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3077 Michigan Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34744, United States

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REVIEWS OF Thrifty Fancy Fish & Meat Market IN Florida

Mavell Alarcon

Fresh and cheap vegetables! Open until 8pm


Good Spanish American food products

Alfaro Maria Ines

The owner is great they went over to help me it great

Alexandra Moore

Fresh meats and vegetables. Great prices!

Josh G. Johnson

Great cheap produce and meats. Selection, like similar markets in the area, is geared towards Spanish influence which is understandable considering the area. You'll also probably get around here better if you can speak at least a little Spanish.

Franklin Núñez

Excellent service

Camilo Rozo

I usually give a 4 to places that could use a visual touch-up but still got what I need. This place has so much produce to choose from. Can't go wrong coming here.

Vero Velez

Great prices. Very clean and neat. You know the meat is fresh because they sell alot. The food doesnt sit in the freezers long.

princess a

Produce at low cost

Maria Esther Martinez

Very nice, a lot of fresh products

Patricia Salgado

Nice fresh and cheap vegetables.

Idalmis Ramirez

Produce was fresh,as were the meats.Also had a lot of products on sale. Great prices. Like in many places,aisles are narrow.But it was worth it.

Rich Aldo

Lots of products real good price

Thais Pullman

I find there everything I need for Hispanic food preparation. Always fresh vegetables & fruits

Sherif Awad

Best price for fruits and vegetables and good quality

Rebecca Valdes

Great bargains and selection. Love shopping here. Produce is fresh and always have a large selection of meats at a good value.

Alex Shumsky

I love the place. Good products. Good Price. L

Mark Bro

This is the place for hatian mango when in season. Variety of different fruits and vegetables from other islands very good and wholesale prices. The little market has a lot to chose from. Very impressed

Tico Angervil


Josefina Lora

Good prices

Mirna Rosales

Very good place for fine vegetables meat fruits everything good prices and clean

Sonia Rodriguez

It's a small place, but clean. All their stands are well fit and the meat are fresh.

Mariachi Internacional Tapatio

The best prices. Great people

Patricio Camilo

Nice cashier... fresh product.

Ruth Ospina

Love their seafood selection. Would not buy fish from any other place. Salmon is super fresh. All kind of American and Hispanic products. Reasonable prices. Worth travelling to this place when food shopping. Suggest bringing a large cooler with ice in it for food preservation

Oscar R

The Best place to buy

Jose Momtalvo

Thrifty Fancy Produce is the best place that you can find best vegetables and the best meat and they have the greatest customer service and that's why I give them a five-star

Ivan R

Not a bad place

Susan Williams

Prices are great. Sometimes the produce is not the freshest.

Luis Arias

A little disorganized but verry fresh meat and produce

Fran Smith you

The place is disgusting! Dirty, disorganized and the cashier are very rude!

Nik S

Best place to buy fresh fish

Herschel Miller

Ok the one in Palm Bay is much nicer. Better quality and value

Junior Cabrera

This place is great. The prices are REALLY LOW! At the time of writing this, you can get 10 limes for a dollar! Walmart across the street has a bag of 12 limes for $2.50. The isles are very small so usually only one person can go by. Great place to shop!

Berenice Herrera

Great store everything fresh

margarita martinez


Anabelle Borrero

Good fresh produce and good for my budget good prices vegetables and fruits they also have meat i am picky on meat their good also.

Elena Kamen

Vast selection of vegetables at great prices

Mable J

You can buy greens fruits meat and fish and some other grocery here. Price is good. It has Hispanic produce.

Fabiola Ozuna

This place has a lot of vegetables and meat and many others Hispanic food, but it's too small for the amount of people that go there. I like that it's always clean and organized, and the prices are reasonable.

Darshele Purifoy

Fresh meat selections at reasonable prices. Friendly staff!

Mary Rivera

The store is always clean and organized. The employees are very attentive to your requests. Produce is always fresh. Parking can be a little bit tricky though.

Oscar Serrano


victor Soto

I went to buy some fresh fish from here. There was prices posted for the fish. After i ordered the fish and went to pay i realized that the price i was getting charged was about a dollar more per pound than posted. When i went to talk to the fat rude short man there that was in charge of the fish department he said that those prices was from the week before and he was not going to honor those prices. I told him he should take them down. He told maybe tomorrow. Wont be back

Anthony Acevedo

I love buying fish there it's one of the best places to find fish in this area you can find just about every kind of fish you want they clean it for you they cut out for you and the guy behind the counter really nice guy he goes out of his way to help you I find the prices to be pretty good ...

Felix ruiz

Good produce and good prices

Mildred Diaz

Great prices , a variety of produce and convenient location.

Sandy Alvarez

Fresh fruits and vegetables and good quality products

Paul Tran

This is a great place for great grocery. The prices were super cheap when compared to different stores such as Publix or else. Definitely recommend for anyone as it can save a half of your groceries bill.

Jose Pichardo

Good places for grocery shopping


I got some old fish for a lot of money.

Miguel Alvarez

They used to have good prices, but 97% of the produce , is weighted, and their prices are high

Oscar Von Bernuth

Allways do my shopping here.

Erica Alzate

Cheapest place in town to buy vegetables and fruit...Good costumer care. Friendly staff

Felipe Lopez

Good prices

Toya McFarlane

Its small and I find it hard to find the prices on most items

Wayne Ollweiler

Good prices and decent quality. Staff is extremely rude.

Ana Vazquez

Love everything

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Found fresh vegetables, many products !!


Good for organic products

Monica Marchena

Because they have very good prices and fresh produce.

Kathy Murray

Fresh produce extremely low priced good cold fruits and vegetables friendly staff large selection and excellent availability to choose from

Economy Auto Painting

Very good place, fresh fish, fruits and more!

ThaGreaT FranK

Good prices

Sheldun Sookram

This is the spot for tropical fruits and fishes

Kamalisch Ramirez

Good selection of fruits and vegetables And great prices on poultry

Jennie Lopez

Great variety of produce, very satisfied with service and prices, will recommend to family and friends.

Peace Love

Fresh produce

ram perez

The best produce/vegetables/meats and fish in Central Florida.

Margret Miller

Great place for shopping ,good prices

vivek gupta

Nice spanish grocery store, everything fresh and well priced. Tons of mangos, avocado, pineapple and lots of fruits. I like it.

Roberson Garcia

This place is like a NYC corner Spanish Bodega, but on steroids! Awesome!!

Apostol Jekov

Best prices in Kissimmee

MagnifecentBe Allah

Great herbs and spices in stock. Plus much more

Eleganza Cleaners

Good fish and veggies

Oksana Bargan

Very good choice of meat. Price cheaper than in publix. Very clean, no smell. Love this place

E.J. Alexander

Great little produce has a lot of produce, meats, and spices that the other stores don't have. It's a little tight, kinda hard to get around when its crowded but its manageable. Prices are good on most things.


Great prices!

Michael Riordan

This is a really good produce store and the employees go out of their way to help you. they have a nice fresh selection of meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. Also they have some things that are hard to find like salsa lizano for any costa ricans in the area.

Luz Zapata

Really good and affordable prices

Vivian Carlo

Great value for your money. Tight parking, small store. But get ready to afford to feed your family. The cashiers are a hoot. They decorate their registers and have a tip jar,, its so nice to be able to give a little extra to hard working mom's.....

Carmen Maldonado

Ive visited twice, and i really like it. Its a small place but the prices are awesome and the vegetables, and the variations of fruits, the meats wow! Nice!!

Edwin Amesty

Found everything I needed

Donna Frazier

First time visitor easy to find what you wanted limited parking go early Tuesday good selection tight eiles

A Jekov

Cheap and stinky as always

jen jones

Absolutely love this place.The produce is fresh and cheap.Can also buy shrimp for a great price


Good prices excelente costumer serviced

Jose Gonzalez

One of the cheapest places for produce around this area. Nice variety and selection. Staff is not too friendly, therefore the 3 stars.

melanie baez

It has good fresh food but the place is a little dirty

v griffith

I need a Thrifty in Alaska.....fresh produce, great prices,

betty bruestlen

Good quality products, good prices, need to be more clean.

Vic Perez

Great variety and great costumer service

Rus Nop

Loved the produce and fresh meat! Suheily is an awesome, happy cashier. Fast, efficient. Parking is comfortable.

Carlos Gonzalez

Good Hispanic market you find mostly everything

Sharon LaGrandier

Store is fully stocked at all times. Meats are fresh and prices lower than competitors. They do need a larger facility. Store is cramped and there is barely space to push a cart.

Dspala 2000

Great and inexpensive place to get your produce. Always crowded bit worth it if you like to save on your fruits and vegetables

Reina Q Moreno

Love it

Wildnellia Diaz

Fresh fruit fresh fish very good quality

Lesslie Apostol

Is very good

Guillermo Florido

Very fresh produce. Fruits and veggies are from local farms. Many Latin America products. Prices are cheap, comparing with other places. Employees are very friendly. Location is great. Hard to park on pick time.

Mohamed Amine Souissi

A lot of fresh and cheap food.

Jessenia Irizarry

Good prices

Isaiah Sookrah

They have good fruit there

Yaraima Mar. xtinez


Glenieliz Melendez

Love to buy fish here and some vegetables. The cashiers are very friendly.

Eric Medina


X Tine

I've been going here since I was a child.. always had really low prices produce and meats that were really fresh.

M Naidu

Very clean well managed grocery store with very good selection of fresh catch coming in daily.

carlos fernandez

Employees very familiar and you can find whatever you need in veggies

peter covino

Kind of crowded with narrow aisles, but this is a good place to go for produce and meat and lots of Latino items.

Osbaldo Quinones

Very nice workers. Great prices on produce, meats, and fish!

Luis Erazo

Great selection of produce, meat, condiments, etc especially lain/Hispanic and Caribbean

orlando jimenez

fresh fish, meat and vegetables!!

Lupita Tejada

Is ok but is not what I'm looking for it

Elizabeth Marie

Great all the time. Price is good everything fresh. I have being going there ever since they open that market. Staff is nice. Love it!

Sean A

It's okay for seafood

Benjamín Jimenez

Good hispanic food variety. Fair prices on produce and fresh meats.

Angel Carrion

Best placita in Kissimmee. Variety in Latin produce and products.

linh valovy

Love this place for all meat and produce consumption! May not be as pretty as the others but you can taste a difference and the prices are better!

Desi Uza

Awesome fruits and vegetables store....Wide range of veggies and cheap

MK Massaquoi

Very reasonable.

Norberto Calderon

Great place if your Spanish they have whatnyou need


great variety for a good price

Soratti castro

I drive from Clermont,to buy my veggies, good price love it.

Annabelle Aguirre

Good and shipped

Jesus Melendez

Need more space and cleaning

Mari Bochi

Owners are nice only fruits and vegetables from can say that they have prieces like walmart but most of the times they have even cheaper and more delicious fruits and vegetables.but a huge problem in that store is that Sometimes you guys have very old products on the shelves.they are not usefull and i have bought few times by mistake and when i come at home and cut it than i realized that i bought a trush.

Jorge Lopez

Great produce, beef, chicken and fish.

Chip Malone

Lots of produce from the Caribbean, South and Central America. There's also a fish counter and meat and poultry counter. It's best to go early because parking can be tight especially around upcoming holidays and weekend.

rafel ramirez

Nice staff. !!

Indy Soto

I love this place! Much better than bravo that's right across the street. They have tons of fresh produce,and a deli as well. Tons of Spanish products too. Prices are sooooo cheap. Staff is very helpful.

jimmy cazador

Ok.but $4 minimum on debit card and all mangos were not good

Berry Rivers

Great selection. Awesome prices. My only complain is that the cashiers talk to each other while ringing up and doesn't say Hello, or Thank you. Customer service needs attention.

Norma Vazquez

Place well organized and has anything you need to cook, meat, very fresh vegetables and fruits. Only thing I found is not spacious between one display to another.

Mike D

Great selection of produce at affordable prices. Can't comment on their grocery or fish selection, never tried.

Claudette Reid

The prices are very reasonable. A good variety of produce.

Donamege Michel

Looks good

Carlos Forty

Good produce and prices

Bob Singh

Price is good, put not great quality on fruits and veggies.

Martha Sisco

Good items for sell.always find good prices.i like the place.


Very good place , good people and very good products only don't go late

Oscar Nahum

Amazing place, good sevice, beautiful women, fresh produce and meats. I love it.

Ellen Diaz

I love shopping here to get fresh produce.

Glen Cot

Is nothing what they say in the tv commercial I give them an F

Irma T

Great location to by your produce and a very good price

Johnny Joe Ortiz Jr

Inexpensive place for vegetables and fruits.

Lino Reynoso

The produce are good. Love to buy here.

Jim Roberts

The store is small but the people are friendly. Wife shops there a good bit.

Trvl Guyz

Customer service department is almost non existent. Check receipts, they double charge sometimes. Will give Bravo store try next time shopping. They are two doors down.

jesika Boo

Great deals on meat

Eloy R Mueckay

Ecuadorian: Shrimp, Corvina, Shells, Tuna are the best

jbsmoky Person

Best prices on vegetables and fruit. I wouldn't buy fish or meat there. Definetly a latino oriented market. They are very friendly and helpful.

Adam lapof

Very disappointed! Wish I could give zero stars. I Drove almost an hour away with a one year old specifically to get some fresh fish because I saw the great reviews online. Made it there at 530 when they close at 7. They still had fish on display to buy but was told that I could not buy any because they already cleaned down the area. The gentleman behind the counter refused to sell me any. I was so angry I walked out and made the whole trip for nothing. I’m sorry but if you close at a certain time then everything should still be for sale until that time. It’s your choice if you want to buy after that experience I will not be.

Tom Nguyen

Fresh vegetable, budget pricing.

Selina Perez

The best!!! Nice family business

Rene Fantauzzi

Excellent customer service



Ola Bello

Good place to your produce 100 %

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