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4000 S Dupont Hwy # 101, Dover, DE 19901, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Fish Bowl IN Delaware

Samantha Vargo

Very nice staff

Krissy .

I went to this store one day, some guy there was helping a customer and giving him advice. There were TONS of beautiful fish. I was suprised to see so many, i did not have high expectations since it looked like a small store on the outside but they really know how to take care of fish. None of them looked sick or like they had parasites. 5 stars

trisha raybuck

I love this place! I love all the fish!

chris tepfenhart

Best fish store in Delaware. Extremely knowledgeable staff specially the guy that does tank maintenance!

James Wedge

Always Pleasant good information honesty clean shop Fair prices just all-around good guy and and and his daughter in there in his help the wrong always helpful trying trying to help no pressure

James Sullivan

I have bought several fish cichlids from here....I had five die two of them two days after buying them

William DeCoursey

They know their stuff

Tom Lawrence

Nice but small. Had few things I can't find at my local pet store in NJ.

Noble D


David Larsen

Great and friendly service

USAF 1999

Friendly staff, pretty good selection fish. Both salt water and fresh. Will be going to get fish to stock my tank when its done.

Frank Finney

Great place and great people to talk too. Very good variety of fish and corals. All the supplies you'll ever need.

Tracy Compo

Small place but nice. The guy was really nice at the register. They have saltwater as well as fresh water.

Jonathan Benson

Awesome staff. Greatly appreciate their help.

P Cunningham

Stefanie Potts

Friendly and helpful staff, but tanks and livestock showed signs of possible pests.

Martin Dudai

Peter Max

Poor variety of fish ,almost nothing

Kathy Miller

Love that store

Herb Swanson

jason harvey

Marc Wilds

Wesley Finneyfrock


Mason Denny

Cool place only saltwater aquarium store around

frank mohr

Dave Schneider

Great place for saltwater fish and coral! Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

maurice edwards

Great staff! Informative, willing to help!

Diane Edwards

Helpful people.

Josh Lloyd

Everyone is very helpful, would like to see a bigger selection on saltwater fish, as well as the place giving a fresh look n nice but could be so much better ...

Josh Layton

Always great help and a good variety of saltwater fish and corals.

Charles Fawcett

Nice little store. Looking for pond fish they had a small selection which was nice but not what I wanted. I will stop by again if in the area.

Donna Herr

Horrible service the guy was more interested in his cellphone than helping a client!

Charles Walls

Never been inside. Have a friend who worked there so I would vouch for them

Javier Negron

Been going there for years, no other store like this one. I wanted a fish they didnt have and they told me they could order it, they did and had it a couple of days later! Couldnt be happier!

Tom Peifer

Mike is a super great guy,very knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile for you...was disappointed in the conditions of his coral tanks...algae EVERYWHERE...on the frags ,coral was telling what you'll bring home on one of those browned out frags..and they offer tank maintenance????? How about starting with your own.....

Donald Wood

Knowledgeable staff, get you anything you need!

Theresa Lynn

Darlwyn Seal

Jennifer Petusky

Great variety of fresh and salt water fish.

reefman661 .

Friendly staff and can special order anything you need for your fish tank or pond

Sir Hartley

Miguelito Rojo

Owner Mike very helpful. Would like to see mini classes of aquarium care and setup. Watercare, The reason pH levels are important, which fish will thrive together etc.

Emily Morse

Mike and Josh are always super helpful, personable, and knowledgeable. Great store, great variety.

Ash and Lexy Show

Jason Hagan


Cagney Gallion

Very nice store to visit very nice place to get your fish and whatever accessories you may need they will order you anything I would have to highly recommend them

praveen reddy galigutte

Raina Sanderell

Waylon Sprowl

Torey Banks

Great and friendly

Paul Vogel

Should have just walked out after seeing dead fish floating in the tanks. Every fish died within a week and fouled my tank.

Randy Robinson

Great supply of fresh and saltwater fish. Also have some supplies for salt, fresh, and pond.

Antoinette Lake

The best in the area! Customer service is always great, and the fish are healthy!

melissa brown

Great place. Always a good selection.

Dustin Cadmus

Michael Stephens

Small space not a large selection of African cichlids but they said they can order almost anything that being said I could order the same the guy Omar seems to be very knowledgeable

Joe Joe Bedford


Jerry Petrowski

Really great place for all your Aquatic pet needs!

amber scarborough

Raphael Brown

I like their selection on fish and they give good information on tanks and accessories.

Jake Carpenter

This place is a saltwater reefers dream come true!

Bernard satterfield

Great bunch of people very knowledgeable and helpful.

Lauren Leather

Always buy my fish from here

Mathew Faulkner

Tina Layton

Love the staff here! They're always helpful.

Richard Taylor

The staff there were very pleasant and offer support, set up and service for tanks.

Caleb Tascione

Ovation Sporting Events

Brenda Clark

The young man that works in their, has something going on with his personality I'm trying to explain to him what I want and he won't let me he's very persistent about being cut off not even know what I'm looking for and what I want to match what with

Franky Valentino

Excellent place

James Hager

Mike and his crew are awesome folks... Very knowledgeable abs helpful. And always has great pricing and willing to work with you if you find a seemingly better deal!!

fwolverine01 .

Knowledgeable and personable. Very approachable.

Edmund Ellis

Travis Sadler

Great knowledge and customer service. The selection is far better than any other store around here. I always go there first and recommend them to everyone.

shawn peet

Jocelyn Rome

The people who work here are very molecule and friendly.

Brian Zambotti

Very knowledgeable staff...but i dont understand how a fish store can have so many dead fish in their own aquariums. Wal-Mart I understand, but a place that focuses on fish and fish only, I should never see 1 dead fish in a tank there. Very disappointed.

Lee Patteson

Karen brummell

Small place but very very friend helpful and knowledgeable staff. You can also purchase tanks and equipment at reasonable price. I know when I am ready to upgrade my tank that's where I'm buying from.

Christian Giraldo

Great selection for salt and fresh water. If Josh is working expect excellent customer service.

William Carleton

Fish are way over priced

Elizabeth Wyatt

Joshua Middleton

trisha howard

Very friendly and willing to help and answer questions.. love the selection of fish

Judy Sharp

Nice place, staff was very helpful, been there a couple of times, nice fish and supplies, I'll be back

Kyle Evans

Helpful staff and great variety of fish!

Kendyll Hill

Justin Whittington

Not the greatest shop. They guy that helped me kept telling me he would jave to ask the owner about (literally everything I asked) not what i expected out of an LFS

Quamear Goodman

Best selection of saltwater fish around

James Brady

Great service as always

Michael Herman

Great fish!

Kevin Carter

Great store devoted to aquarium hobbyist exclusively. Nice selection of live stock and pleasant staff. Great place to find hard to locate fish. Not many of these types of local businesses remaining. If you are a aqua hobbyist please enjoy and support

Arundel Tree

Faulkner Mathew

I bought six different types of fish several hours after getting them home I had an issue I was able to call the store and know what my problem was over the phone I went in to have that double-checked they did confirm my problem and gave me a solution and the means to solve it I could not be happier I highly recommend get all of your fish and fish products here

Terri Wyatt

Stopped by hoping to take a look at some birds on my way home from work. Wish I could give an in depth review - but the door was locked and with no hours posted I left disappointed.

Peter PM

Excellent place ,nice owner and employees.

james harrison

Mike and Jeff are always very friendly, and helpful in answering questions .

Maggie Missha

I love my guppies (so does my oscar) and the guy working there is cute

Christopher McNamire

Nancy Buckle

They meet all your needs! Friendly and very helpful!

Jason McDonald

My wife has Axolotles. They helped her with live foods for these by ordering from their supplier. A lot of fish stores wouldn't do especially if they don't sell but The Fish Bowl does because whether they sell or not they want to help and care about their customers. Thank You To The Fish Bowl And I Highly Recommend this place to others!!

Samuel Brooks

Best LFS in the County

Marilynn Senquiz

Like this place and they test ur water for free

Ashley Gross

Love fish bowl

Carmen Martinez

Very nice experience. Salesman was very helpful.

Dynamic Duets

Ronald Meyer

If you are into salt water fish. You should pay this place a visit. Lots of specialty stuff. Really nice frag tanks .

Lymda Hughes

Looked kinda dirty and didnt look like the tanks were taken care of very well sad really

Tran Anh

Friendly staff

Kayla Williams

Kenith Gillespie

Mary Parker

Nice collection

David Joiner

Theodore Henderson

Folks are very friendly and very courteous. Often very helpful in offering advice about dry goods corals and fish. I've been to several places in Delaware for aquarium needs and this by far is the best

Malissa Storey

Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful

Adam Christopher

If you were to walk in the store, someone is always there to help you and to make sure you have all the equipment for your fish care needs. With an aquarium, and the fish bowl's low prices you can pretty much get everything you need. Very very impressed.

Dean Dey

Donna Goff

Our first time visiting this store. Very knowledgeable sale steam. Helped us our alot! They knew their stuff!! Kudos to The Fish Bowl !!

mrlarsev .

Very knowledgeable helpful owner. Good supply. Best in southern DE

Susan Hanna

Love these guys very funny, friendly , and knowledgeable. I just bought 2 puffer fish from them. i just loved the selection of fish and they are all really good sized fish. I highly recommend them.

Terri Kirk

Shavaughn Palmer

Knowledgeable staff, they were friendly and helpful. They have an exotic selection of fish and aquarium set ups.

Linda McFadden

Nice locally owned business. Friendly staff.

Anita Beyard


Ben Ridenour

Great staff very helpful

Kaitlynn Gregori

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