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3502 Gulfview Ave, Marathon, FL 33050, United States

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REVIEWS OF Keys Fisheries IN Florida

The Turbo Dad

The videos are amazing. However the "World Famous Lobster Sanswich" that they advertise on the billboards and website. Yeah that's not that good. Was a waste of money honestly. Go with the crab soup WOW it was good. Also so fish platters are good.


Amazing food at amazing prices. When we were visiting they had a special on crab and sashimi tuna and it was amazing! During the week we were there I think we visited this place 4 times. If I ever get a chance to return to the Keys this will be my first stop!

Jesus Cabrera

Fresh seafood, fair prices. Great view of the Gulf side from the keys and better at sunset.

Golden Dupek

Fresh seafood and none of the wait of a restaurant. If you just driving through, it's a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. You can also watch grandpa pelacans congregate around the boats. The also get brownie points because they were playing classic rock.

Harriet Ivey

I hate to give this place a low rating when so many people obviously love it, but it is not in my nature to be less than truthful. The line was long, but was cleared rather expediently. The cashier was very nice although she erroneously offered my husband the veteran discount that, according to the manager, is only offered to military in uniform. I thought that was odd, but not a problem if that is their policy. I ordered the seafood sampler and my husband ordered conch. We sat and waited for the food at a table. When our names were called to pick up our food, I quickly walked up to get our food, and to my surprise there was a roach crawling around the window where the food sits. Had I ordered a food served cold, I would have left it sitting there. I screamed! A guy behind the window asked me what was wrong and I told him I saw a roach. He just looked at me like it was a regular occurrence. While the roach was not in our food because our food was hot, I can’t help but wonder what else roaches are getting into back there. Needless to say, I won’t be returning. Also, the fried shrimp was well seasoned, but the conch fritters and the fried fish fingers was just okay. The fish fingers were a bit bland for my taste. That was $32.00 dollars I should have spent elsewhere!

Tiger Audio

This place charged me $20/ pound for mahi. Got back and it was full of blood in the blood line. The filets were not trimmed so 30% of it was thrown out at the house to get rid if the massive blood line. Not impressed.

André Pretorius

Enjoyed the signature dish, but not brilliant.

Julie Thomas

Very good food and very nice people. I thought the price was a tad to high but not bad. Very laid back atmosphere. Bartender very nice and made drink nice and strong.

Adina Byrd

It was okay, fish sandwich didn't taste what I was expecting. The time I went it was crowded ,so we sat outside on the bench with family but the manager/owner turned the big fan towards us to make you feel comfortable while eating and even though it was very hot outdoors and blowing the breeze of warm/cool air from fan like the old days putting a fan in the window to get a breeze when there wasn't no AC, at least the place was friendly and waiter kept checking in on us.

Almost Done: Time for travel

Good food fast. Nice view of sunset too.

Sylvia Thomas

Great place to finish out your day and watch a gorgeous sunset in the Florida Keys

Ruth C.

The food is AWESOME so fresh and tasty. I would definitely be back whenever I visit again.

Bob Cohen

All the seating is outside. You place the order at the window and they call your name when it ready. You eat from styrofoam containers with plastic utensils. The food is good.

Gilad Kaplan

This is a very nice eatery on a dock. The food was delicious and the sunset beautiful. It is extremely casual, you order at a window and then take your food to your table. We really enjoyed going there.


This restaurant is too hyped up. Food is decent quality. Prices reflect the views, not the food quality. The lobster ruben is okay, the blackened mahi mahi was dry. Konch were not tasty at all. Calamari was decent. Fried shrimp platter was bland.

Mike McAbee

Found this place on our last day in Marathon. This is what I imagined the Keys to be. Laid back atmosphere, really good, simply prepared seafood and cold beer. Life is good.

Amber Adkins

Beautiful view, bartender was nice. Cheeseburger was good. Fries were not that great and my families food was meh too. The Lobster Ruben was the best my husband and sister in law said.

Fred Watson

Favorite keys spot. Hog fish sandwiches are best in the WORLD. Go stone crabs too....and conch chowder too. Check out the tarpon while you are here. Oh, and be prepared when you give your order, they ask your name, you have to come up with your favorite cartoon character or rapper. LOL. Good times and great food.

Yavuz Colasan

Great food and place on the water. Was not busy when we were there. Has good seating area on the water front

Mike Sovay

Had an amazing time with friends from out of town. The stone crab was big and juicy and the oysters were delicious. Shannon was our bartender and she never let us get thirsty, very attentive and always greeted us with a beautiful smile.

Elizabeta Biaggioni

Lovely place, great food, amazing service... so easy to fall in love with this place.... highly recommended it

Lisa Burgess

Laid back place to dock and hang. Cool little bar. Great seafood, friendly staff.

Weiting Huang

Out of the way quaint place. Fresh seafood bar upstairs doesnt need a wait; snaking queued at the cooked food parlour. Key lime pie is wonderful :) rmb to try their garlic butter clams. Amazing.

Tania Martin

amazing lobster roll. everything fantastic

Richard Mundine

Food was tasty but bad portions for the pricing. Counter service friendly we were leaving at closing and owner walked right by didn't even say thanks was basically unfriendly. I am afraid the place is now a tourist trap.

Greg Wheeler

Good food, good price, nice setting. Great for casual dining

Chris Hodge

Every bite I took tasted better and better. I have no complaints other than price for the pound of stone crab claws. I paid 32 bucks. Looks like upstairs they are 3 bucks per class. The fritters were delicious the lobster Reuben was excellent as well. I might try to convince my wife to go again on our way back to miami

Brian Wilson

Food was ok. Wife's fish tacos were much better than the lobster Reuben. The Reuben had way too much cheese on it, was more like a grilled cheese with sauerkraut and lobster. Prices are high but normal for a seafood place. Atmosphere was nice, you can see large tarpon and nurse sharks over the rail while ordering food. Mac n cheese was ok, high at 11bucks for a bowl though.

kate billings

Had a wonderful time. Great place to view the sunset, get a few cocktails. Sample the great seafood samplers at the bar. Ended off with the Award winning Lobster Reuben sandwich. Ordered one for the two of use, still took half the sandwich to go. What was super cool, the owner met us as we came in and gave us the rundown on the place. You know you can order their fresh fish and have it shipped to you. That is really Great.

sherry harms

Husband had the lobster rueben and I had the blackened mahi sandwich. Both served with your choice. Greta food ate outside (dockside). Watched the sunset AT THE KEYS. Pics to follow. Prices reasonable.served dinners also. Fun employees. Running toll on how many lobster ruebens they would sell in August. Rang the toll Bell whenever a fishernan returned from sea.

Angela B

Food was amazing! Great price. Very casual

Jason Cons

Not a fan. Famous lobster Reuben was just Swiss cheese and sauerkraut.

Mercedes Lopez

Look I'm Italian looking for good food here in USA. In 20 days was eating, but not tasting the taste of real food, I means, the real taste of fish. Here at Keys Fisheries, in Marathon, fish is very good, crabs are amazing, lobster fantastic. And salad, wow.. Stunning. Today we will come back.. I'm not looking for fancy places, but good food... And here there is the best food I have eaten in 20 days in USA.

Jacob McGee

Go there if you want the best seafood on the keys! The Lobster Reuben lives up to the hype. Stay for lunch or dinner and enjoy the fantastic ocean view!

Cindy Book

Amazing place! Great food and an unbeatable view!

Niurka Espinola

Best place for crabs. Upstairs. I'm a local, I know.

Adiela Rodriguez

The food is fresh and the service is good the employee frenly thanks

Mary Canterbury

Love the way the water looks when sun sets. Breath taking. First time for seeing it.

Julie R

We were told this place is popular with the locals and a great place for seafood in the keys. You order at a window and then sit outside, either covered or along the pier. It was a beautiful night, they had live music going and the food was good. It was a little pricey though. Don't let the casual atmosphere fool you, it's high end seafood.

Mary Clavijo

Great food and perfect laid back atmosphere

Amy Creed

Stone crab soup was very good. Asked for grilled fish sandwich, but got fried. It's a self-service kind of place. Prices were high, in my opinion, for the food you get. Seemed more like a touristy place.

Julie Acosta

Beautiful place to see the sunset, very low key place

Pam Levi

Yum! We had the Lobster Reuben (but it wasn’t my thing!) and the Asian Shrimp Salad. Seriously, the best shrimp I’ve ever, ever, ever had...cooked perfectly! Tip: it’s a little chilly there even on a warm day, so have a long sleeve on hand!

Christie McBride

Not Celiac Friendly Although Trip Advisor notes that this restaurant has gluten free options, it does not. I waited in line for AN HOUR to order food. When I got to the register, I asked what the gluten free options were. The young man stated, "I have no idea." I asked if anyone else was there who would know, and he said, "No." He was less than helpful. So I ordered food for my family and sat and watched them eat. So those of you who have celiac disease or who are gluten intolerant, save yourself some time and go somewhere else to eat. My husband gave his lobster tails a 3/5. My daughter's chicken fingers tasted like fish, so she would not eat them. The bartender, however, made some great drinks and gave us a take-out container with water for our dogs.

Hope Stern

Get the fried hogfish sandwhich... best thing going...granted I've never tried anything else ..but who needs too when you've got that

Amanda Lane

Great dinner spot, although they seemed overwhelmed by the sheer number of patrons ordering food. Great spot to watch the sunset. Crab cake sandwich was tastier than expected. Local spot you’ll have to check out.

Stephanie Milne, Psy.D.

Awesome experience! Food was fantastic. We ordered ours to go at the window. Get there early before the dinner crowd. Well worth the wait!

Kirk Wessel

Great stop in Marathon. If you can catch the stone crabs in season a must stop. Also, love the bar being renamed every year and the money the raise from it is donated.

Ann Preece

Great food! Off the highway and not well signed. We happened upon the restaurant by chance on one of our trips to the Keys and it took a couple of tries to find it again. Will visit again!

Nate K.

I so badly wanted to give this place 5 stars. It has that classic, local, seaside feel to it that makes places like this famous. The Hog Fish was outstanding but too salty. I got it blackened but had to scrape a lot of it off to remove the saltiness. We also had the key lime pie but it was SUPER sweet, too sweet for my liking. Still, their menu is awesome and the locals speak highly of it. Definitely worth a visit when in the Keys.

Ron Evans

Not the same lobster Reuben. Been coming here for years. This year the lobster is chopped to the size of the cole slaw you get on the side. Used to be chunks of lobster, and a goodly portion. And at least one bite of sandwich had that “funky” flavor like the lobster was old or been sitting in the sun too long. $18.95 plus tax for a sauerkraut and cheese sandwich with very little lobster. Time to try another menu item.

Jason Rusticus

We get a Lobster Reuben every time we're here best ever

Cindy L

Cooked the fresh fish we brought them. 1 pound of fish with large portions of Spanish rice and fresh broccoli $13.95 (for 2) this was so good! And I didn’t have to cook!

Chris Charron

Nice place to dine along the waterfront. Lots to choose from, all fresh and delicious. Don't forget what your favorite candy is!

Ann Schieser

Love this place! Lobster Reuben is so delicious (in and out of season), great outdoor dining and boat pull up. Go here every year.

Tim Suydam

Food was great, bartender was awesome, guy behind food counter needs to learn what customer service means.

Beni Goace

Nice place right on the keys ⚓️ with beautiful sunsets. Good food

Lynn Gurganious

Delicious food, but don't expect reasonable prices

Trina Stiteres

Just passing thru and found this gem. Awesome place right on the water. We got the lobster Reuben. It was huge and amazing!! We only ate half and had a whole sandwich to take home. We also got a 1/2 pound of steamed shrimp. Overcooked and no flavor, but the sandwich definitely made up for it.

Benjamin Raynauld

Amazing location with sunset views along the water. Great fresh seafood with tasteful specialties.

Krista Cywanowicz

The best shrimp we have had in the Keys! Huge and delicious! Loved being able to pick our own table with a water view. Will definitely return.

Teresa Albizu-Rodriguez

First time here and it was a disappointment. Their “famous” lobster Reuben is skimpy on the lobster. One can hardly taste it because of the overwhelming amount of cheese and sauerkraut. The lobster bisque was VERY thick and grubbby —- one can stand a spoon in this thing. And the lobster taste is but an “essence “ of lobster. The fried fish looked good at first sight, but once you bite into it, you realize that it was poorly seasoned, if at all. Maybe other dishes are better, however, I’ll never know because this is not a restaurant I will visit again.

Spencer Francis

Great seafood. On the gulf for outstanding sunsets from elevated bar. Happy hours 4 to 7.

Jolene Turner

Great food, enjoyed talking with the locals and the complimentary "sunset shot" We were lucky to get to see the sunset green flash as well. We liked the casual environment and made a point to stand in the live camera to say "Hi" to our family back home.

John Ball

Great seafood. Good prices. Happy Hour Specials daily 4-7. Nice atmosphere. Only a few blocks from Boot Harbor Marathon City Marina.

Jorge Gonzalez

Quiet, low key, then excellent seafood and market

Brittany Deweese

Keys Fisheries has a great atmosphere, pretty water views, and top notch food. We had the Lobster Reuben and Shrimp Rice Bowl. Both items were thoroughly enjoyed.

Nikki Weimer

Banging fish tacos! Tons of fresh fish and delicious flavor. The conch fritters are not to be missed! This restaurant is EXACTLY what we were looking for in The Keys- affordable, fresh fish served in a casual atmosphere on the water. It’s a must when in Marathon or when passing through on your way to Key West.

Rhonda Harris

What a treat to hit this place before the line formed! Yum! Wow! Delish! Fresh! Happy!

carrie von G

Keys Fisheries nailed it! Wish we had visited sooner, we would have gone several times! Ordered blackened grouper and key lime pie (the best I had on our latest trip-- way better than Blue Heaven or several other so-called "must-haves") downstairs. Brought it upstairs to Pickled Pelican where we had great cocktails (friendly bartender!), stone crab, and a view you can't beat.

Ronald Gonzalez

Excelente food, nice people

Jennifer DiMercurio

Wonderful food & service. The lobster Reuben is a must!! Beautiful view!

Anthony Dalia

Lobster is decent but long wait at peak time and the seating leaves more to be desired.

Rober Alanis

Great food , excellent service , best seafood restaurant

James McGarry

Tasty fresh seafood in an unpretentious, totally casual and friendly atmosphere. Did I mention reasonable prices, especially on the drinks at the upstairs bar? Go here for delicious seafood and relaxed eating.

Steve Brako

Great fish good portions good price


Incredible food. Get the Cracked Conch and Conch Fritters. Sunset is incredible too. A++++

Susan S

So so good!! First time having stone crab claws and they were so fresh and delicious! We also had the fish spread and the conch ceviche which were equally good!

Thomas Matula

The food was nothing special to speak about at all. There famous Lobster Rueben made my wife sick, there fried fish was cooked way too long and was extremely hard. All the food was cooked way too long and tasted like it was from 2 days ago. We didn’t even try to finish it. The prices were insane for what you actually got and the worst of this place was the help. Nothing but attitude from the person taking the order who called any male speaking ma’am and any female speaking sir. Just downright unfriendly. Do not waste your time, money or energy on this place. There are plenty of other much better places around Marathon to eat at. The only reason I gave them 2 stars is because I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a 1 star experience!

Florida Man in a Ghillie suit

Nice atmosphere, food is a bit pricey but you can pull your boat right up, tie it off, and grab a bite to eat real easy. And there is plenty to see under the platform.

Richard Orizondo

Sooo delicious! Awesome prices and great selection of food. Very laid back place, lunch was amazing!

Michele Zayas

Favorite Happy Hour of all Time! It's one of those places I just can't get enough of. Love the staff, food and amazing view!

Hakan Kop.

We had some quick bites it was good

AnneMarie Doran

Fabulous seafood, really nice staff and great value. A wonderful sunset too

Beth Roberts

Fantastic food, friendly staff and a gorgeous view!

Luke Nemuras

Best seafood I had during my week here. The chowder, appetizers (fried combo and chowder), and the whole fried fish were the poo. Had oysters too. Far and happy. There's no table service, but the terrific fresh seafood more than makes up for it. DELICIOUS!!!

Jordan Sanchez

Love the place!!!!! The cashier with the mustache is very attractive never seen anybody as attractive as him. Gave great service and had a smile on his face the whole time. The Reuben was great I also loved the lobster bisque. The fry cook was very friendly and had a great personality. Thank keys fisheries definitely coming back September!!!!

brian valdes

This place is amazing. Great food, great prices and large portions.

John Carson

I came here on my way to the keys. Did not disappoint. Everything from the view to the stone crabs are awesome. The bars selections perfect body Mary was unbelievable is that was really helpful. My favorite thing is the stone crabs at three bucks o’clock you can’t go wrong. I ate so many I think I thought of my stool. You’ll definitely see me come back here. Basically come here and you’ll never disappointed

The Wandering Sailor

My go to for fresh fish when I have not been out to get my own. Friendly staff as well and chill environment.

Billy boy

You guys rock! Thank you for the great food and letting Bella hang out. The bartender upstairs is hands down a asset to this establishment.

Catherine Worth

Great food, casual atmosphere. Ate dinner at Keys Fisheries three times during our week in Marathon. Highly recommend it.

Gregory Allen

Always a great meal. Fantastic outdoor seating. Bring some quarters to feed the fish, and have the kids on the lookout for the big tarpon. Great selection of local seafood for the adults, and plenty of choices for the picky kids.

Donna Daiuto

Always good food with a fun atmosphere. Good prices.

Playa Squirrel

Had the hogfish sandwich and the raspberry key lime pie. Everything was excellent. Plenty of seating, both outdoors and covered. Prices are consistent with other places and the fish is fresh. Great casual place; would be good for children. Went back again today and had the grilled grouper sandwich. Just fantastic. Don't be put off if there's a line to order.... it goes fast.

Jason Tarpley

Super Fresh food. Very fast service. Waaaaaaayyyyyyy too expensive. Would have been an amazing meal at about $35 dollars. But at $70. .......No. Lived in Florida most of my life. Eaten seafood thousands of times. Type of food can be found at many other restaurants in Florida for half the price.

Mylinda Weeks

Great view of sunset, good food, entertaining atmosphere

Aaron King

Lobster reuben. I don't know what else I can say that could make this sound any better than that!

Karen Evans

Atmosphere is fun and relaxed, right on the water. Lines are hugely long and the wait is sometimes way too long. Especially since the food is just OK. The fish tacos are a couple logs of fish sticks surrounded by giant piles of cabbage and lettuce. Meh. Lobster bisque is dark brown and the consistency of really thick gravy. The food here is on par with most places to eat in the Keys, which is to say mediocre.

Brett Costello

Great spot for raw clams and oysters, stone crabs and other locally caught fish dishes. It's bare bones (picnic tables) but you really don't mind. Bar area upstairs is for 21 and over only, so if you kids with you, you're eating downstairs. Limited beer, wine and alcohol list keeps this from being five stars.

Bryan Herren

Tough to beat this place... Lobster Bisque is a must. Views are just killer.

Britt Hoyland

The BEST seafood. Chill atmosphere, best platter of fried fish around. Get there early for sunset at the Pelican and be sure to check out the massive fish lingering in the marina just after dark!

carol miller

Excellent fish sandwich, fries and slaw for $17.00! Staff is great, friendly and attentive. You can get wine, beer and mixed drinks. Very casual night out! Great sea food.

Lisa Ruth

Fresh seafood, good prices, and great Key Lime Pie

Beth-Ann McCourt

What a night, we met wonderful people had great food and loved the music.

Asuncion Sher

Love, love, love this restaurant! My husband and I have been eaten here for years. Food is consistently great and service friendly and practical! This time I had the lobster Reuben and it was phenomenal...huge portion! My husband had the coconut shrimp basket and it was delicious as well! This is a must every time we head south to the keys!

maria otero

Nice informal restaurant on the water. It's also a fish market. You order your food and pay at the window. They call you when is ready and you sit any place you want. The food is pretty good and the water view is excellent.

Luis perez

The best seafood in marathon hands down!!

Logan Sanchez

o boy o boy was there great service especially by a young man at the window. wooww he was one good looking man.

Gary H

Great visit. Great crab!

Duane Mclaughlin

Beautiful location good prices friendly staff good food

Robert Schwarz

Great seafood for a reasonable price. The lobster Reuben is highly recommended. Big enough for 2. Also has the grouper fritters and lobster Mac and cheese. Worth the lines and wait.

Pamela Tures

This is just what we were expecting in the Florida Keys. An open air fish restaurant and bar. It does offer a lot of shade. They had every type of fish and shellfish you can imagine. Their specialty is a key lobster Reuben. I definitely recommend getting their specialty. As the chicken was not very good. They do offer salads and non-seafood menu if needed. A beautiful male manatee came up and an employee used the hose to give him a fresh drink of water. It was wonderful to see him so close. They also fed several varieties of sharks under the dock. This is clearly a locals place, with a marina. And several boats came in to eat. The view of the bay is just breathtaking, as sailboats are anchored in the distance. I hope to get back there before we have to head out of the keys.

Laura Stoff

Pickled Pelican Bar up top was amazing. The view was the best you get in Marathon along with great fish dip from Keys Fisheries. 21 and up only and best if you are able to grab a seat with a view at the bar.


Very simple atmosphere, but amazing seafood. We returned twice during our trip. They are feeding baby sharks, so kids loved seeking sharks while eating.

Lusanda Maseko

The food is amazing and fresh. Their stone crab claws are a must as well as their lobster roll. A nice little bar upstairs as well with live music and kind staff

Andre Lapote

Awesome laid-back spot. Perfect place to see the sunset and the food is amazing as well. Blackened Hogfish sandwich is the way to go.

Cathern Book

Good food but some is strange and have nurse sharks and other fish in area and can watch or feed while you wait. Nice people and prices are decent.

Eric Marshall

Wonderful staff! You can look off a dock to see tarpon, snapper, parrot fish, nurse sharks and much more. It is a sit outside restaurant where you order from a window, but delicious food nonetheless.

Bethany Haggy

One of my favorite places to eat in marathon! Amazing view and awesome food. It is a bit windy up in the bar area so I always bring a jacket with me. They do a toast at sunset and it was so fun!

Daniel Garcia

Really good food. I recommended.

Tim Lehmann

A great place. Fun too!

Christopher Gillespie

Bought grouper from the market was real good.

Christian Capones

Have to stop here! Try the Lobster Ruben! The location is awesome!

Bill Lone

Great food and great sushi. Really casual outdoor atmosphere. My favorite place to go on diet cheat stay for a Lobster Reuben sandwich. Their lobster bisque was featured at Whole Foods Market.

Steven Smith

Some of the best seafood in the Keys! Off the beaten path, hole in the wall, amazing food! Eat right on the dock. Never super crowded because not many people know about it, especially not tourists. Everything is fresh and made to order. Highly recommend when visiting the Keys!

Emily Dey

A hidden gem. Can't beat the view and their fried fish sandwiches - always a toss-up between hogfish and snapper. They open early (serving at 11 am) if you like your lunch early.

Regis Pellissier

Nice spot but we expected to eat fresh and healthy seafood like discribed in our lonely planet. But that was fast-food and everything was soooooo fat!

Jim O

The food is fresh and delicious! Great service too

Erik Fortin

Love this place!! Great food and vibe

Zeljko Dakic

What we got was fairly average or below. Fish tacos were with fried fish sticks, if those were previously frozen I wouldn't be surprised, so much for fresh food. Other stuff were mostly average with paella kind of sucked badly. On top of that we paid high price for fried food. Nobody in our group was impressed at all. Really wanted to like this place.

Brad Wilson

Great Fish. Good Prices. Nice Vibe. Solid, Mostly Local Bar Upstairs.


The food was OK. Half of it was undercooked which was a bit disappointing. Other than that, the girls there were sweet. Oh, and their Ceviche was yummayyy!

Trish Longo

We only stayed for the sunset which was beautiful. The place was a walk up window with no where to sit and was pricey. We went elsewhere to eat

Bill Niester

Always fantastic upstairs with wonderfully fresh tapas seafood dishes. Not the Best sunset view in the world as its way off to the side but it it's pretty darn good.

Faith Willett

Superior bartender. Beautiful person from which we were lucky to meet the captain of Jersey Keys charter... Can't wait to fish with them tomorrow ❣️❣️❣️❣️

Dave T.

Off the beaten path, this establishment serves very high quality seafood. The fried yellowtail snapper was amazing and had no fishyness to it at all. Lobster bisque was thick and full of flavor, and the lobster Ruben was super cheesy and lots of real lobster. Although you're ordering from a window and seating yourself, the service is still great! They make you come up with a cartoon character when placing your order and will call your character once the order is ready. Bar is on the opposite side and prices for drinks is quite decent.

Per Kruse

Great place. We sat upstairs at the tiki bar area where the service was fantastic and the views we're awesome. We had the blackened grouper entree, hogfish sandwich, and a 1/2 pound of peel and eat pink keys shrimp. Everything was delicious. Check out the tarpon and other aquatic life swimming around the marina while you're there.

oscar fuguet

Great foods, what is your favorite comic character? They gonna ask you that.

Supa Dupa Fly

This place is truly a “hidden” gem in the Florida Keys. it’s one of those hole in the wall places that you underestimate and overlook, but you end up being extremely satisfied with. I ordered conch fritters and they are by far the best conch fritters I have ever eaten! They were perfectly seasoned and fried, and there was many visible chunks of conch in each fritter. You must try the conch fritters! I doubt you will find any better than this in the keys. The service was also pleasant and quick!

Mobile Direct Flooring, INC

You can never go wrong like always consistent

Joe Potkay

Love this place. Super fresh seafood including oysters, clams, mussels and stone crab claws. Very casual. Free shot in the bar upstairs at sunset.

Vincent De Spiegeleer

Great fresh seafood and a nice harbor sunset view to accompany it.

jack koss

Great food great views friendly people always a must stop every time I get to the Keys

Charles B

Tried the "must have" lobster reuben. Very good. The boss had the MOJO shrimp bowl special. Loved it. Stoped by late so I can't tell you about the view.

Ricardo Franco

You have to go to the upstairs raw bar! Especially during stone crab season. View, service, food, music... Everything is great!

Brian Wasser

Excellent food and service with a great view of the sunset. Reasonably priced food and drinks

Debbie Weitz

They have the best grouper sandwich in the world and the stone crab chowder is fantastic. We really want to try the lobster Reuben cuz it looks yummy, but we always order the grouper when we step up to the window.

Erik Zimmermann

Good food and nice environment. It gets very busy.


Food is awesome, a bit pricey though. Staff was very accommodating. Very family oriented also. Great location. You almost always see an abundance of tarpon, dolphins, nurse sharks and, the occasional groups of manatees!

Cassy Wielander

One of my favorite restaurants of all time is Keys Fisheries because of its flavorful food and the scenery. From seafood to burgers, Keys Fisheries is what excellent does.

Larry Kime

If you like Reuben's then this is a place to stop. Had the lobster Reuben. It was enough for two people. The conch fritters were just OK. Some of the other dishes that I saw being served made me wish that I had ordered the claws and the paella. So multiple trips may be necessary.

Elizabeth Saunders

They should maybe do a better job letting the general public they are currently closed. We walked up from the parking lot (from the direction we came from you could not see their one small “closed” sign) and were promptly yelled at for even being in front of their front doors.


I'm sure the food would be good but the lines are well over 2 hours on an average night. There was an excellent view of the sunset from here and you could even see some dolphins. The only thing keeping me from rating higher is that I didn't have time to stand for over an hour for the food although people seem to love it so maybe for lunch or come earlier? Basically, amazing everything but the line is just simply too long and moves too slow to be a spot.

mike damavoletes

What an atmosphere. The Lobster Ruben is a remarkable sandwich at such a reasonable price. Every vacationer should try it.

Mariel Vidal

This place is unique, our food was a little over cooked, overall had a nice flavor and the staff was very friendly.

Anita Ditchem

Great atmosphere. Great food and friendly fast service.. music playing and surrounded by water to eat.

Kayne Phillips

Blackened hog fish and smoked fish dip were good, lobster Reuben was ok. Key west peel and eat shrimp, fish fingers, conch fritters, and fried shrimp were below average. Ordered large lobster tail and it was served way under cooked, lobster bisque and lobster chowder weren't given with order and when i went back to get i was told they were out of chowder but not offered a replacement or refund, finally asked if I could get a fish dip and he said I guess so. Lobster tail was taken back and heated not replaced. Not impressed with service.

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