careful when you are at the Atlanta Fish Market. Any valuables left accidentally in your car may not be there when you get back. All complaints are falling on deaf ears.

Yvonne Robinson

Always the best. Food temperature always win! Taste a plus and freshness keeps me coming back for more! I had a very nice waitress this time!

Jewell Johnson

The food was a absolutely incredible....I had the angel hair pasta w/shrimp stuffed crab meat.....great for a family outing or date night

Susan Siegel

Great food and impeccable service!

Tim Bailey

One of if not the best places in Atlanta to get fresh fish. The guys that work in the retail market are true mongers. Especially Ian. When you have a question he helps you make the best choice. Chef Bobby is a legend in Atlanta and never disappoints.

Alejandro Alvarez

Great food! Our waitress was great and super attentive. We have eaten here several times, but this time we definitely had the best service.

Warren Miley

I had my wife surprised birthday party here several years ago in one of the private rooms upstairs. It was fantastic. I came back for my father's day dinner and i was not disappointed.

Tanisha Morgan

Nice menu, a little overpriced. Delicious crab cake fritters and Tuscan kale salad. Everyone seemed to enjoy their seafood. The "twice baked asiago potato" is not really twice baked, but the flavor is nice. Very attentive staff.

Stephanie Jackson


Keya Upshaw

I have to say... this place is just ok. We had the oyster Rockefeller... may be I should have looked it up but I thought it just had cheese on it like other restaurants but they add cheese AND bacon on theirs. I was unaware of this and I don't eat meat, only seafood. I wish the menu would have said this so I would have known. I had the Hong Kong Combo and the seafood was cooked well... mealted in your mouth. I wouldn't say the rice was sticky like the menu said though but it was ok. My fiance had the fried seafood platter and the fillet fish tasted like fried air. Had no taste at all. He also complained about the scallops being soft. I tasted the crab cakes and thought they were pretty good. The bathroom was unpleasant as well. No tissue in a few stalls and wet floors.... ew.

Danny Mcdowell

Not to bash, but I think the pricing of the food and location is valued more than the product itself... I've heard so many people mention this place, so I thought it would be nice... the potatoes were INSTANT!!! Not mashed... the steaks were relatively thin considering the price... the vents were VERY VERY VERY dirty, with ceiling tiles missing everywhere... I'm sure everybody didn't have the same experience with the server, but ours was the worse! I guess I'm saying: if you're going to run a "hole in the wall joint", don't have high prices and valet parking

Anna Varlamova

The best food . The best restaurant.

Curtis Carmichael

As far as I can tell, this is the freshest seafood you’ll find in Atlanta, Georgia. They have a wide variety to choose from on their menu, even the pickiest of eaters will find something they can devour. The prices are a bit pricey, but what do you expect from a seafood restaurant? The decor and aesthetics are relaxing and comfortable, nothing too glaring, & no matter the time it’s bright and cleanly. The service is great, your server is at your call immediately. You cannot and will not complain about your time at the Atlanta Fish Market.

Hassan Raiyani

I went there to celebrate a friend's birthday. The service was great! I ordered their salmon which was very tasty. Additionally their spinach dip and chips were amazing. Their bread was also very good. Definitely recommended!

Ahmed Ahsan

I had enjoyed my visit. Food was delicious and place was clean. Only thing I didn't like was people who was serving the food mixed up order and gave wrong information about ingredients. However, our main server was very good and knowledgeable. She corrected the my order and made sure we were happy.

Ann Stiles

Great food and service. Ahmed did a great job. Just a super place

jj jingleheimerschmidt

Fantastic food, incredible service. Pricey--need to win lottery to eat there every day. But if I did I probably would.

Hedy Lau

I had very bad experience at this restaurant last night. We get there around 8:50pm, we talk to the host but she did not write our name down on any paper or computer. When we asked her she said "I'm about to write your name now." After 25minutes the other people came after us they get seated. Perhaps they had reservation. Then we asked the host again, she's another girl,she said "Your name wasn't in the computer." but I'll get you a seat in a minute. Then another people came after us they got their table too. We asked the host why our name not in the computer? She did not answer this question. I did not feel any respect at all. When we asked the host why people came after us they get table before us, she said "Probably they have reservation ". I understand people make reservation in advance. But if you are saying "Probably " I feel like they were just fooling us that's also a perfect excuse. They can just say " Because they had reservation ." Whatever, we spent at least 15 minutes for waiting somebody park our car, then another 30 minutes wasting by the host for nothing. Ended up we did not eat anything there. We decided to leave and never come back.

Lina Adams Adams

Such delicious food. Went for a professional meeting and the service was outstanding.

Judy Amerson

My family and I went to this restaurant last week. I had the sea bass on a bed of spinach. Its tasted absolutely wonderful and melted in my mouth. Every one of us had something different and every dish was delicious. Service was outstanding! Wish we had one of these in Birmingham. We will certainly be back!

Heather B

Always a great meal. I love coming here when I am in town. The surf and turf is amazing and the fried lobster tail is wonderful!

Jennifer Patillo

Absolutely great experience!! The atmosphere was great! The service was great! The food was even better!!

jeff n

The sea bass was definitely delicious!! The Moscow mule was perfect. Service was excellent!

Maggie Jones

I hardly ever write a review, but we went there few weeks ago for my anniversary and the food was not good at all. I ordered Hong Kong Style with Block Island Swordfish, i tasted more sauce than the food. The fish is hard like a rock, my husbands meal was Ok. The Crispy sweet & spicy calamari is Ok but the sauce is too sweet ,my chair had a small HOLE and with a fly on the table. The waitress was not that friendly either. I will not have the desire to go back there.

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